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| 27/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Cayman education, new schools projects(CNS): The return of three sub-contractors to the two school projects is just the first step towards getting them back on track and getting the once hundreds of workers back on site. It could take several weeks to get the full complement of people back to the John Gray Campus and the Clifton Hunter site, contractors have said, in the wake of the Education Ministry’s announcement that the work has recommenced. The ministry told CNS that Precision Roofing, IE Caribbean and Caribbean Mechanical will have staff on the site from 7:00am Wednesday morning, but admits it will take some time before the projects are back to full capacity. (Left Alan Roffey returns to the John Gray Campus)

Alan Roffey of Caribbean Mechanical said that around twenty to thirty people would be returning to work over the next few days and there would be a gradual ramping up of staff at both of the worksites, but it would be several weeks before the hundreds of construction workers once employed by the school project would all be back on the job. “It is a gradual process as there are a great number of things that need to be dealt with as we work towards returning to full capacity and re-employing all of the workers,” he added.

The minister said today was an important first step towards the full recommencement of the new schools projects. Education Minster Rolston Anglin told CNS via email that there were a number of problems created by the abandonment by the original contractor, Tom Jones International, in November of last year, but the ministry had worked hard to find a solution to the problem created by the dispute.

“Since the contractor abandoned the school’s projects, much work has gone on behind the scenes by the ministry’s Project Management team, led by David Benoit. The role of the project management team has been to fully investigate the best options for how we should proceed, to get the work completed in a timely manner, while protecting the interests of the government and the people of the Cayman Islands,” he said.

He explained that today’s announcement focuses on the first phase of work  that the project team has identified as urgent, to prevent deterioration and preserve warranties in an effort to mitigate costs going forward.  When the general contractor demobilized, it removed key construction equipment and directed the sub-contractors to also remove materials, tools and equipment from the project sites. 

“In the normal course of recommencing work, necessary equipment and materials must be redelivered to support construction activities,” the ministry explained, adding that during the day on Tuesday sub-contractors worked on returning equipment in order to allow work crews to begin early Wednesday morning.

The former site supervisors from the project’s architect have now been placed on each project and three sub-contractors have returned. The work on roofing installations will be handled by Precision Roofing, works related to exterior wall systems will be performed by IE Caribbean, and Caribbean Mechanical will be executing the mechanical and electrical works needed.  The ministry explained that this initial work would be followed by a full-scale recommencement of the projects under the supervision of a construction manager, who will be responsible for the day-to-day construction activities at both sites. The ministry said opportunities for qualified companies to bid to provide those construction management services would be offered soon.

While a general contractor would normally engage in both construction work as well as overall supervision of sub-contractors, a construction management firm will simply be expected to manage the pool of sub-contractors working on the two sites and liaise with the government’s own project manager.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Any normal government would of put the project as an PFI contract in the first instance. What were they thinking to have ever put themselves under such financial stress in the first place……and why the hell didn’t the government have a project manager in place from the start, instead the only representative on site at all times was unqualified and no experience of managing contractors, and had whose preivous highest position was a foreman of a small group of masons. Its just another instance of the government expecting everyone else to do the work and not taking the responsiblity of being an actual government seriously. The orginal contractor bent over backward to try and help and was taken for a ride, which seems to be the norm when people of lower intelligence see generousity, and the Cayman Compass didn’t help one bit, they did nothing but spin stories to always put Tom Jones in a bad light, if they had ever spend more an 5 minutes investigating they’d of seen that all corrispondence was public and that the government just didn’t pay. In the contract the "client" (Dept. of Ed.) has to provide proof of finances on the contractors request, this was requested 8 times and 8 times in was ignored.

    The island is in trouble, big trouble and the sooner the government start to realise that there are people in the world that are far smarter than them and that they start to eat humble pie and ask for help and not think nobody has a solution the sooner the island will be back on its feet. Cayman Government – you DO NOT know best, WAKE UP.