Construction workers given hope with school tender

| 19/02/2010

(CNS): Government has now officially announced that it is seeking bids for construction management services at the Clifton Hunter and John Gray campuses giving hope to local construction workers that they could be back on the sites in the next few weeks.The education minister Rolston Anglin said that this was the next critical step forward in his Ministry’s overall strategy for the recommencement and completion of the new schools projects which were derailed after government’s disagreements with Tom Jones International led to the general contractor walking off the job.

That contractual dispute is now in the courts; however, government is hoping to finish the contract utilizing the services of existing sub contractors and a bew management firm to over see and co-ordinate the construction of the long awaited schools in time for the start of the 2011 academic year.

“Once appointed, the construction manager will assume responsibility for managing the trade contractors and the day-to-day construction activities at both sites, which will, at that point, be increased to levels necessary to complete the projects,” Anglin stated.

“This is also an important development for the local construction industry, as it comes at a time when construction companies are hurting and many Caymanians in the industry are seeking employment.”

The Minister said the tender package has been prepared, and that the goal is to tender and award the construction management services during the next 6 to 8 weeks.

Work on the new schools sites recommenced in a limited way in January 2010, when negotiations were successfully complete with three major sub-contractors to undertake critical work to preserve warranties, the integrity of the development so far and to mitigate future costs.

An agreement had been reached between the mechanical, electrical and plumbing (“MEP”) sub-contractor on the projects, to enable this critical aspect of the work to be ramped up which should see a greater number of local construction employees back to work of several months laid off. 

“Ongoing negotiations with the other key existing sub-contractors are another important part of the Government’s overall strategy, so I am pleased that our negotiations have concluded successfully with this sub-contractor,” Anglin stated.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The next critical step is to remove the UDP from office.  Mr. Anglin and his party have done nothing to correct our derailed economy. 

    They promised so much in their speeches but nothing has materialized.

    What is going on wilth the new port?

    Where are the new sources of revenue?

    Where are the cuts to the Civil Service?

    Where are the jobs for Caymanians?

    and finally..

    What is the true state of the governments revenues and expenditures? License renewals were due in January…did we meet our forcasts?

    We demand answers now!!




  2. One Question says:

    Why did the government not just deliver a performance bond, as they were required to do, and allow the work to progress?  How much extra will the schools once the costs of compensating Tom Jones are factored in?

    • Risk says:

      The Tom Jones compensation claim could blow the budget out of the water and bring in direct taxation on its own.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I wish I had a crystal ball.  According to the opinion of many construction experts, these schools will end up costing at least 30% more than the original contracts.  No that they will be run by the government themselves, that figure could easily run to 40%.

    The reasoning is simple.  No company in their right mind will enter into an agreement with the govenment.  Without some fat upfront fees and a bullitt proof contract you would have to have a few screws loose to walk on those projects considering governments current state of unpaid bills, monster civil service and crashing revenues.