Tivoli, Jamaica, under satellite surveillance

| 15/03/2010

(Jamaica Observer): Tivoli Gardens, the tough West Kingston base of Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke, is under satellite surveillance by United States authorities who are determined to have Coke extradited to answer drug- and gun-running charges in New York, the Sunday Observer has learnt. According to a security expert with knowledge of the operation, the US has powerful audio and video evidence of activities involving Coke, as well as several Government officials, including members of the legislature, inside the Tivoli Gardens community centre. With the use of Satellite Internet Telemetry System (SIMS) similar to that used to record wildlife activities, the US has captured the make, colour and licence plates of vehicles entering and exiting Tivoli Gardens at specific periods, as well as conversations, the expert said.

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  1. Proud to be an American says:

    To all of you that are bad mouthing the US stay out! I love how you want to talk smack on the US but the first chance you get you on a plan to MIA! If you don’t like how the US does their business stay out! The reason the US got involved is because he smuggled drugs and guns through US soil and that is illegal. As for the drug wars that are going on at the Mexican border don’t think that the US Special ops aren’t watching because they are. Talk what you know and not what you think you know. If Jamaica don’t stop they gonna wind up with an embargo and you all see what happened to Cuba. The reason the government officials in Jamaica don’t want to turn this man over is because they are involved with the illegal activities that are going on with this man.

    • Anon says:

       Well, in the case of Cuba they ran into the arms of the USSR and are still communist even with the embargo and the fall of the Soviet Union.  It is a poor country yes but the embargo didn’t achieve it’s goal.

    • Shock and Awe says:

      Well….Proud to be an American….before you start waving your much tattered flag….and ranting about the U.S. "War on Drugs"  take a little look at a place called Mena, Arkansas.

      Never heard of it?  I’ll explain.

      Mena, Arkansas was an trans-shipment point for Colombian cocaine before it was distributed throughout the Eastern United States.  Part of the Iran-Contra Operation.  Never heard of it?

      Felix Rodriguez. Never heard of him?  He was a close friend of George Walker Bush ran the guns for drugs operation and arranged contacts.  One of his contacts was Ollie North.  You’ve heard of him.

      How did it work?

      You see cocaine was transported to places like Panama.  Panama’s President was Manuel Noreiga.  Who was installed by the U.S. government to protect their interests in the Panama Canal.  You’ve heard of that?  From locations in Panama and Central America the cocaine was flown on CIA operated planes to Texas, Florida, and Mena, Arkansas.  Don’t believe it?  In Dec. 2007 a plane linked directly to the CIA crashed in the Yucatan with four tons of cocaine.

      When the cocaine reached Mena, Arkansas where Bill Clinton was Governor it was then off-loaded and after it was sold the money was laundered through the Arkansas Development Bank. The money was then used to buy weapons for the Nicaraguan Contras.

      Then they were flown back and the same planes were used to bring back more cocaine.  Clever eh?

      Listen dude I’m sorry to disappoint you but the government you are so proud of has been knee deep in drug smuggling for years.  It might be called a war on drugs but it’s actually a drug war.  From Vietnam, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Panama, and Columbia.  Notice any similarity between these places and where there has been a military presence or "assistance" given?  Sorry about this reality check.

    • Anonymous says:

      No one likes to hear bad stuff being said about there country so instead of talking "smack" about each other let’s just watch what happens. Good people hate the fact that drugs and guns corrupt our countries but for the most part it is the little island of Jamaica that feels the blow because its not like we are the makers of the guns and drugs it is more the US that is the Kingpin!! It can be argued from one angle that Jamaicans are the victims of America’s know-it-all attitude….

  2. Anonymous says:

    1984, Citizen Kane, what does it matter? Seems more like War of the Worlds to me.

  3. Around & Around We Go..... says:

    This is typical US DBL standards rather than try to help cut back on their borders where they claim so much drugs is coming in they rather high light other countries but not their own…. Their have a drug war going on right now on the borders of Mexico and Elpaso, TX. But they won’t use this to help track down the key players in the drug ring their but can use it to find one man in JAM…. Fun thing is if you do your history reading on the “GREAT USA” you will know that the drug problem they have was caused by their own Government …..In the last 10 yrs I have seen the US become more of a Bully to other nations rather than allies and they spin the news to work for them.. But the higher you fly the harder you Fall !!!!!!!!!!! I am not saying they must not lock for the criminals that do wrong and run back to their home land but at least do it with caution… And for those that wish they would take up this type of surveillance over or lil island be careful what you wish for cause we all will then be watch and if you think cause you do nothing wrong this wont effect you think again.. It’s a hard wake up call when you have big brother watching. Even if YOU think you never do anything wrong……


    Good luck my PPL….


  4. Anonymous says:

    Why dont this US use this in their own country to get rid of drug dealers and gun smugglers, getting me heated in my seat, stay out of people business, any empire can crimble.

    • frank rizzo says:

      It’s unconstitutional. They would probably bust down the next-door neighbour’s door and kill their case anyway.

    • Anonymous says:


      Crimble?  Have you ever heard of spell check? 

      Good for the US.  This may help us out in the long run with drugs and guns being brought into our own country from surrounding islands.

  5. Richard Wadd says:

     As stated by ‘Tamara’, Jamaica is a Sovereign Nation, and what the USA is doing is POSSIBLY illegal (that is if the Jamaican Govt. has not granted them permission to do so).

     IF they are indeed doing so illegally, then they are in great danger of Jeopardizing their Case against this ‘Dudus / Coke’ person.

     Either way, to quote the late, great Orson Wells,

       "Big-brother is watching you".



  6. Anonymous says:

    We need this in West Bay and George town…maybe we can get the US upset about someone here and have RCIP ‘borrow’ some of their intel. Just a thought.

  7. Anonymous says:

    That’s exactly what we need here in Cayman (SIMS), to point out all the drug dealers and gang members to put them away for good, PERMANENTLY!!!! 

  8. tamara says:

    Ahem… it just shows you the "invasion of privacy" upon a soveriegn nation. No wonder why U.S. is hated so much overseas.

    If the Prime Minister of Jamaica, don’t want to hand over the man – Then what!?

    Are you going to survey Bruce Golding to???


    • Anonymous says:

      Survey them all.  Invade and take out all the criminals in Cayman and Jamaica. Maybe they can put an end to all this corruption.

      If we have nothing to hide then nobody should care who is watching.  My father always say, "people that like the dark always have something to hide."  Big brother shine the light bright.