Man bitten in mugging

| 24/12/2009

(CNS): The RCIPS said that George Town detectives are now appealing for witnesses after a 37-year-old woman and her male friend were assaulted and robbed early this morning in West Bay Road. At about 2.45am (Thursday 24 December) the couple were walking close to Crescent Point Village when they were suddenly confronted by three men. One of the men punched the woman in the face and pushed her to the ground before grabbing her purse. The man tried to stop the men running off but in the struggle he was bitten on the chest and sustained a finger injury.

Police said that the suspects reportedly ran off into Crescent PointVillage and a short time later they were seen within the grounds of Treasure Island Resort. The resort security staff and Police gave chase but the men evaded capture and were last seen near to the Pistol Bar on Eastern Avenue. The woman was shaken but did not require medical attention following the attack. The man was taken to George Town Hospital and released following treatment.

One of the men responsible is described as being 5’10” in height with a dark complexion. He was wearing a blue striped short. No descriptions are available for the other two men involved. The stolen purse is described as being white with silver hoops. The purse contained a pair of shoes, a small amount of cash and some cosmetics.

DC Ronald Francis of George Town CID appealed for witnesses to the incident or the perpetrators. “I would ask anyone with information about the robbery, or anyone who may have seen the men running away from the scene to come forward. I would also be keen to speak to anyone who might know the whereabouts of the stolen property. Information can be passed to George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS),” he said.

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  1. OG says:

    Gee Wiz the Local savages are on the loose, these people better come up with a better crime plan, dis naaah woking mi bye We are going into another year not a good sign. I remember the days when the old DTF boys were on the street corners they were not liked but criminals had a healthy dose of respect and fear for even the vehicles they drove. Whatever happen to the real Police who was behind dismantling of and effective RCIPS to be replace by this really dire situation, now thats a review someone needs to do. What should concern Cayman is that not a single person from that era was even consider for this National Security Council instead of inexperienced well connected persons.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have got to name this group of bandits, "The Three Stooges." Larry had anger issues and likes to punch people. If I’m not mistaken, Curley likes to bite people.

    Not making light of the situation, but gee, I must admit, this incident seems like a replay of The Three Stooges. These bandits needs to be caught immediately, not only for the safety of the public, but themselves!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’ll tell you what needs to be done.  We need to assemble about 5 groups of constables each with about 10 guys holding baseball bats.

    These groups should patrol the island and even set up "bait" – people looking like innocents walking late at night.  The constables can wait in hiding.

    When the criminals attack, the constables should have the legal permit to surround and detain the criminals by any means necessary.  Violence would be discouraged unless the criminals resisted arrest.

    A serious government would tackle this problem with all options on the table.

    • Anonymous says:

      This happened when the crooks robbed a gas station on Grand Cayman recently, and then got their butts kicked by two off duty cops. The off duty cops were subsiquently charged with assault, and funnily eneaugh they were heavily critisized on this forum for behaving like thugs.

      This just goes to go it does not matter what the RCIP does, as it will never be enaugh, or correct in the eyes of the public.

      • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

        I finally found the reference:  6-17-09, ‘Off Duty Cops Injure Suspects.’  How about we put this on the poll, Wendy?  Should the off duty cops been charged with assault? 

        CNS Note: The case is now before the courts and could be a jury trial so we can’t do a poll until after thats heard because of the issue of sub judice.

        • Afraid to Strapon a Pair Also says:

          So this is why the police are in the state of suspended animation when it comes to crime?  The courts had better get moving- this island doesn’t have much time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Wow!  That is ridiculous.  No wonder the criminals feel like they are untouchable.

          If that is how the judiciary is going to  behave, then all hope is lost.

          CNS Note: Its not ridiculous or unusual it just enables people to have a fair trial and not be judged before all of the circumstances have been heard by a judge and jury and its the law so we’re abiding by it.

          • Anonymous says:

            I meant that the arrest of off-duty police doing their duty detaining suspects was ridiculous.

            I didn’t mean the CNS policy of not posting the poll.

            CNS Note : OK fair dues sorry…….I’m still working on refining my comment monitoring skills!

  4. Anonymous says:


    I am well aware that the politicians and quite sure the Police Commissioner reads these blogs so I wonder what the Commissioner is going to do now that confidence in him is being slided in the opposite directions. 

    Commissioner Baines here are some questions for you to answer>>

    1) Why have you not opened a proper Police Substation on West bay Road and put more officers on foot patrol in this area?

    2) When are you going to tell your Officers to stop with the dumb road blocks and try tackle real criminals?  I was on West bay Road Christmas night and I am sorry but 15 police officers standing around checking cars is a WASTE of Resources.  That is 15 less AREAS that the police could have been in.

    3)  Why have you not come out with proper statements to the crimes.  Do you realised that since you been here crime is just skyrocketing?  You should be ashamed of yourself and your tactics.

    No offense sir, but you are a nice man and talk a nice talk.  However, you are worthless when it comes to the type of policing we need.  I do believe that people are speaking out against you and if you want your comfy high paid job here, I suggest you get out and do something about this crime.  You and your department are the worst Police Officers I have seen in a long time.  Too reactive and not proactive. SHAME SHAME RCIP

    • Anonymous says:

      If the people of West Bay were serious about reducing crime they would not flash their lights to warn drivers that there is a road block.  Talk abut hypocrisy.

      • Anonymous says:

        No level of warning will make someone less inebriated – the primary goal of roadblocks in the holiday season, however a warning can cause you to check your speed & adjust it accordingly, which I for one do not see as a bad thing. I think that sometimes people honestly don’t even realise that they are going as fast as they are. For example, I was going 40 mph on South Sound Road (30 mph is the limit) & someone flashed their lights at me, causing me to check my speed, realise that I was speeding & subsequently travel 30 mph the rest of the way for fear that there was a police car (which there was). Far from being hypocrisy, a little flashing of lights is actually marginally unifying because how do you know if you are warning someone of a fellow ethnicity/nationality/heritage, etc or not? It is universal code which happens in many other places besides Cayman, let alone one district.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well and good for people who adjust their speeding levels after being flashed by another car, this probably does make the roads a little bit safer (though tickets are bigger deterrents). But what about the people who will turn around or use another route because they have weapons or drugs in their cars?

          You seem like a responsible person, and I like to think that I am too, so I appreciatethe flashing lights to slow down that 5mph and not get a ticket, even though I know it’s a little bit hypocritical. However, you have to remember that the criminals and gangsters with much less noble intentions are also being warnedaway from a roadblock, and that kind of defeats the more important purpose.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Facts are the RCIPS could not care less about what crimes are committed. The majority of the force are expats here to collect their fat checks in exchange for doing nothing.

    Until the force is majority Caymanian with the head being Caymanian there is no incentive for them to solve crime.

    I do not think they are subject to the rollover policy so they sit around until they get status or residence then move out to private business where they can function without having to watch their backs because they did nothing to cause any criminal to want to get them.

    Makes good sense does;nt it.

    • Anonymous says:

      why does everything have to come down to expacts? how does the blame game help anything?

    • Anonymous says:

      you want more caymanians in the police force??? are you serious?

      look at all aspects of the civil service where caymanians are employed… then you will see failure and inefficency… the rcips is no different

      look at the private sector industries on the island where the expats are employed… there you will success

      for caymanians it’s sad but true

    • Anonymous says:


      We had a Caymanian Head of Police-Mr Braggs. What happened to him?

  6. Anonymous says:

    time to nuke eastern avenue, it’s like little kingston down there

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a complete indictment of the Police Commisioner and his team. There are crimes being committed using the same MO(modus operandi) yet the Police have no clue who these criminals are nor can they do anything to prevent it.

    It appears to me and to many other citizens of this country that the Police in many ways are afraid of th criminal and the criminals are aware that the Police are afraid of them. This has to stop! I think it is time that the Cayman Islands recruits a strong, crime fighting Commissioner. Mr. Baines is a nice guy but we don’t need a nice guy with nice talk, we need a tough guy with tough talk and the guts to get the job done. not one of the fifteen he so proudly announced have been caught or convicted of any crime. What is he waiting on?

    It is useless for the Police to ask for witnesses to these crimes. They need to start solving some through their own devices and maybe once the faith in the Police is there again and witnesses know that their identities and the evidence they give will  not be constantly leaked by the Police, then this tactic may work again. Nobody wants to put their life and their families on the line particulalry when useless police abuse their rights and place them in further jeopardy. It is also useless for the police to gather evidence only for it to be discarded in court due to useless prosecutors or improper handling by the police in the first place. some many criminals are let lose because of stupid things like these.

    The police need to get a grip on this situation before ordinary citizens begin arming themselves and someone gets hurt or even killed in the process.


  8. Anonymous says:

    One suggestion to the police. since this has been happening so many times on Seven mile Beach, why not set up a sting operation and place decoys walking on the street. sooner or later these fools will try again and maybe, just maybe you can catch before they run off to the beach

  9. End of Cayman says:

    Here is a solution.

    From the descriptions of the villains we can rule out, say, American lawyers, British accountants, Canadian bar staff, and Pilipino domestics.

    It is time that all Caymanians are tagged; certainly all Caymanian males between 10 and 40. The tagging devices should be locatable by the police whenever they are needed to be. That way likely perpetrators can be located and the innocent law abiding majority eliminated from enquires very rapidly.
    If you have done nothing wrong then you have nothing to fear.
    • Anonymous says:

      Yes it’s a pretty good chance these robbers were caymanian. It’s also definite that you are a retard and we should tag you and release at the 12 mile bank. Have a good day AW.

      • Anonymous says:

        It appears that the only retard here is you. Tagging people and drowning them sounds almost Natzi-like. Could it be that even these factions are now operating in cayman. This is even worse than the mugging described and you are no better than the muggers for inciting such crime..

        We need this type of thing to stop. crime is being perpetrated on our citizens, expat and Caymanian alike and unless you are one of those committing the crime you could be next. As an expat living in this country, as I am, it is so regrettable that people such as yourselves are not grateful for the Caymanians that welcome us and give us the opportunity to live and work in their country. I strongly believe that rather than putting these good people down or calling them names and threatening to drown them that you would be better of being a part o fthe solution and just leave as it is quite obvious that other than for the money you are not happy being here.

        Be a part of the solution. They are many flights leaving the Cayman Islands every day. hop on one and leave us law abiding expats and yes Caymanians alone to work to find solutions to this terrible ill that has befallen this country.




    • Anonymous says:

      and what Country are you from? sounds like you are familiar with these brutal tactics. could it be that pepole from your country are perptetrating these crimes.

      As far as i am concerned it doesn’t matter what country you are from, crime is crime and it needs to stop. Blaming nationalities is nothing short ofbeing ignorant and stupid. Get a life or go back to your own country and their segregational and brutalistic ways!


      • Anonymous says:

        oh no….. does the truth hurt?????

        • Anonymous says:

          This is what causes the Expat vs Caymanian divide. What does it matter which country a criminal is from? It appears that you are an expat and therefore a visitor and guest in this country, just as I am. I am here to make money just like the rest of my fellow expats and I have done really well in the three years that I have been here and certainly a lot better than I would have done in my home country where  most likely I would be unemployed at this time. I am also aware that when I am a visitor in someone else’s house our country that I must treat them with respect as I would expect them to do if they were visiting my home our country.

          I know very few Caymanians that are criminals but a lot that are caring, honest, upright and yes welcoming and respectful people. For you to come into someone’s country and belittle and disrespect them whilst you earn a very good living from their country is disgraceful.

          You may hate Caymanians and or many of the other nationalities here. I don’t! For once in my life, I have found a country where hundredsof nationalities live side by side in harmony and I feel welcomed. Why can’t you put aside your hate and prejudice and try to enjoy this beautiful country that we have all been blessed to live in.

          • Anonymous says:

            You sound like a Caymanian pretending to be an expat. No expat that had lived here 3 years would say that they always feel welcomed, that is BS through and through.

            Yes the money is ok, because you don’t get taxed, but don’t come up with all this rubbish about nobody doing as well in their own country, or that they would be unemployed elsewhere. Most professionals that come to Cayman are highly qualified individuals and came from great jobs in the US or UK and could easily find other good jobs if they were made redundant at one employer.

            Most of these people get paid less money in real terms than they earnt back home but moved out here to ‘be in paradise’. Great weather, peaceful, safe and quiet.

            Yes the weather is still nice but the safety and low crime rates have dissappeared. We still have to put up with the being treated like crap by government, employers and locals, we pay a lot for kids education, our pensions are being pillaged away from us soon, we struggle to have even basic human rights, especially in the workplace.

            The bad points are starting to outweigh the good points because of the ignorance and incompetence of successive governments and an instilled mentality of entitlement, lawlessness and bible bashing that has created a society where home grown criminals are accepted because ‘they’re from a nice family’ and instead all the foreigners that helped build the country and provide Caymanians with the luxury lifestyles they have are blamed for everything.

            And before the racists start telling me to get the next flight home etc etc, unfortunately we are both on long term contracts and can’t go anywhere for a while. You’ll find it is the longer term residents that wanted  astake in society and to buy houses and put down roots, that are now flocking from these shores and taking their cash and business with them.

            • English Ex Pat says:

              With all due respect (09.09), this expat has lived here >3 years and can quite easily say the same as the poster you replied to.  Not pure bullXXXXit through and through, just pure fact.  I came here from the UK where things have changed.  I have very professional qualifications and skills but so do thousands of other applicants you have to compete against applying for the same jobs.  Its not as easy as you suggest to hold down a good job in the UK in this day and age – after being made redundant after15 years with a law firm, I found it increasingly difficult to get permanent work.  Indeed after 3 years of only managing to obtain temporary or casusal posts for a few months at a time, and then unemployed and seeking work again, I researched where there was a shortage of my particular skills and came to Cayman where I have managed to hold down a job for > 3 years – personally, I feel much more secure in my job here than I ever did at home. 

              My experience of the Caymanian welcome is much as the poster you replied to also, good caring, friendly and warm people.  I can also say that those Caymanians I have met have far less arrogance and much more manners/politeness than many of my white counterparts.  I am not saying there isn’t an element of Caymanians who are involved in crime, it goes without saying that there is, but it also goes without saying that many other nationalities are committing crime here too.  Crime knows no nationality. 

              I never came out here for the weather or paradise element either as you suggest.  I came here purely to have a more secure job and to mix with the caribbean culture that I love so much.  I intentionally moved out of town and live in the community amongst my Caymanian and Jamaican friends and I am much happier here than I ever was at home.

              So I guess rather than call another ex pats’ comments pure bullXXXX through and through, you could instead be more diplomatic and agree to differ?  My experience and feelings certainly don’t mirror yours.  The only thing I can agree with that you have said is the lawlessness that now seems to exist here and successive incompetent governments. 

              Please try to be a little more rational and do not generalise – not every expat feels the way you do.  And believe me I know plenty other expats feel the same way as me and have come here for the same reasons as me.

              CNS Note: Can I remind commentors not to swear/curse in their posts sometimes I miss them and post by accident which results in people complaining and shouting at me ….I’m only human….thanks

              • English Ex Pat says:

                Sorry, my bad I apologise. Should have used ‘BS’ like the poster before me!

    • Anonymous says:

       Tagged? What are we, dogs that roam & therefore need to be microchipped for identification?

      If there isn’t even a reliable fingerprint database, how do you expect a system such as you propose to be enforced?

      Furthermore, you know, I forgot, there are no black American lawyers or black British accountants.

  10. Parsley says:


  11. Anonymous says:

    I bet the bite was not swabbed for DNA evidence by the police.

    We have a data base of DNA samples on the island which has been used quite successfully to capture criminals involved in cold cases commited in the past. Chances are these muggers have previous criminal histories and there is a good chance they will be in the data base. Even if they are not, the DNA from the bite could be entered into the database for future cross examination in new cases.

    I would like to bet my christmas dinner that the bite was not swabbed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really believe that anyone in the RCIPS would even have thought of that??

    • Had enough says:

      Had the bite swabbed?     they are not that smart, talk about cayman officers are not smart , but let me tell you none of these are smart, the evidence that they  overlook, I have to wonder about it,  white collar crime sometimes are solved because the attorneys do their part, but if its because of prudent investigating on the cops part, forget it,  they are so incompetent, and they want you and I to give them info so that they can give it to their buddies, be it caymanian cops or expats they are all the time you give evidence the man on the streets know your name, home address etc, so you see there will never be any solving of these crimes.The thugs know it too.

      • Anon says:

        English forensics (in England that is) would be taking an imprint of the bite and checking it against dental records also.

    • Dog Man says:

      D & Who?

      Even when our boys in blue have the evidence DNA or what ever it dose’nt help any,either they (coppers) don’t know what there doing or misplace the evidence.Please,! Please Mr copper get out of the Air condition Cruiser that every employed citizen of cayman is paying for, put on some plain clothes and mingle with the crowd.The Bad guys can hear you coming from miles away with your sirens on.

      We need some common sense on the force not high paid so called experts.There are so many unsolved crimes especialy Murders,that will never be solved, its scary.

      oh yeah!!,anyone with any info please come forward and solve this for us(coppers).Boys in blue, your beingpaid by the Common citizen,we are your employers.I don’t mind helping and working together to solve cime but come on make a effort.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Criminals are the enemies and traitors of our country, nothing less. Maximum punishment for them.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Hope you got the blood sample for DNA testing!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately these are ferel youth who are roaming the streets looking for victims and will continue until stopped.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Where is a statement from our high priced comissioner! Why are the 15 people committing the crimes not arrested and put behind bars so we dont have to continue to deal with thisproblem; I suspect its because it more than 15 people responsible!!!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    this is just the begining of the end of tourism, unless some one in authority gets on the Police they will alway loose the criminal. since the holiday i have not seen one walking around.

  17. Johnny Cake wid a cup of coffey(e) says:

    You want to tell me this not a shame an a clear indictment on our police?!!

    Let me try and decipher this ya now.  If CNS has this article correct then we in for a ride ya now.

    Am..wha ya say? Three guys on FOOT rob some people on the West bay road (I pray they were not visitors).  Is seen going through Treasure Island by the security and the Police who gives them chase but, of course, never caught them (what was I expecting? – I think I watch too much cops on TV – they catch them).  And if that is not bad enough they are suddenly seen near pistol bar in GEORGE TOWN?! 

    For those of you who do not know pistol bar is on the road that connects North Church Street with Eastern Avenue (it comes out beside Kirk’s Home Centre).  The distance between TI and pistol bar is about half mile.  They would have had to walk the beach and they could only go to about the old pagent beach site or the wharf or on the street iteself.  So with this knowledge that they are moving towards town you mean to tell me that the RCIPS could not have boxed in this area and have the USG and armed officers flush them out of this small area?!!  Wha they took a helicopter to the pistol bar area awah?!  What are the shift sergeants and inspectors doing to coordinate these live events?! 

    I am sorry but if this article is correct as to the sequence of events…we really have a bigger issue on our hands.  I am amazed at the level of policing.  What are the tax payers of this country paying for?  Better yet, Commissioner Baines, is this the level of service the Cayman Islands is to expect from the men and women in uniform?  Who is going to be held accountable for this gaping hole in the level of service?  What was done to bring pressure to the individuals who stand on the road near pistol bar?  How did theseguys get half mile on foot from west bay road to george town so easily?

    There is no more excuses.  The results from the RCIPS in catching someone is shamefully poor.  This community has yet to see one arrest or conviction from the crime wave that has taken full swing in over 15 months.  This cannot be right and we cannot tolerate this any longer. 

    Do you all believe this is a stand-off between the public and yourselves as to who will act first?!  Let me break it down: the public is waiting for a lead from the people we pay to enforce our laws.  When we start seeing and HEARING you come with results…the public will assist.  We will start to destroy the level of fear that is building within people to come forward.  Right now all the public sees are no captures or convictions.  No one being caught red-handed.  So their level of faith in the force to protect them has decreased greatly…hense their hesitation to come forward.  It is almost a hen and egg situation.  Notice I said ALMOST.

    This is a crying shame man. 

    I got get a lil maxwell house to calm down.

  18. Anonymous says:

    that’s a handbag then, not a purse.

  19. Anonymous says:

    This is disgusting!  So much for Christmas spirit – Cayman is going to hell in a handbasket!

  20. No Fear Captain Kayman is Here! says:

    Why does the RCIPS still ask for any witnesses to come forward with information?   I mean it is rather silly sounding after each more brazen crime gets committed and no one except the victims witnesses it.  The criminal element on Cayman has to be the stealthiest (just made up that word) in the world!  Very much like Santa Claus with his ability to leave gifts without ever being seen.

    Merry Christmas,

    Captain Kayman

    • Anonymous says:

      So long as the Chamber of Commerce maintains responsibility to pay for information given to the Police, they will never get off their Butts and go out looking for anyone. Trust me, this is the biggest disincentive to solving crime in these islands.

      As soon as someone commits a crime, the notice goes up for the public to come forward and solve it. The cops have no interest in their work as long as they can expect someone to pay for solving crime for them.

      I bet the statistics will show that since this chamber payment started unsolved crime has skyrocketed in these islands.

      I say to the Chamber of Commerce withdraw this disincentive immediately and force the Police to get out and work or get rid of them.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Hope the hospital recommended an HIV test for him.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Do we have a police force in Cayman? Great at giving tickets, terrible at preventing or solving crime. We are in big trouble……………..

    • Mary Ann Bodden says:

      it doesnt get any better than this, Pray for the Cayman Islands! I see that government is trying to fix things that are not broken while the place is going to hell…I have one word for you UNEMPLOYMENT!

      I am sick and tired of hearing that Caymanian don’t want to work and I agee, there is some lazy Caymanians up there that fit the description but not all Caymanians are lazy. Take a look at The Ritz Carlton’s salaries for example, who can survive making USD$200.00 a week? and the sorry part about this particular Hotel is that they have bought so many government oficials in this country that people are afraid to do something about it.


      • Anonymous says:

        You Said some Caymanians are lazy? Let me give you a rough estimate it might not be accurate but sure cuts close, I would say about 6,000 lazy Caymanians because i run into too many that are lazy in my 20yrs of working with and around Caymanians who perfectly fit that description.

        I love my Caymanian people but they need to get out of their lazy ways to find work to do instead of using the same beat out excuse that Employers out there don’t want to hire them which is far from the truth because they are looking for a blue Collar Job which some of them don’t have the qualification for in the first place. So why can’t they Grab some thing out there regardless if it’s pays $200.00 – $250.00 a week.

         Hey!!! I started out working around that same salary and it help me get my first car, rather than robbing people and businesses and destroying the image of Cayman, i just simply got started and then the salary kept growing as i keep my self busy working than to look trouble with the law.

        Many Caymanians needs to learn that you can’t start at the top of the ladder because you would fall down and might not survive that’s why you start at the bottom of the ladder and reach the top of success, sure it’s hard work but sure worth doing than to cause problem in the society, given these beautiful Islands a bad reputation at the same time.


      • Anonymous says:

        $200.00 a week working at the Ritz. Hmmm. Thats a tad more than Macks chef will earn per day.

        Of course Mack will let Government pay his chef $150.00 per day but the Ritz is off limit as far as pay goes. $200.00 a week for a 40 hour work week is $5.00 per hour. Seems like Mr. Ryan is committed to the minimum wage Law by all accounts, but one has to wonder if that is the salary scale for the Ritz chain.

      • Anonymous says:

        isn’t $200 a week better than $0 a week???

        there are many hardworking expats who will take these jobs and do it well with pride and dignity and also live a modest non criminal lifestyle……

        • anonymous says:

          you don’t get it.

          No Caymanian nor X-pat deserves to be paid $200 a week by a 5 star hotel.

          that’s not better than nothing its ‘SLAVERY" and ABUSE, in he United States they would be called out and the media would lynch them, they would be forced to change. Caymanians and X-pats alike need to speaka the truth about what is really happening in the Cayman Islands, it has become a 3rd world nation where the people are oppressed daily, crime has escalated, politicians live in luxury, police is useless and can’t protect the people, the criminals are in charge and the innocent citizens are unared to protect themselves.


          The premiere is traveling 24 hrs a day trying to convince the world that it is a good place to do business, I beg to differ. If the crime rate is not curbed, then businesses nor families relocating here are not safe and therefore there is no need to bring new business here.

          So there remains only one thing to be done.

          Bring back former Chief Inspector Derek Haines, an English police that the people love, trust and will tell him where the criminals are and who has the guns. Because we love and trust him.




          McArthur bodden

          INSPECTOR BRADY  and all others who earned their badge.

          If government do not re-instate these competent men that kept Cayman safe then please tell us which politician is involved with illegal activities that is hindering these men from coming back and doing their jobs?

          Regarding   working for litle money and living in fear of death ,Its the good for nothing politicians that allow these corporations to take advantage of people. That’s the true picture. Why vote for these people if they are not protecting you?  They are f…ing the people up daily .

    • Anonymous says:

      No I don’t think we do.  To those Police who are hard working and dedicated, I apologise but we seem to have many who are simply here for the pay check.  some are illiterate.  Some ignorant and common sense seems to be poorly lacking.  They don’t seem to have a clue as to how about solving crimes.  We  need real Police with real experience.  I’m all for Caymanians who want to help solve crime going to school to become qualified but I’m not in favour of having to pay for expats to do this.  If we hire expat police they should be well qualified and experienced.  Not some poor little 60 lb person who cannot read or write and has no common sense.  The criminals are killing themselves laughing at the Police. They have nothing to fear.  Even if they get caught, they go to the Ritz at Northward for a nice vacation.  While, we, the idiots, have to pay for all of this!

  23. au revoir says:

    Pull the plug, it’s all going down the drain…