Blackberry service back on, say makers

| 17/12/2009

(CNS): Research In Motion Ltd, the maker of the BlackBerry smartphone, said Thursday that it has fixed the problem that left BlackBerry users unable to send or receive emails on their phones for several hours. The outage affected almost all users in the North American area as well as in the Cayman Islands, but it did not impact the phone service, browsing, or "PIN-to-PIN messaging" — just email messages. The Ontario-based company said in a statement that some customers might still experience delays as email queues were processed. "RIM is continuing to investigate the cause of the issue and apologizes for any inconvenience."

According to reports on PC World, RIM uses an Internet-based service to push e-mails to the handheld without going through an enterprise server, and this was the root of the problem and corporate users didn’t experience the same delays as consumers.

The geek magazine said that RIM has yet to explain the issue, but previous outages may reveal clues. In 2007, RIM blamed one lengthy service interruption on new software routine. This routine was supposed to optimize system cache memory, but instead caused an e-mail outage that lasted at least 12 hours. RIM said its back-up system proved to be inadequateas well. Last year, another e-mail outage lasted for a few hours as RIM ran into problems while upgrading the capacity of its infrastructure in order to satisfy demand.

RIMM shares were down 97 cents or 1.5 percent to $63.70 a share in later afternoon trading on the Nasdaq in New York.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I want to just add my 2 cents, Lime or Digicel does not handle the e-mail or internet service on The Blackberry it is RIM that’s why u pay $38.00 per month Unlimited or $10.00 for limited amount of bites per minute (BPM) Lime or Digicel is only responsible for the SMS and Phone calls u make on your Blackberry, i’m surprise Poster 09:17 that you did not know that RIM handles your e-mails and internet service before, because whenever you sign up for your e-mail on your Blackberry it says Blackberry Service not Lime Or Digicel and once connected RIM always sends you a Confirmation.

    Yes i curse RIM for their slow connections and delays in sending and receiving e-mails some times, i had always notice it but I thought it was normal for the Blackberry service to be slow at times, RIM needs to get a server which can handle more data information than the system they are using now.

    And to the other earlier Posters why do you all have to bring in Politics I don’t understand you people everything got to be UDP or PPM Please use politics when necessary this is not an Article about PPM or UDP it’s about RIM Blackberry…

  2. Rimmed Out says:

    The PPM. They are to blame. Or is it the UDP? I’m not sure which but I do know it must be one or the other

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t forget the expats, they must be at least partly to blame, for coming here and taking all the bandwidth

  3. Kermit says:

    I used to work for them and let me tell you that my RIM job was overrated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s funny that whenever I experience poor service on my blackberry, I immediately blame Lime or Digicel because I am so used to their poor services and patchy reception on my phones or on my internet connection. I never actually thought that some of the time it was actually Rim that were the muppets.

    Who can I blame for the quality of reception received on my cable box though?