Iceland wants to be free speech haven

| 12/02/2010

(The Guardian): Iceland is aiming to become a global haven for investigative journalism, with the country’s parliament expected to vote through legislation protecting sources, guaranteeing freedom of speech and ending libel tourism. Supporters liken the initiative to the offshore financial havens that corporations use to avoid government tax regimes – only for free speech. The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative is due to go before the country’s parliament on Tuesday, according to Jonathan Stray – a blogger for Harvard University’s Nieman Journalism Lab. And the people behind Wikileaks have been involved in drafting the law.

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  1. Slowpoke says:

     Time to move the servers to Iceland?

  2. Joe Average says:

    There ya go CNS.  When they raid your offices looking for those pesky internet bloggers…. you can relocate to Iceland.  It’s sorta like Cayman. 

    It’s broke.

    It’s an island.

    It’s…ahhh…a little chillier.

    BUT they have hot springs!!!