Community helps teen gunshot victim

| 05/05/2010

Cayman Islands News, Grand Cayman Island local news(CNS): Two local therapists who have been working with 15-year-old Adryan Powell raised over $10,000 recently to help the teen battle the severe and disabling injuries he received when he was shot seven times by masked gunmen in West Bay last July. Powell is now paralysed from the waist down and a patient at Cayman Physiotherapy, where he receives treatment with physiotherapist Lindsey Macfee. As a result of his need for a variety of equipment and specialist treatment, Macfee recruited the assistance of Burdenko practitioner Dottie Rau to host a fundraiser and form the Adryan Powell Charity Fund.

Rau is currently working with Adryan using water therapy and Ernest Ebanks at Body Sculptor Fitness Centre is also working with him on his upper body strength training. During treatment it became apparent that to accelerate progress he would need a standing frame, which is critical in this type of condition, the experts said.

“It is used to prevent, reverse or improve many of the adverse effects of prolonged immobilization but the equipment costs in the region of $7,000,” Macfee explained. “In addition, invaluable and specialised spinal rehabilitation therapy is available at the recognised Kennedy Krieger Institute in Baltimore at a cost of over $1,000 per day.”

As a result, MacFee said she and Rau got together to host their ‘Fabulous Fundraiser’. They came up with the idea of a wardrobe exchange and emailed a group of their women friends, inviting them to donate clothes from their wardrobe that they no longer wanted and then to come and spend an evening sipping champagne and trying on and buying each other’s clothes.

The response was overwhelming, not only from those donating and purchasing clothing but from various other private donations as well. On Friday 23 April between them the 75 women raised over CI$10,000 for the fund. Organisers have since learnt that BritCay is willing to cover the majority of the cost of the standing frame so the funds raised will cover any outstanding costs plus contribute towards sending Adryan to the Kennedy Krieger Institute later this year.

All leftover clothing and shoes have been split between a donation to Haiti relief through Cayman’s ARK and a garage sale being held by Adryan’s mother, Tammie, to help finance her trip when she accompanies her son to the USA.

MacFee and Rau offered thanks to Peta Adams, Jane Moon, Tomeaka McTaggart, Javana Broad, Leah Charles and Jennifer from True Friends for their assistance with organisation, and special thanks to Calypso Grill and all those who attended or donated for their support and generosity.

Adryan and his mother expressed their heartfelt thanks to this group of women for raising such an amazing amount of money for Adryan’s rehabilitation.

A bank account for the Adryan Powell Charity Fund has been set up at Fidelity Financial Centre, West Bay Road should anyone wish to make a further donation. 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Keep your head up Adryan! You’re a strong young man. Shout out to you and your family. <333

  2. Peter Schmid says:

    It is indeed tragic that a crime like this, against an innocent victim, can cause a family to become destitute in addition to the anguish suffered as a result of the damage done to the young person.

    The efforts of the people donating their labour and money is very commendable.

    There is another part that now needs to be played by the young victim; he needs to speak out strongly and publicly against mindless violence that has so dramatically changed his life. If, by appearing publicly and addressing his peers he can cause even one person to think twice before resorting to violence, he will have made a positive impact and perhaps get some solace that his tragic experience can help prevent other individuals and families from having to suffer the same. 

  3. Concern Native says:

    It is extremely wonderful to know that we have such good people living amongst us like the fund raisers and the people who donate their service to this youg man.

    BUT and I will say this without reservation, we must find the persons who did this silly crime and they must be brought to justice either by the court of justice or a family/friend court system. Then and only then will JUSTICE be preserved. 

  4. slowpoke says:

    One more time… the idea that a mandatory personal insurance plan, with pathetic limits (leaving many un-under/insured), run by “for profit” companies, will effectively provide medical coverage for Caymanians and residents is absurd.

    We need a “not for profit” single payer plan.  There are other effective options other than then the failed US plan.

  5. AJ says:

    For anyone heading towards Savannah tomorrow after work, there’s a fish fry at Spotts Dock from 5-8:30pm.  All money made from this will be going to help Adryan’s medical expenses.  The cost is $10 and includes a drink.

    CNS: AJ, post a message on our Notice Board (link here) and I’ll also put it on the calendar as soon as I get a chance.

  6. Anonymous says:


    Speak to your representatives!  It is high time that the Cayman Islands’ government at least establish a mandatory community fee for the helpless and disabled; for the poor, the elderly left behind, the neglect children and juveniles in need like Adryan.





    • Anonymous says:

      Community fees are a great idea, I agree, but let’s call it what it really is TAX.  These are the types of programs that tax paying countries institute with money received from its tax paying residents. 

      Cayman definitely needs to pay more attention to these types of social needs which will only increase as time goes on and Cayman becomes a society filled with ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’.

      There are so many useful programs I could think of but without funding and support from our Gov’t and without taxes how do we achieve it?

      • Carl the Canuck says:

        Canadians pay a good chunk of tax that go toward the "social safety net" that makes sure that the less fortunate people in our society get the basics of a roof over their head, basic medical care, food, a bus pass, some clothes, etc.  It’s described as a "redistribution of wealth", leaving the rich rich but taking enough from them to care for those not positioned to take very good care of themselves.  This is administered by our government in a more or less efficient manner (all governments are inefficient to a degree), and the jobs gets done.  Cayman might face a challenge in that regard.

        I actually like paying the portion of my taxes that go to this cause, since the alternative would be to have to close my eyes to sick and hungry fellow-Canadians that would populate the streets otherwise, like you see in some third-world countries.  My heart would break were my homeland to become that way.  I also give to charity, but no single person can fund or fix everything – that requires a community effort.

        I don’t know what how Cayman will think of this comment, but when you have a guy driving a Ferrari (on Cayman???) past hungry and unemployed people (who are likely the locals), you can’t help but think that there’s an imbalance in the system, and that a little "redistrubution" might be in order.  Maybe it’s a Canadian perspective that doesn’t translate properly off-shore. 

        So, thumbs-up or thumbs-down folks?

        • Anonymous says:

           Great idea but as you can see from the headlines, our tax money is supporting UDP’s extravagant lifestyles.  I wouldn’t object to a small community tax but not until 1.  I get back my pay cut and 2. UDP is not in office.


  7. noname says:

    I know for a fact that these people have been giving their time and expertise for free to help this young man.  What a wonderful example of people helping those more in need. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    How encouraging to know that there are such wonderful caring and compassionate people in the land we call home. May God bless you all for your kindness.

  9. what a mess says:

     Adryan we all love you and are praying for you.

    Keep your head up. You are a strong young man.

    I think it is great that people are getting out there and trying to help the family of this sweet child.

    God bless you all.