HSA defends staffing record

| 05/02/2010

(CNS): Following recent remarks made by Ezzard Miller that the hospital’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Greg Hoeksema (left), has had his contract renewed despite the fact that there is a Caymanian willing and able to do the job, the HSA Board and the Ministry of Health released a joint statement on Thursday stating that the hospital was committed to employing Caymanians. Although the official statement did not answer the allegations made by Miller on Wednesday or even mention Dr Hoeksema, there seemed no other explanation for the cryptic statement which said 32 Caymanians had been hired to both clinical and non-clinical positions in the last year.

Miller had said publicly that he believed there is a suitably qualified Caymanian doctor who could take the hospital’s top job but the Health Services Authority (HSA)  renewed Dr Hoeksema’s contract without advertising the post.

In the joint statement the HSA said it was committed to creating opportunities for Caymanians, which was being done through succession planning, staff development and active recruitment of qualified Caymanians for both clinical and non-clinical positions.

“It has always been the HSA’s policy to accommodate and hire suitably qualified and experienced Caymanians,” the board and ministry said. “Within the last year alone, the HSA has appointed 32 Caymanians to both clinical and non-clinical positions. These included an obstetrician/ gynaecologist, an emergency medical technician, a forensics analyst, a paramedic, a phlebotomist, an account assistant, a human resources officer, an executive secretary, several nurses and IT technicians.”

It went on to say that many Caymanians working in the HSA began their careers through work experience programmes, which the HSA continues to encourage. “The hospital also pays special attention to attracting and retaining Caymanians with clinical qualifications,” the statement read.

It said the hospital employs approximately 741 employees from 29 different countries and over the past 3 years had employed an average of 388 Caymanians, which represents approximately 52% of all employees in both clinical and non-clinical positions. “37% of the clinical positions and 69% on the non clinical positions are occupiedby Caymanians.  Additionally, over 50% of the HSA’s management team is Caymanian,” the board stated. However, there was no comment about the circumstances surrounding the re-hiring of Dr Hoeksema or whether in fact Miller was correct in his allegations that a Caymanian was available.

The statement did acknowledge that while the HSA is always committed to giving Caymanians first choice when hiring, it is also mindful of the diverse and specialized skills that are required to meet the needs of the population. “Therefore in some instances there will be a need to either recruit non-Caymanians or renew contracts of non-Caymanians in certain key positions in order that the level of service and patient care is not compromised,” it said.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    finally, the issue of the post not being advertised is being discussed/ debated and NOT the arrogance or behavior of Mr Ezzard.

    The statement from the Ministry, HSA Board and the Administration is embarassing . hey should have come out with a clear cut answer to the primary question and not one of these statistics. Is this what the public is paying for to run the health services.

    Since this is the attitude of the HSA Board, a question needs to be asked by Mr Miller in the House as an MLA—- How much does the Board  cost financially

    where many medical supplies are in short supply in the hospital— do they want specifics and a further embarassment, this money could have been better spent for actual patient care.


    • Anonymous says:

      The news doing the rounds is that Tower marketing has been contracted to improve the image of the HSA

      Is it not interesting— Public money being used to tidy up / dress up the wrongs of the administation.

      The many caring nurses and doctors  could have used that money to provide better care for the patients.

      A good business model– instead of the patient being the centre of the focus of the organisational structure, in the present format– it is the Administration which is the centre of focus.. All health care providers and  patients occupy only peripheral spots in this organisation, with the primary goal to provide employment to the administration.

      A good business model to be sent to Harward Business School from the Cayman Islands.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have met and happen to like Dr Hoeksema as a person, however, whether he is a good man doing a good job is not in question.

    WhilstI find Ezzard Miller’s personality somewhat abrasive too, and I’m not necessarily his greatest fan, I do agree with him on this issue. What he and other people are arguing about is the fact that the job was not advertised to allow qualified Caymanians to compete in the selection process. There is no other way to describe what occurred but "wrong".

    I saw where someone referred to Drs Jha, Shaker et al, as qualified and capable Caymanians. Well those are only afew because have many other highly qualified and successful Caymanian doctors out there who just may be interested in taking on the task.  For those of a certain mindset who may think that we do not have the truly Caymanian medical brains out there I’ll list a few:

    Dr Solomon

    Dr McLaughlin

    Dr Sidney Ebanks

    Dr Stephen Tomlinson

    Dr Pomarez

    Dr Glidden; and

    probably the most qualified, experienced and successful of them all, our own Dr Neely Panton – go Google his name and see what you find!

    All of these individuals, though probably not interested in the position, should have been given the opportunity to apply.

    Based on what Ezzard Miller said on Rooster  at least one of the above-named has the related expertise and was interested to apply but was not given the opportunity. If so , that is terribly wrong and the government should answer as to why. Having a good liking for Dr Hoeksema or feeling that he is doing a good job is not a good reason for depriving qualified and able Caymanians of this opportunity.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Slowpoke Friday 20:03. FYI there are Caymanian-born doctors with names like McField, Levy, Panton and Solomon who either are so discouraged by the way qualified Caymanians are treated that they choose to practice overseas (such as the Chief of Staff of a large Victoria BC hospital) or they try and try to get a position in their own country and get pushed away in favour of someone on a work permit. 

    But guess what, it is not the ex-pat doctors to blame but instead, the Caymanians on the hiring panels.

    Don’t bash Ezzard just because he’s challenging this wrong. At least he’s qualified by experience and profession to have an informed voice.


  4. Florence Goring-Nozza says:


    Big Mac and his fries can not do anything to Ezzard;Miller. Ezzard was elected by the people of Northside which are grassroots Caymanians.

    That’s a real election. McKeeva was elected by a bunch of x-pats paper Caymanians to which he granted status.

    Which of these is a ligitimate legislator?

    Ezzard Miller of course, that’s why he is duly qualified to make more noise than anyone else. Ezzard should take away Mac’s job as premiere.

    Caymanians would do well to have Ezzard represent them. they will finally have a say in their government and get their jobs back. As long as Big Mac and the UDP are in control,  Bye ! Bye! jobs for Caymanians!.

    I find no fault with Ezzard’s comments, he is always right on target.

    Kudos Mr. Miller we love you and keep on representing Caymanians you are doing a good job, we are going to make you Premiere come next election!

  5. what a mess says:

    The point is "the post should have been advertised"! And Govt. should lead by example.

    How else will others who are qualified even to know such a position exists?

    And the appearance is that the top echelons of govt. are above the law. They "pick and choose" which posts need to be advertised…(see Dugauy’s job versus Heoksema’s job) why does one need to be advertised while the other does not? Because of law…or what politicians want?

    Cayman cannot truly expect harmony with such blatant disregard for "doing the right thing". Justice needs to be seen to be done!

  6. Anonymous says:

    The comments in this thread are a good example of the infighting taking place in this society and why Caymanians are becoming more and more angry.

    If we focus on the comments by Ezzard Miller, and others, at issue is the recruitment process not necessarily the person now holding the position. The fact is the job was NEVER ADVERTISED to afford qualified Caymanians an opportunity to compete for this important position in our country. Had that been done this debate might not be taking place today.

    The fact is that there are several highly qualified Caymanians in the medical field who areexcelling in their chosen areas of exptertise and though they may not even be interested in this position they should have been given the opportunity to apply. That is what is wrong in this situation.


    • Anonymous says:

       I do not try to dictate the government or any other entity  the way that they recruit expat employee. But what I do know and can attest to is that many of these expat come here with just a bachelor in business administration and they are hired to do technical  job.  The company/government spend six months training them in the position, with a Caymanian  next in line, and practical handling the position, the poor foreigner, that being the first time he/she every heard of such type of jobs or such type of business , is then spoon-fed by the same Caymanian who should had been in that position. This happens everywhere, so  I am here to tell you next what happens.  (1)  That expat  is then trained instead of further developing the Caymanian (2) Although the expat don’t know a dam thing about the position , only that he had a bachelors, is  being trainned by the OVERLOOKED Caymanian ( 3) that expat is being pafd more than the Caymanian who has to show him/her (4)  The expat as soon as he/she ge their feet to the ground, the CaymanI islands, and its people becomes their floor rag (5) LAST BUT VERY IMPORTANT, THE EXPAT LEAVES THE CAYMAN ISLANDS WITH A WEALTH OF EXPERIENCE, NOT ONLY WITH THE WORK, BUT WITH THE CAYMAN  ISLANDS BEING SO UNIQUE TO THE WORLD THEY GET A LOT OF EXPERENCE INTO THE AREAS THAT THEY DID NOT EVEN KNOW ABOUT.

      On another hand, the employee gets work permit granted  under the disguise that  a Caymanian is being trained. this is a fact. It happened to me. Soon they realized this expat  was only sham, and of course I was then promoted into another position. Who is now doing that expat ‘s job? me.

      I  realize that we being so unique that we will always need foreign workers in our country.  I also realize that not all jobs Caymanians (I mean mostique bitten, bucked toe, coxen grouper, christmas meat, cassava cake  Caymanians) are available for.  But for God sake, don’t employd those that we have to spoon feed on the job under the disguise, that there are no Caymanians available.  

      I sat at my desk one day and overheard and expat telling her friend, ‘no I do not have that qualification, nor the experience I just got my bachelors in business administration, you just need to apply") 

      I understand that these expat study the job description prior to the interview and then go to the interview all fired up. But when the real thing come they actually know nothing about what they are doing.

      I welcome expats, and I get along well with them, because they too are looking for a salary. But I do not appreciate the way that some of them behave toward Caymanians and the Cayman Islands . 

      I have worked with a lot of good expats, and I trust that those seem ones can same the same for me.

  7. Anonymous says:

    The core issue of the post being not advertised is being overlooked or masked by Mr Millers personality and style. Please give the man a chance to ask the question and get a reply.

    Like every other organisation, the HSA has to advertise the post before any recruitment or renewal. Thet are definitely not special.

    Should the post have been notified, they may have been more than one applicant who would have applied.The proper screening and interview procedure should have been followed and the Governmental statutaory body– namely the HSA– should have shown that it is following the spirit of the law and regulations.

    If this was not done, let the Auditor General or the suitable authority, look into thematter and make a report.

    As far as Dr. Hoeksema goes, firstly he is not the Chief Medical Officer  BUT the Medical director of the hospital. Secondly, as a person in authority and also a human being, he needs to make a apology to thesuffering inhabitants of Haiti and also the people of these islands, who he is also representing, for his insensitive remarks. Even a teenager would show more senstivity.

    The residents of Haiti who are suffering from injuries and disease need doctors and nurses etc who can care /assist them , but definately NOT another administrator.

    If the HSA justifies the renewal on an excellent job done by the incumbent, the less talked about in the media. Just walk down the hospital and talk to the staff and patients for a real feedback.


  8. Anonymous says:

    reading the comments written above, the primary issue about the post being advertised is being lost. What is happening, is that the MLA ‘s    genuine question is being overlooked and more importance being given to his personality.

    In my opinion, the post of the Medical Director should have being adverised like all  other posts, including renewals. Without bringing in personalities, this matter should be addressed.

    To correct Mr. Miller, I think there are not one, but many locals doctors who may have applied for the position, had  it been advertised.

    As far as the present incumbent, whose tenure was renewed with an advert, the less said about it in the media. Just take the time to walk down and talk to the staff and learn the truth. For added clarification to the topic, Dr. Hoeksema is not the Chief medical officer, but only the Medical director.

    Regarding the inappropriate comments made by him, he should apologise to the suffering people in Haiti and also the people of these islands who he is representing.

    The people in Haiti who are suffering from injuries and disease need clinical doctors and nurses, NOT another  Medical Administrator.




  9. Slowpoke says:

     Mr. Miller still fuming and ranting because he was not appointed to his much coveted "Chairman of the HSA" spot so he could do things "right". Once again being able to demonstrate the leadership skills, so sorely missed, since he was Minister of Health in charge of little old George Town Hospital.

    To give credit to whom credit is due, there are in fact Caymanian doctors who have the knowledge, skills and abilities to do this job.  In fact, some of these doctors have already successfully held this position, know the issues, are familiar with the staff and the organization…

    Unfortunately, they are not the "skinny" guy, or the "cutty" guy that was here for a couple of years.  These Caymanian doctors have names like Jha, McIntyre, Shaker, amongst others.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hiring and developing Caymanians and retaining the Cayman culture is definitely the right thing to do over the long run.  If Mr. Miller truly knew Hoeksema, he would see a man and physician who is sacrificing a very wealthy and easy going career in the US to work endless hours under great stress to help change HSA for the betterment of Caymanians.  He might not be Caymanian, but he is selflessly serving the Cayman people.  

    I applaud the courage of the Board and Minister in their support and encourage Mr. Miller to show more civility and collaboration.  To Mr. Miller:  Please be a role model MLA and leader, and work with Dr. Hoekesema to make HSA the best in the Caribbean.  In due time, a Caymanian will fill his position.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Once again you like the others are missing the point.

      It is not the post holder who is being challenged but the way that the HSA filled the position by just renewing his contract without advertising the position. If they had advertised and followed the civil service and government authorities recruitment protocol of advertising position and then still came to the conclusion to keep the current post holder then we would probably not be having this commentary. That is not to say that there would not be persons in the community who would probably not be happy with the current post holder but like everything else you cant please all the people all the time.

    • fuzzy says:

      I do not believe for one second that anyone one would give up a stress free and well paying job in their home country to come to the Cayman Is to a stress filled job and not have their self interest at heart.In other words they dont just wake up one morning and say I want to help Caymanians and catch the next flight.No.They look in the paper and see an ad for a job on a tropical island,away from the snow ,with friendly people ,and oh by the way the pay is real good.Or they realize" I can make $20 per hour in Cayman while I only earn about $20 per week in my  home country"In other words they are also getting something out of it.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is no secret that Ezzard carries a chip on his shoulder with the present Hospital.

    For those of us who has some short term memory, remember Ezzard wanted to build his Hospital in the swamp presently used as a prison for female Prisoners.

    Remember when his idea was shot down, how much money had already been wasted, not to mention the millions in Contractor settlements that had to be paid out.

    What side of the fence is Ezzard on? Try figuring out that puzzle. as a clue it was the National Team and the Doctor he now wants to run the HSA was a National Team Member.Confusing is’nt it.

    • Anonymous says:

      What a disgrace & embarrassment Mark Scotland is to our country. Can he not speak for himself? It is easy for a coward to say "no comment" when asked about an issue, that is a child’s way out! Cayman has a right to know why a qualified Caymanian was overlooked for a foreign doctor. Mark Scotland has a duty to answer to the people! Who does he think he is? It just makes him look even more incompetent than we thought he was. What an embarrassment he has turned out to be. He has already failed. After only 7 months he has become a failure. He has no voice, no idea, & no backbone, typical of a lackey (one of Bush’s cronies). We really would like to know the REAL reasons behind this decision. Cayman mourns again.

    • Anonymous says:

      Was it Ezzard who wasted the money or was it McKeeva who wasted the money by abandoning the project?

  12. Anonymous says:

     Did he say who the Doctor was?  Let’s compare and contrast the two "candidates".

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard Miller said on Rooster that  Dr Solomon was interested in the position and that he is more highly qualified that Dr Hoeksema. In fact he challenged the HSA to put forward Dr Hoeksema’s resuma for comparison with Dr Solomon’s. I remember Dr Solomon and believe that he would indeed be more than qualified to fill the position. On this occasion I agree with Ezzard. Mark Scotland and the HSA must explain why this was allowed to happen.

  13. anonymous says:

    The position should still be advertised. That is what the law calls for! How else are those qualified to be given the chance to apply for the jobs, if they are not even aware of those same jobs?

  14. Anonymous says:

    The question is:  Was Dr. Hoekema’s job properly advertised, and were interviews held?  If not, isn’t this against the law?  And if not, which adminsirative body should take the HSA to task  – the Immigration Board?

    • Anonymous says:

      I do not think the HSA staff need work permits because they are a government body.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Today on Rooster the former LoGB & former Minister of Education were guests and guess who called and had to get more time on air…North side Ezzard and he wouldn’t get off the air and let other people get their time. How do you spell ego maniac?

    More about his HSA rant wanting to see the employment record will Rooster please pull this guy off the air or change him to once a month. Is he paying for all this air time?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I think they should hire the Caymanian even if he’s a bad doctor. Living is actually overrated and we all have to die sometime. At least the Caymanians can eat in the meantime.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Dr. H has done a terrificjob in bringing "order" into the hospital. He is a great value for Cayman and see how he is representing Cayman in Haiti.

    There is no doubt that he is a visionary and will lead HSA in the right direction, whcih again will benefit Cayman and the Caymanians.

    Good luck Dr. H

  18. Anonymous says:

    the rubbish being spoken right now by all sorts in the Leg, Assembly, MaKeeva, Elio (as always) and now Ezzard is terrifying… is  our Alden the only intelligent one? 

  19. Anonymous says:

    It’s an all out shame and disgrace why our Caymanians are not given their due when the time comes. For the most part those of us that think about excelling are often times shun by our very own people. Why, because we lack trust for each other, and can barely accept the fact that we should support each other.

    Ezzard, you have been in the Private Sector to understand what Caymanians "Qualified" and "Unqualified" go through. That is why you can afford to speak up! Now tell me, how many other MLA’s have worked in the Private Sector like you did to have the experience? and how many have the guts like you to voice their opinion?

    I trust that Mark as the Minister of the Portfolio of Health, think twice about the matter and use his dicretion by offering this job to our ownCaymanian. Who better can you offer the jobto than your very own? I may be on the otherhand, too nieve, considering that there is always some under the table deal that has to take place with these types of positions.

    My, my let’s wait and see the outcome, and how much Mark is interested in his own people! There should be no excuses…this man does not even possess a Masters Degree and have not had the experience of what it takes to run a hospital. No wonder all that enters its doors for whatever treatment is given the wrong diagnosis, and if that’s not the case have to be recommended to go overseas…  

    One more thing, Caymanians are fed up and already we are reading in the news daily happenings of various crimes….soon and soon I may add there is going to be a Caymanian, "well qualified" who is going to snap as a result of unfair treatment, and administer the same medicine what others are applying…just a matter of time…

    I wonder then if that will bring a round table discussion???





  20. O'Really says:

    This is the current Board of Directors of the HSA:

    Pastor Alden Ebanks, Chairman, Nola Bodden, Krishan Welcome, Canover Watson, David Shibli, Eddie Ebanks.

    Do these guys strike you as a group likely to favour an ex-pat simply because he’s an expat? 

    Maybe, just maybe, they think Dr. Hoeksema is the best man for the job. Or are we to believe that Ezzard knows better and we should question the ability of all these Caymanians to do their job?


    • Anonymous says:

      Go check your facts, your Board of Directors for the HSA is wrong. Please check out your info.

    • Anonymous says:

      The members of the new Health Services Authority Board of Directors are Mr. Canover Watson, chairman; Mr. Peter Young, deputy-chairman; and Mr. Tommy Ebanks, Ms Wanda Ebanks, Ms Raquel Solomon, Mr. Ryan Walrond and Ms Nina Banks.


      • O'Really says:

        Sorry, traveling and only had a couple of minutes to look up the ( wrong!) HSA board.

        Having mea culpa’d, does the constitution of the new board change the thrust of my post? I don’t think so.


        • Anonymous says:

          He may be the best man for the job but that is not the point. The point is THE POST WAS NOT ADVERTISED AND IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN.

          You cant have all these inconsistencies in the government. The AG is told he cannot get his contract renewed without his post being ADVERTISED because it is a government rule/recruitment protocol for the government yet we have another govenernment entity the HSA renewing a contract without advertising.

          TRANSPARENCY AND CONSISTENCY. Justice must not only be done but must be SEEN to be done.

          • O'Really says:

            The rules are the rules, so the post should have been advertised.

            There are deeper issues though. If Ezzard Miller had simply pointed out that the HSA had not advertised the position and should have, fair enough. But this is not what he did.

            As he does on every occasion he turned it into an expat v Caymanian issue, suggesting a Caymanian had been overlooked and in the process implying that the board of the HSA ( which is overwhelmingly Caymanian ) was either complicit with keeping a Caymanian down or incompetent in not knowing the Caymanian candidate existed. 

            Miller pushes these nationalist buttons at every opportunity. Did he enquire if the HSA board had approached potential Caymanian candidates to see if they were interested? Maybe they didn’t advertise because they knew there were no suitably qualified Caymanian candidates interested; although technically not correct, this would be a real world solution.

            And before you point out that Miller says he knows of a qualified candidate, I am aware of this. If this candidate is truly qualified, not merely in holding the appropriate academic qualifications, but having the appropriate level of experience and the personality to hold together something like the HSA, then the HSA were wrong to ignore the candidate. But have you considered that they may be aware of this candidate and that they don’t share Miller’s assessment, but feared political interference if they followed the rules? Because this, unfortunately, is how this can work in Cayman. 

            You say it is not about the best man for the job, but this is exactly what it should be about. Once Miller starts to muddy the water with his expat rhetoric, selecting the best man can be reduced to a question of nationality, not competence. Maybe the HSA board actually has the best interest of Cayman at heart; I would not suggest the same of Miller on something like this.

            My eyesight is fine. No need to capitalise words. If your concepts aren’t strong enough to stand on there own, using capitals isn’t going to help.

    • Do any of these board of directors members have ANY hospital qualifications?

      • Anonymous says:

        Not a single one of them has such a qualification. can you say "party loyalist"?

  21. Joe Bananas says:

    Proof that there is no intellegent life on Cayman. 

    listening to Ezzard  Millar.

    Willing and Able +Caymanian= Do it our way

    Skilled, experianced, ethical,succesful= do it the right way.

    This is Cayman and Caymanians do have the right to do it their way.

    But as never confuse Cayman way (Cayman Airways, Turtle farm, New schools building project, Mount trashmore, Cayman goverment financials, actually anything to do with Cayman goverment,  Cayman people against crime, Cayman human rights, Cayman immigration,  etc., etc,. with the right way.

    • Anonymous says:

      The irony in your comment is that despite all you said you still live here! hmmmm…..

      • Joe Bananas says:

        To you maybe.   I don’t do things the Cayman way and reap the benefits.

      • fuzzy says:

        Yep.the banana man is still here and arrogant and hateful as ever ,hates the people but wants to be boss of us poor, ignorant natives.Guess what banana joe "we aint leaving" so that leaves it up to you .Respect us our take your nasty attitude back home.

        • Joe Bananas says:

          I am the boss of no one. I hate no one. My respect for the lives of the people make me write the truth.  The earth is my home.

      • fuzzy says:

        It must really burn people like banana joe that SMART as he is ,he has to work and live with DUMB people like us.Guess we are not too dumb though sinnce we were able to get smart people like joe to come and work here;and now life is so good he wont leave.

      • Joe Bananas says:

        I do not Currently live in Cayman because I am successful enough to live where I want.  However many of my good friends (Caymanian, Jamaican, and South African still live there.  You should speak only what you know.   Or just say mmmmmmmmmmm and nothing else.

    • fuzzy says:

      Joe seems like what you really mean is that there are no intelligent Caymanians or are you finally saying that you are not intelligent ,since you say there’s no intelligent life on Cayman.

  22. Anonymous says:

    This is nothing less than smoke n mirrors. 

    If there is a qualified Caymanian willing and able to hold Dr.  Hoeksema’s position then let us employ that Caymanian.

    There is no excuse for any position held by a non Caymanian to be renewed without being advertised.

    This is contrary to the spirit of the laws of the Cayman Islands.

  23. Anonymous says:

    tell ezzard miller to shutup

    • fuzzy says:

      You can always tell when someone is standing up for Caymanians;thats when banana joe and others like him start ranting.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Miller, just leave it alone. They have a great guy in there doing a good and that is what the Caymanian people want. They want a competant professional looking after them, and Dr Hoeksema has a track record of doing that.

    The hospital already has a solid track record of hiring Caymanians. If the Hospital think they have the right guy for the the top job, I am surprised Miller thinks he know better than the professionally qualified people in the hospital who made the decision to renew the contract for Dr Hoeksema.

    Is there no end to this guys talants?

    • Dred says:

      Let’s understand who we are talking about here before you start a rant.

      Mr Ezzard Miller has been involved in the Health field for upteen years. His knowledge about the field is vast. He is a former Exco Member in charge of the Health Services. During his time he probably gained a lot of insight into what is required for the head of this hospital.

      If he says someone is well qualified for the job there is a 99.9% chance the person is. This is one man that doesn’t hold back one way or the other.

      Now that’s not withstanding that the guy might be doing a good job but UDP is famous now for making sure everyone "competes" for their job so why not him? If he is the best guy for the job why does Duguay have to compete but he doesn’t?

      Wierd don’t you think?

    • Baya 4 life says:

      if I am reading this correct, the joint statement didnt say if a caymanian applied/interviewed for the position.  I believe the Dr contract was just renew and wasnt advertised.  This is what Ezzard is talking about.  I would like to know if there is a caymanian that can do the same job then he/she should be given a chance.  keep up the good work Mr Miller, dont ever stop trying to help caymanian.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Shut now the immigration department!

    Caymanians not being hired in Cayman! Shame!

  26. Home Boy says:

    What else do you expect to come out from the McKeeva "clone".

    Do you think that he will admit any wrong even if what Mr. Ezzard Miller is facts!

    We all know that there is a Caymanian well quailfied to do that job and for a Minister of the UDP, who during elections promised Caymanians the first opportunity, to stifle the chances of a deserving Caymanian the chance to move up, is unforgiveable!

  27. conch soup says:

    Ezzard i support you 100% but lately you’ve been stepping on some toes i hope Mcburger don’t attack you next! if not him he’ll send Elio

  28. Anonymous says:

    When Ezzard goes into one of his rants it is difficult to calm him down. He has a prepared rant for almost every Tuesday’s radio show. His knowledge and acute awareness of this doctor and the suitable Caymanian replacement is a distraction and more of the same from Ezzard.

    Unsolved murders, bank robbery, schools unfinished, government broke, out of control crime and Ezzard is micromanaging as Cayman burns. Of course in his view we would solve much with Independence.

  29. Anonymous says:

    If the matter is really looked into there is more than one Caymanian who could fill this position – I believe there are in fact two. Furthermore, the question here is not why the Caymanians did not get the job the question is why was the position not advertised at the end of the current persons contract which is what is supposed to be done. The HSA and the board have ignored the question and answered what they wanted to answer by giving statistics that no one asked for. Why they think that we are fools I have no idea.