Mother begs for her daughter to come home

| 04/03/2010

(CNS): A mother has made a heartfelt plea to her missing daughter to come back home. It is almost one month since the family last saw 15-year-old Tamara Smith (left). The teenager left her home on 7 February taking some of her belongings with her and she has not made any contact with her parents since. While there have been several reported sightings of Tamara all over Grand Cayman, her mother Jann says she just wants her to come home. Speaking to New 27, Tamara’s mother pleads with her to come back to the family, who are missing her desperately.  Tamara is 5’ 6” and weighs 165 pounds.  She has a medium brown complexion and relaxed shoulder length hair.

Tamara went missing once before, but her mother said she returned home within a week.  If you have any information on Tamara’s whereabouts, you are asked to call your local police station.


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  1. Reychana says:

    Tamara, You need to go back home your mother ( jan smith ) she’s worried crazy about you…. People if you know about her; and where she maybe please call the local police station in your current location…. all help is needed to help find this missing teenager. If it was someone else’s child everyone would feel what this child’s mother is going through at this moment…she’s probably from pillow to post ( tamara smith). She may have been angry at the time  that she decided to runaway but her mother ( jan smith) is hurting very badly so badly her hair has turned white. People I’m asking you to please take some time and look for this missing girl child.

    __Reychana…. say’s this because i want you to come home asap!__

    A few days before she ran away apparently she was in a incident that her and  her mother was in a argument, however we belive this may have trigger her to runaway…. but we are still asking people of the public to please contact her mother, the police,or a family member that can get in touch with her mother.

    People another thing I want to say if you know you have a trouble teen… don’t argue 24/7 as much as they may rude or whatever the trouble is arguing isn’t going to solve this matter… however talking it over in a calm manner may just be sweetness to that cup of tea…. don’t just let them hear your side but let them talk get what’s bothering them off their chest and  that’s why they might being having these out burst’s because the funniest thing is adult’s have STRESS too…. but kids,teens,young adults also have STRESS problems as well too….So to not get involved with this issue… talk to your kid as their Mom or Dad … then tune it down tolike friends BUT let them know now YOU ARE THEIR PARENT && RULES ARE THE RULES!!… but talk to them that they feel comfortable && not like that’s my mom or that’s my dad  I can’t tell them that this  problem is  bothering me!…


    • Anonymous says:

      Husband & wives, teachers & students, siblings, business partners, employers & employees & most of all children & their parents have disagreements (especially teens) but the authorities responsible for dealing with run-away teens must find this MINOR  and place her in a ‘place of safety’ or do we have any authorities dealing with this???  I know we have a lot of minors that do this so i hope we have any authority that is effectively dealing with this, if not, WE NEED IT AS A MATTER OF LIFE AND DEATH.


      Mother keep PRAYING & BELIEVING that God is working it out in a accordance with his will.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To poster Anon 11:44  I too agree that (some) children of today lack the proper upbringing that reflects good behavior and showing respect for theirself and others the way majority of us were raised. But we don’t know all of the details in this case nor should we, all we know is that a young Caymanian child has not been in contact with her mother or family for over a month and that is very disheartening for everyone. 

    Despite what has happened prior within their domestic situation, things can be worked out, through positive communication and family counselling. But in order for that to take place Tamara needs to safely return home.  The longer no one has heard from her it raises the potential for someone to mistreat her and take advantage of her. 

    Tamara I don’t know you or your Mother, but I do reconize the look of a worried and concerned Mother and when I saw the news caption, my heart went out to her.  That took a lot of courage for her Mother  to publicly plead for her daughter to return home as she also knows that it would allow people to judge or impose opinions about her.    It’s not too late Tamara, return home,things can be worked out and you and your mother can rebuild your relationship.

    The community is reaching out to you, do the right thing and return home, if you are concerned about repercussions then go to a trusted adult and turn yourself in. We just want to know that you are safe and well.


  3. Time and money says:

    RCIP please do not waste a great deal of resources on this when the nation is so concerned about gun crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      To: Time and Money – Mon 03/08 – 09:41 

      Shame on your posting – if it was your child would you say the same thing?? I don’t believe what I’ve just read from you!!!  Are you human?? It wouldn’t seem so – don’t  you know that ‘gun crimes‘ are used in abducting children too?  Do you  know something the rest of us don’t know by making such a request to the Police??   It’s a good thing some of us care!

      • Anonymous says:

        Maybe they were told that to spend certain amount of money or resources or children are a ‘waste’ -SO SAD

    • Anonymous says:

      Can we have some updated news on this girl?

      • Anonymous says:

        I may have missed it, but did we get any updates from the RCIP yet??

      • Anonymous says:

        We need to do everthing WE can do to help Tamara get back on track as once she hits 17 years old, she is on her own, social services/RCIPS then have all reasons to say ‘we can do nothing as she is of age’

  4. Anonymous says:

    I contacted the Police to let them know they need to get out there and start looking for this child and let the public know what is going on. Hopefully some response will soon be heard from them.

    TAMARA  please call someone and let them know where you are. We are all worried about you. I don’t know you but you are a ‘precious‘ child! 

    If anyone is hiding her please contact someone to let them know where she is. Thank you. GOD is watching you! 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this not an "official missing persons" ? Should the police not be looking? Should the mother not be looking?

    This girl is 15 years old. Ask her friends where she is.

    Get your acts together it cannot be that hard to find her on this tiny island.

  6. Anonymous says:

     One month and no one has seen or heard from her?  No friends, no family members?

    If this is the case the police should be actively looking for her.  If she has contacted family members/friends, then those friends should be interrogated until they get an answer.  

    If she used her phone, then they should be able to track down an approximate location, come on, I am for finding this girl alive!

    And IF there is anything going on at home she is scared of or the like, then someone should befriend her and remove her from that situation without her just being "missing"?

    Anyone check the departures to seeif she left the island?  It seems unbelieveable on a small island that she can’t be found in a month!

  7. Sandy Beaches says:

    Can we not get together and search for her?Put up posters. Knock on doors. Let people know she is missing. Until I just read this CNS post I did not even remember the child was missing.

    I say we all get together and plan a strategy with her Mother.

    In the meantime Tamara, please go home. At your age we have all had issues with our parents. Sad to say but when you get older you will realise your Mother was right.

    To Tamara’s mother if you want help there are those of us who will sacrifice some of our time to help. Let us know what we can do. We can not just sit back and wait. This child needs to be found.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mother, go to social services, family support unit, your pastor, women’s resource centre/cayman counselling centre and let them know you want support to help find your daughter and deal with what ever issues/excuse/reason she has used to leave home the first time.  Get on the radio and ask for a group to help you find your daughter, we will gladly join you!


      Come on be courageous, humbly & swallow your pride-CRY OUT FOR HELP!



    • Anonymous says:

      as a mother myself, I can understand the frustration the mother must be feeling at this time.

      for a child to gone missing for a month and no real action has been put in place to fine this child is very sad. I guest the police hands are tied with all the gun gun crime flooding our little Island, this is not a priority for them; however  this is a life we are talking about. 

      I am willing to sacrifice some time to search for the child. I am sure there are more people out there who would be will to give a helping hand in finding this child., so mother tell us where and when and we will be there.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mother please let us know if you want  to organize a group to go speak with our authorities and put a plan in place to search this Island for this precious inexperienced 15 year old. 

      If any one in our commnity know anything about this situation that needs to come to the front, please come forward so that this  young person can either be returned home or be sent to a  ‘place of safety’. 


      Concerned mother and citizen

  8. Anon says:

    I should have tried a stunt like this when I was growing up! My mother wouldn’t have been crying to the media! She would have come out there and found my butt and beat me every single step of the way home! I have a child of my own and while I do not beat them they way that I was beaten when I was raised, I do punish them for their crimes and try my best to show them that there will be consequences to their actions, so always strive to do your best. You cannot be perfect all the time, but you can always give it your best to be the best you can be. However, if a beaten is warrented, they sure do get it! I was a Camana Bay one day with my child and we were sitting near the water fountain on the steps by the sea. There was a young boy playing in the water fountain. He looked to be about 2 or 3 years old. Trying to get as close to the water without getting wet, while it was shooting up in the air, were these two girls. They looked to be about 10 or 11 years old I’m guessing. The little boy ran across one of the girls and water splashed on her! She shouted at the little boy…."Look ya white boy…you wan me punch you or wa!?". I was absolutely mortified that such a STUPID, IGNORANT, SENSELESS comment would come from the mouth of such a young little girl! I seriously wanted to shove that little creep into the water! But that would make me no better than the people who are raising her are! Because obviously someone is raising her wrong! To say such ridiculous things! All my child and I could do was look at each other in absolute shock! These children have absolutely no bringing up!! Is no-one teaching these children from a young age the difference between right and wrong! How to treat others with respect! How to treat yourself with respect! It really breaks my heart when I have to watch our children being raised so poorly. What will the future be for them if this is the mentality they have at such a young age.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello, Hello, Hello,

      It does not mean that every child that run away is being raised wrong and i hope you did not make your child know how you felt at that moment-I guess we have faults.

  9. Fallen Angel says:


    ‘It doesn’t matter what you’ve done

    I still love you.

    It doesn’t matter where you’ve been

    You can still come home.

    And honey, if it’s you

    We’ve got a lot of making up to do

    And i can’t hug you on the phone



    I’m sure this is what you’re mom wants you to know.




  10. Anonymous says:

    This mother should not be pleading for the return of her daughter.  A Law Enforcement/Authority of government should have taken this in hand earlier.  One month is too long for a 15 year old to be away from a  parent’s home.  The person(s) who encourage such acts should  be accountable for their actions.

    Minister Adam, from the outlook of these cases it is going to be a necessity to start looking in a direction where we will require the services of a  Department  fully staffed to deal with exploited and misplaced girls.  It is a fact that these ills are here, but please let’s not ignore it , when there was a warning with gangs and durgs – it became a denial which in later years became a reality manifested through the Courts etc. 

    Where is the Law Enforcement for families?????  It seems that we are lacking such a group/authority  in Cayman.  One can imagine,  in times like these  this is going to be a top priority, or Cayman will be heading towards a social unrest  with teenage girls/boys. Remember these are or assets and we do not want their lives wasted.




  11. Anonymous says:

    No one will ever love and care for you more than your mother.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Surely whoever is harbouring this runaway MINOR is breaking the law whether Tamara left home voluntarily or not, especially considering the fact that her mother is pleading for her to return! Since Tamara cannot LEGALLY exercise her own will, therefore she is defying her parents’ authority and someone is assisting. There must be some law being broken here, so what are Social Service, Police and the Juvenile Courts doing about it?

    Won’t some lawyer who found time to criticise the efforts which were being made to address the legal aid matter step up and offer this poor mother some pro bono advice?????

    • Anonymous says:

      The Juvenile Courts can only ACT  if it is brought to court by the ‘Social Services Dept’ and ‘Police’ but first the necessary care must be exercised to ‘find her’.  Please do not wait until she committs offenses whilst on the run to apprehend her- the life you save may be your own or that of your ‘childs’ she may just be friends with your child or a family member.


      The ‘Juvenile Courts’ also need to stop patting them on the hand until they have committed MAJOR offenses and then throw them in prison to ROT.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope that the sightings of Tamara were correct as when
    Sabrina was missing there were reports of sightings that we know turned out to be false. 

    I have said it before and I will say it again now, if this child is still a runaway,  then it is my belief that she is being aided by an adult or adults. 

    I only hope that the authorities are still taking this seriously and not assume that because she has run away before that they don’t have to do anything and that she will eventually return home. 

    I trust that someone will be able to convince her to return home or at least let her family know that she is ok.

    To the family, my heartfelt prayers go out to you that Tamara will safely return home soon.

    • Anonymous says:

      These same thoughts were also going through my mind.  I pray and hope that Tamara is safe and sound. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree she is being aided by some so called ‘adult’.  If this adult for some wild reason feels like they are doing the ‘right thing’ they first need to start by reporting their concerns to the Police (and follow up with it).

      Parents, a friendly suggestion ‘if you see any friends’ sleeping over, enquire into it as many times, these are our children evading our rules by running to a ‘friends house’.  

      We need to come together as MOTHERS  to fight the plans to destroy & distract our treasures (our children). 


      One of the problems that us mothers face with situations like this is that if we do not have ‘MONEY’ to use lawyers for everything we are VICTIMS x 3.

      I am trusting God that she will be returned safely before this week is over & she will realize who her true friends are (the easy way) and that she will become ‘purpose driven’ and our ‘community will reach out (and not be too busy) to the many ‘Tamaras’ and ‘Tamarons’ in our community.

       Blessings to everyone concerned(as we all should be)

  14. Anonymous says:

    I am OUTRAGED at this situation. I CANNOT believe that nothing has been done to find this child.  It has been a month, and there have been all of TWO announcements in the paper.  I don’t care if she ran away or not, we ALL as a community need to try and find this young girl. 

    Why hasn’t this been all over the news?  I live in West Bay ard there are actually people that didn’t know this child was missing. Why aren’t there posters with her picture being circulated, I note that while there have been ‘sightings’ of Tamara these have not been confirmed. 

    Tamara has been missing for a MONTH!!  I find it incredible that on an island this small she has not been found, nor have there been any confirmed sightings.  Even more disturbing is that it appears that absolutley NOTHING is being done to find her. 

    There are no details as to when her phone was last used, where she was last seen, where she may have gone to.  SOMEONE knows where Tamara is.  Please whoever you are, let her family or the police know that she is safe and take her home where she belongs.

    To the family, don’t give up hope, and keep praying, you and Tamara are all in my thoughts. 



  15. Anonymous says:

    This young lady is 15 years old!!!   Why has the Family Support Unit(police)  not picked her up like they would have done if she was wanted for any offense. Please do not tell me that she has not  committed an offense, as the Law provides for her to be picked up and taken to a place of safety. This is a minor (there are reasons that she is deemed this by law)and we have the responsibility to protect her from herself.  She will kick & scream now, but she will appreciate it later on, she is on the wrong path AT THIS TIME  like most of us has been at some point in our life.

    This report clearly says that she has been seen over Cayman, so RCIP/Social Service please do your job & protect this ‘young precious life’.

    No excuses please!  If we did not have these types of problems then you would not have a job, so please jump on it and yes it may not be easy, that is why it is called work and that is why you spent years training for this!

    I pray & hope the next report will say that this ‘precious young lady’has been returned to her parent/s or is in a ‘place of safety’

    I say once again-we need a plan(whatever it takes) to educate CAYMANIANS, who desire to be in this field, to deal with their problems.  There is no $$$ value to be placed on these precious lives.


    Tamara, please go home or to a place of safety honey, where your mom know where your are!! You will find a lot of males & friends (notice i said males) that will encourage this, but believe me(i have been there) you are better of without them and there are people out there you can trust(even if it does not seem so right now)


    I am trusting God that Tamara will return home before this week is over & you need to seek him to mend this relationship.

    A very disturbed Caymanian.


  16. noname says:

    Is this real.  Isn’t anyone paying attention to this matter.  We have a young girl missing from her home, runaway or not, doesn’t anyone care?


    How many more of our young are we prepared to lose to the ills of society?

  17. Anonymous says:

    I trust and pray that Tamara is safe and it’s time for her to get herself back home. Whatever happened at home really can’t be that bad. I’m sure her family would love to see her and know that she is safe.

    Whoever she is with should be A SHAMED of themselves she has been gone for almost a month. Tamara call your mother and let her know that you are okay and go home.

    To the Smith family continue to lean on GOD for strength because he is all powerful.


  18. Anonymous says:

    Are the police looking for this child?

    They should be!

    • Anonymous says:

      We demand a response from the RCIPS as to what efforts ARE  being made to locate this MINOR!!

      • Anonymous says:

        More shootings again last night.  RCIPS  give some thought to the fact that this young lady could be out there being recruiting to join a gang & increase our problems, if nothing else bothers you all i hope this does!!!  i trust that she has not already received too many tips-1 1/2 months is enought time to be taught a lot of negative things