DER troubles in spotlight

| 09/02/2010

(CNS): Long suspected allegations of a paralysis between senior management and staff at the Department of Employment Relations appear to have come to a head with the temporary suspension of the director of the DER, Lonny Tibbetts, and reported complaints by a small number of staff. Despite recent improvements in the department’s job placement unit, with the number of successful Caymanian placements averaging around 25 per month, historical problems in the department’s complaints division have allegedly caused a serious personnel dispute.

CNS has contacted the ministry for an official confirmation of the situation and was told by Chief Officer Mary Rodrigues that the director was on annual leave and the deputy Jennifer Smith was acting director and the ministry had no further comment to make. The minister, Rolston Anglin, said that administrative issues were the jurisdiction of the chief officer and he was not in a position to comment, and when CNS reached the director he said he was unable to comment at this time.

However, sources close to the department have told CNS that Tibbetts has been placed on temporary paid leave while the ministry allegedly attempts to resolve a staff dispute.

The exact nature of the complaint against the director is unclear, however, it reportedly involves a small number of staff that have raised concerns regarding the implementation of changes to the department, and as a result of the requests made of them they have now submitted a formal complaint about the director imposing what they consider to be unreasonable requests.

The problems appear to be confined to the labour dispute unit, which deals with complaints made by workers about their employers regarding exploitation or where bosses are reportedly breaking the employment law in regards to pay, annual leave or working conditions.

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  1. Annoymous says:

    I am a Caymanian, and it bothers me that these staff disputes (if that is really all it was) couldn’t be resolved internally instead of making it public.

    Why couldn’t the Bosses, Accused & Complaint’s all meet and do what the professional managers in the private sector do, and that is they have a meeting and everyone put there issues on the table and whatever the end result is whether it be resolutions, compromises, confirmations etc. they make their decision over tea and coffee.  If this matter was handled in this manner, I guarantee you a much better result would have been the outcome of this whole charade.

    This Charade my dear Caymanian people is placing a question mark over this young intelligent Caymanian’s head. This is one of us, he is of this soil.  He was raised here by two Caymanian parents. 

    Please don’t ruin this young man’s hard work and efforts by simply dismissing him in such a public forum. 

    At what price must a Caymanian who took the initiative to make it to the level of obtaining a Master’s or maybe two degrees.  Whom have travelled for so far and so long (as has some other Caymanians before him), to reach this far and have his hopes, dreams of doing something good for his country, that his countrymen and women can be proud to say one of us did this, and it was a good thing for us.

    We as a Christian Community should now appeal to those involved in this humiliation of a young ambitious Caymanian trying to do what is right for his country, helping his country move forward with a better balance and he must now endure the attacks of a handful of individuals who would take his dream, his focus for his people and crush it and then hang him out to dry with the recent news release on this news blog.  As a Christian this saddens me that we would do this again, and again, to one another. 

    To suggest that all concerned make the effort to resolve this facing each other across the boardroom table and make it amicable, is really not asking much about one of your own.  Forgive your brothers and sisters, we are all human, mistakes are made so they can be forgiven.

    This Charade has had its 15 minutes of fame. Let the chips now fall where they may.

    God bless my island paradise.

  2. noname says:

     When i saw this i had to really laugh mannn What we have here bloggers is a typical Caymanian Gang Fight The LTIC  lonny Tibbetts internet crew against the DOC Disgruntle Office Crew how about this you guys take TYCE Take ya C**p Elswhere and let us get on with more important topics to post such as  ideas to inform and improve Cayman’s Future rather than personal sniping at one another. ThanX from the rest of US

  3. Df says:

    Yes shock and awe Its said that if it is too good to be true it usually is as i read some of these post comments you would think this individual has been victimized but we all know when reality sets in the perfect employee is not so perfectin fact and bunch of disgruntle employees are not so disguntle. The use of explicit language and hateful rhetoric by his so called supporters along with what appears to be very personal information about office politics appears to be a very personal campaign to sway public opinion and will not acheive what the poster and friends are attempting to do or resolve the matter amicable.  It just makes people more resolve in their harden positions. In regards to a person past if that is any measure for getting a job several government employee need to be removed. If the troubling truth was known some folks would be in jail.

    • Annoymous says:

      Submitted by Df (not verified) on Wed, 02/10/2010 – 08:02.

      Dear Df,

      Someone comes along who actually works, and wants the rest of the staff to do the same, and these individuals that have been there for years, dictating the fates of every Director todate because they can do it and get away with it must now come to a stop, it’s time to stop the indian rule and let the chief run the teepee.

      This Dept of Govt. has failed for years because of these same disgruntled group of people, but don’t take what I have posted here, stop the average Caymanian on the street and ask them. 

      And you say that these disgruntled employees may actually have something to be disgruntled about, i agree with you on that point, and yes they do.  They are disgruntled because they do not want to make the effort to even accept change for the better.  That is the problem with these disgruntled employees. 

      Change is good, at least give the change that was suggested a chance to see if it will work.  The Govt. made many changes to the immigration Law over the years and keeps changing it and will continue to do so until they can finally get it to work.  How many times has the rollover term limit been changed?  Change is good, and those who don’t want to accept change, then they are not willing to, and should not be permitted to pass go and collect a reward.

      If the support on this blog has to determine the fate of Mr. Tibbetts, then so be it.  All things good must either blossom or come to and end.

      I am happy to see that the other side of the fence has some so-called supporter too. 

    • Anon says:

      No one is perfect! Not even Lonny! But I know him personally and I know the people that are complainingagainst him as well! It’s a small island and everyone knows everyone! All involved have their faults! No one is perfect! But the point of the matter is! If a person is trying to make a change for the better! Why are these unhappy disgruntled people trying to tear the man down! Do they feel they can do the job better!? Or are they so jealous that he came in over them, when they’ve been there for years, and he was able to get the job done better than they ever possibly could! There are three sides to a story! His side, their side and the truth! So yes, let’s all just wait to see what really unfolds and I’m sure you will find out for yourself that everyone on here that is in support of Lonny and knows the culprits doing this to him know why they are on his side and NOT theirs! We write what we feel about this! Just as you feel we’re trying to "sway public opinion" are trying to do the same as well genious! So you stick to believing in the culprits and we will stick to believing in Lonny and supporting him through this ordeal and may the truth come out in the end! That’s all I hope for!

    • Annoymous says:

      It’s persons with your mentality that aids this country in remaining in a backward state.

      Our very own Premier is trying to move us forward with new changes and policies, and we have the head of the labour dept who is trying to do the same and a few are rejecting it.  It goes to show that the Cayman Islands will never change, does not want change and certainly don’t want to work towards change or improvement.

      THen the poor Premier will be talking until his tongue drops out of his head.

      We are evolving and if you can’t handle evolution as it comes our way and changes come in play you will get left behind.  Is that what we want for our country?  The Premier doesn’t want this for his country, because he spoke of change again in an aired press conference yesterday.

      Accept the change and mould it as you go along for the greater good of this great nation.

      Don’t keep throwing the baby out (Mr. Lonny Tibbetts) with the bath water.

  4. A Long Lost Friend says:

    Lonny old friend, we haven’t talked much since I left Cayman but you’ve often been in my thoughts.  I don’t know the details but know you are a good man.  If you need some good people let me know.  I’ll come work for you and do what 3 or 4 of who will be ex-employees accomplished during a typical day.

    Stay strong and stay true to who you are DeLaunch.  Cayman needs you and people like you more than anyone even knows.  The world is becoming more global and the most inefficient countries will suffer in the future.

    By the way Cayman, it is a good time to take a liberal stance on employing foreigners and take the reinsurance companies from Bermuda. 

  5. Shock and Awe says:

    Reading these comments it sounds as if Mr. Tibbets is an alright guy.  He may also have a strong case for wrongful dismissal or termination.  If that’s the case, my only advice to him is.. don’t entertain any notions of doing it through the DER.  Many workers, foreign workers especially who walk through the door or many doors can’t be certain the people they are speaking to aren’t related, or know someone who knows someone, who is related to the subject of their grievance. 

    I hope he has a good chance to have this resolved.  And I hope he knows someone.  That’s just how it is in a small place.

    • Jackie C says:

      I am in awe to read this article, but not surprised because I know it was only a matter oftime before those ole sores in the DER would try something like this.  History is repeating itself again with them.  I can’t imagine why it is that the Senior Govt. officials can’t come to realization that they (ole sores) are the problem, has always been the problem and all you have to do is follow their employment history and that speaks for itself.

      Oh Yes Lonny Tibbetts is a good man, and there is no doubt about that, he has personally helped 7 members of my family in the last several months who were unemployed by being laid off in construction, legal and administration, he got all of them back to work.  That is a man who is looking out for his Caymanians, he puts them first.

      However, the problem in our Govt. is when they finally get someone who comes along and makes improvements for more effective running of a department or section of Govt. those old sores that have been there  making a stink has a problem with it because they don’t want to entertain changes which is going to actually make them be more effective with their work and time. 

      For too long we have seen and heard of ‘SOME’ Govt. employees just a waste of the paper to print their names on that cheque each month, and we now have an individual who is making them accountable and this is the bull they are allowed to pull?? Who the hell allowed them to do this? Get rid of them. They are exactly what they are ole sores!

      I must note that this article makes them ole sores shine like sore thumbs and everyone supporting them as well.  The Bible say when something offends you cut it off, I say cut them ole sores off because they (ole sores) are offending the People of the Cayman Islands and the Labour Dept.  Director Lonny Tibbetts.

      The best Labour Director to date is Lonny Tibbetts, and those who have a problem with it should respectfully hand in their resignations, because we the people out here are demanding that they do.

    • Annoymous says:

      I hope he gets a chance to prove himself.  But we all know how that will turn out.  They have already allowed a handful of staff to influence them.  That’s the chicken way to start and alwasy the way Govt does stuff anyhow.  Via the Chicken Service.

      Those in charge are obviously a bunch of Chickens……….


  6. A Long Lost Friend says:

    Stay strong Lonny.  Hey Lon, it’s an old work mate here.  I know what you are all about and hoping this all turns out well for you.  How dare you ask people to work for their paycheck and hold them accountable?  Old pal, I’ll come work for you in a second and get done what any four of your detractors do.  I’m a foreigner so that can never happen, but perhaps it should.  For anyone who says, "See, Lonny supports the foreigners", think again.  Lonny first off supports his people but knows that things must improve.

    You’re a good man Lonny and Cayman needs you and people like you more than they know.

  7. the Challenger says:

    From what I can gather by all this  is that there is only a handfull of disgruntled employees at the DER whom have made complaints.

    So that would suggest that the remainder and no doubt larger number of DER employees don’t have any issues with their Director Mr. Tibbets.

    That said, I would hope that a full investigation is engaged on those who are complaining as well, and suspend them also until the investigation is completed on both sides. 

    It is ultimately prejudicial to the outcome of any investigation to allow the complainers to remain employed.

    As it stands and from what I have read, this matter is lopsided, and wouldnot surprise me if civil actions are taken.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like a typical civil servant issue where those at the lower end run the show and those at the top have to accept it.

      Seems like the Premier is in the same position and cant touch the civil servants with a long stick.

  8. I worked with some of the DER staff who were actively trying to get folks jobs. I have to say they were really sincere in their efforts and all around nice bunch. Those of you (DER)  who really care and try …… make a big difference to these people. Keep up the good work and thanks.

    I never thought I would end up on the other side of things with a labour dispute. That experience left me with a really negative feeling that relates to the individual who handled the case. What an arrogant, intimidating a****ole. I honestly felt like I had done something wrong. That I should not be there.

    Eventually got through to Lonnie who was very nice and answered all my questions. He dealt with my concerns fairly and respectfully.

    I would be curious to hear what the real problem over there is now. My guess is a few of them should be the ones to go not Lonnie!



  9. Anonymous says:

    This is disgraceful!  As a Caymanian, I hang my head once again to see what is happening in my country.  Clearly educated, hardworking Caymanians with a backbone and an ounce of decency can no longer survive in Government.  It is well known to the general public that that department is full of lazy, corrupt individuals all of whom should have been sacked years ago.  Absolutely disgraceful!    

  10. Anonymous says:

    lonnie thanks for everything you’ve done to help caymanians.  you set a great example. we’re proud of you and your work!   stay strong, stay focussed and don’t go down without a fight!

  11. Anonymous says:


    To believe that we have to sit here and watch what this new administration and its ADVISORS (Caymanians) and doing to our country is pure madness. Why won’t the minister step in and take charge of this matter isn’t that what we put him/them there for??  
    Mr. Tibbetts is an honest hard working man doing his job and helping the government get value for their money by implementing new rules and guide lines for his subordinates to adhere to and low and behold some of the staff kicks out against him and the chief officer listened. Come to the private sector with that sh!t and see where it will land you.
     These members of staff are all the dead weight and they need to be let go at once. I assure you that if they came to work in the private sector they would not last 6 months because they will have to account for every 15 minutes of the day.
    I would have taught that the government would look at what Mr. Tibbetts implemented and try doing the same concept throughout the entire government departments cause if they want to save revenue they should start cleaning up in house first.
    • Annoymous says:

      6 months! You are being good to them, they wouldn’t last 6 days!!

      In the real world (the private sector) if you don’t account for every moment of day that is due to the business/company you work for you will be docked that time from your salary as well.  If these barrel of crabs were to pull this in the PSector they would be on the list at the labour office right now waiting for job referrals.  Not a bad idea, maybe that is where they should all be retired to.  I am certainly disgraced to know that we out here have to work so hard everyday and under so much pressure and strain from our employers and we have people in the labour dept who would pull this crap and those in charge would even entertain them.

      I say fire the whole lot of the noise makers, and the chief officer and anyone else in the labour office making stink.  PUt some new faces in their who want to work and help people, and give the Director back his chair.  He is doing a good job and that is what these barrel of crabs can’t handle.

      Try earning your pay checks for oncein your life.

    • Anonymous says:

      I guess you work with the department so you know what he is trying to implement??? If you did you would not be saying what you are saying. He who feels it knows it.

      • Jackie C says:

        Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Tue, 02/09/2010 – 15:09.

        What ya say ‘he who feels it know it’

        They sure do, especially when they don’t want to work and when they have to work then they complain.

        Get really real, stop complaining about what you are feeling, as all that feeling is rubbish and you are simply not wanting to be a productive employee.

        If you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen then get the hell out!!

        Leave the Director alone, you bunch of time and money wasters!! Do the rest of teh country a favour and the whole lot of you hand in your resignations and stop wasting the country’s money.

      • Anonymous says:

        Its so funny that those commenting on this subject have no idea of what happens behind the public eye within this department…please thank our new FOI legislation and the press for giving you this topic of discussion.

        Having been an employee of this department, I know first hand of the favoritism that occurs within the department, hence my reason for leaving. I am aware of employees that some of you have categorize as "don’t earn their keep" or "those that actually work", however you will be surprise to discover that the complainants are a combination of both.

        As stated on this site the complaint department was responsible for lodging this serious allegation. Before you go bashing this group for not producing results, I encourage you to use the FOI and request the numbers you are so quick to state won’t be from those lodging the complaint.

        Granted the DER’s job placement unit is now able to produce accurate statistics. Kindly note you can thank the two young Caymanian past employees who built the system you are praising your beloved Mr. Tibbetts for. If you are going to give credit….. please direct it to the correct people. I guess this part of the equation was never publicized nor was the total number of court cases prosecuted by this unit or cases solved through Mediation with substantial payouts.  No…..the DER staff are passionate in what they do hence it is through frustration that this is all being brought to light.

        With every business that serve the PUBLIC you will always have the small few that will never be happy no matter how hard you try, but before you go bashing the unit or praising Mr. Tibbetts, please I beg you, learn the facts prior to your immature publication of hear say; as we all know in the REAL world….won’t hold up in court.

        I close by saying use our beloved FOI and request a list of all Tribunal Hearings within the last 5 years…’ll be surprised with what you discover.

        • Anon says:

          I take it YOU are one of those disgruntled small few or are very close with those disgruntled SMALL few!  Yes the public already knows who each one of you are and I stand by Lonny and I support him 100% on his decision to make you pathetic jokes work for a change! ALL of you disgruntled SMALL few all have an axe to grind with him! This is a personal attack on him and has NOTHING to do with what you are so pathetically complaining about! You didn’t get your way on certain issues! You can’t get your way anymore so now you’re all just pissed off spoilt little brats who have to whine to someone when you can’t have your way! Maybe if you know what the hell you were doing or had been doing your job correctly for all these years instead of sitting on your butts and in that department YOU would be in Lonny’s position and not writing letters to get the man fired and take food out of his and his family’s mouth! YOU SMALL FEW need to do your job and stop acting like spoilt little children! It’s a digusting shame what is going on here and I hope you all pay dearly for what you have done here!

        • Anonymous says:

          I say here’s one for employees working under a big boy system. 

          I am just happy to know that employees can affect change.

  12. Brackers United We Stand Tall says:

    Lonny ole buddy don’t worry you have the Brackers on your side too.

    We are here to give you full support, we know you, we know you work hard everyday, we know you are an honest man, we know how you were raised, we have nothing but respect for you and your family, you are a good man, and you can’t keep a good man down they say.

    We are ready to ‘Stand by our Man’

    God speed Lonny.


  13. Anonymous says:

    Chalk another one in me and my experience with the Labour Board.

    When I initially went to complain, his 2 cell phones rang 4 separate times and he interrupted to either answer or check the number.

    At my tribunal the Caymanian bosses lied about what they owed and cheated me out of 2 weeks pay. They wouldn’t let me step out for 5 minutes to get the proof that I had in writing. (I didn’t have it because I didn’t know they were going to lie about that part)

    Yet when the moderator got a phone call, we took a break….

    They all bandtogether.


  14. Anonymous says:

    Who Feels it knows it!!!!!

    What ever happens in the dark must comes to light!

    Nothing is wrong with the head. its the month-end waiters. They don’t do there job, don’t solve any caes, easy to buy out and returns only the calls from there unscrupulous employer friends. They need to get rid of the nonprogressive ones.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I work in relation to this field and have to say I have always fond Lonnie to be fair, astute and knowledgeble. I cannot say the same for his staff, many of whom come across as surly and ignorant. Hang in there Lonnie!

  16. Tourist trap says:

    Come watch the crabs in the bucket.  Only $1 for 5 minutes hilarious action.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Years ago I applied for a job in the Department and did not hear anything until one year later if I would come in for an interview.

    She I did and the interview was with XXXX and Jennifer, I mentioned to Jennifer at the interview that I was suprised that I was called for an interview and she asked why, I mentioned that it was a year ago that I had applied for the position.  She was quit supprised and mentioned to XXXXX that I was highly qualified for the position and she felt that the interview went very well and as far as she is concerned that she would reccommend me for the position.  Unfortunately Jennifer had to leave the room for another appointment and mentioned that she will call me on the following Monday to make arrangements and that XXXX would give me all the details for the position ie… salary, benefits, and so on. 

    To my surprise XXXX mentioned to me that she will never forget what my husband and I did to her by reporting that she had her hands in peoples pockets (this was nine years before my interview) the report was made to Dale Banks who was the Director at the time.  We never hear anything else about the report until Dale Banks called me about six months later and asked if we would testify that XXXX has her hands in peoples pocket, I said of course and that was it until today we have yet to hear any more about that.

    When XXXX brought up what happend during my interview I knew then that I would never get the position that I applied for.

    So as long as people like XXXX are still in that Department there will never be justice for employees in that Department.  People like XXXX have been in that Department to long and need to be replaced.


  18. Anon says:

    Why am I not surprised to hear this foolishness coming from some of the staff members in this department. Greediness and envy is so evident in this group. Maybe some of them should concentrate on doing their jobs instead of poking their noses into other affairs on the island that are not job related. I wonder if they feel they’re more suitable for this man’s position just because their photo is in the papers every couple of months looking attention, as usual. 

  19. Anonymous says:

    I agree with poster: Tue, 02/09/2010 – 07:26


    I’ve known Lonny for years as well, and I have found him to be very discriminating against his very own caymanians.   I recall mentioning to him a few people that were out of jobs and all his response was about their past.  Dont judge people on thier past, people change.   This kind of behavior makes the people feel disregarded and hopeless.   And eventually they will have to resort to crime.   They have to live.   Its in human nature to fight for survival, and unfortunately some resort to criminal activity. Take your eyes off your savings account balance, get off your high chair and stop looking out your office window.  Do what you are being paid to do.

    • Home Boy says:

      Excuse me peoples, did you expect anyone with the last name Tibbetts lasting too long as head of any Department under the UDP regime, especially with who the Premier is!

      • Anonymous says:

        Nepotism here! The PPM was no better because they appointed a "Tibbetts" to this high position even though he was not exactly qualified.  Judging from comments I’ve been hearing out of that department, attitude towards others seems to be the big issue.  The deputy in charge now needs to go too.

        • Anonymous says:

          So if anyone is appointed to any govt. position that bears the same last name as a Minister of Govt. that is automatically nepotism?

        • Annoymous says:

          To Poster: Tue, 02/09/2010 – 09:48

          You are a complete and utter idiot!!

          Try and go look up the word ‘nepotism’ then come back and post a different comment.


          • Anonymous says:

            Nepotism meaning:  "the practice among those with power or influence of favoring relatives or friends, esp. by giving them jobs."  

            Is that clear enough for you?  I intended to say exactly that.  DO YOU not know the meaning?  Fool!

            • Anonymous says:

              I didn’t know Lonny had any family in that dept that he was favoring over anyone else and by the sounds of things, it don’t sound like he has very many friends in there either so what’s your point? Fool!

        • Anon says:

          Lonny may not have the qualification on paper as you try to convince us of! And which I know different of!! But let me tell you something dear friend, he is one of the most intelligent people I know! There is nothing you can bring to him that he can’t hold a well informed and sensible conversation on! He’s a very smart man and a damn hard working man too! He has fought to get where he is today and if anyone else had been better for the job they would have had it!

          Lonny, hold you’re head up dear! You know that it’s ONLY our so called CAYMANIANS! Our God fearing Caymanians! That tear each other down! Like I’ve said before, no-one HATES to see a Caymanian succeed more than another Caymanian! Sometimes I’m SO ASHAMED to be a Caymanian!

          Hang in there cuz! Nothing good in life comes easy! If you had been a little push over up in deh! They would love you! You stick to your guns and I’ll keep praying for you and the family and that all this ugliness will all get resolved! God bless!

    • Anonymous says:

      Some people have a really deluded sense of reality. nobody is forced into a life of crime, there are always alternatives.

      Just because yo and your ferral kids are all jail dwellers doesn’t mean we should give you a  job. The department can only do so much. They get a foot in the door for honest hardworking caymanians, but that is the extent of their job. The hard work and committment is up to the employee. You can’t expect instant promotion if you don’t show up on time, have a bad attitude and steal.

      When families like yours have a history of criminal  behaviour, you have to prove that you have turned over a new leaf. Just like every other country in the world, nobody wants to employ crims like you, they know you will be stealing from them and people are afraid to leave their wives in your company.

      Instead of blaming others for your loose morals, point the finger at yourself and ask, ‘why am I such a  loser?’ and the solution to all your problems will become clear. If you were more honest,  a better worker, reliable, clean, trustworthy and if you didn’t fiddle with kids then you would be more likely to get a job.

    • Annoymous says:

      Since you claim to have known him for years, then why is it that he has not helped you?

      Could it be that you are one of those crabs in the barrel whom has a list as long as the island at the DER where they have placed you on jobs and you quit so often they have ran out of places to send you??

      Could it be?

      Discriminating against his own Caymanians, he need to discriminate against Caymanians like you, you know the kind the the ones who do nothing, and lay around all day long taking money from Social Services to call talk shows and complain, and make stupid post like this.

      Listen whomever you are, go fishing man, that is the only job you will ever get and ever keep.  FISHING!!! You can turn up late whenever you want, cuss off the boss (yourself), and who knows you may have even stolen the bait to put on your line.

      You see it’s Caymanians like you all that I would support not helping.  You are all a bunch of noise makers, can’t get nowhere, and going nowhere fast.  So when you say that Lonny Tibbetts has discriminated against you I suggest you look in the mirror and you will have the answer as to why.

      Some Caymanians need to go sit down and shut up making noise and cease making us intelligent, concientious ones get painted with the same brush.  I am glad to dissassociate myself from your kind.

      I only wish we could put the bunch of you lazy, noise making, name calling, good for nothing Caymanians who make life difficult for the good Caymanians in a barrel and send you all sailing.

      Get off the freaking sofa, and hang up the phone from calling talk shows and get a f**@king job, and put some effort into keeping it longer than one day.

      Mr. Tibbetts you will be vindicated and if not you have a large support group out here that will march to the Glass House in your honor.  Think it won’t happen, try us!!!!!


      • Anonymous says:

        Just wondering where it stated in the previous comment that the person was out of a job???????  Maybe I missed that – could you please point it out.  I thought I read that he had told Lonny about a few people that were out of a job. Correct me if I am wrong  

      • Anonymous says:

        LMAO poster.. please read my comment correctly.   BTW, I am not on the sofa and I have a job!   And No I am not on DERs long list.   Just a caymanian looking out for other caymanians that have made mistakes and looking for change, but not given a chance, 2 of whom were simply LAID-OFF.  My comment in particular, was at the fact that I asked him politely to look into 3 persons whom I know were genuinely seeking employment, and he had nothing good to say about them.   Speaks very little for professionalism.

        Stop being so sensitive, you almost sound related! 

        • Annoymous says:

          LMAO poster.. please read my comment correctly


          Did it dawn on you that he (Lonny TIbbetts) may know of these individuals from trying to help them before and they had made him and his dept look bad because of their bad work ethics.

          Let me say this, if hard working, respectful, loyal and dedicated Caymanians are unemployed that is by choice, or they are too lazy to go find something to do.  This country is a free enterprise, all you have to do is start something and and instead of using that cellphone to call talk shows, use it to put in a $9 advert at the Compass to advertise what you can do and get business started for yourself until the right job comes along. God helps him who helps himself. 

          What you felt that your three referrals were the cream of the crop and must get special attention over the other hundreds of persons ahead of them in line awaiting to be assisted as well.  Get real, those days of knowing who you know and how you know them are over, and that is why Mr. Tibbetts is on suspension today, probably because he wouldn’t take your three stoogies and find them work, a truly waste of his time alright.

          You see, the lot of you sit around too much, wasting time, plotting and crafting crap against your own instead of when you get the call to go to represent the Labour Office at a job, and this is your opportunity to get somewhere you make all those who put the effort into helping you go to waste and go to shame.

          I see you have a job, then maybe you could find out why these people are having problems finding a job.  Have you even stopped for a minute before blabbering off your mouth to check them out? 

          Barrel of crabs mentality I tell ya, barrel of crabs…..

        • Annoymous says:

          No I aint related, but I worked with him before and I know he is a good person.  He takes a stand for what is right and ethical.  Unfortunately, when you have to deal with unethical people like those who have brought this against him then Caymanians like myself will stand and support him becasue we know who he is.

          Suggestion to the poster:  You go ahead and contact Lonny Tibbetts and see for yourself what he is all about.  You will be pleasantly surprised to know he is a good person, and that he comes from a good family too.

          So poster when you make assumptions, make the right ones. I am no relative of Lonny Tibbetts, just a Caymanian supporting another Caymanian who has been wronged and what is so wrong about that?


    • for the record says:

      well obviously this post is from inside the DER, looks like one of those noise makers finally crawled out to say something.

      If finding out a persons background is one of the criteria for checking on an individual don’t you think fool that this is a plus for Mr. Tibbetts.  He has to take on the job of placing people with companies on this island, he must know some of your background criminal or otherwise.  If he knows this he can decide how to deal with that individual.  Which companies are relaxed about hiring persons with criminal past and which ones won’t entertain it.  This is a very positive statement you have made trying to paint Mr. Tibbetts in a black spot.  Shame on you for doint this.

      Yes, as an employer I would want to know your background and if this is told to me then I should have the right to refuse you or to accept you.  I am not going to give you credit there sonny boy, you make doing a background check on an individual same as it is wrong and should never happen because you are Caymanian.  I am Caymanian, to the bone and I demand police records, and references from former employers about you. 

      For those whom you are claiming must resort to criminal activity that displays your ignorance.  Change a persons attitude about work and working with other foreigners and stop feeling that the job is mine and must be mine because I am Caymanian and then there will be no need for criminal acitivity.  Employers will be happy to hire Caymanians over work permits.  I don’t want to spend extra money if I don’t have to.  So yes Mr. Tibbetts you can send me all the screened out Caymanians and if they have past records, don’t send them, I am personally discriminating against hiring them because of past experiences with several of them.

      Thank you Mr. Tibbetts for the good job you have done and would continue to do if these people will just stop looking down the ends of their noses at you and see your true potential and your dedication to you work.  Ask the labourers at East End Steel they got back to work on his doing.  I am sure you may know them since you work inside so call them up and let them tell you what a good job he did for them and who are they? Caymanians!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      No resort to crimeis acceptable. It is an excuse, but not acceptable. Worse it makes them harder to place in jobs in the community with a criminal record behind them. Crime is about as far away from the solution as you can get.

    • Nothing but a crab says:

      I have also known Lonny for quiet sometime now and he is nothing like you have described; Lonny is a stand up educated Caymanian and he has done a great Job. I am so dissapointed that he finds himself in this position and all I can say is here we go again like crabs in a barrel tearing down our own. We complain about Caymanians not gettings the positions and as soon as we see one get the position we become jealous and target them. God help us….Lonny chin up and thank you for all you have done…

  20. Anonymous says:

    While I am distraught that yet another Caymanian is suspended/out of work and I am almost certain that this is another "smart" move by our Govt leader, however over the years Lonny Tibbetts never once assisted me.  He refused my calls and I am still awaiting email responses.

  21. Shock and Awe says:

    Let me get this straight:  The employees.. of the Department of Employment Relations…who’s task it is to deal with workers’ complaints…complained about their boss…and got results.  I’m not sure whatthe issue is but  I’m glad someone got in the ball and got results.  Good job!  But when you’re not too busy with your own complaints could you possibly find time to deal with the hundreds of others who have been ripped off, fired unjustly, not paid for evertime, had permit fees deducted from wages, etc. etc.  Sorry to bother you.

  22. 007 For Sure says:

    Lonny was doing his JOB what they need to do is to get rid of more NO GOOD STAFF .Let me share this with you all .I had a friend working like a SLAVE doing domestic work at a Caymanian residence on South Church Street got fired she went to the labour office to complain they determined she was wrongfully fired the officer told her employers they owed her the $500 for the 2 weeks.One of the family who is BIG in PPM went to a friend inside the labour office told them LIES on her and they over ruled what the first officer said and came back and only made them pay this domestic helper $250.When the lady went to walkers road to their Gas station to collect the $250 they gave her the run around like they did not want to even pay that much They eventually paid her. All because of a no good staff in that department who was PPM.That was the day i STOP supporting PPM as i was a big supporter of them but i believe in fairness and this was so upsetting to our family and i still dont support PPM.As this nice lady was only good to this rich cayman family but they abused her and worked her like a slave as she had to clean their dirty house,cook for the whole family by 12 everyday  as they all use to come their for lunch.Go back and cook a big meal on sunday for them by 12.Oh and on wash days she had to back a big heavy laundry basket full of clothes half way across the yard i would say about 40 or 50 feet from the house to a little hot so called laundry room where she had to wash and hang out all the clothes in the hot sun as they was too cheap to use the dryer even on rainy days dryer was not used. Now you tell me if that not slavery.

    • David Wight says:

      I want to state upfront and clear that my name is David Wight and the coward who posted this comment (Tue, 02/09/2010 – 06.25) is talking absolutely lies and anyone can get on here and post anything under Anon. or a fictitious name without consequences. I was called by a friend to read this as she said it sounded like it was our gas station (therefore my family) that was being referred to. First of all, my parents are NOT involved in Politics and would NEVER stoop to such levels to go into any Department of Government to try and persuade any change of any decision made.

      Next thing was when reading this obviously made up post, I had to laugh when this "Vindictive" person wrote that this domestic helper "nice lady was only good to this rich Cayman family but they abused her and worked her like a slave as she had to clean their dirty house, cook for the whole family by 12 everyday" and much more – then I knew it could not be my parents that this person was talking about as my parents, 1st: are NOT rich 2nd: NOT slave drivers 3rd: My Parents house is definitely not dirty (How sick)4th: Would NEVER hold back on pay to anyone that is owed as I have never found 2 more honest people – in fact sometimes TOO HONEST & GENEROUS.

      There are so many other ridiculous statements in this posting (that prove to me it cant be my parents referred to) but I dont have all day and I have replied as its quite obvious that this mischievous poster is a UDP supporter who wants people to think bad of my family (HOW LOW WILL THEY SINK!) to get at PPM – How pityful!

      I can categorically state that no one can honestly make these accusations against my family and its a downright shame that people would even consider to stoop so low for personal reasons. 

      Whenever I make a statement, either on Radio, Newspaper or even on CNS, I will never make up anything false to say of anyone and I dont think I can read any more posts (I will read the news reports) as I will never know what is truthful – OMG, WHAT PARASITES! 

      In finishing, I would like to say that any person can make comments on CNS insinuating that certain people are doing wrong without calling names, but this coward should be made to come out and name names so if it is proven that they lied, they can have their day in court. It is obvious that this mischievous poster wants people to think that its our family (live on South Church Street and Gas Station on Walkers Road) and so I have come on to challenge this person to come forward and put forward your name and name the person who you claim was a slave – I still cant beleive some people, because one thing I am positive, you cant find 2 more honest, generous, loving and fairer people than my Parents!

      Thank you, David Wight.

      • Swan says:

        David you should feel angry as I no your parents from I am a child and there is no way in high heaven that "007 for sure" could be talking bout them. I is totally shocked for someone in the name of politricks to reach in the gutters and attack a family. I no you is involved with your brother in politics but your parents, man words cant put to this kind of person but let it be BRO.

      • Anonymous says:

        David: Don’t go over the top! I don’t think very many-if any- people would think so ill of your parents and the odd mischievous one here and there should be ignored. Your parents are well respected good people and I have never heard anyone, UDP or PPM, say otherwise.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ok David, don’t take your gloves off, I’m sure that person was not talking about your parents. I have known them all my life & there isnot a bad bone in their body. Your father has helped many Caymanians in business & to get into business in the 1960’s, 1970’s & even into the 1980’s. Many Caymanians owe your father a great debt of gratitude for the help he gave them in education & business. I know because I am one of those grateful Caymanians who benefitted from his help.

        The funny thing is that I can understand people criticizing you or your twin brother because you are both very political, very passionate & very outspoken, but I also know you both can defend yourselves very well. But if this is an attack on your parents why anyone would want to embarrass them is beyond me. I know them well & I do know that they have their opinions & beliefs, but I have never heard them criticize anyone publicly, & I surely have never heard them voice their political views publicly. Why would anyone want to hurt them, even if it is for politics? If this is an attack on your parents I hope that person has checked this out thoroughly, because this is a disgraceful act even if it is done in the name of politics. Obviously that nasty person is a johnny-come-lately to these islands. As I said, attack you or your brother, but do not involve two nice elderly people who have only done good for people, what a shame, & I hope that person is feeling ‘good’ right about now. "You can pay for school, but you cannot buy class" & it is obvious that "007 for sure" has no class.


      • Anonymous says:

        David hon, I understand your frustration, but GOD will take care of evildoers, so have no fear. I can recall your parents always having  nannies or ‘helpers’ going back as far as in the 50’s, and never ever once heard a bad word uttered about their treatment of others. Both of your parents have been very hard workers and were always at work, so it was expected that they needed someone to help in the household & to look after the children, and for those 50 years I have never heard anyone accuse them of slave drivers. That is sad. But on the other hand, who knows, this may be a mistake or in reference to someone else, so do not let it upset you or your parents. It is a pity though that someone finds it necessary to destroy a good persons name without taking ownership of the comment. That is a cowardly act.

    • pain in my eyes says:

      007 For Sure, you are so right! I see the same things happening with some wealthy UDP supporters living in the same area. if one day out of their lives they had to work as hard as their "helpers" do, they would certainly call it what it is: "slavery" and they would protest to high haven! For normal people a day off is at least 24 hours, not for their helpers, they are lucky if they get 8 hours. No vacation for years, no respect, they are being regarded as 3rd class humans simply because they are poor and have to leave their home & family to try and make a living.

      what some of these people have to endure at the hands of some of these leading Caymanian families, makes me ashamed to call myself Caymanian.

      • noname says:

        Calumny is one of the deadliest of sins – do not bear false witness against your neighbour. May God forgive this misguided person for their hateful, untrue & unsubstantiated accusations against beautiful, kind & fair people, as it seems obvious who this attack was aimed at, (but I hope this isn’t intentionally trying to ruin good people).
        The crime of Calumny is that you can NEVER repair the damage done.

        Calumny can be well illustrated by the following:
        A woman had written wrongly (like this posting) about some people, & in a medium that she could never ever know who & how many people had read her calumnous lies.
        She then wanted to repair the damage she had wrongly done to these people. Asking God for forgiveness, He said first she must take the calumnous letter that she had written to the edge of a cliff, tear it up & then throw it over the edge of the cliff. Then come back to Him (God).
        She did as God said, & then returned to Him. He then told her that now to repair the damage she had done to these people & to right the wrong done she must now go & collect all thepieces of that letter & put it back together. IMPOSSIBLE!
        That is why Calumny is a deadly sin & cannot be made right.

        I do not want to cast judgement (as I would be no better than "007 for sure"), but I have known for many years the people that that person appears to be referring to, & they have nothing to be ashamed of. It is "007 for sure" that must now live with the deadly sin of calumny on their mind, conscience & soul. What a burden to bear.

  23. Anonymous says:

     What are the names of the "small number of staff"? Are they known to be hard working, ethical people, with no axe to grind?

    • Scorpio says:

      That "small number of staff" are those who sit and do nothing (except stab one another) and yet still complain about the "little amount of pay" they get.  They all have axes to grind.  They are neither hardworking or ethical employees.  Ever since the Labour Office" became DER under the ruling of Education, its use and helpfulness have fallen into hell.  Many years ago, under the leadership of Dale Banks, many positive results were seen. The now Director of DER is only a puppet

  24. Anonymous says:

    I am very proud of Lonnie Tibbetts.  I have known him from the time he was a small boy and I cannot believe, that after he took the position and started helping Caymanians to retain their pride and dignity,by doing what we have always done – support ourselves, he is now another casualty of the UDP Government.  How many more honest Caymanians will fall to the double-edged ax that is the UDP.  I forsee that every Caymanian in any sort of position, who does not support the Premier and his UDP Government will be axed.  The groundwork is rapidly being laid to replace Caymanians in any position of any sort of importance in this already corrupt government.  The handwriting is on the wall, Caymanians, for the Cayman Islands to suffer the same fate that TCI has.  Maybe that is the only thing that can save us.  Direct rule from the UK.  We certainly cannot go independent.  If that ever happens, we will sink faster than a leaky boat in rough seas.

  25. Anonymous says:

    And to think, Cayman with its "small town mentality" wants to compete internationally. We are nothing but a bunch of crabs. I hope expats learn from this. That is, they shouldn’t take anything personally. After all, we treat our young hard working people, even worse. Hang in there Mr. Tibbetts, and if not, don’t worry another door will open.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mr Tibbetts,

    As a business owner I just want you to know I fully support you.  You are a fair and decent man who listens to both employee and employers.

    You have a set of people working as inspectors that will take a complaint and if it is someone they like they side with that person.  If it is someone they do not like they side with the other party.  No offense but you should have gotten rid of them a long time ago.  They are nothing but a worthless bunch of pay check earners.

    XXXXXX  They are lazy and bias.  Now that you are trying to clean them up they want to throw you out to hang.  Do not worry you will be back in your position and this time clean house wtih their asses.

  27. Annoymous says:

    "reportedly involves a small number of staff"

    There’s the answer to the problem.  The small number of staff, the same ones that have been there for years and have done not one f*cking thing.

    The small number of staff, could they be the same small number of staff that all have taken bribes, are selective about who they help, can’t resolve any matter and all you have to do is ask the FOI how many cases this same small number of staff have resolved over the years, bet your ass you will be surprised at the low numbers. 

    This small number of staff are the disaster that keeps brewing up in this here labour office.  They don’t want change, because change is going to impact their corrupt activities.

    Yes, someone has come along and highlighted your laziness, corruption and incompetence and so now you all gang up and say the new policies implemented are unreasonable!

    Get a life, small number of staff, it’s called WORK!!!!   If you don’t want to WORK then RESIGN and go do your side businesses on your time and not on the Governments (whichin fact is the People’s Time).



    • Fallen Angel says:

      These ‘small number of  staff’ then can be called miracle workers –  it ‘s a  miracle if they get the work done because they  got to rest before they get tired. They are entitled to their undeserved pay because they are born and bred, I suppose.

      The insubordinate ‘small number of staff’  is similar to Justice Levers’ subordinate staff who started the ball rolling (in the wrong direction) because she spied on her private letters and talked to the CJ which got her suspended (with pay).

  28. Annoymous says:

    "The minister, Rolston Anglin, said that administrative issues were the jurisdiction of the chief officer and he was not in a position to comment……"

    so it is obvious then that the administrative personnel handling this matter is clearly not handling it in a manner that is beneficial to the reputation of this ministry and the department of labour.  Stop and think for a minute, when you are going to allow low level staff to suspend their Boss, the director because they don’t want to carryout the changes implemented for the better and that is benefitting those Caymanians that are unemployed.

    Minister Anglin, you need to get involved as this is your ministry of which the administrative personnel namely the chief officer as you have identified is responsible for this matter.    You may want to get involved because we the people will not accept the excuse as stated in the first paragraph of this posting, of course unless you don’t have a problem with the chief officer making decisions that will draw questions to be placed over your head as the Minster in charge of this ministry. 

    Time to stop hiding behind the chief officers, some don’t have a clue what they are doing and that is not beneficial to this country in the least.  The best Director since Mr. Banks is Mr. Tibbetts and if he goes it sends a clear picture to this community setting a precedent that Govt. does not want an honest, and reputable, uncorruptable individual at the helm in this sector and that can be seen so publicly by the way the employees have formed an alliance to oust another good capt. of the DER ship.

    We out here in the public know that there are some individuals in this department of the Government that just don’t want to accept change for the better.  THis is certainly historical as the article states, these issues have been around long before Mr. Tibbetts joined, so why is it that change can’t happen for the better? Especially in a time when we have a recession which is forcing companies to layoff dedicated and loyal Caymanians from their jobs. 

    This chief officer should have put the staff in their place and send them back to do their jobs more effectively, and stop wasting time with petty office politics. But it is obvious this chief officer cannot handle the situation professionally in their capacity as chief officer, and who knows may even have an axe to grind, as we know well enough how some of us Caymanians hate each other or don’t want to see another one excell or feel that if they help one they will take their job.  Get real.

    I am hoping that the other side of the story comes out and that is Mr. Tibbetts side as I would want to know and see for myself how petty this all was.  I am also hoping that Min. Anglin steps up to the plate and aids this exceptional director and if not then the Premier should step in.

    It is so ridiculous to see this story in the news and makes us look and sound like a barrel of red shanks.

  29. Annoymous says:

    I was one of the labourers working for East end steel and Mr. Lonny negotiated a resolution with Tom jones to get us back to work.  He was professional the entire time and me and my family appreciate him seeing to it that we got back on the job.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Was only a matter of time before the UDP govt. moved him.

    • Anonymous says:

      He’s getting the work done! Clearly some of the employees are not pleased with that, why? BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO WORK FOR THEIR DOLLAR!!!! Good job Launch….do not let this deter you!

  31. Annoymous says:

    A couple years ago when I heard there was a new Director (Mr. Tibbetts) I was most pleased because I felt that we Caymanians had a new ray of hope.

    However, I see that this is darkened today after reading this article, and surely shows that he should have cleaned house and got rid of all the lazy and corrupt asses that was in that dept. that have been there for years and years doing nothing, solving nothing, not returning or answering phone calls and don’t think of leaving  a message they would never reply.

    I hope to see you back in the seat soon Mr. Tibbetts, as you were a ray of hope to many of us Caymanians who needed a job badly and you helped us. 

    We support you Sir.


    • Twyla Vargas says:

      I am not very acquainted with Mr Tibbets, but I am reading the positive things said about him.

      One thing I know for sure, that department is long over due for a good shake up.

      Want to do somethng.  Line them up and see how many Caymanians got top cat job.  Very few who has to watch there back/.

      The place is too heavy with expat bosses covering each other behinds. 

      Mr Tibbets I dont know what you did to be supended, but I will say one thing to all Caymaians, "Pull up una pants"   "Roll up una sleeve"   Its time to get to work.

      • Anonymous says:

        Could you name the "expat bosses" in this department please Ms Vargas? You don’t need to comment on them-in fact I would rather you didn’t- but just name them.

  32. Joe says:

    so the staff don’t want to do their job and so the Director wants them to work for the money they are being paid and he gets suspended for actually wanting a govt. dept. to their job more effectively.

    I am so astonished by all this because you are asked to do your job and so you can’t handle being told what to do so you become insubordinates and so you get your boss suspended because he actually wnated you to work!!

    What the F*%K is going on in this country????? 

    We have people getting paid and not working for the Govt. (Angela Martins, Debra Drummond etc) and now someone actually gets paid does his job and those whom he want to do their job can get the hard working Director suspended.


    • Anonymous says:

      Something is wrong with this department. The last Director, Walling Whittaker was also at the center of all sorts of trouble and complaints from staff before he left for the private sector.

    • Anonymous says:

      Disappointed that CNS would actually include the curse word in this post. Even though it is censored, it is very obvious what the person is very obvious. We need to exercise much more responsibility. And those who are posting you have to try to be more civil with what you write.


  33. M Ebanks says:

    Mr. Tibbetts you got me a job and I was out of work for over a year when I came to see you. 

    Thanks  for helping me out.

  34. cOOlio says:

    I want to tell Mr. Tibbetts as an employer you have been a great help to my business.  I am astonished about this and want you to know that as a business owner  I will support you because you were the only one so far who came along and actually got something sorted out in this govt. dept.