Police investigate gun shot reports in West Bay

| 15/01/2010

(CNS): Although no one was injured police are reporting damage to a house and a car yesterday (Thursday 14 January 2010) from a number of incidents where guns appeared to have been fired in three different areas of West Bay. Officersfrom that district are now investigating the incidents the first of which occurred about 1.55 p.m. in Vibe Lane, the second at about 9.20 pm at a house in Fountain Road, and then another a short time later again in the Vibe Lane area. Police were first informed by a member of the public in the afternoon that they heard gun shots.

Attending the first scene in the afternoon at Vibe Lane police said no-one was injured and there was no damage to property. Following the second call regarding shots fired at a house in Fountain Road, witnesses told police a car had sped away from the scene and while no-one was injured the house and a SUV parked at the location were damaged.

A short time later, shots were reportedly heard again in the Vibe Lane area where police were also informed that two cars had been seen in Mount Pleasant Road and the occupants of one vehicle were apparently shooting at the other car.

These cars are both described as white in colour. The car carrying the people who were allegedly shooting at the other had red stripes on the side. West Bay CID officers are investigating these incidents and door to door enquiries are ongoing in the area. One line of enquiry being pursued by police is that the incidents may be linked.

Detective Sergeant Oremule of West Bay CID is appealing for anyone with information about the incidents, or who saw a car speeding off from Fountain Road to come forward. He would also be keen to speak to anyone who saw the two white cars in the Mount Pleasant Road area last night.

Anyone with information should contact West Bay police station on 949-3999 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477(TIPS).

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  1. Anonymous says:

    CNS, have anyone reported the shoot fired at a house in Birch Tree Hill area YESTERDAY? 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm! 15 criminals. Are they certain people that he’s talking about? My only guess if am adding up right are the 15 that we elected. Last count they were 15. Strange little islands with so many criminals only he can only say 15.

    As for the shooting on Fountain the exact time was 9:13 pm.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Baines can you tell us if the 15 criminals are all dead yet? or you still waiting for them to finish the job?

  4. whodatis says:


    Just so you all know – I’m still saving up in the piggy bank to buy every last one of you airline tickets to the many parts of the "real" UK where crime is rife and rampant but of course under / unreported!

    So much anti-Caymanian sentiments on here…even from Caymanians themselves. Some even calling out for help from "Broken Britain" no less.

    The respective ignorance and undeserved smugness from those on the opposing sides of this madness is simply amazing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes there is more crime in the UK, but then it is 1000 times the size of cayman. I bet you personally know somebody that has been murdered in the last year, probably more than one person. Very very few people in the UK could say that.

      The difference in Cayman is that because it is so much smaller the crimes are all being committed right under our noses.

      Why would you think crimes are not reported in the UK? Of course they are, and occasionally there is an honest person that will come forward and say what they saw, not like here where the enire population know which Caymanians are out shooting and rapi ng each other, but don’t have the balls to come forward and say what they know.

      It’s true we do need the UK to come in and take direct control, we also need harsh policing to clear criminals and layabouts like you off the streets.

      Now stop wasting my tax dollars and get a  job slacker.

      • Anonymous says:

        quote   "not like here where the enire population know which Caymanians are out shooting and rapi ng each other, but don’t have the balls to come forward and say what they know." unquote

        If the entire population knows, that includes yourself  so why are you not doing your job.  Stop degrading Caymanians and get back to help solve crime in your own land  – we are suffering enough without putting up with the likes of you & those sort of statements!!  

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry I am not Caymanian. It is not my brothers, cousins and uncles committing all these crimes. If I knew who the crims were I wouldn’t be afraid to come forward as I have some self respect and moral obligations. It is the cowards and nonces like you thaty bring shame to this island.

    • Reality Check says:

      The murder rate in the UK is ten times less than the prevailing murder rate in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      you can buy me a ticket anytime you want…doesn’t mean i got to use it(remember we are expats, we work for what we have, we don’t take handouts)

  5. William Foster says:

    Just give them the go ahead  to keeep killing, dont u all see they are only killing the bad ones, let them kill them all out and we will have a wonderful Cayman!

    • frank rizzo says:

      Might hit one of the good ones.

    • Anonymous says:

      A bit of a radical viewpoint but a lot of truth in there nonetheless. If the police left the wangsters to get on with shooting each other, for each one that bites the dust it is one less criminal to worry about robbing your house. Unfortunately for each wangsta shot there is a minimum of 5 teenage single mothers with kids who are now fatherless, so an extra burden on us taxpayers. Mind you we have been paying for them whilst the father was alive anyway, so no difference there.

      To solve the problem of an innocent getting shot, maybe we could set up a border police in west bay and only let honest citizens come south. Keep the idiots up there for a few days until they’ve wiped each other out. Maybe a second border in Savannah to keep the East out might help too.

  6. A REALIST says:

    Of course. Its the fault of the police.

    They obviously raised those Caymanian vagabonds. The parents and society are blameless. The police need to catch them and lock them all up. The prison is operating over capacity already but it is the fault of the police. Don’t blame the society which is breeding these pieces of s***.

    Oh. I forgot. Down with the homosexual cruise! They will corrupt our 100 sqare mile garden of eden.

  7. Anonymous says:

    "Gun Fire in the Wild Wild West once again"

    The RCIPS in now under the full control of the Brit’s so let’s all complain to them for the mayhem we’re enduring.

    Points to note:

    The past Governor (Stuart Jack) who was in charge of the RCIPS is a Brit, the new Governor whom will also be in chargeof the RCIPS is also a Brit, the Commissioner of Police is a Brit, Deputy Commissioner of Police Operations is a Brit, Chief Supt and officer in charge of CID is a Brit, Training Development Unit is run by a Brit (Inspector), Uniform Support Group (USG) is under the control of a Brit (Inspector) Traffic Management Unit is run by a Brit and soon to be, the Marine Unit, Scientific Support Unit (Scenes of Crime) and the Financial Crimes Unit will also be run by Brit’s as well !!!

    Wow, are they not doing "an absolutely fantastic" job thus far, especially with the earlier support of "some" of our local and naive RCIPS senior officers ???  



    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, let’s blame the cops for the crimes committed. How about we blame those people actually doing the shooting?

      Wait that is too logical… may have to let one of our children be arrested… heaven forbid.

      (sarcasm, in case you were not sure)

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes this is what happens when you get Promoted Caymanians who stand up in a office and tell his own Caymanians he feels more comfortable with foreigners because they are loyal to him Yes sad times Cayman Brits incharge of the RCIPS and Jamaicans and Barbadians running our police service I wonder what they going to say now! What now Cayman Please, try and Protect yourself out there

    • Anonymous says:

      Whats the problem? Good people, just stay in your house for a week and let the "gunslingers" wipe out eachother and then Cayman will be a safer place!

    • Anonymous says:

      And conveniently ignore all the Caymanian officers that are at the top and working with their colleagues from where ever in the world.  And there again, Derek Haines who you all call for re-instatement is a Brit.  If you remotely understood the issues, you realise how stupid your comments are and bring little to the table in the way of constructive suggestions.

    • Good says:

      It is British territory and should be managed by Brits.  Since the Caymanians are becoming so criminally-inclined it is time for a bit more direct rule even through indirect methods.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Bring back Haines and his team now send home all these wish u were here  promoted foreign jokers who are doing absolutely nothing for this place.

    • Anonymous says:

      Here we go again.  Try to remind yourself on the crime that was taking place when he was in the Police Force.  Remember that was when the police weren’t reporting ALL THE CRIMES that were taking place. 

  9. gene hunt says:

    wait wait wait wait wait! A white car with red stripes on the side? I think if Detective Oremule checks the RCIPS tarffic department, he’ll find loads of those!!

    I agree with the comments about the cameras and interrogating the vehicle licensing database, has it been done? I don’t know, but here is where a properly run daily briefing system would help enormously. Do officers in East End know that West bay are looking for a white car with red stripes? I doubt it. For such a small juristiction, with travelling criminals, a proper Intelligence briefing sytem is essential. Assuming that criminals living in West Bay only commit crime in West bay is naive at best…. but I agree that checking the cars there is a start…

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes. the staff at 911 is very efficient and there is a communication network so they send out these message to all stations and all units in the three islands.Yes east end also has a radio and they get the message. Before you start cursing the 911 staff they are not police officers, so spare your anger for the police only.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not only are the police supposed to look out for the car with the red stripes amongst traffic and parking areas but they are to visit and interrogate Auto Repair Shop owners and mechanics as well. In many cases these people on the run very swiftly turn their car over to an auto mechanic for a makeover to disguise the vehicle used in a crime.  Getting the numbers of The licence Plate is more important than the color of the car.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Here goes the gun-tooting-fools again!  

  11. noname says:

    Aaaah Come on man you need to stop grabbing at straws if it is clear to the rest of this island we are in dire straits but i like how it is played down this flies in the face of all the foolishness we are being told like someone said more dangerous and expensive mind games. No more toys for Law enforcement It is clear a new direction is need and for all the Haines doubters by some bullet proof cars and windows because you aint getting no vest or guns that is reserved for our politicians and government officials

  12. Anonymous says:

    Another unsolved crime!  Have ANY guns ever been tied to crimes in Cayman through ballistic testing?  Did the police recover the bullet I wonder? 

  13. Anonymous says:

    Imagine what CCTV cameras at intersections would have done on this one.

    I take it a report has been run on a list of all owners of white cars (not SUV’s or trucks) registered to addresses in west bay (as a starting point).

    Can I take it that those addresses haqve been run in the system against the addresses of known trouble makers (including juveniles)

    Can I at least believe that that has been done – or that we even have the capability to do it?

    • Anonymous says:

      The cops would have to wake up from their roadside naps and do some actual work, so no it will not happen.  Cayman does not have the capability to do such things because of the laziness of the people who are paid to do it.  They’d rather sit around waiting for their paycheck without having to bother with all that stupid crime-fighting.

      • Ben Dover says:

        Yawn – we be to busy checking for "h"expired tags – dis sounds like real WUK!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      They would know the CCTV’s are there and avoid them. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Intersections – you only avoid them by staying on the same road. That makes you even easier to catch