Gunman robs liquor store

| 30/12/2009

(CNS): A female cashier was robbed at gunpoint earlier today when a North Side liquor store was robbed in broad daylight by an armed man. Bodden Town detectives are appealing for witnesses to the incident which occurred at around 11.55am, Wednesday 30 December 2009. The woman who was uninjured was working in Nicho Norte liquor store in Frank Sound Road when a masked man entered the store, presented what appeared to be a firearm and demanded cash. The suspect then made off from the premises with a small amount of cash but no shots were fired.

The man is described as being approximately 5’11” in height with brown eyes and of skinny build. He was wearing a green and black mask which covered his head, a black top and blue pants. Detective Constable Alric Palmer is appealing for anyone who may have been in the area of the store around 11.55 a.m. today and witnessed the robbery, or the suspect making off from the scene, to contact Bodden Town CID on 947-2220. Information can also be passed to Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).

The heist comes in the wake of a robbery at the east end branch of Fosters on 22 December by three men and another armed hold up by one man at Jack’s Esso across the street from Nicho Norte’s on Friday 18 December. Police did not say if they believe any of the incidents are connected.

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  1. Joe Grinder says:


    You are correct about protecting yourself,and property………………….pause 10 sec .As long as you are ………………….pause 7sec.Caymainian. ……………pause 5sec.How does an expat evan hope to get a gun unless…………………..pause.By  getting ………………………residancy………………wich can be ……………………pause .Had only by who you know ,so to sum this up if your Caymanian you can get a gun if your an expat ………………… bad.

    This is how you sound on the radio.


  2. Patricia X says:

    Thanks to roll-over I don’t really care.  When I came you all told me I had no place in your community so I have honoured my side of this bargain, have saved my money and look forward to enjoying it back in the real world in the next couple of years.  I do feel sorry for you guys though because it looks like you are screwed and getting defensive and nationalistic is only going to make it worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      All the best to you….glad to see you go. Is that money from some of these robberies?

      • turtle meat says:

        Why did you drop some?

        • Anonymous says:

          Yes! And I want it back! It’s Caymanian and you need to leave everything you did not bring here!

          • The UnCaymanian says:

            "…you need to leave everything you did not bring here!"

            You mean, I expect:

            ·        fear of victimization by uncontrollable crime;

            ·        being disrespected and not appreciated for your contributions;

            ·        vulnerability to unstable lawmakers;

            ·        vulnerability to corrupt police;

            ·        vulnerability to unequal treatment, wholly depending on who you know;

            ·        being belittled by people who can’t even recognize that you are helping them get through;

            and that sort of thing?  I sure didn’t bring those things with me to Cayman!

  3. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    If the police are not carrying firearms and the criminals are carrying firearms, the only option residents and the police will have is to run from the criminals.  So, why would anyone believe that the police can protect residents from those criminals?  The net effect of such a policy is that criminals will always get away.  Always!  The Commissioner of Police should know that you don’t take a baton to a gunfight, unless you are asking for an express ticket to the afterlife.

    Section 18(1)(a) of the Firearms Law (2008 Revision) recognizes the right of law abiding residents to defend themselves, their property, others and the property of others, by means of firearm.  Get one, the police cannot help you.

    • Earl Warren says:

      Yes let’s copy the American model of a mindless arms race because there is so little gun crime there.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Did you read my post?  Your reply is as mindless as it gets!

        • Earl Warren says:

          I did and have reserched gun control thoroughly.  There is a fairly obvious link between weapon availability and crime and the presence of a weapon in a household or workplace, even a legal weapon greatly increases the chance of a criminal shooting there – recent US researches puts the increased risk at about 400%.  So if you want more blood to be spilled vent your NRA-like love for guns.  Thankfully no-one will listen to you.

          • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

            Did you forget the sources of your research?  If I were you, I wouldn’t sign my real name to such garbage either.

            • Warren Peace says:

              I am not sure what Earl was relying upon, but research from the University of Pennsylvania last year indicates those that carried weapons were 4.5 times as likley to get shot and 4.2 times more likely to be killed than unarmed citizens.

              I prefer my life to my belongings.  Perhaps you don’t.  But either way I think Ivy League research is a decent citation in the context of CNS.

              • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                So, your logic is that, people who drive cars are more likely to be in a car accident over those who don’t drive cars?  So let’s not drive cars?  I can’t blame you for not wanting to sign your real name in support of junk studies or even provide a link.

                I do prefer to have my life than my belongings, but what message would we be sending criminals if every punk with a gun could get anything he wants by just waving it in the face of hard working people?  I will defend my life and belongings against criminal acts by any means necessary.

                In the Cayman Islands, we have a legal right of self-defense, including by means of firearms; see Section 18(1)(a) of the Firearms Law (2008 Revision).  Lord Parker CJ in Chisam (1963) 47 Cr App Rep 130 said: "…. where a forcible and violent felony is attempted upon the person of another, the party assaulted, or his servant, or any other person present, is entitled to repel force by force, and, if necessary, to kill the aggressor ….".

                If you rather criminals incrementally rob you of your belongings, be my guest, or if you would rather be raped, murdered and set on fire, again be my guest; I respect your right to die.  However, if you are seeking a companion to join you in such misery,look somewhere else, because I don’t need your approval before I defend myself or family.

                Surely there are those in the colonies who are conditioned to accept criminal supremacy, but I’m not one of those unfortunate souls.  Don’t misunderstand me, I hope it never happens to me or anyone else, but if it does happen to me I will do whatever is necessary.

                Pacifists like you are responsible for the destruction of good places like the Cayman Islands.

                Firearms Law:

                Lord Parker:

                • Ike Connor Mist says:

                  Cars have sufficent social utility to outweigh the cost of accidents.  Guns don’t.

                  • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                    So, you would rather be murdered by criminals before allowing the police or yourself to use a legal firearm in defense of your life?

                    • Pale Rider says:

                      Sure sounds like it…Probably support the paying of public funds to a QC to defend the people who murdered him….

                    • Warren Street says:

                      As a matter of social utility the presence of added guns will only increase the number of innocent fatalties caused by gun possession.  So I am more likely to be shot and die if guns were widely available and I could have one to defend myself than if guns were not so available.

                      The problem with narrow viewed right wing individualists who support gun possession and use is that they usually fail to see the wider community impact of their proposals.  You appear to fall squarely into that category.

                    • Pale Rider says:

                      News Flash…6 out of the 8 murders which took place in 2009 were as a result of guns….Your statement of guns not being widely available is ridiculous!! Guns are already widely available to any criminal who chooses to use one!! 

                       I am trying to see things from your point of view, but try as I might, I cannot stretch my anus wide enough to admit my cranium…

                    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                      You fail to even understand that I’m not proposing anything at all; my right to self-defense by means of a legal firearm is the existing law.  Clearly you would prefer that criminals have the advantage over the rest of us.  Can’t say I blame you for not signing your real name to such nonsense. 

                • Selective Quotation? says:

                  Dennie, why did you fail to refer to this passage from the article you cited:


                  "Self-defence weapons.

                  The law does not recognise the concept of a "defensive weapon". You are not permitted to carry an offensive weapon – even to defend yourself. You may, however, provided it constitutes reasonable force, defend yourself with an ordinary everyday object, such as keys, an umbrella or a comb, provided you have them with you for their ordinary everyday purpose. "
                  • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                    Actually no, selective quotation here.

                    Section 14 of the Penal Code (2007 Revision) reads: “Subject to any express provisions in this or any other law in operation in the Islands, criminal responsibility for the use of force in thedefence of person or property shall be determined according to the principles of English common law.”

                    Section 18(1)(a) of the Firearms Law is an "express provision" and it reads: "No person shall discharge any firearm on or within forty yards of any public road or in any public place except in the lawful protection of his person or property or of the person or property of some other person"

                    Section 80 of the Penal Code reads: “Whoever wears or carries any offensive weapon, not being a prohibited weapon, outside his own house and premises is guilty of an offence and liable to a fine of five thousand dollars and to imprisonment for four years:

                    Provided that, if the offensive weapon is a firearm, no person shall be deemed to have committed an offence against this section if such person is in possession of a firearm licence and a permit in writing, signed by the Commissioner, giving such person permission to carry such firearm outside his house or premises”



                    • Rabbie Warren says:

                      S.18 does is not an exception it is a saving, which maintains the common law restrictions on gun use under s.14.

                    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                      Section 18(1)(a) permits the owner of a properly licensed firearm to use it within forty yards of a public place or road to defend against criminal acts which would unlawfully deprive a human of his or her life.  The only restriction Section 18(1)(a) provides is on its use for any reason OTHER THAN an act of self-defense or the defense of another person.

                    • Lala Land says:


                      You just don’t get it.  s.18(1)(a) is only there to stop what would be legal use of a firearm in self-defence becoming indirectly illegal by reason of discharge in proximity to a public place.  That is why it is a saving type provision.

                      It does not therefore extend or grant any right that was not there before.  The right to shoot someone in self defense existed before but it is a very very narrow defense which is likley only to be applied where there is a reasonable apprehension of death or serious injury and there is no other options available to the shooter (and the options most certainly include running away).  You are not in Kansas any more.

                      And if you use excessive force and kill someone in self-defence – that is murder.  Yiou really should warn your gun totting friends about that bit when you are encouraging Texas style home defence techniques.

                      If you are trying to say s.18(1)(a) does any more then your dogmatic legal argument is simply hopeless and would never hold up in a Court.

                      Kind regards

                      A very experienced and very well trained lawyer

                    • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

                      I’m happy to read that we both agree on the most important point: that if necessary, a properly licensed firearm may be used by the licensee for legitimate acts of personal protection.  However, below are a few points that we differ on to varying degrees.

                      My original post was: “Section 18(1)(a) of the Firearms Law (2008 Revision) recognizes the right of law abiding residents to defend themselves, their property, others and the property of others, by means of firearm.”  In other words, I didn’t say that Section 18(1)(a) is the beginning of the concept of self-defense by means of firearm; but it does recognize that right.

                      It is my understanding that Section 18(1)(a) is a statutory restriction on the use of firearms within forty yards of public places and roads (“PPP”).  However, firearms may be discharged in accordance with the user’s license at locations other than within the PPP areas for recreational shooting, hunting, personal protection…, but shall not be discharged within the PPP areas, “except in the lawful protection of his person or property or of the person or property of some other person.”

                      Obviously, the use of force must only be used when necessary, otherwise it would be unnecessary.  Regarding the “other options”, such as running away, there is no duty for defenders to retreat from attackers in English law, but since there are no guarantees on the outcome in any such encounter, there are times when running might be the best option, if available.

                      Mr. Eric Baskind LL.B (Hons), FHEA, MCIArb wrote, “Is the defender under a duty to retreat?  The answer is "no" although it will be compelling evidence for the jury that the defender acted reasonably if he retreated as far as he possibly could before responding physically. …” See:

                      If you are unlawfully attacked by someone with a knife, you might be tempted to believe that using a firearm to defend yourself would be an excessive use of force in all instances, but such a view could be the last mistake you ever make, because some criminals can quite accurately throw knives up to thirty feet and kill you by so doing in one second…

                      Also, trying to run from a criminal who is shooting at you may not be an option either.  Shooting back may be the only option you have.

                      As I understand it, if you were found to have used excessive force in what you considered to be self-defense, the transgression would be manslaughter, not “murder” as you have claimed; the difference is between the levels of fault based on the mens rea (Latin for "guilty mind").  Did you know that?

                      How do I know you’re even a lawyer?  How do I know you’re not a criminal who would rather not be shot?  The lawyers I know are willing to associate their names with their opinions.

                      On a lighter note, I’ve never lived in Kansas.  😉

    • Hanson says:

      Well Dennie…

      Everyone should have the right to bear arms in order to defend themselves, but all Police Officers would have to be trained very well and take proper psychological tests before this happens… so as to effectively deal with those who uses arms to harm other people or to commit criminal offences

      Also note, because someone walks on your land as a tresspasser, does not mean you must shoot them!  It seems to me that you have stressed the use of firearms to resolve crime so much that you seem to have belittle the other options:  communication, education, negotiation, and reward

      You frighten me and many others, when you stress so much on one solution to our problems as if that is the only solution – deadly force!



      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        The use of deadly force must always be the last resort and no, it’s not the only option, but in certain circumstances, nothing else will do.

        Let me tell you what is frightening, on October 7, 2003 at 12:24pm I received a call on my cell phone and the caller said to me, “WE are going to take you out over the drop-off in an aluminum boat, cut your throat and dump you overboard”.  Ever since that day, “security” has a new meaning for me.  The frightening part is that some people couldn’t care any less about my safety, only their safety matters…

        Can you guarantee me that the police will be able to prevent the lost of my life against unlawful acts?  I didn’t say, whether they could properly investigate and maybe find the responsible persons.  I asked could they “prevent” the lost of my life…?  Therefore, I reserve the right to defend my life against unlawful acts, by any means necessary.  If the RCIPS failed to prevent the lost of my life, could my family successfully sue the Government?  The answer is, “no”.

        Hanson, at all times, my comments should be understood and referring to self-defense which is lawful.  I would only use my firearm if necessary to prevent or stop unlawful acts against me.  In other words, unless you or others attempt unlawful acts against my person, you need not fear me.  Thanks for commenting.

    • A little knowledge. . . says:

      Section 18(1)(a) does not provide for that right at all.  It merely avoids already lawful self-defence becoming unlawful by reason of proximity to a public place or road. However that right of self-defence is very limited.  To be lawful the possession of the firearm would have to be lawful and the use of the firearm would have to be lawful in all the circumstances.  These caveat are significant and would almost certainly prevent the discharge of a firearm being legal other than in circumstances where there is a reasonable apprehension of death or serious injury.

      • Dennie Warren Jr. says:

        Surely you noticed that I specifically said “law abiding residents”.  Section 18(1)(a) clearly does provide for the use of a firearmas a means of self-defense.

  4. Crime does pay says:

    Crime is not the problem.  The lack of detection and succesful prosecution is the problem.  The more that potential criminals believe that they will get away with criminal activities the more economic sense it makes to commit crime. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard was again on the radio this morning and had no answers to speak of. He talked about homeowners sharpening and arming themselves with machetes against gun men which is pathetic.

    The population of the North side is basically a handful of people to begin with and what is obvious is how he talks around the problem. Again the RCIP are the focus of his problems but he really has nothing to say for solutions.

    Until the focus of the crime problem are made clear all this bellowing is nothing but hot air…


    • Anonymous says:

      What more did you expect?  Ezzard is a joke.  Can’t blame foreigners?  Then he has nothing to say.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well his first contribution to the increase in crime was to get on the radio and say there were gangs in NS so what else can you expect…Seems he is hell bent on locking down NS and restricting the North Siders using fear. Typical of dictators.

    • Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

      Talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight….

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah the machete comment was classic ezzard….. just when you thought you heard it all…… cayman has no future with this standard of politician…..

      • Yup! says:

        Too true – give ‘im a rubba sword and send ‘im inta battle.  Ezzard is a hot air balloon and nothing more.  ACTION, my fair feathered friend!!!  Then comes respec.

        Fi now, unna nuttin’.


  6. Anonymous says:

    The police are too busy become expert traffic cops. I guess if the gunman was speeding or if he had robbed when they had one of thier famous road blocksand was DUI they would have caught him. opps sorry they would have never been that clever to but 2 X 2 together. our police is just useless. All they ever care about is getting some poor (other wise law abiding) person on a traffic offense. We need real police that can solve some real crimes that is affecting our communities. I fear it wont be tooo long when some innocent person lose thier lives to these so call tugs and wanta bes. Sad sad

  7. Anonymous says:


    I overheard a conversation yesterday in which someone said that Over the Edge had been robbed – do you know if this is true or perhaps the people just got the location wrong?

  8. Anonymous says:

    We need more gated communities or the professional families will leave and the economic and crime situation will just get worse.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This whole crime situation started right after the UDP came to power.

    Do the fact that the leader and other members of the UDPcontinue to remain silent have anything to do with this upsurge in crime??

    Who is protecting who here??.

    Is the criminals UDP supporters why we are not hearing from the Politicains.

    Well! with nothing being done to remedy the situation, I am now beginning to wonder whats really going on these days especially with the politicians remaining silent on the issue.

    Or are we leaving everything untouched since it is up to the UK to deal with our crime problem. I sure hope the new Governor will be bringing some solution to this problem with him.

    • anonymous says:

      This is plain silly, whoever you are.  If you cannot contribute in a meaningful way go back to playing with your video games and your PlayDoe.


      Are we going to blame one party or the other for crime??… soon we will be ARMING the parties to go shoot each other!!!!  Can we say Jamaica 1970s??  Just remember it is now 40 YEARS later and they cannot put that Genie back in the bottle.


      The most heinous crime ever committed in the Cayman Islands occurred while PPM was in power. Should we blame them?…absolutely NO.  Do you believe that the crime will only affect one party and not the other??   Think for once in your life….and grow up, please.


      We need to get off this stupid, immature, anonymous UDP/PPM blogging and get behind the COUNTRY and the POLICE to help them solve the problems.


      Let us reasonable folks try that for 2010 and we see how the country and our lives improve.


    • Anonymous says:

      For Christ’s sake go get a life and stop wondering! The surge in crime is not being organised or encouraged by either political party as you seem to be suggesting. Both parties have spoken out against it, as did most of the rest of us folks who are living in realtime, not wondering. Unplanned and unbridled development, rising unemployment, and social upset are all contributing factors and if both political parties and the majority of us out here do not take a stand it will most surely become worse.

    • anonymous says:

      If this party system is causing guns to  beplaced into these criminal hands then we will have to do what we have to do to do away with the party system and if we all join together because we  want to be safe no one can stop us. The premiere and no MLA can stop what the people want that’s best for them.


      sSo think about that

      =Keep the party system or not? 

      =do you think the party system is causing rise in crime

      = are the shootings gang related or party related  we need to know


    • Anonymous says:

      Does anyone see a similarity between who is (really) running this country now and the policies/attitudes that led Jamaica to it’s current situation.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes and talk to some of hte older Jamaicans who fled here years ago. They can tell you its exactly the same.  Its almost as though this is what our leaders want = chaos and fear for those of us not on the "A" list

  10. Anonymous says:

    The feistiness of these people who even dare to come in daylight clearly indicates that they don’t give a shit! I don’t believe for one minute that it is a poor unemployed hungry man, who just recently took to crime due to the loss of a job. In fact, I don’t believe that this is the case in most recent burglaries, instead, I believe it is the usual bastards who have stepped up their activities, hiding behind the poor unemployed crime bla bla factor, as they are also realizing that the police is completely overwhelmed.

    Perhaps it is time to take to the streets, march and demonstrate in peace to remind the politicans that they are being paid to take action and not just run their mouth. Maybe some military style task force needs to be brought in for a while, enforcing  strict curfews in certain areas. I know it sounds over the top, but what other options are there. Are we supposed to sit back and waiting for thugs to run this Island into the ground?

    • i don't have all the answers, but.... says:

      Re: Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 12/31/2009 – 08:26


      you make many good points Sir (madam?), but I do disagree on one of your statements. "the police are overwhelmed"… Hmm, WHAT are the police overwhelmed with exactly? yes there is a lot of crime, but please let us not forget that there are over 400 cops here… are there 400 crimes a day? NO, do each of those cops carry 100 crimes on their work loads? NO, the cops are under performing, not overwhelmed….


      be blessed…

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard are you going to blame these robbies on the North Side children too?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard is a joke who appears more interested in nationalistic soundbites on Rooster than anything else.

      • Anonymous says:

        That happens when you do not have the answers! You give soundbites!

    • Snow says:

      Who’s to know?


      Ezzard it would seem to me this person know exactly who did it for sure.

      (1) You can’t say it wasn’t some kid from North Side

      (2) It’s time for you to unplug the election shit out from you know here and get on with your so call life, there’s bigger issuse facing this Country therefore we have no time for your crap.

      (3) Trust no one , not even your own now adays. 

  12. Anonymous says:

    Where is the North Side MLA now? Whatever the problem is, Ezzard is not interested in solving it just making the North Siders afraid and finding someone to blame. Two arm robbies in North Side in two weeks.

    • Snow says:

      Bunch of Jackasses! 


      Election fire still burning isn’t it? Well just maybe if such asses would come out and give their support and help Ezzard in finding a solution to our problems when he’s having meetings concerning his District just maybe a lot more could be done for your North Siders don’t ya think?

      It’s such asses like you bunch who feels that it’s best to sit at home when these very important meetings are being held within your District all because it’s Ezzard once again who’sleading them.

      So tell me since your all so concern about your peaceful N/Side tell those of us out here what’s more important,  (1) Not attending any meetings held within your community regarding your District (2) Sit at home bleaming Ezzard (3) Hold hate against Ezzard instead of coming together to find solutions (5) Continue covering your kids asses when they are wrong feeling their always right or the below?

      (6)Put your differences aside for the betterment of this Country not just North Side and work together regardless if that means working with Ezzard or anyone else who supported him.

      One can clearly see why your District is falling so fast, it takes A village to raise a child which includes Ezzard. Put your PPM/UDP or the Independents persons together there’s not one PERSON who can solve this all on their own. They need you/me to join them in this fight therefore stop being such asses.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Hey Big Mouth Ezzard…You are responsible for ensuring there is enough police in North Side to protect the businesses and the people. Do your job.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmm, Let’s see, WHERE DID WE GO WRONG??????

    Armed robbery here, there, and every where. yet the PO,PO pour police are some where. unable to solve the first robbery with a person wearing the same clothing. This thief,hopping from one side of the island to another able to go boldly in broad day light, mmmmm, My My My, What’s Next Bold Home Invasions While we are asleep only to be awaken with a gun to our heads. Our treasure chest in paradise has been broken. We have no unity to stop the thieves, murderers, rapest, thugs or scounderals.

    Where did we go wrong??????

  15. i don't have all the answers, but.... says:

    FFS!! If there is any criticism for the RCIPS here, it’s this. where are the supervisors? Why the duck can’t the supervisors task their troops to patrol and protect, at vulnerable times of day, the soft targets on their areas of responsibility.?

    Soft targets! Check them every day, every hour, do something proactive, record when you have done it, pass the information on. These suspects don’t ‘beam down’ a la ‘Star Trek’, they walk or drive to these crimes….

    My coupon is out of date? I’ll fix that when you fix the roads…To hell with seatbelts, if some single cell kid wants to ‘drive it like he stole it’ and drives into a light pole and dies, who cares? Not me! That idiot is responsible for his own behaviour and the RCIPS have to prioritise their resources. Targetted patrol, identify soft targets, foot patrols (yes, even on Northside), interact with the community. have 911 predialed on your cell phone shop keepers, so that any demands by the robbers are tape recorded for ID purposes… DO SOMETHING! (yes yes yes, oooo the wobber may shoot before he leave in he wiercal – man up!)


    The best thing Detective Constable Alric Palmer can do, rather than going public and saying "please solve this for me’ is to get off his A*** and actually ‘detect’… the clue is in your job title son….


    be blessed…

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      DARN IT 01:51 FFS !! if there is any.

      You have said it all, and sorry for those who do not agree with what you said, but it is the truth, plain and simple………….

  16. anonymous says:

    We need to ensure that all gas station, restaurant, fast cash, retail store, night club, hotel owners and a good sprinkling of homeowners are given a GUN lIcense and a pack of ammo. Put the photo of Baines handing out permits/guns and ammo on front page of Compass and on posters around the night clubs and popular hang-outs.


    Then sit back and see how many robberies we have the next week.


    Island-wide cameras ( about 30-35 locations I have calculated) on the main roads will solve the rest of the problems.


    Simple. simple.



    • Snow says:

      Someone with brains!


      Hope Mr. Bush and all others with power would take your advice and but  your solution to work cause I too will enjoy sitting back watching each jackass fall . A caller stated this morning” for each crime that’s committed by those jackasses there should be a punishment set to fit each one meaning death as well ! The criminals don’t care they have nothing to fear. Going to Northward Prison is more like winning a free trip of some sort ! 

      If the criminals can walk freely with guns then why the heck the Police and citizens alike be able to carry them like wise, guess Cayman will then become like the wild/wild west cause alot of the jackasses will then be blown away….lol

      I guess the Gov” won’t take action until some innocent person has to kill one of them to save his own then what? Oh by then the Gov” will see fit to take action on that other person right?

      Their worst than the criminals it seems to me.

      A lesson taught long ago was, when a criminal breaks in there’s only three things on his mind which is RRK (1) Robb (2) Rape (3) Kill nothing more than those three. As for North Side/Cayman as a whole when it comes to my house hold am not going to give the criminals the first chance to rob me, rape me muchless kill me not if I can help it.

    • Anonymous says:

      I totally agree, cameras is the answer.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Premier Bush is too busy spending what little money Cayman has on his personal house keeper and cook!  Otherwise he spending it travelling with his cronies in first class style.  Talk about superficial  priorities! Not to mention putting the cart before the horse!

    Bush doesn’t show any interest in stopping the crime here in Cayman.  Indeed he shows much more interest in his personal agrandisement rather than in our local concerns. Cayman needs leadership which is the equivalent of New York’s Rudy Giuliani and his ‘zero tolerance’ approach to crime.  Today New York is considered to be safer than  Cayman. Does anyone think that  Baines or Bush can meet this curreent challenge?


  18. Anonymous says:

    Ok, time to stop whining about this, it serves no purpose. Calla town meeting January 1 and if the entire political team doesn’t show up with a plan we should all go on strike until they resign. Seriously, let’s get Baines to tell us what he’s doing besides protecting our roads from speeders in South Sound.

    I’ll be there will you? January 1 at 10 am someone suggest a place large enough for all 50,000 of us (less the 15 criminals).

    Seriously, someone Caymanian and with balls put this together before the tourists stop coming completely. Otherwise we will all need a firearm to protect ourselves. Oh and give those d*** fireworks a rest for a night or so and maybe we can actually be able to here the gun shots.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Robberies the past 6 months in Cayman

    Gunman robs liquor store  12/30/2009  

    Man bitten in mugging – 12/24/2009 

     Gunmen rob East End Fosters – 12/23/2009

    Armed robber hits gas station – 12/18/2009

     Armed holdup at gas station -12/15/2009

    Armed holdup at mini-mart -12/04/2009 

    Rush hour armed robbery  12/01/2009
    Robbery at knifepoint  11/19/2009

    Family hid from robbers   11/16/2009

    Residents fight off burglars 11/13/2009 

     Two men arrested following West Bay Road mugging 10/26/2009 

    Three more robberies-  10/19/2009 

    Woman mugged at gunpoint –  10/17/2009  

    Margaritaville armed robbery-  10/16/2009

    Armed robbery outside Treasure Island Condos- 10/14/2009

     Police investigate attempted restaurant robbery– 10/13/2009

    Man robbed atgunpoint in George Town -09/24/2009

    Armed Robbery at Quik Cash 09/23/2009

    Bar robbed at gun point  09/13/2009

    Cyclist knocked unconscious and robbed !!!  09/03/2009

    Men robbed at gun point !!! 08/24/2009

    Armed robbery in GT !!! 06/24/2009

      Woman robbed at knife point 09/16/2009

     Shop robbed at gun point !!! 06/19/2009

    • J says:

      Has anyone realised that these reports are happening alot more often now?2 reports in June, 1 in August, 5 in Sept, 6 in Oct, 3 in Nov, 7 in Dec…. How many of these have been solved? Are these the same people? Someone needs to get a grip on it quick.


      Come see wha 2010 goin look like…

  20. Spider says:

    Badger, were you referring to Lachlan MacTavish commit by addressing him as Loc Nest? LOL!! But to put, "to watch a breadfruit grow" is funny!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Badger……its Loch Ness…..not original…..

      Spider….bread fruit….fried in light oil real goodddddd……

      and at least my name is there……..but keep engaged and keep posting…..

      good luck


  21. Twyla Vargas says:

    STILL WEARING the black top and blue jean  pants.   My, my, my, and we still cannot find him.   

    • anonymous says:


      Dem make believe police can’t find im in a de same black top an blue jeans because de police dispatched to ketch dat da brute is more dan likely im daddy, fe im hunkle, or fi im hauntie or nephya. A dat de mean reason crime can’t get solved in a dis little 2 by 4 country ya!  A small island with big city crime problems. Raaaaaaatid!! Me no no wat the blouse an skirt de police a pretend dem a do!

      A wa dis!

  22. ZZzzzzzz says:

    I’m waiting for the day when one of these store clerks pulls a shotgun from behind the counter and blows a robber to pieces.  What are business’ in Cayman suppose to do?  The RCIP is totally overwhelmed with the number of people not wearing seatbelts and the government is so broke it cant afford to pay attention.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush what are you going to do about these crimes?  Why don’t you put the slush fund money on the resources, to help solve these crimes?  They are destroying the infastructure of Cayman right under your nose.  We are becoming little Jamaica and pretty soon we will all have to live behind bars, cages, bolts and baracades to survive.  Where are your voice, your money, your action and your great ideas?  You have been in charge now for 7 months and the crime is escalating, out of control and you nah done nothing yet!!!  What’s your excuse now???  PPM????

  24. anonymous says:


    What can the 2 of you do to help us, I wasat work today when one of my Guest came back to there unit and said that they went to the Barn but the Police was there be cause they were hold up by gun point, I do not like this, I do rent lots of homes, This do not make North Side look good, pls help MR Donnie Ebanks and mr Miller, 

  25. Anonymous says:

    Hey! an armed robbery in Cayman is no longer news. Can’t CNS give us something more news worthy to read not every day events………It’s like living in Deadwood!…..Think it’s time to pack my bags and forget the island that time forgot.

    • Go for it!!! says:

      Maybe you should – and perhaps it will become that again!!!  Those that REALLY lived that, would welcome it back – and happily help you to the plane…

      • Roger says:

        I’m leaving next Wednesday. Post you number here and I’ll give you a call. I’d like a lift to the airport please. 2 adults, 3 suitcases and 2 items of hand luggage. Do it tomorrow please and it will save me $25 booking a cab.

        Thanks in anticipation,



      • Anonymous says:

        To "Go for it!!!",

        Your comment is pure unadulterated ignorance.  What you seem to be saying is "yes, if the crime really bothers you, then leave".  The problem is not those persons who are bothered by the robberies and murders, the problem is those persons who are COMMITTING the robberies and murders.

        If you get rid of everyone who is bothered by the crimes committed, then that would leave mostly criminals.  An island of criminals, is that what Cayman was?  Is that what most people would welcome back?  I think not.

  26. Anonymous says:

    OK Caymanians, we have to stop this s–t. We know who our family members are doing this and worse and it’s time to speak up about it and stop the stupid destructive "loyalty". And guess what-I’ll bet it’s not Jamaicans, Filipinos, English, Americans, Canadians, Indians etc doing this particular one. Yes it will turn out to be our very own!

  27. Anonymous says:

    One thing which links the robberies in North Side and elsewhere is the fact that they are evidence that gun crime is out control and our politicians are doint  nothing to make crime less attractive. I am disgusted that our politicians are not doing anything about this outrage.

    I am alsoone Northsider who is disappointed that not even our own Ezzard Miller is prepared to demand extremely severe penalties for those who import illegal firearms or those who use them in committing these crimes.  When will our politicians understand that we the voting public want these criminals to be taken off our streets for a very long time if not permanently. We need to have mandatory life in prison for anyone who illegally imports a gun and also for anyone who uses one in a crime.

    When is one of our politicians going to demand that going to North Ward prison should be a punishment for crime rather than a holiday at our expense?

  28. Tyrone says:

    WTF!!!!! Its the same guy!

  29. RamBunkShus says:

    Sir, would that be Visa, Mastercard or Cold Steel?

    Cold Steel Mutha ****** Now!!!!

    Ok, sorry.

    No shots, but don’t you dare try resisting, $5.00 an hour is worth dying for.

  30. Lachlan MacTavish says:

     Ok….anyone see a pattern here. Slow response…not a crit but a reality…how do you get from BT to NS in a heart beat…….

    This is beyonddddd ridiculous……haven’t heard a word from the LOGB or any cabinet members. 

    Local issues are more important…….I cannot use the "Premier" tag yet because I see NO premier leadership…..its just the same old same old next government logb right now…..

    • Badger says:

      Oh for damm sake Loc Nest (your name reminds me of that) rest it will you! Go find a breadfruit and watch it grow.

      • Lachlan MacTavish says:

         Sure give it a rest. Just sit back like most and expect everything to just "correct" itself. Than is the attitude that is partially responsible for where we are today. A lot of people just won’t ask hard questions. A lot just give up or believe someone else will solve the problems. Badger……do you think the the crime, CIG with no money, floundering tourism, cost of living, bloated CIG, MT Trashmore, health system etc are acceptable situations for you, the people and the country?

      • Anonymous says:

        *cough* Loch Ness *cough*