Break-ins continue to plague George Town

| 29/01/2010

(CNS): Although the police have not been issuing official reports on each of these crimes, several break-ins have occurred this week in and around the George Town area. An Arrest has also been made after a computer store became the victim of a group of female shop lifters last week.  This week, however, two schools and a restaurant have reported break-ins on their premises. According to reports on News 27, masked young men entered the Triple C School compound by jumping the fence on Tuesday, while the Cayman Prep School was also targeted by thieves on Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning.  

Some three thousands dollars was stolen from the Centre Spot Restaurant on Mary Street early Monday morning (25 January). The restaurant was closed at the time, and the manager said the burglars entered the premises through the roof, sometime around three in the morning.

See crime videos on News 27

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  1. CC says:

     If you can’t stop crime you can take the premier’s advice and strategy cover it up and hope for the best and get rid of anyone who challenges your decision. Well  the same old same old under a new head.  The same old bad news Cayman and you falling for the same old mental trick. They ain’t here to fix our problem or protect us. When will you loyal subjects get it, a nation of sheep shall be ruled by pigs. as a previous poster so rightly posted.

  2. Anonymous says:

    There was also a break-in at George Town Villas in early January where the security guard and another tenant received bites and bruises from a gentleman that had broken into an occupied unit at midnight by breaking a window while the tenants slept.  They held the burglar down until the police came and picked him up.  It may have been in the papers but I have not seen it.  The tenant works for the RCIP so perhaps decided to keep quiet, who knows.

    At any rate, there are a lot more break-ins than people are aware of and to simply ignore them doesn’t do anybody any good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The nationality of the criminals makes a difference?  A crook is a crook.

  4. au revoir says:

    of course the police have no interest in publicizing these breakins – remember what Baines said about "perception" being part of the problem…  well, here’s another example of REALITY meeting PERCEPTION – and that’s the reason, my friends, for keeping mumm!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Nationality of the shop lifters? Caymanian? Expat?

    • Sink hole troll says:

      Bound to be an expat. All crime is done by expats. Apart from the 99% of all crimes that are actually done by Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you idiots on here stop the nationality crap. Who cares who these criminals are?! I say catch them and give their backsides what is coming to them in the form of a good ole time Caymanian a**ing! Of course nowadays that is called abuse, but guess what, back when it was the discipline of choice we sure didn’t have these kind of issues!

      • Anonymous says:

        This is why Nationality is a relevant consideration:

        1. Whilst it is almost certainly Caymanians committing most offences significant number are committed by non Caymanians or by persons who are not Caymanian but who the police, by mis-understanding the laws, wrongly identify as a Caymanian. Just because you have PR, or are Working by operation of law, or are married to a Caymanian, or were born here, or are called Watler, or have a Caymanian accent, or even have a Cayman Passport, does not make you Caymanian.

        2. Many of the Caymanians committing crimes were not Caymanian only a few years ago. Take for example a (perfectly honest) individual who received status.  They then bought their teenage children here (who had never been here before). One year later, they automatically become Caymanian "by entitlement". Amazing given the children of permanent residents who are born here and may have been a part of the community for many years have no similar rights. It can be revoked though – so even when a Caymanian commits a crime, depending on how they became Caymanian,  they may be liable to lose that status and be deported – if only the actual facts are known.

        3. Every time someone who is (or was) a foreign national commits a crime it represents a failure of our border security/functioning of boards – so should we not know, or at least should officials not know?  Someone has to report their failings to them – but out of sheer ignorance (or even incompetence/wilful refusal), I’ll bet it is not being done.

        4. The low rates of detection and prosecution of burglars in particular may be in part due to the fact that a number of offenders are not from here and leave before being caught. There is a correlation between active construction sites in residential neighbourhoods and opportunistic crimes taking place – but I suppose you think the large numbers of underpaid (sometimes exclusively) foreign workers on such sites (with intimate knowledge of the comings and goings of neighbours and ready access to all  required tools)  is purely coincidental.



        • Anonymous says:

          What utter tosh-and all designed to try to suggest/insinuate by supposedly clever and logical reasoning that most crimes here are not being committed by Caymanians. They are- and every possible GENUINE statistical way of looking at it proves it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Nothing insinuated, just facts – and I never said or even suggested that most crimes are not committed by Caymanians. In fact, I said they are.

            • Anonymous says:


              Most of the crimes are committed by ‘true’ caymanians that have been brought up by generations of Caymanians that encourage them to be greedy and lazy. Combine greed and laziness and you get criminality, these people too lazy to work but greedy so want what everyone else has got.

              People like you covering up those facts don’t help matters. The older generations of Caymanians need to step and tell their kids it is not acceptable. They need to work hard at school, don’t be so materialistic and stop having casual sex and kids too young.

      • Anonymous says:

        TRUE TRUE. Nationality is not the issue. It should mandatory that all Businesses have cameras and also government is taking too long to set the example by  installing cameras in the worst areas. Private home owners arenow installing cameras regardless of how poor they are.

    • EastSider says:

      All 4 of them are Caymanians and at least 2 are juveniles.

      • Tell da truth says:

        The Cayman media consistently identifies foreign nationals by their nationality when they are linked to or accused of a crime.  If there is no nationality in the report the individuals are almost certainly Caymanian.