Take a 13% pay cut

| 22/03/2010

(Times Online): Good morning. Here is the news. Because of the budget deficit, shrinking economy and untenable level of national debt, all public service salaries will be cut by an average of 13.5 per cent, with immediate effect. The charges will appear on your payslip as “government levy”, and will apply to frontline public workers in health, education, transport and local services and also to MPs, Ministers of State and the Attorney-General.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Obviously you people are forgetting that not all civil servants get huge pay checks, that just like you some are hardworking, honest and ambitious. That just like you they want opportunities and are working towards gaining a meaningful career or life.  That just like you they have children to feed and school fees to pay and are single parents etc. So shut up, instead of always hating on one another why don’t one of you XXXXX try and come up with a positive solution instead of always talking XXXX.

  2. tired says:


    To which real worlds are you referring?
    Is it the one where financial executives ruin an entire industry and a global economy be being complete crap at their jobs while being highly compensated  then after everything has crashed down  are still given bags of money.
    Then best yet they put on their smarty pants and are instant economic advisor to governments and fiscal responsibly.
    Yes we civil servants need to live in that world. Instead of the one where no matter how good  you are at your job and how many people you help because some politician/ chief officer want hire his “bobo or teedee”( naturally they need to be paid well too) instead of promoting or rewarding existing you can never get a salary increase.
    There are a lot of problems with the CI Civil Service including that woman teaching your kid to read and write has never received a dime increase and NEVER will
    Please stop casting all with the same light. The well paid civil servants are all at the top and while the public is crying for cuts and you can bet your bottom dollar the chief officers and politicians will never decrease and guess what they aint gonna cut their flunkies either.  
    BTW: I am not sure as I have never been to emerald isle yet I am guessing that the cost of living is nowhere near as high for basic essentials as in Cayman.
    • frank rizzo says:

      Where’s Emerald Isle? I may need to check that out.  Anyway, I’m not in your shoes but I sympathise with your plight.

  3. Thankful Again says:

    Surely you are not a part of community or country!  Surely you are only here to overtly declare the intention of some: to destroy our country.  Surely your only goal with this nonsense is for an imploding of our country.

    Surely you have no understanding of economics and the concept of tickle down.  Surely, you are self-centered and motivated by an ulterior senister motive.  Surely, you must be trying to indirectly influence the process and at the same time support the unelected Minister of Finance from the FinancialServices Assn., the spews and regurgitations of the Miller/Shaw report.

    What a pile of rubbish…if I ever heard it. 

    • frank rizzo says:

      No, I would say she is not.  The article was published in The Times Online, a UK publication.

      Libby Purves worked for some years for BBC Radio 4, as a reporter and a presenter on the Today programme and, since 1983, has presented Midweek. She joined The Times as a columnist in 1990. She received an OBE in 1999 for her services to journalism and was Columnist of the Year in the same year. In her spare time she writes bestselling novels. Her opinion column appears in the The Times on Mondays

    • Patricia X says:

      Cayman is not a country.

  4. Joe Bananas says:

    And because of the inability of government to understand the problem this will not solve the problem at all but will spread the misery. Please do not ask/pay for more help if you do not have the ability to do what is necessary.

    Cayman leaders you are truly pathetic.  Your names will go down in history as the ones who destroyed all things Caymanian.

  5. Soso says:

    Yeah Libby,

    Include Civil Servants making below 3000!  How cruel and wicked!

  6. Dred says:

    PS I know this is rubbish. They can not cut their salaries. They will have to do layoffs.

  7. Dred says:

    I vote for the Attorney General taking a 99.9% pay cut since he doesn’t do much anyways.

    • Pess. E. Mist says:

      Might I be so bold as to add the Financial Secretary or whatever that position is these days in to that pay cut bracket please?

  8. Anonymous says:

    civil service.. welcome to the real world!

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course in the real world businesses that make cut backs may also have to face the reality of cutting back on services offered or hours of operation. You can reduce payroll by reducing the hours employees work or by outsourcing.

      Now is an opportunity for the public to express what they feel is a priority. Which services can government eliminate? Which services can government reduce?

      In the not-too-distant future will we hear this?:

      — "Thank you for calling to report a fire. Due to budget cutbacks our new automated call taking system has been installed to assist you.

      If a house is burning, press 1. If a car is burning press 2. If brush is burning, press 3. If you aren’t sure what is burning, press 4.

      You pressed 1. If this is correct, press the pound sign.

      Your pressed 1. I’m sorry, the system was unable to process your call. Please hang up and try again. Good-bye."



      • CS says:

        Yep you need 6,000 government emplyees to answer a phone. One upside will be that an automated sustem won’t kiss it’s teeth at you for disturbing them during work hours.

        Actually in the private sector there has been no cutting back on service, the private sector employees just have to work harder and longer hours for less pay to provide a better service at a fraction of the cost.

        I feel sorry for those services that you pay to deal with the CS on your behalf, like getting your car licenced etc. If the CS improves then they probably won’t be need any more.

        The fact that these services are so successful really shows how bad the CS currently are

        • Willy says:

          Oh, really? Could you name which company has not only not cut back on services, i.e., amount of work produced, but whose employees are doing so for less pay and working longer hours to boot, all while providing abetter service than they did previosuly. I’d really like to go head hunt the oompa loompas in that factory for my buissiness.

          • CS says:


            Just look at any company in the financial services sector, most have had redundancies but still have the same or even more clients thatn previously.

            I myself are now working around an 80 hour week and get paid for 40 hours of it as do my colleagues.

            Why? the work is there and needs to be done and you know the one slacking off will be the next for the chop.

            Welcome to the real world where you work effort matters to your career