MP pushes for overseas territories to be remembered

| 13/01/2010

(BBC): A UK MP is making efforts to ensure crown dependencies and overseas territories are represented at the Cenotaph each Remembrance Sunday. The move calls for people from those areas who have served in the forces to be acknowledged in the service. Andrew Rosindell said they should be recognised in exactly the same way as those they fought alongside. The UK Ministry of Justice said it would give proper consideration to any representations made. Each year the Queen lays a wreath at the Cenotaph on behalf of the whole nation. Mr Rosindell, vice-chairman of the British Channel Islands All-Parliamentary Group, said: "

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Good for him.  Our Government should follow up by formally requesting representation.  It has always been anomalous that Cayman is not part of the ceremony and my UK relatives have bemoaned Cayman’s apparent absence for years.  Technically the Foreign Secretary lays a wreath on behalf of all the OTs, but until recently the BBC commentary never even referred to that, let alone mentioning the OTs by name, so no-one knew that was what was happening.  But it is not enough and someone should be there specifically representing the Cayman Islands.