Bermuda opposition calls for “Operation Ceasefire”

| 03/05/2010

(The Royal Gazette): A partnership between community organisations and Police under the Operation Ceasefire model could do more to thwart Bermuda’s rising gun crime than the current scattered approach, according to the Opposition. Shadow Home Affairs Minister Sen. Michael Dunkley, believes the programme he is pushing would provide Bermuda with the structure needed to tackle the issue before it grows larger. Operation Ceasefire is credited with reducing gun crimes in cities across the US. First used to thwart Boston’s soaring homicide rate in the 1990s, it is a gun/violence prevention programme, which focuses on a collaboration between Police, public prosecutions and community activists.

It involves identifying the gang members, rounding them up and explaining that violence will no longer be tolerated and if it continues will be met with a strong Police presence. At the same time community workers are on hand at the meeting to offer people a way out of their lifestyle.

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  1. bradley says:

    hypocritical policing… when they should be focusing on the United Kingdom’s government, they are spending their monies overseas