Drivers show skills and endurance on racetrack

| 26/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman sports news, Cayman Motorsports Association(CNS): Nineteen racers proved their endurance on the race course at the most recent Valvoline & Parker’s Time Attack event, held on Sunday, 21 March, which focused on ‘dexterity’. The races were held at the Progressive Loop behind CUC. Cayman Motorsports Association (CMA) continued its Valvoline &Parkers Time Attack series, which consisted of nine runs for each driver, enabling them to drop the two worst times. The races began earlier than usual, at 9:30am, to facilitate the large number of runs, and were enjoyed by many spectators who got a chance to see all aspects of the races in broad daylight. (Photo: Unlimited Class driver Andy Bodden)

The field was split for a second time in two groups with ten racers running five rounds first and the second set of nine racers running the five rounds last, followed by a lunch break, then the final four races completed by both groups.

The unlimited class was stacked with rivalry: Bobby Hulse, CMA President, in his “Ching Ching” Altezza, boasted a brake setup this time around while Keith Tibbetts III in the Valvoline STi offered a new edge on the opposition with a new suspension. Rounding out the field was the venerable Andy Bodden and Wayne Kirkonnell in the Automotive Art Mirage.

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman sports News, Cayman Motorsports AssociationThe new class of Two Wheel Drive (2WD) was stacked with some serious competition. Jerad Ebanks in his shared Turbo Starlet placed third, Ajoni Ambersley placed second in his Nissan Primera, and Josen Ebanks placed first in the Turbo Starlet with a combined time of 611.068. Josen and Jerad recently made some changes with the gearbox of the Starlet. Jerad stated, “Finally the car is showing its potential, I’m really pleased with how it feels.” (Photo: Keith Tibbetts III made the fastest time of the day in his Valvoline Subaru STi)

The All Wheel Drive (AWD) class also had very stiff competition with seven racers. Roje Williams was originally meant for 2WD with the VW Golf, but was crippled after a water hose burst. Roje placed third in the Ace Paint Subaru STi RA, Andrew Jackson, normally the Head Steward, hung up his hat for the race and shared the Subaru and placed a close second place, Michael Weatherford placed first also in the same Subaru he finished with an impressive time of 601.008. Roje placed first in the Street Battle Run with a fastest time of 82.435 for his class.

With only four drivers in the Unlimited Class, each one pushed his own carto the limits. Bobby Hulse placed third in his Toyota Altezza, Andy Bodden second in the Automotive Art Mirage, and Keith “Speedy” Tibbetts III slipped into fist with a time of 571.761 in his Valvoline Subaru Impreza STi. Keith also landed first in the Unlimited Battle Run with a fastest time of 79.855 in a single run.

Throughout the day times dropped significantly – even newlywed Ian Charlery saw significant time drops. All racers and spectators alike were overly satisfied with the ‘dexterity’ and were left waiting in anticipation for the next event to be held on Saturday, 24 April 2010.
The CMA Board (President Bobby Hulse, Vice President Wayne Kirkconnell, Secretary Keith Tibbetts III and Treasurer Ian Tibbetts) thank Parker’s and Valvoline for sponsoring this year’s Time Attack series. Also, many thanks to the competitors, spectators and volunteers for making this event a success. For more information on the Cayman Motorsports Association andhow to become a member and get involved, please email the Board at



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