Jamaican law makers grapple with abortion question

| 13/03/2010

(JamaicaObserver): After some 18 months of weighing the pros and cons of legalising abortion, members of the Joint Select Committee of Parliament are split over what recommendations they would be making to the legislature. The committee has been receiving submissions since July 2008 on the report of the Abortion Policy Review Advisory Group (APRAG) set up in 2005 by former minister of health, John Junor, amidst concerns that abortion was the third leading cause of death in adolescents and that unsafe abortions constituted the eighth leading cause of maternal deaths in Jamaica. APRAG, was asked to advise on the development of a comprehensive national policy on abortion, with special emphasis on safe abortions.

The report found that most of the women seeking abortions were "young, poor, unemployed, and lived in economically and socially deprived communities".


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  1. Joe Average says:

    Why is Jamaica still arguing this??  Why is anyone?  If it’s an issue of morality, what comes closer than stating 1/3 of adolescent deaths are caused by illegal abortions?? 

    Or is it because the law is held up by men who are the lawmakers?  And of course our patriarchal religions?  The fact is Men don’t get pregnant, they don’t carry children, and in most cases…..don’t raise them.  For every young woman who gets pregnant. There is a father. Somewhere.  Where are they???? Or has this biological fact escaped both the Church and our lawmakers.

    Here is the real situation.

    When this ambivalence continues as it has been for too long.  It sends no other message to all these young "fathers" they need not take any responsibility.  When a young woman realizes this.  And takes the responsibility herself for economic reasons, or simply because the father will not be available.  It should be supported!!!!

    I am disgusted by this hypocrisy and the fake caring by both governments and the church.  As not a single one of them will take responsibility for a child’s upbringing AFTER the birth!!! 

    Not one male politican. With sons.  How many are fathers?  Not one male Church representative.

    Liars and hypocrites.

    There should be absolutely no argument surrounding this decision by young women as it is hard enough. 

    How hard can it possibly get???

    You have made the choice to put your life in danger and possibly die!!  Because you know you won’t be supported in any other decision.