Murder victim found in GT

| 29/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman crime(CNS): Updated 11:30 Police have now named the man who was found shot dead in the car park of the Progressive warehouse in Sparky Drive, industrial area, George Town last night (Thursday 28 January). 32-year-old Courtney Spence from Bodden Town, who was a production manager at Progressive Distributors, was shot dead as he finished his shift and walked towards his car in the parking lot. Police say a man emerged from the shadows, shot Spence and then ran off down Sparky Drive. Officers from the RCIPS say they are now working on establishing a motive for the killing.

Less than one month into the New Year the police have launched their first murder enquiry of 2010 following the discovery of Spence, a Jamaican national’s body in his workplace car park. Police said they were unable to offer a description of the suspect at this time but a murder incident team, led by Detective Inspector Lauriston Burton, has been established at George Town police station.  

“This has all the appearance of a deliberate premeditated attack on Mr Spence,” Burton said. “I would appeal to anyone who has any information about the murder, or the man responsible, to contact my team at George Town police station. The scene has been cordoned off to allow extensive forensic examinations to take place. As part of the enquiry we will be speaking to friends, family, associates and workmates of the victim as we try to establish a motive for this brutal attack,” the senior officer added.

Police have not yet released official crime figures, but 2009 recorded the highest number of homicides in Cayman’s history, with seven murders and one manslaughter, though convictions have been obtained in only two of the cases.

Anyone with information can call the murder incident room at George Town police station on 949 -4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS). His wife is currently being supported by a family liaison officer from RCIPS.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was not going to add anymore but I can not just go away without making  this statement. First, my comments were never meant to claim that the Brackers are above anyone else. I was only addressing the concerns I feel we all have and was hoping to offer what might either be helpful or maybe even a solution to what we all are worry about. I have reviewed my comments and still cannot see where I was bashing Grand Cayman and putting the Brac above everyone. I read comments everyday to see what people have to say.  My disappointement with all of this is it seems that some folks pick any topic to start  on either the expats, church or government.  Try to focus on what has happened here and not get off on a subject that you are just wanting to fight over. Remember no matter what this person’s life was taken.  Show some respect and concern.  It could of been a family member/friend of yours. I am sure you would not appreciate some the comments that have been made here.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WOW!… imagine my surprise to hear of this tragic crime… yet another fatal ‘hit’ style shooting when not long ago I sat there comforted by Baines’ speech to the Chamber (broadcasted live to the country).

    In this speech Baines offered the reassurance that he had the situation under control and "there are only 15 people with guns on this Island and we are watching each of them"… get real Baines, stop hiding behind your veil and lying to the public!!

    This is a time for action and time to get this sorted (far too late in my opinion) but what chance do we have if we are to have the Cayman police force headed by Commissioners who treat us like we are stupid?

    Has there been a single successful arrest in any of the multiple gun crimes and shootings that have taken place since Baines made that awful groundless and mumbling speech?… no and I dare say there never will be.

    Shame on you Commissioner Baines!

  3. Bluff Rat says:

    In response to Anonymous (not verified) on Mon, 02/01/2010 – 01:03…….You couldn’t have said it better! THANK YOU!

  4. Anon says:

    My God get real people!! A man lost his life here! I don’t know who he was but I am sure that there are many people mourning his loss right now! This should not be about Cayman Brac v. Grand Cayman! And as far as I’m concerned all the "Caymanians"…that’s people living on Grand Cayman in case you get confused! bashing "BRACKERS!"….try to spell the name right people! Should just SHUT THE HELL up and show some respect for the poor deceased man! And I would bet my bottom dollar it was a person living on Grand Cayman that started this whole Brac bashing BULL**IT!! But you people on Grand Cayman will find anyway and use any opportunity to tear another man down!! You all don’t even have enough respect and SENSE to know when to shut up and leave well enough alone!! Have some respect for the man who lost his life and STOP HATING so much on Cayman Brackers you jealous stupid bunch of morons!

    Yes I really wish we could take all of our people back to the Brac and seperate ourselves from down here! You all have the worst mind set of any human being I’ve ever come across of! You all tear down your own Country man/brother man! What ever you want to call them! Every opportunity you get! You are never unified on anything! You HATE to see another Caymanian get anywhere in life, move up in life! Do better for themselves!…And this time I’m referring to all three islands….just in case your pea brain can’t grasp quick enough what I’m trying to say! You show no respect for the guy that lost his life! And you’re just on here tearing down Brackers and just being narrowed mine, STUPID, DISGUSTING and DISRESPECTFUL! SHUT UP!!!!

    Our day will probably come! But all we can do at this point is pray to God that it doesn’t any time soon and live in peace and harmony among ourselves. You all don’t know the first thing about living in peace and harmony and being neighbourly! Just look at the way you drive! You would rather tear off the front end of another driver’s car than to just slow down and let a man out in traffic! That’s just one tiny example of the attitudes I see on this island! We don’t live like that on Cayman Brac! We try to live in peace and harmony for the majority of the time with one another!! Stop hating because you all can’t get it together down here! It all comes with population increases and I guess when our population starts to increase on Cayman Brac…the bad will follow as well.

    • fuzzy says:

      And just think ;the poster who got us Caymanians(from Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman) bashing one another is not even a local.Please read it again and you will see what I am talking about. Notice the suggestion to send Caymanians(idiots/criminals) to Cayman Brac and keeping Grand Cayman for "HARDWORKING EXPATS’ ;NO MENTION OF ANY HARDWORKING LOCALS.We have got to stop playing the games by these peoples rules and acting like their puppets.They know we have some differences so they throw out a little bait and we swallow it ,hook,line and sinker.Come on my fellow Caymanians bring back the unity and dont let them divide us.PEACE and LOVE to all Caymanians; from Northeast Bay in Cayman Brac to Northwest Point Grand Cayman and all points in between.

  5. Anon says:

    Unna try go sit down and hush with unna comments about this Brac issue!! Many of you d*** well know that some people (and note I said SOME) in Grand Cayman seems to have a resentment towards Brackers. I’m quite sure it wasn’t a Bracker that started this whole war of words here when they posted that crap about turning the Brac into a prison island. So there you go!

    I have lived and worked in Grand Cayman for the past 25 years and recently I had to move back to the Brac. Why? Because I put up with the resentment in my workplace for many years and decided I had enough of hearing, "These old Cayman Brackers, all they do is come down ya and take away our jobs etc". Not only in the workplace but some people in the community as a whole seems to have a problem with us. I can see now how the expats feel. Anyway, Cayman Airways twin otter wasn’t too small to hold my backside and I reckon I didn’t hit her to the eastward! You may say, good riddance buthey, I’m taking it easy enjoying my lil pension, tending to my ground and yes, I go to Edd’s and drink my rum every Friday evening. Does that make me a Bracker who thinks I’m better than you in Grand Cayman? I think not!

    God bless and condolences to the family of the young man who lost his life.

  6. Chet O. Ebanks says:

    Good Evening, My prayers are with the family of the deceased, may GOD comfort you in your time of tradgey. To the rest of posters on here I for one would like to see more names to your comments. Why hide behind words, we live in a free country for goodness sake stop hiding behind posting that say Anonymous, if you have something to say, PLEASE don’t be afraid to let your country know who you are. This is what is wrong with Cayman today and I don’t just mean Grand Cayman, I mean The Cayman Islands, that I LOVE and call my home. So be PROUD of what your posting and use your name. Thank you.  

  7. Anonymous says:

    All the poster of 7:59 is saying in my opinion is that as Caymanians we need to stick together and Braccas need to stop thinking they are immune to this epidemic/problem. Its affecting us all as caymanians. Braccas have come on here and made a mockery of this entire situation talking about going to Ed’s place and I na hear more foolishness come on have some respect. And YES Cayman Brac please stop thinking that you are seperate from us and immune to this issue. If I’m not mistaken the Brac has crime as well it might be very few and far between but what affects one affects all because we are Caymanians. Beside I’ve had enough of the Brac thinking they are different from us. I dont have a problem with the Brac or Little Cayman or even Grand Cayman wghich is my home my problem is the crime wave, the hatred, the contempt we have for each other. If you are not going to offer a solution then shut your mouth and appreciate what you have in the Brac since we here in Grand Cayman are losing it slowly you seem to be the one that has no love for Grand Cayman since you feel that this is a Grand Cayman problem and not a Cayman Islands problem as the poster said. When you live in a glass house do not throw stones because if you are a Bracca you are a Caymanian. Cha

  8. Anonymous says:

    This is for 7:59. IF your comment is for me "I will skip over the who".  I do not understand your angry at me or anyone from the Brac.  I was offering what I felt was a workable solution to the horrible problems that do involve all three islands.  We have been effected by the crimes that have been happening on Grand Cayman. Sadly there are "Braccas" that have had a family member or a friend killed in Grand Cayman. So it does effect us deeply. 

    Our island, like Little Cayman, is small so we are lucky to know just about everyone we see daily.  With limited airflights we do not have the coming and going of people everyday like Grand Cayman.  With limited places to go at night most people are at home.  I do resent the bar  comments you make. With such negative comments, you must have a problem with someone living on the Brac. Never in my comment did I insult your island or the people living there. So why you have such a bitter hate is your problem and not mine. 

    The peace and quiet here and Little Cayman is not for everyone so if you find our island not for you then fine stay on Grand Cayman but do not slam us for what and who we are.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Amen to the poster of 7:59 I couldnt have said it better myself. We need to find solutions for our nation the beautiful Cayman Islands and stop slandering and segregating one another. Grand Cayman is like it or not the big island, we have a larger population and with that will come more crime and more ridicule but we need not forget that this is where the most commerce for these 3 islands is generated. Protect our own Cayman all 3 islands and Braccas, stop seperating yourselves because you are no better than the rest of us, if Grand Cayman falls the Brac will fall too. Dotn ever forget that. The crime needs to be prevented for the protection of the Cayman Islands on a whole.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I’m sick of hearing Braccas segregating themselves from Grand Cayman…They conveniently forget that they are a part of the Cayman Islands. From the beginning of time Braccas thought they were better than the rest of us. Contribute some solutions or just shut up and continue living in your perfect Cayman Brac until the crime wave hits a little closer to "home" as if we are not all SISTER ISLANDS if things get bad in Cayman Brac where you going run to if it na Grand Cayman which is home same way…. Tell you the truth if the majority of you would stay out of the bars long enough then perhaps you’d have something useful to say. Stop cussing kettle black…oh i forget braccas good forthat. Let me remind you of something when the world refers to the Cayman Islands whether it’s in a good light or a bad light they dont seperate these 3 islands by saying Grand  Cayman or Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, we are painted with the same brush and fried in the same fat because we are one nation. Try so remember that you ignorant fool. We need to pick ourselves up by the boot straps and find solutions.

    • Bracca says:

      U Da.. dunce, you all are the ones that seperated yourselves from us you all dont want us to even have a jet flight so i dunno wha de hell u talking bout!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    RIP courtney

    Whatever it was it could not have been worth your life and leaving a widow in mourning.

  12. Jail'em in Cuba says:


    It apparently costs some CI$50,000.00 per prisoner per year in Cayman and I’m pretty sure that the Cuban authorities would be delighted to subcontract the job for around CI$5000.00 per prisoner, a huge saving!…

    This would also act as an enormous deterrent, as I’d expect the Cuban jails are far from being a sinecure: the food, facilities and visiting rules  will be a far cry from what’s now available in Cayman..

    Added benefits:

    – Freed prisoners will have acquired a second language, which should be helpful for their rehabilitation in society…

    – More traffic on Cayman Airways to Cuba from visiting relatives…

    – Far more room available in Cayman’s jail for young offenders and those who have received light sentences and are not yet hardened criminals…

    This would really be a no-brainer WIN-WIN deal for Cayman as a whole!…






    • Anonymous says:

      Cuban jails are probably much to nice to be a real deterrent. My suggestion is to send convicts to jails in a country that has an average income per capita of no more than $2 per day – somewhere like Sudan. The government could offer to pay the country $5 per day or even $10 dollars per prisoner. The money would contribute to the economy of that country and Cayman would save something like $50,000 per prisoner per year. That would add up to $10 million per year which could be put into schools and prevention programmes.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with this poster to a degree. It would benefit Cayman to send them away and it would benefit the other country. However why don’t we take this a step further

    • Anonymous says:

      One shouldn’t assume but from the report the victim was walking to car, man runs out and shoots him and runs off, were there cameras?  If there was no motive do we now on top of everything else have someone just shooting innocent people?  Are we justall sitting ducks waiting to be shot at?

    • frank rizzo says:

      What makes you think another country wants our criminals? I suppose we could just load the prisoners on rafts and shove them off toward Cuba.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I will skip over the  "who" is in government issues and for sure leave out the Bible and going back to church. Not that I am against church but this is something one must do for themself and not force on others. It is not the solution but a comfort you can seek out.

    My really point here is the crime and what can be done to help. First you can not stop crime it is everywhere in the world you can only reduce it.  The means to do so will come with help from the public and the poilce.  The public is "YOU". I know people want to look the other way and not get involved but how do you expect to get the protection you want if you are not willing to do what you can. Please do not just close your eyes or look the other way. You want the police to do their job then tell them what they need know to do it.  They can not be everywhere. If you are afraid to come forward, then  call  or write it down and mail it.   Maybe the police can provide the public with a mailing address for such information.

    From reading the other postings here I will agree with one thing. Arm all of your police. I can not understand how anyone would expect an officer to do his/her job well against an armed person without having a weapon of their own. All officers need to be armed because you never know when you will face such a criminal with a weapon. It could be a simple traffice stop.

    All officers need to be aggressive.  Law Enforcement is not a walk in the park. It takes a speical person who is willing to lay down their life to protect the public.  IF you are not willing to do this then get off the force and let someone who is do the job. Law Enforcement is not for the weak.

    As for your prison, it is a joke and again the criminals know it.  Make it a living hell so no one wants to go there and if they do they will never want to go back.  For fun reading look up Sheriff Joe ( he is in Arizona) on the internet. His prisoners wear pink underwear, have no airconditioning and live in tents. You will  love the port a potty and cold sandwiches they get. Yes they even have a chain gang that wears black and white striped prison uniforms while they clean up along the road sides. Punishment is about doing hardwork and if demeaning a person makes them think twice before committing a crime again then I am all for it.  

    I am from the Brac and we do have a wonderful island. I feel all of this is due to the close feeling the people have for one another. The feeling of being safe is priceless and we are all very lucky to live here.

  14. Anonymous says:

    here we go again. it seems these punks will continue to strike when and wherever they wish until they either grow out of it or run out of bullets.  every other weekend something or other happens. we get to read only the ones that reach the papers. what about the ones that dont reach and i know there are some horrendous  acts that dont reach headline news. who cares where he is from? stop f king bickering and chatting s**t. cayman is full of talk and no actions. same old.

    happy new year? i think not.

  15. CuriousP says:

    I am a Caymanian living in the states…and whenever there is a crime I never here them say…A Mexican National from HIghlands was shot today or An Italian National…I think that Cayman needs to get over it….and the news service needs to really get a life…so ignorant I swear…people are people…

    You think if something happens to the entire Cayman Islands…the world is going to pick it apart and say…well 400 Jamaican Nationals drowned and 300 Hondurans were they going say there was a total of 2000 CAYMANIANS in a tragedy today…lol

    Get over it… 

    My condolensces to that mans family..

    • Anonymous says:

      No the US media would say 2000 died in the Caymans and 50 Americans area amongst the dead.  The Jamaica media would say 2000 died in Cayman 400 Jamaicans are amongst the dead…….


      Get the facts str8 or be quiet


      keep doing what you are doing CNS you are best pratice

    • Anonymous says:

      You fool fool paper caymanian our Island is very small, and whenever something tragic happens origin of the person is usually reported so that the Cayman Community can know who the person is. Unfortunately we Caymanians do not know most of them as we are a rare species now a days.

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am all for harsher sentences, but how do you know that they will hang the right person???  Do you truly have faith in the RCIP and judicial system to get anything right.  I don’t, at least not when crime scenes are not properly secured, evidence is left behind to be tampered with, investigations are not completed, hastily completed, or wrongly completed, etc. 

    • Anonymous says:

      It would be much better to send them to a prison in Sudan or some such place- there is one called Shalla in Sudan that sounds like it would be a deterrent – much more of a deterrent than just hanging them anyway. If the evidence later exonerates them then you can bring them back from Sudan or wherever – and you can bet that they will never even think of speeding or spitting on the pavement once they have been in a Sudanese prison.

  17. Citizen of the World says:

    R.I.P. Mr. Spence.

    People, why all this ignorance and anger?  Blaming "this one" and "that one"…"foreigner" "expat" "Caymanian".  Every nationality-regardless of creed, colour, and religion-has bad apples. 

    I can’t say I actually sat down and read the 100+ comments left on this story, but the recurring theme looks to be regarding nationality, which can be called…ding ding….RACISM.  Big word for some of you I bet.

    A human being is no longer on this earth, a family is mourning a member they’ve lost, but all you critics can do is point the finger.  Shame on you.

    I’ve never commented on any of these stories before.  Why?  Because none of these stories were detrimental to me.  If someone wants to pay millions of dollars to dredge through South South….let them.  If scientific evidence cannot talk them out of it, Mother Nature will make them pay.  If Government wants to grant more people Caymanian Status, so what?  I don’t care, as long as those granted Status love Cayman, look out for her best interests, and promote our culture. 

    We all have our peeves…and our discriminations.  And please, don’t try conceiving yourself that you don’t discriminate.  It’s human nature.  Even the person I respect and admire the most (my mother) discriminates. 

    I can tell you now, once I heard the name "Courtney", I automatically assumed he was Jamaican….see, there I am stereotyping=being discriminatory.  WE ALL DO IT!

    My point is: we’re all human, we all have flaws.  Who are you to judge another?

    Live is short, people…do the best you canand enjoy the ride.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays: if that’s the case, then they just doing it just for style. As long as they keep it to themselves

    • Anonymous says:

      In reply to post 22:24, it is unfortunate but they are not. I heard of an incident just last night (Saturday)where the occupants of two cars were shooting at each other, they spun around in the middle of the  road, and some innocent person was on their way home from Fosters in town and had to stop. The person had to feel themselves to make sure they had not been shot. Thank God the individual was not shot or killed, but it could have been very unfortunate should any of the above had happened.  We could all be victims of this horrific crime wave that we are having in our once peaceful community.

      Wasn’t there some other incident in the West Bay that the bus was shot at? Not sure if this one is accurate, as it was only hearsay.

      My people we must unite, we must help the police, we must come together, no matter if you are Caymanian or not, we are all living here, this is home, this is where our children are being raised.  It could have been you or me in the midst of the gun shots last night.

      We have to take back Cayman from the criminals, what does it take for us to come forward, find someone you trust, your Minister,there must be someone, please help us fight this crime. Look at the break ins, the home invasions, it is like who is NEXT?  It could be me or you, wake up people speak out.

  19. Anonymous says:

    To Fri 17:49 :  Well said. You describe a Cayman I miss too, but I don’t have anywhere to go. Thanks for the memories. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    Lach, your postings confirm that you are well and keeping in touch with Cayman and that deserves ‘respect!’, as we say. But why not offer more than encouragement, where are your solutions, bro?

  21. Anonymous says:

    There is nothing but dismay and outrage to express for the increasing crime in Grand Cayman and there is nothing but to keep urging the authorities to do more to apprehend the perpetrators and bring them to justice. Sadly, the situation has evolved where the public in general is not keen on assisting, for various reasons we’ve heard.

    But may I try to offer a glimmer of hope: our crime rate is still well below comparable societies in the region; meaning similarities in population size/demographics and relative affluence (itself – or the lack thereof – being a factor in many instances). Bermuda immediately comes to mind; with 20 murders and dozens of armed robberies last year. In comparison, Cayman still seems relatively safe. If crime-fighting and crime-solving here becomes so effective as to limit our statistics to present numbers or, hopefully, reduce them, we will still be able to count our blessings. That being said, however, it is still little comfort to the victims and families of victims.

    But viewed from the perspective of the appearance of whether one society is safer than another, we have to question how that appearance is managed. In today’s information age, it is a challenge to contain information yet the region (or perhaps the world) at large isn’t chattering about Bermuda’s surge in crime. I wonder how Cayman is now being seen?  Is it better to publicize such deterioration of society at risk of our reputation but foster outrage and eventually, solutions or is it that less coverage would do less damage to our image but would indicate a de-sensitization to increasing crime and possibly have a worse long term effect?

    This is a very critical Catch 22 to ponder. The ideal, of course, is for the RCIPS and Courts to get busy and reduce the source problem.

  22. Sico Pathe says:

    I was disgusted by the full page obituary of Fabian in the Compass today.  It seemed to miss out the part about "He also participated in gang killings". . .

    PS CNS you can’t libel the dead!

    • Anonymous says:

      I find it interesting that there are no respones to this comment. Or is CNS screening comments to the degree that it doesn’t look bad for their friends?  What is the criteria for a commment not appropriate? I know many have actually responded to this comment and nothing has been posted. 

      If this is really screened to the point of giving an appearance one way or another, then this website doesn’t facilitate "free speech"

      CNS: No it doesn’t, not the kind of free speech where anonymous posters can discuss other people’s personal matters. A free flow of ideas is not the same thing as a bitch and a gossip.

  23. Anonymous says:

    i believe anyone who commits a crime such as murder or rape, does not deserve to live. they have no regards to human life, they are like animals, and they desrve to be treated like vicious and savage animals. i know that it’s not right to take another human being’s life, and God is the judge at the end, but i am fed up and literally sick to my stomach with what the law is doing. they need to take matters into hand more seriously, and these so-called politicians who say they’re trying to stop crime aren’t doing squat!!!! it’s time these criminals are taught a severe and harsh lesson, and any one who decides thay are going to take someone elses life, will think twice.

  24. Anonymous says:

    In spite of what the international and some of the local community thinks.I  think it is time to bring back public hanging. it will let these young people know they will be hung if take anothers life. and don’t drag out the process you get 1 appeal and if you loose you are hung in one year on the same day they took theother person or persons life. that will let them think about shooting someone.  

  25. FedUp KMan Girl says:

    Why is it that every single story that’s posted on CNS ends up being about nationalities or government parties no matter the topic??! Seriously, can we keep our comments related to the topics at hand?! I mean Is it that hard to stop spewing hate at every single opportunity?!

    My advice – try so find something constructive to say, to help rebuild *OUR* community and country, and stop chatting foolishness. I, for one, am sick of hearing all the drama about PPM, UDP, PPU, UCP, URWE, ABC, XYZ, (whomever) – Caymanians, Ex-Pats, Jamaicans, Hondurans and so on.

    The Government is the GOVERNMENT. Period. Nothing more, nothing less. We that live here in Cayman Islands are called residents. ALL FOR ONE! What happened to loving thy neighbour!? Our fore fathers would be ashamed of all this back and forth.

    My goodness man, think of this man’s family as you type.

    I didn’t know him at all, but may his soul RIP and may God richly bless his family with strength through this most difficult time.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       Hi FedUp Girl……thx for posting here. The problem is that the Government needs to effect major change and take immediate action to solve these horrible issues. We can all make constructive suggestions but unless someone in power/elected power takes action we can talk ourselves blue and nothing will happen. My thought …..make suggestions…offer solutions but push them on the elected Governemnt…they are the ones to start the shift…….

      Keep posting and expressing yourself…..

      • au revoir says:

        Wishful thinking – all that government does well is talk…  it will take another 200 years before they take any action.

  26. Anonymous says:


    Cayman is in tune with the times
    Of declining morals and rising crime
    When the greatest love is vanity
    And mankind has forsaken the Almighty
    There is now a lost generation
    And there is really no simple solution
    In these days, almost anything goes
    And the effect on society really shows
    Teenagers are becoming parents
    Long before they can even pay the rent
    Immoral acts have been legalized
    And lewd behavior has been glorified
    Their heroes can be found on MTV
    And their fashion sense is from BET
    They want to profile like Jay-Z
    And they want to bling like P. Diddy
    They want everything but a good job
    And without hesitation they kill and rob
  27. Anonymous says:

    Sign an agreement with the USA to send all of Cayman’s convicted murderers to Guantanamo Bay, to be under security by the US Military.  It will cost Cayman less, than if they house them here in Northward.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sending anyone sentenced to more than 5 years away from Northward is an excellent idea. Not sure if we could legally send Caymanians away but it would be very much less expensive if we could send the others to another country to serve their time. I would suggest Sudan or maybe Mozambique as I am sure they would charge much less than the Americans and would give a real incentive to criminals not to do the crime cause they definitely would not like doing the time in those countries.

    • Anonymous says:

      you all GOD fearing DOGS remember the solution in the 70’s and the 80’s was to send them to JAMAICA, has anyone learn anything from sending them to JAMAICA today?? perhaps you’re too busy caught up in that cement building worshiping that man in the picture JESUS now the solution is to send them away with well educated criminals. FOOLS

  28. Anonymous says:


    Come on all of you complaining about the PPM and UDP, get over the politics, the police doesn’t fall under either political party. The persons we should be calling on is the Governor, Deputy Governor and his assistant the former Chief Immigration Officer. It is their responsibility to oversee the RCIPS and make sure they have the funds and man power to control our streets. Why have we not heard from Either one of these parties ( I will give the current Gov a break as he has just arrived in Cayman, leaving him with a big law enforcement mess)?
    My sympathy goes out the family member of this Murder young man.
  29. Anonymous says:

    I’m a little confused… who saw the shadow? the police? If someone was there- which I’m assuming (Im sure it’s not the dead guy that says he saw a shadow) maybe they heard a car drive off, or heard something other than gun shots?

    Another thing: why say a "Jamaican national from BT"?

    • Amen says:

      "Why say a "Jamaican national from BT"?"

      That’s a police description.  If you just say "a man" everyone says they want more info – where’s he from? – where did he live? – what’s his name?

      Stopping short of answering the last one, the police give just enough info to curb the questions. 

      Noone ever complains when a diving death is reported as a "56 year old male TOURIST from UTAH"…

      Of course, what will be interesting is when this crime spree goes mainstream, starts hitting random members of the public and crosses all racial barriers – then we will be saying "28 year old white man", "45 year old Indian" and "37 year old Philipeno".

      When that starts happening, ya better duck, cover and run – cause we have hit it mainstream.


    • Anonymous says:

      "…why say a "Jamaican national from BT"?"

      Because that is part of the victim’s identity? If you say a man from Bodden Town that will be misleading, and if you say a Jamaican national that does not identify him as a resident.

      • Anonymous says:

        The point is that, when I first read the article, or maybe I heard it on ethe news- I heard ‘a man from BT’ which was misleading to me. It would have been enough to say a Jamaican man living in BT, bottom line. Obviously if he is on the island he must be a RESIDENT! no one said a Jamaican "visitor" or tourist. I have a lot of familiy in BT and became worried when I heard that, wondering who it might be.

  30. caymanianWoman says:

    I agree…bring in about 15 S.W.A.T., add a sniper for those hard to reach places – SORTED for the year!

    Unfortunaltely, what the Caymanian Government spends on the training and recruitment of our own sadly may not be worth it; don’t get me wrong – we NEED more local officers, but only the ones that throw themselves into their job.  How many of them, given the order, would even have the courage enough to shoot when required?  Less less than10%.  How are they going to protect and serve when they are scared of getting their hands dirty.  C’mon, it’s the nature of the job, stop signing up for the SALARY, it’s much more than that.

    I’m Caymanian and I support local employment HOWEVER, how can I feel that I am in safe hands with judicial corruption, a big bunch of ‘scaredy’ cats, and shady politics – it’s not a joke but LMAO! I’m bloody trembling in my boots! 

  31. Bluff Rat says:

    Ah, boy. Even in the time of death some of you clowns found the time to write a pile of crap about sending all of the criminals to the Brac. No sa! Unna gah go!!  Obviously, some Cayman Bracker must’ve ruffled your feathers. May we remind you that Cayman Brac is still beautiful and we’re trying our best not to let any outside influence ruin it so don’t even go there with your silly ideas about calling it a prison island. Try go put your energy into helping law enforcement solve the murders in Cayman instead of bashing Brackers every opportunity you get. In the main time, we gine down Edd’s shortly to drink some rum and listen ya, we don’t need to be looking over our shoulders up ya so don’t come ya and mess up our lil paradise. Cha!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think I will join you at Ed’s place.

    • Anonymous says:

      hahahahahahahahha in the mids of sadness sometimes we need a good laugh.

      BTW to the folks who don’t know, there is a Caymanian wife today , in mourning.

      My deepest sympathy to you Jen.  Your friends and family wish you the best.


    • Bracca says:

      Lets check out the bar at the hotel this evening bluffrat we’ll check Edds tonight lets go look at the whistling ducks by the pond this evening and oh they kinda Jealous of all the successful business men from the Brac In Cayman (Kirkconnells, Tibbetts, Naul Bodden) and loads more  so really cant blame them for being jealous still and like u say we nah gah look ova ower shoulders Cya at the hotel!

      • fuzzy says:

        To Bracca,please remember the Cayman in "Cayman Brac".If you are talking about Cayman Braccers who are successful in "Grand" Cayman you should say so; as just saying "Cayman "implies all three of the Cayman Is.Furthermore the post you are referring to was apparently written by someone not having a lot of respect for Caymanians since he/she states that Caymanians(who they refer to as idiots or criminals) should be shipped to Cayman Brac ,which they would turn in to a prison island(i guess this would be similar to the way the British turned Australia into a prison colony centuries ago).I guess that would leave Grand Cayman as the work place of the "hardworking expats" and Little Cayman as their weekend and holiday getaway.Just my opinion.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sounds to me like you are saying that Cayman Brac will grow into a prosperous entity while Grand Cayman will become a shadow of it former self like the UK now is.

    • Anonymous says:

      Crime? CNS, can you enquire into the rumour that a young child found a gun at the opening of the new Miss Redley Library, if so why the silence!

      CNS: I sent this to RCIPS press officer and she responded: "On the day of the opening a sports starting pistol was found by a child at the community playing fields. The starting pistol was handed into police and enquiries revealed it had been left behind the CI Athletic Association. The Association recognise their carelessness and have apologized. CI Howell will be issuing them with a written warning."

    • Anonymous says:

      AGREED. Try and stop selling your property to those copy cat Caymanians. Know whwt will happen shortly? Everyone of them will be trying to out do the other by building the biggest house and then they will have to get work permits for helpers, and gardeners and that will be the end. Try for God sake and preserve Cayman Brac for as long as you can. I have no doubt that you will as you all are a different species, making education a priority and passing every  exam. See where there is no vision the people perish, perhaps that could be the problem in Grand Cayman.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Sick and tired of hearing foolishness like this!!!


    Before the end of the year – I guarantee that the British Army

    is going to be hear patroling the streets!!

    McKeeve – maybe it’s time to stop traveling and spend some time

    talking – to these so called gangster BOYS ( cuz real men don’t fight with guns)!


    Oh and btw: Why are the Police ALWAYS letting these little PUNKS out of jail. The last set of bastards where told they could go free, because even though there were multiple eye witness’ to them shooting – surprise surprise – there was no FORENSIC  evidence to hold them. WTH??


    Police beginning to make me sick – I have little respect for them – they are a bunch of COWARDS and should remember they are hired to protect and SERVE!!


    No, it ain’t all the Police fault why these thingsare happening – but they got too many corrupt cops in the system!!



  33. Anonymous says:

    Honestly i’m sick and tired of this blaming game of what happen on PPM shift and whats happening on UDP shift what need to been done is get all of this crap under control doesnt same like the RCIP can do the job  . So if they cant do it bring people in that would if it take a clean sweep from the top to the bottom well it has to be done .

  34. Anonymous says:



  35. Anonymous says:

    skully we all miss you .. we all meet again some day

  36. Bracca says:

    Some of You bunch of fools have a Beautiful Island and destroying it like that SHAME ON YOU!

    • Anonymous says:

      Well isnt the Bracca calling the Kettle Black….

    • Cayman Bobby says:

      Ok, guys, so yes the police may be crap, and yes the preeemeeer may be idiot for trying to oust one of the last honest people in his government (Go DAN!) but read this story carefully…. (i’m paraphrasing here as I can’t see the story on this reply page…) ‘a man emerged from the shadows and shot the victim then ran off’… that, dear readers, is either wendy’s journalistic licence (unlikely) or it implies that there is actaully a witness in this case, and not only that, but that they have come forward and given evidence to the cops.

      Berate the cops all you want, but if my assumption is correct, we have, relatively speaking here, a hero prepared to stand up and be counted and assist the investigation. You should be humbled by this Cayman, from your safe, rhetoric soaked, ill-advised perches.

      may the lost sould rest in peace, but given the venom expressed on here, somehow I doubt that.

    • Anonymous says:

      NO! Its the Premier and the people he imported to support him that is destroying our Beautiful Island.

      • Anonymous says:

        This is stupid when most of the criminals are young Caymanian men(boys). Stop blaming others and try to be a part of the solution. It’s not McKeeva’s, Kurt’s, PPM, UDP or the Police’s fault, it is all of us. We need to stand up and be counted. A lot of us know who these criminals are but won’t speak out or turn them in because of them being family members or feel threatened by them.

        Blaming politicians and the Police is a waste of time if we ourselves choose to ignore the problem and not except that part of the blame lies with us and we must do our part to get rid of this criminal element.



    • Ex Ex-Pat says:

      I think you mean "had" a beautiful island……. I was there and it ain’t all that.

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously have some very keen interest in an island that "ain’t all that" since you still reading our news and don’t live here anymore…..

      • Anon says:

        Sounds like someone got rolled over and is quite bitter!! if you were here and "it ain’t all that" why the hell you still reading our news for?.  HAHAHA.. Missing that sunshine, that crystal clear water and that SWEET SAWEET CI dollar that you didn’t have to pay tax on, EH??!!

        • Anonymous says:

           Hmmmmm…think much before you speak?  I am also an ex ex-pat…lived in cayman for most of my life… nope I dont miss the money or the tax free status, even though I dont make anywhere NEAR what I made there, do I miss the sun…oh HUH_ELL no!!!! Do I miss the clear blue seas?  Yeah I do…. but with what’s potentially happening at Stingray City, I don’t think I’ll be missing it much longer, cos that’s a travesty….. what I DO miss is Cayman the way it USED to be; when we mostly all loved each other, when we lived mostly in harmony; ‘ex-pats’ and Caymanians alike, went to school together, hung out together…even with tourists…and we all had a great time.  Do I now subscribe to the ‘it aint all that’ comment…. mmmm kinda, yeah I do… It WAS all that, but now it aint…. it’s still my second home though in my heart and I love and miss my caymanian family…. but Cayman is systematically being DESTROYED!!…. and why do I still read the Cayman newspapers??? Because I still care about what happens there!!!! SILLY!!!!! Why shouldnt I????  Lots of us ‘ex-pats’ care about Cayman, and tried our best to be a part of the community; did the beach clean ups, donated time and love and money to a place we called home for many years…. lemme tell ya, a lot (clearly not all) of Caymanians may want to take a leaf out of the book of those of us who care about the islands.  No I dont live there anymore, but given what is going on there, I dont miss living there either…take care of your island and stop taking this all as a big joke!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            I’m a Cayman expat, and it is a shame about the loss of Cayman.  Of course there are a lot more islands in the Caribbean, and that doesn’t even count the coastal portions of the US, Mexico, Cuba, etc. that share the same waters.  Cayman thinks it has the "world of water" by the short hairs, but Cuba has it all and more and is just waiting for the resorts to start popping up. And Costa Rica?  Same as Cayman, but without the hurricanes.

            Shame really about the short-sightedness.

          • Rudyard... says:

            IF you really cared about the islands and they way they were, you would get off your a$$ and help do something about it – restore the community kindness – bring back the friendliness and hospitality of old (much of which really does still exist – but you don’t know ’cause you quit and aren’t ya no mre…).

            Instead, you sit your frozen, bitter, overtaxed butt down on the computer and pointedly remark that Cayman has changed and won’t ever be the same – and you got the best of it.

            I have been here over 40 years.  Like everywhere else in the the world, it has changed.  Some for the better – no smoke pots and wearing whompers to back water – some for the worse – crime and ignorance, alot brought in from outside – some channeled back by our own people from overseas when they learn the bitter truth that the grass is always greener on the other side – but when they got there, it was an illusion, but their pride prevents them coming back…  Sound like a poster anyone knows on this board?

            Love to the people of Cayman, rise up and fight the violence – it is a small sector of our communitydoing this, and we will, I say WILL, overcome.

            Peace to all – even you, oh sad Caymanian expat, whereever you are…

        • Anonymous says:

          Assuming he got rolled over, I wonder if it was done ethically and / or legally?

  37. Anonymous says:

    When was there an attempted  robbery at Tripple C? Anymore details?


    CNS Note: Please see: Break-ins continue to plague George Town

  38. Tuesdays and Thursdays LYRICS says:

    Hi Gansta out there here is some advice as quoted from your N.O. Gansta Idol Little Wanye about These days of the week:

    S**t, might as well
    And stay from the block cuz it be hotter then hell
    I’ma tell ya now, they don’t give a damn about ya
    End up in that place and toy around and be forgotten
    They rotten like a whole apple off a forbidden tree
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays you won’t find me

    S**t, n**a betta hop, skip, and jump on the block
    On Tuesdays and Thursdays better run from the block
    Stay there if you want and get ???

    September 10, 2009 Thursday

    March 10, 2009 Tuesday

    December 29, 2009 Tuesday

    January 28, 2010 Thursday

    These days represent 28% of days in the week but 50% of the murders since 2009 have occurred on them.   Interesting!





    • Anonymous says:

      TAKE BACK THE STATUS GRANTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Ever since McKeeva Bush "GAVE" away our birth right "nilly willy", the crime has risen to unprecedented levels and out of control.

      There were criminals that recieved Status in the granting of the 3000 in 2003 as none of the required background checks were done, so people with fake IDs slipped through the cracks created by McKeeva Bush, and can you imagine that he wants to do it all over again with the granting of Permanent Residencys in the thousands – this man has got to GO, FOR REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        You have 8 unlawful killings in 2009 and 7 in 2008 and I’m sure somebody know the numbers for the earlier years following the status grants as well, which will make the total number of unlawful killings a semi-reasonable statistical universe, so somebody should be able to sort out what percentage of the perpetrators who have been caught were here on astatus grant.

        Oh yeah… I forgot.  Murderers are not caught in the Cayman Islands, so their status can’t be known.

        OK, forget about it…

      • Anonymous says:

        I know thats right!  Mckeeva and Immigration is letting in too much expats into our Island without even checking a criminal background on them all and fingerprinting them.   Caymanians wake up this man has got to go, cant you all see that he’s bringing down this Country?   Ever since these expats been here on our Island the criminal rate has increase tremendously. 

        I was one of the biggest fool that supported the UDP but now I realise it was all a mistake…lies and corruption.  These Politicians are only looking out for themselves and their selfish ways.  PPM I was wrong so wrong about you all…you all were for the people for your Caymanians but not that I have seen the light you can bets believe you will have myt vote in 2013. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Idiot! How come all-or most of- our druggies, killers, victims etc are caymanians. Stop being so blind and pathetic.

      • Bodden Towner says:

        You might get a surprise if they find out who killed the man, to hear that it is not anyone with status.  "Ever tought it could be home grown?"..

        Some words of advice to pivate business places.  including the govenment  and bus companies.

        "Watch those drivers"   Some of them are pickig up and delivering more than cool drink and passengers. 

        What you dont know, will get your drivers  killed.

        • Anonymous says:

          Fri 12:29:

          You sound like you know something-so speak to the police to help solve these criminal activities. Oh, I see, you are part of the know it all but wont say "nuttin" that is ruining our country.

      • Ms. Attitude says:

        Oh please, I am Caymanian and I can clearly state that crime takes place everywhere and you are acting as if us as Caymanians don’t commit crime as well. The issue with McKeeva giving away papers is so outgrown now its not funny. There was crime just as much when PPM was in power. Stop blaming other country men for issues that happen in the entire world. There are other countries like us who are just as small that has problems just as much

        • Anonymous says:

          You are so right, Bermuda is experiencing the same problems were are facing; murders, robbery, term-limits and work permits, however you never hear the Bermudians pointing fingers at others.  But we in these islands are too perfect, we dont commit crimes, we dont molest children, we dont do incest, we have no drug dealers, no firearm dealers – we are just too good for those things.  These things are foreign to us – therefore it must be a foreigner that are  doing these things; got to be those darn status McKeeva gave out back in 2003; but wait weren’t most of those status people were already living here, teaching us, nursing us, doctoring us, defending us, pastoring us, policing us and being parents to our children??

          Tell me how many of those persons recently gunned down were from those given status, how many of the names circulating as the trigger person are of those given status…tell me, I am listening…oh boy your silence is music to the deaf.

      • Anonymous says:

        Show the proof that these murders are being committed by by those who got status grants under Mckeeva and I will be tempted to join your bandwagon…tsk! tsk! 

      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t believe that you are thinking logically. Revolking status grants will not do much to help the crime in Cayman. The granting ofadditional status to people is not responsible for an increase in crime. A couple of factors such as increased drug activity, fewer jobs etc, are far more likely to be the cause. As the population increases, the crime rate will too. That is a general, and proven trend according to social researchers…and a logical one at that. I’m under the impression that you think no Caymanians are causing these crimes. Well, I can almost guarantee otherwise.

      • Anonymous says:

        I think you know are committing these crimes; jsut blaming the status grants to throw the police off – hand over your criminal relatives and stop putting blaming others. 

      • Anonymous says:


        Maybe we should take back your families status grants or citizenship, don’t forget before Jamaica went independent we were a province. I can’t believe you are so ignorant to the fact that it is young Caymanians caught with firearms and importing them. Case in point our the 3 young men in jail in the USA at this time. Oh, they aren’t Caymanian their parent great grand patents came from Jamaica. Idiot 🙂
        • Anonymous says:

          Let’s clear this up once and for all. Cayman was never a "province" of Jamaica (noting in particular its negative connotations). It was a political dependency, meaning only that Cayman was governed together with Jamaica under the same Governor and the Jamaican legislature had powers to legislate for Cayman. If we had been a mere "province" we would not have had the right of self-determination to decide not to go independent as a part of Jamaica. Although some of the the ancestors of some of us were, we were never Jamaicans.

          You are right though that much of our crime is home grown. However, this should not blind us to the fact that a significant amount of crime comes from insecure borders.    

    • Anonymous says:

      Good job Sherlock.  Who needs an investigation when we have you and your Hippity Hop lyrics on the case?

  39. Anonymous says:

    it,s a sad way to lose a good friend …all jamaica pray for u my friend

  40. Bobby Anonymous says:

    Bring in SWAT to do a round up of every "Gangsta". If you want to look and act tough then be prepaired to be treated tough!

    Arm the police and let the dude’s that carry ANY weapon know that they can and WILL be shot if need be, full stop! Play with fire you get burned!

    "Clean the Rock"

  41. CC says:

    Cut our population Mr Premier you and your brilliant advisors need to read the signs. Instead of expanding this dire situation.








    • Anonymous says:

      It never fails to amaze me how foolish some worldly wise people are, who are always quick to offer rash, unresearched comments to sensitive issues. Population is not the problem. SIN is the problem – SIN that started in our hearts, grew in our homes, watered in our various associations, which spilled out in our society, which is now sending up a stink around the world, that has now reached up to Heaven. And GOD will judge us for our wickedness.

      You really think poor leaders of Government and any kind of policy without an inner change can stop the times? Please!!!!!!!!

      I clench my fist and grit my teeth as I write this, trying to be patient with you. Please go back to the Bible. Seek wisdom and you will find it and stop spouting foolishness!

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree, it is an "inner" change that needs to happen, and there is no policy that can affect that.


        Love one another.

        We Caymanians used to have such a warm love for everybody – why are we hating?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good point. Let’s cut the population…..

      Lets deport all the thousands of Caymanian criminals and idiots and just leave the hardworking expats to fix the island.

      We could ship them to the Brac and make it into a new prison island.

  42. Fed up Caymanian says:

     Damn CNS you guys always stay on point with the latest breaking news.  You all are like TMZ always on track and up to date with everything before anyone else.  No disrespect to Cayman Compass & Cayman Net News but eat your heart out guys…with CNS on top of everything you all might as well shut down house now. Big up to CNS keep up the good work guys love yah!

    • R. Myles says:

       You can say that again, sometimes I ever wonder if they ever sleep at night?  I love CNS too and their rights to free speech for all. 

      "I would like to take this time to send my condolences to the family of the decease and I wish them the very best."  It is so sad what is happening in Cayman these days, I’m even scare to go into work myself muchless leave my windows and doors open night or day.

    • Anonymous says:

      And God knows without CNS most people wouldn’t have anything to do!

  43. CC says:

    Who are they going to blame now,  attempted Robbery at Triple C crime happening everywhere murders and we are running around cussing the  auditor general and listening to our ultra christian extremist telling us to go to church Yakoff Smirnoff had it right What A Country. As for the give it arrest crowd get your personal and home security plans in order you going to need it. Shaun you were right my friend no help and the money being spent.

  44. CaymanLover says:

    Oh ok, thanks for the correction!

    In any event, this is a scary and troubling situation.  I hope RCIPS get to the bottom of this asap.  Condolenses to the deceased’s family.

  45. **D says:

    Dis only di beginnin.. tsk tsk tsk

  46. Anonymous says:

    2010 jus seems to be going great!!! WOW!!! can u feel the sarcasim running off the page?!?!?!?!? this is ridiculous! so tired of all this cant even b safe @ work.


    R.I.P Courtney!

  47. Anonymous says:

    …….and we’re off…

  48. CaymanLover says:

    "…first murder enquiry of 2010…"

    So…have I got it wrong or does that mean there is no murder enquiry into the death of Fabian?

    I’m lost?!?!

    CNS: Fabian’s body was discovered 29 December 2009.

    • Anonymous says:

      sad way to lose a friend … skully we miss you.. we all meet again some day

      • Anonymous says:

        We have SERIOUS SOCIAL ISSUES and a Social Service Department that is not being effective.  Please allow us as caymanians the resources to educate ourselves to deal with our problems (not just keep busy) by allowing us to do the social science degree at UCCI (since we must be quailified) 

        Also, allow us into the relevant departs to get the experience (as trainees) without years of experience.

        Give us favors with the appropriate people, Lord.




        • Anonymous2 says:

          Serious social issues begins at home.  If these men would get out of the bar room and groom their young boys we wouldn’t have this problem.

          I don’t understand the UCCI education thing. Nobody can say they are refused education in the Cayman Islands.  UCCI will give you a scholarship.

    • Anonymous says:

      love goes out to the families and maney friends of courtny spence aka skully we all miss you