Opposition calls for unity

| 08/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news(CNS): The leader of the opposition has called on the premier to release the Miller Report to the public and sit down with the opposition to present a united front for his visit to London this week to discuss its contents and address the expected deficit for 2009/10. Kurt Tibbetts told McKeeva Bush that he had missed an opportunity for members of the legislature to come together and thrash out a joint plan which included working with the opposition and the independent member, but says there is still time for a consensus approach and for Bush to take advantage of the experience of the opposition bench before meeting the UK.

“Despite your stated view that you have no confidence that the opposition has anything to offer,” Tibbetts wrote, “I suggest to you that the members on the opposite side of the House from the Government bench do have much to offer.  Five of the six members have served as ministers in the past, one for three terms. Collectively, there is much experience and interest on the part of these members and we all wish to assist with resolving what is probably the most serious challenge this country has ever faced.”

In the wake of recent announcements that the government needs to make dramatic cuts in public spending as revenue has fallen more than $70million short of predicted expectations and that the Miller Report has recommend a dramatic downsizing of the civil service, Bush is heading to the UK this week to meet with FCO officials. He has recently said that, despite calls from the independent member for North Side Ezzard Miller for an emergency Finance Committee meeting, that he would not be calling the committee together until he felt it was necessary. Bush has also stated that he believes the opposition has nothing to offer as they are to blame for the financial crisis.

The premier will be addressing the public on television on Monday night and is expected to reveal more on the proposals to reduce the salaries of government workers from 5% to 15%, depending on earnings, as well as asking them to contribute 50% of their health care costs and take a pension holiday.

The opposition leader told the premier in his letter that government and the opposition should present a concerted front given the issues at stake. “This is not only important in improving the Cayman Islands’ position in our dealings with the United Kingdom, but also in providing the kind of reassurance that the people of this country and those who have interests here desperately need.  We who are elected must work together and appear to be working together, especially on this issue, or we risk failure – a failure the cost of which we dare not even contemplate,” Tibbetts stated.

He wrote that getting the country’s finances back in shape would inevitably involve real sacrifices by everyone and that the people would make the sacrifices if convinced that they are an essential part of a plan that could succeed, which is supported by community leaders and has the UK’s blessing.

“Government and Opposition must try to come together and get behind such a plan, recommend it to the country, and persuade the UK.  This is not something you can achieve by yourself,” Tibbetts warned. “It is absolutely critical that a plan to manage our fiscal challenges be hammered out before any serious discussions with the FCO begin and that such plan has broad basedsupport both of elected members and the broader community. “

Tibbetts also said he and his colleagues were prepared to travel to the UK as part of the delegation to support whatever consensus was reached between government and opposition.

Bush has, however, already rejected the offer and is scheduled to leave for London with backbench MLA Ellio Solomon and other non legislative advisers.

Bush will be appearing after the news on CITN on Monday evening and the opposition PPM will be holding a public meeting at 7:30pm on Tuesday evening in Savannah.

Download full letter to McKeeva Bush

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please government elected leaders work together for a solution to the problems facing these islands.  PPM, UDP and the sole Independent in the LA we need all of you to work together.  At the end of the day we are all Native Caymanians withno where else to call home; if we destroy our house where will we live? The problems facing these islands are not only those of the PPM or UDP they belong to all of us "Caymanians" and we should all put our heads together to find the solution instead of playing the blame game, this will not help us now.  Are we prepared to have the same thing that happened in the TCI happen to us.  I don’t believe the people there are too happy with what is happening now, even the ex premier of TCI is now asking his people to unite.  Will it take the same drastic measure for Caymanians to unite?  come on please don’t let political parties divide us, let us put aside our differences and work together for what is best for the "Cayman Islands".

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is it true that the former cabinet ministers of the PPM are going to do a march of apology to the people of the Cayman Islands?

    It sounds like a good first step toward the unity the PPM as spoken about.

    Would this be the "Walk of Shame"?


  3. Anonymous says:


    Wait a minute. Is this not the same PPM that was going to march and seek a referendum to remove the UDP now seeking to sit down and talk about the finances? Why didn’t they offer that upfront rather than go directly to marching? So you want to spit in the Premier’s face and then say’ “Now sit down so we can help you sink this country further”. Unbelievable.

    • Live Free.... says:

      Now wait minute!!! It is not the PPM (opposition) that is going to do the march, because when I last check, it was the voters that want this march, because they are tired of the way the UDP Government is running these Islands. The opposition only support the move, but they did not form or plan it, it was the voters that want to do the march and the Chuckster lead the way! I guess you don’t really know what is going on in these Islands, so you just jump off your Boat and post a comment bashing the opposition, because your friend told you that they form the march, it is not good to go by hear say, it is better for you to get the facts for yourself in which you should have done before posting a comment on this article.

      And  for the voters that marching, you all should be happy to have an opposition that hears your voice and in saying this, ( march with pride, for this is Diplomacy at work). And to the poster of this comment, shame on you for jumping on the opposition. When it is the voters of Cayman who is going to do the march.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If Ellio stays over for an extra week after the meeting is over, he could probably graduate from Oxford or Cambridge. Or both!

  5. Anonymouse says:

    Kurt has lots of investments all over the place. He and his cronies who got us into this mess should be made to sell off those assets and pay our debts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wait a minute, why don’t you call for all the Politicians that have their money hidden in Andorra to bring it back to Cayman and pay off the needys debts!

  6. Wake me when it's over says:

    Tibbetts also said he and his colleagues were prepared to travel to the UK as part of the delegation to support whatever consensus was reached between government and opposition.

    Bush has, however, already rejected the offer and is scheduled to leave for London with backbench MLA Ellio Solomon and other non legislative advisers.

    I wanna go to London too!!!!  I could come along as an "other non legislative advisor."   I would be well behaved and only have just a few in-flight drinks.  I would even share a room.  But not with any of those XXXXX. 

    With my own non legislative adviser.  We would both be well behaved.  Except after dinner, gambling, clubbing and a few drinks.

    I could make sure there wasn’t any money wasted also!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Kurt and his PPM bunch disgust me.  After all the foolish mistakes they made in overspending, ignoring crime and tourism, and acting like nothing was wrong,it makes me feel so stupid that I ever game them my vote.  As much as I didn’t like some of the UDP ways either, it made me wake up when I thought about us being in trouble and Kurt at the helm.  I changed my vote to UDP but it was too late.  I contributed to my country being in this sad situation.  I just wish he and the PPM would take responsibility for what they did to us.  Now the UDP has to be making all these drastic decisions and people like Chuckie come out and complain about everything.  They got nerve!  I give them that.  Stay home Chuckie and find something else to do.  You should be ashamed of yourselves.

  8. Twyla Vargas says:

    I am not ten years old, and as far as I can remember, Governments have been back stabbing, and  bitching, and causing pain to the people of Cayman for donkey years.

    What amazes me is that every four years they come along with long faces and promises to do better than the other.    We then in turn become idiots for a can of paint , a washing machine,  and a bottle of rum and believe the bull that things will be better, crime will be taken by the horns, there will not be any tax implemented on the people, your district will have more lights, paved roads, more policing, work for the youth and assistance for the seniors.   Good grief how can they do it.   England need to take over this place and put and Englishman head of every Pot Hole Nook and Cranny.

    WORK TOGETHER FOR A BETTER CAYMAN?  They are not going to do it in a million years.  Thats Cayman************

    • Anonymous says:

      Twyla, wha happen? Did Big Mac suddenly fall off of that pedestal you had him upon?

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Listen to me carefully, this has nothing to do with BIG MAC and no pedestral fall off, it is about me and you and every other voting Caymanian, PPM,  INDEPEDENT, who sat down and allowed this to happen. 

           There was no one man band here.  All of them have been stiring this pot, and you know it too.     Now that it has boiled over, what ever one is saying is "Did I do that"

        I am not going to get personal about any indivdual, because I have been around long enough to see what is going on, and furthermore I am one of those persons who can look you in the eye and say "You are wrong" thats why I can sign my name to my comments.  

        From my personal view, I am not going to support Big Mac if I feel he is wrong, do I look like an idiot to you?  Yet on the other hand he has done alot of good for the Island.   The reason why we are in this mess is because of the PPM spree.   School children in China knows that.   But the question is.   Is the Premier doing the right things to bale us out.  I would say, other things can be done to ease taxpayers pocket and put money into government handbag.    The people are beign ignored,  and he Premier is just one man   Do yo really think that I believe only he has a BIG SPOON.  

        Hell no.   I hope this has answered your question concerning the Pedestal.   I am also not going to hate anyone because they have erred.  That is human to all of us.   So I hope like myself, you can have the nerve to tell your PPM nd UDP leaders where they have gone wrong, yet still be their friend.  Life is so short and how many times have we said to someone, "You are wrong, but I love you anyway"  Blessed

        • Anonymous says:

          "The reason why we are in this mess is because of the PPM spree.   School children in China knows that".

          Or that is what you have been led to believe.  Many govts contributed to this situation including the UDP who failed to build the necessary infratructure during their previous tenure piling it up for the PPM to do (e.g. there were plan sto build a new govt. admin bldg back in 2003 at which time it could have been done for 1/2 the cost of the present one), but instead wasted $60m+ on Boatswain Beach.     

  9. No fool from East End... says:

    Cayman not as bad OFF as you think….

    Let’s take a look at Cayman public debt compared to the Top 8 countries in the world.

    Why is does the Cayman Islands government even have to go to the UK to discuss these matters? Save the trip and fuel Mckeeva.

    Ask Mr. Brown if you go these questions?

    Mr. Brown please increase our Debt to USD 750,000,000 this should help us weather the storm and while your at it can you please explain why is it the UK national debt is more than 3 times per person, than that of the USA? answer is BAD MANAGEMENT OF THE ECONOMY.

    ASK HIM ALSO, Why in 2009 was the UK current account at USD 32,000,000,000 defecit, is it because you have seen hardtimes economically, well we here in the Cayman Islands are no different from any country, so cut us some slack and do something good for Cayman, so that we can remember you by.  Remember the Torries are right around the way waiting to replace you.

    Ask him.

    What is happening in the UK?

    With our census right around the corner, I estimate a 55,000 population against the proposed USD 750,000,000 PUBLIC DEBT, this would still leave us USD 13K per person, or with 11 times less public per person than the UK.

      Country National Debt  Population   Public burden (p/person) USD$ 
    United States  $   13,450,000,000,000.00     309,000,000.00  $                                  43,527.51
    2 United Kingdom  $     9,088,000,000,000.00       62,000,000.00  $                                146,580.65
    3 Germany  $     5,208,000,000,000.00       81,000,000.00  $                                  64,296.30
    4 France  $     5,021,000,000,000.00       65,500,000.00  $                                  76,656.49
    5 Netherlands  $     2,452,000,000,000.00       16,500,000.00  $                                148,606.06
    6 Spain  $     2,410,000,000,000.00       47,000,000.00  $                                  51,276.60
    7 Ireland  $     2,387,000,000,000.00         6,200,000.00  $                                385,000.00
    8 Japan  $     2,132,000,000,000.00     127,000,000.00  $                                  16,787.40
    ? Cayman Islands  $              750,000,000.00             55,000.00  $                                  13,636.36


    • Xeno says:

      All of the countries you list have self-confessed unsustainable debts and are in the process of reducing them. They have the tax-payers to fall back on. Alternatively they can let their currencies devalue or just print more of it. These are not options open to Cayman.

      The UK has amassed their debt through the actions of an insane leader who was the former finance minister. There is a grave fear that the UK may be one of the next countries to suffer like Greece. When Brown finally decides to allow the British people to hold an election he will be thrown out. Last week an opinion poll hinted towards his departure not being so certain and the currency plummeted.

      • No fool from East End... says:

        I told you Cayman is not that bad off.

        So you believe because we dont pay income tax here, that we dont pay taxes, for your information Cayman has alot of indirect taxes, have you forgotten Cayman is one of the most expensive countries in the world to live. I hope the UK is not another Greece or Cayman will be used as another scapgoat.

        Let me ask you who does the CI government fallback on to fill any gap in funding that is required, it’s the "public", these countries have overtaxed their citizens and still they can’t solve their problems, now tell me why would we trust the UK, when they want to force these things down our throats, things they themselves have failed at.

        Just stay out of our affairs an approve the USD 750,000,000.00 PUBLIC DEBIT LIMIT.

  10. anonymous says:

    Kurt that was very professional of you, to reach out with an Olive leaf and try to bridge the divisive gap, with the incumbents.  I saw a link today on the BBC news about another European country finding ways of cutting their deficit and I though maybe Cayman could perhaps follow suit, with similiar measures.  I though it should be made known to some of the UDP followers that this IS a world problem and not just a PPM problem. Look at Greece, USA, UK, South America, some European Countries and many other Caribbean places.  The Premier is trying to convience others that the problem is just one party, its not so guys…wake up and be aware…its is a world problem.  Stop watching soap operas and start listening to the Real News and start Reading Financials.  Its a world crisis.  Please see example in the attached link. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/business/8554899.stm




  11. Anonymous says:

    The FCO should start making plans to suspend this Govt from power and take control of the country right above now. (Like they did in the Turks and Caicos). I think our present Governor can well handle the situation if that happens.

  12. Anon E says:

    Well, at least Mac has chosen an intellectual power house from the LA to go with him. The FCO must be quaking in their shoes.

    Good grief! Can it get any worse?

    • Anonymous says:

       this made me smile.. but sadly for all us Caymanians, it genuinely is scary that Ellio is going…. can you imagine what people will make of him …. we can guarantee he will talk loads – unfortunately we all know from his radio show what rubbish he talks…  

    • Anonymous says:

      Talk about a waste of money! The premier claims that the country is bankrupt, yet he can still find the money to fly all over the world in first class luxury, while living like a king at home. Now, once again he is going to London for talks, which is all well & good, but why is he taking such a large entourage with him? Is that necessary in these hard times of bankrupcy? And why in God’s name is he taking along his lackey? What good can he do? What positive input will he bring to the table? Is it necessary to carry along lackey boys when the country is hurting? Isn’t that another example of blatant irresponsibility by the UDP? Isn’t that simply more waste of money that the country cannot afford? These party trips have to stop! This is so hypocritical of the UDP, saying that we are bankrupt, but yet they continue to waste the people’s money! SHAME!

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      therem is no such thing as an intellectual power house in the la…. hence the current problems

    • Anonymouse says:

      Now just behave yourself. Mac needs someone to carry his briefcase and that job suit Elio perfectly. Thats about all he could be useful for.

      So stop ranting and raving about what Mac takes with him.

      Why dont you instead insist thay\\t Captain Underpants come to see us and discuss our problems here?

      Oh. I forgot. We dont welcome gays to our shores.

      So you have no choice. Elio carries the brief case while Mac concentrates on how he will deal with Captain underpants.

      Got it.?

  13. Anonymous says:

    I think this is a very bold and symbolic move by Kurt and crew.  Its high time the political divide and differences were set aside for the good of the country.  I am not PPM or UDP but any fool can see Mac has the tact and diplomacy of a bull in a china shop and damage limitation is most definitely a requirement for this next trip to the UK.

    Its time our leaders (regardless of political differences) joined together and became a force to be reckoned with seeking out sensible solutions for all and acting like the mature responsible adults they profess to be, rather than simply bickering and backstabbing like school children with no manners or respect for each other.

  14. Anonymous says:

    When McKeeva goes to the UK he must convince them that the excessive capital spending lesson has been learned. Just exactly how he will accomplish that when the previous government has yet to admit to any error or responsibility remains in doubt.

    Until Kirk and company admit to the spending error how can the UK have any confidence that the lesson has been learned and that it will not happen again?

    What most politicians say is lets put how we got here behind us and deal with solutions. That isn’t what the UK will want to hear.

    • Anonymous says:

      When you get the name of the previous LOGB and now Leader of the Opposition wrong why should we listen to anything you have to say?

      I think that the PPM has acknowledged that in hindsight it should have reined spending more. Of course the PPM spending was on needed infrastructure. What was McKeeva’s excuse for overspending (and creating a perpetual liability) on Boatswain Beach? 

      The difference is that the PPM what were the govt. in power when the recession hit.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Acknowledged? They need to get on their knees, apologize and beg forgiveness. 

        While they are doing that, they need to tell their dedicated followers how many residency / status they, the PPM, gave out in their four years. 

        It is utter manipulation that the PPM refer to the 3,500 and now Chuckie’s new calculation of 9,000 without presenting their own figure which fell in between these two. How stupid can PPM voters be?



        • Anonymous says:

          Just as soon as Big Mac gets on his knee, apologize and begs forgiveness, i.e. when hell freezes over. 

          My recollection is that the PPM changed the law so that govt. could NOT grant vast number of status/residency. If you have real information (as oppposed to politically motivated insinuation) please post it.

          • Anonymous says:

            You misunderstand. It is unethical for the PPM to repeatedly quote 3,000 without providing the number of residency they gave out. It is worse for Chuckie to scare people with the 9,000 without proving the number of residency the PPM gave out. If the PPM are so willing to speak about the oppositions’ figures, shouldn’t they speak of their own? How else am I to evaluate who gives what? 

            No I don’t have the information. Rather, I’m trying to acquire it and don’t understand how the PPM know the UDP’s figures, but not their own. 

            Am I really asking too much? A fair playing field?


        • Anonymous says:

          According to the marl road there are 2,800 appeals. According to the article below, half the applicants got through. You do the math.

           Half PR Grants OK’d


          Roughly half of the applications for permanent residence reviewed since the new point system went into effect last year have been granted.

          “It’s pretty close to 50–50,” said Chairman of the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board Anthony Scott of the success rate.

          Mr. Scott said that his board had only dealt with about 40 or 50 applications so far for people qualifying on the basis that they had been here eight years. But he said he believed the success rate would hold true for all the applications submitted by people with a legitimate chance to attain the necessary 100 points outlined in the various categories of the Immigration Law Regulations.



    • Anonymous says:

      These thumbs down voters are the reason why Cayman is not ready for party politics.

      Basic common sense is overcome by party loyalty even at the determinant to the country.

      Until you wake up to this fact and hold your party politicians responsible and accountable you will continue to get lousy governance.

      And you cannot use the expatriate red herring responsible for the politicians who have made the decisions your grand children will pay for.

      Unless you are unaware of it the UK wants Cayman to install direct taxation.

      Good luck if that happens.


      • Anonymous says:

        So based on the thumbs down we can assume that the UDP has shrunk to a small minority while the PPM has swelled to the vast majority? LOL!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and how can the UK have any confidence that the lesson has been learnt when looking at Mac’s current level of spending and reluctance to reduce the civil service.  Let’s not forget Mac hasn’t exactly been polite to the UK in his term either.  I think we’re in for a rough ride no matter what.

  15. whodatis says:

    We all need to bear in mind that the global press (or the UK government for that matter) does not give a rat’s a$$ about PPM or UDP …

    They simply write, report and gossip about us in the terms of "The Cayman Islands".

    This ridiculous in-fighting is so grade school – and in the end it carries the potential to pull as all down punching and kicking.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Okay "Premier" you really need to grow-up.  Clearly you do not know what it takes to be a true leader.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I not only think the Opposition should be involved with the solution but should say now HOW THEY HAD PLANNED TO DEAL WITH THE DEFICIT. Where were they going to get the money from??

    The PPM should provide solutions…and I would like them to stop saying that the “world economy” is the problem. Mr. Alden said over a year ago that they had SEEN the recession coming for over 18 months before that. Let us not forget that. So how were they going to deal with this if they got in?? That is what we need to get into the public. And the Government needs to put out a PLAN and stick to it..forget about the blogs. But the Government needs to let the people know WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO! every week the proposals change and that is not acceptable also.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we pay you all, Government and Opposition, to represent us and we need LEADERSHIP now and less politics. Or maybe the INDEPENDENTS need to stand up again and for the Country to get away from these moribund, ineffective parties that have ruined every other Caribbean Country.

    • Anonymous says:

      Much had been written about a recession. But we had seen recessions before, but never one of this depth and magnitude. Neither the PPM nor anyone else had any concept of just how bad it would get.  

      At this point, it is the UDP govt’s job to provide solutions particular as the Premier had announced that the PPM Opposition has nothing to offer.  

  18. Anonymous says:

    It seems Mac only needed Kurt when he got him out of a serious mess when Kurt negotiated on behalf of Mac (when a certain bank went belly up) with a certain group of liquidators. The strength of a man is when he is able to admit he needs help and accepts it. Mac put ego aside and work with all members of the House. You will be remembered more for that act of statemanship than your present behaviour. Also, I would suggest that you change your advisers; they have not helped you at all and they have certainly not helped the country.   

    • Fuzzy says:

      Why isn’t the Chamber of Commerce urging Mr.Bush to work with the opposition to present a united front to the UK.Are they part of Bush’s delegation.?If they are ,maybe they shouldn’t be since they are encouraging him to spend possibly hundreds of millions on cruise berthing facilities at the same suggesting he drastically needs to cut expenditure.If the Chamber is so concerned maybe they should build these facilities since its members are the ones who stand to gain the most.

  19. Anonymous says:

    how about the ppm come up with some proposals and solutions first… apart from the usual ‘lets just borrow more’..nonsense.

    Until they come up with proposals and solutions they deserve to be sidelined…

  20. Anonymous says:

    "not on the best of mornings"

    Thanks Kurt for putting us here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well said. Unfortunately it looks like this blog is all filled by PPM people.

      Me? I don’t even vote, but look at the numbers, in 4 years of the previous administration Government spending went from just over 300M to more than 500M, that says it all.

      Now expenditure will go down not necessarily because the new administration wants to reduce it, they simply don’t have the money, so the real choice for civil servants is accept reduction or expect no pay at all in the very near future

  21. Anonymous says:

    I supported the PPM big time back in 2005 and I regret that decision. I cant blame the government for not wanting to meet with them as they are all incompetent. I hope the previous minister who said that "only God can stop him" will now realize that "only God can help us".

    If the PPM wants to regain some level of credibility, the least they can do is admit their past mistake and then…maybe then…the healing process may start.

    • Anonymous says:

      I supported the UDP big time in 2009 and I regret that decision now! It is very childish that Bush & his UDP cohorts are always excluding the opposition & refuse to meet with them or get their input. THAT IS CHILDISH, & I really thought better of them, but they do not have my supportanymore. Their childish ways are destroying my beloved Cayman. They want to blame the previous government for everything, yet they do nothing in the meantime. It is ridiculous! That is not what I voted for them to do. I now see that it is the UDP that is incompetent. They are now the government, but are incompetent. I look back and see that the UDP is just as much to blame as the PPM, because in 2005 this country was in total chaos and was a complete mess. The people threw them out in a LANDSLIDE, but I made a terrible mistake in 2009 to put my trust back in them, I regret it BIG TIME! The UDP is incompetent, and all they can do is blame others, and sell off Cayman. All I do is remember the hardships in 2005 and I realise I was wrong to support UDP in 2009. I admit I supported UDP in 2009, BUT NEVER AGAIN, NEVER!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      I am much more concerned about the many major mistakes currently being made by the UDP than anything the PPM did while in power!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea right, you are a former PPM supporter, & I am Princess Diana. Oh no, I can’t be, I forgot she died many years ago. Ok, if you are a former PPM supporter I am Mckeeva Bush. yuk.

  22. Anonymous says:

    I not only think the Opposition should be involved with the solution but should say now HOW THEY HAD PLANNED TO DEAL WITH THE DEFICIT. Where were they going to get the money from??

    The PPM should provide solutions…and I would like them to stop saying that the “world economy” is the problem. Mr. Alden said over a year ago that they had SEEN the recession coming for over 18 months before that. Let us not forget that. So how were they going to deal with this if they got in?? That is what we need to get into the public. And the Government needs to put out a PLAN and stick to it..forget about the blogs. But the Government needs to let the people know WHAT THEY PLAN TO DO! every week the proposals change and that is not acceptable also.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, we pay you all, Government and Opposition, to represent us and we need LEADERSHIP now and less politics. Or maybe the INDEPENDENTS need to stand up again and for the Country to get away from these moribund, ineffective parties that have ruined every other Caribbean Country.

    • BORN FREE says:

      Can you imagine, if you would like the PPM to stop saying that the "world economy" is the problem, just how little old me feels when all I can hear from the government of the day is that the "PPM is the problem." I am sick & tired of that lame excuse. It is dead, get over it & try something else. It is not like the UDP just won the election last month, it has been 10 months already, get over it. And by the way, the "world economy" is the problem, because the world is suffering from a worldwide recession just in case you hadn’t noticed, & we in the Cayman Islands depend mostly on import & not export. In other words, we rely heavily on the rest of the world, & if the rest of the world, & the United States in particular, is not spending, then it goes without saying that we are in deep trouble. Therefore the "world economy" is the problem, & if you do not like to hear that you had better go hide your head in the sand.
      The UDP have been our government for 10 months, & they have offered very little concrete solutions, just pie in the sky suggestions that have to be reversed or back-tracked the following week. It is pathetic! Instead of constantly using the excuse that the "PPM is the problem" the government should offer real solutions to help solve our problems. The UDP also seem to believe that the "world econmy" is the problem, just take a look at their disasterous Budget projections. I’m sure that they are blaming the "world economy" for projecting a $5 million surplus and ending up with an embarrassing $72 million deficit! WOW! What an embarrassment for the UDP. WOW!

  23. Anonymous says:

    I admit that the PPM’s spending policies during its last term, made the impact to Cayman from the global recession/depression much more serious than it could have been.  HOWEVER, the Premier must do everything within his power to UNIFY the People of Cayman (including the PPM MLA’s and their supporters, the lone independent MLA and his supporters, permanent residents, foreign investors, and foreign workers, etc.) to understand, negoitate, agree and support SOLUTIONS to this unprecidented situation.

    If the Premier, DOESN’T choose to UNIFY the People of Cayman, the criticism of Government’s SOLUTIONS will continue, the SOLUTIONS will be delayed causing a even greater deficit, and the situation will deteriorate to an unimaginable point.

    The Premier going to the UK to discuss any SOLUTIONS without attempting to UNIFY the People, is foolish.  History will judge him more harshly, and rightfully so, than the spending policies that contributed to the problem in the first instance.

    At this point, the Premier has chosen a foolhearty path.  It is time to put the rhetoric aside and take the high road.  The world is watching.

  24. Anonymous says:

    McKeewa taking Elio to negotiate with the UK on Cayman’s behalf?  Doomed. 

    • Solomon Grundy says:

      I bet Capt’ Underpants doesn’t even know how many brothers Ellio has.

    • Heavy Cake says:

      And if the Brits don’t know how many sisters he has, they’re doomed too!