Woman shot – one arrested

| 05/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman crime(CNS): Update Saturday 11:30 – A 32-year-old man has been arrested in relation to the shooting of a woman yesterday (Friday 5 March) in Mary Street in the heart of George Town. Police say he is being detained on suspicion of attempted murder. The  woman is in hospital in stable condition after she was shot in the face in broad daylight  The 911 emergency centre received the call around 4:10 Friday afternoon to say the victim had been shot at Barnes Plaza. The response unit was at the scene yesterday and investigations regarding the latest gang related shooting incident are ongoing. The incident follows three other shootings in less than twenty four hours and police are calling for witnesses to come forward.

Yesterday evening, police directed rush hour traffic on Mary Street around the scene of last evening’s shooting, using McField Lane to send commuters onto School road, resulting in significant delays in the area. (Photo above)

Two men were shot in West Bay on Thursday night around 8pm in two separate incidents and gunmen opened fire on a house in the Windsor Park area at around 2 am Friday morning.

Anyone who was in the area and witnessed the shooting, or has any information which could assist detectives in relation to the crime, is asked to contact George Town CID on 949-4222 or Crime Stoppers on 800-8477 (TIPS).  

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  1. anonymous says:

    Crime is only going to continue escalating.  Just wait until all the fatherless JRs grow up and are set loose on the island.

  2. Anonymous says:

     I don’t believe people understand the gravity of the situation. They blame the media, they blame the government, they blame the police, they blame everyone else but themselves and expect things to happen without doing something about it. The media doesn’t make you think you’re a ‘gangster’ if you have some damn common sense which people in Cayman don’t seem to encourage. The police can’t do anything if you don’t give them something to work with whether it be information, adequate professionals or whatever it is they need- even if it’s just the freedom to pursue the proper course of action unhindered by petty and delaying regulations. Don’t like the government? Cayman, you VOTED for these morons. As a young Caymanian, I am tired of hearing people complain about the same idiots that they keep rotating in and out of office every few years. What, you think being a politician is some kind of safe job? This is the real world- if someone isn’t doing their job, you get RID of them. This isn’t a dictatorship, you voted for these people to be in, if you’re unsatisfied, you vote to take them out! This is how things go in a democracy!

    The general attitude needs to change. No, this isn’t paradise because we’ve got some sun and sand. There are plenty of beautiful, stunning island countries around the world that have FRIENDLY natives. Think people came here because we offered them ‘our money’ and told them how much we hate their foreign asses? No, because first of all the money isn’t OURS, it’s the money of FOREIGN investors and no our absolutely ‘sunny’ approaches to the people we live with isn’t exactly appealing to anyone who must visit- I certainly don’t find it appealing and I am Caymanian. So stop saying people need to go back to where they belong, or blaming all of our problems on everybody else, because Cayman may have been ‘the islands time forgot’ at one point, but it wasn’t like it was all peaches and cream now was it. I would LOVE to see the whining Caymanians who croon for the good old days go back to living a ‘third world’ status life after becoming so comfortable with the idea of having all the money, clothes, cars, booze, ass, and whatever that we love so much. That nice house isn’t free, you know.

    Secondly, amendments need to be made to the judicial law. How is it that repeat criminals are allowed to return to the streets? You get in, you stay in. It’s not supposed to be a luxury either. I’m presently in a developing country with no air conditioning, limited food options, and no television. This is what the good, everyday people of the country live like. This is what the prisoners should be LUCKY to have, not the proper lifestyles they seem to be leading. In a country with as limited public funds as we have, we do not have the money to be catering to criminals when those dollars could be spent improving public education, the police force, and taking care of children from dysfunctional families that need a way out before they are dragged into a life of strife. Criminals deserve to suffer.

    Cayman, you’re losing a generation to crime and it needs to be halted or else those who can will have to move on to greener pastures and leave those who can’t to wallow in your misery and try to pick up the pieces. If by that time the country hasn’t already torn itself to pieces. As someone said, the young are watching you. If you don’t care for this country as is your responsibility, whose to say that the ignorant SOB watching the tv isn’t thinking THAT place just might be better.

  3. Uncle Bob says:

    Yep, this place has gone to the dogs. Broke, corrupt (probably always was)and now edging towards outright dangerous. One tourist in harms way and there’s that proverbial nail in you know what.

    Do something about it Cayman, or this place will just be a distant fond memory to the rest of the world.

    For the love of God grab a heart and make a dammed stand!

  4. Alan Burton says:

    Cayman has always been so special to me. The best people on earth. Always safe, clean, civil, but not so anymore. It’s simple status was granted to thugs and their families and that is destroying your country. The law enforcement, courts and prision system were set up to deal with a population that was non violent. A shooting a year was a big deal now it’s four in a single day. The people of Grand Caymen allowed a handful of misguided government officials to open the gate to criminials. I feel a great sense of loss in not being able to return to the islands I loved so much but my heart breaks for the wonderful people of Grand Cayman that I have met through the years. My best advise is pray if you want to but don’t wait for God to deliver you from this evil when through the ballol box he has given you the power to deliver yourself.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Unfortunately we can only be delivered from the frying pan into the fire.

      We no longer have Politicians that care about us.

      All our present Politicians care about is themselves and their Political survival. They strap us with insurmountable debt and pile upon us anything that will enhance their Political survival.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’d like to know how this poster has knowledge that these law breakers are the result of status grants. Does he/she have insider information that the remainder of us out here do not have? It seems to me that I recall recently reading an article in the Caymanian Compass that in excess of 80% of all people incarcerated at Northwood Prison for violent crimes were Caymanian nationals. As for those posters who advocate locking people up for extended periods of time and relegate them to hard labour, bread and water as some people have suggested, well, the system has to make it’s mind up what it’s goals are. Do you want to punish or rehabilitate, the two are opposed to each other and therein lies the problem. My own opinion is that severe sentences are not a deterent to crime prevention. Even the death penalty isn’t a deterent to murder.

  5. Real Tea says:

    No plates on the front of that Mazda.  Offense.  Not that the cops know – they were told they are on "gang shooter duty".  You could commit just about any crime under their noses and be just fine.  Cayman cops "Police in particular" they don’t know how to "Polce in general".   If they did, the stallwarts down town would ticket the cars on double yellow lines (SORRY – "that’s for the traffic cops, and I am just a ….  COP!!!")

    Ever notice, cops announce it regularly – this week, we are "crecking down on drinking and driving" – GREAT!!!  Needs to be done.  But in the meantime, you can fly through at 80mph and be ignored…

    How many times do I have to watch Beat Officers watch cars illegally turn right by the museum when heading into town on South Church Street?  How many cops have watched the ignoramouses from the condos on the bypass ignor the VERY OBVIOUS instructions NOT to turn south when coming out of the complex, and not to enter when heading south? 

    One day, each of these offenses will be identified as the CRIME DU JOUR (Crime of the day, for anyone asking) and THEN they will notice. 

    Until then, break the laws not being targeted.  Rely on the laziness of the cops.  Murder on any day not identified as "We are going after murderers day" and you will be fine.


    FYI, I don’t think the plates missing from the Mazda is a big deal, but the law is the law, we should all follow it, but we won’t, for the large part, if noone is enforcing it.

    Hey, I used to be a stickler for details, but when I got my new car, I didn’t want to drill holes in the bumper, and knowing it was no big deal, I left the plates off.  Yup, I am living on the edge.  Fortunately, I don’t intend to continue my crime spree – but there are a lot of "give them an inch and they will take a mile" folks out there… 

    In some bizarre way, I guess not having my front plates on is a test to see when the police start doing their jobs…

    Then I will tint my windows, pump up the volume in my car and park on a double yellow line and in handicap spots to see how long it takes them to come around.  (Plan to pass this concept on to my kids since I don’t expect to see any action in my lifetime – and I am not even half way yet…)


  6. Joe Average says:

    We know and love this island and what it is capable of and what it means to us but we are getting comments from tourists.  How can we assure them of their safety? when we’re not sure of our own?  Listen, we have discussed this problem upside and downside and in the process blamed everyone in sight.

    If I were looking at this place from outside I would wonder first of all at it’s size. And then I would wonder how it could happen here.

    But WE know why it’s happening.

    I’m speaking to YOU now…the people who know something… or know someone else who knows something.  And won’t say anything.  Won’t help. And stay silent.  Would you prefer to see this island…. and our home….turn into a place run by thugs. Think about it.

    When tourists are afraid to come here do you think any of these lowlife are going to run a restaurant? Or start a hotel or open a business or build a house? Of course not!!!  So just where do you think you’re going to work???

    Banks come and go and they can always take their money and run but tourism keeps us alive dummy!!!!  And it won’t matter how many beautiful beaches we have or how friendly the rest of us are.  If people start to not feel safe coming  here. We are XXXXX!!!

    I’m getting angry now. Because I know god XXXXX well there are people who know who’s behind this mayhem. And they think they’re doing something real clever.  Well good luck.

    When the last ship stops here.  And the last tourist packs up and leaves. And you can’t find a job.  And your children can’t find a job no matter how much education they have,  You can feel comfortable knowing you were loyal.  But loyalty isn’t going to put food on your table. Understand?? Or pay your rent. Now watcha gonna do silent one???

    Thanks.  You just messed up my paradise.  And your paradise.

    Say again who’s fault it was  Keep your big mouth shut!!!!!!

  7. Fed up Caymanian! says:

    Message to all expatriates and tourist who "have had it with the crime in the Cayman Islands and wont be returning".

    First of all, In no way shape or form am I defending crime or people that break the law, but who are you people to deem the Cayman Islands unsafe? Have you had personal attacks made against you? Are you contributing any time or effort to make the Cayman Islands a safer place? Are you a part of the solution to reduce crime in the Cayman Islands? Of course you’re not – so shut up! I am fed up with expatriates and tourist alike who are bashing the Cayman Islands. Have you people honestly forgotten the level of crime in your own countries? Clearly you must have! Crime is a world wide problem and I would appreciate it if you stop making it seem as though crime only happens in the Cayman Islands. There are decent respectable people who still reside in these islands who have never committed a crime! People are killed daily EVERY single place in the world! Thousands of people are killed in the United States and Canada every year but does it stop Caymanians from visiting YOUR country and contributing to your economy? No it doesn’t! Maybe Caymanians need to stop visiting the US, Canada, UK, or even Jamaica for fear of crime. No country is immune to crime because no matter how well off the society is, some if its residents will always be subjected to poverty. If it were left up to the concerned residents of the Cayman Islands to solve the crimes happening, surely we would if we could but unfortunately its not up to us. There is a system in place that is supposed to protect ALL but its falling short due to no fault of our own. So until you’re a part of the solution to reduce crime in the Cayman Islands, don’t bash my countries name. If you never want to return, that’s your business. I have lived here all of my live and have never been a victim of crime and still have faith that there are good people that reside in these islands! So put that in your pipe and smoke it!             

    • anonymous says:

      Take your head out of the sand.  Cayman has more violent crime per capita than mostly all countries out there – the only reason that you’re not at the top of the list is that there are about 20,000 law-abiding expats living on island who are included in the total population count.  Read the stats on the population at Northward – more than 80% of the hard-core offenders are Caymanian.  Time you do something about it…and quickly.

    • Anon says:

      Fed Up Caymanian :

      ‘Have you people honestly forgotten the level of crime in your own countries?’

      I think if you looked at the amount of violent crime on Grand Cayman, murders, attempted murders, and so on, and compared them per head of population (bearing in mind Cayman has only around fifty thousand people or so), you would find that Cayman’s level of violent crime far exceeds that of the other countries you mentioned, such as the US, Canada, and the UK. I am willing to bet many cities in those countries have nothing like the level of violent crime that Cayman sees, even despite the fact they probably have populations of around a million people.

      I am very sad to say it, but as a police officer who has worked in a number of different countries, including the UK, for the size of population, Cayman has allot more serious crime going on than anywhere I have worked.

    • Joe Average says:

      Hold on.  Did I put down Cayman?  Did I put down Caymanians?  My friends and acquaintances?  Not a chance. And you know what?  I’ve lived in areas of North America where the same things are going on.  And worse. Areas where it sounds like fireworks at night.  No my friend what I’m upset about is knowing how it gets this way.

      There is only one way gangs survive.


      The "family affair".  Where people know what their kids, their brothers, their boyfriends, their husbands are doing.  And if they don’t their clueless.  And they think maybe they’re going to straighten out and fly right. But they don’t.

      They end up dead and gone. And so do others. And some of them are innocent. Like the young boy? But it don’t matter. 

      So what I’m saying is to the people who are remaining silent…. if you love that person.  And care about them.

      Prove it. 

      It doesn’t stop by itself.  Dead is Dead.  An island and a neighborhood can die too.

      God bless Cayman


    • Anonymous says:

      Ok so you have been living here for years and have never been a victim of crime!! I am glad for you….

      But there are so many persons who suffered…Come on Caymanian lady:

      Beautiful Mrs. Scott donot have a voice to say the same right now or that young girl full of life Schirn and the list goes on and onnnnnn…You are really gonna sit behind that computer and vent on what doesn’t really make sense?

      Leave the innocent expats who are here trying really hard to work and enjoy the Islands these days, they have to work here long enough before they can contribute, they cannot do it overnight. Don’t worry!! soon the tourists all together might not choose this distination, are you kidding me?? Leave them all out of these messy crime happenings!!

      What this Island needs is love, the love and peace of God that passes all understanding.

  8. Anonymous says:
    The reports we have been seeing are so sad.  We have visited Grand Cayman for twenty years; at first, the Holiday Inn, then Caribbean Club and now Villas of The Galleon.  Up until the past year, we have always felt comfortable and safe.  The current state of crime has given us reason to consider other alternatives during the winter months.  The public and residents must become more vigilant and the police must increase their tactical and strategic law enforcement and deterrent methods.  A marked police presence must be increased especially along the West Bay Road tourist areas, 7 MB and the peripheral area.  Europeans, Canadians and Americans will not continue to spend high prices on accommodations and restaurants & food on your wonderful oasis if there are high incidences of robberies, burglaries, drinking accidents due to alcohol and drugs, and violence committed with the use of weapons.  Clean up Grand Cayman or sink.
  9. John Fleming says:

    Lets call a spade a spade, how can the police track down the criminals if there is no co-operation from the locals? The cops try their best. I had an attempted break in the other day but my alarm system scarred them off. I mentioned this in the local community and saw looks pass but that was as far as it went. I have now added CCTV to my system so maybe I can get a picture next time!

    I came here many years ago when these were " The Islands that TimeForgot"  please don’t let me have to leave and write off Paradise Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      "XXXXX  You must never allow a Caymanian to hold the post of the Commissioner of Police, the Attorney General and the Auditor General.  If these 3 jobs are held by locals, we will truly be a Banana Republic.  Unfortunately one of the key jobs are given to a paper caymanian with strong cayman/ caribbean connections."

      To the one that posted the above may I ask whether he or she is suggesting  by implication that the performances of fomer Attorney General David Ballantyne, former Commissioner of Police, Stuart Kernohan and former Governor, Stuart Jack are the standards which Caymanians in "key jobs" cannot meet and that the hiring of more foreigners like them is our guarantee against becoming a Banana Republic?

    • Anonymous says:

      Unfortunately – in Cayman, especially with the youth, education etc., failure has become the norm.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Wait until a tourist gets injured, mugged, rapped or killed in the line of fire.  That time is just around the corner. 

    • MonkeySee says:

      Just to clarify, our visitors are already being mugged on WB Road, raped (check media reports and ask around, happens way too often PERIOD), & tourists die here all the time! 

      This statement, although I see a number of people gave it a thumbs up, is the same basic sentiment all residents here were saying BEFORE Jeremiah got killed, "Wait til an innocent child gets killed and then….."

      But as many of us predicted….the ‘and then’ has yet to bear fruit….the friends and family of his murderers held their tongue….


      I hope for all our sakes that this place we call home can once again find us living with peace & harmony in our communities!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Commish Baines, i knwo you like to follow the blogs, so here’s abit of advise, stop focusing on polygraphing and ur sweel little anti-corruption unit, which by the way is just another excuse for the retired Met oficers to be longer. Wow;the governement dont have money but are now again the public purse is paying for these XXXX’ salaries.

    There is rampant crime in Cayman – what teh XXXX are you doing about it???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    Where is your policing plan?


    • Anonymous says:

      not sure comissioner Baines is going to understand what you’re writing.  I sure don’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

      • Anonymouse says:

        Is there an educational institution on this island that deals with adult literacy.

        I think I need to attend one because I dont understand a lot of the bloggers posts.

    • anonymous says:

      English please.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The evidence suggests that our prison policies are simply not working as a deterrent. I don’t care what the theory says, we are living with the proof that the prison system is not working to keep our streets safe.

    The adoption by prison authorities in Cayman of a policy to the effect that “just being sent to prison is adequate punishment”, and therefore Cayman society should pay outrageous amounts of money to treat prisoners better than people who work hard for a living, is wrong. The fact that the prisoners don’t even bother to try to escape these days suggests that prison is simply too comfortable. Pampering the prisoners may make the prison officers jobs easier, but it is not what society needs. I think that it is time that consideration was given to the ordinary honest working person in Caymanrather than the focus on making the prisoners cozy.
    Prison should be a deterrent and in order for it to be a deterrent, it needs to be a Place OF Punishment. Prison needs to be a place where criminals are not only removed from society for society’s protection, but a place where prisoners learn to work to feed and support themselves through honest labour. In an ideal world it would be a place where they worked to pay society back for whatever damage they have done.
    Recidivism is high among our violent criminals in Cayman because they have no fear of prison. There is simply no punishment associated with going to prison in Cayman. As noted in an earlier post,  
    "Persons convicted of violent crimes are able to enjoy air conditioned rooms, room service with take out food on demand and cable TV AS punishment. They are able to enjoy these amenities free from any demand that they do any work whatsoever in order to repay society for the damage they have done, plus they have unfettered access to recreational drugs and promiscuous young women, all in the select company of some of their best friends. Should these violent convicts wish to continue to control their criminal activities while at the Northward Spa, they can do so all at no extra cost using the Northward Spa’s unlimited cell phone access option. Frequent guests are eligible for Northward’s exclusive rewards programme."
    Cayman would be a much safer place for all of us if every person knew that the penalty for violent crime was YEARS OF SEVERE PUNISHMENT in a real prison, and that such punishment would be swift and certain.  
  13. Anonymous says:


    We will pack up and leave this country,, its not safe,, its corrupted and back ward,,, poor Caymanian’s,, you have seriously no idea of the long term implications and consequences . No one want to come to the Caymans anymore,, No one want to take their families andmove here anymore. This place is charging top dollar for what? nahhh,,, time to go back to civilication I will save 40 000 in work permits!  Your complaints about having expats here have been heard – we are moving. Good luck to you all,,,, You will need it. – You need to start getting along with each other, if you don’t,, there is no hope and you will just become a former tax haven riddled with unpleaseant people, crime, drugs and an over developed beach with empty condos….

    We are sad to go but its simply not worth staying.


    • Anonymous says:

      "Anonymous (not verified) on Sun, 03/07/2010 – 13:22. "

      See ya and good riddance.

      First Rat to flee what they see is a sinking ship. Once the ship rightens and things settle one less rat to worry about.

      Cleary you did not come here to contribute you came here to take. There is a distinct difference between expats who come here to make their lives as well as Cayman better and those who only come to benefit themselves.

      Lets end with these ridiculous generalisations. SOME Caymanians don’t like epats. SOME Caymanians do. SOME Expats come here for a better live for themselves and actually contribute. SOME Expats are leeches. Not ALL. Not even close.

      This Island was built on the backs of Caymanians and Expats together. Those who think it is them against us need to get a clue. Its a symboitic relationship for the most part with some parasites. We have to take the good with the bad. Unfortunately opinions are just like a$$ holes everyone’s got one and most stink!

      Cayman still has a long and prosperus life.

      And to "Congratulations!", thank you and "civilication" should be fun.

      • anonymous says:

        he or she may be the "first rat" to flee the sinking ship, but he or she is the smartest rat of them all.  this ship is far from straightening itself out – you obviously can’t put two and two together…if your spelling is an indication of your intelligence it’s easy to see why you’re having severe difficulties with reality.

    • Don't 4get Me! says:

      When the going gets tough, the weak get going. Best of luck to you. 
      and of course, rather than be decent with your comments on your departure, you bite the hand that fed you. More than likely, caused you some means of success.

      It’s probably best you go as if you’re not helping to build a community, you’re tearing it apart.  It’s just as if you were weilding a gun.

      So on to the next offshore haven, you modern day pirate … Many of us have built great lives here, many of us will remain.

  14. Anonymous says:

    To ninalucas: Please do not generalize! SOME Caymanians do not like Expats, just as SOME Expats don’t like Caymanians. Is that different from anywhere else in the world??? They all have their particular reasons, I’m sure, and ‘hate’ is such a very hateful word to use. Grow up!

  15. Anonymous says:

    To Sat 20:37 – Frankly, I am TIRED of Police excuses! You speak as though you are one or connected in some way. Quite simply, the RCIPS’ track record is appalling and has assisted in letting the criminals feel invincible.

    RCIPS may not be responsible for the social problems which contribute to the rising crime but what is it doing to try to contain it? Sweet F.A.!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    please do not think i am rude in what i am about to say, my husband and i have been visiting your beautiful island for the last 7 years and we have always enjoyed your island hospitality and beautiful beaches. we have both seen an increase in the levels of crime and have kept a close eye on it as you do.

    it is now to the point where we are very seriously thinking of our safety and that of our grand child who visits with us. we have always felt very safe in grand cayman however. we just feel it is somewhat out of control now to fully enjoy the beautiful island and night life. (be it somewhat of a quiet nightlife we choose  you understand?)  killings and shootings are vastly becoming an everyday thing it seems with no re assurances from anyone it seems also,

    god bless your beautiful island.

    i think we have finally decided on giving cayman a coupleof years break before we hopefully return once more.

    • ... says:

      I am a Caymanian, and although it is very disheartening to read what you say I cannot blame you.  Cayman is certainly not what it used to be 5, 10, 15 years ago.  We used to be known for our friendliness, our hospitality, beautiful beaches, and unlike many other caribbean islands, a safe place to visit. 

      I hope and pray that we are able to regain what made our islands unique, and hopefully you and your family and many other tourists who remember what Cayman used to be like will return. 

    • Anonymous says:

      May I suggest Cayman Brac as a new place to visit. We spent a wonderful weekend on the Brac at the Hotel Alexander and felt for the first time that we were experiencing Cayman as it was in the past. People were friendly, no crime and a beautiful island.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Have had great time in Cayman the last 2 years.

    However, until there is a stop to this violence, we will not be returning.

    The draw to Cayman was the safety and the beach.

    There are too many beautiful options in the world for vacationing.

    My perception, which is neither scientific nor possibly even correct, is that the crime is increasing in frequency, intensity, lethality, brazenness, and directed at anyone including children.

    Perception is reality though to a vacationer.

    • man on the street says:

      The last government funded a dramatic increase in the size of the police force.  The new Commissioner needs to take a serious look at where those resources are being utilized.  I humbly suggest that they be redeployed to concentrate on serious crime. If for any reason they cant be, then these officers (who were almost entirely from overseas) should be returned home and new officers with the necessary skills and experience to deal with violent crime should be brought in if necessary to replace them. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Well said. The Police seem to get more than their fair share of Government resources. The first response from the Police is that they need staff, which is always given.

        Where are the returns on such investments if government is to be run like a business?

  18. Anonymous says:

    Time for

              the punishment to match the crime,  Death Penalty for Murder that should be a detterant  instead of the Country  spending 50k a year to ensure the Killers live comfortable for the rest of thier lives.Anyone remember Hurricane Ivan, i can tell you for FACT that when the rest of Cayman was in darkness Northward had all the Good Stuff ( electricity,water,hot food and cold drinks)

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually in the US it costs more to execute someone than it does to pay to keep them in proson for the rest of their lives due to all the appeals and legal ramifications involved.

    • Dick Shaugneary says:

      Old Chinese proverb : "Do not listen to opinions on criminology from a man who can’t spell the word "deterrent"".

      • Joe Average says:

        Good.  Because I thought we were going to use detergent on them and if I knew there were cold drinks at Northward during Ivan I would have found a window to break.  Somewhere.

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Stop that.   Its Human to make mistakes, besides who knows how to spell every word in the dictionary.

        ye see mek aw tell ye someting every body naw take spelling bee.

        • Dick Shaughneary says:

          No, Twyla, this not a case of the typo police being overactive.  Someone has advocated the death penalty for murder as a "deterrant".  Anyone with knowledge of criminology would know that there is no deterrent associated with capital punishment.  And someone who knows about criminology would know how to spell "deterrent".

          So I think it is relevant to point out that a person who is encouraging others to support state sponsored killing is doing so from a position of ignorance.

          • E. D. Amin says:

            Come on Dick, you can’t say that capital punishment is not a deterrent.  Once the state has pumped 50,000 volts through their brains and liquefied their thinker, the odds on them being a repeat offender is reduced significantly.  Therefore, capital punishment deters future crime for at least that offender.  Right?

            Canapes anyone?

        • spelin natzi says:

          stope dat twilah.  da spelin natzi got da marcit cornird on bad spelin.  Dic – snow reson two bee pesterin evorybudy , pesting mee ohf.  forkin boo-stairds.  

          stil luv yuh dic, forkin boo-staird dat u ar…

          twila, b nise to dik.  he ned luv two., jist lik mee and ewe.

  19. Anonymous says:


    Apart from the obvious fact that we need to get back to basics – the Bible and the true fear of God and observing of His principles, here is a viable solution, with regards to policing: Send the local police to work in the UK for awhile, giving them the opportunity to gain additional experience in dealing with these new and highlly aggravating crime situations and sharpening their investigative skills. In their place send the UK officers to work here. Give them the files of the gangsters and the serial jail goers and unleash them on the cretens!

    Why? Clearly, to some degree the fact that we all friends and family on this small Island have hampered investigation, arrests and crime solving for a long time now. The UK officers will have no family or friends. I mean, you can’t get more neutral than that. If the Government and the people of these Islands are serious about protecting their way of life, their economy, their tranquility, I strongly suggest that you need to put pride aside and ask UK to come kick ass!

    • Anonymous says:

      I have a suggestion for MACK . With  the Politicians salary being cut  (long overdue) that will be quite some cash saved . I SUGGEST THAT gOVERNMENT OFFER A FEW CASH PRIZES  for all those who turn in a gun, or report a gun and it is confiscated. That is one way of cutting down on the amount od killing and shooting.

    • Anonymouse says:

      The British Bobby?


      The British Military?

      Yes. With real guns and some guts.

      • Joe Average says:

        Hmm You mean like Belfast??  Great!!! Armoured cars on the street will do a lot for tourism!  If the Navy was here.  We could offer them boat rides.

        And Helicopter gunships would sure take care of those pesky green iguanas.

    • Anonymous says:

      100% agree with this proposal. Get British Marines on the streets !!!!.  we have a national security emergency right now and why are we going to be waiting any more.  What else should happen on the ground to get our fat politicians off their a_ _!!!!!!! .

      • frank rizzo says:

        Military personnel are trained to engage enemy combatants not to police civilians. Recipe for disaster.

    • noname says:

      Back to God? Uh, you don’t seriously believe that atheists are running around shooting people do you?

      I’m pretty sure that these gangbangers terrorizing Cayman are not well-read philosophy majors with no belief in God. I could be wrong, but I doubt it. I’m willing to bet that they believe in God.

      • shut up says:


        Please do us all a favor and when you have anything nagative to say about the GOD we serve here in the Cayman Islands, please STAY OUT OF IT AND SHUT UP!!

        Because one thing about us TRUE Caymanians, WE DON’T TAKE LIKELY TO PEOPLE ATTACKING OUR MASTER!!!

        So, keep your negative blasphemous opinons to yourself, or be brave enough to expose your true identity!!

        But we would prefer you to just be quiet and let ADULTS talk!!


    • Speaking the Truth says:

      Then it becomes an issue of arresting his English friends when they are at the Rugby Club having a few greenies!

  20. Anonymous says:

    WEneed to ask why we don’t have a task force from the USA, UK or Canada with experience in dealing with gang violence.  Then we need to ask who is against our having such a task force and why.  Who is benefitting from the continued crime and probably near chaos in the Police force by now – I mean 4 shootings in one day.  There’s too much corruption in Cayman.  Too many people are beneffitng from the proceeds of crime.  Its time to bring it out in the open, otherwise things will never get any better here.  Be honest, act honestly and fairly.  Set an example.  Don’t teach your kids one thing and do another.  They are watching us.  They are far from stupid and see when we are being hypocrites.  Just like the govt. gas, there is much more corruption and it is being covered up. 

    Does anyone know why 3 long term jobs at Immigation are now being advertised?  Does it have something to do with work permit favours?  If so, why is this being covered up.  Corruption needs to be exposed otherwise their is absolutely no sense in implementing an anti corruption law.

    It is time to act like the Christian country we are supposed to be.  Stop the corruption, stop the hatred and stop the violence.  Stop sitting down and coering it all up.  Your kids, mother, father, sister, brother could be the next innocent victim of crime.  Our children are no longer safe to go anywhere.  Covering it up, is simply making it worse.




  21. Anon says:

    The police are not responsible for creating and cultivating criminals, Cayman SOCIETY is. The police never asked you to have children, and then not to bother raising them, take responsibility for your own mess! You have made your bed, now you get to lie in it.

    • anonymous says:

       Unfortunately, we are all in this same ‘bed’ and having to live with the consequences. Escalating crime affects everyone here and the future of our economy by extension. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    I checked with the local aethiests and none of us are involved,

    Therefore it must be the christians.

  23. Anonymous says:

    The police have stated that the gang violence basically boils down to 15 individuals……if they know this why are they still on the streety running around killing people.  

    At this point, I don’t give a XXXX about their rights or the rights of any other person that commits a violent crime, what about the rights of Sabrina Schirn, baby Jeremiah, Estella, and the many other victims that have lost their lives to these thugs.  

    What is the governments solution to this crime wave???  To form another council which can only discuss the crime happening in this country yet they are sworn to secrecy and cannot reveal anything about their discussions.  They can’t even make any decisions.  What is the point of this council.  Why are we throwing good money after bad.  

     Change the law to impose much much stiffer penalties, change the laws to allow the police to do the work they need to do to get something down, get rid of the corrupt police, and there are many of those, bring back Haines and stop TALKING and take action!!  

    A FOUR year old child lost his life to gang violence….we have had  shootings in less than 24 hours, a woman was shot in broad daylight in the face.  Where are these guns coming from, why haven’t we heard not ONE word from Customs???  It is easier to buy a gun in Cayman than it is to buy drugs.  

    I am a Caymanian and no longer feel safe in my own country, in fact, I don’t even feel that this is my country any more.  I would rather take my chances somewhere else.  

    Why in God’s name is the "Premier’ concerned about local honours…at this rate we won’t have anyone alive to honor.  We have more important things to worry about in this country.  

    Words cannot express the disgust I feel for the way this government has rum this country into the ground.


    • Anonymous says:

      Get Braggs back ASAP. You cannot find a better man to lead then that.  No disrespect to Baines but he does not understand the people. When the island enjoyed a peaceful way of life, it was Braggs who was in charge. Why do you think he was in charge in the first place? We need people like him to bring us through these times.

      • Watering Hole says:

        Its not going to work, dont even bother to go there.

      • Anonymous says:

        XXXXX  You must never allow a Caymanian to hold the post of the Commissioner of Police, the Attorney General and the Auditor General.  If these 3 jobs are held by locals, we will truly be a Banana Republic.  Unfortunately one of the key jobs are given to a paper caymanian with strong cayman/ caribbean connections.

  24. Anonymous says:

    THE SOLUTION: Far be it for an expat to tell you how to run your country but I’m going to suggest something anyway. #1 Cut back your civil service… it’s ridiculous and borders on state welfare. #2 take the proceeds from these savings and build a sectioned wing at Northwood… the crappier the better, no a/c, squat toilets, minimal exercise yard, in fact no electricity (sorry CUC –  you make enough).  #3Have an April Gun Amnesty… gangstas can hand them in without question. #4 Shakedown… it’s not that difficult for the police to know who these people are and go islandwide with search warrants – anyone caught in posession of an unlicensed firearm after 1May can have an automatic 15/20/25yr invitation to Her Majesty’s shi*test accomodation in Northward. Job done…

    • Anonymous says:

      I like your suggestion. I think, from what i hear about Northward, these ‘prisoners’ get too much luxuries. Prison is supposed to be a place where you go to reflect on what you did and pay for what you did. It is not somewhere where you go to eat steak and have all the ‘freedom’ in the world. Give them a reason not to want to go to prison.

      • Watering Hole says:

        No, it is not the prison, it is this wayward Judicial department sentencing to too little, and on top of that some idiots then lets them out on parole after they have done half the senence.  They then begin where they left off.

        Judicial, and the parole board is resonsible.

        Why are they keeping them here anyway.   Why dont some of the English people try and help us get them to serve their time in England. prison.  When they have finished shooting off themselves, you will not be able to visit your local pub and go home safe. Dont wait for it to happen.

    • ruttering says:

       "People are sent to prison AS punishment, not FOR punishment."  


      • Anonymous says:

        Given the whirlwind of violent crime that Cayman is now suffering and the rates of recidivism among our violent criminals, it may be safe to conclude that this deluded notion has been the basis of Cayman’s penal regime for some time.

        The general proposition that being sent to prison is necessarily punishment in any sense, is fatally flawed. In the context of Northward, the proposition is laughable. Consider the substitution of the present reality in Northward within the phrase presented.

        "Persons convicted of violent crimes are able to enjoy air conditioned rooms, room service with take out food on demand and cable TV AS punishment. They are able to enjoy these amenities free from any demand that they do any work whatsoever in order to repay society for the damage they have done, plus they have unfettered access to recreational drugs and promiscuous young women, all in the select company of some of their best friends. Should these violent convicts wish to continue to control their criminal activities while at the Northward Spa, they can do so all at no extra cost using the Northward Spa’s unlimited cell phone access option. Frequent guests are elligible for Northward’s exclusive rewards programme."


        Cayman would be a much safer place for all of us if every person knew that the penalty for violent crime was YEARS OF SEVERE PUNISHMENT in a real prison and that such punishment would be swift and certain.  

    • Anonymous says:

      RESPONSE TO "The Solution"

      Good comments. There is one flaw though. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that job cuts will only create another lean on the country – more people out of jobs. I applaud the Government for opting for pay cuts instead. However, insignificant you might think a particular post is in Government, it boils down to the dissecting of jobs so that every mouth can be fed. How would you feel if you were a civil servant and you were given a letter that your services are no longer required. Even if your getting sacked helped the Government coffers, it would be little or no consolation to you as you watch that news whilst your little pickney tug at your shirt for food. I am sure you would then be more appreciative of a salary cut than a job cut. Damn selfish! I am glad you aren’t running the country.

  25. Anonymous says:

    News flash. Everyone is blaming the government, blaming the police and praying to god. Deflect the responsibility. The problem is the parents! These losers were bred and raised as losers. I have never committed a crime, I am not a danger to society, I don’t leach off society – and it’s not because I am infear of the police, the government or god! I am the way I am because of how I was raised! Why does one Caymanian child go on to become a productive member of society and his neighbour is a gun toting, social leach piece of crap? Does the gov’t orpolice get credit for the good kid? No. The good kid had good, caring parents and the thug did not. This is not a Cayman thing, it’s a social thing world wide. Thugs are produced. High crime, murders, gangs – this is the fault of the police? If your kid is one of these thug losers, you made him – not the police. Now it’s society’s problem to deal with the monster you produced. We need better police because Cayman is producing too many thugs! Blame the police? Pray more? No, RAISE YOUR KIDS TO BE GOOD PEOPLE!! Why not take the week off church and google "how to raise a kid"?

    • Anonymous says:

      Very honest and absolutely right.  I applaud you for hitting the nail on the head.   Cayman take serious note. Here is someone with common sense who is able to cut through the crap and expose the problem where it really is.  Please post it over and over till everyone gets the message. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    These are not random shootings, these are gunmen who know who they are going after.  If I can’t get you, I’ll take your mother, father, brother, sister, daughter or son mentality. 

  27. personal responsibility says:

    It is impossible for the police to be everywhere. Also, the have families that need them to come home as well. We can not expect them to put themselves in the line of fire without the means to defend themselves.

    This mentality brought from the UK of not allowing the officers or the law abiding citizens to protect themselves is obviously not working. How many people have to be killed or injured before the commissioner will get down off his high horse of cultural superiority and accept that fact.

    The police can’t be everywhere at all times and have proven they are not able to protect the citizens of this country, at least give us the option of defending ourselves as the firearms law allows, but has been denied thus far by the commissioner.


  28. au revoir says:


    dear sir, how, when, and where do i sign up for the "caymanian 2 D bone and proud of it" programme with a paper status option?  at the very least, i would like a t-shirt.  i am new to the island.  also, last time i checked, grand cayman is approximately 76 square miles in area, far less than your figures of 26×12 (312 square miles)…but of course, it’s not my country but yours, and you know better…

  29. Anonymous says:

    Long live Fidel Castro and the socialist system of Cuba,young people in Cuba is disciplined and focused and have no time for the gangsta culture and other nonsense. Check out most young Americans, Jamaicans and Caymanians,nothing but foolishness in their heads,gangsta rap and dance hall music along with crap from American tv & culture. In Jamaica there are lots of area dons that wreck havoc on their communities,not in Cuba,in Cuba there is only one don,his name is Fidel Castro.Long live Fidel Castro and the socialist republic of Cuba,Cayman can thank capitalism and years of American junk (American tv and music) for leading old and young to distruction,what a shame!!!

    • personal responsibility says:

      You are right in the fact that american TV and music has had a negative influence, but if your thoughts on socialism were correct Cuba would have no prisons. I agree that a hard line on violent criminals is needed but hiding social issues and limiting people’s freedoms as the do in Cuba is not the way as far as I am concerned.

      However you are free to move there. You might have a problem though if you change your mind and try to exit.

    • Anonymous says:

      If you love Cuba so much, what are you doing living here?  Also, America is not to blame for Cayman’s problems, Cayman is to blame for Cayman’s problems; America is to blame for America’s problems; Jamaica is to blame for Jamaica’s problems, and so on. Quit blaming everybody else for what is obviously a social problem at home with the families of these pieces of s***. It all starts at home with parents and families. That is the problem, not America, Jamaica or any other country. 

    • Anonymous says:

      long live fidel??? we must buy you a one way ticket to cuba and see how much u like it……

      why try and blame everybody else? what about caymanian parenting, caymainian society and caymanians inability to take responsibility for anything…

    • Anonymous says:

      TYPICAL COMMUNIST! Please go to Cuba, we don’t want your type here. If you love Cuba & their communist way of life so much, why are you in Cayman? Why don’t you go live in Cuba? That would make you happy, & it would surely make me happy! I love my way of life in Cayman, & I love the American way of life: FREEDOM! I want to work for what I own, & own what I work for! I DO NOT WANT ANY %#@#*# country owning what I work hard for! Unfortunately, in recent months Cayman seems to be quickly coming under dictatorial rule & it scares me! But in the mean time I would suggest that you go & join your communist & socialist friends in Cuba!  But of course you won’t, you like your freedom in Cayman far too much, & you love all the trappings of success that you could not get or own in Cuba!

      • Anonymous says:

        IN REPLY TO TYPICAL COMMUNIST, Itotally agree with you. Before reading your comments I REALIZED THAT THAT PERSON IS COMMUNIST, AND BOY OH BOY DONT WE HAVE SOME OF THEM IN Cayman now. I really dont understand what he or she is doing here,or infact we have inherited quite alot of the Communist and thats not good.

        • Anonymous says:

          At least Castro is admitting he’s Communist but what are we?  We have a dictator.  We can’t wear red, no red carpets, no red flag, etc. Go march with Chuckie and see how long you have a job.

          We are all anonymous except for UDP followers or people outside the country.  Some people have told me that they won’t comment here because they are afraid that their computer numbers will be traced.  That’s living in fear.

          One Cuban man that came out in one of those boats told me that he wished taht he had stayed in Cuba instead of listening to his wife.  He said that all the Cubans think that United States is the land of gold and honey.  He said that he knew for sure that he was taken care of at home in Cuba.

           I’m not a Communist.  Just think we shouldn’t be so quick to criticise.

          We are likethat man’s wife…we thought the grass was greener on the other side. now we are reaping what we sowed.

      • Major Tom says:

        I love the American way of live, with vast swathes of people receiving inadequate health care, the world’s largest prison population, the easy availability of assault weapons to assist the national hobby of gun crime and the execution of the mentally ill. 

        The American dream is that – a dream to placate the lower middle classes with the belief that capital access is available to them.  It isn’t.  Joe the Plumber is a fool because he will always be a plumber believing he can become a millionaire.  The "American dream" is the opiate of the masses, to supplement that other great opiate. 


        • Anonymous for a good reason says:

          ThatJoe the Plumber will always be a plumber has a heck of a lot more to do with him than with some kind of American Dream opiate. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you (Anon 13:44), "in Cuba there is only one don," & the reason why the young people in Cuba "have no time for the gangsta culture" is because they know that the end result will be the same as if they were up against gangs, BECAUSE "THE DON" IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANY GANG. History shows that "the don" has caused more devastation on others than any gang could possibly do, & everybody knows that any opposition to "the don" generally means THE END! You do as "the don" says or that’s it!!! If that is the type of life you want please feel free to leave Cayman & go there. You may not come up against any gangs, but you will come up against something far worse & far more evil, "THE DON"!!! Please go!

      • Anonymous says:

        Anonymous @ 22:38 i see you agree with me that there is only one don in Cuba, but unlike you i do pray that"the don”lives for many more years.In my post i stated that Cuban youths have no time for the gangstaculture,you went on to say that is because they know that the end result will be the same as if they were up against gangs,"BECAUSE"THE DON’ IS MORE DANGEROUS THAN ANY GANG".Well i bet you your house you would be happy if Cayman had a don like that to deal with these wannabe gangsta idiots.You also went on to state that "history shows that "the don" has caused more devastation on others than any gang could possibly do", oh really,ha,ha…i am sure that you have heard of one George Bush Jr.In the short 8 years that Bush was president of America more people have suffered and died around the world,Dr Fidel Castro have been in power since the late 1950’s and have done more to save peoples lives across the globe than all U.S. presidents put together since 1960.How many around the world have died and suffered because of "the don"? can you answer that?You also went on to state"if that is the type of life you want please feel free to leave Cayman & go there" well for your info i have been to Cuba over 25 times and i am presently considering moving there,i sincerely feel safer there than i do in Miami,Kignston or Grand Cayman.In ending i would like to state that i am a young Caymanian simpathetic towards socialism, no diffrent than Obama,Brazil’s Lula or Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner of Argentina, i am no communist,in my view communism along with capitalism is garbage and have wrecked havoc on many innocent people around the world..Cayman’s youth have taken a wrong turn because of our parents love for money,greed and importation of American culture,there are other factors contributing to this but it is clear that vanity and greed is a leading factor.Many can give me thumbs down or call me what ever,i really don’t care,the truth is the truth………Long Live Fidel Castro and the Socialist Republic of Cuba!

        • Anonymous says:

          To Anon 14:11, you silly little girl, you don’t even know what you are saying! You say you are "sympathetic towards socialism" but that you are "no communist"! Anyone who can support the socialist ideas of Obama, Lula, Castro & Kirchner (your examples) over a conservative like George Bush is, in my opinion a communist. But do you know what makes me sure that you are a communist? The DICTIONARY! Socialism & communism is pretty much one & the same! You don’t believe me? Please read on:

          Socialism: "the theory that a country’s land, transport, industries, etc. should be owned or controlled by the community as a whole."

          Communism: "a political system in which all property is owned by the community."

          You can deny it all you want, but the fact is that you are sympathetic towards communism, therefore you are a communist. Give me the freedom & liberty of America & George W. Bush anytime! I would never support any leader who thinks it is his/her right to get rid of me (you know what I mean) if I do not support him/her or his/her beliefs, or any leader who thinks it is his/her right to own what I work hard for! NO WAY! I don’t care if you are a young Caymanian, in my mind you are a young communist (the dictionary proves it) & I pray to Almighty GOD that you never get involved in Cayman’s politics. In fact with your beliefs I think it would be quite fitting if you went & lived in Cuba & got involved in their politics! (oh no, "the don" will never allow that, will he?).
          Oh, by the way, there is a GOD!

        • Anonymous says:

          @ Anon 14:11, you say:

          "communism along with capitalism is garbage and have wrecked havoc on many innocent people around the world." Are you serious?
          Firstly, capitalism is a system in which a country’s trade & industry are controlled by private owners for profit. In what way has capitalism wrecked havoc on anyone?
          However I do agree with you that communism has done just that, wrecked havoc on many innocent people around the world, & it is always the country’s who are under dictatorial rule! But what you must realise, Anon 14:11, is that what you are telling us is that "socialism is garbage & has wrecked havoc on many innocent people around the world" because there is very little difference between communism & socialism. If you can say that communism is garbage (which I agree 100% with), you must accept that socialism is also garbage (which I agree 100% with), & that the likes of Pres. Obama is destroying the US with the disgusting ideas of socialism & "spreading the wealth"!!! I am totally against communism & socialism, & that is why I love my country, the Cayman Islands, & I will never support your awful ideas of socialism (& communism). I love Cayman, & I support capitalism.  

    • Twyla Vargas says:

        Cuba is experiencing the same thing.  Not gang related killings, but there are numerious killings every day.  Crime of passion,  and At six o clock you better  be careful on the street with a pair of new shoes or cap.  You will get robbed and killed if you resist.   You will be robbed and killed for a New Bicycle, a celphone, a nice looking jacket, Rayban shades or designer clothes.

      of course you will be found quickly, because, the people will talk tell the police when they see someting.  Out Of The 12 million Population, I would put my head on a block that 8 million is police.  You will get sentenced to 25 years for robbery.   You will get sentenced to 10 years for theft.   You can get life time for killing a cow and selling the meat.    you will get lifetime for drugs, that is bout 30 40 years.    You better dont rob a tourist, because your life will be over in 2 days.  When they take you to court you are sentenced the next day. 

      Very funny but scary thing hapened one day.

      Took some clothes for a family last month.  The Old dad was so happy to have, a new cap, I love New York, New  pretty T.shirt new jeans pants,  Nike Shoes  and the works.   Put them all on and decided that he would go to a party some two miles away from home.   When 4 O cock in the morning came, his wife and family was worried that he did not return as yet.  Anyway as soon as the sun came up, they heard a knocking at the back door.   Yes it was Tio,  Standing in his bare underpans and socks.   Luckily he was alive, but robbed of every stich of clothes he had on his behind while trying to get home a little tipsy after the party.   Although his family was worried, you could nt help but laugh see  him standing there in lone draws and socks.  I do hope that somethng is done to end the voilence.   Never in my life did I thought I would live to see this kind of thing happening here.  Parents please dont be afraid to talk to your children and grand children>  It al l begins in the home and schools..



      • Anonymous says:

        Twyla, I got a good laugh when I read your story about the man being robbed of his new clothes when he was out late and a little borracho! What town was this in? That was funny actually. However I disagree with your impression of Cuba being dangerous and many killings happening every day there. However my wife who is Cuban does tell me that crimes of passion do happen allot there, the Latins are very jealous people. And then there are the crimes of lust that occur against the sexual tourist, where the men, mostly but not always, are the victims of theft from their less than honorable companians.

        However I have been to Cuba more than 100 times over the years and I feel  safer there than I do here in Cayman even though as you rightfully said our population is only .005% of Cuba’s. I have walked Calle Cinco at 4 a.m. wearing a Rolex and I’m not nervous nor do I feel threatened. I have never felt uncomfortable in Cuba. Granted Castro’s police are on almost every street corner in little elevated posts in that area due to the embassies stationed there. Perhaps that is what we need here, police presence posted in high risk areas to serve and protect the public, ARMED POLICE PRESENCE. Of course, Castor only pays his police force $17/month so Cuba can afford an abundance of police whereby we cannot.

        But all in all, I feel safer in Cuba than I do in Cayman and I never thought that would be the case. Social issues are obviously to blame. Young girls having children with fathers who don’t give a XXXX about the off spring from their sexual encounters, "my baby’s daddy", not "my husband" and then the baby is not raised by two responsible adults. So yes it is social irresponsibility of parents in Cayman.

        But back to Cuba, I don’t mean to dis you on your impression of Cuba but I’d advise a tourist to go to Cuba before I would advise them to visit Cayman these days! Cayman, look out, your going to lose your tourism over this XXXXXX and thus jobs are at risk, which inevitably is a domino effect, less jobs, more crime.

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          Many things I can agree with  in your comments, and of course I still feel safer in Cuba.   just been back about two days after spending a month in Camaguey.   I usually spend a month or two, visiting at least four times a year.

          If I could afford it, and it was possible, I would escape cayman this moment and move to Cuba.  On  thing  I like about Cuba is the way every one looks out for each other.   Sharing coffee and a nice greeting, how is the family and so on.   Cuba is the way Cayman Islands was 50 years ago.   That is why always tell my friends in Cuba, the day that Cuba change for Democracy, will be a sweet and sour day for all.    It will overnight turn into a nightmare.  It would not be a vacation destination for me after that.   It will become just like Cayman, Jamaica, USA an any other place, full of voilence, crime, and all that goes with it.

          What Cubans need right now in Cuba, is a better salary, allowed to have private business, allowed to buy and own their own house and property.   Opening he doors to democracy will; ruin a beautful place,

          You think the gvernment of  Cuba wants to open doors,  I dont think so.   They are well aware what is going on next door, ad knows very well which side of the bread has butter.    They have something the world has lost "Culture"    So they dangle it in front of our eyes on a string, high enough that we cannot reach but want.   I cannot see the doors of Cuba opening in this lifetime.  That is something we do not have to worry about here, because that government is very smart and very intelligent.   Furthermore, why buy Cow, if you can drink milk for free. Get what I am talking about.


  30. DIsturbed says:

    I see everyone blaming the police..HOWEVER my views on this is that the police can only be blamed to a certain extent..we,as a people and country have to come together and do what we need to do..we cant sit back see crimes happening and DONT SPEAK TO THE POLICE and instead blame them..BLAME URSELF if u know something going on and u sit back and say nothing!! Thats why they set up crime stoppers etc.. i wish the people of this country wud do their part as well as the police!-TEAMWORK will do it!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Come on Cayman let’s face it we ourselves can not stop what is going on with this crime wave and gang violence. We need to push our elected government members to call out for help from abroad and to bring in a team of experts from I don’t care where to rid us of these low life trashy people that are destroying our country.I am sorry but you can train all the new officers you want you can bring in all the fancy boats and helicopters you want we just do not have the trained personal to combat this kind of crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      FYI- occupation by the US military could not reduce the level of violence presently, and to come, in Cayman. Now ask yourself why- go on, ask yourself. Or are you affraid that you will logically face the truth about our situation?

      Experts?! In what? Dictatorship?…..step out of line and you disappear? Maybe that’s a ‘crime fighting strategy’…..but is it logical? 

    • ninalucas says:

      If you were to bring in folks from abroad…wouldn’t that make them EXPATS???  You Caymanians hate expats!  What a hippocrite you are!!

  32. Annoyed says:

    It seems to me that a lot of people know who these little boys are and are not talking, until you talk people it will continue, it is you who has blood on your hands just as much as the little boys (yes little boys) who are doing this, no man would be such a coward as to have to show his manhood with a gun, your so big shooting a 4 year old boy and now a woman!! yup stand up little boy and be proud!!

  33. Anonymous says:

    It is really time for something to be done! As a previous comment say that this place is small so you cant go very far. I am from Jamaica and i am seriously starting to think that Jamaica is safer… no offence! The reason why i said that is because Jamaica is bigger than Cayman so if there is a war in a particular area at least you can come out of that area and move to somewhere else.. Well Cayman is small and once there is something going on everyone is in trouble because the place is small!

    Cayman is a very nice and quite place to raise your family and to live. I am asking the people who are involve with these crimes to please stop for a second and think about others. As i close with this quote… "A wise man learn from others mistakes" and   “A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult". PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU ACT!!!!!!!!!!


  34. Anonymous says:

    The devil finds work for idle hands, too much of our people unemployed; perpetuated by the wholesale ‘MORE DEVELOPMENT’.  Which translates to  more workpermits, more destruction of our core values, more outside influences, little or no social programs, my God a fool can see this is the recipe for destruction.  Government needs to go back to the drawing board way back, immulate some of the core common sense values from our fore parents that once made this country great; men and women like Mr.Bertie Panton, Orman Panton, Annie Hulda Bodden just to name a few  then and only then can you even look forward to a civil society once more.  We need to stop trying to be like everyone else  but then again maybe it’s too late "Pandora’s box is now wide open" .

    • Anonymous for a good reason says:

      I am not for over development, but I fail to see how ‘more development’ leads to to much of your people un-employed.

      • Anonymous says:

        It is not the development, but the way it is conducted which causes issues. Take the hotel that replaced the Holiday Inn. The Holiday Inn employed Caymanians at all levels (160 in all – mainly from West Bay). It used the services of watersports operators (mainly from West Bay). It used large numbers of taxi drivers(mainly from West Bay).

  35. noname says:

    For all the Caymanians who on the talk shows and blogs wanting foreigners to like Cayman or leave Cayman you are getting your wish……

    Violent crime spiralling out of control + Corrupt and inept government = We are packing up in droves and leaving Cayman!

    • Fuzzy says:

      To anonymous Sat.08:37,now you see why we don’t believe you when you claim you are here for our benefit.I am sure that not all expats think like you.I bet you’ll  be back because you never had it so good.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right. Not all expats think like that person. Many contribute generously. However, we do tell all expats, in one way or another, directly or indirectly, that they are not welcome. Even the good ones.

      • anonymous says:

        it’s not so good – not anymore.  used to be, until you guys decided to kiss that goodbye.  

      • Anonymous says:

        we never said we are here for your benefit… but the fact is that cayman benefits from expats, don’t beleve me?… cayman would close tomorrow if there was no expats… maybe time for an expat 1 day strike to try and get this through your head.

        now go back to your ezzard worship…..

  36. Anonymous says:

    Our police officers need to be armed and undergo some serious training in order to establish a real presence on the streets. Many complain about the police not doing their jobs but how can they when not all have the means to defend themselves when faced with criminals with weapons who are evidently using them freely! I don’t even think there are sufficient bullet proof vests for all the officers.

    Cayman has changed drastically and therefore the police force needs to be equipped to deal with this change.

    I understand the government’s focus on the economic situation of the country however the levelof crime is a major concern. If crime takes over and people no longer feel safe in Cayman there goes Tourism.

    The fact that Cayman was known as a safe place and crime free was a big seller to tourists and we need to regain that status not only for tourism to thrive but also as an offshore jurisdiction so that our investors may have confidence in us.

    I hope it’s not too late!

  37. Anonymous says:


    We can not take the law into our own hands and the officials hands are tied up by legalities, so the criminals roam free and have no fear while we live in a prison of fear and spend out what little money we should be saving to try and put security in our house. We all dying early from the stress!
    Changes the Laws this is terrorist activity from within, lock them down GUANTANAMO style. As for human right when they start acting like humans then they have rights. Right now I have no rights, no right to go out to any establishment with out worrying that some wanna-be-thug gonna wave a gun, no right to sleep for worry, no right to walk about my town/my Island where and when I want. No right to protect myself, they can pull out their dime-a-dozen guns but I can’t even carry pepper spray. Ludicrous! Absolutely ludicrous, CHANGE THE STUPID DECREPIT IDIOT LAWS THAT WE HAVE HERE!
  38. TennisAce says:

     In reading through these questions, no one has questioned why this is happening. We all know why it is happening and we all know who are the ones who are doing it, bu we prefer to lay blame.  That is all we do in Cayman, lay blame.  We never try to fix problems.  Everybody spends their time pointing fingers and saying it is not my fault.  Well right now it is everybody’s fault because unless people start talking this is what we are going to read about every day.  I hope those who know and are silent and are pointing fingers are happy.  Frankly I have no idea what coming here and posting about PR for 100,000 has to do with a woman getting shot and a baby getting killed and shots being fired in West Bay.  It is not like it is Permanent  Residents or expats or work permit holders committing these offences.  When the Miami-Dade police recently caught a shipment of guns and ammunition packed in boxes of electrical appliances coming to Cayman it was not a permanent resident, work permit holder or any other expat that was caught. It was Caymanians.  It is  Caymanians who are bringing in guns and drugs into this country.  That is who we need to blame for all of this.  The police need to start enforcing the Proceeds of Criminal Conduct Act.  We need to start looking at people who have no visible means of support yet live in lavish houses and drive fast cars that cost a lot of money and who can go to clubs every weekend and buy big bottles of champagne.  If you cannot legitimately show us where you got this money from then you need to have it taken away from you.  Simple. 

  39. Anonymous says:

    CNS posted this article on their website on Thurs 10/01/2009 – 08:46— Top cop says fifteen individuals fuelling gun crime: The new commissioner of police has said that the recent spate of gun crime has been fuelled by tit for tat shootings that are being carried out by around fifteen individuals, who were known to the police and who he says have access to guns.

    If this statement was true then (not just propaganda to lull the population of Cayman into a false sense of security) and remains true now, those who have evidence against these individuals have a civic and moral duty to come forward; to help the RCIPS take these criminals off the streets— for the sake of their children’s future, if for no other reason. 
    Otherwise, because gun crime appears to be completely out of control, I believe the frightened population of Cayman would defend the Government and the RCIPS if it moved to introduce internment, despite the civil rights issues. 
    • Gig says:

      That’s the figures Police have, but what happens with those they don’t have! The criminals they know nothing about!  That is why people are scared to talk! They have no confidence in the Police and the Judicial System.

      Another thing:  They may know who these criminals are, but they just can’t arrest without solid evidence; or else, they end up going to Court and getting off. They cannot even harass and follow these individuals. That would be against their privacy rights and freedoms.

  40. Sad Caymanian in exile says:

    Mac! Is this drastic deterioration of the peace of Cayman your "better way forward" which you promised us at election time? You criticized the former PPM government so much on crime and led Caymanians to believe you had the solution. Don’t you realize that the people have found you lacking and are tired of your failure to make a difference as you promised? Criminals are now holding the country hostage and you are doing nothing, except begging them to stop. Mac, it is time for you to resign. Cayman is tired of your hot air. Cayman is tired of your feeble attempts to pass the blame. You are in charge now. Deal with the problems.

  41. Prayer says:

    "Please God, I pray that you will bless our island. I pray that you will make wise our leaders and law enforcements. And I pray that criminals will seek and find that their ways are the ways of the devil and will depart from their wicked ways and thoughts!

    Only through you will we be able to finally secure the peace that we, and other nations, so desperately need. In Jesus’ name Amen."

    My fellow Caymanians and residents of my beloved isle, I dearly ask of all of you to join in prayer, that we will again see the Cayman that once brought people here in droves!!

    It is not right that we stand idly by and wait in vain for others to assume reponsibilty in making it peaceful again. I say, stand up for country and when you see or hear anything that is warranted, we should step up and report it!

    Even when our politicians fail us, it is my hope that through prayer and true worship that we will see miraculious changes in the very near future.

    God is listening, he is just waiting for us to request from our tongues the hope for peace we so desire! 


    The change must start at the top!


    God bless us all.

    And what would be a nice change too, is if we saw parents, community leaders start banning certain tunes from being played in our homes, and on our air waves. It must start somewhere.


  42. Caymanian 2 D Bone & Proud of It says:

    Can someone please explain to me how, the new constution helps us now?  there was such a frenzy made about the benefits and protection that the new constution would bring with it when we voted in May 09   

    from May 2009 – March 2010  exactly 10 months we the Caymanian people have been forced to except everything that has been thrown at us, with no regard for our well being, everything that is for the Millonares & Expats, why do we implement policies and procedures that are of no protection for the Caymanian people. we have a country that is 26miles long by 12 miles wide, how much land is available for us to plan our futures with our families to actually own a home, right now the amount of Caymanians(not paper Caymanians) that are unemployed with children to feed, clothed and shelter as well as putting them thru school!!!has not been reported to date and i wonder why, all the others have somewhere to go back to but we Caymanians have nowhere to go!!!

    Caymanians we all need to stand together and return to when we where our brothers keeper, TO THE THUGS :not killing one another, because of a turf war or who has more drugs than i do will have a " Sweet ride" that looks better then mine all this is a distraction to what is really being taken away from you, TO THE HARD WORKING: Are you not tired of having to decide whether you pay CUC/Water Co/Authority or Feed your children, living paycheck to paycheck (not even that) when there are so many wrongs that are being done to the people of our Country, Would someone please step forward and Stand UP FOR THE BORN CAYMANIANS.

    YOURDAMN COUNTRY, not the petty S***

    • Anonymous for a good reason says:

      so many things you are saying are just not true 

  43. Gig says:

    A synopsis:

    The young children in our society are crying for attention and proper upbringing. The parents and the community are ignoring them! They go to school – the teachers have so many on their hands, they are unable to meet them one-on-one, yet we want to cut their salaries. They go home – and the parents don’t want to listen to them, but shun them away to watch the television or do homework, or just relieve themselves from not having to be responsible. They don’t want to devote quality time – too busy or stressed out by societal demands. Fathers are out with their girlfriend at the bars and clubs. Mothers are caught up in their own make-up and world. So caught up with their jobs, they have forgotten what being a mother is!
    So as a result of not minding the little things of life, these youngsters find their families elsewhere. Not being able to make it in society and achieve those grades necessary to find societal meaning in life, these very youngsters find meaning and purpose in the cunning hands of the drug leaders on this Island. These serpents have made the young feel important about themselves by filling their heads with a mixture of truth, honey, and lies. The “leaders” bring them into a family, they go out to clubs, learn to sell – well done, and go to parties. “You talk like a real Caymanian, you act like a real Caymanian, this is being a real Caymanian,” they say. On top of that, they identify themselves with a name, like “Wolf Pack.” When parents are sleeping, the youngsters play in the night, boys meet girls, and at a young age they become sexually active. Then they are initiated into a family on “wheels.” You can’t see the faces, who is with who, because the cars are tinted. “Not my daughter,” the ignorant parent would say. “Not my son!” These parents actually believe that there sons and daughters have perfect genes and thus would never do stupid things.
    Then these youngsters, given the feel of big money, have to do something brazen against the law to be initiated – like rob a store, or just cut someone up behind Cox Lumber, or kill a man or shoot a woman. They have to be a ruffian to be accepted. So they must dress a certain way, listen to the same music, and talk a certain way.  Meanwhile, the leaders at the top, indoctrinate these youngsters, and paint a negative image of our society. Police are branded as "Babylon." The god of money and drugs is the goal of life. The leaders on the street, using the young Caymanians as carriers and to do their dirty work, know very little about the top leaders who are pulling the strings, hidden in the financial industry. 
    Why these shootings?  This is my opinion, but you might disagree. It started when someone or some group interfered with another group’s drug market. Some group has crossed another’s territory or has interfered with another’s goods. New groups have formed and started their own thing, interfering with former groups. This whole fiasco has to do with drugs in the hands of young leaders who are now creating conflict in the field. These young people (many who could still be attending school) are given guns along with drugs that are brought here on canoes at night or through our borders with some inside help.
    It is a sad and serious situation for the Cayman Islands! We are now seeing the fruit of our negligence – not paying attention to the little things of life, but so preoccupied with our own minds, affairs and relationships. This is so sad, and it is inevitable that such crimes should arise. What can we do to fight it when certain in high positions are involved in this drug business? A small community like ours is growing larger every year with more and more displace young people who can be used. The guardians of society have allowed drugs, money, music, and sex, to sweep the young people of their feet to lead them astray.
    No legislation has ever ERADICATED drugs and never will! It is only Rehab, Right Education, and God that can help us, and forever change human nature from destruction!
    • Anonymous says:

      CNS, this should be under viewpoint.  It hits the nail on the head.  It’s something for us to ponder as parents.


  44. Anonymous says:

    It is looking like something more serious is going to happen with a tourist and it goes international before they really decide to crack down.Already we have seen a child killed and now this in 24 hours. The government themselves look to be worried about this going international as we have seen after Ivan and comments made after the recent earthquake here. Listen to the people because if they have to sacrifice something for short term to enable things to be done then they will !!!!!!!

  45. Watering Hole says:

    oK, lets see how many people can put their mouth where their moneys is. Blah, Blah, Blah……Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah

    Since the Government, obviously is not listening to the people, and couldnt care less.  Then isis time the people do something that will force them to listen and do something.

    How about closing down GeorgeTown on a buisy CruiseShip day making a decision not to open your stores for two days when we have thousands of tourist on the Island. 

    Close restaurants, bars clubs, burgerking, Kentucky, all down town businesses bus stops, Taxis, Turn the whol Town into a Ghost Town for twodays.   Ligts out, day and night.  The crime will soon get to you whether you like it or not.

    Lets see who want to loose two days of business just to send a mesage.

    I thought so……. No one……  Well take the kiling and shut up., because no one is paying any attention and you all are beng inored.



  46. Anonymous says:


    Just something to think about. Too bad so many children here aren’t being raised by the parents, but by helpers.  Money has become such a god all other aspects of what is truly important in life as been lost.

    • Anonymous says:

      But I’ll bet Switzerland doesn’t have the level of alcoholism that we have here, nor the level of wife-beating.  Can you imagine what the average Friday night would be like here, if every man who wanted a gun had one?  Instead of going home from the bar and beating the crap out of their wives, they could just shoot them.  What progress…….

    • Anonymous for a good reason says:

      so maybe if every household in Cayman had a gun, we could maybe have the lowest gun related crime rate in the world?  Hmmmmm, sure, why not? 

    • Major Tom says:

      Easy access to guns has worked wonders in keeping America almost completely free of gun crime. 

    • Xeno says:

      Nonsense; the Swiss government do not issue guns to every household.

      Every young person does national service and they are required to maintain their weapon in secure condition as part of their duty. The Swiss don’t go around carrying guns.

      Here you go: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_politics_in_Switzerland

      BTW, the Swiss are very nice, but boring. They have drug and crime problems the same as everywhere. However, they cannot be compared with the hot-head, idiotic scumbags there are in Cayman.

  47. Anonymous says:

    What we need is for these areas to be placed under curfew, and the police go in and search house to house in multiple areas at a time until all are completed. People with nothing to hide; me for one, would not mind if it means getting criminals and guns off the street and taking back the country. 

  48. Anonymous says:

    enough is enough,, never thought i’d say it,, but it’s time to arm our police force.  how can we expect the people protecting us to do thier job with no defense. where did all the guns come from?  as long as criminals of this island are armed, we must immediately allow our police force to be armed as well.. talk everyone talk,,, we all know someone who has the potential to be committing these shootings,, mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers,  freinds, girlfriends, boyfriends,, co workers,,, you have the power to stop it,,, don’t wait until it’s your loved one you bury next week..  the blame for the demise of cayman in the current violence  is no longer on the shoulders of expats, police or government. stop makiing excuses and start being proactive. community involvement has to start now,,, no excuses. take back our streets and our island,, watch, listen and speak out now,,

    • Anonymous says:

      How would the police being armed help?  The police are not there when the crimes are being commited.  They come in after the fact. 

      • Anonymous for a good reason says:

        If I didn’t have a gun, i’d come after the fact too! 

  49. Anonymous says:

    Truly, it would be nice if England would send some of Scotland Yards best agents to come here and clean up this mess we have, for enough is enough with these shootings and it needs to be put to a end.

    • backstroke says:

      "Truly enough is enough",  Oh yes I agree with that staement, but the part about England sending Scotland yard to assist, do you remember the last fiasco we had here with that crowd, Tempura, etc. What we have here now need to step up to the plate and be more vigilant in what they do.

      We as Caymanians also need to step up. The families and friends of these thugs that have these weapons knows exactly who they are, yet they wont say a thing. They do not want their boys to have to spend a night in jail for the crimes that they do, for the pain that they inflict on the poor families that loose their loved ones due to the gun violence that their family inflict on others, they rather keep silent and have the rest of the Island suffer, I say shame on all of you, why dont the families of these thugs all wear a red bandana around their neck , you dont have to say anything, we will all know that you are related to the slime bags.  You are all COWARDS. 

      I think that the police and marine officers should be more vigilant at the marinas, when these boats are coming in, be it private yachts, banana boats or fishing boats, freighters etc, be out there and watch, be more aggresive as we all know that there is a lot coming in here with out detection. Some of the very affluent ones cant be trusted, so do your job.          We the people have had enough of the rhetoric,  PPM, UDP, INDEPENDENT, prove to us that you actually  give a damn, Caymanians prove that you actually care too, be proactive, speak up if you know whoor where the guns are. Report what you see and know, the next life thats saved maybe yours.

  50. Anonymous says:



  51. Anonymous says:

    Crime in cayman 2day is the result of racism against the local and the jamaica population from over the years, racism against the nationality and skin color, cayman stinks with racism.  i and i seen these days in a vision because of the oppression and the corruption and time will tell there is nothing nobody can do to turn things around now, and the dread smile when the helicopter touch down because that ‘s only going to make the gun man them more sophisticated and not only that they might take it out of the sky. i and i know nobody is going to tackle corruption and racism the impossible. so things will soon be like mexico  organize crimes guns bombs kidnappings ect.

    • Anonymous says:

      God bless you in whatever you can do.These wars are not racism against any nationality or skin colour. It is just an adaptation of others bad influence.  Your has  pointed to a path  – but I ask you and your friends to help us in this fight against  these ills

      There are  no cartels in Cayman (thank God) only person(s) with bad influence of TV etc.  A few words of wisdom and understanding will help all of  us return to who we were.   I am praying for you to  help us break these barriers of  Voilence, and stand tall to  in this fight against organize crimes, guns bombs and kidnappings as you have illuded to.


  52. ZZzzzzzz says:

    This island is beautiful and somewhat tax free, but its quickly losing its advantages.  As soon as the first tourist or expat is caught in the cross fire all S#!t is going to hit the fan. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You use that term ‘expat’ very conservatively, however please remember that expats are not only the white and elite, although that is how some ‘expats’ and Caymanians term them, however, ‘expats’ are also from Honduras, India, Philippines, Jamaica and other Caribbean countries, and they have also been caught in the cross fire already, in some cases they have been charged and sentenced through the courts, so I group ‘all a unney expats’ in the same category, some are white collar and some are blue collar! 


  53. noname says:

    2 Chronicles 7:14   If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

  54. Anonymous says:

    I am Caymanian. I have lived here my entire life, as has all my family before me. Tonight as I read this, I am thanking my lucky stars that I have dual citizenship as I think it is time to take my husband and children and leave this Island before it is too late. And the saddest part about it, is the family that I will leave behind 🙁

    • Q says:

      Good luck to you! Let’s hope your new adopted country will treat you better as an expat than your own country currently does as a citizen.

  55. Anonymous says:

    These police officers are doing as much as they can ok…the problem is that these british people they are bringing here as commisioners and these high ranking positions in the RCIPS with their many foolish laws practically have the police officers with their hands tied behind their backs about how they must deal with criminals because of human rights….XXX human rights for criminals treat them like the animals they are!! Beat the crap out of them they need to know who’s in charge and feel afraid….GOD! If the citizens of cayman dont stand up and say enough is enough and try to do something to change this even with the government XXX wont change!!!! Stop belaming the police officers that are doing what is in their hands to help you, you may not thinkits much well take it up with the people that have their hands tied behind their backs….their bosses!!! and if you feel like the police are not doing anything go and join the damn police force so you can see for yourself what the hell is really going on maybe then you’d understand and not make the comment you have ok! and for the leaders they dont have a clue obviously that doesnt need to be asked! they like to waste money on foolishness one school would have been enough this is cayman its a small islands not a continent instead of helping the RCIPS get ALL the equipment they require. What are they thinking that building more schools will stop the delinquents from being delinquents please! 

  56. Nojoke says:

    The Crime strategies that were formulated and employed during the Haines era need to be revisited and re instituted his top operators including himself need to be brought back if need be temporarily and ask to help deal with this criminal uprising which is getting worse, obviously we have to start looking for solutions from within instead setting up these bunch of fancy free TOP Secret security councils filled with nin-com poops looking free Island Taste patties and a cool drink. An for peat sake stop the constant whinning for some outside foreign law enforcement agencies to come an rescue Cayman We have enough out of work and retired foreign experts now and a well paid foreign police service and we are no further ahead. Come on government stop playing games with our lives.

  57. Anonymous says:

     I work in an office building close to Mary St, and I just heard two what could have been gun shots with maybe 2 minutes apart. It’s 7:19 PM. I don’t hear any sirens though…

  58. Anonymous says:

    All I read is the blame on the police force and politicians. While they do play a major role in fighting crime, so does society asa whole. The civilians play just a vital role. Stop putting all the blame on the police. 

    Everyone, not just the police and politicians, need to get their act together. The behaviours and attitudes learnt in the family, are often carried outside into the public.  So instead of playing the blame game, become more active in your family or community to ensure that Cayman’s children can postiviely contribute to society. 

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      Like many others I can remember when a "shooting" was just not heard of in Cayman. And that was just a few short years ago. I say this to all the MLA’s….elected MLA’s….this is a very sad time for Cayman do something about it. Your job won’t be worth a conch shell unless you stand up. I believe in learning from History so why do the elected MLA’s ignore history.

      Mr. Bush….( you went from LOGB …to premier…back to Mr. Bush in a short time )..forget about your multi point agenda……forget about your balancing act…forget about traveling…..stop listening to advisors who think you can pull this all together. Go back to basics….get control of your country…..shut down crime…..NOW….forget about everything else until crime is under control. I cannot believe that the voters, the MLA’s and the public just keep allowing this issue to grow and grow.

      It will ruin Cayman…..never thought I would think of Cayman as the " JA of the 70"s".

    • Anonymous says:

      The poster states that we all need to step up and positively contribute to raising the next generationof Caymanians, and there are ‘THUMBS DOWN’ for that?

      No wonder Cayman is in chaos.

    • Anonymous says:

      But I thought the police knew and ?were watching the 15 known offenders….this commissioner talks so much s–t.  Making a statement like that one would think those 15 people would be watched and caught.  There should be no shootings, no killings…

  59. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Premier, how many more people will be shot before our politicians get off their fat bottoms and pass legislation that gets these thugs off the street?

    Mr. Premier, now that your house is being surrounded by a high fence and you have your guards in place – all at our expense, what are you going to do to protect the people?

    When will you pass laws to end parole for violent criminals and make it near impossible for them to get bail after being charged? You need to double the minimum sentences for all violent crimes It is for you to do pass these laws, no one else is to blame for the fact that we do not have these laws, you are FAILING us miserably.

    When are you going to pass laws to prohibit cell phones, free TV, free cable, and take out meals on demand at the Northward Hotel. It is more like one of the hotels you like to stay in rather than a place of punishment. The people that put your lazy bottom in the LA cannot afford these these things yet you  provide them to those who are killing our children?

    It is YOU who can pass the legislation we the people need to make our streets safer – and you are FAILING MISERABLY. Either get the job done or RESIGN.


  60. Anonymous says:

    When we should have long ago beef up Immigration and Customs to protect our borders from the importation of guns…

    I hope with this new helicopter we spent a fortune on, we are able to detect illigal canoes and landers.

    Now, I hope this government don’t legalize guns. It would just make it alot more easier to fall into the hands of criminals.

    We are just reaping what we sowed.

    • Anonymouse says:

      Immigration and Customs are no longer 100 percent Caymanian staffed.

      Infiltration into these departments by people with foreign connections or family relations now place these departments into the same category as the Police.


      • Anonymous says:

        and what category is that? 

      • Anonymous9 says:

        HAHAHAA!! Are you really saying that?! So you are blamingforeign connections?! All those horrible expats that have organized your gangs and given them guns! Amazing

        Keep on with your blaming. See how far that gets you

    • Anonymous says:

      Easier????? Does it seem like they’re having a problem getting guns now…………….

  61. Anonymous says:

    The CI government is helpless to stop this. The RCIP have failed at every point. The Governor needs to impose immediate direct rule, tonight, with a curfew. He needs to request the UK government for 5000 Royal Marines to flood the entire island with orders to shoot to kill known gang members. West Bay itself needs to be sealed, with the peaceful population allowed to leave through checkpoints. Any gang member who attempts to leave should be summarily executed. West Bay should then  be swept by hunt squads who should execute any individual on sight. The houses of known gang members should be demolished, property such as cars, boats etc destroyed. Kill 100-200 known individuals, problem solved.

    • Anonymous says:


      You’re talking about declaring full BRITISH RULE like Turks and Cacois. Plus, the news media, branding the Cayman Islands as an unsafe place.

      As soon as they declare the curfew, the gangs will just go back home and hide their guns until curfew is over.

    • Anonymous says:

      Man, if only you were head of RCIPS!

      Can’t somebody’s cousin at immigration or whatever pay off somebody and get this man elected to the MLA?

      He’s got some wacky ideas but to be honest it’s what the island needs. a good kick up the arse.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is real. I have been a business person on this island visiting for more than 15 years. A few years ago I acquired a property here as a retirement residence. Given the downturn in the real estate market, I recently researched and identified four properties to acquire for rental income. I hesitated last month because of the concern that my investment income could be diminished by the possible new real estate taxes being considered by the present government. I am no longer in hesitation. I won’t invest. Crime is out of control. I have changed from one committed to invest in Cayman to one now looking to sell. With deep regret, I do not witness any action or even overt intention by the authorities to provide the security I need for my family, I now must create an exit plan.

    • Anonymous says:

      You sound like a sick SOB.  We do not need communism in Cayman.  Stricter laws, yes, but not the stupid things you are asking for.  How many innocents do you think would die like this or does it not matter to you ?

    • Anonymous says:

      Israel has been trying to do that to Hamas for 40 years in Gaza and now Hamas is the Government.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Wow… I heard she was shot in the mouth…

    It just shows you that a bullet favors no one!

  63. Anonymous says:

     hope she pulls through!!!!!!! at 4:00 this is beyond crazy ! we are a small island the police need to control this crap that is what their being paid for. 2 west bay 2 town less than 24 hours how sad!!!!! almost in tears just shocked. the criminals are running the country they have all the control. the police just get the pay……


  64. Anonymous says:

    I’ve called the RCIP 7 times to report a crime (in the last week), every time they refuse to talk to me because they are ‘too busy’. I leave my number, but they never call back.

    • Anonymouse says:

      If the police wont take time to talk to you then call a Pastor or someone you think you can trust with the info and let them take it to the Police.

      I can assure you if your Pastor announces in church that the Police would not take time to listen that something real drastic will be done to correct that.

    • Don't 4get Me! says:

      I’ve had the same experience when visiting the central police station. I wonder what happens to those reports after you make them…straight to file 13 I suppose.

      I’ve also called to follow up and have been instructed to wait to be called.

      I’m tired of reading the comments about the police not doing their jobs but at the same time understand the frustration.

    • Concern Native says:

      If you have an urgent message for the police, please call 911.

      BTW, someone tells me that police cannot respond to a shooting until a GOLD command is issued, which could take upward of an hour once the attact is reported? Does anyone know about this?


  65. Anonymous says:

    what are the police and leaders going to do ? anything? or just let the shootings and killings go on till there is no one left? children and women being shot now????? and still they sit back and watch?????


  66. Anonymous says:

    This is no joke people. We need to stop this gang fighting. It’s not like the larger countries where you can stay away from certain areas. Cayman is so small that you can’t stay out of it. Innocent bystanders, children and adults are in danger of getting caught up.

    I wonder what they are fighting for, turf, guns or drugs? Maybe a combination of all three.

    God help us all


    • Anonymous says:

      18:19, I agree with you!  Its not like other countries or even other islands where you can move to another state, province, parish or town to get away from the "bad" areas.

      We have no where to go!! What are we going to do? Move from George Town to Bodden Town or East End (all of 20-30 mins away).

      God, please have mercy on us and grant wisdom and knowledge to the government and other offficials so that they are able to combat this quickly and effectively.

  67. Anonymous says:

    Welcome all tourist and new residents to Hell(Grand Cayman).

    Free Gas, No taxes(for now), Low crime that will make you fell safe(er than in Afghanistan), Plenty of job opportunities (if your name is Ebanks, Bush, Bodden etc.)  The list goes on.  For only one million dollars you too can live permanately in this tropical paridise.

    Where do you sign up?  Call McKeeva Bush. 

    Insider Tip:  For an extra $100,000 cash he might put your PR application to the front of the list.


  68. Anonymous says:

    In my shock I am becoming numb to these headlines…..scary

  69. Anonymous says:

    When will police get the message of how serious things are here within our Island? Just picking up the pieces is not the answer to the question. The top man within the Cayman Islands Police Department needs to understand his policies are now to the stage of failure. Your officers will not approach the so call gangs without some sort of protection. What sort of experience do this man have in handling such situations? Please….please…..can someone help us by helping this man to understand how to approach anddeal which such situations as the times we are seeing.

    I wonder how much other professional police departments in our area are laughing at us???


  70. Anonymous says:

    Fellow expats,                .

    Time to get out of Dodge.  This place is turning into a real xxxx hole.

    • Right ya so says:

      ……. and you wonder why there is such animosity btwn expats & locals with a comment  like that …….!   Our money not good enough for you anymore??

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s not ‘your money’. The money that is here is from other countries, invested here, and when someone gets paid (even an ex-pat), they then pay rent, buy food, gas, etc., and all that fuels the Cayman economy. Less people (expat or Caymanian) means less economy. Be very clear though, Cayman has no money, as there is no outward trade balance, all the cash belongs to others and is merely ‘registered’ here.

         Besides, what was wrong with the comment, sounded very truthful and he actually wished us luck. We need to keep people like this rather than scaring the hell out of them so they leave. Remember; no ex-pats = no foreign companies = no Cayman economy = no more of ‘your money’.

    • Ex-expat says:

      I’m already back in civilization, and I am thanking God that me and my family are away from the war zone. 

      I did not want to leave, so forget the "airplane door in the ass" comments, Caymanians.  Our personal safety was top priority and as an expat I had exactly no say in what the government did (or failed to do) so I could not help "fix the problem", as expats are accused of failing to do. 

      Yes I am paying taxes, but I am also earning more gross pay so as to make it up, and most importantly no one is shooting people around here.  The ability to experience some city culture is a great added bonus.

      Good luck Cayman.  I hope you can recover from this one.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Please update on the status of the victim.

  72. Anonymous says:

    Instead of renaming Pirate’s Week we should rename the whole of Grand Cayman to "Dodge City Islands". With a nice sign: "Welcome to Dodge City. Population: 53,123… oops… 53,122… oops… 53,121…"  4 shootings within 20 hours – it looks like we will have a very interesting weekend…

    • Anonymous says:

      In reading your contribution to this thread I was reminded of the book "Tale of Two Cities" where they count off those being beheaded during the French Revolution. It was a powerful piece of writing.

      Until those people who know these murderers and attempted murderers start talking all the clucking in the world on this web site and on the radio is a waste of time.

      To all those who blame the government and the police listen to this. The people who are keeping the secrets are killing this country. Do not let them pass on the blame.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Governor and Mr. Premier, please bring in some big guns to deal with these punks.  It is out of hand and our local people can only do so much.  Please do something before we all have to live with bars on our windows.  Save Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

       Many live with bars on their windows already…you’re talking about walkin’ ‘around wearing full face helmets and bullet proof vests right?  I mean… facial shots… come on.  I only know one reconstruction artist but how can you reconstruct faces torn off?  This is ridiculous.  Our young thugs have been babysat by BET, Natural Born Killers, movies with senseless killing that they’re desensitized to no end.  Do they even know what they’re doing??  I pray for them when they come to their senses of what they’ve done or are doing.  The might kill themselves because all they think of is killing.  

      We need to take back our children from the tv… senseless violence in the homes etc.  Help our young ppl or the next generation will be raised by thugs. Not children having children but thugs raising children to be thugs.

      The Word of God is the only powerful source of transforming a soul.  If that doesn’t work…anything else will only be temporary.

      Father help us.