Arden says no to refinery

| 03/02/2010

Cayman Islands news, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman tourism and environment(CNS): The Member of the Legislative Assembly for East End has told CNS that, despite the premier’s calls, he will vehemently oppose any moves to build an oil refinery in his district. Following a further announcement recently by McKeeva Bush to develop a commercial port and an oil refinery in the eastern districts, Arden McLean said it would not happen. “This is some pipe dream that he has come up with,” said McLean, who added that seeking to build a refinery in the pristine district was just crazy from both an environmental and economic stand point.

Aside from that fact that his district is one of the most beautiful and untouched areas of the island and that such a venture would be disastrous for the environment and ultimately tourism, the former Cabinet minster also said the idea was just not commercially viable and, as a marine engineer, he said it was something he felt confident talking about, unlike Bush.

“This kind of industry doesn’t exactly mix with tourism,” McLean observed.”It would destroy the environment whereever you put it. How are we going to create a port to accommodate the 60,000 ton tankers? What will we do with the sludge? It doesn’t even make sense to talk about it. Look how these industries have destroyed the environment in other countries in the region. He is just talking rubbish.”

The opposition PPM member said that whatever jobs could be created would not make up for the sort of negative impact such a venture could have on the district. “People are putting these stupid ideas in his head but he is not coming to East End with it,” the MLA stated emphatically. “If he wants it let him put it in West Bay.”

Mclean warned that whatever foolish ideas Bush came up with for his district, he would defend it. Although the East End representative, who achieved one of the highest percentages of the vote in the last election, said he did not have any authority in the country, the people of East End had a little piece of real estate in George Town — in the Legislative Assembly — and as long as he held that seat he would be a thorn in anyone’s side who tried to destroy his district.

Despite his opposition to some of the ideas that are being floated and the setback of being in opposition, McLean said the good thing to come out of the current circumstances was that at least now the people of Cayman could compare what was happening with this new government with the previous administration in which he served. “No matter how bad people might say we were, we were never this bad and people can see who had the best interests of the country.”

He also objected to the move towards selling public assets in general and accused Bush of putting the Cayman Islands on the auction block and sticking a ‘for sale’ sign on the country.  Certain things such as the Water Authority had to be publicly owned, Mclean emphasized. He also said people had not noticed that, while the increase in duty was supposed to have been offset a little by the removal of garbage fees, government’s intention to sell off the country’s waste management services would result in an increase to every home owner on the island.

His neighbour, MLA Ezzard Miller in North Side, whose constituents could also be affected by any moves to create a commercial port or refinery in East End, depending on the location, said that he was nottoo worried as he just wasn’t taking the proposal seriously. “If I thought there was anything to it I would certainly be opposing this, but its not going to happen. There is simply no market for this and so no one would invest in it,” said the independent representative, adding that such ideas were not in keeping with the nature of the Cayman Islands and he was confident it was not the direction people want the country to go.  “I am not taking him seriously,” Miller said.

The premier has noted on a number of occasions his desire to create a commercial cargo port in the eastern districts and an oil refinery. He raised the idea again in an interview with the Gulf based newspaper, The National, on his recent visit to the Middle East in December. Explaining the goal to find more inward investment he explained that Cayman was open for business. “We are open for hotel development, condos in particular, a conference centre and golf facilities. We are also looking for an oil refinery to be based in the country,” he said.

Hethen mentioned the project again at the Cayman Business Outlook last month when he said that although the idea of building an airport out in the Eastern districts had been shown not to be commercially viable, he was still keen to look at developing a commercial cargo port in the district which included an oil refinery. Bush told the audience of business and private sector members that modern refineries were very different and not about smoking chimneys and environmental damage.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    ARDEN MCLEAN is the only caymanian i see looking out for the the caymanians and caymanian culture unlike bush trying to modernize cayman and trying to make cayman something it isnt.


    GO ARDEN IM BEHIND U 20000000%

  2. Anonymous says:

    an oil refinery is simply not feasible in Cayman…


    This is Big Mac saying okay so you don’t want the oil refinery? Then you’ll have to take the cargo port at least and that’s a fair deal…and BAM he gets what he was after in the first place.

  3. Anonymous says:

    An oil refinery anywhere on any small island is simply absurd. Has anyone visited Curacao and been anywhere in the areas west of Hato (the Shell refinery)? Just try that then form an opinion, but unless you like the caustic odor and ash of sulphur derivatives I daresay you’ll likely heave your lunch.  And to consider this for the East End, to which all parts of this island are leeward??? God help us.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The following text was recovered (allegedly) after being misplaced by some unknown.

    Addressed to FCO:

    “Deary Old Chaps,

    Marie-Beatrice and I Love these islands. Made friendly contact with the natives. All seem fairly unaware of my full powers. The Premier seems to really believe in their new constitution(smile). Have them eating from my hands and even washing my feet in some bizarre religious ceremony at a beach! Got photos for our archives. Most come bearing gifts and singing tribal songs. This is surely different from Barbados and going to be simple. Be back in London shortly.

    Regards, Duncan”


  5. Anonymous says:

    Washing the governor’s feet as Mary Magdeline did for Jesus!  Way to go Juliana!  What a joke!  How embarassing!!  Do you wash the emperor’s feet as well?  Oops sorry "the Premier"!  Another joke!  On second hand why not emperor?  Afterall it doesn’t matter how much education the sucessor to the throne might have as it is their right by birth.  All a big joke that proves the desperation of the UDP.  I say resign McKeeva!

    Now to the argument of the refinery.  Another joke!  I cannot imagine anyone that has proof that they are indeed sane would come up with such a disasterous idea.  Yes it will ruin the environment!  This will intern drive away the tourists.  Then I can imagine that I will have to hop on a make-shift boat and head for the US and hope that I land on dry ground just like the Cuban people running from persecution and poverty atthe hand of their self acclaimed "head of state / dictator".  Actually that is where I see this country going.

    While I have the floor I would like to comment on the sale of gov’t assets.  I wont bring up the fact that gov’t. does not know the valuation of it’s assets as that is a moot point.  I say do not sell the gov’t. Dubai.

    I only pray that in the next election there is someone worthy to lead this  country into the future.  If not I say we recruit leaders from the UK as it is apparent that each term we are faced with a choice of the lesser to two evils.

    I suppose I will have to leave the disasterous port idea for another day.

    • Richard Parson says:

       Some of us who live abroad read these boards to get a feel for the local news.  NOW…please!…someone please tell me what this "Foot Washing" incident is all about??  I pray it is not what I think it is.  But before I pontificate, I would like to be informed.  Someone please give us a report.

      • Anonymous says:

        The foot washing and environmental destruction are the only accomplishments that deputy premier can point since May 2009

    • Richard Parson says:

       I had not heard about the "FOOT WASHING"!  Someone please give us a report!

    • BORN FREE says:

      Stand strong Action Man, the vast majority of Cayman is behind you. We all know that some politicians will do anything for the almighty dollar, we can never get away from that. But I beg you to keep up the fight, we are behind you all the way.

    • noname says:

      I agree with Arden McLean that we must do all within our power to make sure McKeeva Bush does not destroy East End like what has happened to the West Bay beach. And OH how I agree that no matter what the people said about the PPM, the PPM was never as bad as the UDP! The people are bawling now, I have never heard so many complaints as now. After only 7 months the people are fed up with Bush & the UDP, they are crying out loud!

    • Anonymous says:

      Feet washing is a Seventh Day Adventist tradition. Sometime some people get their religion mixed up like they do POLITRIX.

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden, please stand up for the Cayman people (and your East Enders) against the "bully" and it will only be lackies, like those who don’t get walls built for them, that will post anything negative against Mr. V. Arden McLean.

        Anyone with a little commonsense knows that an Oil Refinery can only be detremental to the future of everything Cayman.

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s also a catholic’s thing.

        • Anonymous says:

          Sorry, it ain’t a Catholic thing, because I am a Catholic & I have never washed my feet in the name of religion. I don’t know where you got that from, but the only time I wash my feet is when I’m taking a bath/shower. But it’s a Muslim thing though! (is that what you mean?)

      • Anonymous says:

        Feet Washing is also an ordinance of the Church of God.

    • Anonymous says:

      What an embarrassment this woman must be to Cayman Brac. Guess the governor was’nt wearing red

  6. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva – oil refinery in Cayman – is the man mad??????  Olny if he wants to destroy tourism island wide…. the man lost his marbles….. 

  7. Sally Vation says:

    I am in favor of everything Ezzard is against and against everything he supports.  It seems the most efficient way of having the most sensible political view.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well done, Sponge Bob.  Play opposites. Only goes to show the level of intelligence of average McKeeva supporter.

      • Sally Vation says:

        I am not a MacKeeva supporter.  I just find everything that comes out of Ezzard’s mouth sounds ridiculous.

        • Anonymous says:

          Premier/Refinery what a joke!


          You said a mouth full my friend’ Ridiculous cause that’s exactly what your so called”Premier is. When comparing both Ezzard & so called” Premier’ Mr Bush has really lost what lil marbles he had left to be honest.

          Premier tell us something’ your recent visit to the Middle East was it to sell this Country out????

          Sad to say but I for one really do think giving McKeeva this title as our so called Premier were a stamp on his forehead like the mark of the beast” destruction of all three Islands.   

          Unlike most of the locals, when the crap hits the ceiling Mr. Premier can collect his family and haul ass but can we? This Country needs to come together to have Mr. Bush title taken away or remove from power? I see  why not’ every other Country do so we needed & Cayman the time has come once again to have him remove before it’s too late.

          Displaying his true colors is what he’s doing. he simply doesn’t care about us much less these Islands, he’ been a joke before & once again he’s showing the best part of himself. Look at all of his directions” seriously there’s no confidence in this man he’s a total embarrassment within all of us. No wonder the world laughs at us, they see what we don’t or what we wish not to see.

          Oil refinery” Mr. Mclean, Mr. Miller lets do what ever it takes to stop this cartoon character…..the eastern Districts really counts for nothing as I see it, but when it comes to bringing bull shit up this end we’re good for that. Leave us untouched, enough damages has been done to George Town/West Bay therefore leave us be, the poor Tourist must have at least one place on this rock which still looks native. 

          Spots Newlands/Savannah/Bodden Town/Breakers/Frank Sound/North Side/East End lets fight against this Jack Ass who only sees $$$$ instead of his own people.

          Get rid of the Premier before it’s too late.

  8. Anonymous says:

    ……and not a word from Mark Scotland, the Minister of Environment, on this issue. Oh thats right Mac already told him "if you open your mouth I have Elio waiting in the wings to replace you" !!!

    Poor Markie "The puppet’……dangling on a string 🙂

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can you say distraction?

    Keep a watch on Big Mac’s left hand as he distracts your attention with a oil refinary on the right.


  10. ivan mclean says:

    This would b a Catastrophe 4 the Cayman Islands should something like this 2 b allowed 2 come 2 fruition 

    • Dick Shaughneary says:

      Are the words "to", "be" and "for" really so burdensome that there is a need to communicate like a 13 year old girl texting her BFF or are you nostalgic for the coversleeves of Prince albums?

      • ivan mclean says:

        ooooooooh dick….  get a grip!

        am nostalgic 4 hav’n the power of CHOICE, 2 think, 2 express, 2 stand up & 2 B who & what i am …… a "MAN" (not a girl or w/GIRL tendencies that u seem 2 know so much about) of GOD that does not care 4 the content or cover of ANY 1 of Prince album (s)


        • Dick Shaughneary says:

          I would probably stick to writing in that banal style if I were you, since the glimmers of English in the rest of your postdo indicate that your grammar is atrocious.

        • Anonymous says:

          The trouble is it is numbskulls like this that are getting voted into government.

          The Caymanians at my office always compain if they get stepped over for promotion, despite them applying for the jobs via emails that are written like a text message.

          His reference to being a man of god is surely fuel to the fire in the argument for islam being right


  11. Anonymous says:

    The East End and Arden cannot have it both ways. Cry and whine about the economy and declare the East End must remain as it is. Like it or not change happens and I don’t support a refinery but the idea of a National port with enough land area for the growth of the country’s needs for the next 100 plus years makes sense to me.

    I also believe the land fill should be shut down and relocated. Of course no district will want it, the good of the many out weighs the wants of the few. The new land fill should be centrally located with access to be constructed ot existing.

    Institute recycling now and stop the double talk. Start teaching young people about recycling and just do these required needs for the good of the country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Funny how the UDP criticise the PPM for spending on needed infastructure, say we are broke, then immediately propose to borrow and spend tens of millions of dollars on a port that we don’t need. 

      All of a sudden the UDP is saying govt. spending is good for the economy. It’s all smoke and mirrors folks.    

      Because the economy is bad does not mean that every idea to fix it is good.  It’s not a case of either have a new port in East End or the economy can’t be fixed. That’s a false choice.

      At least the PPM listened to the people when they objected to building roads thru and ironwood forest.  Now they are being shouted down by McKeeva’s ignorant, loudmouth supporters.    

      • Anonymous says:

        Ultimately, it’s up to us as voters to decide if the "squeaky wheel gets the grease" or "the loudest duck gets shot".

    • ivan mclean says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaamen brother

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Grind it up and fill in Cumber  Avenue  Bodden Town with it.   We could sure use it come rainy season.

      Heard that the premier gave money to fix Cumber,  However dont know where our representaives put it?

      Dont think I  have forgotten,   Its just on the back burner.


  12. Anonymous says:

    Arden I like how you are defending our country and please continue to keep the "king" in his place.   At his rate we soon won’t have a country left as it will be sold to the highest bidder!  I agree that with UDP getting the people of Cayman and now compare both administrations as see that the economy had and have a lot to do with the deficit government is in.  Also, PPM always had the Caymanian people at heart and although some things were not foreseen (like the economy downturn) all projects benefited those residing in these islands but most importantly the Caymanians.

    • Get real says:

      This is the problem with Caymanians, we don’t like change; as long as everything stays the same we are quiet content, but do something different and they acuse you of selling out. Here’s how I see it, the current situation with CUC and its high rates is unsustainable, the Caymanian public cannot go on paying $300-$400 fuel surcharge forever, it is eating away our savings or disposable income and its bankrupting families. It is quiet clear that CUC is not doing anything to diversify its energy source so that means we are stuck with these high bills for at least the next decade. The idea of a refinery should be explored and if it can bring relief to the cost of living here then I say bring it…how is bringing a refinery to Cayman selling your country? get real….

      • Nomad says:

        Those  knowledgeable insiders in the petroleum industry are suggesting that it is possible that there may a spike in oil prices in three to four years. This could be as high as $200 – $250 per barrel. Therefore the Cayman Islands may be stuck with a fuel surcharge for a very long time unless we all start installing alternative energy in our homes and businesses.

        • Sally Vation says:

          There are no cost effective alternatives at the moment, unless we stop thinking oil refinery and start thinking nuclear. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Not all change is good. We have to exercise our best judgment and commonsense to know the difference.

        Let me get this right  – we must bring an oil refinery here so fuel will be cheaper for CUC to produce electricity?!  There is nothing preventing anyone who feels they can produce electricity cheaper than CUC from renewable resources from being licensed and generating electricity. What are you smoking? Do understand the environmental damage this can do? Do you understand that this can destroy our beaches and therefore our tourism product? This is the problem with the UDP – the only thing they care about is the immediate money. Tunnel-visioned.  


  13. Anonymous says:

    Since When did Arden earn a degree In engineering? just because you went to some technical school for 6 months doesnt make you the ayatolla of engineering and infastructure In Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

       Mr. V. Arden McLean attended the Cayman Islands High School and then went to sea where he spent eight years as a marine engineer. During this period he took the opportunity to continue his formal education at the Seaman’s Church Institute in New York and later at the Harriot Watt University in the United Kingdom.

      On his return to Grand Cayman, Mr. McLean joined Caribbean Utilities. During his 18 years with that company he worked in several departments including engineering, systems analysis and customer service. Having reached the level of manager, he retired from CUC in 2000 to enter politics.

      • Anonymous says:

         Mr. Arden McLean seems to have what is sorely missing in some people in Cayman these days……common sense!    And in the case of the "refinery", extraordinary intelligence.

    • ivan mclean says:

      anonymous (ayatolla of anonymity)

      it does not take an "ayatolla of engineering & infastructure in Cayman"  2 know that the benifits r far OUTWEIGHTED by the LIABILITIES of any such refinery, in East End or any other part of CAYMAN. Mr. Bush is quite industrious & i trust, as he is the elected head of our country will, w/our support find & put in place other revenue generating sources w/far more short & long term benifits to our country.


      "ayatolla of opinion"


      • Dick Shaughneary says:

        Where to start?

        1) It is "ayatollah".

        2) Try beginning sentences with a capital.  In fact look up a decent text book on when capitals are to be used.  You have no clue, as the rest of your post shows.

        3) "benefits" – the Latin root should help you on that one.

        4) "outweighed" – good try but no bonus points.

        4 U 2 B taken seriously U need 2 B able to write in a more intelligible way.

        • Frequent Flyer says:

          Lighten up, don’t be so petty. The poster got his point across didn’t he/she?!


          I know plenty of intelligent people that can’t spell worth a damn. Their skills lay elsewhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        Just for your information "ayatolla of anonymity" Curacao have their own refinery and still manage to sell an appealing tourism product and have done so for years, (they also have a berthing facility-possibly from the proceeds of that refinery) you might want to look into that. Secondly if anyone else can come up with an idea to generate billions of dollars In our limited economy be my guest, how much longer do you think stingray city and seven mile beach can sustain Cayman, for the many  young people In Cayman who dont belive In a university education this refinery might end up being their bread and butter one day. For too long have good business oppurtunities In Cayman been written off without even a proper analysis, because some gentleman who spent some timeon board of a cargo ship believes its not a good idea( we have all heard from those types of experts before). Everyone complains about not having enough money to live the lifestyle they belive a Caymanian should have, when they shoot down every idea that could bring them just that, but thats understandable and will never change, with that level of ignorance and shortsight its no wonder alot of us arent living they way we want to. At the end of the day strong and diversified industry will develop a country not Arden’s "expertise" and never ending drive to make a fool of himself. Will he feed you and your family if our other sectors start to dwindle In years to come?-I guess you know something alot of us dont.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would feel a lot better about this project if the Minister of Finance, and proponent of the project, had taken a 6-month course in finance at any time in his life.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arden do not have to have a degree in nothing, because he is loaded with ambition and good common sense, not to mention a BIG heart. So far he is known to be one of the hardest working Politicians ever. All we the Public want to know is that he is right  with whatever he is fighting for , because he is going to go down fighting. I  will never ever forget many years ago when he was not a Politician and we approached him about a cripple Lady who was living under terrible conditions, no water, no electricity etc. A few days after being approached about this Mr Mc Clean had electricity to her place in Prospect. Goes to show that he is concerned not only for his District, but for the entire Country. I DONT WANT TO HEAR NO ONE CRITIZING HIM, WE NEED MORE OF HIS TYPE.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arden has far more education than our Premier who was a janitor and mowed lawns and di garden maintenance. Tell me, what does he know about oil refineries and the business of running a country.

      Send him back to being a janitor at a West bay school.

    • BORN FREE says:

      The Action Man Arden McLean may not have a degree in engineering but he sure as hell has a degree in loving his country Cayman, & that is why he is so opposed to anything that will hurt Cayman, & he cannot be bought for no amount of money, unlike some other politicians. The Action man loves his country Cayman & his district East End & that is the most important thing. More important than money!

  14. slowpoke says:

    Has anyone seen a business plan for this refinery?

    Who is going to build a refinery on an island with a pop. of 55,000, with no oil reserves, in the middle of the hurricane belt?

    The cost of construction specifically and living in general, is very high. The environmental risk and liability issues are prohibitive.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Putting the Oil Refinery in East End is no different from Arden putting roads through the Bird Sanctuaries. Arden is against it because CUC could end up being forced to burn the fuel oil that could be manufactured from the sludge and everyone knows that as long as expensive diesel fuel is available CUCwill resist what it economically sensible.

    So Ardens fight against the Refinery is more to protect CUC than the Eastern District in which he rarely even visits let alone live.

    • Anonymous says:

      "CUC wants to burn expensive diesel oil as opposed to fuel oil from sludge which is cheaper, so Arden is resisting the oil refinery to enable CUC to get to burn the expensive diesel oil and is therefore protecting CUC". 

      I have heard tortuous arguments before and I have heard political rhetoric but nothing approaching the mind-boggling stupidity of that argument. I had to read it three times to convince myself that anyone could be so brainless. Genius, here’s how it goes. The cheaper the diesel oil it uses the better off CUC is since (a) the cost of fuel is a pass-through for CUC and it makes no profit from it (b) when fuel costs are low people use more electricity and this is what increases CUC’s profit. There is no incentive for CUC to want fuel to be more expensive.  

      When following your leader and slandering other people and least have the good sense to make up something that is believable.  That is just malicious nonsense.   

      Do understand that an oil refinery will bring a lot of pollution and can destroy our beaches and therefore our tourist industry. Ever heard of the Exxon Valdez oil spil? Do you understand that the refining process itself will bring a lot of pollution into the atmosphere? What would happen to this Island in the event of a hurricane impacting the oil refinery? 

      When the people protested building a road through the ironwood forest, Arden listened.       

    • Watering Hole says:

      Thank you for such good informaton !!!!   Mr Arden, lets see you deny that itis not true,

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden can not deny it but CUC definately will do it for him, seeing that they dont care how much the public has to pay for the expensive diesel fuel they burn.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Like a great politician when the people spoke Arden listened, & that is why he did NOT build any roads through the Bird Sanctuaries. It would do Mckeeva well to listen to the people & stop talking about an oil refinery anywhere in Cayman, but because it has never been his style to listen to anyone I very much doubt that will happen. Thank GOD for the honesty of Arden Mclean.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Bring in CASINOS!  At least it will create jobs. What burns me about Arden is that he screwed the whole island with his sweetheart deal with CUC and now he is opposed to everything McKeeva does.  XXXXXX  The church people will just have to accept Casinos and they don’t have to enjoy these either.  They can stay home or at church.  They are against it because if people gamble they willhave less for the church and a lot of people that are big in the church just care about the money.  Don’t kids yourselves people. What turns me off is that people go to church and turn right around and go to the bar, have lovers outside their marriage, envy their neighbours, gossip, etc. I have seen so much hypocrisy that I prefer to stay home and say my prayers or read my bible privately.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Come on M.R. Get over it and GROW UP – but I suppose the biggest "sweetheart deal" has been the Metal Works contract!

    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more.  I grew up going to Church regularly, and am still a strong believer, but now I can’t stand to sit in one and see all the hypocrites pretending to be so pious.

    • Anonymous says:

      If that is what burns you then you should get over it because it is not true. Arden got you a rate reduction so that the rates are lower than they were in 2002 even with the rate increase last year and somehow he screwed the country?! How exactly? You have no idea because you are obviously a McKeeva puppet who blindly accepts and repeats everything he says down to the phrase "sweetheart deal with CUC".

      Your next pargraph tells us what McKeeva’s plans are. Bring in the casinos. But he doesn’t want to lose the favour of the churches so he will point to the outrageous ideas like this to say he had no choice.     

  17. anonymous says:


    Somebody must be throwing too many conch shells into McKeeva’s head or he’s eating too many turtle steaks. Did not Ms. Florence Goring Nozza and other knowledgeable citizens write in letters on this subject to  set the record straight with McKeeva Bush on this  matter. They gave the Cayman Islands public a clear view and understanding of just how damaging and disastrous an oil refinery would be to the cayman Islands environment.

    By the way, does anyone realize that while every other developing or developed  country is ‘GOING GREEN" Bg Mac wants to take the country backwards  200 years with an oil refinery in East End!   a coitton picking idea.

    Boy I can just see those East Enders marching straight to the governors office on this one if Big Mac tries anything stupid. and Arden McLean is no softy either, he will stand in the way of anything that goes against the wishes of his people.

    I wonder who Big Mac think he’s dealing with anyway, those stupid people from Ole Bush? think again


    • Anonymous says:

      Going Green is the most backward thing that one can think of. Isn’t that where we came from long ago?

  18. Watering Hole says:

    For Christ sake una hush naw.!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    "I’m 30 and I’m sure not even my grandchildrens’ grandchildren will see this  happen.  "


    Grand Cayman and Little Cayman will be under water by that time and no longer in existence due to rising sea levels.


  20. Booker T says:

    These politicians and that includes all of them have ruin this place and now they are washing the feet of Governors and comparing themselves to Mary Magdeline what Blasphemy. Now they want to sell and destroy everthing else to keep them afloat and living the life with the rest of their greedy and highly corrupt supporters. Well Cayman must decide about who this expansion is for and it is appearing more and more its not for Caymanians. So Caymanians stand and put a stop to these self indulging politicians and their plans and Immigration policies who are disenfranchising our children of our environment and heritage. It is very simple and we still have that power. Do not comply with them and their supporters in fact shut them out.

  21. CaymanLover says:

    Oil refinery, shmoil refinery.  I’m 30 and I’m sure not even my grandchildrens’ grandchildren will see this  happen.  All the b.s. about creating revenue and jobs etc sounds great, until a tanker spills and tourism goes kaput. Or, until our smog, pollution filled atmosphere drives people away.

    McKeeva not every idea is a good one, you need to know what clearly will not work in this country.  Youre coming across like an insane power hungry dictator – like someone who was bullied as a child and is out for revenge.

    I know you don’t care about us, you do what you want we can get stuffed but the younger generation of Caymanians are alot more active than the older generations.  They are more vocal and less afraid or ‘authority’ – what I’m saying is you have a limited amount of years left to ride this wagon so how do you plan to appeal to the young voters as your older voters are lessening in numbers?

    Today’s generation are very environmentally aware, technology savvy and are free/independent thinkers.  You can’t bully them or rely on the votes of your cronies to get by.  Your era is passing and Cayman will be all the better for it.  Until then why not use this opportunity to do the rare thing and take the oxymoron out of "honest politician"?

    • Dred says:

      I would think Big Mac’s house would make a fine location. We could always park the tankers offshore and pipe it right into his home.


  22. Anonymous says:

    It’s getting time for the Premier to say "I’ve tried everything possible, the only thing left is to introduce casinos".

    Whilst it may not bring a significant amount of revenue into government coffers, we cannot discount the considerable savings to be achieved by reducing the amount of overseas trips the Premier and his entourage will have to make in coming years.

    • Smoke Screen says:

      Of course you all do realise that this is in fact nothing more than another of Mac’s legendary diversionary tactics, to divert your attention away from what he is about to do, on a much larger scale….

  23. Anonymous says:

    ‘oil refinery’… sounds sooo bad…. mackeeva runiing his mouth again  and arden shooting it down even though he doesn’t know what he is talking about…. another day in cayman politics…..

  24. anonymous says:

    Arden does not even live in East End!!…if he did he would not try to stop development coming to the east.

    I totally support him on the rejection of the Oil refinery concept… makes no sense and will damage the district.

    However on the rest of the development coming to North Side and East End. I personally support the dock and other major development coming to the east… this idea that we should be relegated to thatching a little bag or painting a little piece of driftwood or making a little fish tea to make a living is crazy.

    I am from the eastern half of Grand Cayman and can never see what was proposed, the “GO East”, by Arden and Chuckie making any sense. Let the eastern districts benefit from increasing land values. We have a piece of family land that we cannot even afford to subdivide because the surveyor wants to charge half of the overall value. With the port and other businesses in the east we can benefit from increase land values just like those who live in West bay, George town and Savannah!

    So Arden, if you lived up this way and had to drive across the island everyday just to feed your children you would take a more reasonable stand on helping us up here. Please do not just object to business and money coming to east end and north side before you even know what it is….that is just too ignorant for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is irrelevant that Arden does not live in East End. Much of his family does and he clearly cares about the district as its MLA. Many people who do live in EE oppose this.

      The Port in EE is another idiotic idea. There are many projects that can bring jobs. First, since according to McKeeva, we are broke and we are borrowed up to the hilt, and now we can spend tens of millions of dollars on an unnecessary port? We may be faced with a declining population before long, who will pay for it then? 

      Second, EE has the largest fresh water lens on these three Islands. Building the port would require cutting into that lens and therefore contaminating it completely. There is untold damage that may be done to our ecosystem when you start interfering with nature in that way.  

      Obviously a big wedge out of the land will make us more vulnerable to the impact of hurricanes. The sea will reach where it has not reached before. 

      You will damage the tourism product that is in EE.  Thereare some tourists who feel thay have only experienced the real Cayman when they come to EE and NS. Why would you want to destroy this by turning it into an industrialized area? 

      The Port in EE will make imports all the more expensive and rack up inflation as these goods will then have to be trucked into GT and the cost of truckage will be added to the costs. It will mean constant heavy industrial traffic on these roads meaning more costs in road repair. 

      Against this your idea is that the value of your land will increase and there will be more jobs for the boys.  How selfish and shortsighted.      

    • Anonymous says:

      I was of the opinion that the GO EAST projects was the mastermind of Chuckie and that Mack only picked up on what the PPM claimed was a big idea.

      Why then do Arden see it now as bad for East End. Make up your mind Arden, are you for East End and East Enders or where do your loyalty lie?

      • Anonymous says:

        Go East was about small business NOT INDUSTRIALIZATION! Get your facts straight!

        *Muttering, "McKeeva and his puppets.."

        • Sally Vation says:

          We have a recession on, people moan about jobs, and now the East Enders are getting picky and nimbyish about what jobs are going to be created.  Either accept the jobs or forget about it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone with any sense sees the objections. Building a port in East End is not the only way to create jobs. He just needs to think again.  You think  saying we have recession on gives McKeevva Bush a blank cheque to do any nonsense? Now you think again. The people made a big mistake on 20th May, 2009 and are now living to regret it.  The same people who were chastising the PPM for spending money on needed infrastructure (which also gave jobs) and are now saying it is OK to spend spend money on a port that is not needed and we cannot afford. That is politricks for you.       

        • Bobby Anonymous says:

          Funny you should say that.

          Industrialization. Can anyone please tell me what incentives are in place for any buisiness that wants to "’manufacture" goods in the Cayman Islands.

          Do I have to pay full duty for special equipment, mountains of paperwork and high immigration fees for an engineer to install it?

          Please, if there is a MLA reading this and can answer my question, please do so.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you really that much of a dimwit? The Go East Initiative was not about building a big port or oil refinery in EE. It was about promoting tourism in the Eastern Districts, not turning them into an industrial zone. Arden is obviously for EE and EEnders. On the other hand, no one who thinks this is a good idea is for EE. You are obviously for McKeeva in the hope of getting something for yourself (as his supporters always are).     

  25. Big Whopper says:

    Thank you Arden…I really hope you can stop this insanity.

    • WOW!!! says:

      Stop hogging the pipe…  Pass it over so we can see things from your angle…

  26. Anonymous says:

    Well done, Arden! Finally, the PPM Opposition is speaking up and they are right on the money. Opposition, we need to hear from you to keep the new govt. accountable. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

    • anonymous says:

      While you think that McKeeva is just talking and getting ideas in his head.

      You have forgotten one thing.

      He’s a Dictator !

      A dictator does not consult you on anything he plans to do. He ignores you, disrespects you the voters  and after spending all your taax dollars,  he then tells you the country is in financial trouble.Taxing the hell out of you

  27. Nanoo Nanoo says:

    Ezzard and Arden "the Nimby Twins". 

    If it went ahead, which it won’t.  Where else is it goingto go other than out there?

    • Dred says:

      Big Mac front yard. We could pipe it in from the boats straight to him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some folks are so STUPID that if you took their brains out and put them in a birds head the poor bird would fly backward. Keep up those broad shoulders Arden .