Sea vets to get $100

| 23/12/2009

(CNS): Government has come-up with an extra payment of only $100 for the Cayman Islands ex servicemen and sea veterans. In a statement released yesterday, 22 December, Mike Adam blamed the lack of cash on the reckless spending by the previous administration, but said his government had “dug deep” to find the extra payment which vets will not receive until January. The former PPM government administration had granted extra-ordinary Christmas payments in both 2007 and 2008, through a supplementary request on the budget which was equal to the vets monthly stipend of around $550.

Adam said that the payment was not budgeted for in the 2009/10 budget appropriation but government has “dug extremely deep and is able to offer an extraordinary Christmas payment of $100.00 for each recipient of the Seafarers Ex-gratia Benefits, the Ex-servicemen Benefits and the Financial Assistance Benefits.” Adam stated.  “It should be noted that each person will only receive $100 as an Extraordinary Christmas Payment.  This payment will be made in the first week of January 2010 and will go directly to each recipient’s bank account.”

He said that the “wasteful and reckless expenditures” of the PPM government and the downturn in the economy mean that the UDP government couldn’t give any more money at this time.

Adman said that he would like to assure all the recipients that the government has their best interests at heart, and is committed to those in need wished them all a Merry Christmas and a joyful and prosperous New Year.

The minister confirmed to CNS that reports of regular payments not being paid to indigents by social services was not true. He said all veterans, seaman and those receivng assistance from family services were paid the usual monthly sum. Adam said the moeny for the clean-up programme had been budgeted seperately and had not affected the grant normally given to those in need.

He explained that with around 2010 people receiving benefits from government to have given all of those people the $550 which they had received in the last two years at Christmas time would’ve cost the ministry over $1.1 million.

Despite the dire financial problems faced by government, according to the government website, the UDP administration has created a new position of Housekeeper/Cook for the Premier. Although the candidate will work in the premier’s residence it is listed as a public sector position and pays a salary of up to $35,000.CNS has confirmed with PPM officials that Kurt Tibbetts did not have a government chef or housekeeper when he was leader of government business.

McKeeva Bush, who is also now the Minister of Finance, has stated that the performance of the budget is being closely monitored and a report will be forthcoming in January, of the first six months of the financial year 2009/10 and this report will form part of the briefing package for the new governor.

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  1. Hanson says:

    “Government ‘dug deep!’”

    Sir, apparently there’s a hole in the national purse
    Rich Mac receives OUR monies for his own Housekeeper/Cook. This is just not Right… I don’t care if it comes with the job of being Premier.
    If he accepts this, he really do not have the people’s interest at heart
  2. Anonymous says:

    People whine too much instead of finding work.  Everyone expects handouts instead of finding work regardlessof what it is.  Those people in the trailers for example.  It irks me that they expect government to support them forever.  It’s 5 years since Ivan.  What is their excuse for not finding another place to live?  Get a job.  Go to school.  Do something but whine.  As for Mr. Bush getting a housekeeper or whatever, he is our Premier for goodness sake. He should even hire a bodyguard as far as I’m concerned.  Do you know how many kidnappings occur daily around the world? Let the man have the perks that the office comes with. He has to sacrifice so much not being with his family or not having a peaceful life.  People are just so jealous when fellow countrymen can do better for themselves.  Especially those PPM whiners.  Why doesn’t Kurt Tibbetts, Alden McLaughlin and Anthony Eden resign and save us money.  They do nothing anyway.  Now that my friends is a waste of our money!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why doesn’t Mckeeva Bush, Julie O’Connor, Mike Adam, Anglin & Scotland resign? They have been the government for 7 months & have only made the situation worse. These UDP whiners should also try & help instead of complaining about the fact that the majority of the Cayman people are very very upset about the destruction that the UDP are causing. It is time for the UDP & their followers take responsibility for their actions, or lack there of, & if "they cannot take the heat in the kitchen then GET OUT"!!! Do Cayman a favor & get out of the kitchen, UDP, because you are only making things worse for all of us!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        How  bout you do it then?

      • Anonymous says:

        I was 28 years in the tourism industry under terrible working conditions with no pension… I believe in my heart that I am a vet too…Can I have my monthly money and a Christmas bonus too, please?

  3. Anonymous says:

    What a disgraceful action! Mac had that housekeeper for years and her husband also works for him, so why now he needs Government to pay her salary?  I believe she was alsogiven status when status was giving away, she should have some savings on her own now too. The veterans benefits were authorized by Mac some years back now he wants to take it away from them, because he needs to pay the cook/housekeeper? C’Mon Mac.  With that fat salary you are making and the slush fund money you are in control with, can’t you pay the cook/housekeeper out of that and channel that 35,000 to the veterans benefit this Christmas? and you have the heart to ask others in your Holiday message to help someone in need. Disgraceful!! Pluck the log out of your own eye, before asking others to do good deeds.

    • Anonymous says:

      I really hate to say it but "I TOLD UNNA SO"!!!! That wha unna get!!! Now unna gonna have to feel it for the next 3 years because unna can’t learn! MORE TO COME!!! This is just the beginning!

    • Anonymous says:

      Why did Adam have to wait for Bush to get back on island from his VERY LONG overseas trip before making a decision to give $100 to veterans & seamen? Can’t he make a decision for himself, or does he have to get Bush’s permission to say & do anything? AND then after all the fuss all he could come up with is $100????? This is pitiful! If Bush had cut his travel expenses and cut his housekeepers HUGE pay, I am sure he could have afforded to give the veterans/seamen their regular bonus! The UDP should think of others before thinking about themselves! (but don’t hold your breath for it)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Ay this time of economic review, why don’t we just stop completely the handouts to old civilian sailors and save a load of cash?

  5. Anonymous says:


    athletes deserve bonus too
    Why do the taxpayers of these islands have to take care of the seamen – how did they build this country. They went to sea to earn a living for themselves and their families. They did not make the sacrifice for God and country.
    Please stop saying they built these lives – if that credit belongs to anyone it would be their respective wives who stay on these islands and fought off misquotes and stuck it out in the rough times. The women are the true heroes.
    The Veterans you know the ex servicemen who went to war – put their lives at risk deserve far more than $100 – we own them a debt of gratitude – least we all be speaking German or some other weird language.
    It is time that we put the seamen’s pension in perspective – call it what it is a social welfare handout. We are turning these islands in a social state and it all started with paying these dam seamen.
    It is my hope that a few of the aging athletes who representative our islands take the country to court and ask for their monthly stipend. Because if you use the argument that the seamen built these islands – athletes who representative these islands are just as deserving.
    • The Begga says:

      Thanks for sharing that with us Charles

      • Anonymous says:

        Charles whooooooooooo????????????. I sure hope you not talking about me.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said Anon 12:35

    • Anonymous says:

      I think keevie is taking this premier crap too far. I think that this premier crap is going to keevie’s head! And to think that he did not support it, he did not even vote in support of it, & now he is letting it go to his big head. A personal cheffeaur & a $35,000 per year housemaid? That is what you all voted for. The country is bankrupt, the world is in recession, & this man is living like a king. Now talk about SELFISH!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Why dont he just take 2 people from the useless RCIPS and make them his chauffer and cook.

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe while you are in the process of writing long winded hypocrisy you could tell us what part you played in getting these islands to the point where they are today.

      Bet you have a sad story to tell about how much you suffered to get us to this point.

    • Anonymous says:

      We all shouldn’t be surprised by Mr. Adam. We all saw what he did to CAL! In my opinion he is incapable!

  6. what a mess says:

    This entire seamen payment seems to need a proper audit with proper criteria.

    Yes, many seamen helped to build Cayman…but so did others. Yes, many did not save for a rainy day, but chose to drink and spree their money away. And what of the woman who stayed in Cayman and worked at hotels etc and did not marry seamen…are they entitled to less than the sailor who spent 5 years or so at sea?

    What’s also intersting is that some of these seamen are already on pensions from their shipping companies or unions. Some returned and then got govt. or other jobs and are also on pensions from same. Now they also get this monthly payment?…What is the qualifying criteria?…

    Ironically some people are calling for (with some level of political support) Govt. to not fund (through pensions or otherwise) someone, simply because he/she might be living outside Cayman. But we have no problem with retired Caymanians who recieve payments from outside Cayman…more hypocrisy!

    Simply to have gone to sea does not seem a fitting criteria alone. Back in the day our men went to sea because there was nothing else to do…and comparitively, they were paid well…and got the adventure of a lifetime. Yes, they worked hard and long…but that’s what we’re "supposed" to do…ALL of us. Of course i’d rather see the money go to the populance (including seamen) than to greedy, self-centered politicians.

    Politicians need to lead by giving up some of the exorbitant salaries thay make…and the perks that go along with it. But theyseem intent on giving themselves more and more…and the people less and less.

    It is common knowledge that pension funds worldwide are not performing well and many younger people (50s) today willneed to work longer to recieve less. It seems this payment should only be for genuine poor relief (through Social Services, with clear non-political criteria)…and not to people who do not need it…

    Truth be told, from it’s inception this seems to have been another sneaky way to use the peoples monies (under the guise of doing something noble) to affect votes or to curry favour!


    • Anonymous says:

      "What a mess", you have hit the nail on the head brilliantly from start to finish in your post. It was "politricks" that started this whole seamen nonsense thing off and it’s "politricks" (including PPM giving them a basket of money last Xmas 5 months before an election) that is keeping it going. This blessed country of ours has too many people with their snouts in government’s trough, guzzling up for free anything they can get. Either that or sucking a teet for anything it’s worth and pretending they "made" this country. They didn’t.

  7. Anonymous says:

    UDP -3   Seaman – 0

    Guess the perks of first class travel and bodyguards and housekeepers are more important to the UDP politicians than taking care of the Veterans and Seaman!   How disgraceful.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excusssssssse me sonny-boi! McKeeva Bush has done more for these islands & is more important to the people of these islands than any veteran or seaman, & I know he supports me whenI say that he deserves all the "perks" (as you call it), he gets. If all he can give to each is $100 then just get over it already, he has done enuff. Nuff said. THAAAAAANK you!

      • au revoir says:

        This has to be a joke, right?  McKeeva, like all other politicians, has done very little for these islands, but far more for himself, his family, and his buddies.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Since we are talking about wasting the country’s money – why does the Premier need a cook/housekeeper at the expense of the people?


    So let me understand this – now that he’s premier we must pay for everything for him? He can’t cover his personal housing needs? Here comes another Turks.


    • Anonymous says:

      The Grand Cayman Islands  Premier is no different from any other Premier. He should be treated with respect whether he was Mr. Kurt Tibbetts or Mr. McKeva Bush.  You all sound just like a bunch of uneducated idiots, looking for something to discredit about.  Can you not think of some good reason to give the Almighty God who reigns over all a few minutes in praise instead of worring about Mr. Bush or Mr. Tibbetts.  I am sure this would have been the case regardless of who got the title of Premier.  You are acting like children who didn’t have enough food to go aroud the table the  second time.  shut up and thank God for what you got, that these men have sacrificed so much of their time and family to attend to your needs.  You are just an ungreatful bunch of igronant people. 

      As for the Premier wives, be it UDP or PPM, they wives can cook and can attend to their husbands, so don ‘t think you are doing them any big favour by giving them a helper.  Caymanian women are an independent people.

      Kerry enjoy your helper. Merry Christmas

      • Anonymous says:

        so tell me 11:49, you are telling us that you support us paying for Mr. Bush’s housekeeper, AND paying her $35,000 per year? Is that what you are really saying?

        First, why do WE (as in the people of the Cayman Islands) have to pay for Mr. Bush’s helper, & second, why is she going to be paid $35,000? What is she going to do? $35,000 per year, is that real?

        11:49, is your name Bush?

        • Anonymous says:

          SURPRISE!!! No my name is not Bush, thank God. I am a straight shooter. I spoke on behalf of the position and not the person in that position. Would you object if it was president Obama? or former president Bush acting as our Premier? Regardless of who held the title of Premier, whatever benefits comes with it, it should not be deprived of it.  I am sure those who fought for the new constitutionto come into place knew that these amenities came with the Premier’s position.  Doesn’t the Governor have a helper? Isn’t tax payer money paying for that? Doesn’t the Governor have a wife?? Stop being naive for the sake of mischief.

          Stop discrediting the person, the person is not the important part here. The position is the important subject.(and Hello!!! so happen McKeva Bush hold the position what you"re going to do about that? Just suppose it was Kurt, what is your take her.  After he worked so hard to get you on the Social Service list – you would still fought against his wife having a helper ?  Shame on you. No conscience

          You are not compelled to like or dislike the person that holds the position, BUT YOU ARE COMPELLED BY LAW AND HUMAN NATURE TO RESPECT THE POSITION.  I trust you have realized that I am neither a Bush, UDP, nor PPM.

          Please stop your discrediting attitude towards those who fought for this Country, be it Messer’s McKeva Bush, Kurt Tibbetts.  I respect both men, both men means this country good.  Handle your political strides with respect for all.


          • Anonymous says:

            Next thing you know the "respected" position will require a full time special assistant to wipe the Premiere’s a$$… at $30,000 a year.

      • Anonymous says:

        Start by getting the name of the country right before you give any other advise

  9. Anonymous says:

    If the deputy premier stayed in her own house everytime she went home to Cayman Brac and did not have to pay for hotels rooms for her and her body guards, then maybe the vets could get more of a Christmas gift……..

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh come on Mike Mike, when are you going to take responsibility for your ineptness? When are you going to stop the blame game? Haven’t you been in control (?) for 7 months now? SEVEN MONTHS Mike Mike! How can you blame the PPM for the lack of money to give to our veterans & seamen, while your Premier is on a 6 month world tour vacation travelling FIRST class, & your premier can find money to employ a full time personal driver, etc etc etc, & now we hear he is advertising for a personal "housemaid" who will be paid $35,000 per year (IS HE SERIOUS?) & will be paid by government (IS HE SERIOUS?)???? The premiers "housemaid" is going to earn $35,000 per year & be paid by GOVERNMENT, OUR MONEY??? If the Cayman people cannot see what this man is all about, then GOD have mercy on your souls! Is there anyone in Cayman that does NOT see that we are being led by a dictator? Is there any doubt now?

      Yet Mike Mike, all you can find is an extra $100 for our veterans & seamen? You should be ashamed of yourself!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Evidentally Mr. Adam is trying to stay within the budget he has submitted. Some of need to tink tink before we yada yada.  Mr Adam is conservative, and trying to spread the allocation for his ministry as efficiently as possible.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here you go winning again about the Premier and Deputy Premier. Why don’t you  get off Social Service"s couch, show your family and friend how to help themselves and stay  of Social Service"s doorstep.  Ever thought of that.

      What is it that you want from Ms. Oconnor that she didn’t give you.  I am sure she couldn"t if she didn"t.  Try help yourself.  Then the Government will have more to help the needed ones with.  Shame on you to be bickering about the deputy premier.  It’s Christmas!!! can you not let someone enjoy their christmas without you bickering about them.  You are very ungreatfull.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Pot calling Kettle BLACK!  UDP under the leadership of Mac blamed the PPM saying that they failed to see the recession coming and cut government expenditure.  Now with both eyes staring at the recession, they (UDP) continue spending like nobody’s business and then continue the blame game saying it’s not their fault, the PPM left them nothing to spend!  How ridiculous!  UDP must take responsibility for their own actions.  They came to power in a recession and they need to take responsibility for their actions. Mac on a world tour; Mac uses gov’t coffers to pay for housekeeper and chef  like he didn’t exist without it before; Turtle farm still hemorrhaging; Pedro Castle still bleeding; Welfare out of control; Civil Service bloated like a balloon full of water; schools in crisis;Character deprived persons terrorizing businesses; Police can’t catch robbers, or control crime; Landfill bulging like a volcano ready to blow and no solution in sight; the hospital can’t make ends meet cause all the money (insurance premiums) goes to private insurers instead of the hospital; insurance premiums for health and housing out of reach; no policy or prioritizing regarding gov’t expenditure.  I’d like to see what the deficit for the UDP’s first six months in government looks like.  I’d like to see government’s income vs. their expenditure from June to December 2009.  I’d like to hear what you are going to do to address all of the above issues.  The blaming game is over.  Stand up and take responsibility for your actions.  The PPM did.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I think if the Goverment is serious about cutting back, they need to look at the many people who are receiving welfare and living back in their own country.

    We got people who came from Honduras, Cuba, and stayed here long enough to claim Caymanian status from their grand parents, once they were granted Caymanian status, they then applied for welfare, and has gone back to their country.  The money is then being forwarded to them by their relatives here.

    Government need to revisit social service department, it is a lot of this going on. Why should the Government pay people to stay in another country.  Only Cayman this could happen.  People just like taking the Governmet for a joy-ride.

    Seamen  and their wives, including widows ought to be respected and taken care of if they are not capable of taking care of themselves, and even if they can still take care of themselves, the Government still should supplement their efforts. 

    It’s a shame that this should happen, there are those that are collecting welfare and is not living in Cayman Islands.

    I urge Mr. Adam to take a closer look at this.

  12. Parsley says:

    These "vets" are not military veterans as many people are led to believe by the way they are often described. Some may have been, but mostly these are just old guys who once had a job. Big deal. Yes, this line of work was crucial to Cayman at one time, but so was selling rice at the grocery store and pumping gas.

    If these seamen didn’t save for their retirement and need help now, then let’s be honest and call it government welfare. Of course we should help them if they can’t feed and house themselves, but don’t be so misleading about it all.

    I’m curious, what do the wives and widows of these "vets" get from government?

    • Anonymous says:

      You are a veteran of any trade you persued during your lifetime once you have reached an age where you can no longer perform that trade. To think that only military people are veterans shows just how ill informed you are.

      I spent my life in the Merchant Marine which is what the seamen did and I feel very proud when I am referred to as a veteran.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 18:57:

        And your point is? Did you save your money for the rainy day or old age or did you just spend it all? Why should we taxpayers pay for you now?

        And by the way, the word "veteran" is used ONLY in Cayman to refer to people like you. Everywhere else in the world it means old people who fought-repeat fought- for their country. Sorry, sir, you are probably an admirable person but you are not a veteran, you are a retired seaman.

        • Anonymous says:

          And you are an idiot who needs to retire from critisizing people like me.

          I made US$127.50 per month when I went to sea. Barely enough to feed your family, much less save for a rainy day, but from it I built my home without borrowing from the Bank, and educated my 3 children, one of which is a Cayman Airways Captain and the other a Lawyer.

          I am not on welfare because I put my hard work into my children who now now take goodcare of me.

          • Anonymous says:

            Tell him/her to suck that up.  My father also raised 6 children, built 2 homes, drove his own car, had his own fishing boat, owned a lot of cattle, and not to mention the  amount of land he purchased during that time.  He educated his children, we all have good jobs, What did he or his father did.  Tell him to show that to us. My mother never worked outside the home  I never walked the streets barefeet.Those men took great pride in what they did and how they did it.  Today men can’t even maintained their families on the big fat cheques they received..

            you well said it, your children is taking care of you, which all children should do.  Ask him/she if he is supporting his father and mother.

          • Anonymous says:

            Well done, Anon 7:55. You are to be commended because you had foresight and obviously do not need the government welfare handout to seamen.

        • Anonymous says:

          Dictionaries are cheap, you need to get yourself one and refer to it before you open your mouth.

        • Anonymous3 says:

          My father worked for the US Merchant Marines and he is considered a veteran and he is respected highly by the US government.  You would all be speaking Geram if it wasn’t for people like him.  The Merchant Marines were in convoys to protect the ships transporting weapons to England so that they could continue the fight against the Axis powers. 

          These men slept in lifejackets.  My uncle was a POW so please don’t belittle these men and the parts they played in building up our country.

          If you were on a ship in WWII, your life was on the line.  There were Geram subs even in the Caribbean.

        • Disgusted says:

          Did you even stop to think that there are several groups of persons that recieve benefits from the government.  Not all of them fall under veterans.

          You have the VETERANS- who actually fought in the wars both from WW1 & 2 on behalf of the United Kingdom ( please read our history before you start to write nonsense).   Then there are the seamen who helped bring this country to what it is today; and the indigents- people who are too poor to maintain themselves properly.  

          I hope this clarifies some on your misguided thoughts. May God bless idiots like you cuz no one else will!! You are upset about some elderly people getting a bonus for Christmas and not about getting a housekeeper for the premier ( I thought that was why he was getting that hefty salary for…. to pay his own bills)

          Have a merry Christmas and a prosperous, educated and healthy New Year!!

          • Anonymous says:


            The seamens’ wives and children also helped bring this country to where it is today-along with (I’m almost afraid to say it nowadays) a lot of expats who came here to live and work. Everyone played a part. Why should the seamen be singled out for taxpayer funded benefits? Did they not save any money for old age? Do their children not have a responsibility to help them in their twilight years?

    • Anonymous says:

      How disrespectful?? obviously, you’re not Caymanian.  Then why not go back to your country and sit flat your a– like you were doing, and wait for you to be called "just old guys" at least they worked for their living, and not ran into another man’s country and critized them. These men one of whom happen to be my father went to sea for a living, more than you can say for yourself. They build this country so ungreatful people like you could reap the benefits.  Perhaps you are  just, if not already, waiting for your $550.00 and never did a stroke for the Government nor this country.

      Government saw the need to supplement their needs, what is so wrong with tha??t.  Just remember, when you’re running down my government be it PPM or UDP, and including my country men, you’re walking on the batton side of me.

      If you can’t show more respect – just shut up!!!

      • ? says:

        How did merchant seaman have anything to do with Cayman’s economic success today?  Cayman’s prosperity came from some far-sighted local attorneys feasting on the demise of the Bahams, not sailors.

        • Anonymous says:

          Our Merchant Seamen were our Ambassadors of the day and they moved Cayman from a sleepy fishing village by providing funds that began the infrastrucure that lead to modern day Cayman. Of course you would not know this because you prefer to think that you deserve the credit for what we are today.

          • Anonymous says:

            Amen to that!!. Just leave that woodpecker alone.  Always feasting on other people expense.If it were not for our fathers becoming great seaman, he/she would not know of Grand  Cayman.  Its come a long way since Christopher Clolumbus proclaim his discovery.  As usual Grand cayman, three Islands have always been a home for the homeless.  Let them show us what they have done to deserve the good living they now enjoy off our Seamen and the island they built.

          • au revoir says:

            Oh geez, next thing you’ll tell us is that they built the Taj Mahal.  Listen, the merchant seamen were just that, merchant seamen; no ambassadors (i know a few who can’t string two sentences together), no heroes, no nada.  Yes their jobs were relatively dangerous, but so are other jobs (ie. miners; demolition men; firefighters; policemen; etc.)  And yes, maybe they contributed a bit to "modern day Cayman" but they were certainly not the impetus nor the major contributors to what Cayman is today.  They certainly deserve to be recognized for their contributions, but let’s not make them into some sort of heroes that they were not – before next, we’ll hear that they were responsible for the Lunar landing.

        • Anonymous says:

          How did merchant seaman have


          You want to know how the seaman had something to do with Cayman’s economic success today? Try building a house with just the roof and no foundation. The seamen went to sea, earned money and sent it back home. If it weren’t for them sending their money home no money could be spent here, no homes built, there would have been no need for shops and banks. Catch my drift? My father happened to be and my grandfather happened to have been one of those seamen who I am proud to say had a huge hand in building Cayman’s economic success today!!!!

  13. Anonymous says:

    $100.00 for our vets..should be ashamed

  14. Anonymous says:

    if Mac was paying for this out of his own purse would it be 35k a year..just asking?!

  15. Macman says:

    We should support our Premier at this time. He is trying to sell Cayman to the world and act as the Leader of an important country. How can you expect him to be able to entertain these people if he does not have the staff to do it?

    Would you expect him to order a Pizza or take away. He needs the staff to do the job, which is more than what the PPM did.

    • Anonymous says:

      "act as the Leader of an important country" Cut back on the hallucinogens, on the world level Cayman is not very important

      • Anonymous says:

        Just important enough to provide ungrateful people like you with a life you could never dream of wherever you came from.

        Maybe you should go back for awhile and then come back and tell us what your experience was.

        I bet we would wait a long time to get the truth out of you.

        • Anonymous says:

          Guess again. I am a proud but realistic Caymanian with my familes roots going back to the first settlers here.

    • yeah sure says:

      He is just trying to stimulate the economy?? By creating another civil service position?  Paid for by the public???  What have you been smoking?  "Needs staff" my a**. He needs a reality check.  This is not a monarchy.

      In case you hadn’t noticed. It is a democracy… on a very tight budget.  Pick up your own socks. Your Highness.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This new job will be a nice "geadline item" regarding the improper governance of the Cayman Islands if England wants to take control.   "We told him to cut borrowing and public spending, instead he employed a chef". . . .

  17. Anonymous says:

    I’m just praying that the extra funds allocated to the Island clean-up was not taken from the Veterans, as I understand that some of the supervisors are putting people down on a list as having been working and those persons know nothing about it. When the checks are ready, the supervisors are then telling those persons that they have to give them a cut out of the check.

    If this is true, then it is a disgrace!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      In Cayman Brac it was a family affair

    • Anonymous says:

      The crash program workers seem to be unsupervised except for a few expensive SUVs driven by sophisticated looking ladies seen around taking notes occasionally.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me ???

    Is this the same government that told the world that we were broke (of course all PPM’s fault) but yet we can now  (just a little over 6 months later) afford to pay 35K a year for BIG MAC’S HOUSEKEEPER !!!  Oh, but that’s not all… he also has a government vehicle, full time driver and full time security 24/7 (that’s 3 full time employees per day just for security)…. but wait… this government has also taken the other new government vehicle and full time driver and sent it to the Brac to chaffer around our deputy premier.  Wow… the Brac is so big it requires a new vehicle and full time driver !!! Does she have security as well?? Also, let’s not mention the raise in pay all MLA’s got just after being elected.

    The picture that keeps being painted is that the island is broke and government has to dig deep just to give our seaman and veterans a $100 bonus for Christmas.  Yet when it comes to our government MLA’s helping themselves there seems to be no bottom to the bucket … by my count that’s two new vehicles and an additional 6 more salaries  without counting the deputy premiers security (if she has any). I hope they are all at least Caymanian…

    The part that really aggravates me is that they keep blaming the previous government for all the problems… yes, the previous government did purchase the two new vehicle but they were NEVER meant to be for government employees they were to carry around the dignitaries that visited the island (Ivan had destroyed most of the government vehicles).  Nor did they ever have housekeepers, chefs, drivers or security paid for by government !!!

    Here’s a news flash for our existing government…. THIS IS WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS !


  19. Lobsta Hunta says:

    Love that part about McKeeva having a housekeeper/chef.. What’s next, a private jet maybe???…. Hilarious!

    He made history of becoming the first premier. Have a feeling he will also make history of being the most stupid one as well.


  20. Anonymous says:

    seamen are not veterans

    First of all let’s clear up a few misconceptions – there is a few between Cayman Islands ex servicemen and the seamen. From this article on CNS the seamen are refereed to as sea veterans and someone quickly reading the article may get the two confused. Seamen when to sea to earn a living for their families and ex servicemen (the true veterans in very sense of the word) went to defend the rights and freedoms of our country. They put there lives a risk so that we may live a better life. Seamen – did what exactly – they tried to make their own lives and that of their families more comfortable.So why are taxpayers funds going towards these people? From that way of thinking everyone in the Cayman Islands is entitled to this payment come retirement age. What the people need right now is from some one to take this on and stopping paying funds to the seamen and their families. They are not entitled to it simply because they are seamen. Veterans you know the ones that went to war are but not the men you went to sea to earn a living for their families. If the seamen need social assistance then it is time to call it that – social service handout. Now to add insult to injury these people are crying for a Christmas bonus. WHY – where did their savings go? So just because they are unable to take care of themselves and they were able to sell Mr. Bush and such a bill of goods on how they (the seamen) built these islands and they deserve this money and we the PEOPLE are paying for it? Please stop payments to the seamen. Put them on social welfare if that is what you have to do.
    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you for this. You are exactly right. Why would tax payers’ money be given away to individuals as presents. It’s ridiculous. $100 is a $100 too much

      • Anonymous3 says:

        I would rather give the money to the seamen than the premier’s housekeeper/cook.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon at 13:37, you are SO right but you will take a lot of flak for your brave words about these hand-outs to the seamen (psst!-they get free medical care for themselves and spouse too!).

    • Anonymous says:

      "VETERAN" from Latin vetus, meaning "OLD" is a person experienced in a particular field and applies to anyone who spent a lifetime practising that field.

  21. John Champion says:

    Seriously, if this is what you call digging extra deep for the old folk who were the backbone of this island for decades, then it just goes to show what a selfish bunch this government is.

    They can fly first class, eat at the best restaurants, stay in the best suites, claim expenses and get a bloody healthy chunk of change and what have they done?

    This Mr. Adam fellow has contributed little or nothing since he has been an elected official and it probably is not even his fault. (Mr Adam, I would love to hear what you really think about this government, because I do not believe we have truly heard you yet, and if we have, then there is no hope)

    The way in which this entire government is run does not lend itself easily to meaningful action occuring in a meaningful time frame.

    Gross inefficiencies within government has led to a silo mentality where there is very little synergy across the portfolios so the answer is to hire paper shufflers and filing clerks and consultants and they all end up getting bogged down in the same bureaucracy.

    The technology that would save government is a long way from being implemented because the computer services department just do not have the resources to solve simple problems and release efficiencies across the board. I would invite CNS to verify that statement.

    Perhaps they do not want to become efficient, so they can just employ the entire caymanian workforce who are so inclined and tax the hell out of those folk (Caymanians or otherwise) who have a little more ambition?

    Honestly, this government is totally,100%, utterly incompetent. What will 2010 bring us? I shudder to think.

    If this gets printed, then I would finish with a severe warning to the current government. You have mocked your people with your divisive PPM and UDP foolishness and you are becoming as corrupt as the American and British politicians. You need to break the party barriers, shake hands, forgive and forget and unite as one for the good of this country. Divided, you will fall. No house divided against itself can stand, yet in your arrogance you have supposed that the people voted for this.

    The people voted for solutions, transparency and good, honest leadership. Instead, you have given them problems, secrecy, poor and dishonest guidance.

    Open up to the people, stand before them united, apologize and humble yourselves. Then you will have at least shown yourselves noble enough to start afresh.

    May God help you.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is so wrong. He can have a Personal House keeper for his house? And we the People have to pay for it?

    I voted for you Mac, you need to cancel this post. this is very unessasry. That Should be coming out your own pocket and now the People pocket.

    Why should we have to pay for someone to cook and clean for you? This is so wrong and many levels.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree with the person above. You need to think about the message your sending to the people of the Cayman Islands.

      Right now we are in hard times, but you still Ok’ed this position for a Housekeepr for your self? Come on? Think about that, please!

      That money could be used for many other area’s other than your personal house hold and gain.


    • Anonymous says:

      Isn’t he married?

    • Anonymous says:

      I thought he had a Condo at the Ritz. Don’t they provide housekeepers and chefs anyway?

    • EastSider says:

      I agree with this statement 100 %.  I work in a certain government department and the salary advertised for the housekeeper position is about $8000 more per year than I make after 11 years of service.  Maybe I should apply for the job.

  23. Anonymous says:

    A Housekeeper/Cook for KYD150.00 per day.

    Was that job advertised and who interviewed the person. I certainly hope that person is a Caymanian.

    Kurt did not have a Housekeeper/Cook on the Governments payroll because he could not figure out that he could have one. Guess he was too busy looking for other ways to spend money on.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Mac, stop travelling around the world and give the money to our Vets who are so deserving of it.


  25. Anonymous says:


    Less assistance to the seamen/veterans and more for elected representatives!  A true leader will make sacrifices of their own to help others. 

    Mr. McKeeva , I was hopeful that under your leadership that change would be brought about to get Government spending under control.  You are sending mixed messages to the public about us in the Civil Service – want us to cut back on our supplies, phone calls, electricty, etc but you go and create another new post.

    Sign Me,

    Stop the Madness

    • Anonymous says:

      Rumor in the civil service is there are many more new posts being set up-just wait and see or do a FOI request.

  26. noname says:

    Our vets can’t receive it because a lot of Mac-caymanians rely on social service since the status give away….don’t make UDP fool you..a lot of status holders are reciveing welfare and they are a burden on the department… Mac has gave our country to people from other countries that are poor and don’t have jobs on island and can’t afford to live here!


    • Anonymous says:

      You know that is a crock. It is the hard working expats that pay for your family to sit at home on the bong all day.