Mac wants oil refinery

| 17/12/2009

Cayman Islands News, Cayman Islands Business News(CNS): McKeeva Bush, the Cayman Islands premier, has told a gulf-based newspaper that he is looking for investors to establish an oil refinery in Cayman. Talking to The National about his mission to find some $3.5 billion of investment for the jurisdiction over the next three years, Bush said he was looking for investors that would be interested in such a facility. This is not the first time that the premier has raised this idea, Bush first spoke about it soon after the election when he proposed a commercial port somewhere in East End that would include an oil refinery.

The premier did not tell the English language daily if he had found any interest in the controversial idea while he was visiting the oil rich area of the United Arab Emirates, but the comment comes only days after Environment Minister Mark Scotland made a commitment to the people of Cayman to enact a National Conservation Bill and offer protection to the Cayman Islands’ delicate eco-system.

During his interview with the UAE media, Bush said that he was in the region to seek investment partners for a number of other commercial ventures as well.

“We’re doing a continued search for inward investment but we also are here looking for a longer-term relationship with the Emirates. We believe it holds a lot of opportunity for safe, regulated, open and transparent transactions,” he said. “We are open for hotel development, condos [condominiums] in particular, conference centre and golf facilities. We are also looking for an oil refinery to be based in the country.”

Bush explained the establishment of an investment office in Dubai to cover the entire Emirates to help direct investments for the Cayman Islands. “We have been here before so now we’re trying to formulate and set up the offices. As well, we’re taking this opportunity to talk to various business entities and people that are in similar businesses in the Cayman Islands.”

Promoting Cayman, he said it was one of the best regulated offshore international business centres. “In that regard our financial services, we believe, have tremendous stability and are well-known in the industry. The business environment in both cities as well as Qatar, and the region in general, makes it reasonable for us to be based here,” he said, adding that he anticipated that the new office would open in January or February of 2010.

Talking about the fiscal challenges faced by the CIG, he said there was no problem at this time. “Going through the international crisis like anybody else, yes, we’ve had our challenges. But I think we’ve done a good job of facing them. We haven’t lost any business to speak of,” he said. “I think businesses are taking this time to have an inside look at themselves and trim where they have to.”

Despite the fact that the revenue review has yet to be completed regarding future government earnings, as requested by the UK, Bush promised that there would be no direct taxes in Cayman. “There is no plan for direct taxation, no income tax, no property tax, no capital gains tax – none of the taxes you’ll find in any other jurisdiction. We’re not going to do so, either. Our main thrust is in inward investment,” he vowed. “We have developed the country in the past 40 years based on inward investment and we believe it is the right way to go. It is part of the reason we are in this region. We believe that there are synergies between the Emirates and ourselves.”

Bush said he did not believe that OFCs would disappear as a result of the continued pressure from G20 nations. "Like water, good money finds its own level. It’s going to go where it’s best regulated, where it feels it’s the safest and where it is open and in well-protected regimes. The Cayman Islands is just that. I have no worry about what any government is going to say. We will survive and we have survived for so many years simply because there is so much bad management in all these metropolitan countries. Good money is going to go where it feels it is best protected,” he said.

Asked about the case surrounding the freeze of $9.2bn of on the assets of Saudi Arabia’s Saad Investment Company by the Cayman Islands Grand Court, Bush explained the separation between the executive and the judiciary and that government was not involved in court matters. The premier said the case would not affect the financial relationships between the Cayman Islands and the GCC countries.

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  1. joe bananas says:

    What a brilliant idea.  The best I ever heard of.   Another great way to get money for doing nothing.  How about letting other countrys bring their trash here to dump?  We could fill the north sound with that and build more refineries on that.  Then we could also let countries bring in their nuclear waste and dump that in the trench until that fills up.  There is also lots of wildlife pond areas that the goverment owns we could fill up with stuff no ones else wants.  We could make enough money to pay the civil servants for at least 10 years.  P.S.  I would like a civil servant job.  Please reach me at  Thank you Premeir Bush.  Your the best.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this is coming up again.  He already tried this before he left power in 2005. 

    I really hope that our new constitution allows for checks and balances.  This is something that needs to be decided by the people of this country.

    The world is trying to minimise our carbon footprint.  Eco tourism is booming right now and putting an oil refinery would be a backwards step towards achieving it.  We need to encourage sustainable lifestyles and cutting our use of oil.  What message are we sending?

    This is RIDICULOUS!

  3. Scorpio says:

    JUST SAY NO………………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

     Didn’t you know…..oil refinereries and diving tourism go hand in hand?

    Always wanted to jump through an oil slick…………….

    WOW    Gimme a break

  5. Anonymous says:

    When I was a kid growing up on the Brac an old Sea Captain told me that everyone on Cayman Brac was crazy, but he was the only one sane enough to know it.

    Now that I am old I see a lot of similiarities here on Grand Cayman also. I am for once in my life beginning to understand what the old sea Captain meant.

    I bet he is up there in the blue yonder looking down upon us and saying to himself " See I told you so".

  6. Colin Scott says:

    Bring the oil refinery Cayman Brac we sure need something up here!

    • Anonymous says:

      We aught to be encouraging firms to come here to research clean technologies such as solar, wind and even ocean currents, not polluting technologies like oil.  That would be the end of our clean air, clear seas and other natural resources.  I wish government would think things through and look at the long termeffects before slipping the noose around our necks and telling us its the neck tie for the three piece suit we’re hoping to get.  Stop once and just consider that some things are just not worth the cost (price) we’ll pay in the long run.  We don’t want immediate gratification, we want long term sustainability.

    • Anonymous says:

      With all the infrastructure there to support it, I think that is a marvelous idea.

      Where would you berth the Tankers, in the west end Pond.?

    • Anonymous says:

      I hate to say it, I really do hate to say it, BUT I TOLD YOU ALL SO!!! This is what you all voted for, & this is what you all deserve! It is only a pity that the innocent have to suffer for the guilty, but you know what, TAKE THAT!!!! That what you get! But honestly, I thought they said this XXX man had changed, but it seems HE IS WORSE NOW than ever! TAKE THAT FOLKS!

      • Anonymous says:

         "Take that?" Right…. as if those that voted for UDP are the only ones affected. While I partly understand your frustration, I don’t think taunting the party contrary to your choice will have constructive, long-term effects.

        Don’t kid yourself, everyone likes to say ‘I told you so.’ 😉

  7. robert hamaty says:

    FYI luna point? western part of jamaica in the nineteen eighties jamaican government and the middle east had a large refrinery planed . The large tankers that can not go into the gulf to dispence crude to the texas oil refrineries would bring crude to Luna point and finished product would go via smaller tankers into the gulf states with different  grade of petrol etc.(avoiding usa TAX) when it fell through jim bodden jumped on the oil transfer off shore of little cayman./ cayman Brac  so leave Mac alone he may solve our forigin exchange earnings  for many generation to come. Its not a pie in the sky project.   

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is a joke…..right? IS it April fool’s day or something?

    Perhaps we are the fools for even entertaining such NONSENSE. Cayman is far too small for this and far too fragile to risk the pollution that emerges with oil.

    Please somebody put in some checks and balances for our leader!

  9. Anonymous says:

    you have the wrong date -today is not the first of April – Cayman is a tourist island and East End still has clear diving waters – so if we want heavy industry here then kiss good bye to the tourist dollar. Instead of this madness let create clean manufacturing jobs for example a carbon trading exchange or manufacturing solar hot water tanks or high tech manufacturing where there is a good capitial return without pollution.

    First tax now heavy industry – may we should make life boats so when this ship goes down we have enough!

  10. Mozzie Fodder says:

    Lot’s of comments about removing Mac from his throne but I doubt it will happen. Let’s face it, he has you all in a choke hold and no-one is going to be the first to break ranks and stand up to him. For those who think the UK is out to destroy Cayman, think again; the Premiere is taking care of that all by himself.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Sorry but I would have to see some serious evidence that shows nothing but positive to support this idea for Cayman.  Mr Premier, I’m sorry but some ideas should not leave the drawing board.  This one, shouldn’t even leave the chalk…

    Really though, I’m not in Gov’t so I don’t have the resources to see what he may see in this but I find it very hard to believe in such an endeavour… well maybe if I lived in Iraq without the coral reef and ocean life we so advertise and cherish.  How bout we reduce Mount Trashmore instead of making more ideas that belong there?

  12. Progre$$ says:

    Might as well throw in a Nuclear Waste Dump hell why not include a Pesticide Plant? Chromium Bumper Plant? Medical Waste Facility? U.S. Submarine Base?

  13. Anonymous says:


    Oil refineries mean huge waste sludge ponds and enormous amounts of land. These waste sludge ponds remain forever and will eventually leach into the water table and the ocean. I suggest our dictator visits an oil refinery on his travelling roadshow tour of the world and ask for the full tour of an oil refinery. Ask to be taken down to the sludge ponds so he can be tarred and feathered.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Excellent idea! As the wind usually blows in my direction, can I continue to smoke cigarettes again if and when that happens??

  15. Anonymous says:

    All of the PPM supporters who jumped ship and voted for this XXXX dictator saying that "he has changed his ways" and "he has learnt from his mistakes since the last time he was in power", guess what – "YOU HAVE WHAT YOU VOTED FOR"

    You were warned by the PPM this would happen and that "a leopard never changes its spots". When the tyrant who you have supported and voted into power is finished, Cayman will be finished.

    Stand up, come forward and be proactive in saving your country by undoing your swing vote for this man and stopping the damage before it is too late.

    Think about what is in the works and in our future.

    Oil refinery

    East End mega port

    East End International airport

    Dredging of North Sound

    Cruise ship port in George Town

    Independence – the ruin of our financial industry

    Bankruptcy – Way over $1.0 billion

    Loss of confidence

    Massive flight of capital out of Cayman

    Banana Republic – The party is over


    The PPM expenditures on infrastructure (the first infrastructure investment since the 1970’s) will seem like peanuts when the UDP has finished with Cayman.


    • Anonymous says:

      Interesting. My observation was:

      PPM – division between true born Caymanians (ignore most were born in the U.S. or Jamaica) and expats. Which was leading to the destruction of our financial industry. Loss of confidence. Massive flight of capital out of cayman. Banana Republic. The party is over. To the PPM’s credit, they would have proven far more efficient in getting to this end. Moreover, they would have done so under the guise of  integrity and purpose, "to take Cayman back-wards". 

      The first part of your story seems to be about progress, wealth, success, jobs, opportunities for youth. Mac’s real crime seems to be that some of this will include and benefit expats as well. Not sure how your story sorapidly switched to destruction. Perhaps, its your PPM compass which always points you backward.


      • Anonymous says:

        Your comment is hilarious. It was McKeeva Bush who said that expats were "cluttering up the infrastructure". It was the UDP that introduced rollover into the Immigration Law and then blamed the PPM for simply carrying out what the law said. It was the UDP that said that rollover was only intended for the Jamaicans (and not for the white professionals from the UK, Canada, Australia etc).

        At least Ihe PPM at least looked out for Caymanians. McKeeva succeeded induping people to believe that this made it anti-expat. The UDP looks out for cronies and big-money supporters. I wonder when the Jamaican working class people will awaken to the fact that they were tricked by UDP rhetoric and used.

        Because of its petty vindictiveness there has never been a more divisive govt. than the UDP (and this from a party supposedly led by a born again Christian).

        Also to the PPM’s credit they abided by the rule of law and we were never in any danger of becoming banana republic. They did not try to slip by ridiculous schemes like the Public Defenders office to benefit political allies and manipulate the administration of justice.  People felt the freedom to openly disagree with them without fear of retribution and there were no substantial reasons to suspect corruption. When people protested against the destruction of the Iron wood forest to make a road, they listened. Instead, we now have a govt hell-bent on the destruction of our environment in the name of the economy.

        We are only 6 1/2 months into their term and already the crimes are too numerous to mention.  Only those well and truly hooked on the Kool Aid  are blind to them.  

  16. ATM is more an art than a craft says:

    Wow, you have to love our timing. Just when the whole world is beginning to see the light and is planning ways to transition over to alternative clean energy, we want to build an oil refinery!

    Yeah, that’s the ticket! Oil is the future! Let’s get into that game now.


  17. Anonymous says:

    The scale of operation required to be competitive is unrealistic.  Long term committments for crude oil supply will not be available.  Environmental issues are massive in scope.  None of the labor or technical infrastructure exist on the islands.

    Instead, get financing for a Toshiba pocket nuclear plant to supply all the electricity and power the desalination plants.

    Both ideas have the same level of realism.



  18. Silver Foxx says:

     Most of the Posts are Anonymous, Rude and Disrespectful. At least Mr. Bush is trying to get the economy going. You fat cats are only interested in your little rice bowl, and tearing down Mr. Bush. The country needs investment and what are you doing to get jobs for the people. If you all think that sucking up to the UK will help, look at history. 


    • Chris Johnson says:

      It is paradoxical that the author of this article who questions those posting under anonymous is Mr Siver Foxx. I checked the telephone directory and found no one by that name nor indeed did my equiries of third parties assist me. One such person did wonder if this was the same fox found in the chicken coup.

      As an aside I note that many postings on the CNS website are immature, border on slanderous and of no constructive use.

      However from reading various postings with regard to the oil refinery there is much contructive criticism. Whilst we must commend our premier in taking strides to assist revive the economy it would be useful to see other members of Government making a few statements supporting the premier or better still coming up with additional ideas to revive the economy.

      Maybe a Government think tank would not be a bad idea provided it was made up of persons who are none political, free thinking and both Caymanian and non-Caymanian.From  observation of recent events this is unlikely to take place. Just a thought anyway.

    • Spartacus says:

      "Most of the Posts are Anonymous, Rude and Disrespectful."

      Well, I take it your real name is Silver Foxx then? 

      And as for "You fat cats are only interested in your little rice bowl" I think that is fairly rude and disrepectful.

      PS: I am not Spartacus.

    • Anonymous says:

      Spoken like a true lacky.  What post or job did you get for your voice?

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Silver Foxx……your post is anonymous as well. 

      Yes there is some disrespect at times….but there a great many frustrated intelligent people who have legitimate concerns. It seems that the present Gov. in power is having a difficult time focusing on issues that will make or break our country. YES we need outside investment as we always have. BUT we also need serious attention now with our internal problems. 1) new income streams…raising duties will not sustain the CIG’s appetite for capital. 2) middle class relief 3) education, heatlh care, garbage, trash, crime…..bla bla bla….I know a lot of people are tired of hearing the same old thing BUT I have yet to see the LOGB attacking any one of the issues constantly raised by residents voters……..

    • Ray Parsons says:

      I’m so pleased that you have the courage to show your name and not be anonymous Silver. Why do you sign as David?   Foxx. Now that’s an unusual spelling of your surname.I’ve never come across that before.

      It’s refreshing to come across a person who doesn’t hide behind the cloak of anonymity and still be prepared to write complete nonsense. Well done!  

    • Anonymous says:

      No one is sucking up to the UK, that’s not the issue here. Don’t be so narrow minded. obviously you are not at all intersted in the public health issues that are of concern to all those hearing about this recent move. I mean the Premiere’s plans for a refinery. Its not personal, its just simply business. Have you done any environmental studies to base your comments of support for a project that you seem to know little about  for example,all the positive and negative aspects surrounding such a huge project. . Oil refinery is a huge step and the local people should tell their leader to take his time and not rush into anything. 

    • fifty thousand foot view says:

      Silver Foxx- Respect is to be earned not granted with a title and a hundreds of votes. Bush is a xxxx in action.

      He does not represent Leadership, instead dictatorship.


      From the 50,000 ft view, Premiere Bushy appears to be pushing for a population of 100K plus. Great for expats as we will have jobs for life. How many Caymanians are skilled/trained to work in a refinery and will be willing to work graveyard shifts etc as it would likely need to be a round the clock facility. More  expats. This would likebring a flood of American, UAE, Canadian, T&T, and USVI expats with expertise, experience, and a thirst for earning high salaries.

      Combine this with the new Shetty hospital, which I ask again- how many Caymanians are there interested and willing to be nurses, Doctors etc, work the less desirable shifts? Once again, expats will flood in for these positions, leaving the Caymanians out with growing resentment to their expat neighbors earning high salaries again. 

      In addition these investments (and the important professionals needed to operate them to compete in the global markets), would require/demand security of tenure for their staff, and Mac would grant it (aka status). He would use his beloved Finance Industry model and defence and expats would, in very short order, flock to the rock out number Caymanians in the voting population. Ouch . Anyone in CI feel a little knot in their stomach now?

      The refinery would need to be build somewhere mid island to East End (the once pristine part of the island) and would likely sit comfortably next to the new Cargo port and International airport.

      Singapore, as an island nation of 4+ million on a slightly larger land mass, was once 50K people. Not saying Cayman could grow to that but I sense most people are in denial that GC can handle many more persons. Hogwash- wetlands can reclaimed, density increase, and more roads can be strewn across the islands (imagine a 7 mile roadway/bridge across the North Sound etc). And there will always be people willing to relocate to Cayman, especially with the friendly Bushy immigration policy to ‘be competitive. 

      You voted for him and gave him more power than ever.

      You reap what you sow.

      The islands may be proud to duck direct taxation and continue to do things Macs wreckless way- the consequence?- prepare yourself to welcome many more expats and many more paper caymanians. 

      This administration is poised to launch CI into the most dramatic social change in history- more dramatic than the past 25 years. Voters remorse anyone?

      Cayman is in desperate need of new leadership/new choices- not PPM, not UDP, not Ezzard Miller style- a younger more astute set of Caymanian men and women who can stop the madness. 

      Any predictions on how fast the islands population hits 100,000?

      With Bush Mac and if these projects go through at the helm I say 10 years.

      And I won’t even start on the environmental impact that any one of these projects will have- Cruise port, hospital, refinery, cargo port, dredging the sound…

      Respect needs to be earned. Respect needs to be earned.  Only you can change the tide. Time is of the essence. 


  19. Don Gorgon says:

    Are we able to initiate Referendum to order the psychiatric evaluation of our leader/s? This might be a good first step.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Honestly….if this were not my Country I would be laughing!! This is a mad man on the loose!! Knew it would be really bad under his rule but never dreamed it would be so so bad!!!!!

  21. Madness, I tell ya. Madness says:



    Who comes up with these idiotic ideas? The enviornmental impact is suicidal enough, but the economic don’t add up. US refinery utilization figures have been less than 85% for most of the last year and is showing a clear downward trend for the last five. There is no need for extra capacity in the region. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    so we are going to have a massive hospital for health tourists and now an oil refinery – 


    Mac this is Cayman not somewhere the size of  Dubai 

  23. Anonymous says:

    No taxes but steadily riseing Dutys and fees.  BIGGGG difference.  Mac must think we all are as stupid as he is.  Next stop on his world wide "horray I am Premier" tour will be Venezuela to "Have a meeting" with their "Premier to  discuss how to properly put down dissadents and take over all banks and services.  NOT FUNNY!

    • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

      The Premiere of the Cayman Islands has recently announced to a gulf newspaper his plans for an oil refinery and his search for investors.

      I respectfully question ;Who told him he could make such a huge decision all by himself before consulting  local constituents?.

      This premiere seems to think that he is not only the premiere, but that he is also, governor, Premiere, and FCO all in one huge package of autocracy.

      He’s forgotten one thing and that is, that the oil refinery is not only a brilliant idea, if we had more land… that could spark financial stability, and numerous jobs for our local people, BUT the most important element to generate greater concerns is the high level of Health threats that comes with an oil refinery in such a small jurisdiction or society. I’m sorry Mr. Bush but this decision is IS NOT ENTIRELY UP TO YOU"  the ground work has not yet been done. You should have consulted the people on this serious issue that  should be approved by them and I dare say there should be a sort of referendum taken place. However the health hazzards involved outweigh the need for referendum as some local residents are not aware at all of what a refinery is, what it looks like and what health hazzardous risks are involved. Do we need to extend the unadressed challenge of garbage pollution at Mount Trashmore. This means that local government has not yet siezed the opportunity of clean energy reform to eliminate air pollution.

      The Cayman Islands thank God  is not yet a 3rd world country, Nor do we have Hugo Chavez the Big Oil King of Venezuela, dictating what will pollute or not pollute our clean air that is enjoyed by our local citizens, and tourists.  So we are requesting that our own dear Premiere please brace yourself, relax, and take it easy, we want you to succeed in putting the economy back on its feet and we appreciate all your efforts BUT this recent step you are taking is a very, very serious one that calls not only for public input,  and wide consultation but to date  you have not provided any proof of your environmental studies  to the public regarding the well known dangers of an oil refinery in a local environment and the health hazardous threats that come with it. I am also aware that the buying of  shares in an oil refinery  for our local people is also something that could be positively looked at. But the health issue is really a matter of much concern. There are various health conditions that develop in the presense of an oil refinery  environment such as the output of carbondioxide and other gases being a danger to public health

      There are stand alone endangerment findings that apply here. Its really not a political party decsion. There needs to be a Clean Air act put in place for the Cayman Islands.

      The oil refinery would need to be carbon capture ready, also carbon might be sequestered if government incentives are provided. Strict requirements would have to be placed on permits. A reminder is the significant threat to public health and welfare. For Example south Dakota currently produces l5.1 million tons of carbon dioxide annually.

      Let’s compare your study with the rest of ours.

      Don’t misjudge me, I am all for progress, as outlined above,  but we have to be very careful.

      The UK FCO office  and the Cayman Islands Government must convince the people that there will be strict oversight of this oil refinery  by the highest level of environmental enforcement expected from this UK territory 

      • Anon says:


        I agree this idea about a refinery damages the dream of the Cayman Islands and is a poor one. 
        Hopefully it will be ignored.  The more environmentally friendly projects that are submitted the more likely the refinery idea is killed off.
        Also given the moves towards green energy elsewhere in the world it seems a concept out of step with the times.





  24. Anonymous says:

    There’s money and environmental hazard in ship-breaking.  I’m surprised McKeeva advisors haven’t considered that industry yet, given the perversions of their mindset.   We could strive to take some market share from Alang India and turn our shores into a similar sump of toxic waste and rusting metal!  Think of all the jobs we would create and special medical ailments we could share!  YAY!  

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Education, schools and school security, less Government, privitization, health care and an efficient hospital, stay over tourism, Mt Trashmore, congestion, immigration, balance duty system for middle class, new income streams CRIMEEEEEEE + 27 other pressing issues thennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn maybe a brief second to say no to oil.

  25. Sav/New says:

    This man must be from another planet I swear.

  26. Richard Wadd says:

     This is the ignorance we expect from a Gardner, NOT the Premier of the Cayman Islands.

     What possible benefit could we derive from this? Especially with the largest Oil Refineries in the Western Hemisphere (if not the World) in ‘nearby’ Texas?

     When his XXXXXXX is dead and gone, it is OUR children who will be left to clean up his mess.

    Dredge the North Sound, Pollute our only natural resource, and ignore the 800lbs Gorillas in the room.

    Way to go Mac, now stop talking garbage, and deal with the REAL issues at hand, like ‘Trashmore’.

    • Anonymous says:

      "What possible benefit could we derive from this? Especially with the largest Oil Refineries in the Western Hemisphere (if not the World) in ‘nearby’ Texas?"

      Maybe you should take a look at the benefits that the oil refinery had for Aruba. 

      I’m not saying its the right decesion for Cayman but it could potentially bring a lot of benefits to the Island.

      • OntarioWatching says:

        Have you been to Aruba?  The refinery is an eyesore. 

      • Just Sayin says:

        I’ve been, cost me $80 to fill my minivan with diesel, is that one of the benefits of which you speak?

    • Chancy says:


      Whilst I respect your thoughts you need go see the movie ‘Being There’ where a simple gardner became the President of the United States of America’. It was a very moving film and Peter Sellers had it about right.

      Gardening holds complex issues not the least, the seasons.

  27. Peter Milburn says:

    And the Lord said unto Moses BRING ME MAC.We need to talk!!!!!

  28. Hanson says:

    Now, Mac…

    I think you are stretching it a bit too far for the sake of money!

  29. Anonymous says:

    This man is a maniac who needs removing from public office permanently.

    Direct rule by the UK cannot come soon enough.

  30. Joe Banana says:

    Talk, cry, vote all you want but what you all need to realize is that you now have a Dictatorship.  In case you haven’t noticed Caymans dictator is not interested in the least in what anyone else thinks or says.  He will do what he wants for himself and his friends and that will never change.  Get used to it.  Soon come no more private banks.  Next the name change of all things Cayman. (I am not a pirate) O wait, thats already started.  Then the purging of dissidents. O wait, thats already happening. Bye bye Dan. Then only spending money on the Dictators lifestyle and friends and not the people. O wait, Lots of Trips all over the world for him and friends.  Lots of jobs for his friends but no schools.  Get it yet?  You will.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Mac has obviously not thought through the horrible effect this will have on our environment.

    I’d suggest that he add two more destinations on his world tour: Texas and New Jersey. He should have a look at the wasteland that oil refining has created in those two places and let me know if tourists will find it attactive. 

  32. Anonymous says:

    Someone please keep Mac from shooting off his mouth.

  33. Unskinny Bop says:

    The good news is that those breathing the pollution, hurt by the accidents and killed when it explodes will be pretty close to a nice big brand new hospital with plenty of beds for all.

  34. Under water says:

    According to Wikipedia Cayman is 26th out of 210 countries on the list for Carbon emissions per capita. Do we really need to get any higher on the list?

    UAE is 2nd on the list. Surprise, surprise!

    Funny how when global warming really starts to affect the first place to go under water is probably going to be Cayman. Really don’t think an oil refinery is any way to reduce our carbon footprint!


    • DR Kananga says:

      When Global warming starts?

      Did you fail to notice the 12 mile long iceberg that has broken off and heading towards Australia?

      The volcano about to displace upto 200, 000 persons in the Phillipines which is still recovering from the recent massive floods?

      The steady climbing incidence of earthquakes over the last decade resulting in one of the worst tsunamis to strike?

      The rise in sea levels at ‘faster than predicted claims’ coupled with the associated bleaching and devastation of marine life?

      The problems started in 1709 when the Abraham Darby found that you could use coal / coke to power steam engines more effectively. Coalbrookdale amongst other places caught onto this and within a decade huge industrial cities where producing iron, steel, ceramics and the Industrial revolution took off!

      The damage was started at this point, it continued to get worse as every household that could afford it bought coal and industry burnt it at an incredible rate in the race to make steel, transport, ships, etc.

      We are just adding to it by using up whatever fossil fuels are left.

      As far as I am aware, there are no oil reserves on land or within the 12 mile limits of Cayman that would be commercially viable.

      With this in mind, no commercial licences could be issued or successfull which is how the Falkland Islands became quite affluent.

      For the price of an  oil refinery, I think it would be more prudent to invest the money into the following schemes:

      Affordable solar power which could be subsidy to the installers or the end consumer.

      Vehicle tax that is graduated according to engine size.

      Discounts to fuel efficient vehicles and hybrid vehicles.

      A public transport system that is frequent, dependable and incorporated into a park and ride system decreasing the amount of fuel dependancy.

      Sea tubes that are small turbines that are used to generate from wave force.

      Efficient rain water catchment used for irrigation for hydroponic farming and start producing something locally.

      Green composting to be used in the above industry.

      To supplement all this, a furnace to dispose of ‘dry’ garbage pellets and provide additional energy, hot water supply and waste disposal.

      All of the should have been started years ago, although to start late is better than never starting at all.

      The ‘doomsday prophets’ amongst the population will always look at the end result as being a reason to do nothing. I agree that Cayman will be at risk from being underwater within one generation. This is not just a local problem, the Maldives, the Seychelles, Andaman Islands, Bangladesh and many other countries will experience the same fate.

      The reasoning that it will happen or it will never happen is not an excuse to bury our heads in the sand and hope that it will go away.

      It is happening.




      • Anonymous says:

        This is all hearsay and a few opinions. Global warming and indeed climate change have never been proven to evena  basic level. The earth has been naturally warming and cooling for millions of years.

        The whole myth of global warming was probably cooked up by world leaders thinking of new and innovative ways to tax their people. "Lets put a carbon tax on it" "lets put a tax on flights"

        Show me some facts and I’ll believe it, but to date there is more conclusive proof that man is not a factor in any part of the earths cycle than the slither of part studies and slim scaled surveys that say we are the cause.

  35. Blunt Billy says:

    Cayman’s new tourism slogan:


    "The Cayman Islands – Come for the white sand & cyrstal blue waters… stay for Mount Trashmore & our breath-taking oil refinery. (and when we say breath-taking…we mean it literally!)"


  36. Anonymous says:

    Yah, why not? more money… who cares about polution … Way to go mac-mac… 

  37. Not UPD or PPM says:

    Honestly this has nothing to do with which government you are for this has to do with him trying any and every idea XXXXX. I mean really a refinery? The only thing Cayman has to attract tourist is our pristine beaches and you want to put them in harms whay by adding a refinery basically a poullant? Mac come on snap out of it! But then again what do you expet from someone that never finished high school.I will say this Mac does give hope to all the young kids out there that you can acheive something by not ever really applying yourself!

  38. Anonymous says:

    So McKeeva and Mark what did you all do with the well thought out, researched and detailed "Go East" Tourism Policy that Mr. Charles Clifford left behind to guide the development of sustainable tourism in the Eastern Districts ???

    I guess the "Go East" policy wouldn’t allow for Mac’s Oil Refinery so the policy had to be placed in File 13 !!!

    You all should remember that this policy was developed after extensive consultation with the people of the Eastern Districts…….and let me remind you all which districts those are – Bodden Town, North Side & East End.

    The people of the Eastern Districts does not want an Oil Refinery… all need to decide whether you want a tourism industry or an industrialised "Oil Refinery" island…….you cannot have both !!!!

    The UDP is about to get a very rude awakening…..let them try to come East with their ignorant and stupid ideas.

    And to think of Mark’s hiprocracy in talking about implementing the National Conservation Law while at the same time endorsing the idea of an Oil Refinery……whats next with this bunch of rudderless politicians ???

    We want the "Go East" Policy complied with and implemented now !!!! 

    • Anonymous says:

      WHAT GO EAST INITIATIVE??…This was only in the mind of Chuckie!

      I am still waiting to see what this initiative was supposed to be other than the TALK over the last 4 years.

      What was done during the Go-East “initiative” unfortunately was to give a lot of people hope, wasted a lot of their time and left them at their own mercies with nothing to show for it

      Regarding the Oil refinery, I think that is equally nonsense but the Eastern Districts will need proper developments so that jobs and opportunities are available there as well. It is crazy to think that it will remain the same or that East Enders and North Siders can live on thatching one or two bags or making a couple of bags of peppermints…they will starve doing so. What we need is appropriately “scaled” development but some that is real and creates real living wages and opportunities.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok moron….let me educate you. The government is suppose to create the framework and policies for businesses to flourish……that is what the "Go East" Policy document does….GO READ IT AND TAKE ADVANTAGE OF IT AND STOP EXPECTING THE GOVERNMENT TO SET UP YOUR BUSINESS FOR YOU !!!

        Government has proven that it should not be in the business of running tourism attractions……can you say Pedro Castle and Boatswain’s Beach?

        Like they say you can take a horse to the water but you can’t make him drink if he doesnt want to.

        Its time for you to drink and stop expecting the Government to do that for you too. You could advance your own personal intellect by readig the Go East Policy. There you have your homework now –  go do it !!!

  39. Anonymous says:

    We are also planning a multi-million dollar landing strip  for Santa Claus and a state of the art training college for tooth fairies.

    • Cicero says:

      At least the landing strip can be shared and Cayman Airways may use it. Before millions are spent on the ludicrous refinery idea I suggest that the highly quailified Minister of Finance studies what became of the refinery in Freeport Bahamas. It went bust and was mothballed for years at huge expense. Moreover with Cuba going into the oil well business in the Gulf of Mexico has it not occurred to anyone that they might erect a refinery just as sure as houses they will be developing several cruise ship terminals.

      This is beggining to look familiar. Anyone remember Boatswain’s Beach?

      One final thought: I wonder who the local partner of the refinery will be!!!!!!!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    Because what our island really needs is an oil refinery that not only smells terrible, but creates a significant amount of air pollution.  It will match Mt. Trashmore nicely.

  41. Anonymous says:

     what the hell is wrong with this dude..does he want more pollution in Cayman? keep our island clean!

  42. Anonymous says:

    Its a pity McDinejad didn’t invoke the separation between the Executive and the Judiciary when he was busy pulling the legal aid budget into his Ministry. Who the hell is handling this man ?????????? HELP !!!!!!

    Get him home now …………we cannot afford anymore screw ups !!!!!!!!!!!


  43. Anonymous says:

    Prevailing wind goes which direction?



    anyone ever visit Aruba?

  44. Pull The Other One says:

    Good stuff, good stuff. It just keeps getting better.

    "Bush explained the separation between the executive and the judiciary and that government was not involved in court matters."

    Unless of course it suits them to do so.


  45. big whopper says:

    Why do everytime I read a post reagarding Mac on CNS I feel like it is April fools day?

  46. Anonymous says:

    Another disgruntled PPM supporter, no doubt. Nothing that McKeeva does or suggests will ever be good enough for them. I’ll bet that if it was being put forward by the PPM it would be the best thing since sliced bread.

    • Anonymous says:

      Contrary to what you believe there are many non-affiliated voters in Cayman who are quite alarmed by a number of the actions and statements of our Premier. It is the pinnacle of arrogance to suggest that anyone who disagrees with McKeeva Bush on anything must be a disgruntled PPM supporter [subtext – who are obviously a declining minority and whose views do not matter]. On the other hand it is clear that there are many supporters of the UDP who obviously feel that it is their sacred duty to unthinkingly support whatever move the new govt. makes, however questionable it may be.  Common sense is becoming increasingly uncommon. Worse they seem to clamour for a one-party country, an approach always adopted by dictators and their supporters. I am becoming increasingly concerned for our country






      • Anon says:

        I am concerned also, but reality will soon set them straight. Soon they wont be seeing $$$$, they we get a good dose of reality, it going to slap them right in their faces.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very well said. I am getting naturalized JUST so that I can vote against Mac!!

        I am dead serious.

      • Florence Goring-Nozza says:

        Yes that one party system is fast growing.  It’s the youth I’m concerned about. I am totally against exploiting our children as though we are recruiting party gihads to pledge allegiance to regardless of how bad or good the party and its leader performs. We need to set these young people and children free from following people they have no business following, most of the time its "off the cliff!" its a  disgrace to teach children and our young people to pledge allegiance to any particular party. They should make up their own minds when they become of age. The age of party membership should be raised to age  21. That way it would be a mature person making a decision and not a child. It sends a negative message when political parties recruit these kids before they really know right from wrong. They don’t really know how party politics works, It needs to stop. I find it very troubling. Its not fair to these youth.

        There ought to be a law against it.

    • Lobsta Hunta says:

      To: Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/17/2009 – 07:59.

      You must be from another planet too.


  47. Anonymous says:

    They say a drowning man will grab at anything, so! why not an Oil Refinery??

    Certainly seven mile beach white sand mixed with crude sludge would be a great attraction to our Tourist, and mount trashmore has lots of absorbing ability for all the by products an oil refinery will produce.

    Then again we have this vast enclosed Harbour with year round operating ability to accomodate the oil tankers that will bring in and take out the oil.

    And of course we have CUC who claims that burning fossil fuels will pollute our atmosphere to consume a great deal of the fuel oil can we could produe locally.

    And lest I forget we lack a gas chimney to burn off the excess gas produced in the refining process, XXXXXXX.

    Go get it Mack we really need an oil refinery badly.

  48. whodatis says:

    Dear CIG present and future – please … please … PLEASE leave East End (and the rest of the Eastern districts) alone!!

    That is the only part of the island that still resembles something of the Cayman of yesteryear.

    It is so sad and depressing what we consider as progress in this country. In actual fact the over-development of this island is anything but!

    We feel it is good to add new projects, hotels, develoments, restaurants (Hooters?!), buildings (and now oil refineries – heaven forbid an accident / explosion occurs!) etc. to the country however, our visitors are initially attracted to us for our very lack of these things.

    Less is more – we really need to understand and appreciate the long-term benefits of this concept for our people.

    I honestly believe that every elected member of our legislative assembly should be required to have lived in an industrialised nation for a minimum of 7 years prior to eligibility for the position.

    One only truly appreciates Cayman (as is) after living elsewhere for an extended period of time.

  49. Anonymous says:

    A fabulous idea to maximise the value of Cayman’s massive oil reserves.

    Mac needs to address other similar projects, such as a hydro-electric power plant to generate energy from the waterfalls in our mountain regions.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Better not tell Juliana Mac trying to sell Cayman to folksin the Middle East. She’s going to be mad. Then again, someone who thinks the moon is 2,000 years old might not realise they are Muslim.

  51. Caymanian for DAN says:

    Chris Bryant can you get this DUDE out of our LA pls HELP US!!