Missing teenager found safe & well in George Town

| 12/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman local news(CNS): Police confirmed this morning that the they have now traced the missing teenager who went missing from her home in West Bay over one month ago. “Yesterday evening Tamara was traced safe and well by RCIPS police officers in the Rock Hole area,” a police spokesperson said, adding that enquiries into the circumstances surrounding her movements over the past four weeks are ongoing. Tamara Smith’s parents reported her missing to the police after they discovered that the fifteen year old was missing.  This is not the first time that Tamara has run away from home and her mother recently made a public plea to her daughter to come back.

Speaking to News 27 last week, Jann begged for her daughter to come back saying whatever troubles were between them could be resolved. Tamara left home on 7 February taking some of her belongings with her and she has not made any contact with her parents since.

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  1. JEB says:

    Glad to know that she has been found safe & well. But has she been returned to her parents.

  2. diary of a nineteen year old. says:

    Ignorance at its best. My grandmother, along with my fathers side of the family all live down in the rock hole area, just short of ‘banana walk’. I for one have never been shot, stabbed, hit by a car, threatend, mugged or whatever else your minds could play on. And yes, I have walked those streets at night. I’m not saying nothing happens in that area, but it’s not the only area with crime in the George Town area. Get over yourselves. There are actually non – criminals living in the area. Geez.

    • Anonymous says:

      If police were patrolling, OBSERVING,ASKING QUESTIONS, in the GOOD or NOT  SO GOOD  areas like they should AND PRETEND TO BE DOING, this would solve and reduce the possibility of them happening


      RCIPS stop hiding on the side of roads and park where your presence are QUITE OBVIOUS, you should serve as a deterent!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Now I understand why this juvenille could not be located for over one month. It is well known that the police are afraid to go into Rock Hole. Another place they never visit is Goat Yard in West Bay. The police that are suppose to be patrolling are afraid of their own shadow and only concerned about themselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Afraid or just allowed to do as they wish without having to anwer to how Goverments time and money are being spent.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I wish they would stop saying she went missing as we are all aware this was NOT the first time she went "missing" from her home. Let’s keep it real and call her a "Runaway Teenager".

    • Anonymous says:

      This is why we are having the problems we have.  This teen ran away over a month ago.  Where was she staying?  Her mother reported her missing two weeks after the fact.  The Police should be looking into this matter and not just forgetting about it like everything else

    • Anonymous says:

      Very true and we need to have a group that deals with these type of teens too so that they can be rehabilitated and not graduate to ‘criminals’ and do not tell me that because they run away they are…. cause we are not perfect and was never!


      Mac, Mr. Roy Bodden & Mr. Adams,

      Any grants for scholarships to do the Bachelor in Social Science at UCCI & career opportunities (some agencies such as Cayman counselling, Social Services,  etc. that is willing to train without years of experience) CAYMANIANS to deal with THEIR  problems, whilst making a salary to live on.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Thank GOD she has been found and alive! I called the Police a week ago and begged them to do a thorough search – Thank you and GOD bless you!!

    TAMARA please do not do this again!  Please always let someone know where you are going!! 

  6. Anonymous says:

    If you want to run away from home and not be found easily, then Rock Hole is just the place to hide. It is about the last place anyone would think of looking for you and you can get anything you want there.

  7. inside job says:

    any resident of house where she was found that is over the age of 18 should be arrested and charged with:

    interference with a minor

    perverting the course of justice


    ohhh – sorry this is cayman – nothing will be done. laws dont apply here. close the file, this one is over.




    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you God and thank you RCIPS.  Please finish the job-the responsible person/s must be charged, do not let this just past or this will be something else that grows out of control.


      RCIPS  use these people as an example that this will not be tolerated.  We do not know what she has been exposed to and recruited for during this time.  Whatever it is (i pray something/s good) will be passed to her siblings & peers.


      Tamara, please reject anything negative that you saw or heard during this time and receive the many prayers for blessngs that was sent up on your behalf.


      Welove you very much and pray that from today forward you will be ‘purpose driven’.

      Mom, please go to women’s resource centre and make enquiries as to what seminars, counselling etc. is available to you to empower you to deal with parenting and being the person you are created to be-i know you are a great person that can benefit from support.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Whoever she was staying with (Adult wise), shouldn’t they be charged with child endangerment or something??? 

  9. Anonymous says:

    And have they arrested the adults who have been harbouring this truant?

    Nah – Law don’t matter to us. We’re the police. Law is for lawyers. We just do what we do so we don’t have to wear seatbelts.

  10. Anonymous says:

    "safe and well by RCIPS police officers in the Rock Hole area"

    Not sure how "safe" or "well" you can be in Rock Hole…seems like she has made some quality friends…

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not sure if you are from here or a foreigner but that comment is so biased.  There is good and bad no matter where you live – you could live in the areas where the "rich" are and trust me you will have both types there too.

      • GrandCaymanian says:

        Oh please shut it and stop living in denial.

        Don’t you see all the thumbs up for the previous post – obviously majority of people agree with this "biased" statement.

        • EastSider says:

          I agree that the statement is biased.  Everywhere you go in Cayman or for that matter, the world you have the good, the bad and the ugly.  Whoever allowed her to stay with them without notifying the correct authorities were wrong but that does not mean they are "criminals".  We do not know the reason behind her running away nor the reason she and whoever she stayed with chose not to notify anyone as to her whereabouts so we should all just stop speculating and throwing slurs at residents in certain areas.  Once again I have to say, Judge not lest ye be judged.

        • look ya says:

          And there was a time when there were lots of thumbs up for segregation too!…Remember we don’t know the circumstances of why this teen ran away…but running away indicates that somthingna right at home!

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, Genius!  I’m sure she was found living with a good Christian family in Rock Hole!  I’m not saying there aren’t any good Christian families in Rock Hole, I’m just saying if that’s who she was with they would have contacted her family five seconds after she showed up!

      • long nose rat-boy says:

        By that theory you would be equally safe and in good hands in Vatican City as you would in the slums of Bogota or Rio de Janeiro during Carnival Rock Hole is seriously dangerous.  I am a 6 feet 240 lb ex-barroom bouncer, and I would not go to Rock Hole during the day without very good reason, and at night never.  People are shot, robbed or killed there all the time.  Pretending that there is no problem means that YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. 

        I’m sorry if you live on Cayman’s skid row.  Move if you don’t like it, or maybe instead co-operate with the police and change it.  Of course you won’t do that.  Of course.

        You made this what it is.  Enjoy.

        • Anonymous says:

          I’ve lived in Cayman my entire life and the only place that I’ve been pick-pocketed was in Rome about 10 years ago. Coincidently, I was mugged by a couple of Eastern European gypsies in Dublin last year. Goes to show that as bad as things appear to be getting in Cayman, there remain places which are worse…far worse

      • Anonymous says:

        oh stick ur head back in the sand…. it’s time for some straight talking… its obvious that the truth hurts

        • Anonymous says:

          Common sense goes a long way – good and bad make up the world –

    • Anonymous says:

      Hear, hear!!!! Well said!!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you have any positve guidelines for her that she may make a better choice of friends?