Opposition questions $1m PR

| 19/02/2010

(CNS): Opposition MLA and former Cabinet minister Alden McLaughlin has raised concerns over the need for the new category of a million dollar permanent residency for wealthy individuals when there is already an existing legitimate mode for the wealthy to gain residency rights in the Cayman Islands for a considerably smaller fee. He also noted that the proposal could have damaging implications in the goal to change global perceptions of Cayman as a place where the wealthy hide their ill-gotten gains.  “The more I think about this announcement the more concerned I become,” McLaughlin told CNS earlier this week.

“Why do we need this new category when the law already allows for wealthy individuals to access permanent residency through investment?”

The current immigration law already has a provision for those who invest in business and property of a value of $¾million (less on the Sister Islands) to gain residency for 25 years which is renewable for a fee of a few thousand dollars. This means anyone who is wealthy can already gain the same residency rights for a smaller investment while still retaining an asset.

“What is fundamentally wrong with this suggestion, what is in fact obscene is this is not an investment but a direct purchase,” McLaughlin added. “This is a very different situation from giving someone residency as a result of a substantial investment, this is saying give us a million bucks and we’ll give you residency.”

The opposition member for George Town said that given that residency is already easy for those with that kind of money to achieve he had concerns about what else was intended by this new policy. “It seems to me that the premier must be contemplating something else with this policy as why would anyone want to do it when they can achieve the same end a lot more cheaply through existing conditions?”

McLaughlin also raised the issue that such an offer was bound to counter the country’s endless battle to convince the rest of the world that the jurisdiction is a legitimate financial centre with tight regulation and not a refuge for dirty money and unethical financial conduct.

“Having spent God knows how much time and money trying to dispel this mythical image, why would you go and give are critics such ammunition? He has just made the battle that much more difficult,” he added referring to the premier, McKeeva Bush. “What our learned premier has done in one foul swoop is create an image that this is a place where you can buy anything for a price.”

McLaughlin lamented the fact that the proposal was unlikely to bring any real financial reward for government as he did not think very many people, if anyone, would be taking up the offer when another means of achieving the same goal existed, but it would do untold damage to the country’s reputation.

The proposal has already gained considerable media coverage around the world from the Sydney Morning Herald to USA Today and a number of publications in between picking up the storythat was filed by the global news agency Associated Press. It has also been criticised widely in the local community. When CNS published the news story on 10 February bloggers wasted no time expressing their opposition to the idea. There is currently over 180 comments on the story most of which seem to be against the idea.

McLaughlin’s former Cabinet colleague Charles Clifford has also raised concerns about the proposals and says it is one of a number of the reasons why he is planning a demonstration against the current government on 6 March.

“Caymanians can be assured that other nations, particularly the United States of America and most European countries, are paying very close attention to this and assessing the potential national security risks to their respective countries by some wealthy individuals who may have less than good intentions who might decide to ‘buy” permanent residence in Cayman as a means to an end,” Clifford said.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    I wonder how many of you were listening to your illustrous Premier and CG on the Rooster talk show this morning? What a pathetic and complete waste of time. There we had the Prem deciding to say that it is a "lease purchase" that government will still own and can repurchase (go figure that out!) and CG contradicting him in the next breath saying that it is a sale. The Prem also claimed that a person requires 250 points to qualify for permanent residency now but when I checked the law it is a mere 100 points! The script writers must not have checked the facts on these things. Honestly, do these people really think we are as "fool fool" as they would want us to be?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I’ve seen the new Immigration Law and by golly, nothing there protects the Caymanians in the Financial services sector of the Cayman Islands .  We are already stagnated in that Industry, we have no room for promotions, whether you are qualified or not and now this XXX man decides to write a law to give the expat more power over us, like slave masters.  MacKeeva can’t you see, we are prisoners in our own islands?  We are being suppressed by these very same people, you are bending backwards for? Have you ever visited the work place or are you just listening to the Managers and the HR people.  Any promotions taking place within these places are the "new" Caymanians and the born Caymanians are working their butts off and are being suppressed, without any say.  If they open the mouths in these places, they are deemed disgruntled and then they pin something negative on their records and push them down the promotion line and never again can they progress in these torture places.  These same places you are servicing gets all or most of the incentives of the company and the little Caymanian gets the crumbs and are told its the economy.  So much discriminations are happening in these Financial places it is surreal.

    • Patricia X says:

      You should seek help for that chip on your shoulder.  Without brave steps like those proposed by Mac there will far less financial services jobs for everyone.  Those that are good enough get on in this world.

    • Just do your job says:

      A passport is not a qualification.  Do your job well and if you are good enough you will succeed.  It is entitlement obsessed trouble makers like you who give hard working Caymanians a bad reputation.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The scarce few who might be in support of this idiotic proposal should go back and read the very last paragraph in the newstory above. The impact on national security is not a misconceived notion but instead a stark reality! Some of the worlds biggest criminals are super rich and anyone of them could qualify to purchase Caymanian Permanent Residency and hold this country hostage for their own selfish reasons. If ever there was an example of a government without the good sense to govern it is this. In the past I have not been a supporter of Charles Clifford’s but on this issue I’m standing with him.

    • try to be sensible says:

      err what??

      If criminals wanted to purchase permanent residency they could have been doing this already  – and for less $$??

      I am still considering the pro’s and con’s of this proposal – but the "super rich super criminal’s flooding our shores" is really not a sensible point.

      don’t have any particular political affiliations, but do want some action from our government in this difficult times and at these guys do seem to be looking for solutions and taking some actions.

      Clifford seems to have plenty to say – but I’d like to see his solutions.  And if he has some now, where were they when the ppm were in power?



    • Anon says:

      Please explain how one of these super rich, mega-criminals would come here and hold Caymanians hostage.

      Seems the (not-so-super rich) gangsters are already doing a good job at that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Go and study the history of the mafia throughout the world, and that of the many drug lords, and perhaps you will see how they could hold us "hostage" in the world arena. Think the Cayman Islands’ global reputation dear and then I am sure that even you will see what is being suggested.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is bribery at its finest. I know the government needs money but they’re selling PR like it’s nothing. What about the other people who have lived in Cayman for the said number of years, have purchased assets, built lives here etc and still have to apply and risk being denied because they’re not weatlhy enough to purchase it? Isn’t that a little discriminatory? You can’t sell Cayman like that. PR has more than a monetary value, it’s invaluable. Stop spending erroneously, stop increasing salaries during a recession and start modelling the government after first world countries who have it together. I think selling off some of the government buildings is a step in the right direction. Frankly, i didn’t think they were necessary. Let’s focus on the necessary; our needs rather than our wants.

    As a young caymanian studying abroad, it saddens me to read about the decisions our past and current government have made. Do they not complete SWOT analysis and extensive research? Hire a consultant with the related experience to provide guidance and advice on turning this around. Cayman has an abundance of educated and experienced people willing to help out and "fix" us. Reach out!




  5. Foreign worker says:

    I know I need to be paid at least 30% more than I could earn at home to make living in this place bearable.  Why would anyone pay to come here?

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry to ask the obvious and no offence intended, but why are you here then?

      • Foreign Worker says:

        The money and nothing but the money.  I can’t stand the place.

        • Anonymous says:

          You poor tortured ass. The love of money really is the root of all evil and it says little about you and your integrity that would would be staying in a place that you "cant stand" simply for money. I pity people like you. Do yourself and this country a favour … go home.

          • Foreign worker says:

            I am quite happy because it is an awful lot of money. 

            And it is not a country, it is a territory.  Thankfully.  That is one of the few things that stops this place going completely to H@!!.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I recommend that every Caymanian visiting this site consider the following post required reading

    I once heard a great story

  7. Anonymous says:

    “What is fundamentally wrong with this suggestion, what is in fact obscene is this is not an investment but a direct purchase,” McLaughlin added. “This is a very different situation from giving someone residency as a result of a substantial investment, this is saying give us a million bucks and we’ll give you residency.”


    To qualify for this type of permanent residency applicants will be be required to invest CI$2.4 million in the Cayman Islands. It can be in real estate and exisiting companies.

    • Anonymous says:

      The real tragedy of this new $1million residency is that the foreigner who buys residency can work & own a business WITHOUT A CAYMANIAN PARTNER! I read this on AP, but can this really be true? Then Mac Bush tries to tell us he is looking out for Caymanians? REALLY?

      • Tell da truth says:

        WOW!  That would lead to the end of gouging, freer competition, less barriers to entry for businesses, reduced prices and better services.  In a word, everything that Caymanian participation stops.  GREAT!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        this is not true.  don’t beleive everything you read…

  8. Anonymous says:

     God will not help this economy!!

    It is the "Religious Politics" that will inevitably result in the economic death of this country.

    If we will keep the damn Church out of the equation, and we could introduce Gaming in this country, and work towards emulating the sound tourism model that Bahamas has built over the years, then we wouldn’t have to be "strangling" the Financial Sector of our economy with outrageous fees. 

    Sell, sell, sell as many Government Assets as you like – I promise you next year and the following years Government will still be in a financial crisis (but with nothing more to sell). If you really want to raise revenue go after the "Gaming Tourism", change the Stupid Hypocritical Laws, and try to attract major Gaming Resort Developers (like MGM), as  these are usually multi-billion dollar developments our Construction Industry will benefit greatly as well. 

     Who can gamble in the casinos besides visitors? (Is a discussion for another day).

    Sell, or Privatize: Airline, Boatswain Beach.

    Do Not Sell: Water Authority, The tables and chairs of the LA building.

    Introduce a local lottery to help offset some of the monies paid to the “fat lazy civil servants” – since we can’t get rid of any of them (There may even be some money left over to fix a few pot holes too).

    If someone wants to pay a million dollars for residency – TAKE THE MONEY!

    Apply the “Tree hugger” mentality to any introduction of Oil Refineries -Did someone actually suggest building one?

    Tourist want to have fun, not go to church!- You go to church.

    Why the hell am I not running this country?

    Anyways, I am certain that a better bolder government will go this route rather than the “Sapsy” UDP, and PPM of this era (hmmm…different shades of gray).

    Also, do not shoot any “Expat Bullets” at me b’cus I am VERY Caymanian!

    • Spit the Dog says:

      So sell the massive loss making businesses?  That will bring in about $100.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nine months in UDP, when will it ever STOP….  I would like to see the US President offering something like this in the US.  I would be one of the first one to get it because the US have so much to offer.  What does the Cayman Islands have?

    People who can’t run the government

    People who commit crimes, with to persons arrested our even charge

    People who are charge and go to HMP hotel

    People who rob the bank and you never even here that the money was recovered

    Too much Cayman and as a Caymanian, I feel that this PR thing and selling the GOV building is WRONG.

    We soon won’t be able to eat and drink here. I only have five years left to pay off my house and then it’s goodbye Cayman, am out of here.    

    • Truth is says:

      The truth is the getting to live in America and getting citizenship is already fairly easy.  I find the preciousness of Caymanians on this issue nothing more than a desperate attempt to hold onto political power – the concept of Caymanian is a late 20th centruy construct and most "Caymanians" are Jamaicans who have been in Cayman for a while.

  10. Anonymous says:

    McLaughlin’s inability to read and understand the proposal is shocking  . This is more of the same from PPM.Petty politics while the country is desperately trying to recover from the devastation they wreaked .


    • noname says:

      finally, we have a udp member speaking up, posting comments. Even though I am sure that the few comments we see supporting the udp is done by one person (they sound too similar in nature not to be by the same writer), it is ‘good’ (sarcasm) to see at least one person supporting them, because I sure as hell cannot go anywhere in Cayman now & hear anyone talking good about them. I cannot even find anyone who claims to have voted for them. Even to the people we saw running around behind them listening to their false promises of favours, are now cussing like hell. Even if you have to continue repeating yourself writer, please continue to post because I am tired of hearing the people cussing the udp whereever I go, really I’m tired of it! Actually, I’m not, but still, keep them comments coming, because you getting hit real bad on the streets! THE PEOPLE ARE FED UP WITH THE udp, & it has only been 9 months!

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to defend Alden McLaughlin and the rest of the PPM.  I agree with the statements that there is nobody who will pay a million dollars to achieve residency in the country, when there are other ways, already in the law, which cost so much less.  It is the UDP supporter who does not understand.  Mr. McLaughlin is a very well educated man who comes from a very smart family and I am positive that if you pit yourself against him, you will fail, because you will not be able to understand what he is talking about.

    • Anonymous says:

      Alden is smart, he understands the proposal…

      however many other people do not, and alden is using that for petty political gain, and adding to the misunderstanding and miscommunication within the community.

      And that is NOT smart, and is only causing further turmoil and damaging our country even more.

      And yes, I am Caymanian…

  11. Islander says:

    It is so sad to know that the Cayman people has forgotten about the mess the PPM has put the islands in….I would advise all of you not to trust in man, but the Lord. No matter what the economy looks like, he will provide and take care of us.  We claim that we are a christian community but then again we bring down our representatives, other nationalities along with our own people with negative, heartless, stupid comments not realizing that making common sense suggestions would help! Our representatives whether it’s PPM or UDP are all human and they are entitle to make mistakes because they are not perfect.  So stop the stupidity, be real and walk like the Christian Nation we say we are!!!!

    To all of our representatives, Cayman, Jamaican, Canadian, English, American, filipino people  we are all one.  Be strong in the lord for your redemption is nigh!

    P.S. This Land belongs to Jesus not Mac or PPM, so lets live, love and learn from one another and accept the fact that we are in eachother path for a reason.  Remember we have to answer to God for all the idol words we have spoken!

    • Rorschach says:

      Well, when Jesus shows up and runs for the LA I will vote for him…until then, I have to settle for the devil I know….

  12. You need money says:

    Listen up Caymanians.  Your little territory is screwed financially and the future of the offshore business that pays a huge chunk of government revenue (directly and indirectly) is very bleak indeed.  You don’t want to pay income tax (we heard you moan), you don’t want to pay property taxes (we heard you moan), you don’t have the balls to cut civil service jobs (we heard the civil servants moan).  Moaning does not pay the bills.  If this little scheme means than 10 individuals pay $1m each where is the harm (I doubt anyone will take this offer up anyway)?



  13. anonymous says:


    Lachlan Sweetie,

    You will not experience " nice" hearing from the others described as ‘yes men and yes wooman’, stop daydreaming, its now up to Alden and Chuckie and Ezzard may be out as wellbut he  has no fear he will get right  back in, as the Northsiders have enough  commonsense will indeed put him right back because we prefer if Ezzard  lead anyway. He is for Caymanians as any leader should put his people first. Big Mac has put Caymanians ‘LAST"

    Hey Alden and Chuckie, is it possible to remove the cabinet of "Uselesness" and replace them with real working people who communicate and work for their constituients and not Big Mac? Ezzarde and Alden can work with ezzard easier than Big Mac the dictator I’m sure.

    What everyone needs to understand is that this is not about politics its about our entire future.

    I’m not even a PPM nor UDP " I’m an Independent Tea Party" voter and someone has got to deal with Big Mac, so what if its Alden and Chuckie? the country is going to hell in Big Mac’s hand basket!,



    And for the critics  this is not instability at all, its simply securing our future, by taking care of business.

    So start building your Pickets, Your signs and Your posters, to hold in your hands and get ready to MARCH!

    • Rorschach says:

      I once heard a great story from a "born Caymanian" friend of mine, who related to me that once there was a group of Caymanian seamen who were onboard a merchant vessel.  These Caymanian men felt as though they were being treated most unfairly and oppresively by the Captain, so they decided to group together and confront the Captain and present a show of unity in order to affect a change in the attitude of said Captain.  They elected a "leader" to do the speaking for them and they then all marched right down to the Captain’s quarters and banged on hatch and demanded to speak to the Captain immediately.  The hatch was opened and there they observed the Captain sitting behind his desk.  The leader walked in and addressed the Captain, "WE have some issues WE want to discuss."  The Captain, unfazed then leaned over and looked around the "leader" and asked, "Who is WE???"  for you see, the other men who were so ready to stand up and challenge said Captain for all of his abuses, had elected to stay out of sight and say nothing and send in their comrade alone to present "Their" demands and in doing so, metaphorically, hung him out to dry and could then plausibly deny having anything to do with the "mutiny"..The "leader" was put ashore at the next port and sent home and never worked again for that company and conditions didn’t improve for the other Caymanians, in fact they got worse because the Captain knew they would not stand together.  Sadly, this attitude is observed by many, many Caymanians to this day, who would choose to shout, beat their chests and scream about "injustice", but when it comes to actually standing up and making their feelings known publicly, they choose to hide behind the bulkheads…when in fact if they chose to publicly stand together…there would be no choice, but to bend to that will….Upon discussing the writing and signing the Declaration of Independance, which would ultimately lead to the War Independance and the formation of the United Stated of America, Benjamin Franklin was said to have stated to his other statesmen, "At this time, gentlemen, we must all hang together, or we shall most certainly, all hang seperately."  In order to affect the changes that the country needs at this moment…Caymanians must indeed, "all hang together"….

    • Anonymous says:

      Stupid , stupid , stupid. I see this "march" as a seditious act against an elected govt. Shame on you!!

    • Anonymous says:

      That will be the day that Ezzard works with the PPM!!!

  14. Truth be told says:

    People with that much money have much more pleasant places to chose to live than this culture-free piece of ugly overdeveloped scrub.

    • Anonymous says:

      My god, you start hateful thinking at 5 am? I feel sorry for you.

      • anonymous says:

        i guess that you must hate hearing the truth.  btw, i’m not the original poster. 

        • MCF says:

           The truth is subjective & everyone has an opinion that they think is right. You think it’s ugly, but, despite the problems, I think it is beautiful. And again, I feel very sorry that you aren’t of the same opinion.

      • Fact Checker says:

        It looks like a fairly accurate factual statement rather than hate to me. 

  15. au revoir says:

    God, why all this neverending fretting over something that is highly unlikely to happen – just another of Big Mac’s idiotic suggestions; of many…  Some millionaire is going to spend $1 million in order to escape taxes – right.  Millionaires who want to escape taxes are notoriously cheap, so they’ll take the cheapest route…and Cayman, with a million dollar price tag is not the one. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Amen.  $1mln for PR "with Employment Rights" might be what McKeeva is selling, otherwise it makes no sense…and even then, a very limited audience.

  16. Proud Caymanian Citizen says:

     In regards to your talk about the permanent residence, please note the following:

    "This type of permanent residency is not a new concept, according to the Premier, who pointed to previous immigration grants for residency with payments of $150,000 plus a $400 fee. “It is not a grant of citizenship or status, nor does it include the right of owning a business or the right to work,” he said. “Instead, it is geared to attract persons of independent and wealthy means”" (Cayman Net News, 2010).

    Okay he gave his reason why he thought about it… do you think we’re really loosing? You hear what he said, "IT IS NOT A GRANT OF CITIZENSHIP OR STATUS, NOR DOES IT INCLUDE THE RIGHT OF OWNING A BUSINESS OR THE RIGHT TO WORK." So, stop trying make something out of nothing. Please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 22:24, I would suggest that you go & read the premiers "press secretary" Charles Glidden’s (press secretary??? another waste of funds) comments to the world press. It completely contradicts what you say the premiers said. Glidden has told the world press that the buying of this new $1 million residency allows you to own a business, & WORST THAN THAT, the foreigner does not need a local partner! In other words 100% foreign owned! AMAZING! The one plus that Cayman businessmen/women had was that no business could be more than 40% foreign owned! With McKeeva Bush’s plan to sell residency which, according to Glidden allows that foreigner to own & opperate his own business WITHOUT a Cayman partner, this will make it harder for Caymanian entrepreneurs to survive in bisiness. This is real sad. Caymanians have been holding their own & surving in a very competitive market, but in one reckless move McKeeva Bush intends to wipe all Caymanian small businesses out of existence! And probably most large Cayman owned businesses as well! Small Cayman businesses cannot compete with large muti billion dollar foreign businesses!
      Therefore Anon 22:24, it is not quite as nice as you think.
      However, it is obvious that one of them is telling a lie, because Bush is telling the Cayman people that it does not include "the right of owning a business or the right to work," but Glidden is telling the world press the very opposite! Who is being honest? 

      Oh I get it, Bush tells the Cayman people one thing in hope that we will believe him & shut up, while Glidden tells the world press a different story in hopes of attracting those potential foreign investors at the detriment of Caymanians? Sorry folks, but to survive we must get Bush out now, because it will be too late if we wait until the next elections!

      • Anonymous says:

        Agreed. I hope you were listening to the Rooster this morning and heard the mess that was spewing there!

    • Anonymous says:

       It may not automatically grant them the right of owning a business, but once people know that someone with that type of money is on island, how long do you think it’ll be before someone propositions them to be a financial partner?

    • Anonymous says:

      "instead, it is geared to attract persons of independent and wealthy means" – is anyone screening for whether or not this will be mafia boss, mobsters etc.


      our schools are overflowing now from the status grants of 2003


  17. Anonymous says:

    While not entirely sure of this 1mil, PR announcement, or it’s possible ramifications, I find it laughable that the very characters that put us in this mess, are now so quick to throw stones…Why don’t Alden and Chuckie just write a check and make the deficit go away, then?  Still curious to know what their plan was for us, financially if they were returned to office. We don’t hear much about that, do we?

    • Anonymous says:

      ppm offered nothing in government (remember the press briefings?) and they offer even less in opposition

    • Anonymous says:

      All of you political party pipers on here are at the least laughable and at worst a dangerous lot. Dangerous because you continue to defend and play the tunes of both of these now failed political partiesm, thus leading us forward to further destruction!  What all of you fail to accept is that BOTH political parties, by their mismanagement, contributed in large measure to our present financial mess. So, please stop the finger pointing and trying to blame one singularly – they are both to blame. Thankfully I did not vote for either party.

  18. Anonymous says:

    When the PPM was spending money did anyone say anything about that and when the PPM left us in dept did anyone say anything about that? And now we are in a down ward spiral,  now they are wanting to hold a reforandom, why dint they think about that before we were put inthis position? Theres an old saying that goes clean out your house before you tell me to clean out mine. Charles Clifford should stay in his world beacuse of him and the previous Goverment that we are suffering the waywe are now.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only thing the UDP has done IS talk about how the PPM left us in debt by extravagant spending and come up with hare-brained ideas.    

    • Anonymous says:

      yes people should never forget the financial mismanagement of the ppm, it is something cayman will have to live with for years

      don’t believe the ppm excuse of using the global finacial crisis as an excuse… this is rubbish.. other countries are in trouble because of the collapse of the banking sector, this never happened in cayman

      unfortunatly the udp or no other group of caymanian politicians has got the intellect, courage or ability to fix the problem. don’t even think about backward windbags like ezzard miller…..

      • BORN FREE says:

        I find it real sad that anyone can talk about "financial mismanagement" in defence of the udp,  but at the same time it is quite funny.
        Anon 10:43, it is very sad that you have forgotten the mess that the udp put us into, & why the Cayman people said NO to them in 2005.
        The PPM built new schools & new roads but everything was above board. In other words no corruption, no under the table deals, & no extras charged so as to share up. The plans & works had already started when a recession hit the WORLD! We suffered, & so did the rest of the world. I hate to think of the devastation we would now be in if it was another party in power when the recession first hit.

        Our financial troubles started with the udp between 2001 & 2005.
        Do you remember how Mr. Bush bypassed the CTC & awarded the contract to rebuild & renovate the turtle farm to (someone) who charged us (the Cayman people) twice what it should have cost, over $70 million? Do you remember the millions overpayed on the Royal Watler terminal, the $1.5 million paid XXXX for consulting (XXXXX), millions paid to ‘help out’ an insurance company, buying familys land for twice the value, & I know you don’t want to hear more because it’s depressing.
        To make matters WORSE, the PPM had to pay almost $10 million every year just to keep McKeeva Bush’s stupid Boatswain Beach (waste of money) project operational! That is a 10 million dollar money sucker every year, thanks to Bush & the udp! Thanks, & then you have the nerve to talk about "financial mismanagement"??? I agree, there was one hellof a "financial mismanagement" under the udp, & they continue to make it worse today!
        Cayman’s financial problems started under the udp’s "financial mismanagement" during 2001 & 2005, & it continues today!
        Your idiotic postings on CNS about the "financial mismanagement of the PPM" will fool NO ONE, because the Cayman people know why they discarded the udp in 2005, XXX But today, the Cayman people are begging for a change NOW. They are complaining bitterly, & would prefer an honest government like the PPM back in power. The people are rebelling because of the udp, & none of your stupid comments will change that. The people know the truth, & they will soon speak even louder. The udp have gone too far, & the people are uprising. Cayman is not FOR SALE!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Any takers?

    I will bet that there is not one person worth 10 million dollars that is dumb enough to blow a million for the right to live in Cayman.

    There are way too many other places on this globe that are much more attractive not too mention much more welcoming.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Finally!!!! someone elected with Common sense. Mac always only sees the greenbacks and not the consequences to these Islands and his people.  Why is this man the leader of these Islands with such daftness? I dunno man what my Cayman people were thinking, when they put this man in charge of Finance muchless the Premiership of these Islands.

  21. UniqueCommonSense says:

    Only good guys are wealthy huh?  

    Aaaaah….this is a PERFECT option for money laundering whether it be from drug trafficking, human trafficking, terrorist financing, etc. 

    Whose going to conduct the due diligence on these type of "investors"??? 

    Or will this be ANOTHER "instant" process like the "illegal status grants" in 2004???

    Not this time, you won’t!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      If they were "illegal status grants", why do the persons granted it still have status? The fact is they were not illegal. Get over it!

    • Anonymous says:

      "ILLEGAL STATUS GRANTS?" Spoken like a true illiterate. How illegal were those grants if they still have status 6 years later?? 

      If the government would just wake up and cut the tumor off it’s side (i.e. – the large portion of lazy, government workers who do nothing for a high salary and – 1.) Collect Social Services, 2.) Have their own businesses, 3.) Retired with full pensions and back to work the next day.) then they wouldn’t be so broke. 

      Why do the names "Premier" and "Deputy Premier" now require a need for bodyguards? 

      Why do they stifle growth and discouraging investment by taxing the businesses and banks? 

      How many indigenous Caymanians actually have pure (and I mean PURE as in no foreign blood whatsoever) Caymanian blood running through them?

      If you answered no to the above question, do you deserve the same rights in these other countries that you get here? For example: if you have some Honduran, some Jamaican, some British, some American and some Scottish, do you deserve citizenship in all those countries at once just because you have their blood running through you?

      What is so special about Caymanian status? 

      Can someone please explain all this?




  22. my boy alden says:

    lets go PPM lets go did it really take this for people to realize who MCKEEVA is?

  23. Joe Average says:

    Damn!!!  I was so close.   The minute the announcement was made I started saving all my excess cash.   If they go back on this… it will be a huge disappointment.

    I only have $999,999,087 to go!!!

  24. Young.KY.female says:


     “What our learned premier has done in one foul swoop is create an image that this is a place where you can buy anything for a price." 

    ….did he say "learned" premier? Is there something he knows that we don’t?

  25. Anonymous says:

    Sad to see people getting upset about this yet just very recently a child was lost to crime. Maybe Caymanians should be more worried about what the world thinks of the uncontrollable violent crime rate in this country. Wealthy individuals with $1m to spend are not going to go around shooting innocent children. Try spendingmore effort preventing the murder of children and the murder of father’s to the next generation of Caymanians than getting excited about politicians playing your emotions to guarantee their next paycheck.

  26. Anonymous says:

    I think what PPM should question is the country’s slip into debt whilst they were in power.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM already questioned that if you will recall the exchange with the FS and his inaccurate projections. 

      Time to stop harping on about the PPM putting us into debt and start implementing REAL solutions.  

  27. nater says:


    Stand up!

    Where are you???

    Speak out now and start your political ‘grassroot’ activities, because if you don’t do anything, the PPM surely will take the lead in scoring the points!  They are doing it right now, and many are blindly following them, because they have no else to follow!




    • Shock and Awe says:

      Wrong.  Independents, PPM, UDP.  Politics here is screwed.  Only relying on very small voter bases.  Without paying any attention to the Big picture.

      As long as this is allowed to continue… we will continue to be… broken up… into factions.  For the benefit of those who appeal to their small voter contingents.

      It keeps them employed telling us that we already know but does nothing to improve matters.

      It’s a relay race.

      Passing the flaming baton from one group who doesn’t have a clue to the next group who doesn’t have a clue.

      That isn’t what Cayman needs.  We need fewer career politicans.

      ie. someone who thinks outside their votes.

    • anonymous says:

      Ezzard plweease  get your Tea Party independents together. Do you have candidates in all the districts, make sure you out number the UDP and the PPM in case a general election is called or it would be for nothing.,If you are going to Lead, Ezzarde you need Independents in each district that are very very strong candeidates that will be elected should a general election be called. Chuckie and Alden are doing the right thing but we do not want then leading. We will March though we have no choice.

      I realize Ezzard you have your seat secure already and it makes no sense to throw it away but it makes no sense for the uD to be ousted, you get back in and have to fight the PPM ignorance with one of them leading all over again. Out of you, Kurt, and Big Mac, you are the educated one with the University degree, so get your people together in every district including Cayman Brac and Little Cayman and have people in every deistrict in Grand Cayman on your side, you need to do a poll of Independents.

      CNS, PLEASE DO A POLL FOR INDEPENDENTS’THE TEA PARTY BUNCH" we need to have some kind of projection as to just how many followers we have for each party. Independents need to do their articles of association and get a leader(Ezzard hurryup) if they expect us to respect them, so no more political boot legging

      CNS  please start a voting Poll for:-




      We need to know just how strong Independents are of if we’re just kicking up dust. We need to see the numbers of supports for each party

      • Anonymous says:

        Politicians should only have  one or perhaps even two terms in Government. However some folks want to make it a career only for the money. It is not for the love of their Country or they would not do the stupid things like they do. Some are going to get fooled this time though, and talking about after the next Election you are not going to run again because you will have sufficient pension. Shame on you as a CHRISTIAN only thinking about that almighty dollar. There might not be another PALOMA before the next Election that was so bebeficial in the last Election and supporters are so sick of the wasting of the Publics money with the security guard and the hotel accomodation. The only thing left now is the MAID guess she is on her way. May God Almighty help us, the public is so embarassed and tired of this shi…

      • sam says:

        If CNS does a POLL, it doesn’t have to include EZZARDS name!  There are many other Independent candidates other than "Mr. Independence Ezzard Miller"

        I for one know for sure, if there are only two parties to vote for, such as UDPand PPM, I will not vote for any of them! 

        And I definitely, will not vote for a candidate like Ezzard!

    • Bodden says:

      I rally and many others rally behind you…

      We need a new party that will put the Cayman people first; or just outright, get rid of the party system. Cayman without a party system was way less divisive than it is now. UDP is being run by one man. It "seems like" (and I could be wrong) all the other members of the UDP are afraid or silent to speak out and deviate from this man’s principles for the sake of the country. If this is the case, it is a shame! We need as much Independents we can get, in the house. The independents, is the more matters are debated and thought out carefully before being pass into law. By a party system like PPM and UDP, we have seen only one head make the decisions for the entire country, and the rest follow like stupid sheep!

      Don’t worry about the thumbs down, because I know they are all PPM or UDP supporters. Thank you CNS that we can bring our views to the forefront!

    • Anonymous says:

      independents like ezzard miller? are you joking?

      cayman mustrealise that it has not got the ability to govern itself… want proof look at the your mla’s…… embarresing

  28. JahDread says:

    It is obvious that the past Minister is not sufficiently knowledgeable or does not take the time to read.  Residency offerings have ben used quite efectively to attract wealth to countries, and in recent times the example that comes to mind is that of Canada’s offering to persons from Hong Hong .  So for him and his colleague to berate an effort to offer what is termed by many as our birthright for a paltry sum as he is suggesting could also be considered incongruos in the scheme of things.

    Quite honestly I suggest that we all look back and remember that the two ex Ministers/PPM members  were part of a witch hunte against Mr. Bush and his colleagues, which at the end proved nothing.  Also we must rememebr that these are the same people who didn’t and still dont’ have a clue as to to understand that what you budget for is not neccesarily what you spend, especially if there are no income streams and/or they have reduced. 

    These people lost the election, and to get in the last time they told you the government was corrupt and blah,blah.  It appears(sic) that history is repeating itself and their incompetency is again showing.  People beware the PPM is playing on your emotions and Global economic disorder and our own economic woes largely created by their infantile approach to Manging "our" money.


    • Anonymous says:

      JahDread may the most HIGH JAH continue to bless the I,may the most high continue to give the i wisdom so that the i can educate i and i from those PPM tricksters.I and I need to hear more from people like the i,your post is nothing but the truth and the truth is an offense (thats why the i get more thumbs down than thumbs up).JahDread, Jah bless and may he guide and protect the i itinually.May the love of ABABA JAHNAI flow amongst I and I for iver.SATTA AMASSAGANA………….

  29. Anonymous says:

    Finally, a wise comment from an MLA.  We, the Caymanian public do not think it is a wise decision. I know I said we and I truly believe I speak for the majority.  If not,  I apologise , but I still think it is a foolish choice.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Listen Cayman people, it is time we understand what is happening & why! What we see taking place now is all about GREED & POWER, with little concern for the Cayman people, & indeed with little concern for Cayman’s future!

      Mckeeva Bush is playing to the financial sector now. He is keeping them happy with all this crazy stuff he is doing, like the million dollar residency & the proposed changes in the immigration law which is going to hurt Caymanians by making it more difficult for them to progress, while helping foreign workers. While keeping the money people in the financial sector happy he is looking out for himself financially; that is the "GREED" in what is taking place now. He does not mind upsetting others at this time because he knows there is still 3 years until the next election (gives him plenty of time to make up with his voters).

      He is setting himself up now in financial terms which is upsetting his "imported" voters, but I believe that six months before the next election he will embark on one of his well known dirty, smear mongering campaigns, full of empty promises to his supporters. Like he did so well leading up to the May 2009 elections, he will romance his supporters, including those thousand of "imported" voters who are now highly annoyed, with promises of any & everything. At the moment these supporters are very angry & feel betrayed by him, but he will do whatever necessary to make it up to them, SIX MONTHS before the elections. That is the "POWER" in what is happening now! It is all about POWER & GREED!

      I am thrilled to see Alden Mclaughlin questioning this new residency category. This looks like the "2003 status grant give aways" happening all over again. Cayman people, we CANNOT GO THROUGH THAT AGAIN. This is not right, & we must stand up to this MADNESS! I beg all Caymanians to go out to the planned march, because that is one way to send a message to Mckeeva Bush & his backbone-less yes-men/woman that we will not stand for the selling out of our country any longer!

    • Anonymous says:

      We are glad to see ms Altheas Boy speaking up about this stupid idea. We are all behind you, and these comments are coming from a UDP. In my books right is right and wrong is wrong, just like I said before, Alden would never be against Religion being taught in our Schools. I know that we could count on you to stand up for us, you have the majority of the Public behind you. Just dont like it be like when we had DOOMS DAY three thousand Status given away, and during the Campaign PPM promised to recall them when elected and nothing was done. Now that we all see the results of that I know without a doubt that you will fight for us so as not to SELL to all those mafias etc that will be applying.

  30. Anonymous says:

    don’t worry alden, it’s justy like the pirates week fiasco, the pension holiday fiasco.. and all the other fiascos over the last 9 months… its just mac running his  big mouth…..

  31. 2 cents says:

    Alden, this was already brought to light by several CNS posters (and the public in general) ages ago when the million dollar residency story first made news.  Wake up man! 

  32. Anon says:

    What none of the greedy politicians or businessmen seem to understand is that Caymanians want investors to send their money here, but we don’t want them to come here and take our jobs.

    So if we can get people to send us $1 million without coming to the island, it is a win-win.  Both PPM and UDP should understand this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Obviously you haven’t read the proposal because this has got to be one of the dumbest comments I have read in a while. First of all as I recall the Premier indicated that there would be a stipulation as to the person having to spend a certain amount of time on the island so they are not just going to send $1M to Cayman!! What would be the point in paying $1M for PR if you are not going to spend any time on the island. Secondly, since these individuals would already be worth $10M or more, what jobs would you envision these multi-millionaires taking away from Caymanians? Please think before you type.

      • Anonymous says:

        Why did you waste your time replying to sarcasm?  Wait…why did I just waste my time replying to this?….

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s called the buddy system. Some rich millionaire who sets companies here on the island will hire his buddies – who are also millionaires – instead of Caymanians.

        I have heard stories about this happening.

        We have to stop this.

    • Tweety says:

      You don’t want these people to take your jobs?? What jobs? The jobs that Caymanians aren’t qualified for? Why on earth would a millionaire wants your insignificant jobs?

  33. tru baya/caymanian says:

    we all know that Mac speaks first then thinks…..  Mac is up with the money people of the world and forgot where is coming from.  and I dont mean no electricity until late in his life.  because like everyone from his generation, they all had to grew up that way.  He feels that money can buy everything.  that is not the case when you are dealing with the peoples money (public).  XXXX Sorry Mac but I think it is time for you come out of office.

    I really hope the public demo on the 6th will change the people thoughts of Mac and the UDP.  actually I wish he can be remove from the public office.  he really have to.  come on cayman, we really need to have him out.  he is thinking of only himself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Take this as a virtual pat on the back.  Well said.  I too think he has been there long enough and forgets what his true purpose should be.  The benefit of the Caymanian people NOT "Premier" Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Sorry PPM ,you should be ashamed of yourself. You did no better.Pot calling kettle black!!

  34. crazygirl says:

    I agree with Mr. McLaughlin, because if we caymanians marry someone from a different country and we are trying to obtained residency and rights to work from immigration they are giving us a hard time and they are also miss placing people paper work or application.

    Then when the wife/husband calls to check on the application the staff in the Caymanian Status gets rude and has attitude towards those persons.

    This one million dollars for caymanian residency needs to be removed, why would anyone who is a millionaire would want to pay one million dollars to live here, if i was a millionaire i would bank some money here maybe own a timeshare that can be rented where i received more money.

    Mr. Bush is selling out our birth right and we has a Caymanian need to start standing up for our country. This is our home

    • Anonymous says:

      So true, the Public is tired of Immigration loosing photos, recommendations, Police records etc, to the expense of us, and the attitude stinks,amen and this is coming from a Caymanian.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Let’s go PPM!!!

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       This doesn’t have to be politrics. It can be elected members standing up and bringing some common sense to the discussion. It would be nice to hear from others as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets go pain, poverty and misery(PPM); Man are you crazy!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Take us away from the United Dollar Party!!!

        • Anonymous says:

          My goodness are you serious!!! Do you really want to live in poverty? I would prefer the United Dollar Party anyday over the Penniless Poundstupid Masters,(Fact::ppm failed to prove our financial standings due to their incompetence thus overspending needlessly) my gosh what will it take for you jokers to get it!!!

          • Anonymous says:

            It is a pity that the only people who benefit from the United Dollar Party are the rich foreigners & close associates of Mac & the udp! For sure, it is not the ordinary Caymanians like myself that benefits! Please give me the PPM anyday & time because they look out for us Caymanians. If you not a Jamaican or rich foreigner the udp ain’t got no time for you!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you think they will take us on board, cause I CANT TAKE ANY MORE OF UDP DUMB THINKING.