Cops seeking locally based new recruits

| 12/01/2010

(CNS): Following the commissioner’s stated aims to swell the ranks of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service by as many as fifty, a new recruitment drive is underway. Last month 13 new recruits left the classroom for the beat and now the RCIPS is on the look out for more, bright, keen, community minded people to become part of the team it said. A number of events will be held over next week to provide information to potential recruits. Inspector Peter Mcloughlin, head of specialist training for RCIPS said management would be looking for the right people and if not Caymanian people with ties to the local community.

 “We want the right people for these jobs – people who will be completely committed to working with the community,” Mcloughlin said. Posts are open to people between 18 and 45 years of age who are physically fit, have no criminal convictions. If you are not Caymanian you must have lived on the islands for a minimum of four consecutive years or possess strong family ties to Cayman.

 He said adverts will also be appearing in local newspapers and there is information available about how to apply on the RCIPS website. The first open house event will be held at the RCIPS Training Centre, Governors Square, George Town, on Saturday 16 January 2010 from 10:00am – 3:00pm., where Preliminary Application forms will be available for interested persons. Representatives from many departments within the RCIPS will also be available to answer questions.

The following Monday (18 January) officers from the RCIPS training centre will be available between 10:00am and 3:00pm at the conference room at the Cayman Brac District Administration Building to provide an insight about life as a police officer to anyone on Cayman Brac who is interested in a career with the RCIPS.

These events will be a great opportunity to speak on a one-to-one basis with officers in various departments of the force. They will be able to tell you about the challenges you will face and the many opportunities available when you join RCIPS.

“We are keen for as many people to come along as possible. So, if you think you are the right person for the job, come along and talk to us – it might just be the best career move you’ll ever make.”

Further information about the open events can be obtained by calling the RCIPS training department on 946-2012, or visit us at


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  1. Anonymous says:

    We need qualified canidates to police our islands.  The police we have now only seem capable of writing traffic violation tickets.  That is fine, however we really need police that can investigate, properly gather evidence and make a case stick like glue.  We lack in that area big time!

  2. Jonathan says:

    Doesn’t matter where the police come from as long as the current system is in place. If you bring them in from the states government is going to go broke and these police will leave because the system here will call them criminal as they frequently rough people up.. The US is a borderline police state and the US police will beat your A** and if you kill one of them they will deal with you off the record. Cayman is to small for this kind of vigilantly police force and this will turn into a war between police/gangs/civilians/judicial system etc etc…On the other hand the current system does not work but it much less in your face until recently when the criminals started to run wild like animals escaped from the Zoo. Mostly this is an issue that has to deal with economics/social and EDUCATION. You are crying for a police state but this will not change the criminality of the people..Changing police officers will do little if you can not change the structure of law which we will need to go independent to do so keep wishing and talking….if you want to have a better Cayman with less crime then we need to address economivc, social and education with a touch of immigration vetting to ensure we are not importing criminals on top of locally grown

    • Anonymous says:

      You have to change the structure and management of the Police Service; number of officers won’t work – just make us pay more to keep them!

      Moreover, you have to change the structure of society’s overall way on dealing with crime!


  3. Lobsta Hunta says:

    Bring back Haines and his posse. Maybe they can save what’s left of the genuine officers in there. 

  4. Bodden says:

    O Lord… here we go again!

    Government needs to understand that it is not the number of officers that will effectively fight crime; rather, it is “proper management” of the Police Department.

    The more we increase in officers, the more duties and fees have to increase in order to feed and protect them. Alot of officers right now, are sitting ducks!

    In addition, this new Commissioner of Police, being from the UK, gets more UK officers on his side. Why?  This is my opinion, but I truly believe it has to do with UK control over these Islands, seeing the weakening relationship between us and the UK. Also, it amazes me that each time the Police beefs-up more on the number of officers in the force, crime escalates on the Island.

    Seriously, no one appears to be addressing the way the Police Service is being run and handled. First, we have too many Sergeants, I believe over 50+

    • Anonymous says:

       That is so true I agree with u 100%….I thought I was the only one saying the same thing.

    • Anon says:

      I agree to some extent.  We already have waaaayyy more police per capita here than the UK does.  What the Police force need to do is to get with it, get efficient, follow standardised procedures, discipline officers who do things wrong, implement more regimented training and policies and be accountable.  If they just improved their efficiency there would be no need to recruit more.

    • larry c says:

      Thank the lord someone is addressing this situation on this website not that they really pay attention to the views and wishes of the people. Where in the dickens are we going to do with all these Police officers this is turning into a real police state. We need a more effective and efficent police service if they cannot manage the current numbers why in world are we getting more We need to stop listening to these hocus pocus few who now feel unsafe and have decide a police state is what we need. They do not seem to understand history and Police States.  Caymanians stand up and tell these people enough is enough. This Police budget gets bigger and bigger by the year had our dummmy gutless elected officials not play politics and demand responsibilty and accountability and gave the funding when we had no crisis, we would be in better position today.

  5. biggs says:

    Yeah more Pay cheque seekers its funny how we ignore the solutions to our crime problems The public is calling for the return of some very experienced operators like Mr. Haines and others instead we seeking an even more expensive option of quantity instead of quality.Just how many police officers is this island going hire and pay, for a population of 55,000 over 500 police officers and it seems the more we get the less service rendered and certainly less effective someone needs to stop this madness. Absolutely shameful the way we allow these officials to manipulate and ignore the government and public’s wishes with the Crime they are suppose to prevent and investigate properly.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I agree more local ZZZZZZZZZ cops.  Just like those painted on the road.  Would like to see cops from other country except Jamaica because they are dealing with corrupts over that would gladly pass on to Cayman.

    Different types of people.  Different ways of dealing with crime.  Proper investigation.

    Glad to see the new recruits but teach them how to deal with people.



  7. Lorrie Furniss says:

    When local businesses seek new employees, they are required to apply and interview people registered with the Employee Relations Department.  Is the Police Department required to do the same when looking for new recruits?

  8. Anonymous says:

    we need some from tHe UK

  9. Anonymous says:

    That’s EXACTLY what Cayman needs!!


  10. new here says:

    It would seem to me that the police have enough untrained and unmotivated "officers" to deal with. I know that it is not the Cayman way but why not spend the money on some proffesional and experianced officers?  How about from America where thay are experianced at dealing with armed gangs and gun crime.  I know that Cayman won’t do this I was just wondering what the real reason was.

      I understand that Cayman wants to do it the "Cayman" way but look around you.  Lots of incompetent mistakes and waste.  The typicalresponse to a problem here is just an excuse to throw money at someone and expect no results.   Maybe its time for a change??????    Just a thought.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think we’ve proved the ‘Cayman way’ doesn’t work. Just look at some of the law officers you see cruising around. They don’t even adhere to the law let alone uphold it.

      Haven’t we had enough instances of botched evidence, corruption, incompetence and family favours?

      We will not improve the police protection by hiring more local cops. We need to train and motivate all the decent cops already employed. Those that don’t get the grade should be culled. They can then either go and work in the civil service or fly home.

      It’s fair to say that a lot of expat cops only come here for a working holiday and only when they get here do they realise what they are up against, which is a society that encourages underachievement and lawlessness. We need to employ expat cops that are used to dealing with gangs, that are not afraid to speak up against senior officers if they see wrong doing or corruption.

    • fuzzy says:

      Want to talk about incompetent?How about the LA cops in the OJ Simpson murder trial?I guess Cayman does not have a monopoly on incompetence.

      • fuzzu says:

        Is that the best you can come up with? Pathetic and incompetent and you don’t even know it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    just what cayman needs, more local cops……zzzzzzz

    • Anonymous says:

      ‘yea, more bad bwoys cruizin round with the tunes up loud’

      We need real cops not some failed gangsters that are not even competent enough to get in a street gang.

      • anonymous says:

        So is the recruitment of more children with milk still around their mouth a message sent by Comm. Baines that he is stubborn, insensitive to the country’s needs, and bluntly refusing to bring back Haines? Maybe the Comm. is looking out for himself more than anything else. The experienced cop Haines may show up his performance!

        That maybe the case you know.

        Has comm Baines even had the respect and the decency to answer the people in their plea for Mr. Haines return?