Police charge woman over alleged dog theft

| 18/03/2010

(CNS): Former MLA candidate, talk show host and local activist Sandra Catron has been charged with the theft of a dog after what she says was a genuine canine rescue. Catron told CNS that she is outraged by the charge and will be engaging in a public demonstration as she insists the dog was not stolen but rescued — a claim she says is backed up by her numerous attempts to find the owners through advertising and other means as well as reporting the rescue of the dog to the RCIPS. Police now appear to have taken official action and have pressed charges against Catron, who has said no jury could ever convict her and that the case is a demonstration of the incompetence of the local police.

Catron is not only furious over the charges brought by the police, branding her a criminal when she says she was trying to help, but she is alsoupset that her new four-legged friend, known as Precious, is now caged at the Agricultural Department after the police seized it this morning (Thursday 18 March).

The dog, which she says needed considerable veterinary attention when she discovered it, was in her possession for more than two weeks before the owners came to say that they believed the animal was theirs. Catron stated that she considered returning the dog and waiving her legal right to keep it per The Animal Law (2003 Revision). However, after speaking with the owner she became concerned about the care that Precious would receive based on statements that were made.

The police reportedly refused to accept Catron’s claim that the dog had been neglected and was in need of any kind of medical attention, even though it had been seen by a local veterinarian. She said police told her that the vet was not the Cayman Islands’ official vet, despite the fact it was Dr Alfred Benjamin, the Agricultural Department’s former chief veterinary officer for some twenty years and now in private practice, and therefore they would not accept it.

Catron is also shocked by the RCIPS claim that she had never reported the dog missing, even though she had spoken directly to a police officer on the day she found ‘Precious’.

“I have lost all respect for the police and now understand how some people have been rail roaded by the judicial system,” she said, adding how she could not believe the legal department was willing to spend money pursuing this in the courts. “This is the second time I have been subjected to police harassment and I have real concerns about why the police are pursuing me,” Catron said, adding that it may well be because she has often spoken out about the RCIPS level of competence. “I feel like I am being targeted and I am not going to take this lying down.”

Catron says that she advertised the fact that she had found the dog in the free classified sections of both Cayman News Service and Ecay classifieds, and posted the dog’s picture and information on Facebook, plus she notified the Humane Society, spoke to numerous local vets and, above all, as obligated by law, the first thing she did was report the discovery to a uniformed policeofficer.

She said she walked the dog publicly and on a number of occasions did so in front of the people who later claimed to be the owners. Catron insists that at no time did she ever conceal the fact that she had found, and was looking after, the dog. Precious was, Catron claims, in desperate need of care when she rescued her and she has grown to love the little dog now that she has spent time nursing her back to full health. Categorically denying that this case could even at the wildest stretch be described as theft, she said she will fight the charges every step of the way.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Who let The Dog/s out?” The magnetism of theatre and comedy and drama and public controversy seems destined to become an inevitable quality of politics. Politics have been always a victim of conflict, despise, and sometimes the recipient of unbridled criticism.
    The Cayman Islands political theatre has just been rejuvenated by the story of a political activist and a dog owner, it has just clinched a spot on a public billboard entitled: “Who let the Dog/s out? The neighbour’s dog that is!
    I am very happy about the possibly seredipitious result of such an indignifying misfortune. I think this dishonourable scandal might actually be beneficial to our politics long term, as our political aspirants will supposedly make a concerted effort to avoid becoming embroiled in regressive scandals and distractions, which could potentially improve the standard and integrity of politics.

  2. Anonymous says:

    To Sandra!

    I own nine (9) big beautiful dogs.

    If you really want a dog, come by my place.

    I will let them out and you can choose whichever one you want.

    I will even give you written title so that the Police cant molest you with this one.

  3. Anonymous says:
    "We call them dumb animals, and so they are, for they cannot tell us how they feel, but they do not suffer less because they have no words."


  4. ExBlueGirl says:

    For those of you condemning the RCIP, stop It!!!  This is a crime, albeit, not a serious crime, it is still a crime against a person involving their property.

    It is reassuring that the public can still have their complaints heard and investigated, no matter how small.

    Every case has its facts and two wrongs do not make a right, there are proper procedures for how to do things.

    For those of you who may not have had a positive experience in investigations, there has to be evidence to pursue a case, and sometimes that is easy to come by, and sometimes not.

    There is only one person in this incident who isdragging it through the Court system and costing our Country money. 

    Still… I would like to know how someone who ran for election did not communicate with her neighbors, that is very sad.

    That is one of the direct problems with our Country now….get off of the Facebooks…MySpace and other electronic messaging stuff and get out and talk to your neighbors and real people!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    who ever is filing the charge, they are barking up the wrong tree

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is crazy.  The Island is falling apart when it comes to the crappy court system, children being neglected, raped, molested, men being raped by other men, women being assaulted and no one helping them, gun crimes, robberies, burglaries, etc.  There is more crime in the last year in Cayman than there was in a ten year time span and the stupid system wants to waste time over a woman who genuinely cares for the welfare of an animal?


    Get your act together and focus on crime and stop sinking into the Grapevine crap of who likes who and who is who and do what is morally and legally decent! 

    Pathetic if you ask me and most people.

    It is sickening that the system can focus this amount of time and energy to a case like this when a little child’s life was lost , and many other major crimes are happening on a daily basis !!!!!!  Prioritize and focus !!! 



  7. Roadblogger says:

    This is a serious issue!  Dog napping can lead to other crimes!!!

       What’s next?





                                                                  that’s not a bad idea






  8. Anonymous says:

    I think most of you are missing the whole point.  A thief is a theif..A crime is crime…It does not matter how big or how small..

    Major crimes are being committed yes, but should the Police ignore all the other crimes…People stop being so ignorant..How would you like it if someone stole from you, whether a pin, penny, dog or otherwise wouldnt you like something done about it.

    Is it okay to steal as long as it is not major???

    • Anonymous says:

      We don’t know if a crime has been committed. Only the court can decide that. Based on the evidence I would not convict with what I see here!

  9. Anonymous says:

    stupid question, why would you call the Department of Agriculture???? are they "growing dogs"??

  10. Shepherd says:

    FYI: http://www.smustudents.webs.com/

    This is the lost dog website between Dept. of Agriculture and St. Matthews Vet school.


    • Happy Island People says:

      Well this is the first I am hearing about it.  Why then doesn’t the Police have this website linked on their’s.

      Also, I found a dog yesterday, did exactly as the website states and still waiting for the Officer to come out and take my statement.  I can assure you in 7 days if no one claims this dog, he is mines.  So tell the RCIP to come calling I’ll have some serious surprises for them.  Since they want to bully people, I have several silent witnesses waiting on them XXXX!!!


      Gov. Duncan u better run before you get caught up in scandal like the last XXXX Govenor we had.

      • Anonymous says:

         I believe there are postings with the URL at most grocery stores. Kindly check the bulletin board next time you go & please pass the word/link on.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I cannot believe the amount of time and money that is being spent on this issue. I thought the Government was broke but obviously not since they have time to prosecute alleged dog-nappers!

    I don’t know all the facts of the case and I am sure that Ms. Catron and the dog owners both feel that they are on the "true" side of this issue but based on what has been written so far I am not sure why this is even a "public issue." Ms. Catron has apparently decided to solicit public support but the fact that the police actually brought a charge is ridiculous! Yes they are simply doing their job and when an alleged crime has been committed they are obligated to act but doesn’t some common sense and discretion prevail at some point? Couldn’t this dispute be resolved by a mediator? This would be wasting our money to pay for the court to hear this, I am hoping that it doesn’t get to that point. I am not judging who is right or wrong but come on people, we have bigger issues to worry about than arguing who deserves to keep the dog and if Ms. Catron should be reimbursed for her decision to incur apparently certain non life-threatening expenses. We have certainly gone to the "dogs". You all do realize that people from around the world read these things. What must they think of us? To the world we are supposedly going bankrupt but yet we are arguing about a purportedly stolen dog!!!

    Unfortunately I have contributed to the hoopla by even posting something to the story but it was with the intention for people to stop and think about what exactly is all the hype about?

    Ms. Bush: I hope that you get your dog back without having to go to court, as it appears there is no dispute that it is in fact your dog, the issue seems to lie with whether Ms. Catron should be reimbursed or not.

    Ms. Catron: Sometimes you just have to let things go. Move on. I am sure there is a dog out there with your name written all over it. Unfortunate that you incurred expenses relating to this dog and I am not even going to get into the details of whether they were legitimate or not, to preserve your peace of mind, just accept the loss and move on.



  12. Happy Island People says:


    If the Dept. of Agriculture would put a link on their website for lost animals so the general public can either post their own or submit it for them to post then this matter would not be in the public today.

    The problem is that if the RCIP recommends that the first thing you do is contact the Dept. of Agriculture, then why is it that the RCIP cannot accept the report of the former director of this dept. Dr. Benjamin?  Well, he did hold the post for many years, clearly qualifying him even if he is now retired to give a professional assessment of the dog’s condition. 

    Please see the RCIP website link: http://www.rcips.ky/faq.htm and you will see the exact wording from the site below:

    I have lost my dog, what should I do?

    Lost dogs may have been impounded or found by someone. First, contact the Department of Agriculture on 947-3090 to ensure your dog is not impounded. Also call the Cayman Islands Humane Society on 949-1461. If your dog is still missing, make a report to the police and send a flyer with your animal’s information and photograph to the Department of Agriculture, Humane Society, H.M Customs and local veterinarians. Ensure that your dog is licensed and wearing a name tag to help with a speedy return. Additionally, having your dog microchipped is an added benefit in identifying your animal. A microchip is a small transmitter inserted under the skin in the animal’s neck and is a harmless and inexpensive form of positive identification.

    I have found a dog, what should I do?

    First, you must notify the police within 24 hours of finding a dog. If the dog has a tag, contact the Department of Agriculture to locate the owner. The Department of Agriculture and local veterinarians can check the animal for a microchip. If the owner can not be found, also contact the Humane Society informing them of the found dog. You then have two options: If you wish to keep the dog, you must wait 7 seven days for an owner to come forward. If the dog remains unclaimed, then he/she is yours! If you do not wish to keep the animal or find it a home, then turn the animal over to the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Rescue Shelter or the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

    What concerns me is that the few good members of the RCIP are being tarnished along the rest.  I know who you are, and I support you all the way, because many of us know you are fighting to do what is best for us and when the rotten apples make a mess you have to deal with the backlash as well. 

  13. March Forth says:

    Call in the Privy Council!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Why did it take the RCIPS 3 months to do something about this?

    Also, is there any right to have an trial in a fair amount of time? The dog will be locked up at the Ag Dept for how long?

  15. Anonymous says:

    There is always two sides to a storey. If the dog could talk there would be three sides. Dont dismiss this one, there could be more brewing.

  16. Anonymous says:

    A white/greyish terrier was stolen from a car on 9th March during the day from Kirk Supermarket’s parking lot.  Someone saw the whole situation.  Then when the dog-owner came out & walked up to her car, the witness started explaining how they’d seen her dog being "lifted". However the dog-owner was so distraught and went to pieces that she can’t remember a word the witness said. So, if u heard of anyone talking about this situation that knows anything about a dog taken from that area, pls call 945-5842 (the owner) and also make a police report (but make sure to take another person with you to the police station, otherwise u might get charged for taking the dog!) A reward’s being offered by the dog-owner.

    • Anonymous says:

      You should NEVER under any circumstance leave you pet in your vehicle for any period of time. Ask any vet about this or better yet go sit in a vehicle for a short period of time and see how hot it gets. This pet owner deserves to have their pet taken away. I have seen situations where police have smashed vehicle windows to remove the pet.

  17. ... says:

    Are you kidding me?  And the RCIP wonder why the publice does not respect them?  My dog was SHOT in the face…… I know he was shot because the vet recovered the bullet. 

    I tried to report this to the RCIP and they refused to take the report.  Forget the fact that the attitude of the ‘officer’ was …."it’s just a dog"….apparently the fact that someone was running around with a gun didn’t concern the RCIP in the least. 

    Words cannot express how insane this whole situation is.  Sandra, I wish you all the best….I really do.  We are fast on our way to becoming a thirdworld country where not only do we have to live in fear of the criminals, but also of the very people who are charged with protecting this island and its people.

  18. Anonymous says:

    This is a crying shame. Couldn’t the police have waited until the legal aid fiasco had been resolved? Is Sandra supposed to apply to the Chief Justice, Big Mac, or Theresa for money to defend herself and feed the dog?

    • Blue Dog says:

      No, no! Sandra is a lawyer!

      • Anonymous says:

        As Sandra has said many many times – she’s not a lawyer but she has a law degree.

        She’s working on her 4th degree now – her doctorate in Education!

  19. Dred says:

    This is a classic case of waste of time.

    They got the dog. Are you honestly going to waste the time of the courts to try this crap? HONESTLY NOW!! We are suffereing financially as a country and we are going to waste a judges time on this crap??

    Fundamentally this is what is wrong with us. We have people being hacked, Robbed, shot, raped and murdered and all we are seemingly willing to pursue is a stolen or not so stolen dog.

    WOW PeopleWOW!!!! Are we striving to find how low we can really go now? Just when I thought we had reached rock bottom someone breaks out a shovel and started to dig.


  20. Anonymous says:

    What is Theft ??

    The definition of Theft according to the Penal Code is: Theft is the dishonest appropriation of property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other (owner) of it.

    Can you be charged with Theft if you come about property innocently ?? Yes you can. If you find property (something tangiable) and you take no action to report it to the police or locate the owner, then deal/handle with the property as your own, that amounts to the offence of Theft.

    If you find property (eg. a dog, cat, money, bicycle, jewelry, etc) innocently, but upon finding it, the owner now approaches you and demands/request for the property to be returned, and you refuse, that is Theft. If you adapt the mentality (finders keepers) then you are in breach of the law and is guilty of Theft.

    Although I don’t know the full facts of this case, but if Sandra found this dog, told everyone what she had found, including in the media or on the social networking sites, (Facebook) took it to a Vet for medical treatment that it was in need of, there is no way will she ever be convicted of Theft by a Magistrate, Judge or Jury in the Cayman Islands.

    Tell me, "Dosen’t the Police or the Legal Department" ever consider what is clearly known as "In the interest of Public Justice" anymore ???

    This case appears to be an absolute waste of time and money for the tax payers of the Cayman Islands. Try arresting, charging and prosecuting the robbers, drug/gun runners, murderers and those who create havoc in society which me and you try to peacefully live in. 

  21. Right ya so says:

    Good God!  don’t you lot have something better to do – like catching crooks, thieves and murderers????

    This is the height of ridiculousness!!!!! I’m frightened to go out at night and the cops are ******* chasing down a woman and a dog – my God we must be the laughing stock of the Caribbean and the rest of the world…and we’re governed by a madman!

  22. Leianne THE OWNER says:
    I am the Owner of the dog Ms. Catron is being charged with theft for.Her name is Delilah Bush as printed on the metal dog-tag that was on her collar .My name and number were also on Delilah’s dog-tag!
    On the afternoon of the day that she went missing my mother, brother, and I walked and drove around the ENTIRE neighborhood with Delilah’s sister (my mother’s dog) calling for and looking for her. We stopped and talked to several people we saw out in their yards or doing construction on new homes. NOBODY had seen her! 
    Now let me state a couple of things regarding the allegations made by Ms. Catron.
    Theft is when you knowingly obtain someone’s property with the intent to keep it.
         In the space of two weeks of Ms. Catron finding Delilah she did the following:
            a. Micro chipped Delilah – shame on the vet (or whomever) that did this without proper documentation of ownership!
            b. Shaved Delilah ( the day she found her) – perhaps to conceal or identity….hmmmmm
            c. spent hundreds of dollars on books and other things for Delilah.(within 4 days of having her)
            d. had her spayed – an unnecessary surgery as this had been done when Delilah was only "however many months old"
    In my opinion Ms. Catron’s actions show that she had no real intention of returning Delilah and there are no records of her ever making any attempt to do so.
    When my husband and I went to collect Delilah from Ms. Catron she provided us with receipts for outrageous amounts of money that she had spent on her within the 14 days she was in her custody. She stated that in order for her to return Delilah to her we would have to pay her back. I then calmly walked back ACROSS THE STREET to our home and called the police. Ms. Catron refused to turn over Delilah to the officer(s) when they arrived and barricaded herself in the house. The police have since then worked on returning Delilah, and have taken each step "strictly by the book" to make sure that they did everything correctly as was advised by their legal department.
    In my opinion this did not have to happen, and should not have had to come to this. I do not feel that this was ever about doing a good deed. I have all of the paperwork for all of Delilah’s vet visits and although she may have been in need of a good shampooing, she was not neglected in any way!
    On a final note, Delilah is not just our pet but she is a member of our family.My children miss her very much and thanks to the police, justice will finally be served.
    A special thanks to Officer Joliette Conolly and Inspector Ian Yearwood for all of the help. 
    Leianne Daykin-Bush
    • Anonymous says:

      As someone with many of years of law enforcement experience in the past and arrested and convicted many criminals for Theft, if what the owner is saying is the truth and nothing but the truth, there is a "prima facie" case here to be answered. (An offence known to law has been committed and the person alleged, have likely committed the offence)

      If the dog had a tag on it’s collar with the owners name and telephone number, then after finding the dog innocently, you have an obligation by law to call the police or the owner. If you failed/refused to do this, had a vet install a mico-chip into the dog to now indicate that you are the rightful owner, that is Theft. According to law, "you dishonestly appropriated" the property (dog) by assuming to be the righful owner and dealing with the property as your own. Sandra has a law degree, I’m sure she was taught that at the Cayman Islands Law School.   


      For an offence of Theft/Handling Stolen Goods to be committed, two ingredients are necessary, (Actus Rea) Guilty Act and (Mens Rea) Guilty Mind. If either one of them is missing, no offence of Theft/Handling has been committed, as it’s not a strict liability offence where only a guilty action is necessary to commit the offence. (eg. speeding, careless driving etc etc)

      If Sandra had wanted to be refunded for any cost associated with the care of the dog while it was in her possession, (micro chip excluded) then thatis civil and she would have to sue in a civil court to be reimbersed if the rightful owners refused to pay.

      Very interesting case. It’s clear that the police did take legal advice while conducting their investigation and I do know both investigating officers very well, whom I consider to be competent investigators.

      On the other hand, wouldn’t it be really nice if the RCIPS arrested and charged the Robbers, Machete Hackers, Murderers, Rapist, Drug/FirearmTraffickers, the same as this alleged case of Theft of a dog. 

    • Concerned Caymanian0331 says:

      Months ago my poodle was "stolen", while she was outside our apartment taking a pee. After I got her back, I found out that he was around our apartment for awhile just watching her, and was hoping to get her for his girlfriend!

      He had her for about a month or more. The same day he took her, he went and spent a FORTUNE at Animal House, on books, toys, beds [R.C.I.P. gave me the reciept which he provided]. He didn’t try to fix her- she’s already sorted. So that saved him a penny!

      Thanks to Cayman’s marl road and members of my family, we heard about who had her and found out where he was, we asked the Police to go and get her. They DID! (thanks R.C.I.P.) and returned her to me. The next day, he calls me [he still has her collar and tag, with our names and address] and tells me he is going to the GT Police Station because he needs to see to it that I repay him for everything he bought for her, and for him giving her a bath.

      Of course I was upset, and kindly told him how much of a thief he was, and told him why exactly I called him a thief –she wore her TAGS, my name and numbers wereon there [which came in handy when he needed his money back], he should have returned her from the first day she was "missing" if he had no intentions of keeping her right?!

      Up to this day he has not called back, has not returned the tags [got new ones, so thats cool], and hasn’t gotten his money back. I didn’t press charges against him by the way- should have though!

      I don’t care, EVERYONE, XXXX should be charged with dog theft where it’s due. So what if it’s "just a dog"?! XXXXXX

      We might not get a chance to take EVERY single knot out, or give it a bath EVERY weekend, but we LOVE our pets and that doesn’t give you or anybody else the right to pick um up and do as you feel!


      Signed, Swinkies’ Mom

    • Anonymous says:

      Mrs Leianne, I really do feel for you and the kids but do you believe that you and Mrs. Catron has taken this thing a little bit too far…if you both ask me, you both were right and wrong.  Mrs. Cantron actually did the right thing by taking up a stray dog and providing needly care for it.  What she really failed to do was to notify the police of anyone missing a dog…but whatever happen to a thank you?  Mrs. Leianne no disrespect to you but your dog could had went into the road and had been killed by a car that day if it wasn’t for Mrs. Cantron actions that day.  Mrs. Cantron was also wrong for  asking you to pay for all the expense that she spent on your dog because you never put a gun to her head to do it. 

        I know you did the right thing by going to the police to report your dog missing, I would had done the same…but for Gods sake did you all had to go this far?  A simple thank you and here is your dog back would had made everything worthwhile.  People where is our sense of values and respect for each other gone to these days?   The R.C.I.P was right in doing their job, but was also wrong in charging this good samartian with theft.  Instead they needed to make you all resolved your issues like human beins.  Something so simple never had to turn out this way…whatever happen to our neigbourly love and act of kindness?

  23. Anonymous says:

    We dont need this story to show that the police are are unfit to police the cayman islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      A white/greyish terrier was stolen from a car on 9th March during the day from Kirk Supermarket’s parking lot.  Someone saw the whole situation.  Then when the dog-owner came out & walked up to her car, the witness started explaining how they’d seen her dog being "lifted". However the dog-owner was so distraught and went to pieces that she can’t remember a word the witness said. So, if u heard of anyone talking about this situation that knows anything about a dog taken from that area, pls call 945-5842 (the owner) and also make a police report (but make sure to take another person with you to the police station, otherwise u might get charged for taking the dog!) A reward’s being offered by the dog-owner.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sandra, sorry you are having to endure this journey.  Especially, for what seems like a case that could have been settled out of courts.  The flip-side is this: the courts should be viewed as the place where we get to speak or piece and lay it all on the table.  The prayer is that a jury of your peers will hear and believe your case.  Wish you well with this my fellow caymanian-sister.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wonder if anyone seen a white/greyish terrier being stolen out of a car parked at Kirk’s Supermarket around midday 9th March?  Pls call 945-5842 if u know anything about this.  Dog answers to name of "Jinger". Another shopper walked up to explain to the owner that they’d seen the dog being extracted from her car.  However, the owner got so distressed she didn’t pay any attention to what was being said & went to pieces & didn’t get the phone number of the person who was trying to impart the information nor the description of the thief.  So, if you’re that person who saw the thief & was trying to impart this information to the owner, kindly call 945-5842 then also pls make a police report explaining what/who you saw.  MAKE SURE U CARRY A WITNESS WITH U WHEN U GO TO POLICE!! (Or, you’ll hear say it was u who stole the dawg!)


  25. Anonymous says:

    I remember her talking about this on Rooster.  People that take on the responsibility of animals need to take care of them.  As a citizen of these islands I do not want to see our money wasted on cases such as this. 

  26. Anonymous says:

    My precious

  27. MCF says:

    The Chief Veterinary officer doesn’t even see dogs, except for optional rabies vaccinations;  he tends to large animals.

  28. Richard Wadd says:

    In Jamaica they have an expression,  ‘Sorry for mawga-dawg, it turn ’round and bite you’. 

     However, in this case it doesn’tapply. What might be more relevant is, ‘Play with fire, and you will get burnt’.

     In your quest for what is Just and Right for the people of these Islands, you have stepped on a few toes. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those toes are ‘stepping-back’.

    The moral of this? 

     "Those who are willing to Stand and Sacrifice themselves for a ‘Cause’, are often Sacrificed by the very people they stand for, and not those whom they stand against".


  29. Anonymous says:

    Dear Police,

    Thank you for your commendable service at keeping our Islands safe.

    Dog snatchers are the worst criminals in our society.

    Thank you for focusing your efforts on taking these dangerous criminals off the street.

    I can now sleep with my windows open again.

    Yours truly,

    The General Public

  30. Anonymous says:

    Is the RCIPS serious? I mean are they REALLY serious? This is an insult to everyone in Cayman. Stopping people because of tint EVERYDAY, i mean where does this end? How about try solving the numerous robberies or crimes put some effort in there and stop bypassing the REAL many serious issues going on here. Its almost like if you are trying to distract the people and that is even more insulting. Im not happy at all. This is just crazy.

    • Bobby Anonymous says:

      You don’t get it do you? The law is the law!! Break it or make it!

  31. Beachboi says:

    I thought I had heard it all!!!  What a travesty of justice that the RCIPS and the legal department should waste their time proceeding against this woman!!  And to think that only yesterday I was telling an acquaintence how bad a rap that the poice get when they are doing the best that they can with the tools that they have available.  This lady should conter sue for defamation of character!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Taken from the Police web site:


    I have found a dog, what should I do?

    First, you must notify the police within 24 hours of finding a dog. If the dog has a tag, contact the Department of Agriculture to locate the owner. The Department of Agriculture and local veterinarians can check the animal for a microchip. If the owner can not be found, also contact the Humane Society informing them of the found dog. You then have two options: If you wish to keep the dog, you must wait 7 seven days for an owner to come forward. If the dog remains unclaimed, then he/she is yours! If you do not wish to keep the animal or find it a home, then turn the animal over to the Department of Agriculture’s Animal Rescue Shelter or the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

    My neighbour’s dogs are continuously barking, what should I do?

    Determine what may be causing the barking. Do the dogs bark at strangers, or bark out of boredom or hunger? Is the barking sporadic or continuous? If you feel the dogs are barking due to unsatisfactory environmental conditions, such as constantly tied or restrained, no shelter or food, then call the Department of Agriculture’s AnimalWelfare Officer on 947-3090. If the dogs bark when their owners are out, then speak to your neighbours first and give them the benefit of the doubt to resolve the issue. If the issue is not resolved, then call the police as the noise can be considered an offence according to the Towns and Communities Law.

    If Sandra is telling the truth, she has done everything according to the law… and more.  I added the section about dogs barking as it offered an alternative if she had concerns about cruelty or neglect with the previous owners.

    • Anonymous says:

      Police, since your own website declares (wrongly I might add, but what more do we really expect of you)  that the dog now belongs to Sandra since she had it for more than 7 days, XXX are you thinking? Or… is this banana republic corruption at its best – you know, upset a politician, the police come after you. 


    • Ilene Phipps says:

      Our dog, Devante, went missing around noon today in the Shedden Road / Funky Tangs area.  He looks a lot like the dog in Sandra’s arms but of course that isn’t him. He’s a white with black Shih Tsu, 11 years old and needs medication for his eyes twice a day. We’ve been searching high and low.  If anyone finds him please call us on 525-8980 525-6564 or 949-4525.  Thanks!

      • Ilene Phipps says:

        I am happy to report that our dog, Devante, has been found this afternoon.  He was in a house in the Swamp area of GT, and had been well cared for.  Thank you to everyone who was concerned for him and helped us search.

  33. Anonymous says:

    If people would microchip their pets there would be fewer missing pets and no question as to the legitimate ownership!

  34. Anonymous says:

    whoa … and how much will all this cost the CI Government?

  35. M.McLaughlin says:


    I am quite the dog lover myself and the owner of two beautiful dogs who area big part of our family at home. Of course I love them but to be honest, I can say that I love them enough to do the right thing.
    If I found a dog and rescued it and neutered it and in this case spent money on it and the owners found me with the dog, well I would do one thing……GIVE IT BACK TO THE OWNERS!!!
    Girl have you lost your mind!!!! This is someone else’s dog!! Someone I might add probably has kids who miss that dog.   If it’s the matter of funds you spent, if it is that important to you to get it back, workout a payment plan with the owners and give the dog back.  I am pretty sure he was in a state when you found him and you needed to spend money to nurse him back to health that is what happens to dogs that are lost and starving for a few days.
    I have always been taught that you do things for people, in your case, a dog, out of the goodness of your heart and do it without expecting anything in return. I have not only learnt from what I have been taught but, I live by it!!
    Don’t turn it into a political police thing…the right thing to do is give the dog back to the owners. The police have enough on their hands sorting out other issues with our island.
  36. Haggard says:

    Seeing how Cayman is a Christian nation, I guess we have no choice but to cut the dog in half, as the Bible instructs in such cases.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is an example of the nonsense people say, when rather than seeking to understand, look for things to criticize.   

      For those who are not aware this post is alluding to the biblical story where two women in Jerusalem went to see King Solomon to sort out their problem. The problem was that each woman had a baby during the date but one of the babies died. The mother of the dead baby, very quietly, changed her dead baby for the other woman’s baby.  Each woman claimed the live baby as their own. Solomon had to decide who was telling the truth. Solomon told a soldier to cut the baby in half so each mother could have a part of the baby. The real mother pleaded for the king not to hurt the baby but would rather give it to the other woman, but the other woman agreed for the baby to be cut in half. Solomon in his famed wisdom recognized that the real mother would  seek to protect her child at all costs that therefore gave the baby to the one who was prepared to give it up. There are a number of lessons that we can draw from that but none of them is that where ownership of a living being is uncertain you must cut the living being in half so that each claimant may have part.  


  37. Caymanian 2 D Bone says:

    You can hear some S*** with all the other serious issue ,

    " DOGKNAPPERS"       

    RCIP- Your Priority List

    1) Murderers & Unsolved Murders-  Perserve & Protect Life

    2) DRUGS & GUNS – Money spent already on  (BOATS, Helicopter, etc) are they worth the money spent on them? We’ll see what you use them for..

    3) ROBBERY & other crimes-

    but not on your list "DOG KNAPPING"


  38. Cayman Gone says:

    We got gun shots firing from all directions of our island, arm robberies, threats against officials…..and authorities are concerned with a citizen rescuing a health deprived dog? nooo man!! comeon now!!

  39. Had the chance says:

    I have listened to this issue on the radio.  While making no comment on the possible innocence or guilt of Ms. Catron, it does seem that a properly minded person interested in public service would have not taken a stance that has wasted so much police time.

  40. pet lawyer says:

    What a caper this is RCIPS Go through finally got somebody high up!

  41. Anonymous says:

    I need some clarification, are the Police filing the charges or are the charges being filed by the owners?  If so then the Police are only doing their jobs.  Also if the dog was in such a state that the vet would file in his report that the animal was mistreated are the owners going to be charged with animal abuse?  Who would file those charges?

    Lastly its quite hilarious that the Police would not accept the medical report from Dr. Benjamin because he isn’t the offical vet of the Cayman Islands.  Some people really can’t think outside the box they are ticking and it is Police Officers like those that give the rest of the RCIPS a bad name.  Not all of the RCIPS is incompetent there are a few bad apples that tarnish the image of the entire group.