Crime report to form basis for new policies

| 09/03/2010

(CNS): Almost four years after it was published government officials are holding a retreat in order to discuss the report written by Yolande C. Forde on the pre-disposing factors to criminality in the Cayman Islands. The report which pointed the finger at the inadequacies in Cayman’s education system and also criticised the historical neglect, by the Cayman authorities, on the causes of crime in favour of the punishment of crime. However, the Ministry of Community Affairs says he wants to focus on crime prevention strategies at te heart of the community.

In the face of increasing local crime levels the Ministry is seeking to implement the 2006 report and the two-day retreat on 11-12 March  is to beginthat process. “Government has continuously looked at various strategies for combating crime and we are aware that in addition to deploying more police interventions, it is critical that we enhance our prevention strategies,” Mike Adam, the minister said.

“Research has shown that adopting a holistic and preventative approach to the pre-disposing factors to criminality is key to shaping and empowering our youth, building their self-esteem and resilience. It is imperative, therefore, that the Cayman Islands adopt such an approach to equip youth with the necessary life skills so that they can reach their full potential.”

The study reveals that factors influencing criminal activity are deeply rooted in the life experiences of those who have been arrested, convicted and incarcerated and that destructive seeds are typically sown during early childhood. When criminal risk factors are present in children’s lives, early intervention and therapeutic programming must be in place to prevent a downward spiral into anti-social behaviour and delinquency which can ultimately lead to involvement in the criminal justice system.

Adam explained he wanted to see the recommendations adopted into policy. “We must now focus on reducing crime by reaching out to our children and youth, improving their opportunities and access to programmes, identifying the gaps in our services, and strengthening our families and communities. This is what the study recommends and this is what Government will implement,” the minster added.

“Government has detailed the many programmes we wish to see improved and implemented in areas involving the family, youth, education, labour, agriculture,the economy and more”. 

At the retreat key stakeholders from the public and private sectors will benefit from expert guidance and local, evidence-based information, Adam revealed. Using the study’s recommendations, participants will be expected to identify innovative ways to use human capital and other resources within their own organisations to further expand the protective and supportive network for youth.

“As Minister for Community Affairs and Housing, I am therefore requesting that the public support those organisations who will be implementing the strategies devised at the retreat in our communities,” he said.

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  1. Gig says:

    More people need to give Mike the financial support he needs to make a difference in society.

  2. Pants on The Ground says:

    Might I suggest that we employ the services of General Larry Platt as a consultant to advise on this matter as he will likely provide greater insight than any of those other "experts"

  3. Anonymous says:

    Better late than never. But still it shows the government missed an opportunity in 2006 to tackle the problem – wonder what the excuse is this time for failing to act when first warned?

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Forde Report was shelved/ignored by the previous Minister in power at the time. No reason was given.

    Anything perhaps to do with some uncomfortable observations it infers re. the public education system’s inherent failings whereby the quality control mechanism over teaching standards is only realistically in place for non- Caymanians (not upto scratch = dont renew contract)?

    Before all jump on me, my hopefully sensible point is that there may (or may not) be, lets say, just one or two substandard Caymanian teachers. If this is true, would anyone out there disagree with the following; that it is simply not politically acceptable to have them removed from post/fired. Essential to turn a blind eye, because unless there is gross misconduct there is absolutely no hope of clearing out any under-performing Caymanian teachers; sorry but it really is a job for life and that’s so sad if a teacher is simply inept.

    Personally, I fully support the Cayman public school system (lets face it – we pay no taxes and its completely free for most of us), and from my experience the Ministry and the DoE are trying really hard. But they and the politicians refuse to recognise the bull elephant lurking in the room; having a system in place that only replaces substandard or even average expat teachers.

    Why sacrifice quality of teaching at all? Only employ above average teachers and the results will follow…



  5. Anonymous says:

    blah, blah….zzzzz

    just make the parents responsible for their kids and eliminate the acceptance and promotion of thug culture (i.e strip ALL illegal tinting from cars)

  6. Raffaele says:

    As we have said all along all these law enforcement hawks constantly whining about  Force and Punishment and these really stupid politicians heaping more more money on the problem by listening to ridiculous and deliberately conceived bogus crime theories and solutions,which are put forward by certain people in law enforcement advisory roles who are benefiting directly and indirectly from this crime situation by enhanced careers and economic rewards. Some of  the aspects are willfully intended to achieve certain outcomes causing harm and loss to our islands political and economic stability  and has even caused persons to loose their lives in our community. IF anyone doubts what i have written please inquire who was responsible for shelving this report for 4 years and why?  None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Are you kidding me! A retreat to discuss a report that is almost 4 years old!