1000s ride on UDP buses

| 05/01/2010

(CNS): After tallying up their passenger number drivers have reported that around 2000 people used the YUDP sponsored purple ribbon buses on New Year’s Eve this year. The initial count comes from the bus driver’s of Reid’s Premier Tours who operated the five buses on the programme.  The bus driver’s reported managing heavy crowds as the public took advantage of the free service and chose not to drink and drive. The buses were not expected to run this year but the young would-be politicians stepped in to save the programme at the last minute.

Having seen reports that the National Drug Council would not be able to offer the service this year because of lack of funds, Matthew Leslie, the YUDP’ fundraising chairman rallied his political troops. With Sponsorship from the YUDP, contributions from UDP MLA’s and committees and signs donated by Sign Solutions, the National Drug Counsel was able to re-launch the programme.

“The YUDP is very grateful to all those who pulled the resources together, in such a short time, to make this effort possible,” said President of the YUDP, Richard Christian. I am even more grateful to those who chose to utilize the bus service, helping to make our roads that mush safer on New Year’s Eve.”

After the initiative to save this year’s Purple Ribbon Bus Programme, the YUDP plan to further discussions with the NDC as to their future involvement with the Programme.

The Young United Democratic Party (YUDP) is the official youth arm of the United Democratic Party.

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