Gunshots in George Town

| 05/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news, Royal cayman Islands Police Service, Cayman crime(CNS): Police have confirmed that at around 2:00 this morning shots were fired at a house in Templeton Street in the Windsor Park area of George Town. No one was injured though a number of cars were damaged. Police have cordoned off the area, which is currently being examined by scenes of crime officers. CNS understands that this could be yet another gang related incident.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Lets see now, how many UNSOLVED robberies, shoot outs and murders have happened in the past say 5 years?  West Bay to start, Todd Powery, Christopher, the body that was burnt in yard of someone’s house, I think there was 2-3 more but can’t remember names, the two shoots out in West Bay recently, the shooting at Progressive, the body found at Welly’s (jump in anytime to refresh the memory), if my memory serves me right, the murder of a young man who got out of being a thug and because he knew to much they killed him somewhere in George Town a few years ago, the shooting at Windsor Park, the two men who were severly chopped up at Courts Road.  I am 100% sure I am missing many many more…oh yeah CNB with CCTV’s and all!!!

    How we all forget as time goes by.  When a new shooting happens we put all others on the back burner.  Police pressence that is the biggest joke, I can count on my one hand how many police cars I drive by during any given time during the week!!!!

    And dont’ forget now we have missing a 15 year old girl. 



  2. Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

    To Blaming Jamacians again-

    Are young or old Caymanians going to JA and robbing,raping & murdering JA women, (Ricketts & Henry), are they Caymanian? NO!!!  XXXXXXXXX

    Do we have Caymanians Musicians singing about gunning down the other Caymanian singers e.g (Vybez Kartel vs Movado, Bounty Killer vs Beenie Man) are you getting the picture?

    All of you Anti-Caymanians who talk about poor Caymanian parenting being the root/cause for this crime wave. 

    Let see in your BACKYARD: what about in JA when men are raping 9 month old babies? where is the mother and father for these children?  when your children are given away by their parents for sex (remember you all even went as far as to make a movie showing what kind of parents are in JA (Dance Hall Queen w/"uncle LARRY" actress C. Anderson played the role of the 15-16 year old daughter. "Mummy you want me to be a WHORE?, if you like uncle Larry so much why don’t you sleep with him? "because it you hem a want Tanya!!!" extracted from the scene where uncle Larry raped her after he picked her up from school".  

    And the other expats are not without their fault when it comes to their parenting skills & children either ; 1)Susan Smith -drowned her two sons,2) and the lady who one by one drowned her 5 children in the bathtub,3) In Austria for some 25years a father held captive and repeatedly rape his daughter and had a few children with her right in the same house where her MOTHER and silblings lived. just to name a few, 

     Now I ask" WHERE WAS THE PARENTING IN THESE CASES but excuses and other medical/legal/criminal/financial theories will be "the reason" why these parents did what they did to their children (neglectful parenting? has many ways of effecting children in the community). 


    Jamaician "Lottery status grants were given away in 2004,(why UDP & PPM did not stand ground with England to change this permanantly NO MORE STATUS GRANTS & PERMANANT RESIDENCES we are already over populated? Caymanians don’t even have space to continue repopluating their own country, is this not a shame?   More people + unemployment + at present a global recession= CRIME (simple Math, no degree needed).

    The mess that Cayman is in is because of the Civil Service? what about the large amount of population that the Civil Servants have to attend to? Should we downsize the Expat Civil Service then lets see how much money we save so that our Caymanians Civil Servants can keep employed in their own Country, instead of having to go to another mans’ country to try to take their jobs away!!! or  better yet, so we can keep our expat money here, because remember as the Great Premier wants it’s all about "living together as ONE" so the expats are not effected, lets just fire the Caymanians so they can try to get a job in the Private Sector or try to get assistance from the overwhelmed Expat Social Services? 

    We Caymanians like all parents havemade our fair share of parenting mistakes but the truth be known not all of these Young Caymanian "Boys/Girls" come from homes where they were neglected purposely, Some parents work more than one job to support the family and if you are a single parent raising a child and you are having to working 2 jobs you would think you should be able to afford a helper/nanny to be responsible for the care of your children in your absense, however this as some of you know is not the case, our mistakes come from trying to do the right things, and following our forefathers by working hard for what we want and not having to end up doing things which you cant hold your head up with pride  for which you have accomplished the by doing the right and have integrety.  

    However on the other side we have as stated by MSN.COM you also have the family who lives in the Court system from the beginning with Social Services Dept – to the end of the line ending up spending lost years in Fairbanks & Northward, parents who go to prison and continue in the criminal world their children learn and adapt to the enviroment they are raised in,  the criminal world is enticing with all it "glitz & glamour".  When you are raised in severe poverty you have two choices in life- 1) look for a better life (education being the key -Education + Job + Common Sense = BETTER LIFE or give in to thug life world "live by the gun or die by it" simple.  Some make it out while others do not, this the reality of what has happened in Cayman and the world over, and the only difference with us and the rest of the world is that for size of our Country, we should not be watching the crime wave sweeping thru and getting worse but eraticating the problem and it is very simple, we have Cayman Airways (goes to Kingston & MoBay too), Delta, Air Canada, British Airways, US Airways to take you all back to your safe & secure and better Country to safely raise your children so yours don’t turn out like ours……. because of the Lack of Proper Parenting

    A Caymanian who has Love for Country and my Countryman.


    • Anonymous says:

      This is actually one of the funniest blogs I’ve read here. Hmmm, for instance crime in the U.S. has actually DECREASED during the recession – see Quit blaming Jamaicans and the rest of the world for your shortcomings. There is bad parenting everywhere in the world. The point you are missing is parents and society are responsible for their children and when you neglect, abuse and ignore your children you end up with what pieces of XXXX they call criminals that are out there now – everywhere in the world. There are also going to be those that come from great homes and great parents that turn to crime for whatever reason. XXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      caymanians, who are only 50% of the population, commit 90% of crimes….

  3. A REALIST says:

    Before you seek to blame Jamaicans blame deficient Cayman parenting practices.

    How is that sense of entitlement based on nationality and parental neglect (save for a shopping trip to Miami) working out?

    These "thugs" are products of your society. Deal with it.

  4. MonkeySee says:

    I note that all the comments are on teh WB shootings article…maybe this should be moved up next to it!  Maybe then people will realise it isnt always WBayas doing the shooting…

    • Pending says:

      GT might have shootings, but compare that to murders, and "The Bay" for outweighs Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      probably drove out of WB for the shooting then back to the Republic for a home cooked meal by mama!

  5. Anonymous says:

    We have noted the significant increase in gun violence since May 2009.

    Sounds strikingly similar to developments in Jamaica in the late 70’s……hmmm…….who was ringing the bell in Cayman ??????

    Food for thought people. Be careful what you ask for you just might get it !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I think your comment is ridiculous. STOP POINTING FINGERS!! Get to the root of your porblems and stop comparing yourself with Jamaica.

      In the midst and the heights of their problems you never hear Jamaica constantly blaming the US for their loopholes that casue guns to get into Jamaica they try hard to work it out themselves. Even though it is not necessarily paying off they toil on.

      Please stop pointing fingers at Jamaica. YOur crimes are being committed by your own people.

      • Anonymous says:

        I totally agree with you, we need to stop pointing fingers and find a solution. That’s the problem with Caymanians always wanting to blame someone else for their mishaps.

    • Anonymous says:

      For "We have noted the significant…"

      Whatever! This is no time to rejoice at calamities, for whatever reason. Let us pray for these blessed Islands and pray for the poor, misguided, lost souls whom the devil is convincing to destroy themselves and others.

      If that has not happened as yet, the blessed Churches of Jesus Christ need to reach out to these families who are hurting and offer them the solace of Jesus’ love. Violence will only beget violence, but love will conquer every evil.

      GOD, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, thank you for your sovereign love and power over each and every one of our lives. Bless you forever and ever! Amen!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman’s decline started after Ivan’s temporary boom to the economy. The Global financial crisis didn’t occur till 2008. 

      Therefore, we need to ask what happened in Cayman between 2005 and 2008 that lead to our first declining years since our becoming an offshore financial centre?

      a) The actual implementation, as opposed to when the law passed, of the rollover which naturally leads to less spending, less commitment, less caring by a significant part of the "population". 

      b) The PPM government’s spending sprees.

      c) Our increased faith in politicians to solve our problems.

      d) All of the above

      Unfortunately this country has become so divided, there isn’t one PPM person who would read this post and give it a thumbs up. Somehow everything is Mac’s fault. Born in Grand Cayman, living in Grand Delusion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Jamaica was the jewel of the Caribbean before it started its rapid decline. The crime in Jamaica escalated when one politician, in particular, became consumed with power. He created an enemy within, the wealthy who became the targets of violence. Jamaican’s started shouting "Fe Wi Time Now." White people were called "pigs". Some of the best schools in the Caribbean were made public. Not a bad thing in itself, but combined with the political rhetoric, the teachers fled and the schools deteriorated. The result was a brain drain combined with the fleeing / stealing of wealth. $300,000.00 homes became $30,000.00 homes.  

      In contrast, Cayman’s enemy is not from within, it is the expat. This feeling is fueled by the PPM’s "Take our island back" campaign. One article, by an ardent PPM supporter, during the elections referred to expats as "white dogs." 

      Where Cayman has a major challenge is that it never had schools on par with Jamaica. This is a disgrace given Cayman’s wealth. Truth be told, each and every Minister of Education has ROBBED the students of Cayman. Each should hang his head in shame. Because of this theft, we are over reliant on foreign labour.  

      So Jamaican politicians, who were consumed with the new found power of independence, used violence for personal gain and destroyed a country. Cayman’s politicians have NOT used violence for personal gain. Rather, the violence is a result of political mismanagement. The politicians  tell us: 1) Academic achievement is not necessary to graduate from school 2) We are entitled to jobs. 3) The foreign companies (not local) will train us. 4) We are not to work for less than $10.00. What this system has created is a massive divide between the unprepared entitled and foreigner who is required to make up for years of government neglect. It simply cannot work. It is worse now that foreigners are told they are not welcome as they have no reason to commit, train, spend. 

      The neglect of education combined with the rollover has lead to companies finding alternate jurisdictions. This has lead to fewer jobs and fewer people spending money in Cayman. (Note this is the opposite of what the politician promised.) Admittedly, the problem is compounded by the global recession where our competitors have lowered their costs of doing business. True to form our politicians have, in contrast, raised fees.

      Cayman is learning, the hard way, that we are no better than Jamaicans. By that I mean, poverty breeds violence – no matter who you for.



    • Anonymous says:

      Blaming Jamaicans again, are we? Cayman has been in a downward spiral for a very logn time…way before May 2009. Thats a idiotic comment.

      Hmmm…is it not young male Caymanians who are being caught for lots of these crimes and young male Caymanians who are in the jail forassorted criminal actiivties?

      How about you start looking in your own backyard before trying to pass the blame elsewhere?

      I have met tons of decent hard working Jamaicans here on island…they simply work to earn a better life as so many of the expats do for their families.

      Could it simply be, bad parenting, lack of church/faith going on here in Cayman since May 2009 and before and finally people are taking off the blinkers and acknowledging that Cayman hasbeen influenced by the "thug life get rich quick youth bling bling mentality" of today?

      • Oh no. says:

        Boy you fool fool!

        Who is blaming Jamaicans?

        Even I understood what that poster was trying to say and simply put it is: in the late 70’s POLITICS and POLITICIANS was the deep-rooted cause of all the violence in Jamaica and the poster is suggesting that could be happening here now, and I sort of agree with that.

        The poster just put 2 specific time periods of which we cant disagree as the violence of the 70’s in Jamaica is facts and the violence in Cayman, ESPECIALLY since May 2009 is facts, so I would suggest that you dont be so thin-skinned as in my mind the poster is blaming Caymanians (Politicians) for the rise in crime in Cayman.