MPs reprimand police over newspaper phone hacking

| 11/02/2010

(The Guardian): Metropolitan police assistant commissioner John Yates has been reprimanded by the culture select committee for what it claims was a failure to give more detailed evidence to MPs over the scale of hacking into private phone messages by former News International employees. The chairman of the culture committee, John Whittingdale, has written to Yates to deliver the reprimand. Yates has angrily replied it had never been his intention to mislead the committee and he is most concerned that the committee believed that to be the case. At the time of giving oral evidence to the committee in September, Yates gave no indication he knew of the scale of the hacking.

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CNS note: Yates was Scotland Yard’s reviewing officer for, and advisor to, the special investigation team (SPIT) which investigated allegations of corruption within the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, and made several trips to the Cayman Islands in this capacity.

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