Jack leaves with “fond memories” he says

| 03/12/2009

(CNS): Arguably one of the most controversial governors ever to serve in the Cayman Islands, Stuart Jack left the Cayman Islands on Wednesday lunch time (2 December) as his tour of duty ended. Acknowledging that he and the elected officials did not always see eye to eye, Jack reportedly said he was leaving the Cayman Islands “with many fond memories” at a small reception at the airport. Following the governor’s departure, the politicians who attended the lunchtime departure reception returned to the Legislative Assembly and made no mention of the UK representative’s exit from Cayman.

Jack and his wife, Mariko, left on a Cayman Airways flight, but before they left an informal, but reportedly less than fond, farewell reception was held at the Owen Roberts International Airport VIP lounge. Premier McKeeva Bush did thank Jack and his family and told Mariko Jack, the governor’s wife, that she had made a difference during her time in Cayman.  “You were always a gentle lady, and I appreciate your contributions,” Bush added, though he did not say the same about her husband.

Jack came to Cayman in 2005 and within a short period was clashing with the country’s politicians, long before he established the Tucker Commission to enquire into the conduct of the former minister of tourism, Charles Clifford, and documents he had given to the media. Former government ministers all spoke recently about the governor’s attitude, which they said was one of derision towards them. The previous administration said that Jack had made it clear to them he had little time for the members elected by the people and considered them all potential crooks.

His mantra regarding good governance (which appears to have been very selective) and his presidingover the discredited special police operations Tempura and Cealt and the UK officers associated with the investigations, also saw politicians and the wider public question his judgement as he spent millions and millions of dollars on a failed corruption investigation.

The UK’s next choice for Cayman is Duncan Taylor, who is expected to arrive in January, and he has already used the situation in the Turks and Caicos as a warning signal to those he will be working with in his new posting when he arrives in the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Annoymous says:

    I have fond memories of you too former Gov Stu Jack!!!

    However, my memories are encrusted in my brain with no hopes of ever forgetting the fond memories of you and your poor governance that has left me with a hole in my bank account so huge my unborn great great great grandkids will be paying off in loans long after I am gone. 

    Yeah, those are my fond memories, and I hope that you enjoy yours in whatever form them come to you now that you are gone from these shorelines. 

    Oh, and please pass on the very best of our ‘strong dislike’ of fond memories  to your commando’s Kernohan and Bridger when you catch up with them and down the hatch a few!

    Thanks for the memories Stu, yeah right!!!

  2. Tiger says:

    Well done Stuart. Hopefully the next Gov’nor will carry on the good work you started. You are a man of impeccable character, and outstanding morals. It’s just a shame the people of Caymania were too blind to see it as it upset their corrupt apple cart!

    • geoff siddall says:

      the truth is that the Governor had a tendency to turn a blind eye when corruption was put in front of him..If he had acted to my information then maybe Sabrina Schirn would be alive today.


  3. I read the news today oh boy says:

    I’m crying …inside.  Deep down inside.  Really

  4. Anonymous says:

    "Arguably one of the most controversial governors ever to serve in the Cayman Islands…"

    No need to be so conservative, CNS. Jack was unquestionably the most controversial governor ever to serve in the Cayman Islands. To be sure, there were controversies with some of his predecessors but none of them approach either the magnititude or the number of those that transpired with Jack.  While there have been private whisperings about the indiscretions, dalliances and other antics of governors none were held in open contempt by the majority of residents as was Jack.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for your hard work during times when others put their egoes and self-interest before genuine public service. 

    Let us hope that those in power start to behave with respect and compliance with basic decency and if they do not that the new Governor intervenes promptly to protect what is right.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately not many regular Caymanians got to see Jack off!

  7. Anonymous says:

    What? no chickens? no Iguanas? after all that hype …. nothing?

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope no iguanas or chickens, not even the press was allowed near the airport and the little smurf snucked out in the middle of the day on Cayman Airways when he knew everyone would be at work, instead of taking the late evening British Airways flight. smart eh!

      Anyway, good riddance!!!