Governor pledges impartiality

| 31/01/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Cayman governor Duncan Taylor, Cayman auditor general Dan Duguay(CNS): Following the public condemnation by the premier on Radio Cayman of Auditor General Dan Duguay, the Governor’s Office told CNS in a short emailed statement that the panel convened to interview the candidates for position of auditor general would be impartial. The office said that Duncan Taylor, the Cayman Islands new governor, would not be influenced by any comments made outside of the process. Applications for the post of auditor general closed on Friday 29 January and Duguay has confirmed he is one of those candidates.

During an interview with Radio Cayman’s Talk Today programme last week, McKeeva Bush made it clear he believed the auditor general should leave and that someone else should be given the position, but he also said that it was not up to him to decide.

The Governor’s Office confirmed that the appointment of an auditor general is made by the governor. “The Governor plans to convene an independent panel to assess the applications, and for the panel to conduct interviews and make a recommendation on the appointment to him,” the Governor’s Office told CNS. “Careful consideration will be given to the composition of the panel to ensure impartiality, openness and that any recommendation is merit-based and in the best interests of the Cayman Islands. The Governor will not be influenced by any comments made outside of that process.”

During the period between the departure of the previous governor, Stuart Jack, and the arrival of the new governor, Duguay was informed by the acting governor, Donovan Ebanks, that he would be asked to compete for his post if he wished to have his contract renewed for a second time. Duguay started as auditor general in 2004 on a fixed three-year contract, which was renewed in 2007.

Duguay said recently that because of the nature of his position, which is to investigate the government’s accounts and to ensure the honesty, integrity and value for money on any public funds spent, the role would be better served in future if it was a longer fixed term contract to ensure the AG could remain independent and not have to concern herself or himself that, if they were to do something a particular administration did not like, that they could lose their job. The comment then provoked the recent outburst from the premier, who said Duguay should go as he was not very good at his job.

During his time in office Duguay’s reports have revealed shortcomings in government finances during the previous UDP administration and the last PPM administration, as well as the Governor’s Office and the police.

At his first press conference the new governor was asked about the AG’s role and he said its independence was very important and that a good auditor general should be “irritating everyone”.

In a recent interview with News 27 the governor stressed his desire to improve the relationship between his office and the electedofficials as a result of the difficulties between the two arms of Cayman’s government that emerged following the various events, from Operation Tempura to the issues of broadening the country’s tax base.

Taylor said his priority is to develop a good working relationship with the current government and said that so far things were going very well. “There is no reason why that shouldn’t continue, although I am not fooling myself to think that there won’t be some differences of opinion from time to time or some difficult issues to tackle,” he added. He explained that, as chair of Cabinet, it was his responsibility to ensure sensible decisions were made and to support good governance.

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  1. Joe Grinder says:

    Who polices the police?.

    C’mon the auditor should never be Caymanian,for the simple reason is, there already to many gangs in Cayman,as our good friend Knal would say,they are called.

    Ebanks,Kirkonnel.Bush,Wood,Chisholm.Dielbert,Hydes,Jackson,Adam.Parchment,Powery Parsons,McLaughlin ,McLean,Merrin,Miller,Powery,Rankine,Ritch,Rivers,Scott,Thompson,Tibbets,Watler.

    Somehow the name Duguay,sounds kinda good.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the sort of things that riles many Caymanians to start the Caymanian/Expat negativity. The names you have listed are not Caymanian gangs but the names of fine outstanding citizens of this country.

      We Caymanians are a proud people and have for a long time welcomed people from other nationalities and yes "names" but when you say these kinds of things, it makes me wonder why you even want to be amongst us.

      If we are a bunch of gangsters, why stay here? Is living with us gangsters still better than going back to your own country? I am sure you have given that lots of thought and have made your decision.

      There are a lot of good expats that come here adapt and fit in with us and do not reduce themselves to your level of name calling and derogatory statements and they feel welcomed. When you breathe this sort of negativity into the community it does none of us any good be it Caymanian or expat.

      I respect that you choose to have the opinion that the auditor general should not be Caymanian but you should be able to say that with out having to relegate yourself to someone who is simply "nasty."

      For the record, I really don’t believe that beinga Caymanian or an expat should have anything to do with it . You should be qualified and honest. That’s my opinion!




  2. I met him too! Very nice and sincere. A gentleman for sure.

    Wonder if anybody has told him about this site. Good way to for him to know how people feel.


    • Pinch-a-Salt says:

      As long as he realises (like most intellegent beings here) that the 20% of the population posting represent 80% of the CR@P out there – and that in fact, 80% of Cayman are still stiocally behind our history of helping each other, looking out for what’s best and generally hoping to and looking to eep Cayman as the bastion of civility a lot of us grew up with.

      Negative poster’s notwithstanding, the silent 80% is out there being welcoming and loving and trying to make this a BETTER PLACE.

      Vocal (antagonistic, hate spewing) 20% – shove it – most of what you are saying is closet hatred and wasted hot air that is better suited to a more radical society.  Can I suggest a career (short-lived) in driving bomb laden buses into markets in Afganistan…  Killing yourself in search of vestigase of virgins does the rest of us a favor – pity the poor sould you take with you…

      • Anonymous says:

         So you are one of the 20%……….

      • Capn Blackbeard says:

        As long as he also defends the rights and interests of the majority of Cayman residents who, for the moment at least, do not have any political voice.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So who audits the Auditor General ? He tells us he does a great job but who monitors his standards ? That is critical regardless of who holds the AG  position.

  4. Peter Allen says:

    I was in line to register at the GP clinic at Georgetown hospital this morning when I realised that the person in front of me was the Governor.  No entourage, just a guy visiting his doctor.

    He took a seat along with the rest of us and waited until his name was called – not the title.  Then, off he went to the doctor’s office.

    I never had an opinion about him until now but now it is entirely positive.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Allen I could not agree with you more. I met His Excellency recently myself and I got the impression that he is a very capable Governor, a fine gentleman and one who is comfortable in his own skin. We should all keep him in our prayers.

  5. Anon says:

    Dear Mr Duncan,


    Please don’t let Cayman become the banana republic it is one step away from becoming.


    Keep Dan Duguay and in doing so keep honesty, integrity and keep the government accountable for its actions.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I see the Chuckster’s comments on Friday morning on the Rooster Talk Show has brought the Govie out of his shell.

    With the passage of time (and not very much time !) the new Govie will have quite an education concerning the operations of the UDP and in particular its leader, The Premier.


    • Miss-Justice says:

      For the good of Cayman we the people of Cayman NEED to have Mr. Dan Duguay back as Auditor General as he favours no Political Party and does his job as it should rightfully be done!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mr dan Duguay is too good for this government it seems they are affraid of him. too many places have too much to hide maybe? leave him be at least he is sincere and hardworking and only revealing curruption as he finds it,

  8. what a mess says:

    Then Mac should also go! If not doing "his job very well" then most of Govt. (including politicians) should go. It seems the AG is doing his job much better than most others…especially those most upset by his doing so.

    Both Kurt (his blow up on HRC) during the Constitutional Modernization process and Mac (every time anyone disagrees with him) behave like spoilt bullies/children.

    It is clear that both leaders of UDP and PPM do not have the professional maturity to effectively do their jobs and should go (step down). Their example to Cayman’s people/youth is very dissapointing (to put it mildly).

    As a caymanian i sincerely hope that Mr. Duguay’s contract is renewed…and that Cayman’s Politicians begin to mature enough to disagree without misbehaving like resentful, vendictive, spoilt children…and/or gangstas with their "colours". 

    Politicains and other Top Level Govt personel…just make sure that decisions are ethical…and then there is no reason to fear and badmouth the AG. If there is proper reason to do so, then prosecute or sue the AG. Otherwise please get on with your own job!

    • Live Free... says:

      I agree with 90% of what you said in your post, however, you same to put K.T in the same boat with Macburger, these are two entirely different leaders. One have respect and other one don’t, one look out for the interest of Caymanians while other one don’t. And one is willing to work with the AG regardless of the challenges put forward without being rude and vindictive. My friend, K.T is in a much better class than Macburger, whom I really think should be the one to go.

      • what a mess says:

        Agreed! Kurt certainly has the interests of "Cayman" at heart…while Mac has mainly (or entirely) his own interests at heart. When Mac reacts childishly it is completely expected (because he has always done so). I was very disapointed early 2009 when Kurt reacted in much the same way towards the members of HRC (simply for doing their job). And i will do my part to put that behind me…while continuing to watch and listen to what he now (and in the future) does.

        But when comparing the two leaders i would have to agree that Kurt is far more mature than Mac…and is by far the more professinal and ethical person.

        However, i believe Cayman has passed the point of either of these party leaders being the right person to lead. We now need younger more vissionary people…people who will do all they can to bring about more harmony to all the people of Cayman. Someone who can represent these islands at a National, Regional and International level without being such an embarrasment.

        And i think moving to "one man, one vote" is the way to move forward…let ALL the voters decide who will be the Premier.

        • Anonymous says:

          obviously none of you posting on here in support of Kurt ever attended any of his "press" conferences. I am sorry to disappoint you guys but I support the comments made by the previous poster. They are both unprofessional in their manner and can both be bullies, one perhaps less subtle than the other – subtle intimidation can often be worse in fact.

    • Anonymous says:

      You say that both Kurt & Mckeeva behave like spoilt bullies/children. While I agree that Mckeeva behaves like a spoilt bully/child, it seems unfair that you say the same thing about Kurt because even his crtics often say the very opposite. Kurts critics, in their attempt to make him look bad, say that he is too laid back, that he is too slow to act, that he is too passive, & that he is too nice a guy for politics. No one, except you (Anon 21:45) has ever called him a bully or a child. In fact, a few of his supporters often encourage him to be a little more of a bully at times, especially with the real bully! I do not think that you can honestly ever class Kurt & Mckeeva together. In support of your comment in general, I have to say that in describing the 2 leaders one is a bully/childish/dictator while the other is an honest gentleman/statesman. You can decide which is which. (I’ve said how I feel)

      • what a mess says:

        Agreed in general!

        Kurt is the nicer of the two party leaders. However we need more than nice to be effective today. And i don’t think being the bigger bully is really effective…it may seem so to some on the radio or campain meeting…but does little to provide real professional leadership.

        I would say that they can and should be compared as both are the current party leaders…and both have shown they are not very effective with leading Cayman in a mature and competent manner. One XXXXX and the other too nice (or some would say; incompetent).

        Though i would agree Kurt is the lesser of the two evils…i believe we need new leadership to move past this current ongoing popularity contest.

        Time now for "one man, one vote" that ALL voters can have a greater say of who the Premier is to be.

  9. BORN FREE says:

    I can tell that this new Governor is different to most we have had before, & he seems pretty straight forward & unworried by the bullying tactics of the premier. Let us hope that he truthfully will not be influenced by the threats of the premier, & the choice of Auditor General will be a fair one.

    • Everywhere in Chains says:

      Thank goodness Cayman has British rule to oversee local government.  Left to its own devious the "country" would be in an even worse mess.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "The Governor’s Office confirmed that the appointment of an attorney general is made by the governor".

    I assume you mean"auditor general", CNS. However, it would be good news if the Attorney General had to compete for his job, but since he is ‘with’ Mr. Bush that is very unlikely to happen.   

    CNS: Oops! The slip has been corrected.

  11. Jail'em in Cuba says:

    Welcome back DAN!…

    McKeeva, by publicly badmouthing Mr. Duguay, effectively ensured that he would get his job back…

    Thanks McKeeva for being such a bright light….

    It’s now clear that the new governor likes an Auditor General who irritates everybody: the politicians from both parties and even his predecessor, which makes good sense…

     It looks like this new guv will be a huge improvement on the previous one and that Dan Duguay will continue to keep McKeeva’s dictatorship aspirations in check…

    Your next job, Mr. Duguay is to make a proposal to trim the Civil Service’s fat, bearing in mind that we have 1 Civil Servants for every 13 residents, when it should be more like 1 for 120, like in California…

    – Something has to be done to loosen the grip of the union-like Civil Service on their welfare, as it’s putting the islands’ economic vialility at stake.

    – For starters, make them pay their 1/2 of pension and health contributions currently forked out by Cayman’ citizenry…

    – Reduce their numbers in line with other islands in the Caribbean, like Puerto Rico, the next most bloated Civil Service location with 1 Civil Servant for every 23 residents…

    – Bring their salaries down a notch – say 10% – more in line with the realities of other sectors of the economy that have had to tighten their belts in this recession…

    – Stop guaranteeing their pensions: there is great inequality in having the citizens of Cayman obligated to make up any shortfall for any reasons – including recession and mismanagement – in the Civil Servant pension funds, when their own funds are going down the drain…

    If you succeed doing this task during the next 3 years of your appointment, you will be a Cayman HERO and will save us around CI$120 million a year, thus balancing the islands book and doing the  very job you’ve been appointed to do…




  12. Da detective says:

    Democracy is said to be two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch liberty is a well armed lamb contesting the vote.  Yes Cayman we need to protect ourselves from here on in. We no longer have the luxury of being blissfully naive.