Detective seeks cyclist witness

| 31/12/2009

(CNS): Police investigating the murder of 27 year old Fabian Powell, whose body was found near Welly’s Cool Spot on Tuesday, are asking the owner of a red and black bike found near the scene to make contact with them. DCI Peter Kennett, the man leading the hunt for Powell’s killer, renewed his appeal for information and asked the owner of an abandoned bicycle found close to the scene to contact the enquiry team. Following a post mortem on Wednesday, 30 December, police confirmed that Powell died from gunshot wounds.

“We have already spoken to a number of people who were in Welly’s Cool Spot on Monday night – but there are still people who were at the location who have not yet come forward,” DCI Kennett said. “It is absolutely imperative that we speak to everyone who was at the bar and in the area of Sound Way on Monday night / Tuesday morning so that we can piece together the victim’s last movements.

“A red and black bicycle has been recovered from the scene. It was found on the ground very close to Welly’s. At this stage I do not know if it is linked to the murder or if it is completely unconnected. But obviously I need to speak to the person who left it there as soon as possible,” the senior officer added.

Anyone with information can call the murder incident room at George Town police station direct on 244-2924 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The police have a duty to pick up the bicycle owner claiming it was stolen, and anyone else seen near the scene. Also the bicycle should be held indefinitely for DNA evidence until police are satisfied. There is a history surrounding the bicycle obviously. Someone saw something.Where is the reward for these crimes. Caymanians love money remember? get them to talk by offering them money, they’re hungry and can’t get a job so maybe they’ll talk if you offer a  reward. You don’t expect people to risk their lives and their family ‘s safety to talk to you and get nothing in return. Get real.

    • Anonymous says:

      I ONLY HOPE THAT THE WRONG GUY IS NOT PICKED UP FOR THIS MURDER,  TEETH PUNCHED OUT ETC WHILE TRYING TO GET INFORMATION. This has happened before as recent as poor Estellas investigation. Picking up the wrong person and treating them like this is only turning them into criminals, if they are not already. We know that the poor police has more on their plate than they can chew and we sympathize with them. There are many of the Cayman Boys who dont have a job and seriously they cant get any, what do you think is going to happen? There will be even more crime in 20010 I believe.  While passing on Shedden road today  it was very danerrous with children throwing fire crackers in front of the passing cars.

    • Pale Rider says:

      "Caymanians love money remember? get them to talk by offering them money,"


      What?  Like the tips they got for the $50,000 they offered after a police officer was shot at…in case you didn’t know.. NOT ONE tip was phoned in….

  2. Anonymous says:

    CNS, shouldn’t your article read, "Detective seeks bicycle owner/ rider"  Your article suggests that the rider of the bike "witnessed" what took place.  Slightly misleading dont you think?

    • Anonymous says:

      There is too much focus on this bicycle. People are bad but not stupid. Do you think they would leave something so visible as a bicycle by the crime scene. We have to start thinking intelligent like the criminals if we want to catch them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I hope they have taken all the DNA  that they can possibly get from that bicycle. This goes to show that when bicycles had to be licenced it was of much importance, the owner could be identifed plus it brought in a few dollars revenue for the Government.

    I have already reminded the Police of these facts.  My car window was mashed in and the same car broken into twice. Once I found the cap of the person who did the job but I do not think anything was even checked – I did not even hear back from the Police!! When I asked about the DNA one Police said it would be too expensive to check!!

    I have caught people/thieves coming into my yard, stealing every fruit that  I try to grow and they are on bicycles.  Time to put back the licences on bicycles!!  I see them riding all hours of the night without lights and have called the Police many, many, many times.  I even saw a Police car cross a rider without lightsand did nothing about it!!! Check the bags they are carrying and see if some do not contain stolen goods -crack down on these bicycles – they are the transportation for many of these criminals – do so this minute and not later – I am so tired of calling the Police Station about this!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so right – 0909, that bicycle is supposed to have all the DNA needed to help find out who the owner of the bycicle is, or who last used the bicycle.  If that bicycle was used in the murder act, does our so-called-police think the user will come and identify themselves.  Come on now, "Common Sense is notcommon anymore."  It is no wonder that we have so many "cold Case" files of unsolved murders on this Island. 

      Instead of the Premier and his entourage running up and down all over the world, burning up tax-payers money, and begging the criminals to stop the violence, he needs to take that money and bring in specialized criminal investigators to assist our naive RCIP.  That is the only way to take the too many murderers off our streets.

      • Anonymous says:

        Specialised Investigators like the last bunch that cost us ten million and never solved anything???????????????.

        Sorry! I guess you just arrived on the island and dont know what we just experienced with specialised investigators recruited from Scotland Yard.

        The fact that our Leader of Government is buddying up to other caribbean leaders scares the hell out of me. I can just see us ending up like our neighbours with crime out of control and the police taking a hands off attitude because the criminals are politically untouchable.

      • Fallen Angel says:

        ‘that bicycle is supposed to have all the DNA needed to help find out who the owner of the bicycle is, or who last used the bicycle’

        And the source of the information is……?

        First of –  did the bicycle has any of the following or has the bicycle been checked for any of the following:

        1.  white blood cells

        2.  semen

        3.  saliva

        4. hair follicle

        5.  body tissue that has not been degraded

        6. bone

        7. teeth

        8. epithelial cells from urine

        Do the islands have the means & capability to test for these, and do we have the dna data base to check it with, or to identify who the dna belongs to, really?

        And then, even if the dna owner is identified, how can he be connected to the murder? Has the victim been checked for any dna not his own?

        And even then, by the time it gets the light of day in court, if ever,  the police might lose the records or forget to put it on record.



        • CSI says:

          Fallen Angel appears to be the only person who understands the concept of DNA analysis.  It seems most posters think you can take some inanimate object and put it in a magical DNA machine that will spit out the name of the owner.  When (if!) they locate any of the signature cellular material identified by Fallen Angel, they may be able to compare with a suspect at a later time, but it’s a longshot. 

          Just a thought – maybe the bicycle belonged to Mr. Powell.

          • Fallen Angel says:

            Elementary, my dear….CSI.

          • Anonymous says:

            That is so true the Bicycle could well be the victims. so to me the Bicycle would’nt make such a good case, it is wasted time to look for a owner for a bicycle that was near the victim still with the possibility of being his.

            What the police should have done instead of looking for a owner for the bicycle, is to dust it down and take prints and start a forensic test to see if any particals and prints matches that of the victim and if the tests not positive then move on to plan B to look for the owner of the bike if his/her finger prints is not in the criminal data base.

  4. sllab says:

    The ownner of the bike hasn’t probably seen it since it was stolen, what do the police want to do, Give it them back?




    • Anonymous says:

      Thinking the same thing – hardly looks like a factory paint job, does it? And yet it has no likely been ridden openly on Cayman’s roads with a badly camoflaged paint job for years and the Police have done nothing. We are lawless because we have allowed ourselves to become this way. It did not "just happen."

  5. Anonymous says:

    This is very good evidence a witness saw the murder and is afraid of coming forward. The witness should come forward so that the killers can be caught. Cayman is becoming more and more violent as the days pass. Tourists are not going to come to the Islands if the crime rate doesnt go down.