West Bay death toll climbs

| 26/03/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman headline news, Cayman crime(CNS): Updated 12:15 am: Police and emergency services are still attending the scene of yet another shooting in the district of West Bay and have now confirmed that the victim is dead. The shooting took place in the area of Birch Tree Hill Lane at around 9:45pm on Thursday evening. A spokesperson for the RCIPS confirmed that a man has been killed. This homicide comes less than 36 hours after the killing of 25-year-old Alrick Peddie also in West Bay on Wednesday afternoon.  Although details are yet to be confirmed, it appears the latest shooting is also gang related. This is Cayman’s 5th murder for 2010 four of which occurred in the district of West Bay

CNS will update as more information is received.

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  1. Anonymous says:


    "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" – Luke

    The root cause of this is in the home.

    Recently I attended an R-rated movie and was amazed at how many kids younger than 5 could accompany their parents. There was violence and foul language unsuitable for the ears of young children.

    When there were Caymanians at the old Cinema, they would not let people less than 18yrs old into such movies. It was strictly controlled. Now it appears that it is a free for all, and then society wonders why there is crime.

    We need to have such discipline restored.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Honestly some of you get on here talking crap,  I’ll ask you a few questions

    1. is your son 18-30? does he work?

     2. does he always have money to by the lastest name brands and bling, which you haven’t given him a dollar?

    3..Does he always have a group of male friends that his navel string seem to be buried with? 

    4..is he always hanging out?

    5.. If he has a car, does he buy alot of bling to out fit his car?

    6.. did you give him the money?

    7.. does he still live at home?

    8.. if he has children, does support them financially, without anyones help?

    9. every wonder where he gets all that money, but never ask?

    10. Does he give you any?

    11. do you take it?

    If your answers are the following 1. NO, 2. YES, 3. YES, 4.YES, 5.YES, 6.NO, 7.YES, 8. YES.



    If your answers are the following 9. YES, 10. YES, 11.YES.


    I suggest that before any of you all get on here talking crap and playing the blame game, ask yourselves those questions. Women ask that about your man as well, sisters ask that about your brothers, families as that about the males in yours. 

    If your answers are the same as those listed from 1-11,  CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!! Bet you ain’t gonna do that!!

    • Anonymous says:

      CNS…here is a prayer that is titled "A Gangster’s Prayer" and it is passed out to the youth in the inner city near where I live and posted in youth centers. If you feel it would be of any benefit, please use, post or pass around. I do not know who the author is as it has been around many years.

      A Gangster’s Prayer

      Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight, I need so much guidance to live my life right.

      Sometimes the pressure is so hard to bear, I often wonder if any one cares.

      How can I wake up and face a new day, knowing I have to live my life this crazy way?

      Heavenly Father, forgive all my sins, I want to change, but where do I begin?

      Give me strength to resist the wild life I desire, Help me get away from the nightly gunfire.

      Please God, bless my family whose eyes silently plead, for me not to go out as they all watch me leave.

      And God bless my mother who cries every night. Worrying I’ll be killed in yet another gang fight.

      Heavenly Father, please answer my prayer, Please let me know that you are listening up there.

      When will it end?

      What’s it all for?

      To prove to my "homies"- "Yea, I’m down, I’m hardcore".

      Sometimes I wonder how I will die, by a bullet wound… or a knife in my side.

      Heavenly Father, please hear me tonight, give me the courage and strength to live my life right.

      Please show me the way, Lord, show me the light, help give my heart peace so I don’t have to fight.

      Thank you for your forgiveness, Lord, and for still being there.

      Most of all…thank you for listening to this sinner’s prayer. Amen.


  3. Anonymous says:

    Six killings in 3-months.  Premier, people in your constituency are being murdered every week.  This is it: the time has come for you to prove your REAL worth to the county.  Stop worrying about filling the government’s coffers; they’ll be no inward investors with the country in this appauling state.  The crime wave is a national emergency, so treat it like one.  Pray if you like, but God helps those who help themselves. It’s time for you to earn you salary and priviledges. 

  4. Anonymous says:

    MacKeeva has stated that there is not a place on these islands that fears to walk.  It is now time for McKeeva to live up to those words march into his district and grab these punks by the scruff of the neck.

    Unfortunately, he would rather hang out behind the concrete walls of the LA or behind the soon to be built concrete wall around his residence or behind the blacked out windows(which are illegal) of his chauffeur driven XXXXXX.

    Two words come to mind.  XXXXX XXXXXX

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 20:40 you forgot to add the all important one that costs us hundreds of thousands of dollars! While agreeing 100% with your posting, you should have added that he loves to "hang out" abroad, in very expensive 5 star hotels, travelling first class at our expense. Yes, he is a "XXXX XXXXX" because he hides away from the people in the hallowed walls of the LA, or behind the 8′ wall of his residence (that we are paying for), or in his ‘blacked out windows of his chauffer driven XXXXXX,’ & his body guards (paid for by us) keeps him well away from us who put him there. What a terrible mistake we made! We’re ALL realising it now, but it’s too late.  

  5. Anonymous says:

    Our son is a Chicago police officer. He has worked a rapid response car for several years and is armed. As a matter of fact, he is armed 24/7. When there is a violent crime in his district, he and his partner are the first ones on the scene. He always has a partner with him. He also is aware of what is going on around him 24/7 and has made arrests wearing civilian clothes.

     I talked with him just over a week ago and he said there had been five shootings (not murders) in his district the day before. I told him the headline here a couple of days earlier stated, “Eight Days, Six Shootings.” He then figured out the statistics according to the population here and in Chicago. He determined the shootings and murders here are much higher per capita then what is going on in Chicago. He seemed to find this almost unbelievable!
    Although I realize people talk about the nepotism involved in the culture here, I have long thought that the police here are not experienced or trained for the type of criminal activity that is now happening here in Cayman. Our son’s opinion is that Cayman needs to get some officers from New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles who have dealt with drugs and gangs before things escalate even further. However, he did say he has no desire to be one of those officers.
    Last week our son told me I should write a comment. I said I don’t know if anyone reads them that could change anything. He said, “Trust me, they (people who have influence) read them.”
    Obviously, with two murders in two days, things have escalated even further. Consequently, I have decided to write my “comment.” 
    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

       It seems that Cayman’s elected leaders are marbles rolling around in the bottom of a "fish glass". They are all independent rollin around…..Then when they touch eachother they bounce away….no communication. I have visited most of The Caribbean Islands….Cayman has so much…It is so frustrating to see the wonderful people of Cayman allow their leaders to blindly allow all that you are suffering to happen.

  6. ^___^SpRiTe^___^ says:

    When will this finally end??…People of the cayman islands…we have to come together as one; we don’t need all of this war to be going on in our island…honestly!…we won’t gain anything by killing each other…it’s a waste of time for the police to be worring about HID Lights/Tinted vehicles….they need to worry about getting the major problem solved which is as we all know lately the hot topic " Frequent Murders"…that should not be something that is left unknown they are still humans just like  myself and those who read this comment…honestly wouldn’t you agree…families would like for aleast justice to be served even though that won’t help that the fact still remains they have lost a love one…aren’t i right?…police and government needs to get on these cases and try there very best to help prevent crime from happening in our islands…i mean what’s the sence of having " to serve and protect the community" writting on their vehicles if they aren’t going to do there jobs!!…we all are afraid to even go outside because you’ll never know if you’ll make it back inside…and to have to say that about somewhere that wasn’t always a high crime rate like "JAMAICA"…for example they kill over there almost like 24/7…and it sames as if the Caymanians are mixing with the Jamaicans and adapting their bad habits " killing each other over so called wanksta’s aka cowards acts"….Honestly Mckeeva Bush you need to do something about this problem seriously..because you to blame for this disruption that’s going on in our island.

    – Caymanians hapefully we’ll get our island back but until then keep praying for you and your love one’s to be safe and sound!

    • Anonymous says:

      Is there anyone in the community that knows some/ any of these young men who can go and speak to them? How about a former teacher, coach, parent? Someone that they respected or that they respect? Even an older neighbor who everyone respected when they were growing up? I noticed that those  who have been killed are in their mid-twenties/early 30’s…there has to be someone in the community who has known these guys growing up. I am sure the ones in their "gangs" are approximately the same ages. If most are from West Bay, it is a small community. A heart to heart, one on one. Break them down with love.

      How many more of their "boys" do they want to bury? How many more of their "boys" mamma’s do they want to hear wailing? What about their own mamma?? Do they want to have her leaning over their body and have her go thru the pain of identifying her beautiful son riddled with bullets?

      A gun solves NOTHING! Once in the grave, there is no coming back.




  7. Anonymous says:

    From the Compass Mr. Baines said:

    He said, effectively immediately, all rest days for RCIPS officers had been canceled and that every officer would be working a twelve hour shift. 

    Non-essential police services were being closed down temporarily to put more officers on the streets.





    Did he not already do this when that poor child was murdered? It seems that is not something he maintained. Guess he was too busy with the hostage situation that they saved the man who escaped by himself only to catch the people at the airport but they broke up the ring? What a puzzle.

     This is the same old story and line he is casting everytime he talks after a violent crime or murder. So what he is saying is he did this the last time and after a few days everyonewent back to what they did before. I think it is high-time that someone is held accountable for this. The officers can only do what they are told and cannot be everywhere. While the actions of these rude boys are not his fault and is the parents in most cases, the Police are under his control and are not effective in keeping us safe. It is time for change, I said it before and will say it again, get Braggs back now!

  8. can neva b cayman says:

    CNS: Whats going about the shoting today in West Bay are they true?

    CNS: Despite all the rumours, there does not seem to have been another shooting in WB today.

  9. Anonymous says:

    This is bull**** .Aman murdered everyday now. What the hell is going on. It na gettin better its getting progressively worse. You can kill a man in broad daylight in the middle of a district and get away with it? I guess so and that is the message the criminals are getting. They are doing it and not being punished but their revenge was sweet so why not do it again and again and again. We need overseas help cause these asses we ga ya na know what the hell they doing. A man tell me yesterday that where he from when something like this happens they arrest everyone that was even close to the crime seen. He say even the taxi that crossing get mixed up in it sometimes LOL. We ga do something or our island ga be left with nothing but single mothers and childless parents. All because someone decided to play God. But a message to all those out there who doing these shootings. Head my warning. It will come back to haunt you. The same way you seek revenge, the persons you kill and the people close to them ga seek revenge to. And ya done know the streets talk in Cayman so dont think that because the police cant catch you that a bullet wont. This is going to continue til you guys wake up and realize that retaliation only leads to more heartake and more tears. It aint making anything better.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Dear Governor!

    Your are in charge of the police. We need help! Our Premier and all the others elected officials are useless. Who do we need to speak to to get attention and help to resolve the rampant crime? What options are available to Cayman? Can the UK military be brought in?

  11. diary of a nineteen year old. says:

    What does parenting have to do with these crimes? These are GROWN men commiting these robberies and murders. They obviously know wrong from right, and choose to do wrong – resulting in death. A parent can only do so much, it’s the child’s overall choice to go by these teachings are follow the crowd and become some ‘badman’.

    As for these shootings happening in the alst few days, i can’t say i’m either hurt or surprise. It’s only a matter of time before they were going to kill each other off, because no one is letting policein on these criminals; they’re doing it themselves. Last I heard th epolice had 15 suspects, I’m guessing it’s now down to 10 or so?


  12. Clandestine says:

    Was it not a few weeks ago big Mac was begging and pleading with the criminals to stop? What happen?

    Now he is calling every one to prayer!!!! God is not a fool big Mac and cannott be use as convienence.


    Get real

  13. Anonymous says:

    By the time they finish they going kill themselves, then police going claim they have everything under control.

    Just like how they say they ‘busted’ the hostage scheme when the man actually escaped by himself.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Somebody read Running on Empty’s comment: http://centos6-httpd22-php56-mysql55.installer.magneticone.com/o_belozerov/31115drupal622/headline-news/2010/03/26/west-bay-death-toll-climbs#comment-64312

    I agree.  How hard could it be for neighbors to band together to protect each other?  I’m gonna start and hope to see others join.  It could only work in our best interest (and keep us alive too) to unite as communities to look out for one another.  The people’s issues of this magnitude can only be solved by the unity of the people to bring a better Cayman.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ya’ll chit chatting bout where is Big Mac, McKeeva this McKeeva that! Not one person can change the Island now seriously wake up! What did Kurt Tibbets do for this country but put us in more debt…did he fly overseas? Did he arrange meetings to meet with other countries to TRY and make things better here!??? It obviously does not matter who is in power the man is doing his job CHANGE can’t come OVERNIGHT! Yeah I agree maybe the police should sort out and stop having all these road bloacks and start kicking down front doors cause I’m sure they know what’s going on if not fully they know something! Instead of all ya’ll trying to get together and pray for this country and help with the change u come on here sladering the PRIEMER…ask yourself what have u done???????

    • Anonymous says:

      That he should have shut his trap to begin with. One minute he claims he has the answers for everything and the next minute his is only one man. Which one is it? Being a leader in good times is easy. A true leader shines during challenging times and he clearly has failed to do so! A true leader knows when it is time to put politicial differences aside and to work with everyone in unity for the betterment of the country. A true leader knows when it is time to ask for help.

      You just sound like one of those ignorant idiots who voted him in. Crawl back under the rock you came from.

    • BORN FREE says:

      to Anon Fri 03/26/2010 – 12:44 you poor pitiful little thing. I do not think any person has suggested that "Change can come OVERNIGHT." We know that is not possible, but 10 months? TEN MONTHS? Give me a break child! McKeeva Bush has now been the premier for 10 months & what has he done? Oh yes, we all know that he has travelled alot, we do not argue that fact, but what else? He put himself up for elections, he asked the people to vote for him, so why ask us "what have we done"? We are not the government. McKeeva Bush has been a complete failure. He has achieved nothing. He has made the situation WORSE, & crime has increased dramatically under his government. He deserves all the criticism he gets because he has failed the people, & as voters in this country we have every right to complain & criticize him & the UDP government. If you do not like it too bad, & if he does not like it then he should RESIGN, because it has become extremely obvious that he is incapable of doing the job. He cares more about himself (& all the perks he can get) than he cares about the people. HE ISA COMPLETE FAILURE (AGAIN)!!!!!!

  16. Anonymous/Caymanian in Florida! says:

    OH MY GOD!..Not again! Help us Please!………Yes, I call upon his Holy Name because OUR HEAVENLY FATHER is the only one that can help us get through this mess!!

    All some of you want to do is play the BLAME game, blame the Governor, McKeeva, Commissioner, RCIPS, the MLAs…….blame, blame blame!…..What are you doing about it? Except blog and blame all day! I don’t know how some of you can give your employer a decent days work……it sames that all some of you do all day is blog, blog, blame, blame, blog, blame blog!

    As for the RCIPS………they are not PROPERLY TRAINED! It takes more than physical exercise and writing a few papers to deal with this level of crime…………these are not the days when someone stole a bicycle, pelted rocks at passing cars or their neighbours house tops (roofs), or when the police had to be called because two neighbours were having a row!…….

    Times have changed therefore the police training has to change, they need to be put through some intense training to learn how to deal with this type of crime and these criminals……right now they are not equiped, but I do believe though that the majority of them are doing the best that they can with what little they have!………….

    In the mean time I like many others suggest that the Government bring in some professional and highly trained help to fight this crime epidemic……..which is way out of control! 

    Those of you that have information on the gangs and all these shootings, killings and robberies………do your part to help get this situation under control……..go forward and say what you know!……….Stop covering up for your sons, brothers, grandsons, cousins, friends and nephews…….YOU KNOW WHO THESE PUNKS/COWARDS ARE!…………SPEAK UP!!


    This is not just a McKeeva, MLAs, Governor or WEST BAY problem, (even though four of the five killings this year took place in West Bay) this is effecting the WHOLE Cayman Islands and every Caymanian (be it by birth or paper.) I know there is fear and that alot of you don’t even want to leave your homes to go pick up a pizza or run to the store to pick up formula or pampers for your babies after dark,(and now it is happening in broad daylight!) so see this is not just a Mckeeva’s problem! (Just in case you are wondering,No! I’m not a registered voter for the district of West Bay, so I did’t put him in.) I’m just saying this a HUGE PROBLEM for all of us!

    Stop playing the BLAME GAME and do your part!!

    God Help Us All and Help The Cayman Islands.



  17. angry west bayers says:

    All you that have absolutely no sense should just SHUT UP. All you can talk about is the Premier or Mckeeva. I am from West Bay and whether I’m a UDP supporter or not does not or should not matter. I am sick and tired of people posting stupid comments. The premier is not the one putting guns into the hands of these so called "gangsters", the RCIPS are where majority of them get them from. They talk about the there being too many guns on the island, but these are the same guns being used over and over again.The typical Caymanian way – blame other ppl.

    We as Caymanians (not just West Bayers) need to come together and put and end to this ludacris. Why wait for the MLA’s, RCIPS or  the Queen (who does not care). People  need to stop turning blind eyes and deaf ears. We all hear the rumours and know whats going on, instead of waiting for our useless police or make their jobs harder by not cooperating we need to speak up. These islands are going nowhere and fast. And at the end of the day we the Caymanians have nowhere else to go. God forbid another innocent child, bystander or Tourist is the victim.

    The Police need to considers the prospect of Vigilante killings. What if we get our own Bat Man in our "Gotham city". Maybe we need one.

    These "gangstas’ live by the guns therefore it is enivitable that they will die by them. Harsh words to hear but its the truth, there is such a thing as Karma and it is a (u know!). I just think the police need to round them all up and put them up in the quarry, give them guns and make them kill each other off. I am fed-up. These are no men, these are boys and their parents, girlfriends, wives, etc who condone their behaviour are as much at fault. They know exactly what they are doing. My sympathy goes out to the children, as they are the ones who are most affected and history will only repeat itself if they arent steered in the right direction, as they will live what they learn and could possibly grow up and be victims of the same cycle.

    The RCIPS need to make a better effort  Yes i agree and stop wasting time. These are serious times, they call for drastic measures. But you cant expect much from them now, with the Govt pay cuts they did little or nothing before they will do less now.

    I for one know for certain these thugs know who to mess with, I dare them to bring it in my neighborhood.

    Every man for themself and God for us all. I pray for these islands and my people and I’m beginning to believe God himself is going to have to come down to save us.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Mr Premier sir… you might wanna have you and your people pay some attention to what is going on in terms of crime in Cayman.  Budget will NEVER balance if everybody leaves and no one comes (I mean, money don’t spend itself).  Want to balance the budget sir? Stop focusing on balancing the budget!  Focus on squelching crime to encourage the flow of money in Cayman.  Just my 2 cents but if something isn’t done soon, me and my 2 cents going shopping somewhere else… seems like this is the tune everyone singing these days (including Caymanians).

    I really wished my kids could have grown up to love Cayman the way I did…  all hope isn’t lost but the trend isn’t looking good.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Everyone needs to relax. I have it on good authority that Beloved Leader now has everything completely under control. This very morning he has ordered that more of our money should be spent on the wall around his personal property in order to increase its height from 8 feet to 20 feet. The thickness of the wall will also be increased to 6 feet to allow for security guards to walk around on top of it. Razor wire is being added and the number of spot lights is being quadrupled and a dozen highly armed guards will protect each of Beloved Leader, his family members and his cronies 24/7 all at our expense. Beloved Leader will further limit the risk to himself by being absent from the country even more than before. The Glass House will be sold to one of his friends to pay for this. So everybody can now breathe easy.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha ha! But seriously, imagine having to live like that – escorted by armed guards, living behind a guarded wall. McKeeva has, in effect, incarcerated himself!

  20. Anonymous says:

    Is there any organisation out there that will organise a march and a petition to get rid of our Premier? We need a leader, not someone who spends his day wondering whether he has missed any opportunity to spend our money on his security.

  21. Chet O.Ebanks. says:

    I say lets get a petition going get rid of the government, the police chief, and all residents send a petition to the UK and get something done about this. I say to the premier prayer isn’t gonna help this mess, action is. Where was the so called churches and members years ago when the government was told that gangs where here. I will tell you where these churches where sitting in their golden palaces that their members have help build continuing to collect more offerings to build even bigger PALACES. I grew up in the church but I am gonna say one thing back then we didn’t have all this bickering betwwen members and pastors. Just take a good look at first baptist church which was originally on smith road, that I attended. Now it’s up by the lions centre and their members have split and formed another church, and the call themselves God’s people. The church needs to keep quiet and keep doing what they have been doing building palaces. A day of prayer what a joke mr premier get a task force in here and do something before the only residents left her is yourself the chickens and iguanas. Sad sad…      

    • Anonymous says:

       I say we get a petition together to amend the constitution such that the police force is not directly under the control of the governor, but is in some form accountable to the public.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Police can’t really kick down any doors without at least matching the arsenal that these thugs possess. With the police force not allowed to have guns, they are not willing to engage these idiots. You can interogate and tail them all you want but when they pull out the gun and you don’t have one i can guarantee you the questioning will stop right there!

     I say that the RCIP all need to be trained properly not only on how to carry and use firearms but tactical measures to instill fear in anyone who decides to wield a firearm and then outfit EVERY trained officer not just a select few.

    These guys need to be showed that they are not the only ones that can carry weapons. PUT SOME FEAR INTO THEM! or soon one of the RCIP’s own will be next!

  23. Anonymous says:

    MacKeeva How do you feel when your people are getting killed daily and you living it up in your Ritz Carlton Condo?  Can you not see that the West Bay Cemetary is full and we need land to build more vaults?  Have you stoped to think how many of these gansters are a result of your status grants, we warned you that we were going to see this.  Yes, we know they are now called Caymanians, but they are not borned Caymanians. How do you feel now that the Cruise ships are warning their passengers to avoid West Bay?  Pat yourself on the back now, for a job well done.  This is one you can’t blame PPM for.  Oh by the way, its going to get worse, before it gets better, so find that land for the Cemetary now!!!

  24. Alan Burton says:

    For God sake people you have to fight fire with fire. Get the military in there and eradicate these trouble makers once and for all. Take off the gloves and lock these troublemakers down once and for all. Damand it, take to the streets, make some noise do whatever it takes to force the government to take action. I swear if you don’t do this Cayman is going to become North Jamacia very soon. That is just too sad to think about. Take your country back now.

  25. Unna Hush says:

    All unna need try so hush. Comin on here blamin the police and the politician and the parent dem. this situation is the fault of the bloggers. You all the ones to blame for this, and the economy too.

  26. B says:

    This is sad but not intentionally being cruel to the family and friends of this man, its called Karma. Common sense only tells me no man will come shooting you for no reason. Yes innocent bystanders have got killed and hurt due to shootings but this doesn’t same to be the case. I’m a Caymanian and very proud of our hertigage, but like every where else there is good and bad which is fine but I hate to see this little Island turning the way it is now its obvious Cayman will never be the same. We are going from being one of the top financial centers in the world, a safe and beautiful place to nothing. The only thing I see happening is every man for themselves cause the police are no help, more killings in crime and eventually in self defense to fight for what is yours and your family. I’m ready to leave cause I am sick of it. Let the bad ones kill off themselves it will be doing everyone else a favor the sad part is nothing may change and the crime will increase unless something drastic happens and if it is left to the Government, well that might never happen. I do pray that not another innocent soul is killed again like Jeremiah, but I know God never sleeps what shall be done will be done and everyone will have their day.  God bless everyone and worry about you and your own.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Okay, so this is the state of Cayman. Who suffers? Everyone!

    The police said that it is only a few people committing these crimes. WOW?!?!?!?. What is being done to stop these criminals from terrorizing businesses and residences? What is being done to prevent them from bringing guns in the island? It is costing us more to buy surveillance cameras, security systems, repairing the damages after criminals break in and our peace of minds.
    The police would go into a man’s house at 3:00 am and drag him out of his house for an outstanding ticket. Why are they not terrorizing and following these criminals around to make their lives hell, until they can find something to hold them on.  Then they need to get warrants to search their houses.
    The police need to interrogate criminals arrested for gun related charges and find out what information they have on the gun trafficking. They also need to interrogate their “known” associates.
    I would feel better about the police on this island when they stop lingering in the bush waiting to give people tickets for speeding. Police need to investigate crime. The island is small, so it should not be that difficult. Get the marine unit out there to watch the seas for small crafts bringing in items, plus those items that get washed to shore, just like they do for drugs. Use the multi-million dollar helicopters!!
    Cayman is not the same, so the police need to change their strategy to be one step ahead of criminals. The police were walking around to show their presence. How long did that last? People are still being shot and businesses are being held up in broad daylight!!
    The police need to let us know what they are doing, so we can have a peace of mind. Show us a plan!!! Are they going to bring more officers from the UK? Bring in the US military? Something?
  28. Anonymous says:


    Having Lunch with ‘Criminals’
    Yes, I’ve had lunch with ‘Criminals’ laughed and smiled with ‘Criminals’lucky me, I’ve even had the pleasure of mingling with them every day.
    I am a 22 year old Caymanian and pride myself with being a young ambitious woman. I am a mother, work full time in a reputable firm and currently have a 4.0 GPA at the local University. And never have I done drugs or committed a crime. However, I assure you that most of the ‘Hard’ ‘Low life’ ‘thug’ ‘criminals’ ( I will not state any names) that we have been reading and hearing about for months, I’ve at some point in my life encountered. Even though it’s been years since I’ve seen them last, it is extremely disheartening to read about these young men I’ve gone to school with, had lunch with and sat next to in class.
    First of all, I am NOT writing to try and gain pity or remorse for anyone, they should receive punishment for their actions. Nevertheless, we have to ADMIT that they were once, and STILL are, OUR children, OUR friends and OUR neighbors. And until we get rid of this ridiculous mindset and finger pointing, we will unknowingly add to this fire and turn a blind eye to the REAL problem. The question everyone is asking, what is the real problem? It’s not the police, it’s not the governor, nope, it’s not the expats either, surprisingly, it’s not even Mckeeva! The true problem is US.
    We have shunned these young men when they were really in need and silently crying for help. We just put them in detention for a few minutes, then a small withdrawal room for a few hours and now a jail cell for life. We have not given them any true male figures to look up to in society and we blame rap music tsktsk. And I truly believe in the power of a MAN as a role model.  We did not even encourage them with any of their aspirations. There is so much we can do, no matter how small you may think it is, it HELPS! And it is now the small things which they lacked that is causing this. We have changed our behavior drastically compared to years ago. A child was raised by the NEIGHBOUREDOOD, not just the parents. If they were unruly, a teacher, a neighbor or complete stranger would discipline that child and they knew they could not run to ‘mama’ and say so and so did this. NOW, teachers are not allowed to spank children in class, and forget it, if a stranger tries to correct your child, I’m sure their heads would be bitten off! As a young Caymanian, is it just me seeing this!!! It is worrying to know that some of the more ‘mature’ adults are blaming these people, when it is all of us at fault! There is no reason these ‘MURDERS’ could not have ended up like me, we went to the same public schools and grew up on the same island. Sadly, because of the difference in society and support (lack thereof in their case) we each received, this is their outcome.
    I plead for us to help each other again, what we are TRULY KNOWN for! If you are a man and your neighbor is a single mother, or vice versa, lend your support, even it’s just to wave hi or enquire about the child(s) school work when you pass by. Be a role model, even if you are a janitor, you can still be an honest person to look up to and admire! Monetary offerings are not even as meaningful as someone’s time! Coach a child, play with them, REALLY PLAY with them, not a PS3 either!! GIVE TIME! Teachers, (as I’ve overheard in classes time and timeagain) DO NOT tell your class you don’t care if they learn or not you are still getting paid! SCREW sticks and stones, words DO HURT. Ignite that passion to teach again!  
    Although I am clueless as to who or the age of the person(s) who committed this senseless act, if the alleged murder is between  the age of 20-26, yes… I’ve most likely had lunch with them too. AND I can guarantee you, ifwe don’t change our children will be laughing, smiling and having lunch with criminals too!  (A little satire for US ALL to think about)
  29. Worried says:

    I’m so disgusted this morning….2 months pregnant and ready to throw in the towl and leave my beloved Island…there’s no way I can bring my child into this growing pit of violence….

    It’s simply time for a shut down.  Time for a curfew to be put in place Island wide, a British Military task force to be brought in and West Bay (to begin with) to be shut down and raided… an elite task force has to be put in place to work 24/7 in investigating each and every suspected or otherwise known criminal element and a fine needs to be put in place for people who are found to have knowledge of certain crimes and failing to come forward.  These elite Military need to re-train our Police force and Prison Officers and a no tolerance policy needs to be put in place…NOW!


    Aren’t we in a desperate enough time to try anything instead of the nothing that is taking place…????  Why aren’t our elected leaders leading us, and doing what is necessary for the benefit of this Island, it’s people and it’s survival???  Knock, Knock…is anybody there…?? 

  30. Anonymous says:

    Yawnnn. Just stop giving them the publicity they want and let them kill each other off.  5 down, 10 to go?

  31. Anonymous says:

    All this talk about "what is our government doing?" is sickening. What about "what are we doing for ourselves??!!!"

    This island is small enough for at least some of us to know who these criminals are and what they are doing. You don’t even have to call the police if you are afraid of retaliation. Use Crimestoppers, call someone do something to help!

    Politicians can’t do anything for us. No matter how many laws they pass or how many police they bring to these islands, it won’t matter until we step up as a nation and let these criminals know that they can’t hide behind friends and family because we won’t let them.

    The attitude of sitting on our behinds while the government does it for us is exactly why our islands are in the situation it is: financially and socially. Only with each of us taking personal responsibility for our actions and inactions will our nation prosper once again.

  32. Anonymous says:

    The time for action has past now is the time for senseless bickering. SOS They were told many many times about this situation. To all those officers who cared and made a difference and tried to make this a better place.God bless you

  33. Anonymous says:

    I have said it before and I will say it again. You can blame Bush, the police, ex-pats, the economy or whatever suits your cause but the problem is, somebody gave birth to and raised these thugs. If your kid is part of the culture reigning terror on Cayman, it is your fault. If it was the fault of any outside influence here, then all kids would be hoods. The minority of them are the problem and while the good kids live in the same country under the same gov’t and in the same culture – they do well. The difference between the good kids and the wastes is PARENTING. 

    Remember, not all Pitbulls are bad – it’s not the dog’s fault, it’s the owner’s fault. How about if every time a dog bit someone, we blame Bush? 

    Hey Mom and Dad – how about YOU search your kid and their room? How about YOU find out what they do all day and night? Why don’t YOU find out where they were last night? Why don’t YOU protect us from the hoods you have unleashed on Cayman? You think things are bad now? Just wait until the kids of the "gang culture" are running wild in 15 years. Everybody pleads with the police "please STOP this" – we should really be pleading with the parents of the problem.

  34. Kintaro says:

    The worst is already here… only a matter of time before the storm pass.  Once all involved are dead, then the peace will return.

    This is very, very sad to say… but I guess it’s life.  No one seems to be capable of doing anything so, we just have to sit and ride it out.

    BUT… parents, teach your children… don’t let this storm follow Ivan’s path by passing, turning around and coming back for another pass.

    *sigh* Modern Day Pirates… only this time it’s not gold.

  35. The Truth is Out There says:

    For those keeping score at home we are on pace to have 20 murders this year and the Cayman Islands has just passed Jamaica to become the third on the list of per capita murders assuming there are 60,000 residents.   Look out South Africa and Columbia here we come. 


  36. Disgusted&Fed-up with the Likes! says:

    Can anyone confirm whether any of the deceased over the past 3 years were a recipitent of Caymanian status that was given away when the immigration procedures were "circumvented " by the "special govt cabinet" in 2004 ???

    Can anyone confirm whether the Governor & Commissioner (the controllers of our homeland security) have put forward any proposed legislation that calls for ALL immigrants to be (1) finger & palm printed, (2) eye ball scanned,  (3) DNA collected and (4) other background checks made on the individuals other than a Police Record from the country in which they have lived for the past 6 months?  Like, any database or communications with the FBI, Interpol, Scotland Yard, etc.

    Can anyone confirm whether our Deputy Governor has any responsibilities in the Internal Affairs of this country??

    Can anyone clarify why we should increase of population by another 50,000 when we DO NOT have the security infrastructure to police and protect the current citizens of the Cayman Islands??

    Can anyone clarify why we are sitill allowing our "mother" (England) to tell us we cannot implement, through legislation, the necessary security measures we need in order to protect ourselves?

    Can anyone tell me WHY we are sitting flat on our a$$es and allowing the "big, bad & ugly" to "pretend" to run this country??

    Can anyone tell me, WHO, HOW and WHERE do I find individuals with the intelligence to properly, efficient and effectively govern these islands and those same individuals that are willing to stick their a$$es on the line to stand-up and fight for what it will take to transform these islands back to peace and tranquility!!

    Come on, tell me!!

  37. Anonymous says:

    all this back and forth between people on the world wide web and on the streets of cayman needs to stop.

    i am a young caymanian with a child and God knows i refuse to left my child grow up to be anything like these little hoodlums running around here with tools and guns to kill somebody over this shit.

    we cant sit down and allow our island to go down this path of destruction. we as caymanians and all those who consider themselves caymanian need to take a stand a do something about it because the RCIPS, Immigration, the MLAs, none of them aint gonna do nothing a damn thing about it till they are the only ones left here. rolling in all the money that they scoop up that we little people have no chance of having.

    if we want it to stop we petition higher up and make it stop. no time to run to mckeeva and be like " look bredrin da youths killing demselves now call somebody" NO even if we did he is only seeing one less person for him to worry about. get a petition together and get some signatures and send it to England and Address it to the queen.

    Matter fact i shouldnt  ask anyone Ill do it myself, any one ready to sign it just comment back.!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you. There are thousands of us that will sign. If you know anyone who knows how to set up a petition on a website that would probably be easier. If not then we need to get representatives in each district to distribute the petition and collect the signatures. Just tell us where and when.

    • Anonymous says:


      Sure get it ready, this island needs the help. I am also a young Caymanian these bastards obviously don’t care who they kill whether it be man woman or child and as far as I can see not a damn thing is happening to get the situation under control. Northward is a joke, its should be renamed the “boys club” because if they still having sex, getting drugs, have free food and can "escape" whenever the hell they want then that’s not a prison its a club. Enough is enough how many people have to die? How much louder do we have to scream?  I am terrified to go out and terrified to stay home.  I am sick of hearing the police bitch that the community won’t give up these people if it was the community’s job to find the criminals and hand them in, it world be called the Royal Cayman Islands Community Service instead of the RCIPS.  Get a grip and take control stop letting these bastard run amok do something for Gods sake!!!!!!
    • Anonymous says:

      Happy to sign!

    • Whatever says:

      At least some of us are protected by 8′ walls (paid for by government)! The rest of unna fend for yourselves! Some even have bodyguards! At least those chosen ones are safe, as for the rest……………!!!!!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Talk talk talk talk, shoot. talk talk talk talkshoot.talk talk talk, shoot. the only ones doing something about their situation is the gangsters.

    Do something or just shut up!

    • Anonymous says:

      ALL YOU DONT REALIZE WHAT IS HAPPENING?THESE BOYS ARE JUST TRYING TO TAKE BACK THEIR COUNTRY. I know that this would a happen sooner or later and  I believe that it is going to get worst too when they wake up and realize that there is nothing here for them. Right now they cannot get jobs, unless it is on the road picking up garbage that everyone that dont have respect for this country is throwing out. Fines shoild be imposed for this instead it is encouraged by paying to have the litter picked up. Yes there is nothing for the caymanian to get. TRY GOING TO THE RED CROSS OR A GARAGE SALE YO BUY SOMETHING AS A CAYMANIAN.

  39. Paradise Lost says:

    If the RCIP can narrow it down to a "select" few involved in these crimes then kick in the doors and drag these wannabes to prison!  I cannot believe that nothing drastic is being done here.  This is absolutely unacceptable.  It is time for government to get their collective heads out of their collective arses and resolve this…not tomorrow, not after lunch, NOW!!!!  If there are members of the RCIP involved in protecting these thugs then fire and prosecute them too.  Does Cayman understand what is at stake here?  I have been visiting Grand Cayman for almost 20 years.  This year we will not be spend our holiday on Grand Cayman.  The thousands of $$$$ spent on diving, dining, gifts, condo rental, taxis, etc. will be spent elsewhere.  Wake up Mac…NOW!!!!   

  40. Anonymous says:

    @DMA Gun Bay alredy exists in Bodden Town but West Bay seems to live up to that name. The name should be changed to Westganistan. But dont get me wrong, this is not just a West Bay prob, its an Islands wideprob.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gun Bay in Bodden Town? I think not.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually, Gun Bay is in East End and Gun Square is in Bodden Town…

    • Honestly, this has gone TOO FAR!!! The Police know who the "players" are in this "game", please forgive my terminology as it’s not meant to imply or offend, and they are just staying several steps behind and playing catch up. They need to be more proactive and get these rabid animals off our streets NOW! If someone is known to be involved in criminal/gang related activities and known/thought to have access to guns and ammunition, they should be on these people’s backsides like ticks. Everytime they see them, shake them down and search them and their vehicles and anyone along with them.

      Let’s look at the simple fact on how a lot of preventative measures are being ignored:

      Right after Hurricane Ivan, the Police were walking up and down patrolling the neighborhoods  actively in decent sized groups (at least six officers) and were armed. When was the last time any of us have seen that around here? How hard can it be? 

      The Police wait far too long before attempting to arrest suspects, allowing them ample time to get rid of extremely valuable evidence, such as the murder weapon and anything else linking them to the crime. This is Grand Cayman, where you can get from one tip of the island to the next in about an hour or so. Yet, it takes them over an hour to get from a police station within a district that a crime, such as this latest murder, committed in to any suspects…if they get to them at all before a week or more has gone by.

      We, the people, of this country have got to stand together and take our country back from these criminals BEFORE it’s too late! I’m not talking about vigilante justice. I’m talking about the people who know things and have information to get this information out there. Please, PLEASE, no idleness and false reports of "I know FOR A FACT……" just to have something to say. The only way for someone to know for a fact is if they were there and saw what happened or were there and was part of what happened.

      These Islands are lacking what they had before, a valuable community presence by officers of the law that people know and feel comfortable with. There was a time when many of the "veteran" officers used to come around, just to check on things and see how you were. You knew these officers weren’t just showing up to save face or probe you for information. They were genuine in their actions.

      I’m making this plea, to those involved in these Acts of Terrorism (Yes, that’s exactly what it is!) or those who know these people, to please put and end to this senselessness. If you think yourself a man or that you’re so tough and big, man up and call a truce and put and end to this! It takes someone strong, courageous and true to stand up and do the right thing.

    • Anonymous says:

      FYO GunBay is in East End,Gun Square is in Bodden Town.Wild Wild West is in West Bay.

    • Twyla Vargas says:

      Where in BoddenTown is a place called Gun Bay,  Would you by any chance meaning to say Gun Square.?     It is human to err.

    • Anonymous says:

      Gun Bay is in East End. Gun Square is in Bodden Town.

  41. d says:

    So wha happen to this "SO CALLED CHOPPER!?" Psh, wutless baad! The last 2 shootings were basically hours apart.. the police should have STILL been patrolling the streets of West Bay.. No man, Cayman Police ga GO yo.. Una iz WUTLESS baaaaad! Psshhhh, bout wan give tickets fa tint and seatbelt.. foolishness! No sah i need try get off this sinkin rock..

    • Anonymous says:

      The police did say it would be a couple of months before the chopper was operational as the pilot has to have extensive training before he can get started.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention that these shooting happen less than 200 yards from the WB Polive station… Ridiculous.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Cayman Islands need Scotland Yard Intelligence!!!!! help, help, help……

    • Anonymous says:

      It is about the cowards, bullies, and most importantly, THE WHITE COLLAR Caymanian money launderers that enable this.  Stop the cash and stop the crime!  FCRU crime unit: make an example of our "fat cats"!  Send the bosses to jail right away.  Get em like Capone for not reporting suspicious activity.  Enforce whatever litter bug jaywalking measures you need to, but don’t be fooled that the young THUGS are not reporting to the seemingly civilzed amongst us.  Go for the big dogs and the puppies will follow!

    • Caymanian says:

      We have nuff of them up in there already dumbass, that isn’t working either!  Sotired of seeing all of these comments, when absolutely NO ONE, not just Mac or Baines or Mr. Govvie isn’t doing ONE damn thing about it, you aren’t doing shit either, so stop complaining.

    • Anonymous says:

      We had them it cost us $10 million you foo fool how much more money you expect to pay cause we broke$$$$ Some of you people’s memory is really really really short  SCOT Land Yard Pleeeeeeease

    • Anonymous says:

      Scotland Yard?  What you need is some good ole American style policing. You ned Rudy Gulliani style cleaning up.  Wake up Cayman.


    Another One Again…another family has lost their love one….another young child growing up without his dad…honestly…Mckeeva you need to seriously get up off your XXXX bottom…and deal with these wannabe gangsta’s…here in west bay…crime after crime it’s all your fault you granted all those permit holder/status holders…now look at what you and ppm have created for our islands…shame and embrassment…now when any other caribbean islands turn on there news channel cayman islands crime is going to be the hot topic!!!…Mckeeva Bush!!…honestly stop being a nuisance in government use your little power you do have to do something useful with all this Jamaican curruption theme that these young men are adapting….we don’t need anymore caymanians dying ( note i’m talking for us caymanians not ANY Expats…Mckeeva going have to take up for unna as usual )…anyhow i alot of expats when they read this going give me a thumps down but oh well ah so unna feel well i can express my thoughts too and this is what i’m going to say!!!…you don’t like it well don’t read it simple!….Mckeeva do your d*mn job and stop letting time go by we don’t want anymore unsolved murders happening we want justice and our island back….make them yardy’s go back home where they kill and rape people including little children sick XXXX…YOU NEED TO CATCH THIS ISLAND BEFORE WE COMPLETELY GO TO THE DOGS!!!…MCKEEVA GET UP, STAND UP AND DO WHAT’S RIGHT!! GET THIS INSANE ACTS UNDER CONTROL….YES YOU MAY SAY THERE IS SO LITTLE A PREMIER CAN DO BUT YOUR THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN MAKE THE DESECIONS FOR THIS ISLAND SO DO SOMETHING THAT’S GOING TO HELP STOP THIS MADNESS ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Caymanian says:

      You are a "shame and embarrassment".  Stop blaming everyone else and take a look in the mirror, it’s people like you that come on and get everything worked up about "we need to take our islands BACK" blah blah blah, then do absolutely NOTHING about it. Give me a frigging break! You were probably one of those ignorant big mouth people about ten years ago saying John Gray High School/Cayman didn’t have a "Gang Problem" too. They’re not "Wannabes" anymore! They are stone cold MURDERERS/GANGSTAS that has absolutely no respect or value for life, not mine, yours, probably not even their own, and that is nothing to be proud of.. So keep calling them "wannabes"..  I also wasn’t aware that Mckeeva was this great detective that could solve "unsolved mysteries"..  Get a clue friend..

    • Anonymous says:

      They are all wannabe gangsters!!!! Camanians need to stop blaming politicians and police for all of this, they can only do so much!!! Do you want the Politicians and Police to go and live with the gangster? I blame this all on poor parenting!!!

      The wannabe gangsters are those with the tools and those who suffer from the tool, This Island needs JESUS, he is the only source but you all choose not to accept him or believe in him and then wallow and bawl out for help from MAN!!

      If Cayman/Caymanians cannot humble and pray and turn from their wicked ways, the Island would not recieve healing!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      What are the status holder to blame for the shootingsssss??

      If i recollect all the news so far the shootings and the violence is created by people who are born here.

      Please explain this to the Cayman comunity…




    • Anonymous says:

      Please stop trying to throw the blame of this on McKeeva and Jamaicans.  It wasn’t any Jamaican that did the kidnapping a few days ago.  You are writing with emotion and like the old people say "you should think before you speak".  Yes, I am also disgusted and angry about what our once beautiful district, is coming to.  BUT, WE are all responsible for what is happening right now.  NOT MCKEEVA !!!  The blame for all of this lies with the Mothers, Grandmothers and anyone else that decides to house, clothe, feed and provide in anyway financial aide to these thugs and so call gangstas.  Anyone that is not in school or have means to support themselves should be pulled in and made to work.

      This is all coming off of LAZINESS and IDOLING.  Devil finds things for idol hands and minds.   We also need to have a police at every major street corner with frequent stops being made by them to randomly search vehicles.  We also, should harass these gangstas by randomly showing up at the homes and friends homes.  Also, constantly ensure that the families are not housing or harbouring anyone that is linked to any crimes.

      Put such a stronghold on them that it makes them sick to their stomachs everytime they walk out the door.  Make their lives as miserable as they are making ours.  We also need to start looking at more proactive ways to entertain our young people.  THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do in West Bay, except a little football.  Let’s start requesting more assistance from the Private Sector to sponsor more encouraging programmes, that will make our children want to be a productive member of society. 

      STOP BLAMING McKeeva, cause it only makes you look stupid.  I was in Drug Court yesterday and there 20 people that were graduating from the Drug Rehab Programme.  Out of the 20, there were 19 Caymanians.  And of the 19, there were 12 West Bayers.  Let’s start helping each other instead of tearing each other down.  THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS, its a Social breakdown, cause the children are bored.


  44. Anonymous says:

    Premier!!! Governor!!!

    Are you gone stop this crap ?????

  45. The Truth is Out There says:

    Let’s get the really important issues like HSA contracts, green iguanas and wheel clamping in private parking lots sorted out so we can deal with the less important things like gang violence. 

  46. Anonymous says:

    Good to see the cops stopping all cars into and out of WB on Thursday night. We’ll all put up with a traffic jam if you catch some of these scumbags with guns guys, keep it up. I reckon it’s time to kick a few front doors in as well.

    • Anonymous says:

      So if they are already stopping the cars, why don’t they start ordering the removal of the tint from the windows which fall outside the legal limit?

      Wouldn’t that be a good time to start dealing with this issue?

  47. the googlizer says:


    CNS i understand fully if you don’t publish this, but as a resident on WB, with a vacant rental because of these latest shooting, I am getting a little ticked off…….Oh and by the way – To Mac : is god going to pay my mortgage next month? Because it’s do on the 1st!  Or can you get god to at least phone CNB and ask for a derferral of payments for a couple of months?


    • Anonymous says:

      You really show your intelligence with responding with a comment like this! How do we get any where when this is the mentality we have!!! You aren’t helping the island replying like this!!! GROW UP!

  48. Anonymous says:

    yea mckeeva on island but he is moving out of west bay, East Ender do not let him in.

  49. Anonymous says:

    We need Jack Bauer.

    And Chuck Norris.

    • Anonymous says:

      True.  Chloe O’Brian would open a socket, load up the SAT, and send in a TAC team with or without Brian Hastings’ go ahead, on the basis that, "you’ll just have to trust me". 

  50. Anonymous says:

    Who wanted big MAC back raise your hand again?????? Which district got the MOST KILLING ????? Which country got the most STATUS give away?????? WHO TO BLAME ????? MACKEEVA BUSH  end of story…..

    • Anonymous says:

      I Dont think is it absoutely correct to place the blame on the status give aways!!!! We have to realized and face the fact that it is our own young Caymanians that are committing some of these crimes. This is our problem not wanting to face the music and placing the blame esle where. Gangs was been a part of our socitey for a very long time. I will take you back to Truman Bodden days when the gang issue was first brought to the LA, His response was "We don’t have gangs is just a group of youngsters hanging together". Well is it still a group of youngster hanging together? The drug trade has escalated to another level and can no longer swept it under the rug or suger coated it any longer. WE need to take back our society, WE need to stand up and fight for want our forefathers has taught us and realize that this OUR problem as well.

      The police needs the public’s cooperation in getting these crimes solved. Blasting the politians or the police won’t help this serious problem we have on hand. WE NEED TO SEEK WAYS INTO GETTING THE PROBLEM UNDER CONTROL.



    • what a mess says:

       BEEEEP!!!!!!! Please, save your breath. If you are so ignorant as to believe that you can simply lay the blame on ONE single person, in this case, Mac. You are wrong. You cannot be so narrow minded that you honestly think Mac is the reason for all this crime. This is not one person, or one thing. This is years of bad parenting, and everything else bad in the book. Its a trickle effect. Maybe you should do some research before you start posting rubbish.

      You are unfortunately one of many who seem to think they can sit on their a$$ and blame the LOGB.

      And as for those of you talking trash about Mac going off island to "party", GET A LIFE!!!! If you think that everytime he leaves the island to represent OUR country that he isn’t doing his job you are wrong. 

      The saying is true…’Ignorance is bliss’. For those of you who don’t know what that means, simply: wa ya dont know wont hurt ya!

      Listen, if every single human being took care of his or her own, we would be living in better conditions. If every parent appreciated their child and didnt neglect them and drag them up on the street we wouldnt have these so cALLED GANGSTERS. And if every one would just take a step back and see the bigger picture we would realise that todays crime is just a result of decades of social negligence. As a society we have spent years on top of years sweeping our dirt under the carpet, so to speak. This is what happens when you ignore common problems within society.

      We have ignored incest, rape, adultery, stealing etc. ANything bad you can imagine we have it and have just swept it under the rug.

      Why? Because we are a christian country and we have to do the christian thing….hide the truth!!!!!!!! LIE AND BE HYPOCRITES.  

      God bless you all. Be safe and be strong. 

    • Anonymous says:

      thats exactly what the people told them would happen with the status give away,they are seeing the effects of the status grants now.

  51. Anonymous says:

    Would someone PLEASE use the provisions of the Constitution and envoke a state of emergency, followed by a curfew, then changes to the Penal Code and Firearms Law and finally bring in outside assistance as our Police appears to not be able to handle this on their own.

    And please lets stop being so harsh on the West Bay district. These crimes are happening there yes, but the district is made up of a MAJORITY of law-abiding, upright and descent people. Its not as though all murders that have happened were committed in West Bay. Get real people. Murders have happened in GT, in BT and even EE……so to stigmatize this as a West Bay problem is completely irresponsible. Soon the crimes will once again escalate in GT, BT and EE. I do not live in West Bay, but I do have many many good friends and acquaintances there and I feel just as safe visiting them at their homes as I do anywhere on the island.

    This simply is NOT about a district or the majority of the residents- it is about the cowards, bullies and criminal rejects that we have amongst us.


  52. Anonymous says:

    Working in the tourism industry, the completely unprompted conversation from visitors now goes from ‘how long have you been here, this is a great island’ to ‘what’s going on with all these shootings?’ I sense a decline in future tourism and already know with first thought 4 families moving away this summer once school is out.

    The sad part is I can move away, but  having been here for a number of years I suffer knowing not all Caymanians can. Once there was a timewhen living here outweighed the balance of moving on. Successiveyears have progressively moved the balance entertaining thoughts of moving but were still not quite enough. However the most recent events give rise to  having the scale recalibrated because surely it can not have shifted that much. Unless there is something proactive coming from Government/ The Governor instead of the seeming non-acknowledgement of events I will be taking the scales measurement as precise and will also be moving on with my family. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree.  We are moving on as well, or at least making our options such that if we want to move tommorrow we can do it very easily. Selling our house, our material items (minus clothes of course!), moving money, etc.

      It is really too bad, this could be/can be a beautiful place.  I guess when all the expats have moved away, maybe the island can get rid of these undesirables.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Just a random sample of US Cities you might no and their murder rates, compared to our murder rate (actual MURDER, not just violent crimes).

    Figure 1 per month in Cayman.

    Cayman Pop: 55,000

    Murder Rate per year: 12



    NO State in the US has this high of murder rate. and NO CITY (not a single one has this high of murder rate, NONE).

    You are NOW projected to be the HIGHEST homicide rate in the world for 2010


    Homicide Rates 2009: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_intentional_homicide_rate

    US Source: http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/2010/tables/10s0297.pdf

    Murder Rate Calculation: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080224155618AA4NFJa





    • Anonymous says:

      Actually 12 / 0.55 = a rate of 21.8 per 100,000 people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I may be wrong and correct me if I am, but isn’t your math a little off?

      Shouldn’t the figures be 12/0.55 = 21.8? This is still disgraceful but let’s not use false statistics to engender fear.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to make light of the horrendous numbers, but your numbers are way off.  There were 8 murders in 2009 and the population is closer  to 65,000 than 55,000 – but let’s use 60k.

      8/.6 = 13 per 100,000


      Even if we use 12 (I assume you are projecting the 2010 1st quarter), then we have 12/.6 = 20 per 100,000.


      These are still horrible numbers but let’s at least get them right if we are going to compare.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where did you get the ’24’ from?  By your guesstimates, it should be 12/.55 = 21.82

    • SilentBob says:

      You math doesn’t quite add up there, even according to your murder rate calculation link.

      Murders in the first 3 months: 5

      Extrapolated yearly murders based on first 3 months : 5/3*12 = 20

      Extrapolated yearly murder rate per 100 000 people is 12 / 0.55 = 36.36

      This is still however higher than any other country and action needs to be taken now.



    • Anonymous says:

      Well there’s already been 5 murders before the 3rd month is over so your projection is very low. It works out at over 21 based on number of days.

      So much, much higher!

    • Anonymous says:

      Check ya figures. 12 not 24.  12/.55=21.81.  But even 12 is speculative.  2008 & 2009 saw 7 homicides each. 

      7/.55=12.73 per 100 000

      Don’t get me wrong thats 7 more than there should be but the situation is dire enough as is with out people providing misinformation.


  54. Cerridwen says:

     West Bay has become Death Bay.  The Premier is safe in his holy compound (or off island partying around the globe) emerging only to call for prayer meetings as the solution to the daily violence the rest of us now live with.  Hah.

    Our "daily bread" has become a daily bullet.  If the government – and by that I mean the Governor, the Premier, the MLAs, the RCIPS – will not / cannot do anything about the violence, I fear it is time to abandon the good ship "Cayman Islands"!

    Where are the "leaders" of this country?  Where are they and what are they doing to save this country?  Nowhere and nothing, I fear.



  55. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Bush has publicly stated that there is not a place on these islands that fears to walk.  It is now time for McKeeva to live up to those words march into his district and grab these punks by the scruff of the neck.

    Unfortunately, he would rather hang out behind the concrete walls of the LA or behind the soon to be built concrete wall around his residence or behind the blacked out windows(which are illegal) of his chauffeur driven pimp mobile.

    Two words come to mind.  Pathetic coward.

  56. Kurt says:

    Soon to be the next Third World Country in the Caribbean!  Let’s see how many cruise ships pull into port…..  Go figure, that Puerto Rico has less crime than Cayman, because it’s a US Territory, have you all not figured that the UK could give a rat’s a** about you and your problems…. Paradice Lost!  Good Luck, soon we will see people showing up on US Shores in Right Hand Drive toyotas floating vs. Cuba’s Chevy’s.  Perhpas McKeeva should start requesting Wet Foot Dry Foot for Cayman too.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Four West Bay MLA’s, and not a word out of any of them.

    They should be ashamed of themselves.  Cowards, each and every one of them….

  58. sick & tired says:

    This has gone too far now! Everytime I step out or my family steps out just to even go to the store i’m scared out of my mind! I say search ALL the houses in WB for guns…If you don’t have a gun or nothing to hide then you should’nt care if they search your house …if it means finding the criminals then GO for it! Cayman is not the Cayman I once knew….hmmm thinking hard of moving overseas!!!! 🙁

    • anonymous says:

      Why only West Bay?  Why not search the whole island.  I (as a West Bayer) do acknowledge that some of the blame for what happens here lies with genuine West Bayers. But a lot of times, persons from other parts of the island cause a lot of trouble in West Bay as well.


      So please search everywhere, and if the police know who the trouble makers are, please harass the hell out of them and stop blaming the whole district and it’s population for everything that happens there.



  59. Anonymous says:

    WEST BAY TOURISM  now offering daily tours and promise you will see

    1. A shooting each day.

    2. Random robberies.

    3. Walled in Estate.

    What you will not see is BIG MAC

  60. Anonymous says:

    Where is Mr Bush on his beloved West Bay… I guess he’ll probably blame this on PPM too or he’ll call some kind of prayer session. It’s amazing to see these politician use religion as a scapegoat out of dealing with the problems at hand. In Cayman we do a lot of talking and praying and little of walking the walk. We need to stop saying will do something about crime and violence and actually stand up and stop it.

  61. Anonymous says:

    I said it yesterday and I say it again today.  They are killing each other but how soon will it be before the the last one stand!   Only then will the Police be able to solve a case, that last one.

    At the moment , all we can do is watch, wait and pray.  Why blame Mr.Bush? He cant do anything about it.  Who is to blame?   (1) The mothers and the fathers of these young men who failed in their parenting.    (2) Society that failed to foresee this when it visibly growing like a cancer.  Now today,  (3) The police service or to be more accurate, the Commissioner of Police for knowing too much of nothing.

    He came to this island and within six weeks of being here he knew all the criminals,(15). amazing:  The question now is,  Where are the 15,behind bars?  They have multiplied.

    How many have died, including the innocent, since he took office now less than a year?   Folks, it is now too late for him to do anything about this situation.  Why?  because he refused to listen to those who know and could ,and still can help simply through their INTELLIGENCE value.

    The number of murders are now too many for the RCIP to effectively investigate. We are left with no alternative but watch and wait for the last one (gunman) to stand.  Then the question is,  What about the new breed?  They can be seen already.  COMMISSIONER, YOU ARE FIGHTING A LOST CAUSE AND PLAYING CATCH-UP.   Take my advice and say goodbye.  No hard feelings.

    finally, the question is, Who is next,and when?  Today?  Tomorrow? Next week?   This I am afraid is the stark reality of the situation.    Another stark reality is that for every death,  the gunman population increases at least fivefold (5) believe it or not.  This is not speculation, This reality INTELLIGENCE based.

    Time to wake up Cayman and pray that GOD help us all.


  62. Anonymous says:

    This is really bad. Someone is getting murdered almost daily at all times of the day, or getting shot. We  have the armed robberies that are also occuring all the time now. I think the Commissioner has a failed . Time to bring Braggs back and get us to where we belong!!

    • anonymous says:

      How stupid can yo be. You are actually blaming the commissioner of police because your criminal sons are robbing and killing?

      You are the blame. You do not teach our children anything. too Busy watching porn, gossiping, soap operas and talking garbage. Teach your kids somthing and set an example it will make our community better. While you’re at it, Take them to church with you and get saved.

      • Anonymous says:

         The biggest motivation for the criminals is the lack of a successful response by the police.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is a Captain in every ship, so who should be blamed?  My children are not killing people! These scumbags are not all from here now, so don’t put that to me. Cayman cannot raise every child in the world. The Po-po are here to make and keep us safe.

  63. Anonymous says:

    K, definately not going to WB for dinner now or anything for that matter!  Maybe at some point they will kill each other off and we won’t have to worry anymore?

  64. Anonymous says:

    The UK FCO please save ussave us Oh one more  thing we is broke!!!!! Send troops and warships just like you did during Hurricane Ivan Travis Tritt says it best here is a quarter call someone who cares

  65. Anonymous source says:

    For all you Loyal colonial servants running round here talking about the UK this the UK That FCO this and that  Governor and Commissioner let me bus it  down 4 ya Just like Ivan days They are here to protect their own citizens and to meet their own international obligations.

    When these criminal gangs began to formulate Solidify themselves and arm themselves they were told numerous times. Their solution to the problem was to promote their loyal inept stooges to powerful positions and install their own to watch those they deem disloyal to their rule and views. It had nothing to do with Cayman

    When Caymanians became stronger and started to hold their own and become recognized international they use these same loyal stooges to spread dissent and instigate discorded amongst the ranks knowing farewell what would be the inevitable outcome from the same persons troubling background and capabilities. All the while playing the Good little oblivious shepherd tending his troublesome flock. They even played politics with law enforcement policies and strategies a no no in their own strict UK governance policy rule books.

    They deliberately ignore all the socio-economic issues and signs of the coming problem and the disconnect with our youth leaving it up to our well known self absorbed greedy politicians. They also created elaborate and expensive positions and branches and job opportunities for friends and retired colleagues.

    Crime & drugs and criminals became a "local " problem our financial intelligence and information systems were of paramount importance and focus????? When things went sour or they did not achieve their economic   goals from planned clandestine operations and subterfuge against their own nationals who run financial industry. Oh Cayman what a mess we are in they have now filled our little law enforcement agencies with their proxy foreign force claiming now that we Caymanians are all corrupt. So to all you humble servants out there none are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely,believe they are free. Where is the Tempura FCO Triggerman ooops police advisor??????????

    • Rorschach says:

      Hallelujah!!  Preach it to them, Brother….

    • Anonymous says:

      Unbelievable but sadly typical of the problems facing Cayman. Attitudes like this loser who blames everything on everybody else.

      From the rubbish he is spouting I guess he was one of the corrupt officers driven out of the police force and still bitter about it. The police have got their hands tied behind their backs for the most part. Like other businesses here they have to put up with having a large percentage of their workers being Caymanian. This inevitably means that these are going to be lazy, inept, greedy, uneducated people that refuse to follow orders and are more interested in personal gains than carrying out the duties of their job.

      If the police were able to get rid of all the corrupt, lazy and incompetent officers (mostly the locals but also a few foreign cops that are here for a holiday), then replace them with well trained cops used to gang culture, then we would be in a much safer place.

      The Caymanian entitlement culture is to blame for the downfall of the country. If the local people were willing to work for a living and achieve something for themselves instead of being subsidised by foreigners, then the businesses would not be leaving in droves, some of the borderline criminals would get or retain jobs and keep them on the straight and narrow. The same Caymanians should spend more time at home parenting their kids instead of expecting the school teachers to bring them up. No wonder they have created such a low life generation.

      • Raffaele says:

        The use of derogatory words to describe local people speaks volumes about you and your character. You talk of entitlement culture,  it is person like you and many of your friends who arrive on these shores with preconceived notions & ideas that this place and it people owed you a life. If you don’t like it here we have a port and airport, feel free to leave at your earliest convenience. As far corruption is concern Cayman does not have a monopoly on that, look to your home country for guidance they seem well steeped and founded in its principals so well they have exported and spread it into other countries. Like you the trouble with ignorance is that it picks up confidence as it goes along.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Let the RCIPS start doing raids on the known gangsters in the country. Search their houses, cars and places where the hang out to search for guns, drugs or any other illegal material.

    In other words bring the fight to the criminals.

    I suspect that given the problems with confidentiality on this little island between getting the search warrants and the police themselves the bad guys are well aware of an impending raid.

    Limit the people in the loop in knowing where and when the raid will be held and start bringing it to them.

  67. Anonymous says:

    I am a Caymanian-born and over sixty.  I never even dreamed that I could live long enough to read this about my island.  I used to go on Cayman Island Promotion Tours and my biggest selling point was that we are virtually "CRIME-FREE".  That phrase actually sounds comical now.  If you look at the situation on a per capita basis, Cayman is worse than Jamaica has ever been.  Maybe our Premier can call on his buddy, the former TCI premier for assistance, or is he an his deputy going to pray the criminals and gun-men to death,  This would be a joke, if it wasn’t so heartbreaking.  Come on Cayman, we put them in power, so we can take them out.  Stop the rhetoric and let’s have some action.  Chuckie, I was looking forward to your demonstration.  Put the plans back on the table.  We need the present Government impeached and fast, before we become the Wild, Wild, "WEST" of the Caribbean.

  68. Running on Empty says:

    It may be a hard pill to swallow. But I think it’s time we changed our precept that government can actually do something about this.  And stop asking them. They do certain things.  I guess.  Although I can’t remember anything recently except travel. 

    But they aren’t  responsible for controlling this and we seem to be approaching it like that.  It’s a waste of time.  There are already laws designed to prevent this.  And besides, blaming government does us no good.  Because as we have seen blaming is something they have down to a fine art.

    Because we have not heard a word it seems they have plain run out of those to blame and they’re at a loss.

    They’re running on empty and it’s time we left the government out of it.

     The solution will find itself when we begin to recognize the responsibility unfortunately rests with us. 

    And our local communities, and of course, our police and we can’t allow them to use the same tactics the government is using.  We need to begin talking directly to the police and ask them what they need and how much. And I’m sure what they’ll say is it will be necessary is for us… all to be the police.

    With 50-odd thousand police officers on the lookout ready to report anything we see out of sorts.  Of course they’re going to need more phones.  And they’re going to have to respond.  NOW.  That way and ONLY that way can we get these assholes on the run.  It may seem paranoid.  But we’re paranoid now.  Do we want to live that way?

    Forget the government.  As always, they’re saying they’re busy deciding our future.

    We have to get busy making it.

    Walk good.



  69. Anonymous says:

    I use to feel so safe in Cayman, I use to boast to the folks back home that Cayman has no crime you can still go public beach at night and just sit and relax, or go have dinner with out fear of getting your care broken into or getting rubbed.

    Now after work I try to make it home as fast as I can, I am afraid to go out, its like being under house arrest and even then the bandits still breaking into your homes and violating the one place your suppose to be safe! And the sad thing is, if I catch a bandit breaking into my house and chop is hand of as he puts in through my window, I’m the one that’s going to end up in jail whiles the bandit gets disability compensation

    Its like these guys got a green light to do what they want, police aren’t catching them despite I reading a few weeks ago that they supposedly know all the individuals doing the gun crimes, and the citizens cant take matters into their own hands when they catch one of these lowlifes violating there privacy.

    This place is way too small for this sort of nonsense, even if its gang related or not, it’s not sending a very good message for a small island like this where the only natural resource is tourism

  70. Anonymous says:

    Theres even a club on Facebook now entitled "Theres too much crime in Cayman! thats how bad things are getting!

  71. Anonymous says:

    Wake up Cayman, it’s time for action!

    To our young people and government please try to do the following:

    1.  Stop the attacks and killings, instead attack education, kill poverty

    2.  Replace despair with hope

    3.  Exchange pessimism for optimism

    4.  Substitute drugs and guns for books and education

    5.  Don’t try to imitate gangsters but if you must try Malcolm X

    6.  Seek the Lord, look to God for strenght and courage not the Gun

    7.  Government unite a house divided cannot stand, stop the division

    8.  First priority should be to God and Country not self and investors

    9.  Stop taking advice and talking points at cocktail parties from outsiders

    10. Leaders, parents, people in authority open your eyes and hearts and become true leaders, our young people have been neglected for too long.


  72. Anonymous says:

    ??????  Hell Road, Hell tourists attraction, Hell gas station, Devil’s hang out & Hell Post office.  These are all found in West Bay.  May God have mercy on us all.

  73. Anonymous says:

    Mac! Put the national interest first and stop exploiting the system for personal gain!  We want an END to this Crime and VIOLENCE.  We do NOT want to hide in our houses and make them the equivalent of prisons with bars on our windows.  Get off your #$% and GET this sorted NOW!!

  74. Anonymous says:

    The culture of intimidation is winning as no one is will willing to testify for fear to themselves or their families. This makes the police and the court system impotent.  It seems to me that the only way we can take back our Island is to bring in the even more tough types who can crush these gangs quickly. We need to  bring in Blackwater (now Xe) and have them, as mercenaries clean up our Island.  Perhaps Dart can help with arranging this contacts and contracts.


    • Joe Average says:

      BLACKWATER????  The day they arrive run for cover!!! They’re paid gangsters!!  We’re trying to get rid of gangsters. When they do shoot they spray the street.  And hit every innocent person in sight.  Are you kidding???   You must be!!!!   Ask the Iraquis: They are one of the largest terrorist organizations in the world!!  No.  We don’t need mercenaries flying around in their choppers and driving around in their Humvees dressed like Rambo.

  75. Jahleb says:

    On behalf of West Bayers

    All the flax in the air about West Bay becoz of the number of shootings has branded the district of West Bay locals and residents living here, get a grip on the reality people its not the majority of people living here that are gangsters, drug pushers, criminals, we should have enough common sense to know that all the shootings are gang related and will continue until they finish off each other, lets hope no more innocent lives are not taken in the process.

    I been living in West Bay for most of my 46 years and have never had any problem, I sleep with my windows open, I keep my front door open until any hour at night, I sit and even sleep under my favorite tree in our yard when its nice and breezy, in fact Wednesday night I slept under the tree with my laptop 🙂 I did not know about the shooting near Batabano Plaza which is a few minutes drive from where I live until I read it on CNS about an hour after. Thursday night I was under the tree again and the same thing happen I read about the murder via facebook and CNS after.

    My point is, not because so many shootings taking place in West Bay means that all people here should be branded, nor should the district be branded, the ones doing the crimes are the one to be branded. We are innocent West Bay locals and residents being victimized by gang war, and should not be victimized becoz we are from West Bay or becoz we live in West Bay, there are areas in every district and EVERY country that are not safe, lets focus on the criminals not the innocent residents of West Bay or West Bay locals.

    I refuse to live in fear we just have to be aware. Remember this is the generation that our judicial system was so quick to send off to prison for petty offenses and have ruin many, well we see now there are really serious offenses, maybe now the judicial system have come to there senses (and yes they have, there is a drug court now)

    Am a West Bayer that shoots with a camera not a gun.

    Joseph Yates

  76. Anonymous says:

    Sadly as a tourist thats been coming to the islands for a very long time! I think this Easter will be our last visit……..unless something is done and quick! my family are very worried about being on GC over the next few weeks! its supposed to be a vacation! What is the government going to do about it. The british army need to be sent over to sort out these petty so called gangsters! shame on you and poor Cayman

  77. Anon says:

    ‘You live by the sword you die by the sword.’ Sad but true.

    • what a mess says:

       This is true but unfortunately not really accurate to our current situation. We have most definitelylost a lot of INNOCENT people. Look at the case of sweet little Jermiah. He was innocent, one might argue that it is directly his father’s fault etc…but the bible does say that in the end the CHILDREN will suffer for the adults’ mistakes and sins. The CHILDREN will pay. 

      We need to bring in armed forces. Some may not agree with me, but it is absolutely clear that our forces on island are incapable of dealing with the current mess. Please, we need to take this very seriously, before we end up living in a third world country with bars on our windows and guns under our pillows.

      Some people already live like this in Cayman, I for one will NEVER subject to it. If it means they kill me too, then so be it. I will not live my life in fear because of a few young punks who are on a power/ego trip. I am Caymanian, I always state this as to be clear this is my island. I grew-up here and this is my home. I won’t keave, I won’t give-in and I certainly won’t accept that this is our way of life in Cayman. I am still hoping and praying that something will give.

      God bless and be safe.


      • Anonymous says:

        Good to hear some ‘fighting’ words! Well said!  Do not live in fear! Now if only those that have the ‘power’ to do something had your stance and your heart!  God bless you too.

  78. Anonymous says:

    Actually Cayman’s 5th homicide for 2010 and 4 in West Bay. So, excluding innocent little Jeremiah, using Commisioner Baines’ information that these are tit-for-tat shootings and using arithmetic from his assertion that there are ’15 known gun criminals’ at the time of his press release, this would suggest that we are down to 11 ‘gun criminals’. From that I would say keep it up guys, bring those numbers down and by summer you should all be gone, including the suicide of the last one standing.

    But of course, this shows that the Commissioner’s statements were way off base fo which he can’t be blamed; after all he was making that statement based on whatever information he inherited and the briefings he received. Nevertheless it’s in his hands now.

    In most reasonably sized police department homicide investigation divisions, 5 homicides in 3 months would be a challenge to successfully investigate. I imagine with the limitations of our RCIPS and the reluctant public, this situation is all the more challenging and considering the unsolved investigations from 2009, 2008, etc. (hopefully ongoing?) they must be absolutely overwhelmed. 

    Question is, when will they or the powers (Governor, FCO) over them recognize and admit this and call in assistance? Do they actually have a grasp on the problem and a solution? I fear not. But unless something definitive is done SOON, it would be reasonable to wonder if there is indeed some conspiracy or at least encouragement to destroy our economy and our society, as some people believe.  

    Our elected leaders must ensure that the Governor takes charge of this matter and gets action as a matter of priority.



    • Anonymous says:

      Commissioner not to be blamed????? IF there are 15 known gun criminals in which he stated, those 15 known gun criminals should be off the street or caught!!!  That was one of the most stupidist statements I have heard made yet!

    • Anonymous says:

      And McKeeva’s answer?! A mass sit down prayer meeting on April fools day… You couldn’t make this stuff up!

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually according to police Mr. Mauricio’s death was not gang related (at least they don’t believe he was involved with gangs) so we might still have 12.

  79. big whopper says:

    Mr. Bush…are you on island?..if you are, drastic times now calls for drastic measures!…this your distric!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not sure if he is but I was quite shocked to see on another website that his response to all this is thst he is asking the churches to come out and pray.

      I do not attend church regularly.I am going to make every effort to be there because I strongly believe that there is a higher being who is Almighty and that there is nothing he can’t do.

      That being said, are you kidding me? Is this your only response??!!!

      I understand that the RCIPS does not fall under you Mr. Bush but can you please put EXTREME pressure on the person that it does….. for the sake of your Cayman community and especially for the sake of your West Bay community?

      You nor the RCIPS can probably stop these thugs from doing their thing but what you cando is make laws that deter and make examples of these wannabes.

      Cayman residents let’s make these politicians we have elected answer to us. I think it’s definitely time for a demonstration to demand ACTION!

    • Anonymous says:

      c’mon…didn’t he just call for some serious prayer!

      That ought to take care of it….

    • Anonymous says:

      Well he’s called for a big prayer meeting next Thursday evening – is that drastic enough?

  80. Anonymous says:

    Our little "local song birds" that were all praising the past Commissioner’s from the UK as the best thing that ever happened to the RCIPS in recent years, are all now singing from a different song sheet and the tunes are quite different today. How amazing !!!! 

    I hear that some of them are running around the RCIPS like "little puppies" with their tails between their legs, hanging their head in shame/embarrassment and now openly saying, "what a mess that we are in since following these policies/strategies from the UK"

    I even received it from a very reliable source that the Drugs Task Force (DTF) has once again been disbanded, now to deal with the Robberies and Murders that are ongoing. Now that is what I call, dealing the symptoms but ignoring the root-cause of the problem/sickness.

    Haaaaaaaaahhhhhh, he who laughs last………………sure laughs best. So therefore, suck it up fellas, suck it up !!! You allowed your beds to be made and went ahead and slept in it, so don’t whine and complain now. I bet you haven’t/didn’tlearnt of the solutions at Bramshill, that would help solve Cayman’s crime problems today.

    More a com gentlemen, more a com !!!! I’m just chilling and watching it all unfold on CNS, as I and many others had predicted that this would happen due to the utter lack of true crime fighting that had not taken place in the RCIPS over the past several years.

    CNS, please cut me some slack for the comments I posted above, afterall it’s only freedom of speech with a tid-bit of holding people accountable for their actions and a little bit of humor all in one. 


    • Anonymous says:

      your comment is actually so stupid "our little song birds". sad to say but your comment is STUPID.  this has nothing to do with the police and past commissioners.  this has everything to do with the lack of values and morals in this society.  There are absolutely none.  The only important  thing in this society is money.  Children are not trained and thus this situation.  Social ills are causing this, nothing else and when we come to terms with our dirty laundry and start washng, then change will come.  Stop hiding the dirty laundry under the bed and deal with this issue.  Put politics behind us and get to one head on this issue.  Blame yourselves Cayman society. 

    • ME says:

      I’m fairly certain that it is not the RCIPS who are up in West Bay shooting "innocent" young men. These men are shooting each other.

      It’s interesting that you wrote the following:

      afterall it’s only freedom of speech with a tid-bit of holding people accountable for their actions and a little bit of humor all in one.

      and  nowhere have you mentioned holding these little wannabe gangsters, and their parents who obviously did a terrible job of raising them accountable for these terrible crimes that they are committing.

    • Canada Hockey! says:

      @Anonymous – 01:23

      It’s quite disturbing that you find this humorous.

  81. A Guy says:

    Bye Bye tourism : (

  82. DMA says:

     Gun Bay would be more appropriate. 

  83. Anonymous says:

     What the hell is really happening in West Bay???  This has really gone to far now…

    • Anonymous says:

      Hell is in West Bay… I have a postcard from there.

      I could get one for you but I am too scared to to there anymore.

      Good thing Ezzard is making sure that the expats are packing their bags though…now I can sleep at night.

  84. West Bayer says:

    Well well well West Bay MLA’s, wha the plan is?

    Unna cowards gunna come out and do something, or are we to take your cue and hide inside our houses too??

    Only problem with that plan is, unlike you SO-CALLED dignified bunch, we can’t all afford the privlage of alarm sytems, gates and RCIP security!!

    So, my fellow West Baya’s, let’s go shack up at their places until we can get those at home security installments too!!

    Bunch of foo-fool cowards – too bad I gave ONE of your team a vote! I thought I was at least gunna get a sensible candidate from unna team, but looks like I was a FOOL too, that day!!

    I want to see unna ALL out there tomorrow – making CHANGES! Yes, even you too Eugene!!




    Unna is all full of caca!! *spit*

    • Anonymous says:

       You really need counseling.  You sound like psycho.  I beg you to please seek help as soon as possible.  

      • West Bayer says:

        Yup! Psyched out of my mind!!

        Guess YOU live in the North Pole to be so calm….

        So STFU or get me a room at your place – cuz am SCARRED SHEITLESS!!

  85. Outlier says:

    I’m really lost for words….

    • Anonymous says:

      Please read the good book the Bible where it says that the winds of strife would leave us. This is what is happening now. There is no police no politician that can do anything about the happenings prophecy is being fulfilled.

  86. Anonymous says:

    Unbelievable our law men cant even scoop these little idiots (Mareros)..If this continues I have a feelin that the UK will revoke our constitution like they did the Turks and Caicos and take over the runnings of these islands because obviously the leaders we appoint to run our country are not doing their jobs!!!!

    "Dog eat our supper then, if this happens….