Cayman Red Cross responds to Haiti earthquake

| 13/01/2010

Cayman Islands news, World news, Cayman Islands Red Cross, Haiti earthquake(CNS): Following the magnitude 7.3 earthquake that shook Haiti at minutes to 5pm yesterday, the Cayman Islands Red Cross (CIRC) will be taking tracing requests from Cayman residents who have family members living in Haiti. However, due to the near total devastation of communication equipment on the ground, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Haiti is currently focusing on getting messages from Haitians to family members abroad.

The CIRC will be monitoring the situation, and as soon as communication capacity is re-established it will be working to restore family links between Cayman residents and their families in Haiti. In the meantime, requests should be sent to or 916-1742. The information needed is the person(s) full name, last known address, last known phone number, last known place of employment (if possible), and the names of any next of kin also in Haiti.

The CIRC is also accepting monetary donations for the relief efforts. Persons wishing to donate funds can come directly to the Red Cross or make a deposit at Butterfield Bank under the Cayman Islands Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal (02-201-035054-04).

Food, clothing and other relief supplies are *NOT* being sent at this time due to the logistic burden and security issues on the ground. Those wishing to help are urged to contact the Cayman Islands Red Cross at, 925-0681 or 949-6785 ext. 22.

Currently it is estimated that 1 in 3 persons have been affected by the earthquake, the worst to hit the nation in the past two centuries. The epicenter of the quake was located approximately 10 miles south-west of the capital city Port-au-Prince and hundreds of thousands may have died.

See BBC footage of the disaster

Cayman Islands Red Cross website

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  1. Anonymous says:

     My understanding is that the group Cayman Outreach has placed a 40–foot container in the parking lot of Cayman Shoe Shop on Eastern Avenue to collect building materials, clothes, shoes, non–perishable food and medicine for Haiti.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’m glad to see that the Cayman Red Cross is stepping up once again in helping our Haitians Sisters and Brothers.  What can also be of great help to the Haiti people is to ask the Government to ask the Schools to place open donations by asking the Children to bring at least one dollar to help support this cause. 

    All the staffers at work both Government and private sectors can also chip in by at least donating $5.00 C.I to help with this cause!  We are all one people and of the human race and Haiti really need us now.  Have a heart my Caymanian people and lets do this the time for urgency is now!  Remember the more you give the lord will mutiply! 

    • Anonymous says:

      My grandson who attends Leading Edge told me they have already agreed on a Dress Down Day on Friday with a $3 donation requested from each student.

  3. Joe Average says:

    I certainly mean no disrespect and I am entirely aware of the sincerity of people’s prayers for Haiti and the thoughts that go with them.  But as well as prayers, what the people on the ground need more than anything are food, water, and medical supplies. 

    The Red Cross has made the appeal at this time for monetary donations to pay for these supplies.  I assume when the situation is more under control we can also supply, as we did for Nicaragua, canned goods, bottle water, blankets, shelter material, and clothing.

    The children. The orphans. The mothers and fathers and grandparents. The destruction.  The people of Haiti have seen more than their share of hardship. 

    Prayers help in times like this, but so do necessities like the above.  Please give generously whatever you can spare.


    • Anonymous says:

      We need to donate, but I like to know where my money is going too

      • Anonymous says:

        To donate, it would be better for you donate closer to home. That is the charities in Cayman for the relief in Haiti. Here in the U.S., the news have issued warnings to people here wanting to donate. Apparently, the news reported there are scams here in the U.S., and there is no law mandating charities to give anything to the needy.