Armed robber hits gas station

| 18/12/2009

(CNS): Yet another Grand Cayman gas station has been hit by an armed robber. At about noon today (Friday 18 December) a female cashier was working within the Jack’s Esso gas station in Frank Sound Road, North Side, when a man entered the station shop armed with what appeared to be a handgun. The suspect approached the cashier, presented the firearm and demanded cash. He was last seen running towards the rear of the premises with a small amount of money. Police said that no shots were fired and no-one was injured as a result of the incident.

Bodden Town detectives are now investigating the armed robbery and say the man believed to be responsible is around 5’7” in height with a brown complexion. He was wearing long blue jean pants, a long sleeved blue shirt and had a t-shirt over his face. DC Edwards is appealing for anyone who may have witnessed the robbery or the man fleeing the scene to contact Bodden Town CID on 947-2220.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No worries Bro i see we got the National security council stocked with knowledgeable people who know whats really going on in Cayman Eh!

  2. Anonymous says:

    a friend of mine actually entered the gas station minutes after the robbery and when told what happened he ran around the back to see if he could see anything, he positioned himself when he couldnt see anyone obvious, he called 911 and waited a total of 20 mins before anyone showed up, HELLO?

    • I am fed up with some of the bull s*** that is taking place here, the keystone cops that we have here havent a clue as to what to do, they come to the scene and stand around instead of scanning the area out properly, "the robber went through the back door" OK, who would run out through the back door, not knowing the area, so, it has to be someone from that neighborhood who knows that area, AND they called the clerk by name. COPS do your job, the tattoo on the hand area, look around the area there is a slew of evidence out there that you all are missing. We do not want to be intimidated by some young punk that is too lazy to work for a living, that still sponges off his family and expect that society has to put up with their actions. Get serious and do your job, or let the people take over and solve it for you.

    • DMA says:

      It is clearly the Pink Panther. No doubt about it. We desperately need the master mind Chief Inspector Jacques Clouseau in order to solve those cases.





  3. Anonymous says:

    Maybe now that these gun crimes are occurring in North Side, Mr Miller will stand up and demand mandatory life in prison for anyone involved in illegally importing or using firearms. Please Mr. Miller. The government seems to have no interest in fighting crime and someone with ba!!s needs to take some step towards bringing things under control. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    If New York could crack down on crime and clean up the city, why cant Cayman.  Look at the size and population of New York in comparison.  How are all these guns getting here.  How are all the drugs getting here.  Has anything been done to implement the finger printing system at the airport and docks?  If not, why not?  When is hte Leader going to stay in Cayman long enough to do something about this problem. Does he not realise that soon it will be too late – no one will want to come here and even Caymanians are leaving in large numbers.  Its becoming too dangerous and the Policefor whatever reason seem to be totally ineffective.  Its time for the Leader to lead the country out of this mess.  Carry out basic intelligence and literacy tests for all current Police Officers.  If they fail, they need to find a job in another profession.  How can you possibly do a good job as a Police Officer when you don’t even know basic grammar? 

    • DMA says:

      Have you ever considered that drugs and guns, which come hand in hand get in by boat from one of the neighouring islands, imported by some people well known to the public but not suspected of doing so!?  A yes for fingerprints in general but that won’t help much in this case.

  5. Thankful says:

    Something does not add up for this one.  Running towards the rear of this gas station!!!!??  Rear where?  There is a house behind it and actually on each side of it.  So unless the THIEF lives in one of these homes then where dis he go?  Someone in this vicinity would have had to see this person and police could have surrounded that entire area in their search.

    Further, I suspect this robbery, like some of the more quick easy ones, were done by opportunists encouraged by the lack of success by teh police recently to make any arrests that leads to a conviction.  I do believe some of those big robberies (Margaritaville etc) were planned and coordinated and make no bones they are planning their next big one.  We have watched this lull thing for a while and then they strike again.  I also, believe that what tehy are doing is overwhelming or attempting to do so, the Police Depatment with one crime after the other.

    So my questions to Comm. Baines:

    Are you carefully planning and strategizing to see if we can catch them in their acts?  I note the heavy overt presence has lessened…hopefully this is a disguise and full overt missions and stake outs are happenning on roof tops etc and even in districts near businesses and centres?  Can you help by informing the Public with ungoing updates ( I would recommend after EVERY robbery) about whether the evidence and findings of the police so far indicates a loner or organized crime?  We will not blame teh department if it is a relentless consistent effort shown.

    Either case…our leaders need to drop everything else and start catching these thieves.  I would personally get 15 – 25 officers and put them in tinted vehicles including nights and place them close to major centres and gas stations etc.  This have to be done for even weeks if we have to (at the rate we going we may only need to do it for one week).  This should give for quick responses and the likelyhood of an officer seeing the robber(s).  It is alot of numbers Comm. Baines but it is a strategy so that we may try and catch these thives taht is reaping havoc on our community and society!  We NEED TO DO SOMETHING NOW.  NOW NOW NOW.  and I would liek to believe I am a rational person…so my response should indicate the anger and disgust at how my beautiful peaceful country is going down the tubes. 

    May the Lord grant you all wisdom and courage in getting some results.  I also pray thatthose who are assisting are caught as well.  Just wait and see…the Lord is going to free us and give us the victory.  They are going to make a mistake(s) and we will have taht break we need. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    The present crash program of employment is not helping this crime situation, if anything it may be facilitating it since it allows certain elements to scrutinise peoples premises under the guise of a clean up campaign.

    For those who have security cameras around your premises, review the tape regularly and you will understand what my point is.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Gun crime is out of control. We need to amend the law. People illegally importing or selling or providing guns or ammunition should receive life in prison with no chance of parole and all of their property should be confiscated. It will not solve everything but it will eliminate repeat offenders.

    • Anonymous says:

      where is the flippin UDP? Off island? Where is the Premier? OFF ISLAND AGAIN? What are the flippin UDP doing about the desperate situation our country is in? Oh yes, FLYING! What is the Premier doing about the crime in Cayman? He was sooooooo quick to cast blame on the PPM in the past, what is he now doing about the worst crime rate in our history? Oh yes, he is flying the world! What a great leader! That is what you all get! At least the premier is enjoying himself! Nothing like free first class travel, 5 star hotels & plenty of partying with friends in exotic locations of the world!

      • Anonymous says:

        Everyone in Cayman knows where the flipping UDP is,the question you moron should ask is where is the flipping opposition? PPM needs to help in the fight against crime also,moreover since the flipping UDP is always off island it would be a good time for the PPM to step up and help in the fight against crime and other ills affecting or dear islands……sick and tired of this flipping foolishness.

        • what a mess says:

          I’m not pro UDP or PPM! And so i don’t get into what seems to me "very silly" name calling…and likely exactly what the political party systems want us to do. I try to deal with the issue at hand based on merit..or lack of.

          And you bring up a good point…what is the opposition to do? Are they expected to be paid over the next four years to warm the seats in the LA? Shouldn’t they be coming fourth with ideas to help?

          Looking back, this seems the expectation of the opposition…and needs to be changed…in light of so many pressing problems.

        • what a mess says:

          ps: And it’s not helpful to call people "moron"…it will likely only ignite a name calling argument. And that will not help anyone. Peace!

    • Anonymous says:

      But when Caymanians are caught and prosecuted in the States for attempting to smuggle illegal firearms to Cayman, the media here hardly notices it. Perhaps because one of them is the child of a senior police officer?

    • Anonymous says:

      Great idea, BUT with the UK in control of our Police and Judiciary that will never happen. Only the criminals have human rights as far as they are concerned.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Until someone from the public comes forth with some information to assist the police in their investigation of these armed robberies it will only be luck that catches these thieves.

    If someone is injured or killed in one of these crimes then the blood will also be on the hands of the people who kept silent instead to having done the right thing which is give information.

    These crimes could have been done by only a few thieves and someone knows who they are…

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is getting really ridiculous and -guess what- Caymanians know who is doing this S—. Just look at certain other CNS reports to see that the criminal element here is close knit, well known by their "girlfriends" (I am being generous) and their family members (and police) but fear and perverted loyalty is preventing the prosecution of these crimes by the RCIPS. The Caymanian Mafia version of the Sicilian vow of "omerta" (silence/non cooperation) is going to be the undoing of this country.

    And please,don’t come with the "Jamaican" claptrap. They’re ours-the prison statistics tell us.

    • Anonymous says:

      You were doing well until the final comment. Almost no-one ever goes to prison for a first offence and no foreign national (usually) gets to commit a second offence if caught for a first. Prison statistics are therefore not reallty relevant. Arrest/conviction statistics provide a better indicator of who the criminals are or are not. 

      • Anonymous says:

        and where are the arrest/conviction statistics?…. they are hidden because it does not paint a pretty picture for caymanians….

        • Anonymous says:

          Since the Police and the Courts are mistakenly treating many people who are in fact expats as Caymanians, we may never know the truth – but ask a Police officer about crime and he or she will likely tell you it is persons of nationalities  in general proportion to their numbers in the community. Something like:  40% Caymanian, 30% Jamaican, 10% Honduran, 20% the rest.  

          Crime is all of our problem and it is not caused by a particular nationality (although I have to admit that Canadians and Filippinos are a generally better behaved bunch than most of us).

          Who is charged with Estella’s murder (not Caymanians)

          Who was charged with the Gareau murder (not a Caymanian)

          Who was arrested for the recent Mary Street shooting (not a Caymanian)

          Who recently robbed Margaritaville (not Caymanians)

          Who raped the tourist at the Westin (not a Caymanian)

          Likewise, a Caymanian probably murdered Sabrina and another probably murdered Carlo. Several drive taxi’s with knives, and others are involved in numerous other crimes – but to claim it is just Caymanins, or that non Caymanians are not committing numerous offences, is idiotic, wrong, and detracts from our ability to deal with all criminals, wherever they are from.




          • Anonymous says:

            enough of the hearsay… where are the official statistics????

            • Anonymous says:

              You can forget them. They are the ones that say we have a population of 50,000. 

          • Anonymous says:

            40% caymanians??? … you wish! …. that’s not what i heard….. where are the official statistics????

          • Anonymous says:

            the courts/police don’t know who are expats or caymanians???….zzzzz…good night

            • Anonymous says:

              True – the confusion is largely based on the fact that there are hundreds of people here who have Cayman Islands Passports BUT are not Caymanian.

              The uninitiated rely on the fact of someone having a Cayman Passport as evidence they are Caymanian when in fact such a passport is irrelevant to the question. There are many Caymanians who are not entitled to a Cayman passport, just as there are expatriates who are.

              Cayman Passports are issued under the British Nationality Act. Whether or not someone is Caymanian is a question determined by the Immigration Law. The two do not mesh with an obviously unsettling result.

          • au revoir says:

            A well written, clear and balanced summary; it’s unfortunate that many expats and caymanian alike like to blame the boogeyman in the closet, when in fact, the boogeyman is staring right at them in the mirror.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Is it the "black long-sleeve shirt bandit" again? For an island so small, and a small population, how is it no one knows identity of this bandit? How much did he net? Surely, someone may know who this is, if, all of a sudden this person all of a sudden received this same exact amount of money!

  11. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Okkkkk…..having kept tabs on the headlines for the last few months….I put ticks afta subjects on a piece of scrape paper on my desk. Very scientific……I just added up all the "ticks" to see what the most important issues were…..Priorities for the LOGB or any cabinet member who will stand up and "do something"…………..

    1) CRIMEEEEEEEEEE      2) LOGB jet setting     3) Education     4) Mt Trashmore

    I wish I didn’t have to put down #2 but it had a lot of headline ticks……

    Crime…..when will the "politrick sound bites" in the headlines tell us that something is being done about crime.