Telephone evidence could hold up Martin verdict

| 08/12/2009

Cayman Islands News(CNS): The late submission and difficulty obtaining telephone records in the trail of Randy Martin for the murder of Sabrina Schirn in March of this year could push the trial beyond its scheduled four weeks. As Martin appeared at the Grand Court on Monday morning for the start of the third week of the murder case, his attorneys argued before Justice Charles Quin that prosecution phone evidence that allegedly ties Martin to Schirn has been provided to the defence very late and they would need more time to examine what they call a late disclosure. On top of that the defence has also said it wishes to have its own phone records admitted.

However, the prosecution is arguing that the evidence is inadmissible and irrelevant, according to reports on News 27.

David Evans and Adam King, defence attorney’s for Martin, told Justice Quinn on Monday that the evidence regarding phone calls, which the crown is arguing link the defendant Martin to the 21 year old victim, has been trickling in during the trial itself. With the evidence arriving so late, the lawyers say they need time to scrutinize the phone records. Solicitor General Cheryll Richards said that the phone records had been requested in May but had been received onlyrecently. The defence also said it was having trouble getting the records it needed as well.

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