CI$50,000 reward offered

| 01/12/2009

(CNS): Following gunshots aimed at a police car early Saturday morning, 28 November, that injured a special constable, Cayman Crime Stoppers, in partnership with the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce, is offering up to CI $50,000 reward for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person, or persons, involved or that leads to the recovery of the firearm(s) used. Eric Bush, Chairman of Cayman Crime Stoppers and Stuart Bostock, President of the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce have condemned the incident and called for anyone with information to come forward.

Gunshots fired at a police Chevrolet Lumina, which was part of a police convoy on "Hot Spot" patrol, at around 3:15am Saturday and sources have told CNS that they may have been aimed at the inspector who normally drives the car. Police say that a number of police vehicles were travelling in a convoy along Shedden Road in the direction of central George Town. As the vehicles reached the junction of Dr Roy’s Drive, a number of what is believed to be gunshots were heard and the rear windscreen of a police vehicle was smashed.

“This particular act was so brazen and so calculated that it proves that we are facing criminal elements that are reaching an unprecedented level. We must work collectively as a community to send a message to the criminals responsible for this act that we will not tolerate this form of violence. I would like to thank all members of the business community who have contributed to the reward fund. If any other business wishes to contribute please contact the Chamber office,” said Bostock.

Bush appealed to the community to speak out against these acts and to speak up if they have information that could help the police. “The community and the police need your help now. While we ask the police to put their lives on the line every day, everyone must realize that the police are only as good as the community that supports them. It is your turn to help!”

Anyone with information can call the Cayman Crime Stoppers tip line at 800 8477. You can also submit tips online through the programme’s secure interface at You will not be asked to reveal your identify or submit any personal details.

Cayman Crime Stoppers was formed in 1993 by the Cayman Islands Chamber of Commerce to provide a vital service, which helps protect the community from crime. Working in close partnership with the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS), the community and the media, it has become one of the most effective crime solving tools available to local law enforcement agencies. Cayman Crime Stoppers provides a safe and secure means for anybody with information about a crime to share it freely whilst protecting their identity.

Cayman Crime Stoppers is a non-profit civilian run organization and is also a recognized regional member of Crime Stoppers International. The board is community based consisting of civilian leaders within the Cayman Islands and one law enforcement coordinator who assists with the dissemination of information received by the Cayman Crime Stoppers anonymous call-center operated in Miami, Florida.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It was a disgrace to hear some persons living in the area where the police were shot at are saying that "the police are always harassing the young men in the area." Well, maybe it’s because of the high criminal element in the area; if a bike or car is stolen, nine times out of ten, it is found in that area off Shedden Road.

  2. CatMan says:

    RE" RIchard Wadd –

    Again, well spoken truths.

    We can’t just talk the talk, we have to have action.  You are right that our parents NEVER would have put up with this type of disrepect for authority, I have had my back-side shined more than once, and I am a better person for it. 

    These thugs feed on our fear.  We need to remember that the God fearing amongst us are stronger then these losers.  (I know a lot of you hate any reference to God, but I am a Christian – so just get over it).

    We need swift, decisive action and we need it now.  I am pleased to see the business community rallying behind the RCIP. I hope we can successfully prosecute these individuals and send a message to their associates.

  3. CatMan says:

    To 15:24

    Well said!!!!

  4. Richard Wadd says:

      At times I believe that I live among ‘beast’s of burden’.

      Talk talk talk, that’s ALL we ever do, and things continue to spiral out of control. Very soon, we will cross the point of no return, for even IF we are (willing) able to reverse the trend in crime, the damage will already have been done, and our way of life AND our economy will both be in shambles.

      The only people gaining from our lack of ‘balls’ are the Crims. Wake-up people, the only way to tame this beast is with a ‘Strong Hand’.

      Like a good parent, we don’t WANT to enforce Corporal Punishment on our children, but IF we truly care about their future, we do what is NECESSARY to bring them under control, for the benefit of all.

      I got my fair share of ‘buss-ass’ when I was young, not because I had abusive parents, rather because I had parents who CARED about me. Their efforts have saved me from myself, and I am a credit to their love.

      EFFECTIVE Punishment is needed to ‘mold’ a society, just as it is used to ‘mold’ children. The level of punishment varies to the offence and the frequency there-of. Extreme methods are only employed when required, but the MUST be employed to serve as an effective deterent. 

      When criminals loose Fear and Respect for Law, who will save us then?

      I want no part of a society where the only form of Justice is Vigilantism.

      And don’t talk crap about ‘Harsher Prison Terms’. No one saying that has a clue what the Northward Country Club is like. See how well it did to protect Ms. Schirn from her attacker! 

      No, Corporal Punishment MUST be a Sentencing Option, and one that is used as a matter of Law.

     Crimes such as Firearm Possession, Rape, Armed Robbery, Spousal Abuse, and Drug Dealing should ALL carry some form of Corporal Punishment as a Mandatory part of the Sentence if convicted.

      The only people who have to fear it, are those who would choose to be on the wrong side of the Law.


    • Way Cup Call says:



      My Mom did the same.  And until my kids can fight for themselves, I will fight for them and me.  Meet me mate B8c Ballbat.

      Bring back the whips.   Hurt like hell – but I cannot begin to guess I would be without them…

      Let”s try and turn this ship around soon – b4 its 2 l8….


    • Anonymous says:


      If the people see that our leaders & people of trust are getting away with corruption, then of course crime will increase! As the words of a famous soca says: "follow thy leader, leader, leader, follow thy leader"! (that is the words of a famous song)

  5. CatMan says:

    Hello… the reward is 50k because an attack of this nature on a policeman is a major undermining of the very core of a society.  Yes, it would be great if there could be a huge reward for every offence, but this particular crime has farther reaching implications.  If a convoy of police are not safe, what does that mean for the general population? 

    The Chamber is wise to fork up the dollars, and try and bring the perpetrators to task.  There is big money at stake for Cayman if these scum thugs continue to run rampant. 

    Given the lack of basic morals these dirt balls exhibit, I sure that they would turn in their Grandmother for that type of money.  I hope it works.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The view is that if someone will shoot at a police officer they are willing to kill anyone such as politicians or civic leaders.

    In the states the man who killed the police officers in the NW in a community much larger than the Cayman Islands was identified within 24 hours and dead within 48 hours.

    People gave information there to help the solution of that crime, why don’t people do so here in Cayman?

    To blame the police is a cop out, if someone was serious about helping to solve a crime, information could be safely passed on through a 3rd person such as a minister.

    People are good at blaming others here.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps murders should be higher reward cases, but the point here is that you have to Protect the Protectors, as they are the ones that you will need when you are in trouble. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    To the person (s) who are questioning a $50,000 reward for a police officer – you are hopelessly naive to think that policemen, judges or any dealing within the court system are not special they are. Policemen/women are a symbol of law and order and if they are being targeted then – the entire system is being tested and put at risk. Law and order is THE very tenant that society is built on, without it we are lost and might as well just as well be willing to give up our way of life and go back to grazing with the animal.

    I am sorry that other citizens have been killed – that is a tragedy to their families and in some cases the community loses someone very special. But judges, policemen, prison officers represent something entirely different and as such they have special protection and rewards. BTW I am not a policeman – can’t stand them really. But when I need one I want one there to protect me and my family! 


  9. Anonymous says:

    For those complaining about the reward.

    How much did you personally contribute when others were murdered?

    Private individuals and businesses donate the rewards. 

  10. Anonymous says:

    While it is interesting reading some of the other comments, it does highlight the lack of education and morality that has corrupted this island.

    The rewards are getting bigger because the level of violence being used keeps escalating. It takes an idiot with a gun to shoot somebody in a dark alleyway, it takes a loose cannon to shoot somebody in a crowded nightclub and it takes an absolute psycho to shoot a police car which is part of a convoy.

    All shootings in Cayman in recent times have been gang or drugs related, or some idiot jealous of his ex-girlfriends boyfriend etc. It is sometimes a case of the wrong person being in the wrong place at the wrong time but generally the victim, even if not one of the main players or biggest dealers are always living on the fringes of these gangs and openly engage  in dealing, hussling etc.

    The police officers are employer to do a job. they haven’t ‘disrespected’ one of the homies or ‘dissed somebodys biatch’ they are merely trying to uphold the law so that the rest of us can enjoy the islands we live on, without worrying about getting caught in a  crossfire.

    Hopefully a reward of this size sends out a message that we will not tolerate this level of violence especially to innocent members of the public or law enforcement officers. yes we’ll put up a few grand for some of the gangboys or party-girls that get murdered but to be fair they were putting themselves in a tricky position by choosing to get involved in drugs and hanging in gangs. police are trying to their job and make it safer for the civilised people to go about their business.

    Police and local businesses are obviously keen to get some of these Caymanian gangsters off the streets so that we don’t drive away all the business and tourists.

    Caymanians it is time to stand up and be counted. Somebody knows the scumbags doing the shooting and robberies. Stand up and do the brave thing. $50k would pay for a wonderful xmas for you and your families but I’m guessing despite the bible bashing you would rather stick up for murderers and violent thugs. good ol’ Cayman.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think most posters do not look at this the same as i do. The murder of innocent people normally are solved because it is usually someone close to that individual that commits the crime but  the majority of these murders are gang related therefore people who know about them are other members or are afraid to talk because of the mentality of these coward thugs.

    I agree that everone’s life is important to someone but when we have criminals orwannabe’s running around shooting each other or dealing drugs the end results are usually death. To glorify these thugs by putting up rewards for their killers should be done by their families as they are the ones who reap the benefits of these illegal activities. How many have been turned in by their families or associates?

    The Police are paid to protect and when their jobs or most important their lives are put at risk by these thugs we must do all in our power to protect them. I feel that if it was left up to their families they would not be Police because of the fear of that one call telling them that their loved one was killed in the line of duty and will not be home today.

    I am sick and tired of hearing the Police are not doing their jobs, then on the other hand when they are we will not back them. The amount offered in my opinion is still not enough. Last Saturday morning it was the Police,this Saturday it may be your drug dealer, gun toting relative that was gunned down by this same thug,then you will be the first to swear that they were giving out bibles and hymn books because they were such a good boy or girl.

    Cayman it is time to wake up and Comissioner Baines put the pressure on and don’t relent.

  12. Anonymous says:

    If anyone thinks that the private sector is wrong in offering such a large reward for such a braising act towards "the only form of protection" the average citizen has then we are all in huge trouble! We are not talking about shootings between thugs, a domestic crime of passion, or punks playing gangster…we are talking about an attack on the security forces of the country.

    God forbid that writers of some of the negative comments above should require protection or assistance from the Police and they not recieve it and quickly! We want the Police to catch the notorious 15 armed gangters with a flash light but we are not willing to help, we are not willing to fight the crime our selves, and now we are not willing to even stand behind our protection and say we support you!

    Until you have had the gun to your head or shot at (innocently so be honest)  then we dont know what it is to patrol and protect us with a flashlight…but we shure are experts from the back seat, and we sure know how to complain!

    Residence of this country please lets take a stance, lets stop complaining, lets help solve the issues and not add to them!  If you are not scared of your son, brother, spouse being, or yourself being arrested lets speak up show the minority (I think) bad element we are not willing to give up our Island to them.

    Remeber shoot at Police now then what next…your comfort zone?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Clearly the reward has been raised due to the seriousness of this offense and tosee if the community is willing to come forward with information now that this generous award is on offer. I support Chamber and Crime Stoppers coming together to determine the price of family, friendship, integrity and hopefully relief from crime in the Cayman Islands.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the sentiments that some of the above posters have expressed.  I find it disturbing that the rewards associated with the numerous other murders/serious crimes have been immaterial compared to this one.  What makes this act that much more heinous?  Simply because the target in this situation is supposedly "untouchable"? 

    Well, the reward should be no different in this case because the police themselves have to bare a lot of the blame for the this country’s current crime crisis.  Hopefully this event opens their eyes and has them feeling the urgency of the situation that the public has been feeling for such a long time now. 

    The policing in this country is an absolute joke, and this act is a simple manifestation of that fact. 

    • English Ex Pat says:

      …and please dont be fooled into thinking this is anything like English policing as the police and most of the comments here on CNS always seem to infer.  As an English person I can tell you the police here in no way operate anything like they do in England – if they did, Cayman wouldnt be having the problems its having now. 

      I too am surprised that such a large reward is offered for a policeman who was lightly "grazed" in the course of his duty, compared to the miniscule rewards for the youths who have lost their lives to crime recently.  Just as with the army, if the Police are in a position which might expose them to danger/injury – it’s a necessary part of your chosen career.


      • Anonymous says:

        I would have expected a more literate coment; you obviously haven’t lived in CI long enough to know that with the exception of one commissioner, they have all been English. shouldn’t some change come allong with that? come on, that possition is highly paid, get informed my dear friend, get informed.

        • Ex Pat says:

          Literate?  Expand please as I have no problem reading and I am able to write and spell – I don’t believe there are any typos in my post and I believe it is clear enough, even though you have managed to misinterpret it.  Perhaps you used the wrong word to express your sentiments?

          I have been here a number of years and yes, I know most of the police have all been English, and thats my point.  The point is that those policemen don’t just leave England behind, but also English policing policies and methods…. making a mockery of English policing in the process:  It seems to me that the wide perception here is that the kind of policing you have is the same as England. Indeed the Police endorse that impression by inferring they utilise English policing methods and policies, including PACE.  This is all factually incorrect and I constantly find myself struggling to find any comparison between the policing here and the policing back home.  Having experienced both sides of the coin, I feel in a position to comment on that. 

    • jokes on you says:

      "The police themselves have to bare a lot of the blame for this country’s current crime problem."  Is it just me or is it Cayman culture to blame everyone else for a totally Cayman problem?  Crime and criminals come from the Community.  Its born there.  Its nurtured there and it lives there.  And in Cayman it grows fat, happy, and unafraid because it is home.

        The police are paid to help the community fight crime.  Here they are treated like all other expats.  Badly!  You can not expect (and I don’t think you do) the police to solve the crime problem on Cayman.

        Until the justice system gives the police the tools they need ,much harsher sentences, a real prison to act as deterent and not a criminal condo system, and a police force that has the weapons at ready to actually fight and win, will they be able to start to make a deference.  But it is apparent that the Cayman legal system looks to crime as its paycheck.  More Crime= More paycheck.  Funny thing is they actually get paid by the victims.

      Good luck with the Cayman Crime is the police’s fault thing.  Too Funny!  and very lame.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I am sorry to her that an officer was shot at, thankfully he was not seriously hurt.  However, I do believe that $50,000 is way too much for a reward that it may even be a trap.  Other persons have been killed or shot at or stabbed in the community and NEVER has I seen such a reward for their culprits. This officer had very minor injuries, its not like he is/was being hospitalized or died!  Its quite sad.

    • English Ex Pat says:

      I can remember once – Estella – the reward was US$125,000.

      • Way Cup Call says:

        That’s because poor Estella became the MLK, for us in Cayman – we finally found a common cause to root for.   Sadly, this seems to be breaking up, and for the sake of Estella, I hope we can become one again…

    • VERY Concerned Caymanian says:

      Anony on Tuesday 12/01/2009 – 13:24,

      I beg to differ with your opinion on this serious matter. These officers are there to protect and serve us and should be treated with all the respect that they can be offered. Luckily this officer was not hurt seriously but he/she could have been.

      If such a reward is not offered,what message does that send to the criminal minded people amongst us or fellow officers for that matter, that you can start to kill off the officers and get away with it because no one cares!! That is not the message that I want to give anyone. This is a SERIOUS matter and should be treated that way!!!

      It is truly a sad day in Cayman when an officer is shot at with absolutely no provocation or reason. Magistrates houses are being shot up, police cars are being shot up, what next for the beautiful Island I call home?

      To anyone that knows anything about this incident PLEASE please speak to the authorities on it because if we don’t root up this sapling, it will turn into a tree!!Cayman just cant afford that, think of our young coming up!!

    • Anonymous says:

      "it may even be a trap"???!!!

      What is it with this small-island paranoia and conspiracy theory mentality? 



  16. Anonymous says:

     Will money talk, I wonder!

  17. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Joey Ebanks can throw in another $50,000?

  18. candice says:

    The person who shot at the Police, will take it to another level if not stopped. Since he has not been caught, he is more confident now to shoot at Police. And this is just the beginning. If his friends were with him, they will feel that they can do the same and get away.

    I hope that an incident like this does not trigger from the community, certain advocates for arming the Police Service. Certain Police I wouldn’t want to see armed. I would prefer they introduce teasers. Because the day, we arm the Police Service, I guarantee, the criminals will be more anxious to carry and use their guns.

    So I hope this person is found, and we go back to the drawing board on how we can effectively adn preventatively fight crime – like educating and reaching out to our youth at schools

    • Anonymous says:

      You want them to "introduce teasers"?  Yes ,a husky voice and some cute underwear would be a start. 

  19. hmmm... says:

    Soooo… when the police are looking for information regarding a murder case their’s a reward of $1000 but when a police is under fire the reward goes up to $50,000?

    Why is this case any different than any of the other cases over the last few years?


  20. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    Cayman this is a good chance to do the right thing if you have information.  Also, 50,000 could really help your family with these tough times.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Wow! isn’t this reward interesting, $50,000.00!! why ,because it is a Police Officer. Please I am not for any minute trying to down play this were terrible incident whereby  the Police is being targeted. What is amazing to me is that  members of our community have been killed and a very small reward has been offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer or killer, but now a officer is shot at and within days $50K is the reward money.  Um! a little bias I would dare say.

    I do hope that this case will be investigated to the highest level, not like some of the other mess ups that we have seen in recent time.


    • Good guys verses you says:

      Its because a police officer was shot at and not just another criminal.  And the money is being put up by non criminals who want the criminals found.

        Of course we understand that many of you out there are not rooting for the police or the Good guys for obvious reasons.