Cops stay quiet on gun discovery

| 14/12/2009

(CNS): Police have confirmed that officers attended an alleged disturbance outside LI night club, on Laurence Boulevard off the West Bay Road in the early hours of Friday morning and that four men have been arrested. They have not commented however on reports that a firearm was discovered and taken from a dumpster in the parking area close to the club despite footage shown on News 27 on Friday evening which showed police officers recovering an item and placing it in an evidence bag. 

Police had taped off the area around the LI nightclub and were seen searching throughout the day onFriday. News 27 filmed officers recovering what looked like a firearm from the dumpster which was placed into an evidence bag.

A police spokesperson did confirm that four local men had been arrested and are now in police custody in relation to the incident, but enquiries were ongoing. They did not state what the men had been arrested for or what the nature of those enquiries would be.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Frankly and sadly to say that I am actually surprised that they found anything at all! To my observation prior to working out at the Gym and then after and as follows; the way the Officers were walking around laughing and chatting which each other, in groups by Squad-Cars others on the scene, others again in the Parking-lot, the female officers had the biggest laughs of them all the only thing they did not do is jump in the air and started to dance!!!??? A real professional oufit…..LOL!!! But the best is yet to come; prior to taking down the yellow Crime Scene tape, they all gathered at the Pick-nick table under the Coconut tree and had some take-out food and had a few more jokes and laughs. Then they left but to top it all off, they left all the garbage behind and on the Table for the wind to blow it all over the place! The whole scenario reminded me of a High-school outing and Pick nick, with the only diffrence, we were told to clean up prior to leaving! Great Police work and what a great demonstration to Joe Public, I am really impressed and feel alot safer already!

  2. from a distance says:

    And now the Caymanian criminals will have their say.  Go ahead and complain about the police now.

  3. Richard Wadd says:

     Shhhhh, there’s an 800lbs Gorilla in the room, but if we keep quiet and ignore it, it will go away ………….. NOT !!

  4. Anonymous says:

    A new culture of silence has emerged under this new government – both inside the RCIPS and elsewhere!

    How sad for us all.

    • Anonymous says:

      Freedom of Information?

      Not if most in Government can stop it.

      The Information Commissioner has a long up hill walk battling the forces of Government secrecy.

      Most Civil Servants, and the higher you go / older they are then the more entrenched it is, believe the public has no right to information because the have the almighty right to rule by dictatorship decree.