MLAs grill health minister

| 25/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman Legislative Assembly, Cayman Health news(CNS): Cabinet Minister and Bodden Town representative Mark Scotland faced a barrage of questions from his legislative colleagues on Wednesday morning concerning, among other topics, the current medical director of the HSA. During the parliamentary questions session Scotland admitted that Dr Greg Hoeksema’s contract had been renewed without advertising the post. He said, however, that while this was contrary to government policy the HSA was, given its position as an authority, able to act outside of that. He said he had issued a directive to prevent this happening again. The MLAs probed Scotland claiming there was a suitable Caymanian who has expressed interest in the job.

As the House opened for the fourth meeting of the 2009/10 session on 24 March, the probing of the minster was as a result of concerns by Ezzard Miller that there is a Caymanian qualified doctor with an MBA who was interested in the post. However, contrary to both government’s recruitment policies for public servants and the immigration policy, he was never offered an opportunity to interview when, Miller told CNS, he was amply qualified to do so.

During the exchange Miller asked the health minister what post graduate qualifications that the current medical director had in management or administration. After a long answer listing Hoeksema’s experience as a doctor at more than six naval hospitals, Miller pointed out that he had not asked about his experience but his qualifications. After a number of supplementary questions and a refusal to accept the minster’s official answer, Miller probed until Scotland said the role did not demand such a qualification and admitted the director does not currently have a postgraduate qualification in business or management administration.

During the exchange Miller also asked Scotland if the Cayman Islands Hospital was a naval facility, to which the minister noted the member knew the answer to that question. During the Q&A the minister stated that when the circumstances surrounding the renewal of the medical director’s contract was brought to hisattention he investigated the matter and was disappointed to learn that the contract renewal had not been advertised.

“Despite my disappointment that an open recruitment process was not done, I would like to take this opportunity to go on record and state that as Minister for Health I have not found any reason to ask the HSA to terminate the medical director’s contract or seek his resignation,” the minister told the House.

Miller also raised questions about what Hoeksema had done during his time, what clinical specialities he had and a number of other questions, including whether he was directly connected to the dismissal of an emergency medical technician as a result of the death of a patient through H1N1, which the minster denied. Opposition members Arden McLean and Alden McLaughlin joined the independent member, asking supplementary questions of the minister relating to the current medical director.

Anthony Eden, the former health minister, also asked Scotland an official question and enquired about the current policies of the HSA with regard to the recruitment of returning Caymanian medical professionals. The minster saidthe policy was to actively support and consider all of them if they wanted to work for the HSA.

He revealed that at present the HSA did not know how many Caymanians were out of the country studying and they were attempting to establish a database of information regarding qualified Caymanian health professionals.

Scotland was also grilled by Miller on issues relating to a proposal submitted by the Baptist Health System to the board of the Cayman Islands National Insurance Company (CINICO). Miller asked if government was considering Baptist as its third party administrator before issuing a request for proposal or advertising the desire for a third party administrator.

Scotland replied that the proposal was unsolicited and it was under consideration but that a request for proposal would also be issued. Asked if that would be influenced by the Baptist proposal, Scotland denied that would happen.

He also stated that the discussions with Baptist Health South Florida for a direct agreement with the hospital would not mean that CINICO members would have to use their services but that they would be optional. He said no decision had yet been made on Baptist or any other potential third party administrator.

The only minister questioned on Wednesday, Scotland was also quizzed on the state of the islands’ sports fields and asked what was happening by Alden McLaughlin, who said he had recently visited the Truman Bodden pitch and it was in a poor state of repair. Scotland said he was not aware the Truman Bodden pitch needed work and he would look into it. He said that since 2009 when the maintenance contracts lapsed, the company which had constructed the pitches, ARCP, was maintaining them at no cost.

The Legislative Assembly resumes its business this morning at 10:00 am.  

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The minister does not look confused at all in this picture. He is just smelling something bad and wondering if the sh#& hit the fan, and whether JonJon has been playing with the fan switch again.. or if it was Ezzard that turned on the fan.

  2. Anonymous turtle meat says:

    YOU ALL MISSED THE POINT.  ezzard is only doing what he should be doing.   he wanted to know why the post was not advertised like all other goverment jobs are. if a qualified caymanian applied for the job why he never got the chance to it that this man has some secrets for some of them.  is this the UDP goverment that promised to look out for caymanians not even a year ago.  boy you all fool me too.  i wish that the ppm had filed the challenged in time. i would have feel better if my vote was lost that way,not have these two useless things that do not know what they are doing, making my vote still lost.      but should we be surprised at what the udp do. the all follow the leader. remember if you sleep with dogs you will getv flees

  3. Anonymous says:

    interesting comments to this article so far.

    the minister needs to realise  that once in politics, be also strong enough to take critisism. In this case, The CEO of the HSA, Dr. Hoekesema and the Human Resources Manager of the HSa need to put at rest to this controversy by telling the peolple of their ignorance of the Govt. and Immigration policies of the Cayman Islands.

    There is nothig wrong in Mr Ezzard asking what appears to be silly questions. He has no other choice as the Minister was not anwering the questions put to him clearly and pertinently. The Minister should also be reprimanded by the Speaker for this attitude when asked questions in the LA.

    Dr.Hoeksema is not the Chief Medical Officer of Cayman, but the Medical Director of the HSA only. It is time he starts concentrating on his job responsibilities and not the newspapers etc. or Haiti.  He is being paid well for that job. He has a long  way to go before becoming Cayman’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta as in CNN

    A note for the Minister– he should correct the statement he made in the LA on this matter. The Medical Director job needs a post graduate qualification also  which contradicts the Ministers statement.


  4. whodatis says:

    Well – a qualified doctor with an MBA may not actually be the solution.

    The National Health Service (NHS) of the UK is choc-filled with managers, directors etc and they are in a mess over there – as a matter of fact – many feel that they are more of a hindrance than a help.

    I guess it is really down to the capabilities of the individual.

    Then again – look around the world today – the biggest, brightest and best educated minds were supposedly running the world to date, yet here we are in yet another economic crisis in 2010.

    Think I may do a career switch soon – perhaps buy a small boat, some "soldier fat" and a fishing line … looks like we’re all heading in that direction anyway.

  5. Right ya so says:

    Seriously now – surely the 1st thing the MLA’s should be dealing with is the crime because honestly if this crap continues there won’t be anyone left to run the friggin hospital – Caymanian or expat!!!

    All the MLA’s should hang their heads in shame when they collect their salary every month – not one of them is earning the money WE pay them. All these years they’ve coasted along & now when we need them to step up to the plate……. 

    I am disgusted by their shamelessness. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The country is going to Hell up a rat’s back side and these overpaid stupid MLAs are wasting public time and money fighting over the re-appointment of a man, who is without doubt the best thing that happened to the HSA since Lizzette Yearwood.

      For Gods sake wake up and do some real work for a change you useless idiots…

      • Anonymous says:

        It’s a shame Lizzette is only straightening the deckchairs on the HSA Titanic.

  6. Anonymous says:

    This island is a JOKE!!!

    Crime is through the roof.

    The economy is up the creek.

    The politicians are corrupt.

    The locals hate the expats.

    The expats hate the locals.

    Praying does not work.

    • Anonymous says:

      Some ‘locals’ love some ‘expats’.

      Some ‘expats’ love some ‘locals’.

      ‘Love’ is a much nicer word than ‘hate’.

  7. Whatever floats yer boat says:

    While they’re at it:  I would like them to do something about that tree in North Side that is hanging dangerously close to the road.  If a double decker bus ever goes down that road someone could be seriously injured.

    After that:  There’s the matter of that dog that barks all night and the black and white cat.

    I hope these are dealt with soon or I will be voting….I can’t remember who I voted for….but I’m going to vote for the other ones.

  8. slowpoke says:

    Ezzard is still mad at the UDP for not making him Chairman of the Board at the HSA – his birthright.

    Furthermore, as he was explaining on Rooster the other day, there is this issue of responsibility without authority. Unfortunately, that argument does not apply to this situation as the Minister does not appoint staff members. That authority rests with the Board and the CEO.

    So, do you want to fire these Caymanians for incompetence and breaking the law?

    • BORN FREE says:

      Why is this minister such an angry person? Why is he so defensive? Is there some kind of chip on his shoulder? He is the minister now, surely he must expect questionsfrom MLAs in the House? Why so combative? Does he have to act like Mc Bush at all times?

      • Twyla Vargas says:

        Born Free, The Minister of Health is also the Minister for the Distrct of Bodden Town, and residents of Cumber Ave, Bodden Town would like to know why is it that the Minister from this distrct is  building a second children.s park in CUMBER AVE. about  100 Yards from the HARRY McCOYS  children Park which was completed just year ago.   We have 15 kids in the avenue between Gun Square and Cumber.  So, why the un necessary  spendng.   Why dont they take the money and complete or begin to fix the flooding problem in the area.  Will someone please give me an un Political answer?   The residents are dying to know. Thank

  9. Anonymous says:

    M – Must

    I   – Insist

    L – Legislatures

    L – Lead

    E – Expat

    R – Removal

    Some people only have one priority.  The ONLY topic of importance these days is CRIME. I really am beginning to wonder, as one poster wrote, what is the link between government and crime? Why do they turn a blind eye? Why don’t they deal with this issue? Why can’t the police actually arrest anyone? Who really is in control of Grand Cayman? Is it me, or things are just not adding up?


  10. Anonymous says:

    Baptist spooking around again. High cost, good luck Cayman health system.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Get him Ezzard!

    If this is not proof that the UDP administration is does not care about us QUALIFIED Caymanians having high level jobs I don’t know else does.

    When a Caymanian applies for a job and just as or even more qualified than an expatriate….. A CAYMANIAN SHOULD HAVE THE JOB!



    All of us as Caymanians no just born Caymanians even those with Caymanian status should support our fellow people in obtaining this high positions.

    I am not anti expatriate people but I AM PRO-CAYMANIAN!

    • cross lady says:

      gosh the British National Party say something similar, except it’s "we are not racist, we’re pro-English!" 

      • Anonymous says:

        Excuse me lady, you have no idea what I am talking about!

        You clearly didn not get the point of my comment.

        You can be Pro-Caymanian without being anti-expatriate. They are two totally different things. Cayman needs expatriates to help the betterment of our Country that is a fact.But Cayman does not need some else from a another Country coming here to do the same job as a Caymanian.

        We are here to help the growth of our people first. When Caymanians are neglected in this who will they have to turn too?

        The socialservices, which then puts a strain on government because they would now have to give this qualified man money for the month to feed him and his family when he can be doing the same job as this man who is making monies in the range of $10,000 -$20,000 a month. That is foolishness plain and simple. This man came to our Island and did a job a quite good job, I may add. None the less he is taking away a job from a Caymanian now that this man is qualifed end of story.


      • Anonymous says:

        I don’t like this "cross lady" and I hate ignorance!

        Excuse me, please stop comparing us to other Courntries and especially to something that you don’t understand!

    • Anonymous says:

      How much do you wanna bet that all the people who have a thumbs down were either an Expat or a UDP?

      I bet my last dollar.

  12. Anonymous says:

    People, A doctor does not run the hospital!!! It is not abnormal for someone to have an MBA running a hospital. How many of you know that one of the concentrations that you can do with an MBA is Health Administration. There is certain knowledge that goes with doing certain things!!! If that wasnt the case, does the lanscaper that cuts the grass run the landscaping business?? NO!! Just because he may know about the grass etc, he doesnt run the business. Come one people wake up!!

    • Boston Tea Party says:

      And that is why we have Lissette Yearwood, a true blue Caymanian, running the business side of the hospital (doing a pretty good job in the face of a terrible mess), and a doctor as the medical director.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mark Scotland – the Law is the Law.  You are no different than the gangsters walking around shooting dead other wanna be gangsters. 

    Why bother to make Laws when you have no respect for them. A sin is still a sin.


    • Anonymous says:

      He got away with it before, his leader is always getting away with it, so why not continue pushing the envelope?

  14. A Concerned Caymanian says:

    The employment of Caymanians who are qualified is not considered nonsense and yes we do need to pay attention to all aspects of our country.

  15. Anonymous says:

    The Public Service Management Law allows for the renewal of senior officers’ contracts without re-advertisement if certain conditions are fulfilled (s.41(10) and Reg. 29 of the Personnel Regulations).  I expect the procedures were followed carefully.

    • Anonymous says:

      The PSML ! This is just something else to hide behind and it has proven it does more harm than good in Gr. Cay, just look at the finances and the process of reporting that it requires.

      Cayman is lawless. You can do anything that you want and get away with it. Its all a trickle down effect and if the Govt can get away with it, what do you think the criminals are thinking?

      • Anonymous says:

        Thurs 15:20. You don’t even know the difference between the PMFL and the PSML. You use the latter when you mean the former.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but are Authorities consider PS? It seems to change depending on the situation.

      It would appear in this situation that HSA are PS. Same CRAP, different day. the HSA "leadership" know how to play the game people (most have been there for decades). Hoeksema will soon qualify for PR so this will be a distant memory. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Personnel in the HSA are NOT governed by the PSML.

  16. Anonymous says:

    We Caymanians are so caught in politics that we forget what it means to be fair and call a spade a spade.

    Minister Scotland did not appointed Dr. Hoeksema; he was appointed prior to his coming to government, therefore the lack of qualification on Dr. Hoeksema’s part (as per Mr. Miller) is not the current minister’s fault; it would have been the fault of the former board chairman; Pastor Al Ebanks, with the blessings of the former health minister.  Furthermore it was under the former minister charge that the Caymanian was told he needed further training/qualification – the qualification that this current minister revealed is not necessary for the job.

    As most of us should know the H.S.A. is an authority and is headed by a CEO who makes the decision then reports to the board who report to the Minister; and as the Minister made it clear that after finding out that the proper procedures were not followed he  issued directive to the H.S.A. to ensure that this does not happen again – what else did we want him to do; fire the CEO and then appear in the newspaper saying there was no diplomacy in manner in which it was handle.  Mr. Miller knows that if the Minister direct the H.S.A. to terminate the Medical Director contract, it would result in another law suit for the H.S.A. – which he knows fully well they cannot afford.

    As for the former Health Minister’s question – he knows fully well the practices and procedures at the H.S.A. for hiring returning Caymanian medical professional – but he is just playing politics.  One should ask both the member for East End and George Town weren’t they aware that there were questions that needed to be answered about the Medical Director when their government appointed him.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hello can you not read?

      The Caymanian never applied for the position then! 

      It is who is in charge NOW is who would be responsible for that, dont blame the past board members and adminstartion you blind little person. 


  17. CS says:

    Don’t know what Mr Scotland is doing with all this time when he should have been putting ads in the papaer and mowing the pitch at Truman Bodden.

    Shouldn’t the civil servants at the HSA be making sure government rules are followed.

    Th would also think that Mr Miller would have better uses of the LA’s time than ask pointless questions about if the HSA is a navy facility, I hope he can recompensate all the MLA’s time fro that wasted statement. Either he is dumb or is trying to be funny,, if the latter is the MLA assembly the time to waste everyones time with his own gratifications especially with the deficit and all the crime.

    As for Mr Eden, Scoland has not been in charge for a year yet, you hired Dr Hoeksema in the first place and why didn’t you implement a database of information regarding qualified Caymanian health professionals in the 4 + years you were in charge? your glass house is looking very venerable.

    I say if anyone should be punished it should be the lazy HR civil servant who could not be bothered to go thro the procedures.

  18. Swatta Ebanks says:

    I really wish Mr. Miller would focus on the more pressing issues facing these Islands, such as the recent inundation of common houseflies and mosquitoes. Come on Mr. Miller, the people want answers and we want them now!

    • The Truth is Out There says:

      Hello!!  Why is this a topic of discussion in the legislative assembly when voilent crime is increasing at an alarming rate.  The MLA’s need to discuss the real issues and forget about the trivial things like ths for a while.  If the crime problem is not addressed quickly tourists will stop coming here and financial services companies will leave. 

  19. Dred says:

    CNS: Can you please get another picture of Mr Scotland to use. He looks like he is smelling something bad. I am not sure but it could be the smell of his victory in the BT elections.

  20. Mario Rankin says:

    WOW…..all these opinions from people with no identity hmmm….

  21. Anonymous says:

    What a cute picture!  Ha! Ha!  Looks like he can’t take the pressure of being a minister.  He needs to check in with his BT football club who he has ignored since being elected.  Shame on you Mark!

  22. Anonymous says:

    The Doctor with the MBA that Ezzard wants to run the HSA. Is this Doctor unemployed, or just unemployable?

  23. Anonymous says:

    Does Ezzard Miller read local newspapers and CNS? Seriously, he does know what is going on with crime in this country right now, right?

    Why does he keep wasting time in the LA on things like green iguanas, illegal parking, and now this?

    People are literally dying in our streets. We are one murdered tourist away from seeing our tourism industry crippled. And he is focused on this sort of nonsense???



    • Anonymous says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more.

      What is going on in the mind of Ezzard when crime is crushing the country, young Caymanians are dying weekly and he has some hang up with a doctor at the HSA.

      It is simply his desire to do what he wants regardless, apparently he must have solved all of North Sides problems.

  24. Anonymous says:


    To: All MLAs

    From: One Fed Up Caymanian

    Most voters don’t give a rat’s %$(*& about this. We want you to pass laws that will get the violent criminals off our streets permanently. We want you to pass effective anti-gang legislation. We want you to pass laws that will create effective deterrents to violent crime. We want you to reform Northward.



  25. Anonymous says:

    As The Chuckster repeated so many times from the public platform……a lawless government will result in a lawless society.

    Why the surprise about the increase in crime and law breaking ?

    A country gets the government it deserves they say……I guess so…..except that the thousands who didn’t vote for these clowns don’t deserve it !

  26. Anonymous says:

    Mr Miller perhaps someday you will be in need of good medical services – would you rather be treated by someone who has a medical degree but chose to focus on an MBA or someone who has dedicated their career to furthering their medical knowledge – or to take this to a truly ridiculous level someone who is caymanian and did a first aid course …. 




    • A Concerned Caymanian says:

      You know nothing about the experience of the Caymanian they are referring to which makes this an unfair comment.  Or are you assuming that because it is a Caymanian they couldn’t possibly have experience?

      • Anonymous says:

        Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are only two hospitals here and neither have ever been run by this MBA-toting Ezzard-loving Caymanian; pretty safe to assume the experience is zero in running a hospital, esp the gong show that was the HSA pre-Dr Greg.  Thanks for coming out.

        • FUZZY says:

          To Anonymous Thu.15:16  And did Dr Greg work at either one before ammmm ,before working at HSA.You same to make that old tired argument that one needs experience before being given a chance to gain experience.Caymanians know what I am talking about.You are a school leaver looking a job but are told that you need experience ,unfortunately no one is willing to give you a chance to gain that experience

    • Anonymous says:

      FYI – Most doctors who move into administrative positions rarely actually practice medicine at that point, they concentrate more on running the business so I doubt Mr. Miller would be treated by the doctor with the MBA if he became the Medical Director so your point is moot.

  27. Anonymous says:

     If you want your Hospital run by someone who is focused on dollars and cents then go hire an accountant – yes savings will be made but dont come crying when the healthcare goes down the tubes 

  28. Anonymous says:

     This is ridiculous – since when is it a requirement for a Doctor to have an MBA. I personally would rather have a Doctor who concentrates on his medical experience as opposed to one who goes out gets a degree in medicine then focuses on the business aspect and goes on to study MBA-  someone who is focused on the business aspect  and less on the actual healing is not someone I would ever want to be in charge. 

    If you have a look at the list of worlds top surgeons / doctors the one qualification you wont see is MBA 

    Just because this individual happens to be caymanian and would like the role doesnt mean to say he is entitle to it – this country is in big enough of a mess without dragging it down even further 

    • HSA Employee!!! says:

      First of all….he directs all the doctors that work in HSA. He needs to know the business part of it in order to be a good director to them and manage his staff. He is not in A and E making diagnosis and he is not in medical or surgical ward prescribing medication….therefore….if he is not on  the "field" and is doing paper work sort to speak I would rather he had a MBA in order to do his job to the fulllest….So yes i would want the MEDICAL DIRECTOR to have an MBA…because really and trully when I go to Accident and Emergency he wont be the one treating my illness but he will be directing the other doctors and motivating them to their best capacity.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Hoeksema’s position is a thankless one that constantly puts him in the firing line.  I’ve met the man when I offerred to do some charitable work at the hospital and he was attentive, interested and followed up well. How quickly we forget the revolving door of HSA administrators who were there before him.  At least this guy is doing something.  He’s a former Navy doctor/administrator with a good track record and we should be lucky he cares enough to try in his role here in Cayman. Ezzard and his ilk are acting like clowns in a Circus.  They should stop getting their nose out of joint that they weren’t consulted properly and look at the big picture.  These jokers would cut off the HSA’s nose to spite it’s face. Those who ignore history are condemned to repeat it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ezzard carries around a big chip on his shoulder for the HSA. Remember his Hospital in the swamp. Well that ended up as the Female Prison.

      He has always had a grouse with the HSA ever since Big Mack stopped his Hospital in the swamp so dont pay any attention to his animosity towards the HSA.

      He is only demonstrating that he has no plan to forgive or forget.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nothing personal against the Mr Hoeksema.  As somebody pointed out, it is the abuse of power to again ignore government policies, due process and the law!

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Greg is also a good Rotarian who as we all know was recently in Haiti helping out following the earthquake. There are not many of us who would have taken on that job. His efforts need to be appreciated.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Was is it that in every picture of Mark he always looks confused? Is he still reading the election law?


    • livingcayman says:

      I must say I was always behind Mark Scotland when he ran as independant, but when he join the UDP, and became a puppet of McKeeva it really changed my outlook off him.  Offcourse he looks confuse cause they all afraid of the Mckeeva, and the never know when they going to say the wrong thing to make him mad. 

      Do away with the party system.  This has caused some much turmoil between our once loving and peaceful people.

    • cross lady says:

       oh I thought that was Mr Bean

  31. Concerned from a distance says:

    You have got to be kidding me!!!!

    This is what they are taking valuable time to discuss!?!!?? Are they seriously arguing about whether a  *doctor* has a MBA, and why that should qualify him for a job that someone is already doing perfectly well???

    I wonder how many of our ministers have MBAs. This is laughable, lets replace them all with people who have MBAs, then maybe something might get done.

    And according to CNS this was a grilling…I hope that after discussing this EXTREMELY important issue they  spared a moment to discuss inconsequential topics like gang violence and plans for economic recovery.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Well done Minister Miller – you go make a name for yourself…good to see you asking about  CRIME and what is being proposed about that…nickel and dime politics…thank God Miller isnt in charge.

    • Common Sense says:

       Health Minister?????  XXXX ALLOW the not-a-bit healthy THREE new Dunkin Donuts and a NEW franchise of "Popeye" chicken that is about to be opened?  Wake up Cayman!  Start a "fat tax" on sugary sodas and fast food before we see obesity as our greatest health risk and COST.

      Health Minister my !@#%^%$#@!

      Stop the silly politics and start worrying about school lunches and health for gosh sakes.

      • Anne Bonny says:

        Ayayay!!!  Obesity is an option –  a bullet is not. School lunches are the parent’s problem.  If they have MBAs but are out of work,  it should not be beneath them to serve tables if that’s the available job that would bring food to their table and pay bills.  Who knows,  they might be serving DART or BILL GATES or SOMEBODY and because they served excellently was offered their dream job?

        The greatest health risks should be the criminals roaming the island and plotting which establishment to rob next and who’s their next target, be they fat or thin, black or white.

        That’s what Mr. Miller should be grilling every MLA. 


  33. Macman says:

    Remember he ignored the Election Rules and the Constitution, do you expect him to follow the Immigration law?

  34. Whatever says:

    It seems that the MLAs that were questioning Mr. Scotland were surprised with his actions.

    Well, for someone who has learned his Ministerial "ways" from McKeeva, they should know that he will conduct his ways in a similar way – "my way, or no way".

  35. Anonymous says:

    What another waste of time. The MLA’s get precious little done as it is without Miller stirring the pot with protectionism like this.

    I do not particular care whether the medical director comes from Cayman or outer Mongolia – I care whether he is capable of doing the job. So does the HSA.

    Regardless of where he was born, he is suitably qualified, experienced, capable and able. Why then would the HSA seek to fire him in the hope that the person Miller wants to put in the job is as good?

    This is one of the key problems in Cayman. Anyone with committment and drive gets fired.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The point here is, government policy and correct process is being ignored again by one of the same persons again!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Clearly these MLAs are out of touch and sincerely need a wake up call.

    Businesses are being robbed almost daily at gun point, yesterday another young person was murdered in broad daylight.

    When I learned that this issue is what the politicians were wasting time with I was disgusted.

    Wake up politicians people are dying.

    • Anonymous says:

      You are so correct….the entire residential population of Cayman should march on the LA until the elected officials, the Governor and the Police Commissioner admit they are at a loss with crime and agree to do something to curb this immediately so that we dont loose what little is left of our tourism and financial industries. We should not be paying MLA’s salaries to be so self serving and non effective.


  37. OnePeople-OneGovernment! says:

    "contrary to government policy"…….in my opinion, you are now part of a govt that is "contrary" to the Constitution so I don’t expect any better from you!  You should be ashamed of yourself but I’ve now come to realise that that’s far from a charactistic quality that you possess.

  38. Recently Enlightened says:

    CNS, thanks for that picture of Minister Scotland. Whilst I was listening in on last night’s broadcast of the L.A.’s meeting, I imagined that was the same look on his face during much of yesterday’s questioning in the Legislative Assembly.

  39. anony says:

    I keep telling you people the UDP is not at all interested in advancing or the progress of the Caymanian people. What more proof do you want?


    An independent (I am not a PPM)

  40. Anonymous says:


    If the Government doesn’t, why should other employers bother going through the process.  Isn’t the country trying to promote Caymanian employment?


  41. Anonymous says:

    Is this topic of petty small minded "nationalism" really of priority to our MLAs at the moment?  Pathetic.  Well I suppose it was Hazzard leading the way . . .

  42. Anonymous says:

    all this is good if the la was meeting everyday…

    but when the country is bankrupt and the la is only meeting for the 4th time this year, shouldn’t they be adressing more serious matters… instead of ezzard millers personal vendettas

  43. Anonymous says:

    Scotland seems to think he is above the law.


    This is not the sort of man you want in power!

  44. Anonymous says:

    How many times will we allow this man to ignore rules of the country??????

  45. Anonymous says:

    Minister??, he’s not suppose to be in the LA, Mark and John clearly breached the laws of the land and the past Gov and Mac’s friend the AG, had no guts to stand up to them and do their jobs!  this is not surprising that he did not advertise, they’re use to doing things the corrupt way

  46. Anonymous says:

    For government policy to have any credibility government authorities need to be required to act in accordance with government policies, surely. These are public entities, and must function as such.

  47. Canada Hockey! says:

    Glad to see these guys are business as usual. Don’t worry about the dead bodies piling up all over the place, let’s spend hours debating the state of the soccer fields and knit pick the resume of a government employee. Idiots. Until someone runs into the LA with a loaded gun it seems our elected representatives are going to ignore criminal activity and deal with important issues like field maintenance.

  48. TennisAce says:

     I actually like how Mr. Scotland approached this particular question and answer session.  He did not seek to lay blame elsewhere.  He was forthright in his answers and the MLAs doing the questioning seemed to be genuinely concerned about the issues that were being raised.  However, on another note, I hope that Mr. Miller does not make it seem as if he always seems to be lobbying for special interests in the MLA.  He is the MLA voted in by the people in North Side and I would hope that his questions reflect the views of the people of North Side and not anyone person in particular. 

  49. Anonymous says:

    What’s the surprise here? We knew that the law would be ignored or bypassed in some sort of way whenever suitable.


    To all MLAs – Get your head out of your asses and discuss the rampant crime that is killing the ENTIRE Island!

  50. Anonymous says:

    Suprise, the rules weren’t followed!  I like Mr. Hoeksema and am very glad his contract was renewed.

    It is too bad now it will fall under scrutiny because of the incompetent Minister’s running everything.

    Great selection Cayman, you should not be suprised that someone who is the UDP doesn’t "have to" follow the rules, after all, it is Monkey See, Monkey Do!

    A true Banana Republic!

    • Dred says:

      Why would this surprise us? Mark himself got his seat by not following the rules.

      Let’s not forget Elio and Mike in GT with their "slightly illegal" thing of handing out (either them or their representatives) papers saying who to vote for on voting day.

      This was no accident. It’s called "accidentally unpurpose" mistake.

      Now I am not saying anything the doctor. He could have been the best thing since sliced bread but the process.