Police confirm no arrests on latest fatal shooting

| 02/02/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Crime in Cayman, Royal Cayman Islands Police Service(CNS): Investigations continued on Monday into the country’s most recent murder, but police confirmed that no arrests have made in the case. Courtney Spence from Bodden Town was gunned down in the car park of the Progressive Distributors warehouse in Sparky Drive, George Town, late Thursday night, 28 January. CNS has learned that the 32-year-old production manager was the nephew of RCIPS officer Everton Spence. Police have confirmed that they believe Spence was shot by a man who emerged from the shadows and then ran off down Sparky Drive. (Photo courtesy of News 27: Scene of crime officers at Progressive)

Officers involved in the investigation also said they are still looking for witnesses and are asking anyone who was in or around the area to contact them directly with any information they may have, no matter how insignificant, or to call Crimestoppers.

Spence was the first murder of 2010 and police say it has the appearance of a deliberate premeditated attack and are seeking a motive for the shooting.

Police also confirmed there are no further details on the discovery of human remains made on Friday afternoon in a recently cleared area of land adjacent to Bobby Thompson way in George Town. As Cayman does not have a resident forensic archaeologist, police cannot yet say how old the bones are, though they believe they are at least several years old. CNS understands that Doctor Hymer, who will be travelling to Grand Cayman this week to conduct a post-mortem on the body of Courtney Spence, may be able to assist in dating the bones. Police are also continuing their investigations into any links with missing persons and have not indicated any reason to suspect foul play.

Anyone with information can call the murder incident room at George Town police station on 949 -4222 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS). His wife is currently being supported by a family liaison officer from RCIPS.

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  1. CSI Cayman says:

    Shouldn’t the crime scene officers in the photograph have there heads covered . The suits they are wearing have hoods to prevent the officers contaminating the scene with hairs etc. Why go tho the lenghths of covering shoes, hands and wearing the white suit and then not covering the head.

    Wonder how much DNA from the officers has contaminated the many crime scenes in Cayman.

    Once again the poor training standards surface for all to see.


    There was talk a few weeks ago about organising a march to protest the lack of action by police and politicians alike. When is that supposed to happen?

  3. Suga says:

    I am behind you D 100% and i understand from being in court and from a police source that Estella’s friends had help from some very capable operators who were ex RCIPS who’s boss was by the way none other Mr Derek Hanes. He seems to have some very high quality people around him at the Drugs  Force during his tenor , he himself has said this in a previous post. My next questions is what the hell happened?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The public will not help the police because of their ongoing incompetence and inability to protect people.

    • Rastaman who shot the Sherriff says:

      I know thats right tell em to ask Mr. Bigshot Mckeeva to help dem all solve deh case man!  Bob said "ain’t no use no one can stop us now."   

      Why do we have to pay them crazy ballheads down at the Police Dept for?  Dem nah doing their jobs man…..Dem Westbayers had to solve a case themselves just deh other day…which is a damn shame and disgrace to the RCIP.  What we deh public need to do is to "Chase dem crazy ballheads out of town."  All dem who work in deh Police dept got to go rasta.  One Luv~!

  5. D says:

    You Hold your Horse, you like the rest of need to stop slurring the Public everytime we have a criminal situation. It seems you and others are constantly making excuses and blaming the public and asking them to do the Police investigation for them. I will tell you what we the public have a right to be highly suspicious about whats really going in Cayman. Taking in consideration all the circumstances and facts we hear and see in some of these cases.If i were you i would reflect on how really safe this island has become where gunmen can show gun people down and vanish without a trace. A healthy dose of suspicion may save your life my friend. Take the time and read the facts in the Estella Scott Roberts as it appears her friends were on the ball and knew more about CSI  than some of our so call finest. So stop blaming the public, question to ask yourself With all these police( 0ver 400) we have why is it they are never in the vicinity or near these incidents, very odd we know they they cant be a every place everytime but come on mann! Where are they?

  6. Hold your horses says:

    Stop slurring the police so quickly 08:12.  On the facts of this "hit" it does seem a very difficult murder to solve.  There were no witnesses who have identified themselves.  We have no CCTV bank to call on in Cayman like they have in the developed world cities.  Absent someone squealing or the weapon being found a conviction is very difficult in such a pure killing.

    No doubt the police have a fair idea who is involved and why.  But "fair ideas" don’t count.  Unless the people of Cayman speak out and identify the criminals rather than hiding in fear or applauding them on Facebook then there is nothing the police can do.  If two gunmen shoot someone dead in a packed nightclub and not one witness comes forward what are the police meant to do?

    • Anonymous says:

      You forget, there WERE security cameras there, but no one is saying if they were operating or captured anything.

      IF they did capture something and have a suspect description or picture from it, AND they didn’t release it immediately, I would suspect there will and should be public outrage, as that would show pure incompetence on the Police Force.

      • Hold your horses says:

        I referred to a "CCTV bank" ie  network of CCTV across roads and businesses.  These tend to provide timelines, ID cars etc.  And if they are switched on that would help.

        The Next Level killing highlights the lack of co-operation with the police from a large portion of the youth of these islands who glamourize "gangsta" culture. There is not muchthe police can do when no-one gives evidence in such a public crime yet everyone in West Bay seems to claim to know who is doing the shootings.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Now that’s a surprise – NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!