Cayman reaches out to help Haiti earthquake victims

| 21/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Haiti earthquake appeal(CNS): The Cayman Islands Red Cross has so far raised over $100,000 for the victims of the Haiti earthquake. The charity also noted, following the scare caused by the earthquake felt in Grand Cayman on Tuesday, the importance of having a comprehensive family disaster plan so that residents of all ages can feel better prepared in the event of any disaster. In the wake of the devastation in Haiti, the local chapter of the NGO said it is important for parents to talk to their children about disasters, and use this opportunity to educate them about safety measures, as well as to the review your own family’s plans.

Those needing assistance on how to create a family disaster plan should contact the Red Cross for further information.

Regarding its very successful fundraising for victims of the Haiti earthquake, the Red Cross would like to thank the public for its generosity, and to encourage persons to continue to offer their support to such a worthwhile cause. Proceeds from the Thrift Shop sales between January 19th and 30th will go directly into the Haiti earthquake appeal, so persons wishing to donate goods can do so by stopping by the Red Cross Shop or contacting the Thrift Shop Manager at 949-6785 ext. 31 or 916-8954.

One hundred percent (100%) of all funds collected by the Cayman Islands Red Cross will go directly to Haiti. Donations can still be made directly to the Red Cross (#34 Huldah Avenue, beside Barnett Music Centre), to Butterfield Bank under the Cayman Islands Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Appeal Account (02-201-035054-04) or to the Scotia Bank Accounts under the Cayman Islands Red Cross Earthquake Appeal (CI$ 10015473 — US$ 10015474). For more information, or to get involved, contact or 949-6785 ext. 26, 27 or 22.

The United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands is also collecting funds from its congregants, students of its Cayman Prep and High School and the public in general for aid relief to victims of the earthquake disaster in Haiti. In addition to its own missionary, which has been operating a medical clinic, meals programmes and other missions there for many years, the United Church works with a number of other Christian mission organisations with reliable and proven track records of ministering to those in need in Haiti.

The Church will be sending the funds to some of those organisations which are able to get medical and other needed supplies and help to the those in need in the devastated areas most effectively and in the quickest time. These include the Luke Society (of Christian doctors and other medical personnel) through their branch based in the Dominican Republic but with an established Haitian presence, which is able to obtain supplies in the DR and get them overland to the earthquake area.

The Church is also working through Ministries in Action, headquartered in Miami, Florida, which has been ministering effectively in Haiti since 1969 and with which the Church has had a similarly long mission association. By working through such established and accountable Christian organisations, the Church can ensure that funds donated will reach those who are really in need and will not be squandered in any way. The United Church relies on its own membership to fund its ministries and missions but is allowed to accept and seek additional assistance from the general public for onward use in missions to aid third parties, such as in the current situation of desperate need in Haiti.

Its rules in this regard specifically provide that, “no sponsorship from outside of the Church should be solicited to finance members to join mission teams etc. Such outside help may be sought or accepted for materials, medicine, etc. being used on a mission – i.e. for the direct benefit of others.” (In fact, when the Church raises funds for such purposes, even the bank charges incurred in transferring the funds to the other recipients on the ground are paid for by the Church and not deducted from the donations received.)

The United Church is therefore inviting members of the public who wish to assist the current relief effort in Haiti, and in particular to help Christian organisations working there to show the caring love of Christ to those in great need, to make donations to any of the United Churches, located in every District of Grand Cayman, or to the Cayman Prep and High School, marked for the Haitian Earthquake Disaster Relied. Further information may be obtained from the Cayman Council Office of the Church at or 947-1963.

Portfolio of Internal and External Affairs officials are encouraging local Haitian families who have not yet heard from loved ones to contact the Deputy Governor’s Office at 244-2403 or Haitian consulates directly, in Miami or Washington DC. Corporate Manager in the Deputy Governor’s Office, Christine Wright, said that the portfolio knows that following last week’s devastating earthquake in Haiti, people in Cayman are anxiously seeking to contact relatives there.

“However, given the damage to the communication infrastructure in Haiti, we are trying to gather information to guide local families,” said Wright. “The local Haitian population is relatively small, and while Cayman does not have a representative on the ground in Haiti we are attempting to see how best we can advise concerned relatives here on getting word of the fate of loved ones,” she said.

She also reminded concerned persons that they may register with the Cayman Islands Red Cross which has a tracing system to link families.


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  1. Sasha says:

     I hope and pray if the Haitians ever reach our shores in boats…Our Immigration will not try to send them back, but instead help them to work and live here,because it hurts me for those poor people they have already been through enough….Haiti people are good people and we should all welcome them and try our best to help them all.  One Luv

  2. Haitian Girl says:

    Thx to cayman Islands.

  3. Cayman lover says:

    "God bless Haiti"  You’re so right 14.39 even a dollar will help our fellowmen. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank God. I hope that this money will be used to help the Hatian people. They are in desperate need. I know some people feel that they are not in a position to give, becasue they need help themselves- financially, but even a dollar from each of us can go a long way. My heart goes out to the island and I hope that they will soon be ok.

    • Anonymous says:

      $100,000.00 is a good start, but considering there are at least 50,000 residents in Cayman, this works out to only $2.00 per person in donations! Surely we can do better than that.

      • Anonymous says:

        A fair point, but remember there are many other churches, schools and other organizations collecting locally in addition to the Red Cross.