Reef exhibt comes to Cayman

| 17/02/2010

(CNS): A specialist exhibition which highlights the many perils faced by Caribbean coral reefs is currently on show at George Town Public Library. The exhibit was brought to Cayman by staff from the Department of the Environment as a means of drawing attention to the challenges facing local reefs as they struggle to survive. The DoE came across the exhibit while attending the 2008 International Coral Reef Symposium. Originally developed by the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute it was revised by Florida State University and the modules show common environmental challenges as well as many local attempts within the Caribbean to conserve, sustainably utilize, or restore reefs and related eco-systems.

The DoE said it hoped that the exhibit will act as a catalyst for community discussion and action related to Cayman’s coral reefs.

“As the title of this exhibit explains, those of us who live in the area of the wider Caribbean are connected by a precious and fragile natural resource, our coral reefs,” a DoE spokesperson said.

“Just as we differ as peoples, cultures, societies, and economies, our coral reefs also differ as to types, habitats and health. Yet all are entwined and related by the ocean currents, upon which ride the offspring of reef organisms that might enhance the future growth and continuity of our coral reefs – along with the pathogens, pollutants, invasive organisms and trash that we humans add, which imperil their survival.”

The Our Reefs: Caribbean Connections exhibit was brought with the assistance of Tropical Shipping and it has been traveling throughout the region promoting awareness, understanding, and stewardship of coral reefs among all peoples of the wider Caribbean.

The exhibit will be at the George Town Public Library until March 12, 2010. Viewing is 10am-5pm from Monday through Friday and 10am -2pm on Saturday. The viewing is free and all are welcomed. For additional information please contact the Department of Environment at .

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