Blair under pressure over his UK taxes

| 31/03/2010

(Telegraph): Tony Blair is facing questions over whether he was planning to avoid paying taxes in Britain on his growing wealth. The Conservatives released a dossier on the structure of the former prime minister’s companies which they believed could allow him to take advantage lawfully of offshore tax havens. Blair has set up a complicated series of firms through which he is paid and his charitable work is funded. The structure has confused accountants and solicitors, although a spokesman for Blair said it had nothing to with tax but was a regulatory formality.

The former prime minister is thought to be earning tens of millions of pounds a year from advising foreign investors and making lucrative speeches. Several of his "corporate entities" do not have to publish full accounts and do not disclose where their money comes from or where it ends up.

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  1. Joe Average says:

    You’re kidding!!!!  Tony Blair is trying to dodge paying taxes???  That is truly hard to believe.  I mean….he’s best friends with George "Mission Accomplished" Bush.  Who never lied!  Who never used influence and theft to win an election!  Fer chrissake Blair goes to church!!!  I saw it on the news. So how can this be?  They have both devoted their entire political careers to


    what did they devote their careers to?

    oh yes

    advising foreign investors (arms merchants)  and ensuring stability in Iraq (BP and Exxon)