Local contractors invited to build low cost houses

| 15/12/2009

(CNS): Local contractors are being given the opportunity to bid for work on the re-launch of the government’s low cost housing initiative, which is expected to get underway again early next year. The minister with responsibility for housing is inviting licensed small contractors to an open house meeting this week to discuss pre-qualification requirements for the first phase of the National Housing Development Trust’s (NHDT) Affordable Housing Project. The open house will take place in the Mary Miller Memorial Hall located on the Lighthouse School property, Red Bay, at 3:00 pm on Thursday, 17 December.

Mike Adam will host the open house in conjunction with the NHDT to share information with contractors who wish to bid for work in this project.

Government says that the project is scheduled to start in early 2010 and the programme will include construction of affordable housing in West Bay and East End initially, with later plans for developments in George Town and Bodden Town. “I accordingly urge all licensed small contractors who are interested in bidding on this project to attend this important meeting,” Adam said.

He explained that the open house will enable licensed small contractors to go through a pre-qualification process, following which they will be placed on an approved list. However, Adam pointed out that even if a contractor pre-qualifies, in keeping with government tendering procedures he will still be required to go through a publicly advertised tendering process. 

Any contractor who is seeking to pre-qualify must have at least a reputable history in general and housing construction, as well as a valid trade and business licence. At the meeting, the NHDT will also discuss with prospective contractors any additional existing conditions for pre-qualification. Information packages will also be distributed.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I really hope they don’t waste money and build some more like the ones that were next to Cox Lumber (George Town Courts). 

    Wasn’t that under the UDP watch?

  2. noname says:

    Pray tell where the government is getting the money.

  3. Caymanian for DAN says:

    Ellio condems the work the PPM did with housing..i personally think they did a great job! let’s hope UDP continue with the housing scheme PPM started and not another disaster UDP did when they were first in government! 

  4. Anonymous says:

    I have news for everyone saying how happy they are that a "caymanian owned company" will win the bid. I am one of the few actual cayman owned contractors on the island with no x pats runnin the show. Most of them are just a name that collect 10 to 20 percent of the profit. It a fact and its not gonna change until our government makes it. With those :caymanian owned" companies far and few pay any pension or insurance so they can underbid most jobs.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Property ownership is overvalued – the government should encourage making affordable housing available to let only.  Otherwise the government is practically transferring considerable capital value to a very small group.

  6. what a mess says:

    Pity Govt. has not gone through a similar process to advertise, pre-qualify and tender for Mr. Bush to establish a bar at Cayman’s historic National Marine Park…Stingray City!

    The refusal to apply a ‘fair’ procedure for such is truly mind boggling!

    • Tender says:

      An open and accountable tender process gets in the way of handing benefits out as political favours or for other improper purposes. 

  7. dxtr says:

    Lets hope that the new houses will be a show case of energy efficency, e.g. solar water heaters, proper insulation, pv? It might at a little to the building cost but will greatly reduce the monthly running cost of these houses.

    Maybe some of the suppliers on island of these products might want to supply them at cost to show what can be done.

    Here is hoping.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Well all I have to say is that I hope that whoever gets the contract or does the work will not steal materials and use it towards work on their own homes/ businesses! We need honest reliable people that are will to do the best they can and at the same time not try to ‘suck’ our poor government for every little 2cent…

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh Mike, Mike, Mike, you poor thing! You haven’t got a clue, you simply sold your soul & have to follow orders. It’s pitiful. Poor you!

      • Anonymous says:

        Mike sold his soul to nobody…just tryin to work in the system and get some thing done for people that need it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    It will be good for Mr Adams to know that since the Ivan Hurricane that all sorts of folks obtained  a contractors license , even women who used men from timbuck too to slop up the jobs. I know that you Caymanians will know what Imean by SLOP UP. Just another of our Caymanian words. We need to build as strong as possible since we are in the Hurricane path. It is better to pay alittle more and get quality. By the way have you all visited Dr Franks low income homes during the Christmas time. They are decorated so beautiful , there looks like alittle village away from Cayman. Again we take our hats off to Frank for being the first to try and do something for the homeless. Thank you Dr Frank.

  10. Anonymous says:

    the cost of this housing will be well above what is built in the private sector

  11. Anonymous says:

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!!!!Why are we wasting our time to go thru this bidding process & we know who is gonna get the contract already? I can tell you that this is a FARSE! The UDP have their 2, yea I said TWO, companies lined up to oversee the low cost housing initiative, & these 2 companies (UDP supporters) will do the majority of the work while giving some of the work to fellow UDP supporters & members (to keep them happy). Just you wait & see who is awarded the contract & see how closely linked & related to the UDP they are! I really don’t know how these people are not embarassed, it is so obvious!

    • Who you fa says:

      As long as they are Caymanians, I am happy!!!

      • EastSider says:

        Amen to that.  Give it to locals who are quite capable of doing this job for their own country people.  Caymanians have some very skilled contractors and every type of tradesmen needed for this.

      • Anonymous says:

        In answer to your question, "Who you fa?", I would say I am for all Caymanians – not just those politically connected.

      • Anonymous says:

        "you are happy" even with all the kick backs involved? I am just tired of it all! Why can’t things been done fairly & correctly? I am tired of all the "you scratch my back & I’ll scratch yours" while the rest of Cayman suffers! I AM TIRED OF IT, aren’t you? I am tired of Caymanians suffering while "close associates & friends" scratch each others backs! AREN’T YOU? 

    • JahDread says:

      I wish some of you brethren that have nothing else to do but criticize would be more active in your communities and become part of the soulution and not always be criticizing  the problem; which solves nothing! Come on fellow caymanians people are innocent until proven guilty.  if we are to cry down anything we should be saying that we the public expect that there willbe a transparent process not because its UDP but it because it is the right thing to do.


    • Anonymous says:

      Please try and convince me that the "other party" didn’t do this too.