Jazz fest organisers under investigation

| 17/12/2009

Cayman Islands News, Alicia Keys(CNS):  Questions over the legality of the Alicia Keys concert have been raised after the music went past the country’s Saturday night – Sunday morning music and dance midnight deadline. As a result, News 27 reports, the Liquor Licensing Board is investigating whether any laws were broken when Jazz Fest organizers allowed the music to play on. One of the largest concerts in Cayman’s history, the festival has been commended across the island, but the chairman of the board said one of his inspectors is looking into the issue of the unplanned extension.

News 27 say they contacted Ernesto Carter, the Inspector of Licensed Premises, who has been asked to investigate, but he said he can’t comment on the investigation without permission from the Department of Tourism, the organizers of Jazz Fest.

In the past, commercial licences have been forced to close on exceptional and special occasions, including on New Year’s Eve when it has fallen on a Saturday night, losing out on considerable commercial opportunities. As a result, there is a feeling among some licensees that if government doesn’t have to obey the rule, then why should private bars and restaurants be subject to the commercially limiting restrictions of the law.

CNS also understands that there were other controversies surrounding the VIP guest list and area during the jazz fest weekend, but has been unable to verify the details of what was said to have undermined the festival, and what has otherwise been seen as one of the most successful public events the Cayman Islands has ever produced.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Why is O’Really & others so hateful towards Mr. Bush?? 

    quote Dec 17/09  "This is, or should be, about BigMac being so above the law, he really doesn’t care anymore how he demonstrates this fact. Nothing will come of this investigation because Caymanians have allowed BigMac to become untouchable" unquote

    Get rid of the hatred or you might end up dead from the outrage within yourself!!  You are hurting yourself, check the medical documentaries. The Bible also records this. One verse says ‘a merry heart doeth good like a medicine’

    Just trying to help, please present some solutions instead, be more thankful and appreciative. Thanks. 

    • O'Really says:

      If you disagree with the 3 assertions I posted, explain your reasons. I’d be interested to see how you would explain what took place. 

      As for proposing solutions, in my view the first step in getting the Cayman Islands on track is to engender a respect for the laws of this country. Leadership by example in this would go a long way and my view is that Bush is far from doing this. A few of examples, the Election law breach in BT, bypassing the Tender Committee on the port development, hi-jacking the legal aid fund and Jazz Fest! 

      No hatred, just genuine concern, which is more than I can say for the sincerity of your comments about my health.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Here we go again wasting our time and money on something that is not that big of a deal! You know what next year don’t put on local entertainers so we can get to the top act quicker and end the show on time yea lets keep our Caymanians from performing in such a great venue! Come on get over this are you guys trying to justify your big salary’s or what? Concentrate on the crime we are facing each and every day! There I have said my pece. 

  3. Anonymous says:

    Carefull out there Cayman.. Piss Mac or his church off and there will be NO more drinking, danceing, or Jazz fest ever again.  Now its all up to them.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This law doesn’t ‘make’ Christians and being a Christian, I am not for having people, or an island,  ‘APPEAR’ as though we are holy and in fact be another.  Choice is giving and choice will be made.  If the law is used to make ‘hypocrites’ comfortable then IT SHOULD be changed.  I cannot judge a man’s heart but it is obvious people are not in favor of this and I cannot say I have seen an instance where this law has drawn a man to Christ (not that it is impossible for God to do).  But rather, those this law govern are not in church on Sunday regardless of.  If I was at an event and planning to go to church in the morning, I would still make sure I’m there (even if I’d happen to only go to bed at 3/4 in the morning.)

    If this is a going to church thing, change it!  Christian events are shut down as well, the point? (well, it’s the law aint it)?  I know some Christians personally that are up late reading the Bible/ listening to some worship music/ listening to a sermon/ praying etc, etc, etc… and STILL go to church the next day.  And if they don’t, are they not Christian anymore?


    — just an outside of the box opinion on being real vs appearing real

    God bless!

  5. give me the beat boys and free my soul says:

    This law was put in place I gather to help maintain the piety of certain religions without taking into account the effect on the rest of the population.  Whether this is a constitutional issue or not, it begs the question why some laws are enacted.  Usually they are enacted to reflect the values of society.  With so much controversy it makes perfect sense to hold a referendum and this should not just include those allowed a vote but every citizen of the islands. Then we will have a clearer picture of what values are worth regulation and what values are merely an extension of someone else’s belief system. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t matter why the law was made,  The law is the law. If we are going to promote Cayman as a law abiding society then there must be action taken against anyone who breaks the law.  In this case if the law sets midnight on saturday as the cut off for music and dancing, as well as liquor sales, then any such activity after that time is a breach of the law.  No need to investiagate that.  Nobody is agruing that this event didn’t go beyond midnight – so it is clear the law was broken, That is that.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Oh my – wouldnt it be nice to be watching the concert on BEt only to see it being stopped at 12:00 and Alicia rushed off the stage simply because the even went over the midnight deadline.I bet BET would not be wasting their time filming here after that.


  7. Cayman Taliban says:

    Anyone out after dark is up to no good.

    Everyone should be home with their families studying the Bible and get an early night so they can go to church in the morning to give praise to the Lord.


  8. Saddam E. Gomora says:

    What next, teaching evolution in schools?

  9. Richard Wadd says:

    Dear ‘Mr. Banana’,

     You are wrong about one thing, no matter what may happen, the Caymanian People will ALWAYS have the Power to stop the ‘Great Dictator’……

     What we lack is a ‘collective’ level of Intelligence to do so …. and the will.

    "From Lawlessness we descended, and into Lawlessness we will descend". 

    • joe banana says:

      I stand humbly corrected.  Nicely put.  Either way he cannot be stopped.  How soon before he changes the law so he will be Dictator for life?

  10. Anonymous says:

    The law is the law.  The fact it was a criminal offence to serve alchhol and play live music.  It is written in black and white.  Unless there was an extension granted, the law has been broken.

    We teach our children to abide by rules, we as citizens need to abide to our country’s laws, no matter how onerous.

    ……and, by the way, the Cayman Islands did not produce this…..BET did!

     Besides the performers, they made money…..the Cayman Islands got to hold the empty bag and pay the bills.  How much did we lose this time?

    • Anonymous says:

      The law is the law. Truth be told.

      What i Do Not Understand is why are people in Cayman standing behind this law of midnight all night clubs & bars or other activites. Oh It’s For the Christians. I am A Christian, I Do Not Like Or understand why is it that a Bar Can open On a Sunday to sell intoxicating drinks. Yet the laws are prohibiting grocery stores from selling food for the people who do not drink or find amusement in being drunk. 

      Oh Let’s see We need to close at 12:00 am to be in church for 9:00am leave church at 12:00pm and In the bar At 1:00pm until we’re drunk & disorderly. or in the hospital.

      wow great laws 

  11. KB says:

    I think its fair to say, that everyone is not mad the concert went on past 12, but that we have the law that says we can enjoy life past 12.   I know you government people read these blogs, if you wanna get voted back in, change the law.  You know you want to too, but you are worried about losing those christian votes.  If that is the case, thats not cool.  you are do want the majority voters want.   Thats a good idea, why not do a pole and vote on the matter.  Thats democracy, right?


  12. Anonymous says:

     Believe me the very same one’s that are complaining about the over run on time are the same one’s sitting in church on sunday after having spent the last 6 dayssleeping with someone else’s spouse! 

    Shutting down at 12am doesn’t make people go to church!



  13. Richard Wadd says:

     Both the LLB and Mr. Carter better watch out or THEY will be looking for new Jobs soon enough.

     Don’t believe me? Just ask the Auditor General, even an "Untouchable" Post such as his can be manipulated by the ‘Great Dictator’ Mac.

     And to think it all started with the Blatant Dis-regard for our Constitution PRE-ELECTION.

    My Grandfather has a fitting expression, "From Lawlessness we descended, and into Lawlessness we will descend".

  14. Anonymous says:

    Complete waste of time.  There is so much more to worry about.  rather than wasting time, efforts and embarrrrrrrrasing international performs, focus on the problematic "sessions"!  Get your priorities in order for God’s sake.  I’m so sick and tired of petty foolishness, where people are playing important.



  15. Anonymous2 says:

    Michael Bolton isn’t an International performer?  He played last year! He was great. 

    Children playing tit for tat.  Grow up!  "She played late so I must too. " Please…grow up.

  16. Anonymous Proud Young Caymanian says:

    This is very hilarious. Everyone is so concerned about every where closeing 12 on a Saturday night because of Sunday being a sabbath but no one wants to respect those who attend church on a Saturday. There is a 2 way street here,but everyone sames to think for only for themself’s. Before blaming people for their doings, maybe you should look at your wrongs.

  17. Pastor Bucket says:

    So when a group of non-rowdy friendly people wish to dance & celebrate their life after midnight they are told to stop & the DJ is threatened with having his equipment seized

    Yet Jazzfest gets special treatment & cops ignore alcohol sales & the purest of the pure can dance all day in church

    And you wonder why we have such an increasingly resentful & schizophrenic society?

    As the previous poster noted – it is those who act like they are perfect blessed & holy yet have their heads in sand who create boys with guns & girls with no self love – not expats, not ganja, not atheists, not gays



  18. big whopper says:

    So there is a problem with a huge international star performing a couples of minuites past the "alyways" enforced 11:45 curfew that warants an investigation by the board….but yet that same board has given a licence for a bar in the middle of the boody north sound……do you see where I am heading with this?

  19. Anonymous says:

     look..alright..everybody knows that not everyone in cayman is Christian okay? so i would suggest taking out the stupid law that says no Sunday trading and u go to Church if you want to..regardless of any other event..its your faith not everybody elses!

  20. O'Really says:

    This isn’t about whether or not Cayman needs to revise it’s licensing laws to allow bars, clubs, restaurants or concerts to open after midnight on a Saturday. That’s another debate entirely.

    How many posters doubt that:

    1) the carefully scheduled program for Saturday night  would have ended by midnight ( or as close to as normal holdups would permit ) if not for BigMac’s awards ceremony;

    2) the organisers would have explained to BigMac that his ceremony would cause the concert to run late, in contravention of licensing laws;

    3) BigMac told them not to worry, he would sort it out?

    This is, or should be, about BigMac being so above the law, he really doesn’t care anymore how he demonstrates this fact. Nothing will come of this investigation because Caymanians have allowed BigMac to become untouchable.


    • noname says:

      Here is the real problem.  And it will be a problem for many years to come.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The law is the law.  Events I’ve been to have been shut down and people told to leave by the police by midnight and I believe it is 1 for Friday nights.  This should be no different.  Who is Alicia Keys to the law?  Who is Jazz Fest to the law?  Who is ‘The Premier’, the Govenor, the Queen or any other person ever born to the law?  By the law (particularly those in force at the time) ALL live and are subject to it, though we can change it.  The law is objective and should not be subjective when we feel and want it to be.  If the law changes then so be it but as far as I’m concerned, party was going on past deadlinethen… the law was broken.  The event I was at that night closed, even though people didn’t want to, in light of adhering to the rules in place.

    It may have seemed like a good event for the island but the bottom line is that if any man breaks the law, he is guilty of an offence.  Do we need a lawyer for this?

    • PQL says:

      Is it the law before the people, or the people before the law!

      Where do you think "law" came from?


      No… It is "we" who make the law. God give us a mind and commonsense to use. So the law can never be over us; it should never override reason and people’s discretion.

      • Umpting Dumpting says:

        "We" made up "God" too, so even if "God" made the Law, "we" still made the law.

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed, but what I’m saying is that if we put a law in place it isto be observed.  If we don’t like it, change the law.  But to exempt someone from law because we feel like it renders the law ineffective and thus spawning off into criminal activity because people then feel they can rob a place in broad daylight in the middle of town or kill another man in the middle of a place full of people.  To break rules to our liking only causes another to look and wonder why they do can’t do the same (regardless of reason or activity)

        If we don’t like it, then it should be changed.  Until then, it IS in effect and should be adhered to as any other law (such as those that state stealing, killing, raping etc… is an offence.)

    • joe banana says:

      Stupid, ignorant, self righteous people make stupid, ignorant, self righteous rules period.  Too late to change any laws or rules on Grand Cayman.  Everyone must follow all laws unless you are the Dictator or work for him.  Get used to it.  Not to worry because if you break a law in Caymanwhat happens?

  22. No Sah says:

    Until we get a grasp on the rampant "baby mudda" issue that plagues this country – (loosey goosey young ho’s running around with the crufftiest of cruffs and bringing forth multitudes of their degenerate offspring) – I refuse to jump aboard the bandwagon entitled "We are a Christian nation and we frown upon Sat. night / Sunday morning partying for we need to be up early to attend church in the morning!"



  23. Anonymous says:

    If I remember correctly last year when Anita Baker was here the show went a little beyond 12 as well but I think that was due to technical difficulties with set changes, and I enjoyed every moment of it! So enough with the mountain making…once again a waste of resources, if you want to be home by 12 then you leave and let me enjoy every penny of my $55. I’m sure if Jazzfest ran like it has in the past minus the awards and last minute addition to the local acts, the all parties would have been pleased. This is so ridiculous, like people never think of unforeseen circumstances. However if you think about it they made the right call to keep her going, She has a reputation to keep up she is a entertainer and i doubt wants to leave the impression of the audience being short changed not only that but the mass crowd that never realised it was a Jazzfest and not an Alicia Keys Concert and only came there for her would have probably riot:) I think its more of an issue cause Alicia Keys was big news so most people who wouldnt pay mind to the annual fest or attend are hearing about it and are all worked up over an hour or so. So if you ask me, the Jazz Fest organisers did a great job by ensuring the headlines on Monday were Alicia Keys wows crowd instead of 5000+ riot on Caymana Bay over 30min act.

  24. Hanson says:

    Government should get rid of the Liquor Licensing Board. You cannot promote moderation and responsible use of liquors by forcing people to comply with your regulations! This is waste of time and monies! The LLB need to leave people alone!

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you 100%

      The Board has its purpose, but is it necessary??

    • Anonymous says:

      In regard to the Liquor licencing board criticizm, most or all complaints about the immature manner in which the LLB is handling this are merited. We expect better of them. Its so hypocritical.

      The bigest hypocritical  aspect of the accusations directed towards the sponsors of the Jazz Concert l is that this is more of a LHB Liquor Hypocrite Board!

      Why? Because if Cayman is really a Christian nation then why in the world do we allow liquor to be imported at all?, why do we sell it and why do we do something as stupid as trying to control somthing that will always sell underground.

      I personally hate liquor and all that comes with it, marital splits, infidelity, drunken driving, cause of deaths, lenient Licence laws for drunking drivers, loss of job. Incest, because the drunkard thinks he’s stumblint into bed with his wife, instead its somebody else’s bed he jumps into under the influence and rapes a family member !  which gets covered  up at both ends and the victim suffers lifelong. hey hey! I bet you didn’t think I would go there!  Liquor consumption has too many problems for me to waste any time defending the sale of such a dangrous beverage.

      However,  If the Christians were really serious, they would go ahead and force Big Mac to ban it once and for all ! As I see it, they’re just pharasees in long attire pointing fingers.

      If you invite an Inernational Star like Alicia Keys to the island as a guest entertainer,  promoting the Cayman Islands Jazz Festival, then you should treat her like the Star that she is !  If she went over a few minutes, that’s a privilege entitled to guests when you invite them into your house ! do you drive out your guest and call the police to them when you invite them to your house, or do you accommodate them fully and make sure they enjoy every moment of the visit with you ? this is the epidemy of illiteracy and ignorance, in the eyes of the world they think we’d stupid and backward for even making this minute situation a legal issue . Somebody need to go get a real job and find somthing else to occupy his or her time. This is not even about being Christianor Godly, its RELIGIOUS, pharaseecal which is neither Christian nor Godly so ?This should never have even reached the publics ears ! give me a break They went over a few minutes, so what? don’t you get late for work sometime and come home late frrom work somethime? Double Standard !  what kind of a hocus pocus degenerate excuse is that for managing the liquor Licence Board. There is nothing wrong with a Guest Entertainer going over a few minutes past the deadline ! don’t we pay our bills late sometime and the creditor forgives the late charge !  If you get any more stupid and green you’re going to grow leaves !GROW UP!

      • Anonymous says:

        Noah passed out drunk in the afternoon and Jesus produced wine from thin air as a wedding party piece – I don’t think Christians have a great biblical foundation when it comes to banning liquor.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Oh Please!!!  There’s more pressing issues affecting this island and I don’t think that this one is going to ruin the country!!  Crime, Robberies, Killings that is what we should be tackling.  Some people really don’t have anything better to do thantry make something out of nothing.  Some news people need try and stop making personal vendetas as well…

  26. Anon says:

    When will you stop all this retarded and antiquated midnight cut-off on Saturday night madness and give us people a decent Saturday night out?  If this silly law was to cease, that in itself would assist Cayman business because we could have liveshows on a Saturday night and the bars and clubs could (legally) stay open late and all these officials won’t have to waste their time and public money on pointless investigative exercises such as this.

    What a waste of money… again!

  27. Peter Milburn says:

    I agree with the above comments.Time to move on and change the TOTALLY out of date laws.I have said it for years and maybe something will be done.If I am not mistaken didnt Mac also authorise a later end to another jazz fest some time back?(sorry if I am wrong but I sure remember someone doing it).How can we enforce the closing at midnight of bars etc.and then allow the same to be open on Sundays anyway.(After 11-00 am I do believe).

    • Breastfriend says:

      I agree with the above writers, and yes it was Big mac that gave permission on the first year that the Jazz Fest started to run late. So i do not see why this year Jazz Fest hours for Saturday night should be a problem. If they got the permission to go late, then what is the problem?

  28. Anonymous says:

    First let me begin by saying that at 12:25am Sunday Dec 6th I walked past the bar area at Jazz fest and was astonished to see alchohol being served.  Further, there were two uniformed police officers (NOT security guards, Police) standing off to the side of the bar.  I myself had a few drinks earlier in the night and am no teetotaller, but in all my 38 years I have never seen alchohol being served in Cayman after midnight on a Saturday.

    I have no problem with changing the law, but right now the law is clear, and has been upheld many times, including numerous New Years Eve’s.  The law is the law, and to see the law blatantly disregarded is a very difficult thing for me.

    As for the event itself: fabulous show!  Alicia Keys is a natural born star and the organizers did an incredible job (as always). 

    However, I take exception when some people say that Alicia Keys is the first international performer to play in Cayman.  This is rubbish.  Willie Nelson played Cayman many years ago and he is a legendary performer, known the world over.  Many other country stars have been here.  In the early 90’s Vanilla Ice performed a NY Eve concert.  Yeah, I know that’s not exactly something to be proud of, but remember that at the time he was the hottest music star in the world. 

    There have been numerous international acts (not necessarily North American) who have performed here, so lets not act like Cayman has been stuck with no decent concerts until just now.  I can’t wait til next year, and I’m hoping we can have more than a Jazz Fest (maybe a Rock and Roll Fest?  Country Fest?).  Hopefully the liquor laws will be cleared up by then too!




  29. Anonymous says:

    Why is this year different from previous jazz fest’s when the Saturday night performance has gone on past midnight? Come on people … get a grip!!

  30. Anonymous says:

    I think the law should remain, with some exceptions applicable, once negotiated (i.e. Jazz Fest). Cayman is already becoming too exposed to the ‘worldly’ life, and if we want to continue having the kinda life that we have, we ought to enforce and keep our laws and regulations. Many of you all have never lived in another country, or even took the time to stop and realize how blessed we are in the Cayman Islands. Stop, think and recognize, that we do not want to be like the rest of the world. Thus, laws as such is what’s keeping Cayman the way it is today – ‘good life’. This is a wonderful island, so be thankful, and stop bashing Mr. Bush or anyone else for that matter. Appreciate what you have. The time you sit and talk bad about our country and our leaders (whom ever they may be).. do some research and investigation about your own country, and see how much better off we are than so many other countries out there. That’s my dollar worth. Blessing and Peace.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you blind or stupid.

      The days of the good life are gone. years of bad parenting and sticking your heads in the sand has created a generation of gangsters and murderers. Just like the rest of the world, except those place are a little bigger and you don’t usually know too many victims. Plus those places have real industries that don’t rely on tourists and foreign skilled workers, both groups are starting to get real concerned by the ‘good life’.

      If the churches stopped sticking their oar into all of our lives and laws and focused on teaching the local kids right from wrong, we could see the good life again.


      • Forrest Gump says:

        Are you blind or stupid.


        Momma always said…"Stupid is as stupid does…"

    • Anonymous says:

      You "think the law should remain, with some exceptions applicable"? What’s the point of having a law if you don’t have to follow it all the time? You’re basically suggesting the Government (i.e. Mac) would get to decide who has to follow a law and who doesn’t.

      Have you considered what kind of message that sends? This is about respect for the law, and while I think the law is stupid it’s the law and it should be followed by EVERYONE, even if it would have been a really abrupt and unfortunate end to Jazzfest.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Oh please stop wasting time and resources that we don’t have. What do you all expect the result of this "investigation" tobe ??

    There is one simple and obvious reason why the Saturday night performance went beyond midnight……let me enlighten you.

    McKeeva, the Master of all Confusion and Disorganisation, decided to insert his special Premier awards in the Jazz Fest. Now don’t get me wrong……each and every awardee completely deserved to be recognised for their artistic achievements over many many years but I’m sorry the Jazz Fest is not the place to do it. Do it on Hero’s Day or some other appropriate day.

    A professionally executed Jazz Fest is time sensitive and every minute of the show is accounted for in the planning. Alicia Keys was not supposed to play beyond midnight but McKeeva decided to insert his "show" into the Festival and Alicia had her list of songs that were very carefully choreographed and she was not going to be sort changed……..and its a good thing she didn’t stop at midnight because that would have meant a 30 minute performance and she would have had a very angry audience at that point and the RCIP could have potentially had a riot on their hands thanks to McKeeva.

    The Jazz Festival is a promotional event for the country and is taped by BET/Centric for replay up to 12 times on their network. MCKEEVA THERE IS NO PLACE FOR POLITICS IN OUR JAZZ FESTIVAL.

    Mr. Clifford we thank you for keeping politics out of our Jazz Festival while you were the Minister and thank you too for contracting Alicia Keys for our 2009 Festival. It was unquestionably the largest public event ever in these Islands.

    Congrats too to DoT for their near flawless execution of the Festival. Don’t know how they’ll top this one next year…..but then again we wonder about that every year.

    Now please stop wasting time on a meaningless "investigation" that we cannot afford and that will make absolutely no difference to anything !!!

    Hmmmm……..I wonder how many people that intended to go to church on Sunday didn’t make it because of McKeeva ? Lol.

    • Joe Banana says:

      Just another one of the many screw ups caused by the new Dick tator.  Get used to it.

  32. Anonymous says:

    thats stupid..it should be like the States where there is Sunday trading! why should stores and restaurants close just because its Sunday..some people do go to church but others who dont should be able to go out on a Sunday.



    • Joe Banana says:

      Eligible Caymanians took a vote and look what they have now. A Caymanian Dictator.  As screwed up as Cayman was it will now get worse and worse and no one, now not even the eligible voters can stop it.

      But for those who think its important. Cayman islands follow the church rules just enough to claim Christianity as its roots.  All evidence to the contrary.

    • Anonymous says:

      why even have a vote? the government should change the laws and bring these out dated laws and regulations into the 21st century.

      It is amazing to think that in the 21st century adults are not permitted to dance and drink after midnight on a saturday…. allbecause of church influence

      maybe they should have a system like the middle east where westerners are given a drinking license in some countries… then only expats can drink and dance after 12 in cayman……

  33. Anonymous says:

    The real investigation that should be taking place is why do we have such a silly law on the books in the first place. Please Mr Carter, can you make recommendations in your report to allow music and dancing until 2am on Saturday night/Sunday Morning- end of story.

    While I have no problem with stopping for church on Sunday I do think the time to change this law is finally here. If a contractor can come to a residential neighborhood on Sunday and work, make noise, etc DURING church time I cannot understand why a late Saturday night is a problem.

    The core people that object to this are folks that do not want the bars/nightclubs open in the first place, at any time.

    This “investigation” is a waste of time. lets get to real work and change the law.

  34. Don Gorgon says:

    Perhaps we can use this opportunity which has presented itself (or was it planned that way) to revisit and update our antiquated, draconian and bigoted laws and help to enhance our tourism product at the same time.

    I wasn’t going to church that Sunday anyway.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Get with the program. Don’t let the bible bashing god squad run this island. Jazz fest was a great event thoroughly enjoyed by both tourists and residents.

    It was the first event with a truly international standard performer in Cayman. The event went extremely well and raised Cayman’s profile as a destination for major events like this.

    Just because a few backward zealots moan about an event over-running a couple of hours into the ‘day of the sabbath’ doesn’t mean the whole island should be made to suffer.

    It’s time to getthe church to start focussing on it’s own business of encouraging friendship and welcoming new people, rather than sticking it’s nose in politics and spreading racial hatred and filth.