Police put out ‘APB’ for ‘special’ people

| 24/03/2010

(CNS): The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service is currently looking for volunteers to join the Special Constabulary. ‘Specials’, as they are known, are expected to dedicate a minimum of 20 hours every month to the RCIPS and work alongside regularofficers on foot and mobile patrol duties. Anyone interested in finding out more is invited to the RCIPS open house this Saturday. Posts are open to people from all walks of life. Applicants must be aged between 18 and 50 years, be physically fit and have no criminal convictions. If not Caymanian they must have lived and worked in the Cayman Islands for a minimum of two years.

The event will take place at the RCIPS Training Centre in Governor’s Square, will start at 10.00am on Saturday, 27 March, and finish at 1.00pm. Many of the men and women who already volunteer will be available to answer questions and discuss the opportunities available in the RCIPS Special Constabulary. Currently there are 85 Special Constables in the RCIPS and the force is looking for new recruits to swell the ranks.

“You don’t have to have any specific skills to become a special constable, just a real desire to make a difference in the communities we serve,” said Inspector Peter McLoughlin of the RCIPS Training Department. “We currently have housewives, doctors, pilots and car mechanics who give up their own time to come out and work with us. They all play a very important part in the RCIPS team and make a huge contribution to keeping our communities safe.”

Application forms will be available at the Training Centre on Saturday. The closing date for applications is 23 April.

Applicants who meet the selection criteria will be expected to pass a physical test, a written test and take part in an interview before their appointment will be confirmed. The next training class for special constables will begin as quickly as possible following the completion of the recruitment process.

Anyone who cannot make it along to the event on Saturday can call the Commandant of the RCIPS Special Constabulary, Richard Harris, for further information. He can be contacted on 916-3344 or rwh@candw.ky

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I see a lot of these criminals hanging around in parking lots and night clubs. A friend of mine was approached by a tall young man who offered the services of two Honduran girls for $1000. He refused politely and went on his way. It is really sad to see Cayman turning into a demoralized society.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Special constables, please don’t waste time and resources

    we need the UK arm forces NOW ASAP



  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s quite a big ask to expect people to to put their lives on the line daily for no compensation. I used to be a special officer in the UK, because I enjoyed the work and doing my bit for society but couldn’t afford the pay cut to join the police full time. The only action I needed to worry about was a few fisticuffs. Here the police can expect to spend most of their time ridiculously under-armed and staring down the barrel of a gun.

    It appears that all the locals here carry either a firearm or a machete as standard practice. The anti expat sentiment would also worry any foreign person considering joining up as they know if they were to upset a Caymanian criminal they would somehow find themselves on the next plane home.

  4. Sole Provider says:

    Great Idea Mr. Police Commissioner.

    While many are willing to volunteer, some of us may be better suited for other areas of government that need to swell their numbers to help combat crime.

    We can only hope the Customs department and Immigration department heads will follow your lead and offer similar programs. Additional customs searches and immigration enforcement operations will serve to detect and prosecute crime, deter crime and raise revenue through hefty fines for the perpetrators.  

    I think the fire service is well staffed for now…no need for "specials" there.


  5. Anonymous says:

    Do they allow "Specials" to do undercover work?

    I don’t look good in dark pants with a blue stripe, but I’m prepared to dress in my own clothes and investigate those bars with topless dancing where the police are having trouble gaining timely access.

    I would be fiscally prudent and not drink any more than two beers per hour on the government’s tab. I would also limit my intake to no more than eight beers per night so that I don’t get drunk and then jump in some pool and blab like that Tempura guy.

    I haven’t done any police work before, but I believe that I would have to visit these clubs a couple of nights per week for a few months before they would accept me as a "regular" and not be suspicious when I start taking a few pictures with my cellphone camera.

    Can someone send me a coded message to say where undercover "Specials" should go to join?

    • Mamma Mia! says:

      Would you also like turtle meat with your drink while you do undercover work?  bTW,  undercover of what?

  6. Anonymous says:

    My criminal record! There you go again! You already have disqualified half of Kman. Thanks! Ex Criminals may be your best bet for help but since you are always putting them down then keep combating with them.

    • Anonymous says:

      Idiot, of course they don’t want criminals joining the police. The have enough in there already that are corrupt and unethical.

      We need to get a few honest, hard working people in there, not some criminals who want to get in and use the position to gain power.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I intend to go along onSaturday and sign up.

    Time for everyone to lend a hand to get the crime rate down. Everyone says something should be done to get the crime down – here is your chance.

  8. Scott says:

    Mr. Bains:

    I agree with my fellow ‘old people’.. reconsider that age 50 limit.  You can still reject us if we don’t pass the physical but if we do….why pass up on the added years of knowledge and experience that we can bring to the table?

    And for the person below who suggests that the answer to our problems is to arm all the police…..  Well Jamaica has a fully armed police force, how has that worked out for them?

    I remember well a visit to the Kingston airport where one officer was carrying a machine pistol with a reversible clip and his buddy had a garden variety assault rifle.  Assault rifle guy’s muzzle was wandering back and forth as he chatted with the taxi drivers (often pointing directly at people) and machine pistol guy seemed to be having trouble keeping his weapon in his holster and kept adjusting it.  And while I can tell you that Cayman’s armed police support unit is far more professional in the handling of their weapons (at least the ones I have seen) it is still a bad thing for tourists to come to a Caribbean Island and see police roaming the streets in flack jackets and carrying assault rifles.  It makes them nervous and it does nothing to control the criime.  More visible police is a good start, and adding "specials" to bulk up the visibility is a good thing.

    I have to stop writting now, as I am so old I need to have a nap…..


  9. Anonymous says:

    Ha!  What a joke, I volunteered when I was under 50 just after the hurricane and I was told they did not need any special constables, yet everyday on the radio were appeals for the cops to show up to work!

    Well now I am 51 and even more useless according to them.  I live in Windsor park and regularly walk,  I see kids with drugs, but I am powerless to do anything.  By the time I report it to the cops they are long gone!

  10. Twyla Vargas says:

    Yes I do agree with bloggers,"Age discrimination"  is right,  Because, there are many ex service men and women who are in better physical shape than many fat serving police officers.  Come on now ……………………………………….

    Living two years on the Island can sign up?    Hear we go again……………….

    We are used to the old trick whereby expatriates are encouraged to work volunteer just to get a foot in the door, hen two foot andthen a permanent position.  We know bout dat too.    Give ex police officers, retirees who ar able to help achance to see what they can o, because rigt now the young active police offiers need all the help and emcouragement they can get.   Put the young ones out on the street,  Ex police, service men, fire men customs immigration can assist with office proceedures, phone, stores, internt fax, and evenhaving coffee  and donoughts ready for officers too buisy to get a meal.   Think think. think.

    • Anne Bonny says:

      Ah,  Ms. Vargas,  I think you should check your info first.  The Eligibility and Service Requirements has detailed information to be eligible as Specials..

      It’s not a matter of expats tricking the CI Government so they could put their foot/feet in for a chance to be able to get a permanent position .  Although  I think if they are qualiied and no suitable Caymanian applied,  why not?

      The first paragraph shows:

      1.  Caymanians –  includes those who have been granted Status

      2.  Holders of Permanent Residence

      3.  Holders of Residency and Employment Rights Cetificates

      So for the first three –  their feet are already in.

      4.  Work Permit Holders who have lived ……. not less than 2 years  and ( here’s the impt. part)  –  not more than 5 years.  

      So there you are.  So those who have lived and worked here for more than 5 years cannot use this volunteer work as a door opening.

      Except for these,  you are mostly right, tho.  Can we just stop the expat bashing as it’s not a bed of roses they’re volunteering to,  they are also putting their own sweet life in the line of fire so you can sleep.



      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Anne Bonny,  maybe you do not  realize it,  but  my information is correct from living in Cayman all my life and being a very good watch dog  So, Please!!!  Dont even go there,……I am not bashing expatriate, and if I was I would blog under the name Anne Bonny just like you do.

        It is a dirty job of  having to keep  watch on everyone.s backside, but somenodys got to do it..

      • an Expat Not Wearing a Bullseye says:

        Interesting exchange. Clearly Twyla does not want expats providing free policing services to the Island. 

        I expect the expats would probably be equally reluctant to put themselves between the Caymanian killers and their Caymanian targets, when they can’t have bullet-proof jackets or guns to defend themselves.  The whole program merely tells the C-Killer to bring a couple extra bullets to the scene of the crime, so they can murder the unarmed expat unpaid-rent-a-cop as well.

        Given that Twyla thinks I am just expat scum here to rip off her country, and that she really can’t wait to see the back-side of me getting on the plane home, I can’t see volunteering to put my unprotected body between her and her C-Killer cousin from West Bay.

        Cayman made these killers.  Let Caymanians go stand in front of them.

        • Twyla Vargas says:

          There is no need to fire off at me, I do not feel the way you are thinking, but trust me expatriate,……………. Cayman know who  Twyla Vargas is,  I am far from being an  "Expat. not  wearing  a Bulls Eye."    I do not have a C-Killer Cousin in West Bay, as to you suggest in your comments,  but if I was you I would be careful  of     "squeezing limes."  Sometimes they can make  bitter lemonaide. Trust me.

  11. A Guy says:

    Just a thought, but wouldn’t it be an idea to have the "Specials" running the road blocks (with at least one full time officer present) or manning the speed traps or taking over the supervision of suspects once they are safely in custody?

    This at least would allow the full time officers, with more experience to get back out and attend to the more serious crimes that are affecting these islands.

    As I said, just a thought, but as we appear to be under policed at the moment, perhaps this would free up time for our full time officers to keep up more of a presence in the community’s that are suffering.

  12. Anon says:
    What I find interesting is that when a given crime takes place, we can see hundreds of posts on this forum, all berating police for lack of competence, lack of interest, or one of the many other things people feel like criticizing them for on any given day. Many of these people are what we would describe as ‘keyboard warriors,’ or ‘armchair critics.’ They watch CSI Miami and cops, and all of a sudden they think they are a detective, they criticize, but never do anything to try and help (its much easier to just sit on your backside criticizing than doing something constructive).
    We now have a situation where the RCIP are looking for volunteers, and how much interest is there? Well not much if the one lonely post is anything to go by for this thread. It just goes to show how many on this website are willing to criticize the RCIPS, but few to none of them are willing to get off their backsides, put all that experience they gained from CSI Miami into practice, and join up. What a bunch of cowards.
  13. Anonymous says:

    "Age disdrimination!!!!"


    Age "disdrimination" indeed…

  14. John Evans says:

    The ‘under 50’ requirement is something new. Particularly in view of the fact that a number of the officers, including the SIO, sworn in as Special Constables to run Operation Tempura/Cealt were over that age limit.

    My application for the Specials (backing by a glowing commendation from my employer!) was accepted at the beginning of 2008 – at that time I was 57 and probably a damn sight more capable of doing the job than many of the younger applicants.

    I had heard that CoP Baines plans for the RCIPS were akin to reinventing the wheel – this tends to confirm it.

  15. Anonymous says:

    There are lots of unemployed people, who love our country, and should be willing and able to assist.

    We need them more than ever.

    • Anonymous says:

      Unemployed people should really use their energy to find fulltime work, this is a call for volunteers.

  16. anony says:

    An APB for special people to work alongside Police would seem fit and in order and I agree you need the help. But I have a question, why do you need civilians to risk their lives when you have hired a police force already who should be taking up the responsibility of protecting the community.And may I add all these officers should be ‘ARMED" since we live in a society of criminals on the attack that are unquestionably armed and dangerous!

    Since These criminals are armed and dangerous. What comfort is the RCIP commissioner offering to protect these volunteer APB

    There ought to be a 100% fully armed police force and anything less you the commissioner is fooling yourself and making a fool out of the RCIP if you think the soft approach is going to work you are mistaken. They are in contempt of all your speeches to bring them in. You are dealing with ruthless gangsters and we expect the commissioner to execute and enforce RCIP service that is also armed and dangerous in the eyes of the criminal.

    This will send a message THAT YOU AT LEAST IS ‘PREPARED"

    • Rorschach says:

      Whilst I agree that the soft approach to dealing with criminals has had a disastrous effect on the crime problem, It would be silly to think that all police officers should be armed.  Have you seen the way some police officers act??  Have you seen the display of macho BS that some of them display??  And you want to give them the power to have lethal force??

      Sorry, that is NOT the answer…equip a small elite group and give them the mandate of getting the streets cleaned up and crime down and safety and security up…That is what we should be screaming for…NOT British military or US Feds or anti gang police, etc. etc, etc…and these so called "hot spot teams" that ride around 10-15 officers in a convoy and screech up to a location..jump out and run around like a bunch of headless chickens…NOT EFFECTIVE!!  Just take a lesson from the story of the Old bull and the young bull…

  17. Anonymous says:

    Age disdrimination!!!!

    And why not over 50???? I bet I can run a ring or two around your guys and I’m well over that.

    How old do you need to be to direct traffic??

    I all ready am before you ask.