Hospital plans made public

| 01/05/2010

(CNS): The government has now released the agreement it signed with Dr Devi Shetty to accommodate the Cayman Narayana Health University project. The deal for the $2 billion plus medical complex was signed at a press briefing in April, and the minister for health says it outlines the duty concessions on medical equipment, the discounted immigration fees and the necessary legislative changes to facilitate the development. World renowned cardiac surgeon, Dr Shetty, plans to build a large scale medical tourism facility, medical school, and assisted-living senior’s residence on 500 acres somewhere in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman.

“As the agreement generated a great deal of public interest, Cabinet has decided to release it at this time in the spirit of transparency,” Health Minister Mark Scotland stated in a release on Friday afternoon.
According to the agreement, while government is not investing in the venture, it has pledged to facilitate the project through various initiatives, including import duty waivers for medical equipment and supplies, streamlined application processes, an exclusion of competition, no taxes on profits in the future, upgrades to the airport as well as other infrastructure improvements.
In return, the developers have undertaken to train Caymanians and offer discounted services to Health Services Authority patients. They will also start discussions with the Education Ministry to establish a medical faculty in the Islands.
“Several other countries have approached Dr Shetty and offered him a variety of different incentive packages to encourage him to build this project in their country – varying from a 50-year tax-free zone to actually constructing some buildings for him. As is common practice in many jurisdictions, the Cayman Islands Government has offered some incentives to the developer to tip the balance in our favour,” Scotland added. 
“We believe very strongly that the potential benefits to Cayman of this project are so significant, and will benefit such a broad spectrum of our population, that it was important to do what we could to secure the project here. While the value of the concessions and the support we offer are considerable, I believe that the advantages of the proposed project are equally significant.”
The minister also noted that government would save millions annually by taking advantage of the tertiary care offered by the Narayana hospital.
Other benefits include the possibility of reduced insurance premiums for everyone in Cayman as the overall cost of tertiary care decreases, increased tourism arrivals and a diversified economy, he noted.
“Medical tourism is a growing industry, and we already have all the attributes necessary for success – an established tourism product, our geographical location for easy access by American visitors, political stability, and a reputation as a safe destination in the Caribbean. Not to act on it would be a missed opportunity,” explained Scotland.
The Cayman Narayana project will be constructed in phases at an estimated cost of US$2 billion. It will take approximately ten years to complete.
The development has been broadly welcomed by the Cayman Islands community, though there are concerns that government will need to carefully manage the infrastructure demands the project will have on the island. So far a location has not yet been revealed but the developer is seeking a significant size property and is likely to focus on the north coast of Grand Cayman.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    Forgive my ignorance but can someone tell me what makes this cardiologist the title of "world renowned". Being Mother Teresa’s personal physician means little. She was a geat lady and  poor nun but I hope his credentials extend beyond that. Tell us what else makes him so world famous.

  2. Balanced View says:


    With all due respect, this is neither the time nor the place for this kind of debate. Did the Jews of the Bible only do commerce with fellow Jews? Wasn’t Daniel a senior Govt official in Babylon? Wasn’t Joseph a Governor in Egypt?
    It’s this kind of debate and intolerance for other people’s views and persuasions that has caused millions to die in holy wars and world wars. Are we the only ones holding the infallible truth? Our actions certainly suggest otherwise? We need to learn to be tolerant without accepting the views of others and stick to your position without being dogmatic. Even God Almighty is long suffering and slow to wrathand ONLY GOD CAN JUDGE US!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    How big is 500 acres?

    Most average-sized shopping malls sit on less than 50 acres.

    1 square mile = 640 acres = (5,280)^2 ft^2 (sq ft)

    500 acres = 202.34282112 hectares

    Stated another way, Dr. Shetty’s land gift = <5% of Grand Cayman

    • Dred says:

      What do you mean land gift?

      I have read the agreement twice now and I see no concession related to land.

    • Anon says:

      Lets put this into a real perspective:

      Grand Cayman is 76 square miles.  1% of that is 0.76 miles.

      500 acres = 0.7 square miles.  Therefore just less than 1% of Grand Cayman land will be utlised for this project… and I certainly hope that no ‘gift’ of land is being made.


      • Anonymous says:

        First, what matters is the percentage of undeveloped land on Grand Cayman thats being used.  Second, this does not include all the development around it for housing etc. which will take up a lot more.  20,000 people according to the opposition.  Practically a new town.GW

  4. Anonymous says:

    What about all ofus complainers ?


    We have done nothing and demand everything !




  5. Anonymous says:

    How much paving will have to be done on the 500 acres? It seems highly unlikely that that contract will be made public. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    It never ceases to amaze me, you could give every single Caymanian $100,000 in cash and they would still find so many reasons to complain and bitch. Caymanians truely must have the most negative sentiment of any country on the planet. Life is so good here, stop, look around for a second and appreciate what you have. There is nothing wrong with questions but please stop being sooooo pessimistic.

    • Joe Average says:

      While I agree with you that there is too much negativity out there, some of it is justified.  It seems to me too many tricks have been played in the past, or at the least the full details weren’t divulged.  Government accounts…..where are the accounts?  Then back and forth decisions, a reduction in salaries, then none, changing laws, saying one thing, then saying another.  Given that record, it is no surprise if people become paranoid even it may happen in this case to be good news.  To change that we need the A word: Accountability.  We know what happens when that attempt is made.  Goodbye to the Auditor General.  I’m afraid if a government wants the support of the people it has to give the impression it is open and listening.  And walks the talk.

      So far I’d give them a C-.

      • Dred says:

        Hi Joe,

        While I agree with a lot of what you have to say I must say this is the ONLY thing I agree with the new government on. Everything else has been emergency management.

        The thing is I like a healthy debate as good as the next guy but half the people typing crap in here have done zippo research. They think of stupid crap such as:

        Naranya means Gods…ooh my theyare not Christians

        Exclusivity agreement oooh no the end of the world for us now…ooh doesn’t apply to Caymanians really? Ooh only 5 years. Didn’t C&W have like a 20 year thing. CUC with 29 years one.

        Infrastructure – how can we survive? Okay it will take 10 years and with proper planning the effects won’t be devastating.

        The poor trees – Did you think about that when you were clearing that land for your palace? Or your business?

        Now he certainly can’t do it because of customers. Do you really think people will come here? Aaaaah yeah they are already flying all over the world and there’s data on that also saying it’s only increasing.

        All this crap and no one has said anything concrete that people have to sit back and say woo maybe he hasn’t thought about that.

        People in here are negative because someone expects them to be or they feel someone wants them to be.

        Hey I dislike UDP as much as the next guy but even PPM wants this and with good reason. YES there will be cost but the cost are going to be swallowed alive by the benefits over time.

        What I would like to see is people making suggestions to the government saying Okay we are signing on to this now here’s where I think we should go to make this work. Or have you guys thoughts about this? instead of being so negative all the time.

        Anyways enough from me now. Bed time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    cayman is one of the most expensive places in the world for goods, services and utilities and cayman has never succeeded in doing anything ‘low cost’ ….. but somehow we are going to be able to offer discounted medical services????

    his plan in india makes sense because he can probably build these places and run them for approximatly 10% of what he could do elsewhere?

    so how does this plan make sense when he is proposing to build and run this place in cayman where everything here costs 100% more compared to florida

     i suppose at the end of the day it is private money but i get the feeling he has not fully worked out his full cost plan just yet…. or maybe their is another agenda……

  8. Cayman Protector says:

     I see where this is going, if we are not careful a new industry will be in the hands of one man, this will surely harm many businesses that could benefit from the industry, if not checked by the government, we are allowing this group to built a university also a retirement village, what about us Caymanians! When since should one group have all the pie.

    Rule # 1 of negotiating a successful contract is  – Always set forward reasonable expectations, why are MB and the “Bushites” pushing this project through full speed without properly weighting the potential drawbacks of this deal and there are many, our environment and our social balance are two areas that I’m concerned about.

    I would have been a little more realistic, what ever we lose going forward it will be lost forever.

    If the government can’t deliver in a timely fashion that would be most unacceptable to the investors,  I believe the government would have failed and given Cayman a black eye internationally, imagine what the outside world will say if our government looks incompetent and has failed to deliver this project, imagine the negative affect for the up and coming entrepreneurs in this country.

    I read this agreement with an open mind and there are a lot of points in it that are fair and reasonable.

    I was very surprise though that not once, were anything mentioned about the "manual labor" that will be required if we are to meet Dr. Shetty’s expectations, surely for him to have his hospital up and running in 30 months from the time it’s approved, as stipulated in the agreement, it same really odd considering Dr. Shetty did say when the contract was signed with the CIG that he and “his investor partners hope to break ground in January 2011 and to have phase one open for business in 2012“.

    Is he planning on bringing in cheap Indian labor to do the required Infrastructure work and construction work, I heard a USD$ 30.00 per day wage is a pretty good day’s pay in India.

    It would be interesting to know where will the workers come from that will construct this hospital? Was this deliberately omitted, to not upset the local manual labor force? Are we really going to allow this group to dictate our labor force also?

    Assuming Dr. Shetty gets the green light from planning in say six months, and brakes ground in Jan 2011, this would mean that 30 months from Jan 2011, it would not actually be until July 2013, that the hospital would be opened.

    Bo-Bo McKeeva I praying for you on this one, I just hope you can transform the eastern districts to accommodate this, poor premier doesn’t have a clue what his gotten us into and don’t be pointing fingers if youfail.


    • Dred says:

      You truly do not read much do you. You obviously can type but do you even take a minute to read the agreement.

      First it states "the company will endeavour to use local contractors and other local service providers wherever possible". This means that they will go local if possible. So no note US$30 a day.

      "Asuuming Dr. Shetty gets the green light from planning….". If you don’t know that’s already greenlighted. It’s also in the agreement.

      "I read this agreement with an open mind….". Really. Really. Then how do you almost always come off so negative.

      A true open minded person states pros and cons of something. He sees not only the potential problems but the potential for good from the project.

      I just read your speel and I don’t see one positive thing about it and there is so much to speak about that’s good. Let me tell you about a few:

      1) Cayman Airways will get more passengers and possibly some charter business.

      2) Local Hotels will get more business.

      3) Local contractors will get more business

      4) Entrepeneurs may find ways to make some money.

      5) Apartment owners will have more clients coming.

      6) Local health cost will go down.

      7) Local health premiums will probably follow healthcare cost and go down.

      8) No more air ambulance to Miami

      9) No more families torn apartment by having their loves ones in Miami hospital and they here working.

      I could go on and on. These are positives from this and they are important. We are having many new jobs opening up including new career possibilities. That’s being "open minded".

      Yes I see complications also.

      1) Infrastructure issues when it comes to staff of hospital moving to and from work causing excessive road problems.

      2) Many new cultures being introduced.

      3) Screening applicants. How do we prevent undesirables slipping in here also.

      4) With the airport will we be financially prepared to do this shoudl it arise?

      5) Limiting Malpractice, huuummmm. Not sure I like the US$500,000 figure. I think it would be better based on age of person in relation to retirement or avg length of life because keep in mind a botch surgery can make someone be out of work for the rest of their life. If you phase it by legth of life you could properly gauge it. Or max cap it at US$1.5Mil and make it be based on age to exp death.

      6) Some concern about the environmental impact on our fragile system here also.

      But on the whole I think it will do far more for us than hurt us.

      • Cayman Protector says:

        You stay there and think this project is going anywhere and that it will be good for everyone.

        For sure you have a really narrow mind and don’t quit comprehend all that would have to happen in order for this project to be successful.

        I will remember your words and use them against you later on. The government’s responsiblity is to ensure that this industry is well diverse, and so far I have fail tosee that.

        If you can show me otherwise I would like that knowledge XXXXX!

      • Dred says:

        I wanted to add that with point #5 I have reviewed the details more closely and the US$500,000 relates only to "other damages" not to loss of income which remains unchanged.

        Saying that I find no issue in that point as the suit should reward loss of income + US$500,000 as max cap + possibly legal fees and other odds and ends.

  9. Anonymous says:

    GOOD WORK UDP!  Ummmm…

    Where is PPM and your critics now???

    • Dred says:

      This was going to happen eitherway. The only thing is the deal and no one will know what PPM would have offered.

      It’s my belief that Mr Shetty was thinking Cayman a long time ago. Mexico has a bad rep now. Other places are too far or does not work well for them. Bahamas might have been a good spot but for some reason Cayman was more attractive.

      So PPM or UDP it did not matter.

      • Dilemma says:

        BS Dred and you know it…the other party would have sat and ****ed on this …thats their MO.

        • Dred says:

          Nope. Let me tell you why. I personally believeDr Shetty had his mind set on Cayman long ago when thinking about this project.

          I believe if we ever see the list we will understand why.

          Our strategic location I believe is key. Although reputation also played into it. I believe he looked hard at Mexico but thought twice about the reputation aspect of Mexico for bad hospitals.

          Saying that I would say Dr. Shetty would have worked with PPM same as UDP and see this through to completion.

          Yes I know their MO of sitting on stuff and I agree with you on one point. It would have not been signed as yet BUT I believe Dr Shetty would have worked around that.

          You see we are led to believe many things such as when the land is being acquired and how uncertain they are but in fact when you are doing this of this size and complexity you tend to iron out many many details before breaking wind to anyone simply because you want to take full advantage of the surprise. And CIG wasn’t going to say anything either becuse if I know them well enough they are already opening companies up under family members names to provide services to the hospital and land also being bought up before all the land rises in value.

          Believe me when I say this deal is many months in the planning and it’s a lot further along than we are led to believe. This signing you are seeing is a formality like ribbon cutting at a Grand Opening. It’s all for the photo ops.

          I believe they waited to see which party won before their approach. They wanted to do this at the start of a term to get into the project good before a next government took over.

          Let’s also keep in mind both UDP and PPM want this. They want it as a notch in their belt to say "look what we did". Both would have done it. Timing wise UDP woudl sign earlier but both would have done it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

  10. Mozzie Fodder says:

    Fingers crossed on this one but I have $10 that says the whole thing will crash and burn.

    • Dred says:

      Itwon’t. Your fingers will cramp up on you many times and you might need the hospital before it crashes.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Lovely idea

    It would be even lovelier if we tried to improve the present hospital conditions that are in Cayman rather than disposing of valuable land and resources that are just not at our disposal. The short sight involved in this is absolutely astounding. I am definitely for improved, competitive medical facilities on our island considering that we should have them, but i find that the facilities could easily be located on developed land that is sitting in disuse, or at least in land that has already been cleared and have been laying vacant for years. Amendments should be  to this deal.

  12. Anonymous says:

    This is the best thing to happen to the Cayman Islands since banking. The Cayman Islands will have aworld class hospital the best in the region and it will take care of all our medical, social and ecomonic ills.  Thank you very much Hon Premier and Dr. Shetty.  Now we will be able to balance the budget and won’t get taxes.  We can now start to build apartments and open business again.  I can just see a new dock in the eastern district just what they need.  You, those who don’t believe just wait and see Big Mac is the best thing to happen to these islands he and Dr. Shetty have a good thing going on. 

  13. Watler says:


    I wonder if these figures are right???  They say it will be 500 acres somewhere in the eastern districts of Grand Cayman.

    Well if I am not wrong, 1 acre of land is about 90% of a 53 yard-wide American football field. And if you work out the math to 500 acres of land…





    • Anon says:

      Oh Watler;  do stop talking!  We don’t wish to hear about the specifics- There will be money and lots of it and we’ll all be rich beyond our wildest dreams again.  Details are unimportant.

    • Live Free.... says:

      Yep Watler, with no regards for the eviroment, to the people of Cayman, you feel how hot it is lately? Well let them keep cutting down all the trees and then in end it would some extreme heat and say how foolish we was tolet them destroy all those trees with no regards for the eviroment. Trees are very important in stabilizing the weather, the cooler a country keeps is the less chance of a catastrophic Hurricane. Now they want to knock down 500 acres of trees, not even 5 acres, this pure madness again. Cayman is finish, that’s for sure, unless they decide to put this project to rest and cancel the agreement which would be the best thing UDP would ever do for the sake of the Island and the people of Cayman. Trust Me… this project is no good for Cayman.

    • Dred says:


      God I hate these people. Cry Cry Cry one day for one thing and then happy for something else then crying and moaning again.

      Tell me this. Where your home is. Do you know that one day some I don’t know 5, 10, 15 years ago a tree was there. So tell you what go knock your home down clear the land and plant a tree. Until you do that please shut up.

      Everything and I mean everything built on Cayman consumed land and on that land was grass and trees. You b and moan at this project from whatever angle you can but until you stop and check yourself on what you have contributed to the problem please shut up.

      Hypocrits all of you. People in glass houses should not throw stones. He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. There even biblical.

      Did wecomplain when they build the savannah plaza? Did we complain when they did other stuff? The problem is always this. If it serves you a purpose you will find good things to say about it. If not you will not.

      Some 10-15 years from now you will be thankful when that hospital saves your life or gives work to your child.

    • Watler says:

      lol… was thinking about the same thing

      Poor Eastern Districts

      Cayman’s new mountain is on the rise!

    • Anonymous says:

      The Conservation Law must be passed immediatley. There is more to this than the actual site – please think roads, housing, GARBAGE etc.

      If the loss of habitat continues unchecked many of our plants and animals will go the way of the Cayman Thrush.

    • frank rizzo says:

      You’re right – definitely a lot of land.  But I’m guessing one can find plenty land out in EE to build the facility and not have to cut down many trees.

  14. Orean says:

    This is a golden barak-obama-deal!

    History in the making!  I can’t how the PPM or any oppositional party is going to counter this big steal.

    It could be that they will attack them on transparency or anything they could find to try to minimize this golden nugget

  15. Dennis Smith says:


    Exclusion of Competition

    It’s unfortunate that the non-compete agreement in any form is part of this deal. We will need to see exactly how that is structured before we can determine the effects it will have on local health care providers who want to expand their business and services. Given the huge competitive advantage that Dr. Shetty appears to have, I can not see why he needs to be protected by locking out other healthcare and specialized providers. Ultimately Cayman is best served and protected by encouraging the expansion of health industry in Cayman. Our "Third Leg" of the economy can not stand on the shoulders of one enterprise, no matter how wonderful it looks at the moment.

    There will be a huge range of additional possibilities for innovative ideas and treatments that are not in the business plan that Dr. Shetty is proposing. Losing those opportunities for professional employment and advancement for Caymanians who do not want to work for a single dominate employer is not for the best interest of Cayman or its population.

    Where would we be if Jean Doucet had been given an exclusive license for development 40 years ago or If Dart was the only Real Estate developer allowed in Cayman today? Thank God he never asked for that right, maybe he realizes that he can’t and shouldn’t do it all and that his success is based on the growth and diversity of Cayman.

    Originally Caymanians were not developers, they started as sellers of undeveloped land but over the last 20 years Caymanian businessmen have excelled at development and expanded the real estate market way beyond the vision of either of them and we have benefited and will continue to benefit enormously because of it.

    Dr. Shetty can easily compete in his area of expertize with his huge supply of low cost doctors and training methods perfected in India, his proven and experienced business model and the huge financial resources that he has at his back: Given that model and the picture that has been painted of his success and abilities, I can’t see where his business is at risk of direct competition, unless there is something here that we are not aware of.

    Imagine a young Caymanian doctor finishing medical school and her internship and then discovering that her field of medicine or entrepreneurial interest is not served by working for Dr. Shetty. Does that mean that she will have to leave her family and Cayman in order to pursue her career or ambition?

    Additionally there seems to be a lot of weight attached to the assisted-living senior’s residence part of this business ideal, much more that in the original press release. Does that mean that for the next 50 years no Caymanian business can owna retirement home for seniors including one for retired Caymanians? All retirement homes need nursing staff and on-call doctors, will they run afoul of this agreement? Every time we narrow or restrict a segment of our very small economy it is Caymanians who are locked out of fulfilling their ambitions and taking advantage of new opportunities.

    Over the next 10 to 30 years many Caymanians will be retirees and have the pension to support quality care. Who will get that business? If they or their family decides that an assisted care facility is the best choice for retirement, will they have to move to or be put only in Dr. Shetty’s facility. What if they don’t like it or want something different? If we were a communist country I could imagine not having a choice, but we are not.

    I really hope that Cayman’s leaders have thought this through very carefully before signing the agreement. Protecting Caymanians is not only about work permits and immigration or short-term politically popular decisions. Its also about the long-term repercussions of today’s decisions and providing a strong economic future for Caymanians, especially our young people. Cayman needs smart professional and knowledgeable forward thinking if it is going to avoid truncating opportunities and its future prosperity.

    The world is changing too quickly for us to make serious mistakes in the few areas that we can potentially grow our economy and compete. Unlike in the past we will not get a second chance or any do-overs. Cayman’s tourism product has almost dropped out of sight and look at the offshore industry, it’s growing rapidly worldwide, but because of Ivan, roll-over and perhaps a lack of foresight, it is struggling to retain customers and market share. Initiatives and incentives are not just about producing direct revenue, they are also about developing long term opportunities for everyone, poor decisions can lose the businesses that we already have and straightjacket our economic future.

    • Dred says:

      Hold on a second. Are your seriously worried about a 5 years exclusivity when we had C&W and CUC RAPING us for how many years?5 years people and that’s not from me or you that’s from a foreign company coming in here to do what they are doing.

      It says and I quote "From the efective date until 5 years from the date the hospital commences operation, to give the company exclusive right to set up a large-scale medical tourism facility in the Cayman Islands." It goes on to say "Specifically no other non-caymanian will be permitted to come to the Cayman Islands to compete in teh field of large-scale medical tourism."

      So saying that this Exclusivity he’s so afraid of is binding on non-caymanians. AND I may ad only 5 years. Are you serious? Is that the best you got? C&W had what 29 years? CUC how much?

      Everything else isn’t even worth the pixels they use up on my screen.  Go buy some reading glasses please.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Why the hell should they be given discounts to duty and work permit fees?  What makes them better than the Doctors and Dentist that put hours and hours into the community, and pay HUGE work permit fees?


    It’s nice that we’re getting the expertise into Cayman, but they should have to pay the say way we’re paying……through the nose to live there!




    • Live Free.... says:

      I agree with you. And also Cayman is financially unstable, so why would this Government want to waive Duties or give a discount on Permits? Just to attract Dr. Shetty to do business here, that’s madness. And the intrastructure of Cayman cannot handle this kind of a project, it does not take a Math Genius or some special Scientist to tell us that. This project is for a undeveloped Country or Island, not an overdeveloped Island like Cayman, pure madness. I wish this Government start to look into projects that makes more sense, like improving the Hospital and Completing the roads and continue finishing the schools and the budget homes, in which would make a lot more sense in the end, than to venture off to destroying Cayman with a oversized project like this, because of their own self interest. it doen’t matter if this Government not putting a one-cent on this project, is still beside the point of the future of Cayman and it’s people, the Government of Cayman need to use foresight, it’s not only about today, but looking out for tomorrow in a cautious way, especially with a small Island like Cayman.

      • Dred says:

        Financially Unstable. Because Big Mac says so? We are very stable. We are just experiencing now what every country in the world is. It’s called a recession. Did you hear about it? It is GLOBAL. Cayman wasn’t given the chance to opt out thsi time maybe next time tho.

        We want to silly, because to make money you spend money. You give $5 with the expectation of making $15 or $20 in return. It’s called business. Why does businesses buy stuff to sell? Why do manufacturers buy raw material? Because they believe they can make more than they pay out. It’s called business 101.

        Overdeveloped country Cayman? Are you NUTS? Go look at an aerial view of Cayman. Look between Frank Sound and East End look between Frank Sound and Savannah. We are only on fringes genious. Yes West Bay road is over done but that’s because we did not spread out as evenly as we should have.

        Please tell me you don’t own or are near operating a business, please.

    • Dred says:

      Your answer is in the text..

      2 Billion dollars into Cayman economy. That’s just the project itself. Then when you look at the money coming into the economy from people coming her for operations and at the pace they will have to maintain to stay viable.

      Businesses standing to gain from this:

      Airlines, Hotels, Apartment owners, car rentals, grocery stores, retails stores, YOU, ME, Our Children, your neighbour, EVERYONE at one point or another.

      You guys are helpless. You have no vision.

  17. Anon says:

    ‘IN THE SPIRIT OF TRANSPARENCY’  do we get to know where this super-fine thing is going to be?  Some of us don’t want to live next to a 2000 bed hospital.  Are we talking about the resort formerly known as Morritt’s?

  18. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    I can’t help but notice that there relatively few comments here probably because the public doesn’t have a clue what this actually means for the island.  The exact location would be helpful for starters.  Eastern district, North coast?  Who is going to be moving their businesses or putting their homes up for sale?  Lives will be turned upsidedown somewhere on the island. 

  19. Marek says:

    This is much bigger than most people realize. It’s a reshaping of our island on a scale that has never happened.

    Congratulations to all who had a hand in establishing this project.


  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got no idea what the success of this will be but I’m still trying to understand why American’s or anyone else would come here for treatment??

    The Cayman Government in their great wisdom has committed to:

    !) Allowing this ‘hospital’ to traffic in human organs.

    2) Passing laws that would limit any medical malpractice claims.

    3) Building (at Cayman’s expense) a new airport anywhere this ‘hospital decides is needed.

    4) Passing any other laws that this ‘hospital’ think might be needed.

    5) Granting key employee status to any/all employees of this ‘hospital’

    6) waiving the medical qualification requirement of personnel employed by this ‘hospital’

    7) Building (at Cayman’s expense) any new roads or other infrastructure that this ‘hospital’ think might be needed/desired.

    8) Giving complete exclusivity on these concession to this ‘hospital’ for 5 years

    Does this begin to answer your question?  Quite a deal isn’t it??

    Now perhaps you could answer my question?  How does this benefit Cayman?  I fail to see anything that we can celebrate here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nope — I still don’t see why Americans would come here for treatment!

      • Dred says:

        They are already flying all over the world as we sit here now.

        Here’s something you should read and do some more research before saying something next time please.

        In 2007 the number of Americans going overseas for healthcare was 750,000 and in 2008 it doubled and this is expected to continue possibly doubling year on year.

        Now with the new healthcare reforms happening this will only add fuel to this fire.

        The Cayman Islands is in a prime location to benefit from this. In the past Mexico, Costa Rica and even Cuba benefited from this new trend.

        Thisis not even just about that. Think for yourself or your family and how they will benefit. Reduced healthcare cost. Reduced Health Insurance premiums. No more being rush to Miami for a procedure. No more hotels in Miami. How many lives were lost or damaged in that time spand of getting them to better healthcare?

        You guys simply amaze me.

        • Anonymous says:

          There is no insurance company in the U.S. that will pay for you to go overseas for treatment as the U.S. has some of the finest hospitals in the world. Many go overseas for plastic surgery or dental surgery and pay for it out of pocket. Sorry, no Americans depending on medical insurance in the U.S. will be coming here – only those paying out of pocket for it. You need to do someresearch on the medical insurance industry in the U.S. before answering for the U.S.

          • Anon says:

            No insurer?

            Did you take time out to research yourself before responding?

            “The adoption of Healthcare Reform in the US has created a hugeopportunity for the medical tourism industry. Healthcare Reform will significantly increase the cost of health insurance in the US, encouraging more US insurance companies and employers to implement medical tourism to make health insurance more affordable. We are already seeing a huge increase in activity from self funded employers, and insurance agents,” said Jessica Johnson, Director of Operations of the Medical Tourism Association.

            … I didn’t think so.


            • Dred says:

              Thank God for others who have learnt to read.

              Again. Thank you. Good info. I read something about this also.

              This is about pure negativity. No thought process just hit at it to hit at it.

  21. Say It Aint So! says:

    good job to those involved. Mr.Scotland thank you for recognizing the importance of this project. Well done UDP

  22. Anonymous says:

    Narayana means the Hindu God Vishnu.

    Glad that CI Govt. is working with a secular agenda (in line with the new CI Consitution?) by not having a problem that the facility would be named after a Hindu God as "Cayman Narayana Health University" 

    Narayana or Vishnu in one of the major ‘Gods’ in Hinduism.

    • marlon says:

      Vishnu is one of the names and characteristics of the Supreme God in India.

      We here call him Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Jehovah, and so many other names. So… what is your problem???

      Don’t you believe in God (Vishnu)???

      I am glad that Dr. Shetty believes in one Supreme Being like the rest of us. I would be upset if he was  an Athiest (don’t believe in a Supreme Being).

      Unfortunately and sad, people like you is looking for any rediculous reason to stop this worthy project that could help our fellow man

      • Anonymous says:

        Christianity has one God — Hindu has many!

        • Laura says:

          Actually, Hindu has many gods, but all of these gods are representations of their Supreme God, Brahman.

          So if you see a Hindu worshiping two gods, to a true Hindu, it is simply two manifestations of the same God.

          It is just like the Christians worshiping Jesus and God the Father separately, but they are one.

          Many Hindu worship the god-manifestation to their best liking –

          What is wrong with that?  At least, they are not stuck seeing a mental idol of a "white Jesus" like many of us do today.

          Folks, once you have skin color in the Caribbean, 9 out of 10 times, you, during the British slavery trade days, came from Africa. And if you study your African roots, you would be shock as to what your ancestors worshiped as their Supreme God. I am sure it wasn’t the English Jesus and white man Bible.

          • Anonymous says:

            There is no comparison between Christianity and Hinduism. And it really does not matter to me who my ancestors worshipped.   

            • tim says:


              So there is no comparison between daffy duck and mickey mouse!

              You are speaking from the level of the mind. IN ESSENCE, BEHIND IT ALL – THERE IS ONE SUPREME GOD!

              You are so caught up with the externals, the mind, and religion. You have forgotten the spiritual things. The Bible says, "the carnal minded cannot understand the things of God."

              Why do you limit God to Christian theology or to your story??? That is so narrow and the reason why you have so much intolerance for other people’s faith.

              So sad… I guess as time goes on, you will learn

              • Anonymous says:

                "The carnal minded cannot understand the things of God".

                You mean like the carnal mind that thinks the Holy Spirit moving is God having sex with a virgin, Tim?  (Tim – Mon, 05/03/2010 – 15:19).

                Tim, you are either schizophrenic or a hypocrite.  

                There is of course only one Supreme God and He is Yahweh. However, that does not mean that everything that is called god is Him. By your various blasphemies you are clearly saying that Yahweh is not the one Supreme God.  You are obviously caught up in some New Age teaching and thinking that you are on a higher plane as I was a number of years ago until I came to know the one true and living God. I hope you will too, and then you will know the true from the counterfeit.

                • hogwash says:

                  It is you and tim that caught up in worthless argument!  Especially, you, who believes in "if its not my faith, it is demonic!"


                  LEAVE THE Indians and Dr. Shetty ALONE:

                  NARAYANA means GOD – FULL STOP!

                  Learn to respect other people’s background and views!

                  • Anonymous says:

                    You lack spiritual understanding.

                    I am not expressing what is merely "my" view. I am pointing out what scripture plainly states.

                    Follow your own injunction and respect my background and my views. 

                    • Rorschach says:

                      Take your own advice and respect other people’s views and beliefs, even if they differ from yours.  And as for pointing out what "Scripture plainly states", you need again to understand and respect that these are the scriptures YOU choose to read and believe and should in no way hold sway over those who choose to believe differently than you.


                    • Anonymous says:

                      The Truth is the Truth regardless.

                    • Anonymous says:

                      Rorschach, there have been any number of statements made in this forum and indeed on this thread ridiculing the Bible, Christianity and indeed Almighty God. From "he’s a tyrant" to "he is a sky fairy" and everything in between. Yet I have not seen you respond to any of these to say that they must respect other people’s beliefs and views. Why is it that only the Christian view must be suppressed (in the name of respect for others’ beliefs) but all others must have free rein? That sir, is called hypocrisy.    

              • pastora says:

                Tim, I don’t think you have any qualifications here!

                I mean you have some good points…

                But you talking about Spirit moving on mother Mary, and then quoting scripture here and there…

                tops the cake!  YOU NEED TO REPENT

      • Anonymous says:

        Let’s get this straight: Vishnu is not Jehovah, the God of the Bible. Anyone who has actually read the Bible would be absolutely clear on this point. The idea that we are all praying to the same God and just calling him different names is of course a lie that is taught by freemasonry.

        • Anne T. Heist says:

          The gist of this post is that one man’s Big Sky Fairy is better than another man’s Big Sky Fairy.  I find it hard to compare the merits of fictional characters.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anne, fictional because we humans have made it so, we accept such fiction by "blind faith."  But I hope you are not an Athiest, someone who says there is no God. Because it takes "faith" as well to make such a claim. Do you really have evidence that there is no God? That is what all Athiests have to struggle with.

            Now, if you are an Agnostic, one who suspends judgement on such life-matters and has to see the facts before coming to a conclusion. Then I can say, you can rightfully judge these believers in a Supreme Being without being hypocritical.

            • Ummmm... says:

               Clearly, Anne is an athiest…  A.T.Hiest…  Get it…  Wow, someone has their head in the clouds with the god fairies…

        • Laura says:


          Are you saying that no two people see differently?
          That everyone must see the same way you see!
          If God made everyone to see how the pastors or minister’s see, then he would have given us ONE MIND, ONE PERCEPTION! Even in the Bible God was portrayed differently. In the Old Testament, the writers portrayed God as a stern, judge, and law-giver. In the New Testament he was seen differently. Some places God is seen as a woman not a HIM

          Also, your statement – "The idea that we are all praying to the same God and just calling him different names is of course a lie that is taught by freemasonry"

          IS FALSE!

          It is no lie!  And it is not only taught by freemasonry. It is taught in Christianity and Hinduism as well!

          By denying human perception, you disrespect your self! 

          • Anonymous says:

            Christianity does NOT teach that gods of other religions (with the exception of Judaism) are the same as Jehovah God but just called by different names. Far from it, the Bible says they are demons (fallen angels). Psalm 96:5: "For all the gods of the nations are demons ("idols" is substituted in some versions simply to soften the point but is not the actual translation of the underlying Hebrew word "shadim"): but the LORD (Yahweh) made the heavens".

            Many Hindus do not understand the various gods as merely manifestations of one supreme god but instead of gods who are worthy of worship in their own right.  There is some competition between these gods.     

            • tim says:


              To be frank, many others with Hindus believe your God, the Christian god is a demon, a tyrant. And they have evidence for it too:

              Book of Exodus: God makes laws on stoning women and his own people who disobey him

              Book of Joshua: God orders the Isrealis to kill women and children as well as men

              Book of Mathew: God has sex with a virgin and then comes as a man, condemning other men not to have sex outside of marriage

              And there are many passages that portray God moreworse than Saddam and Hitler. In Ireland that is why you have terrorist who are Christian!  That is why you have slavery – because God approved of it in the Old Testament

              I can go and go about the cruely of the Christian and Islam God. They are demons indeed!  At least, in the Hindu religions all of these gods go against violence.

              So… Anonymous 12:53, I would advise you to study the scriptures well before you use it to defend a flimsy case

              • Anonymous says:

                You are free to believe whatever you wish. It is you who will have to answer to the Almighty for your blasphemy. He doesn’t need my defence.

                I know my scriptures very well indeed. You do not show any understanding of it whatsoever just hunting around for proof texts for your prejudices.  

                But just so you are aware nowhere does the Bible state that God had sex with a virgin.    

                • Anonymous says:

                  Ummm… what about the passage which states that the Holy Spirit moved on the Virgin Mary and she became pregnant.

                  It’s there in the Bible

                  • Anonymous says:

                    LOL! So the Holy Spirit moving is having sex! Sex is the process for natural conception. God caused the conception supernaturally.  You are too funny.

              • Anonymous says:

                Ah Tim

                You need correction:

                The Bible says in Matthew 1:18

                [18] Now the birth of Jesus Christ was on this wise: When as his mother Mary was espoused to Joseph, before they came together, she was found with child of the Holy Ghost.
                [19] Then Joseph her husband, being a just man, and not willing to make her a publick example, was minded to put her away privily.

                The Bible says, she was found with child of the Holy Spirit. It didn’t say anything about the Holy Spirit have sex with a Virgin. I think you need to get your facts right before publishing them.

                Nevertheless, you are right!  The Christian God is a Tyrant. Anyone who reads the Old Testament and doesn’t draw that conclusion, was either brainwashed by their minister or just riased up thinking such tyrant acts are the true characteristics of God


        • bradley says:

          I don’t give a XXXXX what your Bible says. It is people like you why I am reluctant to attend church for my own spiritual upliftment

          • Anonymous says:

            Perhaps the real reason you don’t attend church is because, as you say, you don’t give a XXXXX what the Bible says.

        • Scrooge McDuck says:

          "The idea that we are all praying to the same God and just calling him different names is of course a lie that is taught by freemasonry."


          Whatever.  I call my God Fred.

          Or sometimes Mr. Fred when I need a favor.

    • Dred says:



      Here I got one word for you to learn.


      H Y P O C R I T


      He who is without sin let him cast the first stone. Go ahead let’s see who in here is perfect.

      Love one another and let the rest take care of itself. We all believe in a supreme being and if believing in him/her and his laws ask us to respect your fellow man and treat him as you would want to be treated I believe no matter who you worship would be happy for that.

      There is never going to be one religion in this world and that must be accepted. I am not going to force you to make red your favourite color and you certain won’t make me change my mind also. Let’s respectfully disagree.

  23. Anonymous says:

    I hope that this project provides great benefit to Cayman and to the patients it helps.

    I also hope that the government knew what it was doing with this agreement. It is an agreement that everyone ought to read and form their own opinion.

    Hopefully those with the necessary expertise are now taking a look at it.

    It appears that Clause 2.5 would permit every single employee, potentially all 8,000 of them, to be granted key employee standing and then ultimately Cayman status for them and their families.

    It also appear that Clause 2.11.g contemplates "transplant tourism" – a practice which brings with it huge ethical issues and also the possibility of very bad press for Cayman. There is even a new European Directive aimed at this practice which is due to be enacted in a few weeks. Have all of the implications been fully thought through?

  24. Peek-A-Boo says:

    "Somewhere in the Eastern Districts of Grand Cayman"? Surely you mean "On the land directly opposite the Resort of the major Cayman Player"?

    • frank rizzo says:

      Do I detect jealousy, or would you prefer another major developer build another resort facility to accomodate the increased visitors?

  25. Anonymous says:

    A Noble Feat Indeed!

    Caymanians will look back in their history books and see how the UDP and its Premier introduced an outstanding medical tourism facility in the region.

    I know alot of disgruntled folks will be thumbing this comment down, but you can keep thumping the key-board all you like.

    You can’t spin-off from this one!

    Even the Bible says, "Action speaks louder than words"

  26. slowpoke says:

    For this to work, it will be essential to keep malpractice insurance premiums/claims/payments, well below current US standards. 

    In other words, no work permits for “ambulance chasers”.

  27. Anonymous says:

    It looks like this agreement is a win-win for both Dr. Shetty and the Cayman Islands.

    Of course, the devil is in the details.

    For example, the concessions given to Dr. Shetty include no duty on medical equipment and supplies and deep discounts on work permits, which are spelt out, and no doubt deep concessions on immigration, although those are not spelt out.

    My view is that Dr. Shetty will not be able to tolerate any interference or attempts at micro management from Immigration.

    Presumably, these same concessions will be offered to the Chrissy Tomlinson hospital and the government’s own hospital, but nothing is said about that.

    Now that the agreement  has reached this stage, the most important concern  is to keep it on the rails.

    The contract contains many obligations on both sides, which must be executed in the timely manner specified in the agreement, or else either party may terminate the contract, and with no further liabilities.

    The extensive clause on Force Majeure  include many conditions, which if they were to occur, could de-rail the agreement.

    For example, a significant tax increase imposed by the UK could well be a acause for Force Majeure, which if invoked could release both parties from their obligations.

    All this means that the next year or so will be critical for this project to proceed.


  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank you Mac and Team for a job well done. You have baffled your critics once again. I am sure they can go on and on because they’re jealous. The PPM are upset now… even Kirk is on News 27, and what did they accomplish in four years?

    Oh, don’t tell me – incomplete schools, roads, government building, et cetera…

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM are jealous of what? Can you please tell us what it is that the PPM are "upset now…." with? I have never heard the people in this country as upset as they are now. People who supoorted the UDP in last years elections are crying on the streets. People who were staunch UDP supporters are now complaining about the lack of governance & success by the present government. There is massive unrest brewing like never before, & you have the temerity to suggest that the PPM are jealous. I am no supporter of the PPM & I sure as hell am no supporter of the UDP, but I am positive that the only thing that the PPM could possibly be upset about is what the UDP are doing that is totally destroying our little nation. We were experiencing tough times before (a combination of PPM’s spending & the effects of a terrible world recession), but we never had it as bad as now. The UDP have taken a bad situation & made it a complete disaster, & they have nooooooo excuse because the world is slowly pulling out of the recession. I am doubtful if we can survive 3 more years of these jokers.

      • Watler says:

        lol… I beg to defer

        I think you are a supporter of PPM and their 4 years of spending spree

        • Ray says:

          Are you really that short sighted? Or are you simply blinded by a bright green light? Do you think that if this project progresses that each of the next few Governments will not (a) finish the E/W Arterial & Esterly Tibbits roads, (b) finish the airport redevelopment, (c) finish the two high schools and add at least one more. That is just for starters. All of which were started or seriouly progressed by the PPM government during the so called spending spree. You have not seen spending yet. Just wait until you begin to see the expenditure required to support an industry of this magnitude. Just pray that the revenue returns to somewhere near previous levels & that is something that no government really has control over.

          I presume that you do not utilise any of the infrastructure improvements that the last Govt. provided. You must have a really tough time getting to work.

  29. david miller says:

    Congrats on getting a new industry for the cayman islands!! But don’t stop now , you are on a roll keep going!!                                                                  

    Excellent work to all who had their hands in the negotiations

  30. Anonymous says:

    Considering all of this, shall we then assume that we are not needing to have the income tax levied on us then.  I beleive that if we spend less and accept investors like this more, we can stablize again.

    While I am a supporter of UDP, always have been, I beleive that we should focus on other options such as this, to replace the very idea of taxing.  No if, ands, or buts about it. 

    Implementing a direct taxation will completly ruin what investors "long after".

    Medical Tourism, "regular"Tourism and Banking should be our main stay, raise import duties etc…heck even add a road toll (although this could be a daily tax), but garnishing slaries or payment on real estate will not cut it as a good business deal.

    Finally, we already know the PPM ruined this for us, but can we stop wasting energ on this and focus on finding ways to fix it.  Action speaks louder than words!  If not we’ll have to suffer through PPM again next election-God forbid!

  31. Anonymous says:

    I’ve got no idea what the success of this will be but I’m still trying to understand why American’s or anyone else would come here for treatment??

    • Beachboi says:

      Finally someone else questions the term "medical tourism"  I dont thing there will be any Americans or Canadians etc.  Please UDP explain why you seem to think that this will ever work realistically.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lot of thumbs down, but no one was able to articulate why, as the qoute stated "our geographical location for easy access by American visitors", would they travel here for medical care?

    • Anonymous says:

      Medical Tourism is not a new concept for the Cayman Islands you know.   We have been offering this for a very long time, although  on a small scale.  I recall that for years a cosmetic surgent, has been attracting overseas patients here for cosmetic surgery, and the reason for this it offers the patients value for money.  Also, the plus for us, our island is very clean, the weather is great and the service they receive  is excellent.  That’s way this is project is a great one for the Cayman Islands, it has been tested and proven successful.   

      As residents  we should be encouraged and excited to have such a project coming to Island.  It brings jobs, revenue and opportunities for all.

      Has anyone thought about what the Cayman Islands would be like now, without the Medical School?   Talk to the merchants and those with rental properties, without that small sector  our economy at this time we would definately be a lot worse off than we can imagine.     

      We read the headlines hinting "Payroll Tax" how do you think we will avoid that, certainly not by discouraging projects such as Dr. Shetty’s?  Let’s get behind the Govt. and give our moral support otherwise we will have to give our hard earnings to meet the demands of the island.  What exactly do you all want?

    • Anonymous says:

      The cost will be much lower than in the US, by a very significant amount. Furthermore, Cayman is close, stable and relatively safe and civilized. Shetty’s reputation is the lynch-pin, because then the average American seeking certain medical attention (in this case a high emphasis on heart maladies) will see a high-quality medical centre at a far lower cost than in their country run by a world-reknowned physician on a tropical island. I could see why they might make the decision to come. Of course, all this is assuming we can get crime and our current financial reputation under control, because you can be sure that potential patients, especially those seeking longer-term care, will be thoroughly researching Cayman.

    • pauly cicero says:

      I heard a report on CNN a few mornings ago that stated that US insurers were approving overseas health facilities as a method of cutting costs.

    • Anonymous says:

      A good question, considering everything here is very expensive and all supplies and materials need to be imported.

      Because of the frequency of law suits against hospitals and doctors in the States it has pushed up prices of healthcare to unimaginable levels, simply because every medical procedure is being scrutinized to pick holes and find an excuse to sue.

      With the right disclaimers in place, surgeons can carry out their operations in Cayman (or many other overseas locations) and not worry about getting hit with lawsuits all the time. The US culture of suing everybody and everything makes it cheaper to fly a patient overseas and treat them than to risk getting sued in the US.

      Is that a good thing? Yes and No. Yes it may mean lower premiums and lower care costs for patients, but obviously if things go wrong, the patient has less opportunity to claim for damages.

  32. cassandra says:

    You know… I was starting to believe the PPM… That the UDP was an incompetent party with a useless leader.

    But this tops the cake!

    Anyone who says they are not thankful for what is happening now, is the most ungrateful soul – First to God and to their own family.



    • Beachboi says:

      Come does God come up in this conversation??  It’s Dr. Shetty not God.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you read the thread from the beginning you will find it is because the name of the hospital – Narayana – is another name for the Hindu god Vishnu.

        • hogwash says:


          THAT IS SO GREAT!


          Now clowns like you can go back to your church and complain to your pastor that God has more than one name.


          • Anonymous says:

            Vishnu is not the Supreme God, but one of many pagan gods. It is not a question of same god by different name. Unless you understand this fundamental point, you will miss every other point on this issue.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah… cut down all the trees – 500 acres of them

      I wonder what is their environmental assessment?  East End is the only place left for us that’s country

      • Anonymous says:


        So you value the BUSH more than the PEOPLE of these Islands? This Hospital will be putting food on our plates and providing economic opportunities for the Cayman Islands.

        So please… spare us!

    • Dred says:

      Hey Cas,

      Can I ask you what may seem to be a dumb question? Tell me if you think someone is going to NOT do the project if PPM got in if they could make billions of dollars off of it.

      Do you actually think Mr Shetty was not going to approach PPM with it should they have won? Silly child.

      This is no praise to UDP here. Let’s thank Mr Shetty for giving us a serious consideration for this project because he brought it heer not UDP or even PPM.